A Way to Remember Lesley

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Big Dicks

For those of you who want to get right to the good stuff, scroll down to the chapter, “Eight o’clock that Evening.” Enjoy!


A Way to Remember Lesley

It all started last Friday morning as I was heading toward the Checkout Counter at the local Paint Store where a very attractive young woman waited to ring up my purchases. Since for a long time I had found her funny and down right sexy, I never missed a chance to go through her checkout line.

“Sir, your paint comes to $24.95, please.”

“Here you go, Ashley, $24.95.”

My names not Ashley, its Lesley,” she said annoyed.

“Sorry…I won’t forget again. “

“Yeah right… you call me Ashley about half the time when you’re in here? I just ignore it, ’cause even though you older guys are sexy, you don’t always remember very well,” Lesley laughed. “So tell me, just how are you not going to forget my name?”

“Actually, it’s a little memory hook I use.”

“A memory hook? Oh, yeah, like then… you’ll remember my name is Lesley, huh?”

“Sure…I’ll just think of something like; Less is She… you know, Les…ley.”

“Geez! Thanks a lot! But, that sounds as if you are trying to insult me! Why does it have to be Less is She?”

“It don’t…how about Less is More…You happy now?”

“Yeah… delirious! Hey, I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have given you such a hard time.”

“Lesley, no problem! You can give me a hard time any day of the week,” I teased. “It’s not every day I get a chance to have such a delightful exchange with such a good-looking sexy female.”

“Come on now, I know how you old guys like to flatter,” she said, giving me that sexy little smirk that curled the corners of her beautiful little mouth.

“Lesley, if you just insinuated I’m a dirty old man…I want thank you. Now I’m the one being flattered. However, would you mind terribly if we change the words, dirty old man to sexy old man? By the way, my name is Josh.”

“Since you’re laughing, you obviously didn’t take offence. Okay, just for you, we’ll change that to sexy old man. By the way, don’t tell me, you’re still interested in sex?”

“Come on, Lesley… What’s the matter… you think you sexy 26 year olds are the only ones that have the urge to enter Eroticaville once in a while.”

“Well, since you’re not mad at me for insulting you, why don’t you park your hardware supplies here behind the counter? I’m going on break now and you can keep me company. I’ll even let you buy me a cup of gourmet coffee. I should warn you, though, I only drink the best. So you are not going to get off cheap. “

“Okay…but you should know us older guys can’t take too much excitement! Is that a giggle I’m hearing–?”

“I know you’re teasing me…but I’ll overlook it. My Mother always told me it’s not polite to say ‘Shut up’ to older men, even men your age.”

“Ah, now you’re starting to be nice to me. I’d better watch out!”

Coffee Time

“Gee…The coffee here is really good today. Thank you, Josh. Now, am I supposed to do something nice for you?”

Well, that depends, what would a sexy young woman like you have in mind? Just remember, us old guys can’t stand to much excitement! Why are you laughing? You’re whispering something…but, I can’t hear you.”

“Okay…Is this loud enough…can you hear me now?,” she said, whispering so low I could barely hear what she was saying.

“Yes, after all, I’m not deaf you know.”

“I just said I think you’re kind of sexy for an older guy. Tell me something. I have often wondered… is it true…you know what they say; that older men make the best Lovers. If so, maybe I should invite you to come over to my Apartment tonight.”

“Come on, Lesley. You’re laughing at me again. You ARE teasing me about coming over tonight…right?

“Sorry for laughing…Who’s teasing? I’ve heard that some of you older guys are really hot. I just have a feeling you might be one of the rare ones. Sooo… what do you say? Now…why are YOU laughing?”

“Lesley, if you’re not teasing me, I should warn you, I may be older than you…but, someone as cute and sexy as you are is hard to resist. I’ve always thought you are very attractive. Okay…now you come closer, I want to whisper something to you.”

“Is this close enough.”

“Yeah, close enough. Listen carefully, “Lesley, dear, Since you brought it up; and, just in case you haven’t figured it out yet; I would love a chance to sample that sweet little brown haired pussy of your’s.”

“Josh! – you shouldn’t be talking so sexy to me…you are making me sooo hot! Okay…My turn! Let me whisper something to you. Don’t get carried away, but you already have my panties moist. Since I haven’t been with anyone for several months, why don’t you come over to my place tonight? If you’re as hungry as I am, we’ll probably both end up exhausted, and do it until we both pass out. “

“Lesley, why are you laughing again?”

“Darn it, Josh…It’s just that you’ve got my panty crotch soaked…and I have to be back at work in a bursa escort couple of minutes. Oh, well, I guess I’ll have to work in wet panties until they dry on me.”

