A Quick Frolicking

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Theresa stood in front of the shop’s window admiring herself in its reflection. She straightened her dress and adjusted her shades. The pink dress she had complemented her ebony skin tone perfectly and the fabric hugged her tightly, showing off all her curves. Judging her appearance as perfect, Theresa turned around and crossed the street to the sex toy shop. She opened the door and strode into the store confidently, as if she did this sort of thing regularly, when in fact she rarely did something so….spontaneous. She remembered her friend Molly mentioning this store and after all the teasing she and her other friends had forced her to endure, Theresa decided she’d go inside and browse a bit.

“It’s not like I’m actually going to buy anything.” Theresa thought to herself. ” I’ll just go in have a look around and then leave. Then none if those bitches can say I’ve never been in a sex shop.”

As she went deeper into the store, she notice the cashier who was on duty today and immediately knew why he was hired. Young, tall, well muscled and brown skinned. Theresa could tell he knew exactly how to get a woman to buy what he was selling. Right now he was busy trying to convince an older couple that anal beads were the way to go when trying to spice things up. He had the old gal sold but the husband was still skeptical. He looked at the wife and said something to her. He then left them alone, giving her time to complete the task of convincing her husband to complete the purchase.

“And now he’s approaching me.” Theresa said to her self nervously. ankara escort bayan

“Good afternoon.” He said warmly. “My name’s Kent.”

“Afternoon Kent.” Theresa replied.

“Is there anything I can help you with today?” Kent asked.

“Just looking around really.” Theresa supplied.

“Looking for anything in particular?” Kent inquired helpfully

“Umm I really don’t know. I’m shopping for a friend.” Theresa said, lying through her teeth.

“Well what does your friend like? Is she looking for an adventure or just some normal beginner stuff?” Kent asked in a joking tone.

“I think she might be just looking for something basic and simple.”

“Well then. I think I have just the thing. Right over here.” Kent said as he walked over to a section of the store that seemed to be featuring dildos. ” over here we have the phallus3000. It has a compartment for batteries if you want the speed and of course you can just use it manually if you prefer. It’s also made if a special material designed to feel like real flesh and it can last you for at least a year. A lot of beginners like to start out on this bad boy right here.”

“Yes. I think she’ll like this one.” Theresa said, still trying to process everything she had heard. “But I don’t know if I want to buy anything just yet.”

“Of course. No pressure take your time and let me know when you’ve decided.” Kent said just as the door to the shop opened and in walked two women in need of servicing. “Come and find me when you’re ready.”

Left alone escort bayan with this device, Theresa began to think on whether it not she wanted to buy it. Looking at the label she could see that the dildo was seven inches long, 2 inches wide. The one kent had shown her was black, probably a coincidence, but the shelves had several more colors available. Theresa picked up the phallus 3000 and held it in her hand. It really did feel quite life like. Looking at the toy, Theresa wondered if its effects were lifelike as well. Then inspiration hit. A moment of pure spontaneity hit her and she thought

“No point in buying a product and not testing it first right?” Theresa looked around and saw that Kent was dealing with the growing number of customers and that absolutely no one was paying her any attention. She quickly started walking towards the back rooms where all the items were held. There she found a nice abandoned looking corner and sat down. Theresa hiked her dress up a bit and started feeling on her bald cunt. She played with her pussy lips, summoning moisture from deep inside her. Wasting no time, took her new toy and shoved its room temperature head into her mound. She gasped at the sudden but welcome intrusion. She continued to stroke herself, working the cock deeper and deeper, her lovely liquids starting to cover it, seeping out and dripping down her thighs. Theresa could barely contain herself, she was barely able to contain her moans of pleasure, turning them instead into whimpers.

The dick in her hand was growing warm and she could feel the escort ankara heat spreading up her abdomen, attempting to completely envelope her. She sped up her motions the cock plunging in and out of her. Her pussy tightening around the phallus. There was a ball if heat building up deep inside her getting warmer and warmer. Tighter and tighter. Her eyes flew open when she heard voices nearby but her hand kept working furiously. Her excitement building. She increased the pace even more and finally she reached the point of no return and came hard.

The waves of magma rocked her body and it was too much for her. She laid on her back and rode the waves of heat, lost in the ocean of her pleasure. Sheets of liquid silk flowing out of her and completely coating the dildo in her hand.

As she eyed the fake penis, she decided she’d need to clean it up a bit. Slowly, she worked the dick into her mouth and sucked off all the evidence. After making sure she didn’t look like she just had a quickie in the back room, Theresa got up and found Kent.

“Hey Kent. After much thought, I think I’ll take it. For my friend I mean.” Theresa said with a smile. Kent grinned at her. “I’m sure she will enjoy it.” Let me wrap that up for you. It’s a birthday gift right?” “Yea she’s turning twenty four” Theresa replied. Kent took the phallus3000 from Theresa and went behind the store counter to get the wrapping paper.

Then as Kent moved aside a couple books, Theresa noticed a t.v. monitor that seemed to be hooked up to surveillance cameras. What really caught her eyes was the camera that covered the entire backroom. Theresa felt herself beginning to blush. She kept her head down as she paid and accepted her toy. Then she made a quick exit.

“Hope to see you again soon!” Kent called out as she exited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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