A Family Controlled Ch. 03

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Thanks again to everyone for reading my first two stories. Hopefully this installment brings us all closer to the resolution. I’m sure there will be more grammar errors please bear with me.


It’s amazing how things turn out. If you would have told me that I just had sex with my Aunt, I probably would have tried to kick your ass. Yet here I am laying in my bed staring at my ceiling at 8am on a Saturday morning. Just a few hours a hours after doing just that and thinking that it was the best sex of my life.

It was a little awkward when we came home. My mother meet us at the door and gave me a a great big hug.

“Get in the shower. I thought you would have showered at the school after the game. Yet you come home all sweaty.” mom said.

“But I, I mean yes ma’am.” I said almost saying that I did.

Aunt Beth squeezed by us and hurried upstairs. I kissed mom on the check and followed her up.

“Great game baby.” mom yelled behind me.

I headed straight for the shower, stripped down and got in after the water warmed up. As I was washing my hair I heard the bathroom door open, so I peaked out and saw Beth quickly undressing.

“Beth what are you doing?” I asked worriedly.

“Shh, I have to get clean too. I can’t be smelling like sex around your mom or when Charles gets here.” Beth replied.

She climbed in and slid her body by me to get to the water. I couldn’t control my bodies natural reaction to being this close to her again naked none the less. As my dick got hard I slowly pushed against her ass as she was bent over reaching for the body wash. God I couldn’t believe it her I am again.

“Johnny why is your dick poking my ass?” Beth asked.

“I just can’t help it, your ass looks so beautiful.” I said

“Please your just a horny teenager.” she said starting to stand up.

“No I’m telling you the truth.” I said as I put my hand in the small of her back holding her in place. Quickly with my other hand I grabbed my dick and lined it up to her pussy lips. In I went shocking her.

“Oh god Johnny, ahhhh that feels so good. Make it quick we can’t be caught.” Beth said while breathing heavily.

I obeyed her by grabbing her hips with both hands and pounding into her. You could hear a flesh slapping together as I quickened my pace. Unlike earlier this was not slow love making it was fast animal sex. Water splashed everywhere.

“Yes, yes oh yes.” Beth moaned. “Oh my god Johnny I’m coming already.”

As I heard her say that and felt her vaginal walls start to milk me I joined her in her orgasm. We both slowly came down from our sexual high about that time there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Johnny are you in there.” mom asked.

Scared to death of being caught I answered. “Yes is something wrong?”

“No, I was looking for Beth and couldn’t find her.” she answered. “I will check down stairs again.”

“Ok mom.” I replied.

“Get out, get out.” Beth whispered.

I got out and went to my room quickly thinking that was a close call. I crawled into bed after putting on a pair of boxers. Sleep came quickly for me on this night.

I awoke early I could tell by the morning sunlight creeping in through one of the broken slots in the window blinds. I rolled over on my back and began to think of a way to get Uncle Charles. Coming up with a plan was easier said that done. After awhile I decided that laying here thinking wasn’t going to work. Knowing I had to go watch my Saturday film session at the field house didn’t give me much time anyways.

After erzurum seks hikayeleri spending two hours of going over the film with the coaches and the rest of the team we were finally released. Me and Matt stopped and got a couple of breakfast tacos. That’s when I decided I needed a little help.

“Hey Matt, If you where needing to deal with someone without getting caught. What would you do?” I asked.

“Wow man where did that come from?” Matt asked rather nervously.

“Hypothetically man, it’s just a question.” I quickly said.

“Well if I needed to. I guess It would depend on how far I was willing to go?” Matt said looking at me suspiciously.

“To where the asshole could never fuck with someone again. With out killing him of course.” I replied.

“If it was me, I guess I would try to plant something on him that would have him arrested. Like some drugs or something. Hell I don’t know.” was his answer.

That was almost perfect but where and what kind of drugs could I get and use. I could slowly start giving him some drug that would make him loose control of himself. Then plant some in his car where he could get busted with it. What kind I had no idea but it was a start.

