A Business Trip with a Twist

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Big Dicks

I always hated these twice a year company resort seminars, I never learned much and was bored for a week but this time things worked out.

At breakfast the first day I met this woman Chris from another district who I had talked to a few times on the phone before. She was fun to talk to and upon meeting her just my type, attractive, 5-6 tall 220 pounds of hourglass shape, big tits and a big butt, with long straight brown hair almost to her waist. Just what a 6-1 tall 250 pound guy likes. After some joking turned to flirting we agreed to meet in the evening to go swimming and then for dinner.

In the course of the day I got stuck spending too much time with one of the computer guys who even the other computer guys called a geek. His wife was with him for the week and she’d love to meet me and Chris and blah, blah, blah, I just couldn’t escape Carey and ended up saying he should meet us at the pool and say hello.

When I met Chris to go to the pool I explained about Carey and his wife and we figured we could make up a story to make a break from them to go to dinner without them inviting themselves. At the pool I saw Carey goofing around with who must have been his wife so Chris and I joined them.

As we got closer I tried not to let my jaw drop, Chris gave me an elbow and said, “That’s your geeky guy and his wife?”

They say married couples start to resemble each other and they did but they made for quite a couple. Carey looks like a dork but hides a really buffed body about 5-9 and 165 pounds, under his clothes and to be polite Tammy is stacked. She’s a little above average in looks, curly blonde hair, 5-7 tall and a slender 130 pounds, flat stomach, toned but a pair of 40F tits that just stand there overwhelming her bikini top screaming, ‘WOW’.

We spent some time in the pool Chris and I were goofing around, in between checking out Tammy just like everybody else in the area. As the four of us were getting out of the pool Chris and I did a double take looking at each other after seeing Carey, or should I say his bulge, step out of the water, Chris whispering to me, “He’s either got a laptop in his trunks or that man is hung like a buffalo.”

We sat by the pool for a while and what developed was Tammy flirting with me and Chris making no secret of her interest in what Carey was packing. Well the interest was shared by Carey and me so when the girls said we should act on our impulses there was no need to waste any time getting to Carey and Tammy’s room.

Tammy and Chris were eager to get to it getting Carey and I out of our swim trunks then helped us strip them quickly. While I was wondering how to fully enjoy Tammy’s mersin escort jugs I glanced over to see Chris holding what was the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in her hand.

Carey’s 12 inch shlong was so thick it was too heavy to stick straight out without some help, which Chris was more than willing to provide. Tammy was kind enough to start stroking my 8 inches, which never looked small before, as I bent forward to kiss her nipples.

While Tammy went down on me I watched as Chris attacked Carey’s man meat. She was able to the get the huge head in her mouth but couldn’t work very much of the length between her lips at first. She took another approach and sucked on the head and jacked the shaft with both hands which seemed just fine with both of them.

I was good and hard so it seemed like the time to return the favor so Tammy and I switched positions and I went down on her. Doing my best muff dive Tammy was playfully rubbing her tits on my head. Across the way Chris was on top of Carey in a 69, his head invisible between her thighs as she sucked and stroked his cock.

I sat down and Tammy straddled my legs sitting on my thighs. This was the perfect position, putting my hands under her ass I helped Tammy raise up and move forward lowering herself onto my cock. This put her fat jugs right in my face where I could suck on her wide nipples.

I slapped Tammy on the ass and she said, “Oh spank me I good, I am so loving this.” As I lightly slapped her firm butt she put her arms around my head and buried my face in her tits and threw her head back while she rode my cock.

When I came up for air Chris was on her hands and knees ready to get it doggy style from Carey. She sort of grunted when he poked the huge head of his cock into her pussy but after the initial shock Chris was getting off.

Carey held Chris’ wide hips and with a slow in and out motion worked his big dick deeper into her pussy. At Chris’ request Carey took a handful of her long hair in one hand and pulled her head back gently which she liked I guess. Then Carey was bumping his flat stomach against Chris’ big butt which meant he was pushing all 12 inches into her. He eased his cock all the way in and with Chris stuffed Carey reached around to grab Chris’ 42DD’s in each hand and they just rocked back and forth.

Carey finally shot his load and they fell forward Carey laying on top of Chris’ back kissing her neck and shoulders while his softening cock was wedged between her beefy butt cheeks. We were all happy if not a bit spent and took a break.

After a round of drinks the girls were making out when Carey asked, “Can I suck your cock?”

