A Letter to Daddy

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I pull up to your house. Nervous, I’ve had a half chub the whole drive here. It was hard to focus on the road. It would have been extremely uncomfortable trying to ask a paramedic to remove the plug from my ass, let alone coming up with a good reason for why it was there that wasn’t,

“I’m off to get ploughed by a daddy bear I found on the internet”.

But that was the case.

I take a swig of water and head to the door. I knock and shortly after a friendly looking bearded man opens. You seem genuinely happy to see me. Like we’re old friends and we’re about to spend the afternoon catching up on each others lives. But I can tell by the way your eyes scanned me up and down when the door opened that I’m in for a very different afternoon.

You invite me in and as I step in the door you close it behind me. Suddenly we’re alone. It’s very quiet. My nerves are beginning to rattle. You ask if you can get me anything. I ask for a glass of water. My mouth is suddenly very dry. I also ask for the bathroom.

Once I’m in the bathroom I stop and take a hard look at my self in the mirror. Deep breath. I undo my pants and reach in to gingerly remove the plug I’d inserted to make sure my ass was ready for whatever you wanted to do to it. After a quick rinse in the sink I stick it in the ziplock bag in my pocket and shove it back in my back pocket. I wash my hands and come back out. I find you sitting in a big over stuffed chair, across from you is a glass of water that you motion to. I thank you for it and take a seat on the couch.

“So how was the drive.” You ask.

“It was fine. Standard highway drivers.”

You chuckle. It wasn’t much of a joke, but your laugh sets me at ease. As I sip my water, I’m finally able to take a good look at you. You’re everything I’d imagined. Mind you there wasn’t much to be left to the imagination because of our correspondence. But being in your presence felt right.

“You’re sitting funny, is your back okay?”

Oh no. The plug in my pocket. Fuck. How could I be so dumb. I sheepishly pull out the ziplock back from my pocket. This time you really laugh. You stand up and take the bag from my hand and inspect it.

“Worried daddy was going to split you like wood we’re you? Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

With that I knew that talk time was over. I placed my glass on the table, and looked up at you for guidance. You reply by taking my chin in your hand and guiding me up to stand. You kiss me. Your beard is rough on my shaved face and your tongue feels strong in my mouth. I begin to kiss you back and put my hands on your hips. You wrap your big strong daddy arms around me and give me a bit of a squeeze. I let it press the air out of me and it feels good. Having your body pressed against mine makes my brain race.

Your hand makes its way down my back and you slip it down the back of my pants to squeeze my bare ass. You moan in approval. I moan as well. Your hand makes its way between my cheeks and you begin exploring the outside of my hole.

“You better not have stretched this thing out too much. Daddy was expected a tight ass to play with.”

I begin to apologize, but I’m cut off by your thick middle finger plunging into me.

“Ohhhhh” I press my face into your neck and push back into your hand instinctively.

“Slow down, we’re not there yet.” You remove your hand, much to my disappointment and sit back down.

“Strip. I want to get a good look at my new play thing.”

I immediately remove my shirt and toss it on the couch. Followed by my jeans that I kick to the side. I’m now standing in front of you in a pair of blue briefs with a pronounced wet spot where, between the plug in my ass and the excitement of being in your presence, my dick has pooled precum.

“Cute,” you say looking me up and down. You grab my junk that is protruding from me and squeeze hard. Even though it hurts like hell, I’m happy to feel your hands on my body. Then you grab the waist band of my underwear and pull them down roughly. Letting them fall to my ankles. My cock pops up to attention with a glob of precum on the tip. I can feel the air in the room on my dick, I need to calm down.

As I’m thinking this, you reach out and give me a twisting stroke from tip to base, spreading my ooze across the head of my dick and causing my knees to weaken. I have to steady myself to keep from coming istanbul travesti right then and there.

“You like daddy’s touch?”

“Yes sir”

“You’re going to have to earn it” you say as you wipe the precum off your hand on my belly.

“Turn around and bend over. I want to get a closer look at what you brought daddy to fuck.”

I do as I’m told. As I do I realize I’m in full view of your front window. Anyone walking by could Stop and look in. It’s bright out and dark in here so they’d have to work to see anything, but what they’d see is me, fully naked, bent over, rock hard with you spreading my ass cheeks. In this moment I realize I’ll do anything you ask. That thought is interrupted by you spitting on my hole and rubbing it in with your thumb.

“Shiny, I like a boy who keeps himself clean for daddy”.

Finally my anxiety has paid off. You give me a firm smack on the ass and tell me to get on my knees. I turn and lower down facing you. From this angle you look much larger than before. Like I’d be powerless against you. You don’t say another word, you just cross your hands behind your head and lean back in a relaxed position. I understand and get to work.

I place my hands on your knees and swallow hard. I slide my hands up your thighs and lean forward as I do. When my hands reach your waist I slide them up under your shirt and feel your furry belly. I lower my face to your crotch and press my nose into it. I take a deep breath. Taking the time to savour all of the sensations I’m feeling. The smell of you, the warmth of your thigh on my cheek. I want to taste your flesh, so I push up your shirt and begin nibbling and licking your stomach while my hands make their way to your belt.

