A Valentine Surprise

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Carlee was sitting in the diner in a corner booth on Valentine’s Day, just enjoying a cheeseburger and some french fries, and a diet cola. She was kind of depressed because she had broken up with her boyfriend that morning. She had caught him in bed with another woman the previous night and had called off the relationship. So here she was, eating in a busy diner downtown, trying to figure out what made her boyfriend cheat on her. She picked up her soda and took a drink and just happened to glance toward the door to see something that would have knocked her socks off if she wasn’t wearing shoes.

There came through the door the most gorgeous man Carlee had ever seen. He was young (she guessed about 24 or so), tall, probably about 6’4″, lean and muscular, with dirty blonde hair, and a blonde goatee. He was wearing tight black jeans which showed off his ass and package perfectly, a Ski-doo snowmobile jacket, and work boots that looked as if they’d seen better days. He had at just that moment been looking around the place as if he’d never been here before. His eyes lit upon Carlee and he smiled. She noticed his eyes were dreamy and a beautiful ice blue color. She glanced down at her burger, then back up.

“Oh my God! He’s coming this way!” Carlee said to herself. She absently ran her fingers through her bleach blonde hair as he came closer, his strides eating up the floor between them. Seconds later, she looked up to see him standing by her table.

“Hello there. I’m John Mitchell. Is this seat taken?” he asked as he pointed to the bench across from her. She was too surprised by his deep voice to answer so she just shook her head no. “May I sit down? There doesn’t seem to be any other seats available, and I’m starving!” he replied, and she nodded that he could sit, which he did. “What’s your name, beautiful?” he asked her with a smile that was so sexy that Carlee felt her heart melting in her chest.

“C-C-Carlee St Cloud. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Mitchell.” she said in a low voice as a blush spread across her face. He smiled again and held out his hand. She took it and they shook hands as a waitress approached. When his hand touched hers, a jolt of awareness shot through her, right to her pussy. She felt the moisture gathering there, and she didn’t even know this man. The waitress took John’s order, a steak, baked potato, corn, and a beer from the tap, and she left them. John still hadn’t released her hand. He was idly stroking the back of her hand with his thumb and she felt perfectly comfortable with it too, which surprised her.

“So Carlee St. Cloud, do you live around here?” John asked her.

“Yes, I do. Just down the street actually. How about you, Mr. Mitchell?” she replied.

“Please, call me John. All my friends do, and I’d like it if you would too. And in answer to your question, no. I’m not from around here although I’m looking into moving here. I’m from Denver and have had a sort of “falling out” with my family over an ex-girlfriend who claimed I was the father of her baby, which, of course, I’m not, so I decided to move here to New York and get away from all that.” he said. She knew just what he was going through, an almost similar situation to what she was in.

“I know what you mean, John. I just broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years because I caught him in bed with my best friend Rachel yesterday morning. Needless to say, he’s out of my life, and Rachel isn’t my best friend anymore.” she said, feeling very comfortable telling him about her problems. Then she said, “I don’t know why, but I feel as if I’ve met you before somehow. Usually I’m very nervous around new people, but I feel very comfortable with you, John. Wow, talk about dejavue! Hahaha!”

“That’s too bad about your losing your best friend, Carlee. You wouldn’t happen to be looking for a new best friend, would ya?” he asked with a wink. She smiled and he said, “Wow! You have a beautiful smile! Your boyfriend was nuts to cheat on you. You are a very beautiful woman. How old are you, Carlee?” She blushed and looked down at her plate.

She was going to thank him for the comment, but at that moment, the waitress arrived with his meal, so they both ate and chatted about the town and its sights worth seeing, and whether there were any decent houses or apartments available for rent in the area. The waitress brought them coffee and refilled Carlee’s soda, and John ordered two slices of hot apple pie for them.

Half an hour later, Carlee and John were finished eating, their empty plates on the table in front of them. John asked her, “How about showing a new-comer around the town? Then maybe we could catch a movie at the theater if there’s one in this town.”

