A Fantasy Realized Ch. 01

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Take a look at another reader’s fantasy per his request, and enjoy. To Jim, I hope this will bring out the dreams you ask for; if not, then the story is still yours. Thanks for giving me the chance to express your wishes and put them into words. Thanks to VillageWordsmith for editing. Red


“You’re sure?”


“You don’t want me to come with you?”

“No Jim. Really, this is fine. I know you’re busy,” Diane told her husband, wondering if it wasn’t for the hundredth time.

“Well, I could cancel my plans, and just…”

“Jim, enough!” Diane laughed. Slipping her arms around his neck, she whispered, “Cher and I are going to this seminar and you don’t need to worry about me.”

Jim sighed, “Okay then, I’ll see you Sunday night. The guys and I will head out to the cabin for some fishing and some old fashioned camping. You and Cher enjoy your seminar on Protecting the Fireflies of Florida.”

Diane rolled her eyes, “Wildlife of Florida!” Pinching his arm she kissed his lips once more, “Just go to the lake and do that ‘old fashioned camping’ you’re talking about. Since your ‘roughing’ it, does that mean you’re not using the refrigerator, stove, laundry, air-conditioning, and all the other things life has to offer?”

He winked, “Sure babe, you believe that, and we’ll both enjoy ourselves.”

“You’ll have more fun then I will, believe me.”

Jim placed his bag back on the floor and hugged his wife, “You could have fun too if you’d open your eyes for a moment and take a look around you.”

“Your not talking about Cher again, are you?”

“Yes,” Jim went on, as he saw his wife begin to roll her eyes at him. “Honey, look at her this weekend, watch how she acts around you. You have, what,two nights up there, and almost two full days, right?”

Diane shook her head in disbelief, “We’ll get there sometime later this afternoon, then have a welcoming supper tonight. Saturday is the seminar, and then after breakfast Sunday morning we’re heading home. But that doesn’t matter, because what you’re suggesting is silly and just some little perverted fantasy you have in your head.”

“No Hon, it’s not.” Taking her hand, he held it and slowly ran circles over the top of it, “I like the fantasy idea, yes, but I know that Cher is into it. She’s into you! She told me so, and I don’t know how to make you believe that. She sat right there in our living room, while you were in the kitchen, and told me she wanted to make love to you, and, that if you were okay with it, then the three of us could try it sometime.”

“Jim, it makes no sense, she’s been my friend for years, she’s married and I know she and Ray are having problems, but… Jim, just stop, she isn’t ‘into me’.” A horn blew outside, “There’s your ride, give me a kiss, you pervert, and have a good time.”

“Okay, but look Diane, if you take the time to notice, and you see that she is coming on to you, and you like it, then don’t let thoughts of what I think stop you. Sure, I’d like to be there, but I’m realistic; the first time should be just you and her.” He pressed his lips to hers one last time, picked up his bag, and headed out to the truck.

Diane waved goodbye to her husband and thought that he was just embellishing a few hugs and cheek kisses so he could get off. “No way does Cher want something else from me,” she told herself as she went into her room, and finished packing her suitcase.

She was just about to zip it when she noticed a small brown package. Digging it out from under her previous packed items, she looked at the note penned by her spouse: Just in case… love you and don’t open till you get to the hotel… kisses. Diane tried to figure out what the item was by squeezing it, but all she could tell was that it was something made from cloth. Putting it back in the suitcase, this time on top, she tossed in her favorite lotions and sprays, and zipped the case closed just as the doorbell chimed.

Diane hurried to the door, “Hey there,” her friend greeted her. Diane felt Cher’s hug, familiar and friendly. Thinking to herself, “Jim and his silliness,” she hugged Cher back and welcomed her into the house.

“Do you need any help?” Cher asked her friend.

“Nope, I was just about to take my suitcase to the door and wait on you.”

Cher followed Diane back to her bedroom, “You know we don’t have to leave right now. I mean, if it is all the same to you, Hell I’d stay home!”

“Really?” Diane looked at her.


“Cher, I’m only going because I thought you wanted to.” Diane sat on the bed. “I could care less about Fireflies in Florida.”


“Oh, it was what Jim was calling the seminar, ‘Saving Fireflies in Florida’.” She rolled her eyes, “He says a lot of silly stuff, but really, I don’t want to go. I told him I did so he wouldn’t cancel his fishing trip.”

Cher sat down next to Diane and lay back on the bed, her hands resting behind her head, “I know what you mean; I don’t like canceling things either. Even though Ray and I didn’t van escort have plans, I would have gone just to do something for a change.”