Your belt opens easily, despite my hands still trembling a little with excitement. As I start to undo your button, I move my nibbling down so as your fly opens up, the cloth of your underwear beneath is greeted with my mouth. With your fly open, I grab the sides of your pants and pull. You lift your hips a bit to help. As your hips settle back down I’m given a great view of your massive bulge.

Again I bury my face in your junk. Nuzzling under your balls and rubbing my face all over you. Breathing deeply, filling my nostrils with your sent. I find the tip of your cock through the cloth and wrap my lips around it. With another hand I slide under your balls and gently massage them. With my free hand, I explore your belly and chest. I’ve had enough foreplay. I need to know what your cock tastes like.

I move my face back bellow your balls up lookup to your face. Your eyes are closed but you seem content. I grab your waistband and pull down. Finally I’m reward with a beautiful view of your cock and balls. Hovering a few inches above, I can feel the warmth radiating from you on my face.

“Oh wow”.

I feel like a kid on Christmas staring at all the gifts he’s been given. Not knowing what to open first. I start by cupping my hand under your heavy low hanging balls. They’re hot in my hand. With my other hand I wrap my fingers around your cock. It’s so thick. Even in its current chub state, it’s mass is apparent. This thing is going to absolutely wreck my hole.

I let out a long breath as the reality hits me. I look up to your face and you’re now looking down at me. You give me a sly grin and raise your eyebrows to say “scared boy?”

I can’t let you down. I take your entire cock in my mouth. Even though you’re not hard yet, it’s a lot and I can feel you pressing against the opening to my throat. Slurping I pull back gripping the base. I savour the taste for a moment before slapping your cock a few times on my tongue.

I can already feel you becoming stiffer. I take you into my mouth again, but this time I can’t quite fit you all the way in. Mmm I’m making daddy hard. This is all the encouragement I need.

I begin bobbing up and down, slopping and twisting as I do. Alternating between pulling your foreskin back and covering your head. Once I’m certain I’ve got you fully rock hard, I take one more wet draw on your cock and it makes a popping sound as I slurp off the tip. I pull your foreskin up over the head and work my tongue inside.

The feeling of my tongue pressed between your smooth hot head and your foreskin is wonderful. Next I lick your wide slit, flicking my tongue back and forth. A bit of your istanbul travestileri precum dribbles out and I get my first taste of daddy’s seed.

It’s saltier than mine, and taste mildly of cigarettes. It tastes the way a man should. This sets me off. I need more of your come. With a deep breath I plunge your cock deep and swallow it into my throat. It’s much thicker than anything I’ve every taken, but I fight the urge to pull you out. I need daddy to know he can fuck either end of me. I pull out to catch my breath before going back down for more.

This time when I come up for air I pause and look up to your face. You’re grinning widely. I’ve impressed you. This fills me with pride, now I need to be full of daddy’s come.

I go back down. This time as soon as my lips hit your pubes, I feel your hands lower to the back of my head. I try to remain down and lick the underside of your cock. Once I come up for air however you take over. Holding my head in place, you begin thrusting into my mouth.

“Watch those teeth boy”

I go from trying to savour every inch of you to now focusing on my breathing and keeping my teeth off your precious meat as you are now fucking my throat. At first it’s a lot. I’m struggling to breath and I’m worried I’ll gag and ruin it for you. After a few thrusts though I find a rhythm in your pounding that allows me to breath and relax. I’m finally able to settle into my role as your fuck toy.

Your really getting into it. Despite the sounds coming from my mouth and the froth all over my face, I’ve never felt sexier. As quickly as it began though, you suddenly stop. I’m panting trying to catch my breath. You begin slapping your hard cock against my wet cheek. I try to put you back in my mouth, but you stop me.

“It’s time to see what your ass is capable of. Go to my room”

You point to the door off the room we’re in. I go in and find a normal bedroom. Somehow in my head I was expecting a play room with slings and stocks. I don’t think I could have handled that situation. I make my way to the bed and try to lay in a way that looks attractive. You follow shortly after, your shirt is now gone, and you have my ziplock bag in your hand. You toss it on top of your dresser.

“Lay on your back with your ass on the edge of the bed” you say over your shoulder as you open a drawer and pull out a bottle with a pump top on it.

I do as I’m told. You grab my hips and move me into the position you had in mind. Then you take my legs and fold me in half backwards so my knees are to my chest and my hole is exposed.

“Keep these out of my way” you get me to grab my legs to hold them up.

You stand for a moment looking down at me. Ass up, knees to my chest and my face covered in drying spit from the throat fucking I just received from you. And you. With your silver beard and chest hair, beautiful round stomach, strong thighs, low hanging balls and that cock. That perfect, thick, uncut cock. I let my body melt into the bed and release myself to you.

“You did a good job, now daddy is going to give you the reward you earned.”

