A Couple’s Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 14

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Vanessa saw Jake and Jen getting into the lake and she decided that taking a dip in the cold water was a good idea. She walked to the jetty and dove gracefully into the cool water swimming underwater in the couple’s direction. She marveled at the feel of the cool water caressing her whole body: unencumbered by clothes she reveled in the sensation of the water was caressing her skin, making her nipples hard, cooling her vagina. She surfaced a few feet away from them she shook her head and stood on the bottom. The water only covered the bottom part of her body so her breasts with their hard nipples were in plain sight of Jake and Jen. She saw that Jen’s nipples were equally hard.

“Hi there!” she said as if she hadn’t just seen them pleasuring each other orally and having masturbated right in front of them, “Wow! Isn’t this cool water marvelous?”

“Sure is.” Jake answered a bit awkwardly.

“I just love the feeling of the cool water caressing my body.” Vanessa added.

“Yeah, it certainly feels nice.” Jen said, relaxing a bit influenced by Vanessa’s cool remarks.

“I’m going to fix some spaghetti and salad for lunch and I was wondering if you guys would like to join us?” Vanessa asked.

“Oh, sure…” Jake answered, “I guess that would be nice.”

“Well then, come by whenever you want. We have plenty of beer.”

“Do you need any help?” Jen asked her.

“Yeah, I guess I could use some help with the salad.” Vanessa said, “Well, see you.”

She turned around and swam along the shore to prolong the pleasure of the cool water caressing her skin.

Jen waded to shore and headed for the towels they had left on the shore to dry her body. After drying herself she was about to slip her bikini bottom on when she figured, ‘What the hell, it sure feels nice being naked and these people don’t seem to mind,’ so she dropped the bikini back on the ground and walked toward Vanessa.

Jake was just getting out of the water when he saw his young wife dropping her bikini bottom on the ground and walking naked to their neighbors’ cabin. He was surprised, but pleasantly so, since Jen was usually shy and reserved. He was proud of his wife and liked seeing her naked and he didn’t really mind if other people saw her naked, especially this foursome who seemed so open minded and comfortable with showing their bodies. His cock began rising so he took a longer time drying himself feeling it wouldn’t be polite to walk into their cabin with a hard-on.

Jen was already at the kitchen sink washing the vegetables when she saw her husband walking towards them also fully naked, his cock and balls swinging from side to side as he walked. She felt Vanessa standing behind her, and she turned her head and saw that she was also looking at Jake.

“It sure feels nice being around naked, doesn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes, but actually this is the first time Jake and I have been naked in the open and in front of other people. But you guys seem to have more experience in this kind of thing. You seem so comfortable being nude around each other.” Jen replied, and then added, “and in front of us too.”

“Well, don’t be fooled by appearances,” Vanessa said, “Actually this is our first time in the open and in front of other people too. And even though we’ve been friends for many years, we just started going nude in front of each other a few of weeks ago.”

Jake had just reached the deck of the cabin and he wasn’t sure whether to join the girls inside or stay outside on the deck.

Vanessa saw him hesitate and she handed Jen one of the beers she had taken out of the fridge, “Here, why don’t you take this to Jake and then come back here to help me finish with lunch. I’ll get another beer for you.”

They were just finishing fixing the spaghetti and salad when Robert, Edward and Pamela walked into the cabin and headed straight for the kitchen to get a beer.

They were a bit surprised to see Jen sitting at the kitchen table putting the finishing touches on the salad totally naked. Everybody exchanged greetings and Vanessa said, “I hope you don’t mind but I asked Jake and Jen to join us for lunch.”

“Not at all,” They all replied almost at once.

“Then why don’t you go and take a dip in the lake to cool off and Jen and I will have lunch ready in a few minutes.”

Edward and Pamela walked out of the kitchen but Robert said, “Go ahead, I’ll be right behind you guys. I just want to kiss my wife.”

He walked behind Vanessa who was standing by the sink and wrapped his arms around her waist kissed her neck, she turned around and pulled his head to her to kiss him in the mouth. Jen saw him cupping her breasts as they exchanged a long passionate kiss.