“Or- you could go into the Ladies Lounge…take them off…I could take your soiled panties home with me for the afternoon, then bring them back to you when I come over to your place tonight.”

“Josh, you are so wicked!… You want to take my lacey pink panties home with you, so you can sniff the pussy smells on my panty crotch all afternoon. If I let you take them, I know what else you’ll be doing; so I think I’d better continue to wear them. They’ll dry on me after a bit. Oh, by the way- I hope you like your pussies nice and hairy,” she said with a sexy little giggle.

“Okay, keep your panties. At least I offered; so, let them dry on your messy pussy all afternoon. Oh, about the other thing – how do I like my pussies; as far as I’m concerned, hairy pussies are the finest kind!”

“Okay, I have to run. Here is my address in case you don’t back out. Eight PM tonight, okay?”

“Sure… See you then. Are you sure you don’t want me to take your panties home with me?,” I teased giving her a parting shot.

“Go ahead and laugh. I cannot wait to try it with you tonight and see what it’s like to do it with an older guy. Maybe I should be sure the 911 number is working just in case,” she said giving me that cute little smirk of hers.

“Funny, Funny Girl! You just couldn’t resist that last smart remark, could you?”

Eight o’clock that Evening

Even though the whole idea seemed like something right out of one of my erotic fantasies; flying on the wings of erotic anticipation, I rang her doorbell promptly at eight o’clock. Lesley answered the doorbell wearing a little summer pleated Skirt and white blouse that fully accented her sexy little figure. To my surprise, she now seemed almost shy.

“I didn’t think you would come,” she laughed, the shyness seeming to vanish with her smile. “You’re right on time. Well, come on in. Tell me you haven’t changed your mind,” she teased me with that impish sexy little smirk of hers.

“Are you kidding,” I laughed. “I wouldn’t miss it.”

“Oh, good, “she smiled demurely. “Wait right here! I’ll be out in just a few minutes.” With that, she disappeared into her bedroom.

Taking a seat on the sofa, her living room was fragrant with the scent of her feminine essence. I have to admit I was pleasantly stunned! The Lesley I was seeing tonight was a completely different woman from the one I had become accustomed to bantering with at the Hardware Store.

From the moment Lesley had opened the door, I could see she had dressed with seduction in mind. With my first look at Lesley out of her work clothes, I could see she was exceptionally beautiful in that quiet sort of way, almost shy, which matched her quiet demeanor. Gone was the outgoing boldness she always displayed at the store.

Drinking in her attractive appearance, I figured Lesley was maybe 5’4.” She had a young girl’s figure, and why not, she was only 26 years old, her sexy little hips were small, her legs were beautiful and nicely shaped. She could not have weighed more than 115 lbs.

I quickly noticed that her breasts were tiny. This definitely appealed to me. Her warm brown hazel eyes seem to light up the room when she smiled in my direction. I sensed she was somewhat of an introvert. However, I loved quiet women. I knew by being soft and gentle with them, the quiet ones could sometimes become wild beyond belief. If that happened with Lesley…I just hoped I would be up to the delightful task.

When Lesley had greeted me at her door, she was wearing a short pleated skirt and a blouse with material so thin I could make out her white Bra. I felt my arousal start, that stiff aching feeling that comes from just looking at such an exquisite sexy woman. I felt my Cock slowly starting to rise and thicken uncomfortably in my briefs.

A few minutes later, smiling at me, Lesley walked back into the living room. Just the sight of her looking so pretty and sexy caused my heart to start thumping wildly in my chest. My God, this is really going to happen. To tell you the truth, I had often fantasized about what it would be like to fuck Lesley whenever I happened to be going through her checkout line at the Hardware Store. Never once did I ever think my erotic daydream might someday come true.

Almost as if she was reading my thoughts, Lesley whispered sexily, “Oh Josh,” she said in her quiet little voice, “every time you come into the store, I find myself wondering what it would be like to have your Cock inside my little pussy,” Lesley whispered sexily. “Now I’m going to find out. Oh, well…I guess I can tell you now,” she laughed, “this morning wasn’t the first time you made my panties moist.”

“Lesley, darling…please don’t think I’m being crude…but every since the first time I saw you, I have wanted…to fuck you. I can hardly wait. There ought to be a law against anyone looking as sexy as you look tonight. I want bursa escort bayan to savor you like fine wine. This is going to be a really special night for both of us.” I added as I felt my unruly Cock now almost ‘hard rock.’