As you say this your hands are sliding down my thighs. You lower down, and press your hands into my pelvis. Then I feel your hot breath on my hole. I quiver with anticipation. I don’t have to wait long though as you begin with a tentative lick of my opening. Followed quickly by another. Then you spit on my hole, quickly followed by you burying your face in my ass. I feel your tongue prod deep inside me and your beard scratching against my exposed flesh.

I let out a long moan as my body washes with pleasure and my entire nervous system is focused on your tongue working inside me. I can feel your teeth on the outside of my hole as you are trying to get deeper and deeper inside me.

“Oh my god daddy, yes, ooooooh fuck it feels so good!” I exclaim. I’ve never felt like this. I need more. “Daddy fuck me please. I need you to fuck me!”

“You sure you can handle me boy?”

“I don’t care, my hole needs your cock!”

With that, you slowly stand up.


You flop you huge cock down beside mine as you grind against me. I can now see how much bigger you are then me and the weight of the situation becomes clear. Thankfully you reach for the pump top bottle which I can now see is a bottle of lube. You squeeze it out into your hand and travesti istanbul I can tell it’s thick. This is some industrial strength stuff that a man of daddy’s size needs to keep around if he’s ever going to fit his dick in anyone. You smear it on my hole and work a couple fingers inside.

My brain starts racing again. I’m drifting off. It feels so good. You’re prodding my prostate pushing globs of presume out of my cock. Then another finger. How many is that? I’ve lost count. Who cares. Daddy is touching me.

Then I’m snapped back to my senses when you pull your fingers out of me. Quickly followed by what I’ve always wanted. Daddy’s hard cock breaches me. It’s just the tip right now, but it feels like you’ve just shoved a pop can inside me. I clench down on you and you moan. As I release you drive yourself the rest of the way in.

My eyes roll back as I am filled with daddy. As I come to terms with my new existence as simply a hole for daddy to Fuck. The full array of sensations I’m feeling become clear.

I was unprepared for the way in which daddy’s cock would stretch me out. I can tell I’m sore, but his expert tongue and the way my body needed him allowed him to enter me without damage. I’m ready.

I open my eyes and see you staring down at me. Your raw hard cock buried to the hilt inside my guts. I release my legs onto your shoulders, and run my hands through your chest hair.

“This is all yours daddy. Take whatever you want.”

With that you slowly pull your excessive length out of me. All the way. Then with a hard thrust, you force yourself back in, burying your cock deeper inside me then before. I cry out as the shockwave rolls up my body and takes my breath away.

“Are you sure about that boy?”

Nothing will change my mind “Yes daddy. Please I need you to fuck me. I exist to pleasure you. Your cock completes me!”

In that moment I’m not sure if I’m exaggerating. I truly want nothing more than to know you are Fucking me and loving it.

With that you start your pace. With each stroke you slam back into me hard. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP. The sound of our bodies colliding as you drill into me. I spread my arms wide on the bed to brace myself and feel my cock flopping up and down from the force of your thrusts. I can’t think straight.

I try to focus on your hard meat inside me, to truly savour this moment, but the synapses in my brain are firing all over the place. I’m seeing colours and hearing sounds that aren’t there. Your deep gravelly voice is encouraging me along,

“Yeah boy, take daddy’s dick, this is daddy’s hole now”.

I’m entirely engulfed in this pleasure. I have a moment of clarity to look up at you. You look powerful as you grip my hips and continue to pound my ass. Your breathing is getting heavier and your head and shoulders are beginning to show signs of sweat. You’re giving me everything you’ve got. I’ve turned on something carnal in you. You’ve become a wild thing devouring its prey.

“Daddy’s going to come inside you boy. This is my hole now.”

“Please daddy. Breed me. Fill me with your come daddy”.

Moments later your thrusts break form, they slow slightly but become harder and more pronounced. You let out a deep groan and squeeze my legs into you. Your thrusts are almost lifting me off the bed.

You grab my cock in your fervor to squeeze every last drop into me and with only a few strokes I’m coming too. The first rope lands on my chin and subsequent shots leave a trail up my belly and across my chest.

As you release my cock I deflate. I’m completely destroyed. Never have I felt so many pleasures at one time. I’m a changed man. I’m now a vessel for your pleasure. As if to emphasize that point, you grab the ziplock bag from your dresser and retrieve the plug. As you pull your still massive softening cock from inside me, you reinsert the plug in my ass.

“You’re not to waste any of daddy’s seed you hear me? Nothing spilled ever.”

“Yes sir”

With that you walk out of the room leaving me laying in a puddle of my own come and sweat. You return shortly with a wash cloth and a towel. You sit beside me on the bed and begin to clean me up. After the aggressive fucking I just received it’s jarring for you to return to the friendly daddy bear that greeted me when I arrived…

how long has it been?

But it’s also comforting to know that the man who can so easily make me crumble into a gaping come slut who’ll do anything to please him is also capable of this kind of compassion.

“Next time I want you to bring that plug again, but don’t you dare insert it yourself.”

“Yes daddy”.

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