“Are you two still having a tough time,” Diane asked, lying down next to her friend. She rested on her stomach and propped her chin on her hands, and her elbows on the bed.

“I guess. We just don’t do anything anymore and, well, the sex is dwindling.”

Diane looked at her friend. “Cher, have you talked to him?”

“We’ve talked a little, but not a lot. Perhaps, it’s just a temporary thing. It isn’t like we do weird stuff together. We are pretty normal.”

“Well, I bet nothing you do is as weird as what Jim suggested to me, just before he left!”

“What was that?”

Diane sighed and rolled onto her back, placed her hands on her stomach, and looked at Cher, “He says you have a ‘thing’ for me and the three of us should ‘get together’. I mean, he’s just living some boyhood fantasy and trying to bring you and me into it. Sorry, you probably didn’t want to know that.”

Cher sat up on the bed, and moved to press her back along the head board. “No, you’re fine; besides, he probably told you that because it’s true.”

Diane shot off the bed and looked at her friend, her mouth hanging wide open. “Jim told me you told him that, but I didn’t believe him.”

“Oh, sorry.” Cher said, her face a bright scarlet. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“I’m not upset, just surprised; sorry for my reaction.”

“It’s okay. Obviously the thought doesn’t appeal to you, and that’s okay; not everyone is into it.” She got up and looked at Diane’s suitcase, “So are we going to this thing or not?”

Diane made a face. “Let’s not, let’s just have a best friends’ weekend; we’re not too far from the movies and, heck, both of our husbands think we’re gone so let’s just hang here for the weekend.” Diane pulled her suitcase back onto the bed, “Go get your bag, you can pretend this is your hotel for the week.”

Diane watched Cher leave and then sat back down on the bed, still somewhat stunned. “Wow,” she thought, “I wonder how long she’s been thinking this way.” She spun her suitcase around and began putting her things away. Once she was done, Diane lifted the brown package and opened it.

“Nice!” She heard Cher’s voice as Diane held the sheer red thong and nightie in her hands.

Diane glanced up; this time her face was the one that was bright red. “Ummm… Jim packed it for me, it’s new.”

“He packed it for you, for this weekend?” Cher looked confused, one brow raised. “Why?”

“I guess it was a ‘just in case we needed it’ gift.”

“Oh, Di, that is rich!” Cher came over, took the nightie from Diane’s hands, and held it up to Diane’s frame. She studied her, trying to imagine her wearing it, “You’d look hot in this. You’d best save this for Jim because if I see you in it, you’re in trouble.”

“You’re as silly as him,” Diane said, grabbing the nightie and stuffing it and the panties in the top drawer of her dresser.

“I put my stuff in the guest room,” Cher mentioned as she and Diane grabbed their purses and headed out to the car.

“Great, let’s run by the mall, grab something to eat, and then head to the movies.”

“Sounds great,” Cher agreed, “I’ll drive.”

The two women were soon on their way to the local mall, each one lost in her own thoughts. When they arrived, they agreed to do a little shopping. Each found a few things she liked before heading over to one of the small restaurants in the food court. Diane kept trying to block out the things about Cher that she had suddenly started noticing.

She found herself curious about how long Cher held their hugs. Were they longer then a friendly hug? Diane thought about the times that Cher had given her a peck on the cheek, hello or goodbye. Were those more signs that she wanted more? In the end she decided she’d didn’t care. Cher was her friend and that’s all that mattered to her.

Once the ladies had finished their supper they grabbed their bags and headed back to the car. They had decided to watch a “chick flick” since neither one had to worry about the moans and groans from their husbands. Diane carried their sodas and Cher the popcorn, both commenting that the popcorn was probably a waste since they had just eaten, but movie theatre popcorn is a must.

After they settled in and the movie started, both women relaxed and enjoyed the flick. Cher had been concerned most of the evening over her and Diane’s friendship, but after supper Diane seemed more relaxed and at ease with the new knowledge of her desire. She was glad, because she didn’t want to lose her friend over something like this. “After all,” she thought to herself, “that was why I hadn’t said anything before.” Deep down, she was thankful that Jim had finally brought it up. She hated keeping such an intimate secret from Diane.

Diane shifted in her seat as another theatre occupant squeezed through their isle; her legs had to press against Cher’s and for the escort van first time she felt a little flutter in her stomach. She blushed, and said a silent thank you for the darkness of the theater. Easing her legs back away from her friend, she settled back to watch her movie. Diane placed her hand on her stomach, took a few breaths, and soon brought her attention back to the movie. “This is silly,” she thought to herself, “just because she says that she wants to be with me doesn’t mean I want to be with her; but what was that I was feeling?”

