A Radical Antidepressant – Pt. 02

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Chapter 5 – Attitude Adjustments

After the punishment, Mary helped Jane off of the frame. She told her to leave the panties off, but Jane had no desire to put her panties back on over her flaming backside. With the magnets in place, the skirt stayed up, exposing her punished bottom. She looked at her backside in the mirror. It looked bright red, and she saw welts and lines all across it. No wonder it hurts so damn much, thought Jane. Then, realizing there were people behind the mirror, she sheepishly covered her bottom with her hands.

Mary led Jane back to her room. “Miss Warren, you now have some free time. You can go to bed if you would like, or head to the kitchen for some food. Dinner is likely over by now, but there should be food in the refrigerator. However, you must keep your skirt as-is for the rest of the evening. I’m at the end of my shift, but others are around to assist you.” With that, Mary left.

Jane felt famished, but also felt mortified about walking the halls any longer with her scarlet bottom for all to see. She decided since Mary had left, others might not know she was told to keep the skirt pinned up. She gave her bottom a good rubbing, then put the skirt back down and headed to the kitchen.

She didn’t see anyone on the way there, which she was grateful for. She entered the kitchen. The kitchen had a large island, with a double sink in the middle. Behind the island, against the far wall, was an impressive array of appliances and counter-space. The rest of the large room was taken up with tables and chairs. They were set up cafeteria style.

She didn’t see any food laid out, guessing that dinner-time had indeed since passed. Following Mary’s advice, she decided to check the fridge. Inside she found several leftover containers filled with a few different kinds of food. She chose one from a stack that looked like some sort of stir fry, and heated it up in the microwave. She found silverware and a glass for water in a serving cart along one wall. She sat down gingerly at one of the several large tables, the hard wooden bench a challenge to sit on with her freshly punished bottom. She proceeded to eat her dinner.

About halfway done with her meal, a couple of women came in to the kitchen. Noticing her, they headed over by her table. “Hello, I’m Sara, and this is Becky.” said one of the girls. “We’re patients here too. And you are?”

Jane looked across at them. They were wearing the same uniform as she was. Sara was tall, skinny, and blonde, her short skirt revealing legs for days. Becky was shorter and stouter, with brown hair. They both looked to be in their late twenties. “Jane,” answered Jane warily. She didn’t know what to expect from anything in this place, and wasn’t about to trust these two right away.

“Nice to meet you,” said Becky congenially. “Your first night here?”

“Yes…” answered Jane carefully.

“I remember my first night,” Sarah offered. “It was… a painful adjustment.” She and Becky shared a look. “It gets easier.”

Jane shifted in her seat from the pain. “I… hope so,” said Jane, sadly. Jane finished her food, placing her dirty dish and silverware in one of the sinks.

“You’d better wash that,” Becky told her, “And if I were you, I’d pull your skirt up before someone notices…”

Jane suddenly felt annoyed that they would try to tell her what to do, “Fuck off. I’ll do what I want. What’s it to you anyway?”

Sara defended her friend, “She’s just trying to help! You don’t have to be so mean to her. Just leave her be, Becky. She’ll learn on her own if she won’t listen.” They walked over to the cabinets and grabbed a snack, leaving the kitchen together.

Jane walked back to her room, deciding to just go to bed. She found a toothbrush and other toiletries in a bag in one of the dresser drawers. She headed to the bathroom down the hall, and got ready for bed. On her way back to her room, she came across another woman walking down the hall in her direction. She looked to be a staff member, based on her dress. “Excuse me, Miss Warren is it?”

Jane nodded.

“I’m Marta. You were just punished earlier this evening, were you not?” the stout early-forties woman asked.

Jane’s face turned red at the mention of what had happened to her. “Yes.”

“And were you not informed that after punishments, bottoms must be left on display, skirts up?” She gestured towards Jane’s skirt.

“Uh… no, I didn’t know that,” lied Jane.

“I see. Well, you know it now. So, skirt up.” Marta instructed her.

Jane angrily relented and lifted her skirt back up. “Fucking bitch,” she said under her breath.

“What was that, Miss Warren?” Marta asked her sternly.