“Well darling. How was your hike? I hope you took a lot of pictures, and Ed too,” she added with a mischievous escort izmit smile.

“It was great, we found several nice spots and I took several sets of photos of Pam. Although I’m afraid Ed didn’t take to many photos of the kind you wanted of Pam and me. He kind of got carried away by what we were doing and forgot the camera and joined us.”

“You mean the three of you…?” Vanessa asked incredulously.

“Yeah, but we’ll tell you all about it later. Now let me go and cool off because I’m starving.” Robert walked out of the cabin and ran to the lake. Edward and Pamela were already in the water.

Jen was confused, she had seen Robert fucking Pamela the day before and Edward having sex with Vanessa, and now it seemed that Robert and Vanessa were married to each other and she guessed Edward was married to Pamela.

Vanessa saw the look on Jen’s face and said, “You seem surprised.”

“Well, it’s just that I thought… well, you know, I thought that you and Ed were…”

Vanessa laughed, “No, Robert is my husband and what you saw yesterday was us having fun with the other’s spouses.”

“Wow!” Jen said thoughtfully as Vanessa’s statement sunk in. “I just think I never could do something like that, you know. I love Jake and I just could not even think about being with another man, let alone have him watch it and much less watching him having sex with another woman.”

“Well,” Vanessa said, “I was like that just a few weeks ago. And if you had told me we were going to be here naked with our friends and having sex with them and talking about it so openly I would have said you were crazy.”

“A few weeks ago?” Jen asked incredulously, “It’s just that it seems you’ve been doing it forever. You seem so comfortable with it.”

“As a matter of fact it does seem that way but in reality, as I said before, even though we’ve been friends for many years, just a few weeks ago we started going nude in front of each other and made love in front of each other. With our own spouses, mind you. And it was just yesterday that Ed and I had sex with each other and Bob with Pam. I could not believe it myself and I don’t know if the full impact of what we’ve done has really sunk in on all of us. But these past weeks I’ve been discovering a part of my sexuality that I didn’t know I had. And so far it’s been exciting.”

“I guess that it was bound to happen. We just took our friendship to a sexual level.” Vanessa added.

“Wow!” Jen said again, “I just don’t think I could do it.”

“Well, you don’t have to. I mean… you don’t think we are trying to get you guys to…? I don’t think we’re ready to do that.”

“No, no nothing like that it’s just that this is all sort of a new thing for us.” Jen quickly added.

“But, let me ask you, didn’t you get excited watching us yesterday?” Vanessa asked, “It sure excited me watching you two earlier today.”

“Mhh…” Jen hesitated but she finally admitted she had been excited watching them having sex the day before, and she added, “And I also enjoyed watching you masturbating this morning. And Jake has been more ardent than usual so there’re no complaints in that area.”

Vanessa looked at her and asked “So? Would you like to see me fucking Edward later on. I’m so horny I can hardly wait to have sex with him and I plan to do it right after lunch and I’d like to do it out there but if you mind, we can always go to our bedroom.”

“No, no, you can do anything you want.” Jen answered. “And I’m sure Jake would love to watch you up close. And me too.”

She was surprised when she realized he was getting wet. She’d begun getting excited by everything Vanessa said, and she couldn’t believe she was actually looking forward to watching Vanessa have sex with a man she was not married to. She felt she could understand what Vanessa had just said about changing so radically in a short time. Not that she was ready to have sex with other men or that she could accept Jake doing it with other women, but just the fact that she and her husband were here, naked and having sex in front of strangers was something she couldn’t believe she was capable of.

Vanessa saw that Robert, Edward and Pamela were coming back from the lake so she said, “OK then, let’s take the food out.”

They took the spaghetti, the salad and a couple of bottles of wine to the table outside and they all enjoyed a lunch in the nude chatting amicably.

* * *

After clearing all the food and dishes they were having a glass of wine, on one side of the bench table were Pamela and Robert, on the other Edward and Jen, while Vanessa and Jake sat at each end of the table on deck chairs.

Vanessa leaned over and gave Edward a long kiss which grew in intensity as they began sucking on each other’s tongues. Vanessa reached out and began stroking Edward’s cock and izmit escort he played with her nipples, pulling them between his thumb and forefinger until they were hard and Vanessa moaned. She got up from her chair and climbed on the table in front of Edward spreading her legs.

