A Little Lunchtime Relief

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.

Joey hurried down the locker-lined school corridor. A few students began to drift out of rooms and he took a glance at many faces, though he knew he couldn’t miss who he was looking for. Even now students would walk straight at him and it was up to Joey, with a skinny and fragile body, that needed to move to make way for them. His dark hair fell straight to his shoulders, contrasting with his pale white skin that was so sensitive that with the coming summer he would need to be careful how much time he spent in the sun.

“Hey Joey!” Nick had spotted him first, and called out. Joey quickly made his way over to Nick, six-foot-three, broad shouldered with curly brown hair that hung a little scraggly over his eyes and ears.

“Hey there Nick,” Joey said, “you ready?”

“Yeah, what have you got there, just the stuff you need?”


“Alright, let’s go.”

They were outside, in the far reaches of the parking lot, before the bell sounded to end the class period. Their high school was a new building, on the edge of a new suburban development. In one direction there were houses and malls, but in the opposite there was land that hadn’t been farmed for years, but wasn’t yet the site of new construction, though here and there the billboards of developers stood among the overgrown grass and bushes.

Nick and Joey walked through these fields now, up and over a small hill so that though there were some shouts and car horns still coming from their school, it was no longer in sight.

“So,” Joey began, “Mrs. Fields let you out early, huh?”

“Yeah, yeah. At the end of class she gives us little trivia questions, and she lets out early whoever gets it right. Just general stuff, but you know how dumb most of that class is.”

“Uh-huh…so, what’d you do in history today? Sometimes I think it’s the optional I should have taken.”

“Today?” Nick broke out into a grin. “Jesus fuck, Mrs. Fields was wearing this knit skirt that hugged her ass so sweet…” he made a cupping gesture with his hands, “Man, I thought my cock was going to bust out of my pants.” He reached down to adjust his crotch in front. Both of them wore the school uniform; grey slacks and white dress shirts. It was a warm day in late spring and as the sun shone down both boys began to sweat a bit as they trekked through the overgrown lots.

Nick grimaced and pushed his pants down at the waist, trying again to get more comfortable. “Fuck, do they design these pants specifically so that your cock is rubbing and straining no matter what? That’s gonna be my goddamn memory of high school–my hard cock pushing against my fucking pants. Thank God I get some relief here for an hour. God, I’d have to take out my cock in the fucking cafeteria, I would.”

Joey smirked, and then said in a voice much softer than Nick’s ranting, “So, um, actually about getting out of school, and next fall, have you thought about…um…what I asked?”

“You mean…?”

“Sharing a room, yeah,” Joey said. “We’re going to the same place, probably housed in the same building anyway…and…well, you know…”

“I’m still thinking about it.” Nick replied with an end-of-discussion tone.

A small frown washed across Joey’s face, which he quickly shook off.

They squeezed through some bushes, which turned into a stand of trees bordering the path of a creek. Standing at the side of the slowly-trickling water this was a cool and heavily-shaded sanctuary; a few feet below the level of the fields, surrounded by big old trees and thick green bushes, they soaked in the sounds and smells of nature. They were a distance from the school that most of the suburb-living population wouldn’t even think of walking. Nick and Joey both settled against the trunk of a large tree, and Joey reached into his bag.

“Here’s a magazine I thought you’d like,” Joey said, “It’s got uh…curvy girls with big tits and asses…and uh…lingerie…and lots of anal.”

“Oh yeah!” Nick grabbed it enthusiastically and started flipping through the pages. Joey crawled over between Nick’s legs and rubbed the çankaya escort bulge of his crotch. Nick went on reading.

Joey eagerly opened up Nick’s pants and pulled them down over his hips. Nick’s cock bounced out, half-hard and pulsing, growing harder as it was now free to bounce up and strain at the sky, throbbing. A little pre-cum ran out of the tip. Nick looked down, somewhat uncomfortable with the sight, and spread out the magazine over his raised thighs so that it blocked the view of his cock and Joey’s hungry eyes.