She smiled and said, “We have a theater, but it only runs one movie at a time, and this week I think the film is some love story. I’m not sure of the title bursa escort though. But yes John, I’d love to show you around town and see a movie with you. I would like to go home to change my clothes though. I worked this morning and came right to the diner after work, so I’d like to grab a shower and clean up first. I work at the local animal shelter here in town, and it’s a pretty smelly job sometimes.”

“That’s fine. How about we meet back here in, say…an hour or so?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“You have yourself a tour guide then, John. I’ll meet you back here in an hour, then we can take that tour and see that movie. See you soon! Oh, and by the way, I’m 39, John.” she said as she got into her black Chevy truck.

He waved to her as she drove away, down the street toward her house, about eight blocks away. He got into his car and went to his hotel room to shower and change as well. He didn’t want to go around town looking like a hillbilly in his old work boots and jeans. He showered and changed into a pair of black boxers, his stonewashed denim jeans, a blue t-shirt and his gray sweatshirt. He pulled on his socks and his black snakeskin cowboy boots.

Then he ran his comb through his hair before shaving. He debated whether to shave off the goatee, but decided to keep it. He brushed his teeth and splashed on some Old Spice aftershave, then grabbed his wallet from the dresser. He made sure he had a couple of condoms in it, just in case things went the way he hoped. John left the hotel and went to the florist shop next door and purchased half a dozen red carnations with some babies breath and ferns, then left in his Mustang.

Meanwhile, Carlee was just pulling into her driveway and parking her truck in front of the house. She got out and went inside, fed her cat in the kitchen then ran upstairs to her bedroom. She went through her closet and chose her knee-length denim skirt, a tight red shirt with white stripes, and her red boots with the three inch heels. She put the clothes on the bed and went to the dresser to get clean underwear, bra and stockings.

She put those on the bed too, then went into the bathroom and took her shower, washing her waist-length blonde hair, then scrubbing her slim body, starting at her shoulders and arms, then down over her 40C breasts and her slightly rounded belly. She washed the tiny triangle of dark blonde curls between her legs, which she kept neatly trimmed. She felt a jolt of energy flow through her as she brushed her fingertips over her pussy lips, one of which went into her wetness and flicked her clit a few times, giving herself a quick but strong orgasm. She finished washing, rinsed off the soap, and stepped out of the shower to dry off.

She applied her make-up, brushed and styled her hair, and splashed on a little bit of her favorite perfume. She padded barefoot and naked back down the hall to her bedroom and got dressed. She slid on her white lace bra and matching thong panties, her white garter belt, and the matching white stockings. She pulled on her shirt and skirt, then slid her feet into her red high heeled boots.

She went back downstairs and grabbed her coat and purse, making sure she had condoms (She didn’t know that John was bringing some as well.), and went outside to her truck, locking up behind her. She got in the truck and left her driveway, driving down the street for he eight blocks to get to the diner again, where John would be waiting for her.

Forty-five minutes later, he pulled his red Ford Mustang into the parking lot at the diner. He waited in the car until he saw Carlee’s truck coming down the street. Once he saw her truck, he got out of his car, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He stood leaning against his car as she pulled her truck into the spot beside his. She smiled when she saw the flowers in his hand as she emerged from the truck. He gave her the flowers and she thanked him with a kiss on his cheek. They went into the diner and each ordered a cup of coffee to drink before going on the tour of the town. They sat at the same booth they used earlier, and sipped their coffee, and talked about what they were going to see.

Carlee suggested going to see the park and the beautiful waterfalls there, the different stores and gift shops, the historical society, library, and a few other locations, including the animal shelter where she worked, before going to dinner at one of the local restaurants and then to the theater for the movie. Twenty minutes later, their coffee cups empty, John paid for their coffees then they left the diner. They got in her truck and she drove them to the park at the north end of town. Even though it was winter, there were still a lot of people walking in the park, some walking dogs, others holding hands with their spouses or lovers. They got out of the truck and John took her hand in his. bursa escort bayan They walked along the path, behind some other people, and talked about the park and the town, and themselves. A few minutes later, they arrived at a curve in the path, and along the side, to the right, was a cliff overlooking a beautiful waterfall, which was solid ice. They stood looking at the waterfalls for a few minutes, but John wasn’t looking at them, he was looking at Carlee.