“Josh…,” Lesley said, with that little giggle I had come to love, “When we do it, let’s do it real slow and gentle at first. You know…Let’s not hurry. That’s what I always resent about young guys; most of them, all they want to do is get their own satisfaction. ”

“Gee, Lesley, I’m glad you said that. You know I think most of us older guys are pretty good though at doing it – slow and gentle. In fact, you and I may do it so slow and gentle; I may still be here in the morning at Breakfast.”

“Stop teasing me, Josh, “she pleaded. “Be serious,” Ashley scolded him softly. Then she said, with a mischievous little laugh, “By the way, how do you like your eggs.”

Erotic Happenings “Darling, Lesley, I want this to be your best climax ever…so, don’t be afraid to tell me if you’re enjoying what I’m doing to you. Also, tell me if you’re not enjoying it, okay?”

“Okay, Josh, I promise I will. Now…would you please kiss me?” she requested in her warm quiet little voice.

“Yes,” I said my voice suddenly husky from my hunger for this beautiful little brown-haired female. Lesley’s genuine sweetness, was now enflaming my desire for her even more. I felt so damned special because I had another kind of desire, sexual but not really sexual the way you think. I wanted to make our first time together special for Lesley. I was determined to have the joy of making her fantasy come true.

Lesley’s warm soft body slipped quietly into my arms. For the next several moments, there was silence in the room as we enjoyed that first wonderful feeling of pressing our hungry bodies against each other, both of us emitting sighs of desire. I could feel the heat of her feverish body through our clothes. The smell of her hair was somehow warm and comforting.

“Ummm! God, Josh,” You feel so good,” Lesley whispered, encouraging me softly. Laughing softly she whispered, “Am I feeling what I think I’m feeling pressed against my stomach?”

“Yeah, you are! Aren’t you glad us older guys can get it up when necessary?”

“Josh, you’re terrible,” she pleaded, “Okay, stop joking,” she giggled.

Lesley’s petite little titties felt warm through my shirt. Pulling her tighter against me, I buried my face in her beautiful head of brown hair. Lesley’s warm tantalizing feminine smells begin drifting pleasant into my senses. I could feel her warm ragged breath now on my face as my hungry lips softly caressed and nuzzled her warm neck. I was starting to breathe more heavily. I sensed my warm breath on her exposed neck was increasing her excitement.

“Oh! Ummm! Yesss!…Don’t stop Josh…! Don’t stop!” she whispered as she pressed her warm soft body more insistently against me. I knew she could feel my unruly member right through my slacks. Standing so close together, my Cock had hardened and was now pressing against her stomach.

“Oh, God! Lesley…I want you!,” I groaned softly.

Unable to wait longer, I brought my lips down to Lesley’s soft delicate beautiful little mouth. She modestly allowed her delicate lips to open slightly. Teasing her, I let my moist lips softly, tantalizingly; caress her warm face, as I nibbled on her lower lip. I moistened her warm delicate lips that felt dry from her building excitement with my tongue.

“Oh, Josh,” Lesley pleaded urgently, “Don’t make me wait. You’re going to drive me crazy if you don’t kiss me soon.”

“Easy, Baby Girl, remember what we decided…nice and slow,” I whispered into her warm little ear. “This is your night! Just relax! Enjoy!”

Kissing Lesley’s feverish lips, parched from her own feverishly erotic desires; I reached down with my index finger and gently pulled down on her warm delicate lower lip. Her mouth opened. I could feel her warm breath now caressing on my face. I brought my hungry lips closer to hers, until we were suspended in time; breathing into each other’s partially open mouths. I pressed my lips gently against her hungry mouth. I felt her mouth opening to receive my wanting tongue.

“UUmmm!” Yesss!” her warm little voice coming from deep down in her beautiful throat was muffled. I felt a surge of desire even though I could barely make out what she had just said.

As my moist tongue entered Lesley’s feverishly excited mouth, her wet warm tongue was there to welcome mine. For the next several minutes our warm wet tongues dueled, coiling together like warm little snakes, sometimes softly, sometimes aggressively, then breaking away to explore the other’s moist warm cavern, but always returning to touch, caress, and greedily suck on each other’s moist tongue.

“Oh, Josh! This is sooo wonderful!” Lesley whispered as we took a little break. Looking into each other’s eyes we could tell the other was now aroused.

“Lesley,” I whispered in a passionate whisper, “I can’t believe this is happening escort bursa to me.”

“Happening to us, Josh,” she quietly corrected me. “I love it as much or more than you are. I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of what you’re going to do to me…, ” She said with a little giggle. “Want to go into my bedroom now? “She asked hopefully. I felt so happy and flattered, and yes, grateful for her erotic suggestion!