“Oh yes!” Joey almost groaned. “I’ve been thinking about your cock all morning!” He brought his head to Nick’s cock, wrapping the lips around the tip and pushing his head down, taking his friend’s cock into his mouth.

“Ungh, yeah!” Nick groaned. “Oh yeah…um…um…fuck, I bet one of these girls would suck my cock just like this.” Nick’s eyesight was blurring from pleasure, he was having trouble focusing on the pictures in the magazine. He felt Joey giving him a frantic blowjob, sucking hard and wet, flicking his tongue madly, with one hand stroking the shaft of his cock along the base, the other fondling his ballsack. “Fuck…thanks for getting me off, I needed this.”

Joey paused and lifted his head off the cock. Saliva hung off his lips. “Don’t worry…I told you, I’m your slut, whenever, wherever.” He dropped his head back to Nick’s cock, circled the head with his tongue, pushed the tip of his tongue into Nick’s piss-slit. “I fucking love your cock. Do you want me to wear lipstick? Tomorrow. Glossy red lipstick. And I’ll suck off here again. Twice.”

Nick threw away the magazine, and looked down straight at Joey. “Yeah,” Nick huffed. “But right now, I need to bust a nut!”

He grabbed Joey by the hair and pulled Joey’s head back onto his cock. Both of Nick’s hands grabbed a handful of hair and began pumping Joey’s head on his cock. Joey offered little resistance, placing his hands on Nick’s thighs, using his mouth to give Nick as much pleasure as possible.

Nick skullfucked Joey, gritting his teeth, breathing hard, growling: “Fuck-fuck-fuck…yeah, suck it…ungh, fag-boy…little substitute girlfriend…some stress-fuckin’-relief…ungh, I’m gonna flood your sick faggot mouth…take it like a girl, yeah, you’re a little petite girl from class and I’m out fucking your mouth…unh…Ungh!….UNGH!”

Nick held back the pleasure as long as he could, but the critical moment the tingling got too much and his climax broke open. Right at that moment he shoved Joey’s head down roughly, and looked down to see his cock jammed into his friend’s full mouth, Joey’s red face, his mouth dripping with spit, and his eyes, his wide, expressive, accepting eyes looking straight at Nick in total obsession. Those eyes that for so long belonged to the childhood friend, the one that played basketball and went on bike rides with him, the one that he first talked to girls about, and the one that got into a discussion with him about the stress-reducing benefits of sexual release, which turned into a lunch hour masturbation ritual that had slowly turned into much more. And those eyes were now asking to flood that warm wet mouth with all of his hot sticky cream.

Nick’s cock spasmed as he pumped semen in Joey’s mouth. Nick closed his eyes and leaned back as shivers of pleasure ran up and down his spine. Joey, his head finally out of Nick’s grip, eased back a bit and tried to swallow down all of Nick’s hot load, though some leaked out past his lips and dripped down to the ground.

As Nick leaned back, eyes closed, catching his breath and letting the soft spring breeze play over his skin, Joey sucked up all of the stray drops of cum on either of their bodies, and gave Nick’s soft and tender cock a little lazy post-cum head.

Nick finally opened up his eyes and grinned at Joey. “Thanks man. I needed that.”

Joey grinned and a lock of hair fell over his eyes.

“No, really,” Nick said, “You’re getting better every time.”

Joey was in a bit of a daze himself, sitting back on his heels, and before he knew it Nick was in front of him, opening keçiören escort up the crotch of Joey’s pants.

“Oh!” Joey exclaimed. “I’ve got a little…um, surprise for you.”

Nick laughed. “Other than the usual?”

“Well, since I thought you might want to get in my pants too…”

“Oh shit!” Nick exclaimed, and looked down at the opened crotch of Joey’s pants. There was an expanse of purple silk fabric, being pushed up by a pulsing hard-on.

