A Night with My Asian Doll Pt. 03

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DIRTY, DIRTY GIRLS: Do It. You Know Want To…

I exit the top bedroom of the bungalow intending to get a photo of Amber and me regardless of the outcome. Another life experience for the history books.

That’s when Frankie showed up in my periphery. She’s smoking, having been given a break by my cousin who has already shot his load and returned to karaoke. Then an unexpected phrase escapes from her mouth. She says, in perfect English, “Does you still want to fuck?” So we had a cum-dumpster and a liar on our hands. When we asked earlier if any of the girls spoke English, they had all answered no – but clearly, someone had taught Frankie the lexicon she needed to push men’s buttons.

I replied, “No.” explaining to her that I had to go downstairs to attend to Amber. I’m not really sure if she understood but, she walked towards me, blew smoke into my mouth as she kissed it.” She shoved a hand down my pants and jerked my cock and said these magic words, “Make me be your fuck toy.” As if on cue my once flaccid Beer-Lao-disabled penis turned hard enough to cut diamonds. She turned around bent over at the waist and rubbed my cock, now out of my pants, slipping it in between the crack of her legs. “How much?” I asked, “for everything.” She quoted me a price too high for the services but, I relented since she got me hard again as her thighs wrapped around my throbbing cock. “I want to fuck your ass,” I say.

“No one’s saying you can’t. I think anal is definitely on the menu” Frankie teased, ” I need to be fucked, please fuck me, please…” My cock twitched at the thought of the things I was going to do to her.

She put out the cigarette with a twist of her fuck-me-pumps and returned my cock to my pants, and I followed her into the front bedroom. She sat on the bed and proceeded to get undressed but, I stopped her. If wasn’t paying fair market prices, I didn’t want to play by market rules. Besides we had just showered minutes ago no need to repeat.

She began to put on lipstick to replace what was lost on the cigarette. On her second application of the red topcoat, I interrupted her as she puckered. Still half dressed, missing my shorts, I placed my throbbing cock on her bottom lip, rubbing the still moist lipstick the length of my shaft as I slid my pulsing fuck stick into her mouth. All the pent up stress, frustration, and anxiety caused by my inability to perform for Amber was shooting out of me and filling Frankies’s mouth. Her lips wrapped around the tip and the shaft. I moved with her, fucking her pornographic mouth until she was glazed in my own cum.

After such a long time between regular sexual partners, I had been conditioned on porn, and all I needed to jump-start the libido was a girl as nasty, dirty and slutty as my imagination. I hadn’t had free sex like this since I fucked the red-headed milf I met in the early 2000s on CompuServe. (In between 2000 and 2012 more conservative partners filled the gap.)

My deprived cock was ready to make up for the lost time. There was no look of surprise on Ivanna’s face as I said, “Everything” while I fucked her wet mouth until the rest of the lipstick came off her lips. I felt pure ecstasy with each thrust of my cock across her tongue. I had blown a months worth of cum out of my system, and my cock was still hard. I wanted more, I needed more. I was thinking with my small head now, and it just wanted to fuck, it wanted to slide in between fake porno tits and slam up against the sluttiest asshole and fill the wettest cunt. I was going insane with the orgasmic release.

Her skin tight halter dress was now ruined, but I made her keep it on. Sporting a high collar, it was sleeveless and hugged her body like a second skin. A peek-a-boo cut-out on the front of the dress showcased ample pornstar-quality cleavage almanbahis that was now pooling with cum from the blowjob. A scoop back rounded out the display of pure sluttiness as it cut above her ass crack. The length of the micro-mini dress barely was far from modest.

Frankie scooped the cum from between her tits, and her hand disappeared underneath her thong panties. As she turned her back to me, she bent at the waist over the bed to give me a good look, pulling up on her panties to show me what she had just done.

The red thong split her pussy lips and gave me a view of something I will never forget. The strap disappeared between a pronounced camel toe, and my cum oozed out as she pulled up harder. Frankie looked over her shoulder and gave me the dirtiest look as she said, “Are you ready to fill this cunt?”

I’m not sure who taught her what to say or if she picked it up from gonzo porn movies but, her dirty talk was pushing all the right buttons at the right time. To my porn-loving ears, her fuck-laden missives came out like lyrics to the most perverted sex tape. “I want to be your fuck doll. Fill my ass with cock. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Make me your anal slut. Let me be your cum dumpster. Fuck my CUNT.”