“Please eat me!” She said, and she parted her labia with her fingers.

Edward saw that Vanessa’s juices were beginning to flow and her inner lips were moist. He bent and began lapping the outer part of her inner lips. Another moan escaped from Vanessa’s throat and when Edward began flicking his tongue rapidly against her clit she shuddered as she had a mild orgasm. She leaned back as Edward continued with his butterfly licks on her clit and she looked at Jen and smiled.

Robert pulled Pamela to him and kissed her hard on the mouth and reached between her legs, running his hand up her thigh. Pamela broke the kiss and whispered in Robert’s ear, “Help Ed make love to your wife, it’s her turn to have you both.”

Robert gave Pamela a quick kiss and then turned around and kissed Vanessa. She responded to his kiss sticking her tongue deep into his mouth and he sucked on it greedily before pushing it back with his own tongue and sliding it into Vanessa’s mouth. She responded sucking his tongue and he reached forward to fondle her breasts.

Pamela went inside to get Edward’s camera and when she returned Robert was sucking Vanessa’s nipples as Edward continued licking and biting her clit. Jen had moved from the bench and was seating on Jake’s lap stroking his cock, he, in turn was fondling her breasts as both of them watched the trio on the table.

Pamela took a few shots from the door capturing the whole scene. She knew she wasn’t as good a photographer as Edward, let alone Robert, but she figured that if she took a lot of shots she was bound to get some good ones. She got closer and pointed the camera at Jake and Jen but before she took a picture she looked at them inquiringly. Jen turned to look at Jake and then both looked at Pamela and nodded so she took a few shots of them as Jake slid his hand between Jen’s legs before turning her attention to the trio on the table.

Edward continued working with his tongue on Vanessa’s clit and now he had a couple of fingers inside her cunt, finger fucking her at the same time. Robert alternated between sucking Vanessa’s nipples and kissing her passionately. Vanessa was writhing, feeling another orgasm building inside her and when Edward slipped his thumb into her anus she exploded panting and moaning. Pamela was moving around taking shots from several angles.

Vanessa’s orgasm was just beginning to subside when Edward pulled his head away from her pussy and stood up positioning his cock at the entrance of her vagina and rammed it all the way in with one powerful shove. Vanessa gasped and her orgasm continued as Edward began pumping hard in and out of her pussy. Then he slowed down and Vanessa felt the last waves of her orgasm ebbing away.

Robert got up and placed his cock over Vanessa’s head. She moved her head so she could take into her mouth and began sucking the head, swirling her tongue around it.

Pamela was still taking pictures of them when out of the corner of her eye she saw Jen getting up to straddle Jake’s legs. She pointed the camera at them and caught a few shots as Jen lowered herself over Jake’s prick and began riding his cock still facing the table so she wouldn’t miss the action.

Edward increased the tempo of his movements as Vanessa swallowed all of Robert’s cock down her throat and he began fucking her mouth. Even though she had her mouth full some muffled moans escaped from her throat as Edward pounded his cock deep into her pussy. Suddenly without warning Vanessa came again, her juices bathing Edward’s cock.

Since all the men had already cummed a couple of times in the morning, they were lasting longer. Edward pulled out of Vanessa’s pussy and motioned Robert to switch places but not before Pamela was able to take a close up of his glistening cock. Robert turned Vanessa around so she was in a doggie position and penetrated her from behind. Vanessa grabbed Edward’s cock and sucked it into her mouth tasting her own juices on his shaft.

Pamela heard Jen moaning louder and she turned in time to catch her orgasm as she sank down on Jake’s cock. He was stroking her clit with one hand and pulling on her nipples with the other one. She saw a flush rising from just above Jen’s pubic hair, spreading up from her stomach over her breasts and up her neck to her face as she gasped and moaned in the throes of her orgasm. She took several pictures and hoped she was able to catch the rising flush on her flesh.