“Do you like my panties?” Joey asked. “Smell ’em.” Nick did so, bringing his nose to Joey’s crotch and taking long, rich sniffs.

“Perfume,” Nick said. “Like a woman. Very nice.” He put his hand on Joey’s crotch, and the two males smiled at each other. “That’s good. It gets me…in the mood.”

Joey sat back against a tree. Nick knelt in front of him, and pulled Joey’s panties to the side, letting his cock spring free. Nick spit on his hand and wrapped it around Joey’s cock, pumping it up and down.

“Ooooh…that’s nice Nick! I’m…I’m sorry it’s not as big as yours. I just love your big cock, you know.”

“Hey, hey, it’s alright” Nick said, looking down at Joey’s cock. “It’s nice. Good size for a hand, I think. Of course, I’m a straight guy, so what do I know? But I think it’s nice. I’m gonna suck it a bit, alright?”

Nick almost squealed in pleasure. “Yeah, you suck it, straight boy. Suck my cock,” he said, without a trace of irony.

Nick’s blowjob was slow but caring. He moved his mouth up and down Joey’s cock along with his fist. Occasionally he would sniff the panties that were pulled off to the side, and even give the silk a lick.

“Ooooh!” Joey called out. He was in bliss, and couldn’t last long. “I’m gonna cum, you’re gonna make me cum.”

Calmly and tenderly, with one of his strong hands around Joey’s cock and the other pushing down his abdomen, Nick stroked off Joey, pumping his shooting jizz between his lips right onto his tongue.

Coming down off his orgasm, Joey opened his eyes and saw Nick sitting back, licking off two of his fingers. “Wow, did you swallow it down?” Nick nodded. “Wow, you’ve never done that before…I…I don’t know what to say…I think I l-l-lo—“

“C’mon, let’s eat lunch.” Nick said, breaking off the word that was slowly emerging from Joey’s mouth.

The two hungry boys quickly at the food Joey had brought with him in his bag. Then they sat back, leaning against the large tree, drinking in the quiet silence of nature, both of their crotches open and their cocks mostly limp.

“Have you thought about what I asked about earlier?” Joey asked.

“Jesus Christ, not the dorm-thing again?!? I–“

“Oh, no! No, no.” Joey said, trying not to upset Nick. “I mean, the thing…about you…going up my ass.”

Nick was quiet. Finally he said, “I…I’m not sure.”

“I brought lube,” Joey said and pulled it out of his bag. He crawled over to Nick and started working his cock with a lube-slicked hand. Nick began to breathe more heavily as his cock grew and hardened.

Satisfied that Nick’s cock was lubed up, Joey turned away, crouched, pulled his panties out of his asscrack and began working his lubed fingers up his own ass.

Nick watched him, idly stroking his slick cock. Finally he said, “Show me some skin. Take it all off but the panties.” Nick quickly did so, and stood in the woods naked except for his purple silk panties. “Get on your hands and knees,” Nick growled, “and keep lubing that ass.”

Joey followed instructions, bringing one hand back and working two, and then three fingers into his asshole.

“Gimmie the lube,” Nick growled, moving up behind Joey. Joey handed him the lube, on soft earth he closed his eyes and bit his lip, pushed his head down and tilted his ass up to Nick.

Nick spread a huge amount of lube not only in Joey’s asscrack but all over his butt. “You got a nice ass,” he growled, “like a skinny girl…some skinny girls ain’t got an ass as good as this.” When Nick worked one, then two, then three fingers into Joey’s ass, both of them sighed and gasped. Finally Nick brought his hard etimesgut escort cock to Joey’s ass, tugging at Joey’s panties with it, pushing the panties aside and rubbing it up and down Joey’s asscrack. Joey whimpered and his ass trembled.

“I’ll move into a dorm with you next year at college,” Nick said, in no hurry. “But on a few conditions.”