When the movie was finished neither woman really wanted to go home. “You know what?” Cher asked Diane, as they were settled back inside her car, “We used to go bowling a lot. Do you want go play a quick game?”

“Cher, that would be great! I miss doing that.”

“So do I,” Cher agreed.

The whole evening was fun, Diane couldn’t remember when she and Cher had such a great time. After a couple of games of bowling and a few drinks, the women left the bowling alley and headed home.

They moved through the house, each one laughing and joking with the other. “Come on, the night’s still young,” Diane said as she handed a wine cooler to Diane. They settled down and flipped on the late night TV comedian. Before long Diane started to feel warm, and she leaned against Cher.

“Cher, I was wondering something.”.

“What?” Cher looked down at her friend, seeing the heated flush of her cheeks brought on by the alcohol.

“How long have you felt like this? Like you wanted to be with me?”

“Quite a long time, now.”

“Why didn’t you tell me,” Diane asked.

Cher turned and touched Diane’s cheek, “I didn’t want to lose you as a friend.”

“Cher,” Diane’s eyes locked with Cher’s, “you’re my best friend; this wouldn’t have ended our friendship.”

“I’m glad,” Cher said as she leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Diane’s lips, “I would have hated that.”

Diane pulled her head back slightly, “I would have hated that too.” She noticed her voice had become soft and wispy. She unconsciously licked her lips, tasting the wine cooler that Cher had been drinking. Her stomach fluttered more then it had since the movies, and she kept staring at Cher’s lips.

Cher watched Diane’s eyes and her tongue, and then she brought her thumb up to trace Diane’s lips. “You’re a very special friend to me Diane; I want you to know that.”

“You’re special to me also.”

Pressing her thumb along the seam of Diane’s lips, she slowly opened her mouth. The tip of Diane’s tongue slipped forward and tasted Cher’s thumb. Cher leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to Diane’s lips. She pulled back and looked into her friend’s brown eyes. Diane looked back, her eyes fluttering, and her pulse beating faster. “I’ll stop if you want me to,” Cher assured her.

Diane said nothing as Cher pressed her lips once more to the other woman’s mouth. She tenderly ran her tongue over Diane’s lips, outlining them. She swallowed the sigh that escaped with Diane’s breath, and she watched her friend close her eyes. Cher moved closer, her tongue slipping gently into Diane’s mouth. She tasted the wine cooler that Diane had drunk earlier; she eased her hand onto Diane’s thigh, bringing a soft moan from her friend’s throat.

Diane felt her body awaken to something new and inviting. She opened her mouth further, allowing her own tongue to touch Cher’s. Goose-bumps raised on her flesh, as she ran her tongue over the tip of the other woman’s. When Cher’s hand rested on her thigh, Diane felt the hairs on her neck rise and straighten. Diane tried to think about what was happening; she was surprised that she was allowing her friend to kiss her in this way. She was more astonished that she found herself enjoying it. At first she thought it was the alcohol, but she knew she still had all her senses and her judgment was not impaired.

She leaned into Cher and let her tongue become somewhat bolder, as she deepened the kiss. Cher left her hand on Diane’s thigh, and moved the other to her shoulder. She kneaded it through the material of the blouse, feeling the strap of her friend’s bra beneath her fingers. Her tongue accepted Diane’s and she stroked the sides of it slowly, tasting each spot she could inhale. The soft muscles danced with each other, a slow mesmerizing display of two friends, each learning something more about the other.

Cher moved her hand down Diane’s arm, caressing the tender flesh and feeling the goose-bumps rise. Her mouth continued to lay against Diane’s, and then she slipped it away and traced her lips once more. Diane sighed, opened her eyes, whispered, “Oh,” fell from her lips. Cher smiled at her friend, and moved her hand from Diane’s arm to press under her breast. Diane’s eyes widened and she bit her bottom lip.

Diane nodded her acceptance and allowed her friend to hold her breasts in her hand. She felt the tingles that were aroused in the globe and saw her own hand moving to touch Cher’s breast. Diane watched as van escort bayan Cher’s nipple started to become harder then it had been earlier. Her tongue moistened her lips as she ran her thumb across the covered button.

Cher quietly moaned, encouraging Diane to continue. She used her fingers to sweep lazily across Diane’s breast. They moved to the small series of buttons that closed the front collar of her friend’s shirt. Carefully, she removed each one from its holding place, giving Diane plenty of time to back away or tell her no.