It mersin escort bayan wasn’t too off the wall of a request but knowing there was nowhere I wanted his horse cock in my body I answered, “Sure but I think the best I can muster in return is to jerk you off.”

Carey smiled and said, “That’s fine I respect your straight guy status.” So I sat down, Carey knelt in front of me and went at it.

Well Carey likes to suck cock and damn he’s good at it too. He was really sucking hard and took my full eight inches in his mouth with ease. It felt good and I freely admit holding out to make it last, which wasn’t easy while watching Chris and Tammy grinding their huge jugs against one another in a serious make out session right in front of me. I guess Carey was hungry for cum because he stopped, pulled back and said, “You’ve got great control but fuck I want to get some juice man fire that cannon.”

Chris and Tammy were now in a 69 next to us and totally unconcerned with Carey and me. So not to deny Carey, a little short of breath I gave him a thumbs up. Carey took all I had in one motion and when he sucked hard I put my hands on his shoulders and came with a flourish.

I looked down at a smiling and nearly satisfied Carey, some of my leftover cum on his chin and his stiff cock dangling in front of him, who said, “Damn that was sweet, I love your cock.”

And I thought, man after that blow job the least I can do is jerk the guy off. So I said, “Thank you my good man, we’re going to have to see if my hands can handle yours. Come on I think they left some room, let’s get on the bed and see how to do this.”

We sat tandem on the bed, Carey in front between my legs and I reached around his slender waist to get my hands on his cock which was already at full hardness. I’m no stranger to jerking off but Carey is so huge that it was a new sensation to have to move my hands so far to stroke the length of his big dick but I must have been doing a good job because Carey was squirming between my legs as I got the hang of pumping his huge dong. I used both hands with a slow deliberate motion for a while but it felt better and I think Carey enjoyed it more to just use my right hand and build up some speed.

I have to say it was a new and unusual experience, having a 12 inch cock in my hand but I was getting into it. With Carey moving around so much I had to hold him with my left arm to keep him in a good position for me to be able to stroke his big dick. He had his eyes closed as I was squeezing and pumping the shaft of his monster so we were both enjoying the experience.

Tammy and Chris got into watching us and when Carey escort mersin started breathing heavy they waited with the head of Carey’s cock pointed at their open mouths for him to shoot his wad. It was a real four way activity as they lapped up his cum hefty shot.

I slapped Carey on the shoulder and said, “My boy that was an experience.”

Carey put his hands on my knees to push himself off me and said, “That was about the best hand job I’ve ever had, you’ve got such large strong hands my cock felt really squeezed, it was awesome. I know it’s not your thing but if you want to do it again I’m ready anytime.”

I took Chris by the hand and said, “We’ve been having such a great time I haven’t had a chance at the fabulous woman I just met so if you two don’t mind I’d really like to get it on with Chris.”

Tammy laughed and said, “I guess it’s only fair since you brought her to the party. Carey and I don’t mind doing the old husband and wife routine”

Chris smiled and said, “Skip the preliminaries and let’s get right to it.”

And we did. Chris pulled me to the bed and rolled onto her back. Finding myself between her legs I slipped the head of my stiff dick into her pussy. Chris pulled my head down and we kissed as I slowly eased my cock into her slick pussy.

I have to say Chris was worth the wait. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and rolled her ass off the bed giving me a better angle to pump the length of my dick into her which she liked. And I was able to reach forward and play with her tits which were bouncing around.

Finally I couldn’t hold back so I pushed forward and came before falling forward on top of Chris. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and said, “Oh that was good. I can say that this has been one incredible evening.”

“One for the books, that’s for sure.” I replied.

I had almost forgotten about Carey and Tammy but with a quick glance across the room she was on her knees sucking on almost every bit of his foot long. Chris whispered, “Damn that’s talent.”

Just then Tammy pulled back and they got to their feet. Carey moved Tammy with her back to the wall and he slipped his big dick in her familiar pussy standing up. They were really going at it, Tammy’s butt banging against the wall and with her arms around her husband’s shoulders it seemed like her feet were off the floor.

I said to Chris, “Looks like a husband routine that wife gets into pretty quick.”

“I’ll bet that pipe gets a workout.” replied Chris. “Maybe we should make a quiet exit while they’re busy. I’m not sure of the goodbye etiquette after a swing session.”

We got our swimsuits on and as we were leaving Tammy saw us and gave a quick wave as Carey continued to pound her ass against the wall. Chris and I went to her room and after a shower together got back into bed for round two.

I’m warming up to these conferences.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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