“Nothing… Ma’am.” Jane answered with a suppressed sneer. She walked past Marta towards her room. She breathed a sigh of relief when she got to her room and closed the door. She noticed there was no inside lock. She found a pair of pajamas in the dresser, but decided the pants would be too painful. She decided to sleep bottomless on her stomach to bursa escort attempt to comfort her hurt posterior.

Jane found herself suddenly awakened by someone in her room and the lights turning on. At first she didn’t remember where she was, and was about to scream. Then she felt the pain in her backside and it all came back to her. She looked over at the clock, it was only about 4 in the morning.

“Miss Warren, get out of bed,” said the figure standing in her room. This was yet another staff member, maybe mid-thirties with curly brown hair and a slight figure. “I am Jackie.”

Jane slowly got up and out of bed, careful to avoid putting much weight on her bottom, and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. “What do you want?” she asked sleepily, a tinge of annoyance in her voice.

“There are some things that we need to discuss. You will come with me.” Jackie instructed, curtly.

“Ok, ok,” answered Jane, “Just a second,” as she fumbled around for her skirt.

“Leave that,” answered Jackie, “You’ll be coming with just as you are.”

Jane couldn’t believe she was supposed to walk out there naked from the waist down. She grabbed her skirt anyway, and started to put it on. Jackie quickly grabbed the skirt away from her, and tore it in two. “If you try that again, you’ll be entirely out of skirts and have to walk around like this indefinitely.” She said firmly. “Now, follow.”

Jane reluctantly followed her out of her room, doing her best to cover her front and back. She was afraid of anyone seeing her, and was glad that it was such an early hour. She followed Jackie to the stairwell, and they went down to the next floor. When they approached the double doors, Jane stopped. “No… no you’re not taking me in there are you? You can’t punish me again! My ass is already so sore!”

“I’m not explaining myself or my plans to you,” answered Jackie, “You will come with me now or I promise you that you will regret it.”

“But… but I just can’t get spanked again. I can’t.” Jane felt trepidation at another session of what she’d had only hours before. She fell down on her knees.

Jackie went through the double doors for a moment, and then came back. Shortly after, two other women whom Jane did not recognize came out. They picked Jane up and carried her past the desk, and into one of the rooms on the other side. Jane wasn’t even sure which one, she was so frantic at what was happening to her.

This room (maybe the same room?) looked much the same as the last one. The two women set her down and took up positions by the door. Jackie walked in and sat in the chair, as Mary had.

“I think it’s time some things were explained to you,” said Jackie. “In this facility we believe in discipline. We prefer self-discipline, but when that fails we provide the discipline. You experienced a taste of this last night. However, the way it was conducted last night is not how this usually goes, or will go during the rest of your stay.”

Jane let out a sigh of relief, Whew, I guess they’re not going to spank me again. Maybe I’m just in for a lecture, thought Jane.

Jackie continued, “Though you may not currently believe in yourself, we believe in you.”

Oh good, here comes the lecture.

“As such, we hold you to a high standard. You are expected to conduct yourself here with respect and courtesy. Part of that self-respect is accepting when you have done wrong and need to be… treated. If you disobey the rules, you are expected to report your infraction to a staff member as soon as possible. Admission of guilt will often lead to lesser consequences. Deceit, either withholding of information or especially outright lying, will lead to greater consequences. Also, repeated infractions will be treated more severely. You have already chosen not to tell a staff member about rules you have broken. You will be given another chance, here and now to do so. First, you will get across my lap.”

Jane teared up, realizing she was wrong about not being spanked. She wasn’t sure she could take it, but glancing at the women guarding the door she knew she’d better comply. She half crawled over and got across Jackie’s lap.

“I would like you to tell me anything you’ve done wrong since last night’s treatment. Err on the side of telling me too much… if there’s something you’re not sure about just tell me, and if it’s not a problem I’ll let you know and it won’t factor into your treatment. Now, do you have anything you’d like to tell me?” Jackie asked.

Not wanting to have to decide what to divulge, Jane decided to try changing the subject and at the least, delaying the proceedings. “Why do you keep calling it, ‘treatment’,” asked Jane mockingly, “when you clearly mean punishment?”

“If you’d rather I call it that, I can,” answered Jackie, “Yes, part of your treatment plan involves punishments for infractions. But your treatment goes beyond the simple punishment. You’ll understand that when you’ve been with us longer. Now, enough stalling, you’ll tell me what you’ve done wrong or bursa escort bayan we’ll consider this punishment,” Jackie continued, putting emphasis on the last word, “to be for your lack of cooperation.”

