A Cat, a Kitten and an Old Hound

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We were there in the changing room before Mr E arrived. I had decided that I wouldn’t let him see her until I’d gotten her ready for it. This was as much her special time as it was his after all.

She needed to be prepared, she needed to be wet enough, otherwise something could go wrong. She could start crying or yelling, and of course he’d run off to hide from an imaginary squad of sex-police (or whatever he was so afraid of) and it’d be this whole big thing!

Nope. I wasn’t going to let the situation best me. This is why you need good planning skills to do what I do, else, everyone would just flail about like animals and never get any real fucking done!

So, I had her there with me. Mr E wasn’t in the room yet. I’d made him wait outside.

He was always so quiet that one. Once, I intentionally stepped on his foot, as hard as I could, just to see what he’d do and he did nothing, just froze as though waiting for something.

I told Mr E to keep going so he did, like a machine… or an obedient child. I did it again. He stopped again. Couldn’t quite see his eyes but I could tell – even though it was pretty hard to curve my back far enough – that Mr E’s gaze was planted on the ground like he was bracing for a harsh slap or an angry tirade.

In that moment, a strange whirlpool of emotions began churning inside of me and I immediately felt sorry for him but also much closer to him – this strange creature – than ever before. I turned to face Mr E fully and whispered deep in his ear in as soft and lovely and coquettish a voice as I could make, “No matter what I do daddy, no matter what I say or how hard I scream, don’t stop until I say…that word.”

I felt that he’d heard me and understood my words, but he was still reluctant. I’d had to pull Mr E out of me in order to turn as quickly as I did and it seemed like he didn’t have the courage to put himself back in.

Something in that moment – that one stupid, agonizingly eternal moment – made me want to hold him, tight, and purge all the distance between us that had suddenly been created.

So I did. As tight as I could. Then I moaned a hot, needy moan, right in his ear like a feral cat, while grinding my crotch against his. That got him moving again.

It’s a game, always an extremely delicate game, that men like Mr E, (the ones most desperate to play I think) are usually quite ill-equipped to handle or understand.

He needs me… I know he does. What would he do with all that hunger if he didn’t have me?

Mr E wasn’t the kind of man to break the rules – those of the state, he couldn’t care less about but, his own personal rules were quite sacred. He’d told me (in that grey old voice I love) that, a while ago he’d made a declaration to himself that he would never let his own passions – that dark flame of lust hidden in the pit of his soul – get out of hand. He’d never let it lead him astray to people who either couldn’t handle it or wouldn’t understand it. Now, I know he isn’t strong enough for all that… poor thing. That’s why we’re together. That’s why he NEEDS me.

If it weren’t for me taking in everything he had to give, sucking out the poison so to speak, he’d have done something terrible to some poor, confused girl a long time ago. Or worse, gone mad and shot himself… That’s why he needs me, and I love the fact that he needs me.

Jessica and I were seated on the locker room floor. She was in my arms – the curve of her spine resting lightly against my chest – tracing delicate circles around her hard, pink mersin escort nipples like I’d taught her to.

She was so much like a flower – I know “flower = girl” such a cliché! But rightfully so. She was always so sweet and subdued; her body was thin and long with a sudden burst of wild, chestnut hair at the top that flowed outward like a beautiful silk waterfall and she used to shrink and wilt at the slightest touch. She was the epitome of cuteness! I loved her to bits. That’s why I had to show her all of this, myself, herself – her true self, Mr E, everything.

I sent two fingers between Jessica’s legs. She grew rigid but only for a moment. After I’d began working that spot, she soon became limp and let all her weight (what little there was) fall into me. Girls should always be like that, especially cute ones like Jessica.

As I worked her, I whispered “I have something special for you”. She wasn’t paying much attention, could probably barely hear me past her own plush moans and the loose wet sound that’d started filling the room.