In the Bedroom

I followed Ashley into her intimate feminine looking bedroom; like a Lion follows his Lioness into her Lair. Once inside, standing by the huge Queensize bed, we began slowly undressing each other. Even though at that moment I was so hungry for Lesley, I wanted to rip her clothes off; I forced myself to unbutton her frilly white blouse slowly.

She was busy with my shirt. We both smiled into each other’s eyes. She finished unbuttoning my shirt first, and quickly stripped it off me. A moment later, I had her little white blouse off. Reaching around behind her, I unhooked her white Bra. Her perky little titties sprang free!

“I want to watch you take your skirt off…okay,” I requested.

“Why don’t we watch each other,” Ashley suggested with an urgency in her soft voice I hadn’t heard before. “I’d like to watch you take off your slacks.”

Unbuttoning her pleated Skirt, Ashley let it float down to the floor where it settled around her slender ankles. I caught my breath sharply, feeling my arousal surging, my face felt feverish.

There an almost naked Lesley stood; somewhat shy, dressed only in her dainty white panties. After all these months of trying to picture her naked, her beautiful white shapely thighs and beautiful slender legs were at last on view, fully revealed to my hungry eyes.

Quickly I unzipped my fly and pulled my slacks off. Lesley’s darting eyes stared hungrily at my engorged Cock still enclosed inside my bulging briefs. She smiled somewhat embarrassed as she realized I was enjoying watching her.

“Oh, Josh,” I can’t wait to feel you inside me. I want to be taken slow and leisurely like you promised. Then at the end you can take me hard and good.”

“Sure,” I whispered kissing her bare shoulders softly. “Baby, why don’t you get up on the Bed,” I suggested.

“Why don’t you take my panties off slowly, Josh,” she softly requested.

Then she was lying on the bed wearing nothing but her white lacey panties. I could see her tiny breasts rising and falling with her feverish labored breathing as she waited in anticipation. Tantalizingly, knowing the effect she was having on me, she raised her legs slightly.

Encircling her ankles, I lifted Lesley’s beautiful legs, parting them. Her soft rounded white thighs now gaped open in front of my hungry eyes invitingly. I reached up to her slim waist, and hooked my warm fingers underneath the elastic of her panties.

Drinking in this unforgettable erotic sight, I slipped her white lacey panties slowly down, off her beautiful warm exquisite little hips, down her thighs, off over her knees then finally after what seemed to take forever; I slipped Lesley’s white panties off over her delicate little ankles.

Damn, I feel almost ashamed to reveal to anyone how beautiful Lesley was built between those luscious thighs of her’s which were now gaping open, in front of my eyes, so invitingly. An involuntary groan of desire escaped my dry parched lips. Seeing Lesley’s ‘forbidden spot’ for the first time is a memory, I wouldn’t sell for a million dollars. Her Labia Lips that ‘wet little oasis’ was covered with light brown pussy hair that crawled up her slender belly to form a silky brown triangle.

Darn it, It’s too private! I’m not going to tell you that much more. I’ll just say this… if seeing a beautiful swollen pussy, covered with luscious brown hair covering her outer Labia Lips turns you on,… if seeing a beautiful woman’s soft little clitoris peeking out from behind her little clit hood, almost ready to slip out excites you…well, don’t pass up the chance to try it.You’ll be glad you did!

Slowly…I began nuzzling and softly kissing my way up her warm thighs. Once I reached Lesley’s sweet little brown hairy pussy, I didn’t touch it. Instead, I began kissing and licking the inside of her warm thighs with my moist mouth and tongue. Her gasps sounded like pure torture!

“Ummm!” “Oh, yeah, Joshhhh!” Lesley gasped feverishly. “Don’t stop! “Don’t ever stop!” she pleaded, “That’s it!” “Keep doing that!”

In spite of myself, my wicked sense of humor took over. I couldn’t resist lifting my head to look into her face filled with joyful anguish and tease her by saying, “Hey, who’s in charge here?”

Lesley, even though in the throes of desire managed a little giggle and said, “Darn you, Josh. Stop teasing me or I’ll kill you,” she laughed through gritted teeth, thoroughly consumed by her exquisite joyful agony.

Back at this most delightful task, I finally ran my wet moist tongue down Lesley’s swollen enflamed pussy lips; touching them lightly, tantalizingly until her anguished moans of desire became a steady chorus. Then pressing my lips against the center of her now wet moist pussy I started softly kissing up and down her swollen Crack. Lesley’s delightful sexual cries began to fill the air.

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