A Wife Shared

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We were curled up together, spooned. Dave’s left hand cupped my breast and I could feel the wetness on my leg where his cock had slipped out of me after he fucked me from behind.

I untangled myself and rolled over. His eyes opened and I looked into them in the grey morning light.

“Do men really fantasize about watching their wives being fucked by another man?”

His eyes widened.

“What?… Well… I mean… Fantasize perhaps. Why do you ask?”

“Would you get off watching me with another man?”

Before he could answer I reached down and found his cock. It was hardening.

“I think I have my answer.”

“What bought this on? Have you got the seven-year itch or something?”

“It’s a bit late for the seven-year itch, but perhaps it is time for an adventure.”

I could feel the pre-cum on his cock and I slowly started to slide my hand up and down. He moaned. I moved closer, gripped harder and speeded up. I whispered in his ear, “Imagine you are watching me being fucked by someone else, while the man’s wife is sucking your cock.” Seconds later he exploded over my stomach and tits.

“Wow! Why do I think you liked that idea?”

I rolled onto my back and pushed down on his shoulders. “It’s my turn. I didn’t come before, lick me.”

I sensed his hesitation, I was still leaking his cum, but I pushed harder and he started nibbling, licking and kissing his way down to my pussy. He was soon alternating between deep licking and swirling around my clit. I didn’t last long, my body started shuddering then I cried out as I flooded his mouth with my juice. As I recovered, he kissed me on the lips, and I tasted my own juice.

“That was one hell of an orgasm, darling.”

“Hmmm, yes. I was imagining that you were doing that after you had watched someone else fuck me.”

Before he could say anything, I rolled over and swung my legs off the edge of the bed to check the time. “Jeeez, I’ve got an early meeting. I’ve got to go.”

“Carol, you can’t go now. You’ve got to tell me. It was just a fantasy, wasn’t it?”

I bent back over the bed and kissed him. He must have been rattled because he didn’t take the chance to fondle my breasts. I rushed to the bathroom, showered and got myself ready. Dave was propped up on his elbow watching me hauling my jeans up my long legs. “Carol?”

“We’ll talk tonight. I’ve got to go, darling.”

I blew him a kiss as he threw a pillow in my direction.

My morning at the office was a blur, but once things settled down towards lunchtime, I sent Dave a text, ‘When you get home, put a nice wine in the fridge ready for our dinner and chat.’ He responded with a quizzical emoji and a kiss. When I finally did get home, Dave was waiting with dinner organised and the wine chilled. “Well, this is impressive. Are you expecting a special night?” I teased. He answered by putting his arm around my waist, pulling me hard up against his body and kissing me deeply. When I came up for air I asked, “Should we forget dinner and head straight to bed?” He shook his head, poured the wine and said, “No, there’s talking to do.”

At the table we clinked glasses. “Here’s to my very sexy, even adventurous wife. Now tell me about this morning. Were you serious or simply enjoying a fantasy?”

“It seems to me that we were both turned on by the fantasy. You were certainly turned on by the thought of watching me with someone else. And, yes, I was serious. If we both agreed, then perhaps it could be a special adventure to share.”

Dave took another sip of wine then picked at his salad. He looked into my eyes in silence, then finally, “I think you’re right. We both know how strong our relationship is, so we could enjoy this together.” There was another pause, then, “but how do we go about it?”

“Well, I have been thinking about that. We could find a guy for a threesome, or we could link up with a couple. I think a couple might be more fun. What do you think?”

Dave swirled the wine around his glass. “I prefer that idea, but where do we find a couple? Do we look on swingers’ sites on-line? I assume there will be such things.”

“Actually, I’ve been thinking about that too. We may have the perfect couple almost on our doorstep. What about Matt and Ali?”

“Really? Do you think they’d be into it? I reckon you would like him. From what I have seen in the shower after our squash games, he’s well endowed. But what makes you think they’d be interested?”

“When Ali and I have our girlie lunches she often likes to talk about sex, and from what she has told me she and Matt are quite adventurous. And don’t ask for details, that’s between us girls. But I am sure they will be interested. How about when I have lunch antakya seks hikayeleri with Ali on Saturday, I broach the subject to find out? I know you like her. I’ve seen you checking out all those curves, a nice change from my big tits and slim waist. That bulge in your pants makes me sure I am right. “

What I didn’t tell Dave was that each time I met Ali our welcome and farewell hugs had become closer and longer. Last time she hugged me tight and brushed her lips across mine rather than pecking me on the cheek. To my surprise, my nipples hardened, and I liked what I could feel.

I put my glass down, knelt down, undid Dave’s zipper then pulled down his shorts to let his cock spring out. “Hmmm, I thought so.” He was wet. I lowered my head and licked his juice, tickling the underside of the head of his rod. I heard him sigh. Slowly, I let him slip into my mouth and started moving up and down, using my tongue at the top of each stroke. After a few minutes, I let him out of my mouth, taking over with my hand, moving up and down, slowly at first then getting quicker and gripping tighter. “How big is Matt? Would I be able to get him in my mouth?” He moaned and closed his eyes as my hands did their work. “If he is really big, I might have trouble getting him in my pussy.” I could feel the tension in his groin. “I know what I’ll do, I’ll get you to help. You can push him into me.” I quickly took him back in my mouth as he erupted. I sucked every last drop, swallowed then looked up at him and ran my tongue around my lips. I stood up and kissed him using my tongue. “Now that was the perfect desert.” Dinner was abandoned. Dave dragged me to the bedroom and had his face buried between my legs before I could catch my breath.