I continued: “He’s just like you, all mine! but I’ll let you play with him, just for a little bit. He knows already, he knows he’s not allowed to touch any other girls; no one younger, no one older, only me… but, I’ve made an exception” I kissed her along the soft amber line of her neck “only for today, I’ll let him touch you… and his touch feels so good… but … but, don’t get too attached. Soon, I’ll teach you how to tame a man like Mr E for yourself but, just for right now, I’ll let him touch you. Does that sound nice?”

Jessica made no answer at first but I slipped my fingers into her crotch and began pushing them in and out, making my delicate flower splash all over the floor, before repeating the question.

This time, she mumbled in the affirmative. She was so cute right then that I let her enjoy herself on my fingers for a good while before pulling them out completely and standing her up.

“Wait there and close your eyes,” I said. She appeared a little distressed and blurting out, “Emily, did you say HE?” as though hearing my words only now. I repeated for her to close her eyes. She hesitated.

“Don’t worry Jess, I’ll make sure he treats you nice. Like I said…” I set my fingers to run softly around her lips “his touch feels so good” She smiled like a kitten before complying and closing her eyes.

It might not be considered smart practice to let one of your pets retain such wilfulness and, I do confess, Jess’s temperament and attitude, in part, remains only due to me having given up on taming her.

Mr E had been so easy in his own way – I’d gotten him early one spring when he was already at the end of the rope, just begging to belong to someone. Jessica was different, under everything – that slim frame, those large childish eyes, her quiet naivety – she was all fire and desire, like a geyser roaring beneath a pretty field of pink roses.

I made her feel good so she stuck around. She wasn’t truly mine but I didn’t mind. I enjoyed it when it was her. I enjoyed the bargaining. I enjoyed feeding her passion.

While Jessica’s eyes remained closed, I crossed to the other side of the room and brought out, from one of the lockers, a shopping bag that I’d hidden.

I pulled out this lovely sundress, a soft cream colour – almost white – with a pattern of unbloomed sakura flowers running along it. Together with the dress, I brought out a pair of black, leather Ricosta-looking shoes, a long pink ribbon and a little makeup escort mersin kit.

Usually, I wasn’t in the habit of dressing Jessica up (I always preferred her naked anyway) and she would always fidget annoyingly when I tried it, but I remembered the state Mr E had been in that day we met up for a date back in July and he saw me in a lily-smothered halter top. I had a matching hairclip holding up a thick black ponytail so, there were flowers in my hair and all over my breasts and it drove – him – mad.

“There” I said, satisfied with the puffs of powdered blush that burst in a cloud of sweet, girly pink across her cheeks and the bold red lips just beneath that I’d taken extra care to paint and sculpt.

“Can I see?” she whispered, her voice low. I refused. “He’s here already, you’d best not keep him waiting. You can see yourself after… if there’s anything left.”

I left her pouting and went to find my other pet. Mr E was sitting on a chair next to the door, curled up as though he were asleep or had a tummy ache. I bent to be in his ear and beckoned him inside. “she’s waiting for you, daddy. I made her as lovely as I could… all for you.” He rose and followed me in a silent storm of excitement.

When Jessica saw him, she shrunk back a little. Mr E wasn’t all that tall per se but, for her height (she was small even among other 18 year olds) he must have been large enough to illicit some kind of unease and either way, Mr E had one of those faces – always half sunk and half elated – and a gaze that felt like he was in equal parts ready to slap you and kiss you.

I’m sure she felt it, his strange un-power. That thing inside him that made the idea of him treating me so rough sound so pleasant, that thing inside him that would grind and crush and destroy me when I wanted it … that thing that had made me want to possess him in the first place and be possessed by him, for as long as he wanted, in turn.

He scanned over Jessica. I couldn’t quite see his eyes but I felt the way he looked at her, studying her silently, opening himself up to the idea that – at least for a little while and with my permission – he might collect all that darkness inside him and pour it into this pretty thing.

After a while of my two pets sizing each other up, I walked over to Jessica and pushed her against the wall. Mr E just watched. I began sending my tongue down her throat and she began to forget all the apprehension she’d once had.