She returned her attention to the table where Robert was pounding Vanessa mercilessly from behind, making loud izmit kendi evi olan escort slapping sounds as his belly hit her ass on his forward thrusts. Vanessa was alternating between sucking Edward’s balls and his cock. He began pulling her nipples at the same time Robert stuck first one finger and then two into Vanessa’s asshole. She had to stop sucking Edward as she came again and let out a deep and long moan.

Robert motioned Edward to climb on the table and he helped Vanessa straddle him, Edward guided his cock into her vagina and felt her inner muscles clenching around his shaft as she lowered herself on it. Robert’s cock was coated with Vanessa’s juices and he had loosened her anus with his fingers so when he climbed on the table above her and penetrated her asshole his cock slid in easily. Soon Edward and Robert were pounding into both Vanessa’s holes alternating between ramming their cocks in and pulling them out in time a few times and then one plunged in as the other one pulled out.

Vanessa had never felt so fully penetrated before and she began cumming again, this time it was a continuous orgasm it would rise and then subside only to start rising again. Wave after wave of pleasure shot from her innermost core spreading all through her body. She was panting and moaning incoherently as her orgasms ebbed and flowed one after the previous one. Edward and Robert were also panting heavily.

The sounds and the sights on the table triggered Jen to have another orgasm and soon after Jake raised her hips as Jen was coming down ramming his cock deep into his wife’s pussy as he shot load after load of semen into her.

Edward was the next to cum and when Robert felt the head of Edward’s cock pulsing through the thin membrane that separated it from his own cock he also shot his sperm deep into his wife’s rectum.

After Edward and Robert regained their breath they extricated themselves from Vanessa and she rolled over on top of the table still in the after throes of her multiple orgasms, she was in a semi-conscious state, feeling both her holes still pulsing as the last waves of pleasure traveled through her body. Her legs were still spread and dangling down the sides of the table. Pamela positioned herself between Vanessa’s legs and shot a few close ups of her crotch area as the semen began flowing out of them.

Robert took Vanessa in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. As soon as he placed her on the bed she fell asleep, more like in a comatose state. Robert pulled the covers over her body and quietly closed the door returning to the deck.

Pamela had opened another bottle of wine and they were all having a glass of wine. Robert joined them and Jake expressed some concerns about the pictures Pamela had taken of them.

“Don’t worry.” Robert said, “I will e-mail them to you as soon as we get back home, and also a set of the pictures Pam took of us as well as some others I took of Pam and Van in the last few days. We would like to keep a copy of your pictures for our own viewing pleasure if you don’t mind but if you do, I promise you I’ll erase them as soon as I mail them to you. Or better still, I can transfer our pictures to my laptop and give you the camera’s SIM card with the pictures we want to share with you and I won’t keep yours.”

Jake and Jen looked at each other and then Jake said, “No I guess it’ll be Ok for you to keep our pictures. I think Jen and I will like to have some of yours also to remember these days. They have been a remarkable experience for us.”

“And why don’t you also e-mail them a copy of the video we made. I think they’ll enjoy it too.” Pamela said.

After they finished their wine glasses Jake and Jen said their farewells and headed for their cabin. Pamela took Edward’s hand and they headed for their bedroom.

“You still have to take care of your horny wife before we go to sleep.” Pamela said to Edward as they walked toward their bedroom.

Robert kissed Pamela good night and went back to his room.

* * *

Vanessa woke up to find herself in bed cuddled in Robert’s arms as he lovingly stroked her hair. When he saw she was awake he bent forward and kissed her lovingly and gently on the lips.

“Welcome back to this world, honey.” He said.

Vanessa was still somewhat foggy. Her whole body ached and she felt her two holes puffed and sore. “Hi, honey. Tell me this wasn’t a dream. Tell me this really happened” she said as she began remembering bits and pieces of what had happened.

“It really did, darling.” Robert said kissing her again tenderly on the lips. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Enjoy it? I never knew I could feel so much pleasure. I never new I could cum so many times. I never knew I could cum and cum non-stop for I don’t know how long.” The words tumbled out of Vanessa’s mouth. “It was amazing, it was incredible.”

Vanessa kissed Robert again. “Thank you, love. I love you so much.”

“I love you too Van, you’re an incredible woman.”

A few minutes later they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

To be continued.

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