Unlike my sensitive and respectful lovemaking session with Amber, I was all the rude things I had pent up in my brain. Frankie loved it too, or maybe she was faking it. I was on the verge of a second orgasm.

My lizard brain had taken over.

Determined not to cum too soon I ripped the ring from the first condom and wrapped it around the base of my shaft in an improvised cock ring. A second condom was applied before I moved behind Frankie over and grabbed her waist. I was pushing her head down and kicking her legs apart. She proceeded to reach back and remove the thong wedged between the lips of her cunt.

I pushed her hands away enjoying the view as her hooker panties formed a beautiful lace V with an open cut joined by a metal clasp in the form of a butterfly. As my engorged fuck stick, again rigid, slipped in between the crack of her ass, the purple head strained to release but, slowing down my thrusts as they passed under the metal charm kept me from shooting all of that precious sex spunk all over her back. I was going to take it slow, I was going to enjoy each thrust but, her treasure box refused to open for my cum filled key. “Baby, Please stop teasing me,” I blurted out.

I sank my thoroughly engrossed cock halfway in the tightest cunt I had ever had the pleasure to fuck. Putting the full weight of my body behind my hips, Frankie’s cunt swallowed the length of my shaft.

“Deeper, Deeper, fill me with that fuck-stick” moaned Frankie as I plunged my cock inside her. My hands moved up and cupped her tits, and I cried so loud it surprised even me. My partner had turned her face towards me, and her face was a grimace of pain and pleasure.

Oh crap, in my quest for the ultimate orgasm, I might have really hurt her. I kept asking if she was OK but, got no response. When I spooned her, still standing while her knees buckled, she whimpered, “You want to fuck my ass?”

I pushed her onto the bed on all fours. I slipped her body, built for fucking, out of the cum stained dress and rolled her over on her back. It wasn’t a smooth transition requiring an interruption in contact between our sex organs. She took the opportunity to reach for her purse as I buried my face between her legs, running my mouth over her lips, swapping saliva with her natural musk.

She moaned as I licked her clit over and over. Unlike Amber, who had a full natural bush, my living sex doll was shaved smooth. Unlike Amber, Frankie appeared to like oral sex as she moaned in appreciation and followed with a string of Lao language I couldn’t understand. I assumed almanbahis giriş all was well since the lust was the real international language.

When I looked up, Ivanna had produced a blue bottle of what looked like a travel-sized, Thai version of Astroglide. I grabbed for it and hastily popped the cap which opened like a water bottle with a pull-tip. My living sex toy, my adult fuck doll, my human cum dumpster lived up to the slutty aspirations I had bestowed upon her.

She moaned as the cold lube poured out of the bottle onto her skin. I used too much, emptying almost the entire bottle into and onto her now unnaturally wet assets. As I said before, Frankie had a body built for sin — hard, deep and wet. My theory is that she dressed this way because it drew here the most perverted, most insatiable partners – ones who couldn’t wait for her to undress before she got filled with cock.

I suspect she was open to multiple partners at the same time. I imagined her on her knees taking cock up her cunt, while a second lover slid his fuck stick down her throat and a third had the honor of filling her sweet ass. I can’t reiterate how much this girl oozed sex — dirty, dirty sex.

I pulled her legs apart and slid the thong off her. She was now completely naked except for an evil “I want to be fucked” smirk, a black choker, her red come-fuck-me pumps with heels so high it left no doubt the owner of said shoes was craving sex – or was showcasing an ass that needed to be fucked. I slid into her cunt covering my cock with lube, before entering her asshole. She winced as my “ready to explode” cock popped into the first half inch of her third opening, feeling the sphincter muscles grasp the head and slowly give just enough so that it disappeared into her ass.

“Everything,” I repeated as she opened her legs wider. I held my shaft in her ass unmoving as I used the now empty travel size Astroglide bottle as a dildo, teasing her cunt with deep, slow strokes. Every time she would arch her back my cock sank a half inch deeper into that forbidden hole. This was only the third time any woman had ever given up her ass hole to me. I was benefiting from the hours of John Stagliano l movies I had watched over the years.

When I was all the way in and my balls, shrunken and pulled up higher rested on her ass-cheeks, I held it there for over a minute trying not to move. It was excruciatingly pleasurable with a little bit of pain. Move too much, and I’d open a chain reaction, don’t move at all and I would lose the sensation that made this feel so, so good. Frankie’s legs were now over my shoulders with her ankles wrapped around my neck. I owned this slippery cock-filled ass and was on the precipice of cumming.

