A Breath of Forever Ch. 6

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Rebecca quietly walked into her apartment to find Jim still gone. Out with his buddies doing only God knows what. She threw her keys down on the kitchen counter and stepped into the shower. As she stood and ran the soap over her tan skin she wondered what was happening. It seemed as if Stacy was getting attached to her in a way she wasn’t sure she wanted. Sure the sex was amazing, but that’s where Rebecca felt the line needed to be drawn. Of course she loved and cared for Stacy, but she was married to Jim and they planned for a life, a house, a couple of children. How could this continue and her life still expand as planned? The only thing she could think of that made since was: plans often change.

In a daze as she walked out of the bathroom in her terry cloth robe she didn’t hear Jim come in. He was laughing and talking, but her mind was still on Stacy. He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her cheek. It was this action that landed her in the present. She smiled and kissed his lips.

“What’s going on?” She asked noticing his smirk.

“Well you mustn’t have heard me, but it’s nothing anyway. Our team did win tonight so Max bought us all a round at the bar and then well everyone was shooting the shit. I figured you wouldn’t mind.” He let go of her and walked to the fridge to grab a bottle of water.

“No, but I did hang out with Stacy a bit. She was in a weird mood tonight.” He bent over so he could see her face.

“Did you guys…” Rebecca looked at him and nodded.

“We just fooled around a little, but like I said she was in a mood. She said that she loved me. You don’t think it’s getting a little weird do you?” Jim walked over to her and put his hand on her back.

“You need to go and hang out with some other friends. I mean I know I brought her into our bedroom first, but…” He ended his sentence and walked past her into the bathroom. “I mean,” He stuck his head out again and said, “I’m starting to istanbul escort get jealous. She’s getting more action then I am.” Rebecca rolled her eyes and turned to look him in the face.

“You are never home. You were going to get action tonight, but hockey or the strip club or anything else that doesn’t include me is more important.”

“Ok, Becca hang on!” She tried to walk past him into their bedroom when he grabbed her around her waist. “Number 1: Hockey isn’t all year round, Number 2: your book reading club is an excuse for the guys to get together and either head to the strip club. You never minded before.”

“No, I didn’t. But I don’t like you thinking that the only reason she’s getting more action is because she’s who she is. She’s around, Jim.”
“So if it wasn’t a woman living downstairs and a man you’d still be spending time with him in the sack?”

“Only if you brought him into my room.” She removed his arm from her waist and before stepping a foot in the bedroom she turned and looked at him. “Don’t forget you brought her into my life. Now don’t try and make it something it’s not.”

Rebecca shut the door behind her and crawled into bed. Jim had every reason in the world to be upset, but she would never admit it. She would never tell him that she was doubting everything they wanted when they made their marriage vows. What was she going to do?

Not long after shutting the door it opened and Jim swept into the room. The scent of soap lingered in with him as he climbed under the sheet and wrapped his arm around her. She turned to look at him and placed her arm on top of him. Both of them were naked under the sheets. As long as they’ve slept together they’ve never worn clothes to bed. She looked into his eyes and kissed his lips.

“I’m sorry.” He said after their lips separated. “I should’ve never surprised you with Stacy that night. It had just been a fantasy we’ve kadıköy escort always talked about.”

“I know, Jim. I’m not upset about it. Just…Stacy has become a close friend because of that night. Don’t be jealous of what she and I do. I still can only have one husband and love him beyond anything else.”

“But what if spending more time with her means you’re going to fall for her like you did for me.”

“Jim, relax. Just relax.” She placed her right hand on his cheek and kissed his lips pulling him closer to her. His hands crept up and were cupping her right breast. His thumb was rubbing her hardening nipple and she moaned into his mouth as she wrapped her right leg over his left one.

“I love you, Becca.” He held her close and moved his lips to her breast suckling her in his mouth. He began to tease her nipple with his tongue. Slowly circling the areola and then biting down on her nipple. His other hand was on her stomach and the tips of his fingers were touching her quickly dampening slit.

Rebecca’s hand crawled between their bodies and she felt for his hardening cock. Once her hand was wrapped around it she squeezed gently on it and smiled as he moaned onto her breast. She took his face in hers and kissed his inviting lips one more time before moving down the bed bringing his cock into her mouth.

Having him harden in her mouth always turned her on more than he could ever know. She cradled his balls in her hand as she slowly licked the slit of his cock. Seeing it swell before her eyes she licked her lips and brought it to her mouth. He moaned as she slid it all the way down her throat. When it touched the back of her throat she kept it like that for a few seconds and while she did this she contracted her throat muscles. He held her head and then took her hands and held them in his. She stayed like this milking his cock for another few seconds until he pulled her up to him. kağıthane escort

He kissed her lips and then laid her down. Jim disappeared between her legs pulling her cunt lips open licking the outer lips first because they were full of her tasty juices. When his tongue was circling the opening of her pussy his thump was rubbing her cunt. Rebecca’s hand was on the top of his head as she was whining. What she didn’t know was that Jim loved that whine. He’s dated many women and all of them moaned or whined, but not like his dear Rebecca. She could make him cum from just that whine.

Jim climbed on top of her and slid his cock deep inside of her. His hand reached for her breast and her lips met his as he slowly slid in deep inside of her and stayed there for a second rocking ever so lightly inside her. Rebecca felt an orgasm coming on and just let it keep coming. Jim’s eyes flew open and he felt her cunt grabbing his cock and he nuzzled into her neck as she rocked her hips cumming all over his cock.

Rebecca smiled once she finished and kissed his lips. He kissed her like he did when they first started dating. It was as if he was trying to bring her into his body. Rebecca held his back to her as he started to thrust into her pussy cumming as they kissed and she squeezed the muscles in her cunt squeezing his cock. Jim held her for the longest time that night and once he regained his breath he said,

“It’s after midnight.” Rebecca laid with her back to him and was content.

“Mm-Hmm.” Jim rested his head on her shoulder.

“Happy Anniversary, Becca. Can you believe it’s been six years?”

“No, Jim I can’t.” She laid there almost forgetting their anniversary and then he mentioned.

“When do you think we should start having kids?”

“Good question. I guess the answer is when we’re ready.” Jim chuckled and asked,

“When is that?” Rebecca yawned and held his arm around her body feeling more secure then when she got into the bed.

“Another good question.” She smirked and then said, “Why don’t we go to sleep and we’ll have a wonderful dinner tomorrow night and talk all about it.” Jim kissed her neck and Rebecca’s last words that night were,

“I love you, Jim.” He kissed her neck and then on her shoulder.

“I love you, Becca. Always have. Always will.”

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