A Little Help From Miss Smith

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My name’s Dave, and I’m 21 and I go to Louisiana State University.

There’s this 29 year-old Teacher’s Assistant in my Creative Writing class.

Her name is Miss Smith, and she has the best body that I have ever seen.

Perfect legs, tits, ass, I knew she was hitting the Gym because I would see her walk in wearing her tight pants and sports bras.

Ever since I saw her, I guess I’ve developed kind of a crush on her.

Every time she sits down in her chair, I get a glance at her different thongs when she wears her mini skirts.

One day, I got up the courage to ask her to stay back and help me out with a little story I was putting together.

I was sitting in my Psychology class as the day came to an end.

I went back up the hall to meet up with her.

I knocked on the door.

“Come in!”

I walked in to see her sitting at her desk grading papers.

“So, what is it your having problems with Mr. McCoy?”

“I’m looking to spice up this story I’m writing about two people who are struggling to be together, but the man knows that he is in danger of costing the woman her job as a teacher.”

She smiled slightly, “So, your trying to write about a complicated relationship between a teacher and her student?”

“Well, she’s not technically a teacher, she’s a T.A.!”

“Hmmm, kocaeli escort bayan that’s interesting!”

I thought she was going to send me out for sure if she caught where I was leading to.

She smiled, “Think I know how to get this story going!”

She got up from her desk and walked over to the door.

She locked the door and walked back over towards me.

“First, we need to open with the student and this ‘T.A.’ sharing their passion to get the readers interested.”

She pressed herself to my body as she leaned in to kiss me with her soft pink lips.

I could feel my dick begin to spring to life.

Her tongue slid into my mouth as she moaned softly.

“Next, we need to set the mood!”

She reached over to turn the lights off.

“A little more!”

She walked over to the shades and drew them shut.

Now, the room was darker with only enough sunlight to see her walking over to me.

“Now, the story needs a climax!”

“I love a good climax, don’t you?” She said as she bit her lip.


With that she began to unbutton her white blouse.

She opened the blouse to reveal a white lace bra and rock hard stomach.

She ran her hands up her stomach to slowly remove the blouse.

She walked over to her desk kocaeli sınırsız escort and climbed on top of it.

“Come over here.” She said motioning her finger for me to come to her.

I walked over and sat next to her as she sat up in front of me.

I began to kiss her as I laid her on the desk.

I slid my hands up her body to her breasts and began to massage them.

I reached around her as she arched her back and unclasped her bra, revealing her nice supple breasts.

I began sucking her pink nipples as I slid my fingers down to her skirt.

I unbuttoned the skirt and slid it off.

I began kissing down her body to her white lace thong and massaged her covered pussy with my tongue.

I slid off the thong to reveal a shaven, light pink pussy eager for my touch.

I began to slide my tongue into her as she moaned softly.

I looked up at her as she started to play with her tits as she looked down at me.

I slid my fingers into her awaiting slit and began to fuck her with my hand.

She began to caress my head as I could taste her juice on my tongue.

I rose from her swollen clit as she lifted herself up to face me.

She began to caress my dick as it sat erect in my pants.

She undid my belt and the zipper izmit anal yapan escort and slid my pants to my ankles.

She tugged my boxers down to reveal my 8 inch stiff cock and began to lick it like a lollipop.

She opened her mouth to take in my entire swollen, throbbing member.

She sucked back and forth on my dick until I was moments away from bursting.

As I came, she took all of it into her mouth and swallowed every drop.

“Nice, but that was only the rising action, we’re looking for the climax!”

She sucked my dick back to full strength and laid back on the desk and lifted her legs to spread her sweet pink pussy for me.

I got on the desk and slid my dick into her.

I pumped in and out as she moaned louder and louder, worried someone would hear.

“Don’t worry, there’s nobody coming except me, so keep fucking!” She screamed.

I fucked harder as she got louder.

I began kissing her as I fucked her and she moaned in my mouth.

“Fuck my asshole!” she screamed.

She got up and turned over on her hands and knees revealing her perfect ass to me.

She arched her back as I gently slid my cock into her tight hole.

I put my hand over her mouth to muffle some of her screams.

I fucked harder as she began nibbling on my fingers.

“Ohhh, Yessss, fuck me harder!”

I fucked harder until I was ready to cum once more.

She turned over and faced my cock.

I blew my load all over her pretty face and hair.

“Looks like you got your climax, come back tomorrow and I’ll help you with the rest of the story!”

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