My cock slid between her slimy cum covered globes. I longed to see her dick-sucking-lips, highlighted by too much lip gloss, accept the head of my cock as I guided them through her cleavage and into her open mouth. I imagined the pop sound as the head of my cock was released out of her pressurized mouth. I always thought this would be followed by her pink tongue tracing the veins on the bottom of my cock as pools of precum dripped off the tip.

My mouth had yet to swallow those inviting nipples, and I had yet to run my tongue over the areolas while cupping her beautiful man-made sex globes. I hadn’t yet had a chance to just sit and ride the crest of controlled orgasm with her ass wrapped around my cock doggy-style as I pounded every inch of fuck meat into her silky fuck holes. Access to this type of unfettered sex would alone, be enough to convince me to stay in Laos. I have an addictive mind though. And if I waited, I knew I’d soon be a happy, oversexed pauper. None of us are lucky enough to have a partner that fully indulges all of our sick, perverted fantasies. This was almanbahis yeni giriş as close to sexual perfection as I could get.

Sensing the standoff, Frankie tipped the scales by looking me in the eyes and whispering the phrase that would light the fuse, “I Need to Be Fucked, Please Fuck Me, Please Fuck Me.” She then added, “I’m your fuck toy, your sex doll, your cunt ornament.” Cunt ornament? WTF was that? It sounded like I wanted her to walk around the house in only thigh-high hooker boots and a patent leather bustier with a bell on a waist chain — so I would know where she was at any time. Thus I could easily walk up behind her and part those silky wet lips guarding her fuckholes, slip in my cock and just pump her full of cum anytime I wanted. I was in such a fever I believed deep down if no stigma were attached to this setup, I’d be the first to sign up.

The pin had been pulled. I grabbed her waist, pulled my pulsing cock all the way out then sank it all the way back in her forbidden hole open “tonight only” just for me. I counted slowly trying to prolong the pleasure. Two stokes, three strokes, four, on five she knew she had broken my will power and clamped down with her ass, spread her legs wider and let me fill her with rope loads of cum. In reality, cum was being contained by the condom. The sensation of flesh against latex wrapped cock stuffed into the asshole of my wet-dreams — it was one of the most satisfying orgasms I’ve ever had in this short life. If only I could take her home and make her my personal fuck toy, I’d die a happy man. My flaccid cock slowly slipped out of her asshole as I removed the condom off my now tiny cock. I headed to the bathroom to dispose of the evidence.

As long as I was there, I started the shower. I tried to get Frankie to join me. Perhaps in the warm water, I’d get a second or third wind, and we could slip into another cum adventure in the bathroom. I imagined fucking her on all fours, on the tile, as the water covered our bodies. My little fuck slut was polite, but she was no dummy. “Everything” had an expiration date. I exited the bathroom and gave her what was owed before she disappeared into the shower — alone.

While she was in the bathroom, I slipped an extra thank-you to cover all the dirty talk, slutty attitude and wild abandon she brought to the experience. It was all I needed to get my mojo back. If I had been thinking straight, I would have sought out the cum-stained thong and stolen the butterfly charm as a souvenir.

I had imagined that we had been at it for hours, but in reality, we had been joined at the uglies for a mere twenty-five minutes. Rejoining my group downstairs I was told we only had five more songs we could sing before the resort would kick us out.

During that time Amber was attentive, nuzzling my neck as she wrapped her hands around my waist. She didn’t ask, or I didn’t understand her — no details of my lost time were discussed. She seemed happy. So who was I to rock the boat? At the end of the night, we’d go our separate ways with only a mobile phone photo as evidence of the night.

Given a chance I knew in time I could convert Amber into the slut I needed my fuck partners to become, we were already part of the way there with her stiletto fuck-me pumps.

Just the thought of turning Amber into a sexed out Frankie made me hard again.

I dreaded the morning when dreams of tonight’s activities would wake me with a stiff cock in need of Frankie’s services. I wouldn’t be so lucky and when I checked up on her whereabouts the front desk informed me they had no employees named “Frankie.” They also had no knowledge of late-night karaoke, bottle service, or the availability of companions in the private bungalows. “We’re a family establishment,” I was told repeatedly in English.

Looking through my phone confirmed for me that I wasn’t dreaming about last night’s experience. There, in a folder marked PRIVATE, was a single over-exposed photo of Frankie with her mouth wrapped around my throbbing NSFW memories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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