Diane said nothing. She knew that she could stop this if she wanted to but right now she didn’t. Her hand cupped Cher’s breast, enjoying the feel of it in her palm. She stroked the nipple and felt the ridges hiding under her shirt and bra.

Moving her hands from Diane’s buttons, Cher slid them down the sides of her friend’s rib cage. “Can I?” she asked. When Diane nodded her head, she felt Cher’s hands leave her breasts, and Diane moved back slightly. Cher lifted Diane’s shirt from her body, exposing the globes of delight, now blocked only by the white, lace bra. Cher shivered in excitement. She had seen her best friend’s breasts before, but she had never taken the opportunity to openly admire them, unsure of what Di’s feelings would be. Now she did. Cher studied the twin breasts that were hiding from her. She ached to taste each one; her fingers skimmed over the lace of the bra, touching Diane’s skin.

Diane trembled with the first touch of Cher’s fingers on her skin. She copied her friend’s movements and lifted Cher’s blouse from her body. She touched the soft flesh, and longed to see more. Her pulse raced. “I don’t know what to do.”

Cher smiled at her and took her hand. Placing a soft kiss on the palm, she said, “Do you trust me?”

Diane smiled, “Of course, you’re my friend.”

“Then let me guide you, I have done this before and it is an enjoyable experience.” Cher stood, took Diane’s hand, and led her to the bedroom. The one secret she had kept was no longer a barrier between them. A weight lifted from Cher’s shoulders, as she turned and gazed into the brown eyes of her friend.

She touched Cher’s cheek, then traced her eyebrows. Her thumb caressed, then slid down her chin. Diane’s lips opened, her tongue moistened the pink flesh. Cher’s eyes were drawn to those lips, and her eyes stayed with Diane’s as she leaned in and kissed her. Their tongues touched, one tempted, the other holding back desire.

Diane tensed slightly, as she felt Cher’s hand move to her hip. Cher felt the change in her friend’s body, and rested her hand where it was, letting Diane become accustomed to her. When she felt Diane’s tongue move quicker in her mouth, Cher slowly slid her hand up the side of Diane’s ribs, the bra still a barrier between them. Her fingers rested just at the curve of her friend’s breast. Cher moved her mouth from Diane’s mouth, and whispered into her ear, “May I remove your bra?” she asked her.

With a small shake of her head, and a whispered, “Yes,” she watched Cher move her finger over the lace of her bra. Diane continued watching her friend, as she slipped between her breasts. Once more Cher looked up at Diane, this time an unspoken question. Diane understood and nodded her head, allowing Cher to unclasp the bra. Her breasts now displayed to the eyes of a lover, not just a friend any longer.

Cher cupped Diane’s left breast, her thumb touched the nipple softly. She pushed on the small button and smiled as it grew hard under her touch. Diane gasped, surprised from the shot of electricity that shot through her. A shiver ran down her spine and she watched her friend slowly bend down and place a small kiss on top of her breast.

Sliding her mouth down, Cher flicked the nipple with her tongue, then circled it with lazy traces. She moved her mouth closer, bringing the bud to her lips, then taking it and sucking with firm pressure. Diane breathed deep, bit her lip, and rested her hand on Cher’s shoulder. “Cher,” she gasped.

“Yes,” Cher stopped and looked up. “Do you want me to stop?” She looked at her friend, her eyes telling her that if she wanted her to no longer continue, then her wishes would be honored.

“I need a minute, but no, I do want you to continue.”

Cher leaned up, and embraced her friend. “Hon, I’ll begin again when you’re ready, you just let me know.”

Diane returned her friend’s hug, and found herself enjoying the hug. She felt her nipples pressed against Cher’s clothes. Her ear rested against Cher’s shoulder. Her fingers touched her friend’s back, moving softly over the material. Cher’s fingers answered Diane’s touches, and mimicked them. Cher pressed a kiss to Diane’s shoulder, and then slid her tongue to her neck. She nibbled gently, then stepped back and gazed at her friend.

“May I take off my blouse and bra?” She asked Diane. Seeing Diane’s nod, Cher lifted her blouse from her body and exposed her bra, this too was soon laid out on the floor with the other clothes. Diane looked at her friend’s twin globes. She had seen them before, but now they appeared different to her. They were no longer a part of her friend but a part of a woman, an erotic part that Diane had not thought about till now. Cher took Diane’s hand, lifted it, and placed it over her erect nipple.

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