I dropped Matt off at his house and went home to do some research. I pulled into the driveway and noticed Charles truck still wasn’t home from last night. I figured he was passed out all night in his truck after getting wasted again. I walked in and it was real quiet in the house. I called for mom and Beth but got no reply. Perfect I thought, so I ran upstairs booted up my computer and started researching.

About an hour later I heard the front door open and close. So I went down stairs to see who it was. There stood Charles still completely wasted and staggering.

“Don’t look at me like that you little shit.” Charles slurred.

Ignoring him I walked over to him and put one arm over my shoulder. I started to help him walk upstairs. Realizing he probably wouldn’t remember this I let go letting him fall backwards down the steps.

“Ouch oh fuck you little fucker.” he spat as he landed solidly on the floor.

“Sorry Charles but you need to hold on tighter.” I said. Shit that didn’t work like I hoped.

Shortly after helping his ass to bed Suzzy came home wearing a short black skirt and a pink halter top. Her black hair cut in a short pixie style. Her bangs swooped down over her eyes and was spiked out around the top and sides.

Spinning around she asked. “So what you think?”

“Beautiful.” I said. What I didn’t say was she looked amazing if not a little slutty like that. For the first time I looked at my sister as a woman. Noticing I had a hard on and getting disgusted with myself at the same time.

“Wow big bro, didn’t think I’d get that response.

Then again I guess I am.” Suzzy said teasingly.

Luckily for me mom and Beth walked in behind her before I went and said something else incrimination. They both ran up to her and fawned over her new look. I decided now was the perfect time to leave and start my plan.

I went to apart of town I wouldn’t normally go to. I only knew of one person here I could possibly get what I was needing. I pulled up outside a house that looked like a mansion compared to what was around it. The rest of the neighborhood could all be condemned by the looks of it. I got out and knocked on the front door. After waiting a few minutes a young woman maybe 18 answered the door dressed in only a pair of g strings and stockings and obviously high on something.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I’m here to see DJ if he’s in?” I said

“Yes he’s here come in make yourself comfortable and I’ll get him for you.” she replied before turning and walking away.

I watched her as sway from side to side as she left the room. Not knowing where to sit I decided to stand. It didn’t take long for DJ to come.

“Well well well what is a goody goody like you doing coming here Johnny? DJ asked.

“DJ I need something and figured you could get it for me.” I replied.

“Hmm how do I know your on the up and up here?” he asked while scratching his ass.

“Look I came here cause I knew you wouldn’t say anything to anyone about it.” I said probably a little more angry than needed. “It’s not for personal use but I need enough to look like someone might be dealing.”

“Oh you looking to set someone up huh?” DJ responded. “I need to know who before I can do this. How do I know it’s not me your trying to setup?”

“DJ it’s not you it’s my uncle Charles.” I stated. “I can’t give you the details but it’s important. Come on man we used to be friends.”

“Yeah we used to be friends but that was a long time ago. Your lucky we where and that Charles is a big fucking dick. DJ said. That fucker beat up one of the girls last night after he fucked her. Then the dick didn’t pay her. I was just about to call on of my uncle’s guys to deal with him.”

“Is she going to be ok?” I asked.

“She’ll be fine him and his buddies had a little to much fun with her though.” DJ replied. “So what do you need?” he asked.

“I need some LSD but not on paper in liquid form.” I said.

“Ok I will see what I can do for you. Give me a few hours and come back I should have it by then.” he said.

I left DJ’s place and went back home. Mom was in the kitchen bent over at the waist messing with something in the stove. Her ass was hanging out from the bottom of her skirt, I could make out her purple panties as they clinged to her sex. She stood and turned around. “Oh dear god.” Mom yelped in surprise. “Johnny speak up when you come in you scared me half to death.

“Oh sorry mom.” I stated with a look of bewilderment.

When did every woman in the house start dressing so damn slutty? Maybe they always did and I’m just starting to notice I realized. Fuck my dick was hard and this time I was going to relieve it.

“Johnny dinner will be ready shortly.” mom said as I left the room.

About an hour later after dinner I left to go back to DJ’s. I was ushered in by another half naked girl this of some kind of Asian decent. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her and DJ noticed immediately.

