A short introduction to Lilith and her Family.

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: This story contains incest, bestiality, rape and a lot other nasty sexual activities and is a complete work of fiction. In real life I am strongly opposed to any form of non-consensual and illegal sexual activity!
Despite the theme I am trying to make my stories more appealing to women, and include some reasonable background rather than a never-ending series of sex scenes. If you like reading a story about a perverted tabooless woman and her Family develop, you will surely like this.
The whole world of Lilith and her Family is written in third-person limited. Each story, whether it will be big or small, will be written as seen from one person of the Lilith Family or the occasional guest appreance.
Please keep in mind that as much as I would like to write all the time, normal life still has to be lived so I don’t have a lot of time to write unfortunately.
So don’t be shy, post a comment or send me a PM and let me know what you think of Lilith and her Family. Comments are more then welcome and can help me develop the characters and story. I am not a native English speaker/writer, so if someone feels like helping me out correcting my English please do!

A short introduction to Lilith and her Family.

This introduction will give a general idea of how Lilith’s Family is made up. I hope this setting will be a basis for a lot of stories.

How Lilith turned out to be the way she is know will be revealed later. First I will give a brief description of the current state of affairs and a summary of all the main characters in the Family.

Lilith – She is a dominant, sadistic, perverse, kinky and tabooless woman of almost 50. She always craves for anything sexual. She is very experienced in all activities from a very young age. She was absued from her 5th onwards by her father, family and later foster parents and nuns she was send to. After this she learned how to use her body and the lust of others to her advantage. First as a prostitute and pornstar, later as a higher class escort where she started to develop her more extreme side. She has never been afraid to exploit her own body and from her 30’s she really started earning big time by catering the darkerst needs of righ, powerfull and high class men. From her 40’s she had aquired a large and beautiful estate near LA, secluded and far from “normal” life. She has made the estate her domain where she rules. She has named the estate “Hel”.
This life is not a hobby for her, its the same as breathing and eating, she doesn’t know “normal” life…. and she loves it.
She is approaching her 50’s, and the tough life she had so far has left her marks on her. But she isn’t afraid to have her body modified and occasionally lets her personal Ankara bayan escort doctor take good care of her and her body. Despite being a natural blond, she still bleaches her hair to make her look even blonder. Also quite remarkable are her huge breast, sized 36O, which she kep enlarging during the years. Besides that, she loves to wear latex and leather when in “Hel”, outside she dressies business/black. Her body is pierced in very many places, ears, tongue, breastst, clit and her pussylips. She also has a lot of tattoos, but all those have specials meaning which I will explain later.
“Hel” is the estate that she has aqcuired from blackmailing a very rich and well-know politician. This guy had a tasted for very young boys, something that Lilith could very well take care of and arrange. She had secretly filmed the politician when having sex with that young boy and she had enough evidence to put him behind bars for the rest of his life and destroy his family. When he was running from gouvernour of the state she tought the time was right to ask him for what she wanted . Offcourse the politician gave her everything and this was the beginning of her reign in “Hel”. Lilith and the politician are still good friends, since she can give him what he wants and she can use the connection with a high-ranking politician. Now only for the protection it can offer, but also for finding new customers with delicate needs…
I will describe the estate briefly. Outside the terrain was lined with a huge fence, with security cameras which would cover the entire grounds. She fence was electrified, so noone would even dare to touch it let alone climb it. A thick hedgerow was grown behind the fence to cover up any sight of the terrain. There was one gate, wich was always guarded. There were 3 guys, specially picked by Lilith, guarding the estate on a permanent basis. They didn’t know all what was going on in “Hel”, but enough to keep their mouths shut. They get paid quite well and were often asked to service Lilith… And they liked it.

The basement was large, larger then would be expected of a mansion. Down the stairs you would see 3 doors. Through the left you would enter a huge room, called the Pain Room by Lilith. In the middle of that room there was a huge bed with latex surface. The floor was tiled and equipped with drainage systems underneath the whole room. On the sides there were many different BDSM items, like Andreas’ Crosses, hooks, chairs with holes, etc. On every wall there were numerous cabinets and storage holes on all walls were filled with toys of all kinds; dildo’s, whips, masks, oil, everything you could imagine. Also on every wall hung a huge LCD screen and big mirrors so that everythin could be seen from all angles. Escort bayan Ankara Also present was a high tech camera, and recording equipment and in the middle of the room a huge pulldown screen with a beamer.