Joey whimpered until he realized Nick was waiting for his answer. In this prone position, the feel of the hot hard cock against his asscrack was making it difficult to think of anything. Finally he got out, “Yes?”

“Firstly, I get to fuck your ass. Now, then, anytime.”

“YES!!” Joey called out. “Yes, oh yes!!!”

“Also,” Nick pressed his cockhead into Joey’s slicked rosebud. The head popped in and both of them shuddered. “You’re gonna dress real pretty, pretty like your panties now, but more.”

“Oh, yes, fuck my ass!”

“When we’re alone, you’re gonna wear stockings and platform shoes.” Nick’s cock travelled another inch into the tight hot confines of Joey’s ass. “Lipstick and eye shadow.” He pushed in another inch.

“Give me all your cock! Fuck me, fuck me!”

“And you’re gonna wear perfume, right?” Nick pushed in, and then began pumping in and out, slowly, pushing a little deeper each time. “Tell me you will, or I won’t fuck your ass.”

“I will, I will, for you, Nick! I’ll wear perfume and whatever kinky shit you want! I’ll wear leather and lace and all sorts of kinky things you never would have guessed…oh!…just do me, fuck me! I’m your boy!”

They increased their pace, the slim, mostly naked Joey on his hands and knees, his cock hard again and swinging between his legs, and the large, muscular, mostly clothed Nick, holding Joey’s hips and pushing his cock deeper and deeper into his schoolmate’s ass, increasing the rhythm.

“And I want you to always wear nail polish on your toes, because sometimes I’ll want to lick and fuck your feet, and cum on them. Though your ass is good, ungh! Fuck, I love this, your ass feels so good around my cock, squeezing it!”

They fucked in silence, and then Nick pulled off, pulled away. Joey, feeling the emptiness now, his back hole open to the gently spring wind, convulsed and thought he would die.

Nick sat down against the tree again, and stroked his cock. “C’mon and sit down on my cock,” he said. “Facing away.”

Joey moved over and lowered his ass, sitting down on Nick’s cock, feeling the exquisite fullness again, feeling Nick’s chest against his back. “OH!” He jumped as Nick reached around and grabbed his cock.

“You just work your sweet ass on my cock,” Nick growled into his ear, “and I’ll jerk you off.”

So Joey began pumping himself on Nick’s cock, feeling more animal than human. Once Nick thought that Joey was about to cum, and so squeezed his fingers around the base of his cock until he settled down a bit.

Nick brought his other hand around Joey’s front, and pressed Joey against his chest. His fingers began to play with Joey’s nipple as he whispered in his ear: “So, you gonna wear these panties when we get back? In class, is my hot cum going to be leaking out your ass and into these panties?” Nick stroked Joey’s cock harder.

“Oh, oh, oh yes!” Joey replied, eyes clenched.

“Sounds good just one thing though…just one thing…you know what? Just one thing and I’ll jack you off and cum in your ass.”

“Uh…whaaat?” Joey forced out.

“I want you to get me a pair of panties tomorrow to, okay? I want a pair of panties to wear too, and we’ll be two cock-rubbin’, cock-suckin’, ass-fuckin’ panty-wearers, okay? Okay?”

Joey didn’t answer, he only gasped and groaned, but Nick knew he got his message across. He stroked Joey without mercy.

Joey yelped as he started cumming, and his jizz shot out onto the ground of the woods. Feeling Joey’s cock spasm in his hand was enough for Nick to orgasm as well, and he held Joey tight to him and his cock erupted deep in his friend’s hot ass.

The two said nothing, did nothing, for many minutes. Finally Nick began to stir, and pulled his softening cock out of Joey’s ass. He leaned forward and planted a light kiss on Joey’s shoulder, and then on his forehead.

“Come on,” he said, “We’re probably late already.”


Thank you for reading the story. Please vote for it, and please leave any comments that you have. I always love to hear what my readers have to say, and any feedback is a great reward for the task of writing.

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