“You want some of that? She’ll only set you back $350 an hour. That girl is our most popular bitch and a grade A fuck.” DJ said with a smirk.

“Uh no DJ I came for something else remember?” I told him.

“I know man I got enough to kill an elephant if that’s what you wanted to do?” He said with a laugh. “It’s going to cost you $300 man.”

“Shit I aint go that much I only brought $200 with me.” I quickly and nervously said.

“Ok I will take the $200 but your going to have to do something for me.” DJ replied.

“What are you suggesting?” I asked a little worried about what he’d want.

“Party with me man, I’ve missed hanging out with you.” He quickly stated.

It was about midnight when I crawled into bed. Having spent most of the night with DJ and his girls. I was horny as hell. How could he take it? Those girls strutted around either naked or half naked all night in between taking customers to their rooms. They where gorgeous especially that Mia chick.

I dozed quickly induced by all the alcohol I had consumed. Some time during the early morning I stirred slightly feeling a presence beside me. Turning over I laid my arm across the shoulder and felt a small breast in my hand. The scent of alcohol and perfume filled my head. The combination coming off her and me was overpowering. I squeezed and pinched her nipple slowly pulling on it. Her reaction was to moan and push her ass into my already hard cock.

This must be Aunt Beth joining me in bed I thought. I slowly lifted my hand from her breast and grabbed the bottom of her nightgown, running my hand up her hip and over her ribs till I reach her breast. This time engulfing it with my hand. If I were sober I might have noticed that her breast where smaller than Beth’s. I leaned forward and kissed her neck lightly licking up till I got to her ear. There I began to nibble her earlobe and softly suck on it.

“Yes” she moaned pushing her ass into me more and beginning to grind it against my dick. As her grinding increased I added my own pressure by pushing my hips in time with hers.

I couldn’t take it anymore I pulled my hand down from her breast and pushed down my boxers. Grabbing my dick in hand and pushing my hips forward I only found a small piece of fabric separating me from her. Grabbing it with one finger I slide it aside pushing forward I found her slit and slowly began entering her.

Beth was wet and tighter than my alcohol fogged brain could remember her being. Yet she felt just as good. I only got a few inches in when she inhaled deeply. Her juices covered my front. Damn it I thought she has already came. Luckily for me I wasn’t having that problem. I latched on to her neck with my lips and sucked assuredly leaving a love mark on her neck. I grabbed her by the hip and pushed my whole dick inside her.

“Ohh” she moaned.

“Yes you like that don’t you?” I asked.

“Mmm” was all she replied with.

I picked up speed and force as I really started enjoy her warm depth. Quickly I turned her over on her stomach lifting her hips an came up on my knees. I started to pound her now that I had better leverage and angle. She arched her back and pushed against with her ass meeting me stroke for stroke. After a few minutes of this I felt my load running up my dick as I shot squirt after squirt into her sex. Her pussy squeezed around me milking each shot.

“God yes” I moaned as I started to jerk.

We both collapsed my dick slowly softening and slipping from inside her. Sleep took us both quickly me laying off to her side and our legs tangled. My face was in the back of her neck where I could still smell her sweet perfume even over the smell of sex.

I awoke around 6 with a piss hard on stuffed between two ass checks. I vaguely remembered fucking Beth last night. As I blinked my eyes open I expected to see red locks of hair. What I actually saw was black short hair style. Then it registered fully in my mind SUZZY!!

I was mortified and in my haste to move my dick once again found her slit and sunk in. “Oh shit.” I moaned.

She stirred eyes opening but her body moving on its own, she pushed back again sinking me further in. “Ohh” she moaned.

My body went on auto pilot pumping myself into her already cum filled pussy. “Ugh ugh ugh” was the only noise coming from her. Her hand reaching back and grabbing my ass check trying to pull me deeper.

“Suzzy you feel so good.” I said.

“Johnny so do you, fuck me Johnny fuck me.” Suzzy squealed as both of us climaxed loudly together.

“Shit now what?” I thought.

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