Next to the Pain room that Lilith called the Main Room is a great room with a big hole in the floor, with a diamatre of 30 feet. This is called the Pitt and is 10 feet deep. In the pit are iron doors with cells behind them with chains.
The Pitt can be accessed via the Main Room or the hallway, then you have to take the middle door.

Next to the pit, the right door in the hallway, is the shelter. There Seth, a son of Lilith, has a room and adjescent to that room were 10 smaller cells. In there Seth kept the kennel dogs of Lilith, 10 very large and aggressive but well trained male dogs. There were more dogs on the estate, the guard dogs but those were held sererate from these. Seth was 30 years old, black, and really well trainend, standing 6.5 feet tall and being very muscular. He had a massive, 12 inch dick who he could use really well. He was Lilith’s oldest sons, but not the brightest and also not very tactfull, sadistic and almost never says a word. Lilith learned he was very good with handling animals and so she made him her Beastmaster. He was in charge of training, feeding and caring for the animals. Besides the 10 alpha dogs, he would also take care of 3 beautiful and huge stallions, 2 mares, 2 jacks (male donkeys), 2 bulls, 2 cows and several other animals, including pigs, chickens, snakes, eels, and everything else you could think of. All the male animals were trained in having sex with humans and would never have sex with their own kind. This way they would stay experienced and longing for mating with humans. They were all located in the stables which could be accessed from the cellars.

The 3rd major room in the basement was the operating room. On a weekly basis a doctor/surgeon, Dr. Max, would come over and operate when necessary. Breast enlargements, body modifications, anal bleaching, piercings and tattoos, but also abortion or damages like scars or worse could be attended to without going to an outside docter and possibly alarming others and so endangering the Family.
Dr. Max was 60 years old and fired from his previous hospital because he was caught playing with children who were under narcose. Lilith always had a use for people like Dr. Max, so she quickly got in touch with him and made sure he would come over at least once a week to check over her harem. Offcourse she paid him a living wage, after work he could have a couple of hours in private with one or a few of his taste, young girls.

The ground floor was what you could expect of a mansion. Large, spacy rooms full Bayan escort Ankara of luxorious furniture. There were always 2 butlers present, who would run the household together with the Chef. Also on the ground floor were the rooms of all the personel. (Guards, butlers, chef, gardener)
The first floor was the floor with all the rooms for the Family. Every room was large and spacious, with its own bathroom, giant TV screen, internet, lounge chair and walk-in closet. Lilith of course had the biggest one, and her walk-in closet was as large as 30 by 10 feet and full of latex, leather, stripper clothing, heels, etc.

Nex to her room and also reachable via a door in her room were the 2 rooms of her stud-twin sons, Odin and Zeus. These were her favorite boys, both equally tall (6.3 feet), muscular, clever and with blond long hair and blue eyes. Lilith gave birth to them 28 years ago and has trained them in her ways since they were born. They would run the estate when Lilith wasn’t around. She trusted them fully, the only 2 persons she trusted.

The last room that connected directly to Lilith’s room was the room of Nyx. Nyx was a daughter of Lilith, but a littler younger then Odin and Zeus, 25. Nyx was a born sadist and sometimes even Lilith was afraid of her. Nyx was the girl Lilith used for het more dirty work, Nyx had no taboos and enjoyed inflicting pain, raping, and breaking in new boys and girls. Nys was the Head Mistress of the Family and would only listen to Lilith. She was tall, with raven-black hair, black eyes and a very white skin. She always wore leather, leather high heels and her huge fake breasts were alsways supported by a leather corset. Her nails were also black and very sharp and pointy and since she liked to inflict pain on her victims she also viled some of her teeth to make her look more like a vampire.
The others persons who lived upstairs were the rest of her harem; 13 girls aged from 4 to 14. 3 of them were breeding girls, named Destiny, Devine and Promise. These girls were regulary bred by Odin and Zeus to produce more usefull offspring for the Family. The other 10 girls, Angel, Bambi, Bunny, Candy, Cherry, Crystal, Diamond, Misty, Savannah and Sparkle, were used for making pornfilms, prostituting to customers, and having tabooless unlimited sex in Hel. She were all equally adept in all sexual activiteis know to mankind, but each had their own specialties and preferences. All the 13 girls wore high heels, even if they could barely walk and also small bikini’s of latex and leathers outfits, depending on what activities they were used for. In the morning, they would all do physical exercises and their meals were really balanced, so that the girls would stay thin all the time. The 3 breeding girls were having absurdly huge breasts for their age, Lilith regarded large breasts as the mark of a good breeding girl plus she liked to look of it. More details of the girls in the stories!

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