Shit, I better answer her. Jane thought for a moment, what do they know about? I don’t want to admit to anything they don’t already know. I guess they probably just know about the stupid skirt thing, since a staff member saw that.

“Um, I wore my skirt down last night, after being told not to.”

“Ok,” said Jackie, “Anything else?”

“Uh… no, I think that’s it.” Jane lied.

“I think you need to think harder,” said Jackie, with a sharp spank.


“Ouch!” exclaimed Jane, “Ok ok… I lied to a staff member about this last night. She asked if I knew the rule and I said I didn’t.”

“Very well. Anything else?” Jackie asked.

What else could they know about!? wondered Jane. She decided to take her chances. “No, that’s it. Ma’am.”

“I see,” said Jackie. “Well, we’ll get to that in a bit. The other things you should know are that patients are expected to be on their best behavior for treatments. This means fully complying with all instructions, without hesitation or complaining. It also means not excessively moving, shouting, or fighting during spankings. Failure to follow these guidelines will change the treatment given. That treatment will cease to be for the original infractions, and will instead be for the failure to accept treatment correctly.”

What the hell does that mean? wondered Jane.

“The original punishment will be postponed, usually to the following day. That punishment will have an amount added onto it. The amount will depend on the intended punishment, the original infractions, and the behavior during the current punishment. If the behavior is bad enough, multiple sessions may be added on. So I hope you understand that this means failing to comply with a punishment correctly will mean that you will have a current, severe punishment AND a worse than originally intended punishment the next day. And as you’re about to find out, having a punishment two days in a row is much worse. If needed, this postponement and extra punishment will continue indefinitely until the patient has learned to behave appropriately. It’s very rare, but we’ve had patients take up to a week until they finally received the originally intended (though of course increased) punishment, after a week of extra spankings.”

Jane took this all in, with increased horror.

“So, now that you know these things, I’m going to give you a rare second chance. We will be starting over. Please walk back out to the hallway. You will come in, and get over my lap without protest.”

Jane figured she’d better do as the woman said. She came back in, and climbed back on the woman’s lap. “Good,” stated Jackie. “Now, you will tell me what you’ve done wrong. And to point out the obvious, failure to admit infractions, in addition to lying, will be considered a lack of compliance with this punishment.”

Jane gulped. She decided to take her chances again, and repeated the same things to Jackie.

“Anything else you’d like to tell me about, Miss Warren?” Jackie asked again.

“No… Ma’am. That’s it,” responded Jane nervously.

“Very well,” answered Jackie.

Jane suddenly felt Jackie’s hand applied to her bottom, swiftly.


Each strike wasn’t overly hard, but they felt like murder on her already sore bottom. She quickly felt them accumulating, building up heat. “Ouch!” exclaimed Jane, “That really hurts!”

“It’s supposed to, Miss Warren,” Jackie said, without compassion. “Don’t worry, you’re going to be very used to that.” She continued to spank her with her hand for the next ten minutes or so. By the time she’d finished Jane was sobbing and had her arm pinned on her back to keep it out of the way. “Ok, Miss Warren. You will go to the cabinet in the corner and retrieve the hairbrush.”

“No… please, Jackie… I can’t take any more,” sobbed Jane.

“Are you refusing to comply? Very well…”

“No! I’ll get it…” Jane rushed to the cabinet and found the hairbrush on a shelf. She quickly brought it over and got back over her lap.

“You hesitated, but I’ll let it slide this time.” Jackie told her, “However, since you’ve already lied about what you’ve done wrong this punishment will be followed by the ‘real’ punishment tomorrow. At least, if you behave appropriately and admit all of your guilt tomorrow. I think a good… three… minutes with the hairbrush will help you understand how important honesty is.”

“No!” Jane felt petrified. What else do they know about!? I didn’t do that much… All the rules here are bullshit.

Jackie proceeded to spank her with the hairbrush. Despite her small frame, Jackie was more than capable of spanking hard and she also wielded the hairbrush much more quickly than Mary had. It felt like the spanks were somehow constant. After a couple of minutes, Jane was quickly screaming escort bursa and flailing.

Jackie paused. “You will stop your flailing and keep your screaming to a reasonable level. Or you will wish you had,” Jackie promised.