She was the most beautiful older woman he’d seen in a long time, and he wanted her, not as just a friend, but a lover. He couldn’t wait to get her to his hotel room, or even to her bedroom, and slowly undress her, kissing every inch of her flesh as it was revealed to him, then laying her down and worshiping her body. John felt the blood rushing to his groin, and his breathing grew more rapid as he struggled to get himself under control.

Carlee looked at him and she smiled because she knew what he was thinking. She glanced down at his belt area and saw the bulge of his desire. Her own pussy was feeling moist too, and she knew right then that she wanted to fuck John, and more than once, more than just one day.

John started as Carlee reached over and took his hand, pulling him along with her, back to the truck. When they got in, she asked him, “Which hotel are you staying at, John?”

“The Big Mountain Inn, Carlee. Why?” he asked.

“Oh, ok. That’s too far of a drive, we’ll go to my place instead. Why? Because I can tell by the look on your face and the bulge in your pants that you want to fuck me. I want that too. After all, I don’t have anyone else to spend Valentine’s Day night with. I thought we could spend it together, unless you have plans with someone else.” she replied.

“Ummm…no, I don’t have other plans, Carlee. I’d love to spend Valentine’s Day with you, and yes, I do want to fuck you, and lick you, and kiss you, and oh so much more. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I don’t care that you’re fifteen years older than I am. That’ll make it all so much more fun.” he said. So Carlee started the truck and they left the park, driving down the street, past the diner and theater, past the other houses and stores on the street. Ten minutes and eight blocks later, Carlee pulled her truck into her driveway, right into the garage, closing the door of the garage with a press of a button on the dashboard. She turned off the engine and got out, John following her into the house.

As soon as the door closed behind him, John pulled Carlee into his arms and kissed her deeply, his tongue dueling with hers. His hands slid under her shirt and cupped her breasts, squeezing her large nipples through the thin lace of her bra, between his thumbs and middle fingers. A soft moan escaped her and John pressed his groin against her belly. She could feel his arousal throbbing through the fabric of his jeans. He was pressing himself against her and she felt herself getting wet. His hand slid down her side to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up to bunch at her waist. He stepped back to see what she had on under the skirt and groaned when he saw the transparent white thong panties, and the wet spot over her pussy.

“Let’s go to my bedroom, Johnnie baby.” she said seductively. He nodded and she took his hand, pulling him up the stairs behind her so he had a perfect view of the twin moons of her ass with her raised skirt and thong panties. Once in the bedroom, Carlee closed the door and quickly moved to the bed where she sat to remove her shoes. John came over to her, pressed her back so she was laying on the bed, and spread her legs wide. He slid his tongue over the wet fabric of her panties and she moaned. He gently nibbled her flesh through the wet cloth as his fingers went beneath them to caress her. “Mmmmmmmm yesssssss Johnnieeeeee!!! Lick my wet cunt, you bad boy! Fuck me with your tongue!!” she purred.

He quickly removed her thong and dove his face and tongue into her wet cunt, licking and sucking on her swollen clit as he slipped two fingers deep into her tight love tunnel below her patch of dark blond curls. He finger-fucked her hard and fast while sucking on her clit, and within moments, she was clenching his fingers with her cunt as her juices leaked out. He quickly lapped them up and sucked her juices from his fingers too, groaning as he tasted her sweet honey. He stood up and helped her take off the skirt and the rest of her clothes before removing his own to stand before her in all his handsome naked glory.

He growled as she took his rock hard nine and a half inch rod in her hand and began lovingly stroking it, placing little kisses and nips up and down its length. She opened her mouth and took him in, caressing his plum-shaped head with her tongue as her lips stroked him. She fondled his sack with one hand while escort bursa her other hand slid around to squeeze his ass, pulling him into her mouth further.