Passion took over, the reckless, shameless passion of young ladies, like Jessica, whose noses lead them only to pleasure, then more pleasure, then even more after that. I groped all around, pinched her nipples, kissed her neck, before sending my fingers between her legs again. Now, I stopped kissing. I only caressed … endlessly … sending spasms of pleasure bubbling up her spine and through her body, just making her wetter and wetter.

After a moment, I pulled out my fingers and rubbed them together, judging the viscosity and quantity of her womanly fluid. When I was satisfied, I turned to Mr E. “Come.” was all I said.

He moved closer like a lion moving to inspect gifted meat. I threw the lamb towards him and he took her in his arms and began kissing her on her soft, red lips, covering them with his own and smothering her tongue with his.

She was choking on it, truth be told. Choking on it all; his smell, his weight and the weight of his passion, but so was I the first time I let him touch me. Back then, I couldn’t even breathe until Mr E saw fit to slowly mersin escort bayan pull the breath out of me like a

shaman taking charge of my soul.

He moved down suddenly, licking her small breasts through the sundress, flooding his perception with her essence, going over it all, in every delicate detail – the soft feel of her skin, her warmth, the hardness of her nipples, everything. He simply became an impatient old hound lapping at his favourite bone.

I noticed that every moment they continued things became more intense, more passionate. He dragged her dress off then began pulling her towards him, running his fingers all around, griping her ass, biting – softly at first but with ever increasing intensity.

He was seeing what he could get away with, what this small lovely thing would let him do, how much she would give up and how far he could take her. By the time he was done searching they both formed a collapsed pile of sweat and interlocked flesh, curled together in paused ecstasy and communicating only in the rough, throaty language of a pair of beasts. Where he was at his hardest, she was soft and wet. Like the water of a warm bath, she’d gently part way for his every movement. They were truly in synch; he was a cool blaze and she a warm spring.

“Do it,” I heard her say in a voice low and warped. She was no longer human, no longer capable of complex speech. Though not the initiator, she’d enjoyed it as much as he did and had been melted by his heat as much as he was melted by hers.

“Do it,” Jessica repeated, taking his cock in her fingers this time. She broke from his loose grip and began to lick and suck at it, filling her whole self to the back of her throat where she gagged and spat and salivated all over his dick.

“Do it…” It came out as a wild long moan this time, spit running over her lipstick. She began kissing his dick again. Mr E’s breathing quickened and, in an instant, he picked her up and practically slammed her back against the floor.

He pinned her down for just a moment’s hesitation before sticking his dick inside her with a slow deliberate thrust. Jessica’s moan of ecstasy filled the room. It crashed in a heavy echo along the walls before spilling itself outside. I couldn’t help touching myself to the sight – it looked like I would’ve had so much fun!

Mr E moved slowly at first but soon, his instincts for pleasure overtook those of tenderness and he became rougher and rougher, thrusting as hard as he liked into her – through her – with heavy grunts and a wild gaze.

I could see on Jessica’s face, even as she tried meekly to cover it with both hands, the Jessica everyone else knew; the Jessica that would walk and talk and exist among normal people – had melted away. She’d found her new love, her new obsession, her new cause to submit and reason to exist, all in the vicious, loving arms of this man, just like I had.

He came. He filled her with his burning seed. Then, after a moment of loose panting, Mr E rose, slowly, and started moving for the door. I made him wait as best I could with some hushed command (truth be told, I was feeling pretty delicate after watching that) then I walked up to Mr E and kissed him once on his wet lips before letting him go.

Jessica was on the floor, a ragdoll heap of pleasure and flesh. Her legs and arms were draped out around her and her long chestnut hair had become a captivating web of sweat, cum and ecstasy sprawled out on the floor.

“How was it?” I whispered, wiping away the cum as it dripped from her special place. She only panted and giggled. That was all she could manage.

I asked no more.



Special thanks to the one and only Psycho17 for help with the editing. You did a great job buddy.

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