Jane tried to stop as Jackie continued the spanking, but after another minute she was out of control again.

“Very well.” Jackie motioned to the two women still standing by the door. They picked Jane up and strapped her to the all-to-familiar frame.

“No! Please! I’m sorry!” pleaded Jane.

“Yes, I’m sure you will be,” responded Jackie. “Due to your lack of compliance with the hairbrushing, I’m afraid that punishment doesn’t count. We will be starting it over. And since we’re having to restrain you, it will be doubled.”

Six minutes!? thought Jane, that’s an eternity with that horrid hairbrush! As terrible as the belt and cane had been the night before, the nearly constant strikes of the hairbrush currently seemed worse. Jackie seemed particularly “good” at using it.

“Let’s begin… again,” said Jackie, raising the hairbrush up high.

Chapter Six – What You See is What You Get

Jane walked out of the room twenty minutes later, feeling like butt was her entire body. It throbbed so badly she found it hard to walk. She again, though, felt some kind of warmth that had nothing to do with the heat emanating from her bottom. It was perplexing. Obnoxious, even. I shouldn’t feel anything but anger about what they did to me!? Why do I feel some kind of… peace?

The cool air felt good on her hot skin, the skirt being pinned up not seeming like such a bad thing. As promised, Jackie had given her another full ten minutes with the hairbrush, and then gave her twenty spanks with a clear, plastic paddle. The paddle had holes in it, and despite its innocuous appearance hurt far more than the hairbrush. It was supposed to be twelve marks, but after eight Jane had cursed at her and Jackie decided the existing strikes hadn’t counted. She clutched a bottle of lotion that Jackie had given her, hoping it would help soothe her bottom. She didn’t know how she could possibly take another punishment the next day. I’d better keep my head down… I don’t want to give them any excuses to do any more.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Jane spent most of the time in her room, laying on her stomach to avoid putting any pressure on her sore bottom. She rubbed lotion on it several times, giving a sigh of relief each time. The lotion really did help. She managed to avoid people for most of the day, and so gave no cause for further punishment.

She didn’t sleep very well that night, fearing the punishment to come. She looked back at her bottom in the mirror. It was hardly recognizable to her. Parts were bright red, others had tender welts setting in.

The next morning Jane awoke groggily. She slowly made her way to the kitchen, and grabbed a couple of energy bars off the counter to eat for breakfast. The only person she saw in the kitchen was Sara, who said nothing but seemed to give her a bit of a smug look. She decided to take the bars back to her room before she said or did something she’d regret.

After eating, she gathered up the toiletries she found, along with a fresh uniform (including her sole remaining skirt), and headed down to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. The shower felt good on her bottom. She decided to forgo the panties again. She came back to her room to find a note under her door. “Treatment – 9:00am. Don’t be late.” Looking at the clock, she realized it was already 8:55. Shit! She sprinted down the hall and down the stairs, barely barreling through the double doors by 9:00. She rushed up to the desk, breathless.

The staff member she’d encountered on her naked walk to her room sat behind the desk. Jane thought her name was Emily. “Ah, Miss Warren. Cutting things rather close, aren’t we? You can head in, first door on the right.”

Jane walked in to the hallway, still catching her breath. She realized she’d been so flustered to be on time she hadn’t even thought to be afraid of the punishment or to consider trying to get out of it. She started to wonder if she could somehow escape this place altogether. She knew that wasn’t an option at the moment. She opened the first door on the right, and walked in. To her surprise, this room was nothing like the others. After a moment, she realized she was on the opposite side of one of the mirrors. She looked into a room that looked exactly like the ones she had been punished in. The room Jane was in just had a few chairs and a computer in it. Emily came in behind her. “Go ahead and be seated, Miss Warren.”

The chairs were like most she’d seen in this facility, a hard, cushion-less wood. She decided the discomfort of those chairs was probably intentional. She sat gingerly in the middle chair, in front of the mirror.

“We’ve decided that with all of the problems you’ve been having, it might do you some good to observe how a treatment is supposed to proceed. You’ll be watching the treatment of another patient, Miss Adams. Hopefully after seeing this, you will know exactly how to behave for your next treatment. It may also make you appreciate that the… punishments… you’ve received thus far have been rather… merciful.”

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