She felt him start to tense up after a few minutes, and knew he was about to blow his load, so she sucked and stroked him faster and harder, taking him deeper into her mouth until she almost gagged. His balls tightened up to his body and his cock started throbbing as the first jet of hot sticky cum hit the back of her throat. She gulped it down hungrily, and continued sucking him and stroking him, getting every drop of salty cum from his cock.

Some had leaked out of her mouth and dripped down her chin, and he used his finger to wipe it from her chin. She took his hand and sucked the cum off his finger and he groaned with pleasure. “Ohhh yesss Carlee, that’s it baby, suck my cock and drink my cum, you bad girl!” he said in a growl. She immediately complied and began sucking and stroking him harder and faster, bringing out a few more jets of cum into her throat.

When she could get no more out of him, she laid back on the bed, happily licking her lips as he moved over her. His cock bumped against her clit and she instinctively arched her hips to him. He asked her, “When was the last time you were fucked, baby?”

“It’s been about five years, hon. My boyfriend that I just broke up with never wanted to have sex with me at all in the two years we were dating, and before that, I had been widowed for three years when my husband died in a snowmobiling accident. Since then, I’ve been using my dildo and vibrators to get my pleasures. Now, fuck me hard Johnnie! Pound my cunt with that hard cock!!!!” she moaned in his ear as his shaft slipped home into her very tight cunt hole. He went slowly at first so she could get used to his fullness within her. She started moving her hips to meet his thrusts in a steady rhythm, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. Faster and harder he fucked her cunt, her moans becoming louder, her breaths coming in pants and gasps every time his cock head rubbed against her g-spot.

She raised her legs up and hooked them around his waist, giving him deeper penetration. He took the hint and started moving very fast, pounding and ramming her hard, her tits bouncing and sweat dripping from his forehead onto her chest. She reached a hand up and wiped the sweat from his forehead and he kissed her fingers as she brushed them over his sensual lips. She smiled and closed her eyes. She tensed up and started panting and moaning loudly as her orgasm approached.

Her legs tightened around his waist and within moments, she was squeezing his cock with her cunt muscles. Seconds after she climaxed, his own body screamed for release, and he let it go, shooting his cum deep into her cunt hole. She achieved another orgasm as she felt his cock pulsing within her and her own love juices mixed with his and leaked out, dripping down her ass crack onto the bed. John collapsed on her and gave her a deep passionate kiss before sliding free of her body and laying beside her.

He pulled her close and they snuggled, happily satisfied after that wild love-making. They rested for a few moments before she said, “Babe, are you really moving here?” He nodded and she said, “Well, I have this big house all to myself, and I would really like it if you moved in with me. If you want to, that is.”

John smiled and said, “Thanks for the offer, Carlee. I think I’ll take you up on that, on one condition though.” She cocked an eyebrow and looked at him questioningly. He smiled, took her hand and placed a kiss in the center of her open palm, then said, “That condition is that you let me make love to you every night, and treat you like the true queen you are. I know we just met this morning in the diner, but I feel as if I’ve known you for years, and I want to be with you for always, if you’ll have me.”

Carlee sat up, looked at the clock and saw that it said 2:37 am, and said, “That sounds great, John. We can be discreet for awhile, until people get used to seeing us together, and they don’t need to know that I’m older than you. Maybe they wont even ask about us. Let’s do it!! Happy Valentine’s Day baby!” They kissed again, then made love again twice more that night before finally falling asleep in each other’s arms. They woke up in the morning, made love again, then showered & had breakfast. They went to John’s hotel room to get his things, but they couldn’t resist making love in the hot tub in his room before leaving to return to her house. They also picked up his car from the diner parking lot, and he parked it in the garage next to Carlee’s truck.

They dated discreetly for two weeks before going public with their relationship, and they were married exactly one year later on Valentine’s Day, surrounded by all their friends, and some of their family, having a simple ceremony in the park in front of the waterfalls, then having the reception at the diner where they first met. They had three children and lived long happy lives with their kids and grandkids.

The End.

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