Ali was waiting outside the café when I arrived. She was wearing her gym gear which did nothing to hide her shapeliness. Sure enough, I got a lingering hug and this time a kiss on the lips. “Perhaps we had better start wearing the same lipstick.” I joked, giving her an extra squeeze before we broke off. “Perhaps,” she said with a very cheeky smile.

We ordered our lunch and a glass of wine then started our usual chat. We’d finished our wine and we were waiting for coffee when Ali started to tell me about her latest lingerie purchase and the sexy garments that Matt liked her to wear. “He loves thigh length stockings, especially if I wear high-heels with ankle straps.” I figured now was a good time to raise what I really wanted to talk about.

“You’ve told me that you guys are sexually adventurous, I’m curious, have you ever been with another couple?” I was greeted with a cheeky grin.

“If you mean as in swinging, strange as it may seem we haven’t shared yet. Is there something behind your question?”

“The other morning after a nice fuck and cuddle I asked Dave if he’d get off watching me with another man. His cock answered for him and I soon had him erupting all over the place.”

“What made you ask him that question?”

I leaned closer to speak more softly.

“Well, a couple of weeks ago I got home early. Dave wasn’t around and I didn’t call out. His study door was ajar. I was about to go in when I saw him intent on his computer screen, his right hand working overtime low down in front of him. The action on the screen was obviously porn but I couldn’t see the details.”

“My God, they’re all the same, can never get enough,” Ali said.

“I watched for a while until I saw him stiffen and heard him grunt as he came. Then I tiptoed back to the front door. I opened it, closed it with a bang and called out ‘Hello honey.’

That night was his squash night with Matt, so when he had gone, I went to his study and checked his computer. Sure enough, in his history I found a page ‘Amateur Cuckolds.’ I clicked on it and watched a video. The husband introduced his wife to another man and soon they were naked. She was right into it, first stroking his cock then sucking it before he put her on her back and plunged into her. Her husband was busy masturbating. She beckoned to him to come closer for a better view and in no time at all he came all over her body.”

“When that video finished, I clicked on the next one. Similar scenario, but instead of the husband coming he waited until the other guy came inside his wife. By this time, I was wet and had my hand in my pants. When the other guy pulled out of his wife the husband quickly dropped to his knees to suck the guy’s cock.”

I thought Ali’s eyes were about to pop out of her head. “Oh my god,” was all she could say.

“Oh, it didn’t end there. By now I was on the edge with my fingers working overtime, so when the husband moved from the guy’s cock to bury himself between his wife’s legs I buckled at the knees as I came, flooding my fingers with my juice.”

Ali blurted out, “I wish I’d been there to suck your fingers clean.”

“Ali!” I blushed but smiled. “Any way that’s how I knew Dave’s fantasy.”

“I can guess where the story goes from there and why you asked me if we had ever shared. You’re interested in living the fantasy, aren’t you? You want Matt to fuck you while Dave watches, perhaps with me looking after his cock.”

I looked her in the eyes and nodded. “Are you shocked?”

“Hell no. If any four people should be experimenting together it’s us four.”

“Won’t you be jealous watching your husband fuck me?”

Ali gave me a very wicked grin. “Yes, but I’ll be jealous of him, not you.”

“Now we have to work out how we can make it happen. Did you talk to Dave about this and suggest us?”

“I did, and I told him I’d broach it with you today. I guess Matt’s the only one not in the loop at this stage. What do you think? Will he go for it?”

“Oh, I think he’ll go for it alright. He’s been eying off your boobs, tiny waist and long legs for years. He’ll probably cum in his pants when I tell him.”

Ali did tell Matt. I didn’t ask whether he came in his pants, but she said they had a very hot night after she told him. We agreed that they would come over on Saturday evening.

Saturday came and Dave was as nervous as a fifteen-year-old waiting for his first date. He kept checking that the pool was clean, the barbeque was ready to go, and the drinks were in the fridge. I let him be. I didn’t want to make him more anxious by suggesting that we might never make it as far as the pool.

When I got dressed, I remembered what Ali had told me. I wore thigh length stockings, a short light dress and high heels with ankle straps. Underneath I had a thong – nothing else.

“What will I wear? What will I wear?” Dave was just about hopping from one foot to the other.

“Hey, relax. It’s warm, just wear shorts and a Tee that shows off your muscles, plus those boat shoes I bought you. Then come downstairs and I’ll give you a drink to relax you. After all it’s me who’s going to be fucked, you’re just watching, remember? At least initially.”

He gave me a hug. I could feel that my last comment had had an effect. I kissed him. “Save that for later.” I said as I patted his semi-erection.

By the time the doorbell rang Dave had finished a couple of drinks and was calmer. I answered the door. Matt looked me up and down. “Wow!”

Ali grabbed him by the arm, “come on big boy, stop drooling,” then with a big smile, “Hi Carol, you look stunning.” I opened the door wide to let them in. Carol looked pretty stunning herself in a skirt plus a crop top that showed there was plenty underneath. The men shook hands and did the man hug thing. “How about some drinks Dave, there’s bottle of sparkling there for us girls. I assume you guys want beers but there’s plenty of other stuff.”

A couple of drinks later and we were all much more relaxed. I was sitting across from Matt next to Ali. Matt had been glancing at my legs ever since he arrived, so I decided it was time to tease him. I got up then reached over the back of the couch to get the bottle, giving him a view almost to the tops of my stockings. When I sat back down, I swear I could see a bulge in the front of his shorts. I whispered to Ali, “Do you think it’s time?” She grinned and said to Dave, “come and sit next to me, Dave. I think Matt wants to get closer to your wife.” There was the slightest flash of hesitation, but Dave got up. I sat close to Matt. I whispered in his ear, “Did Ali explain that you get to fuck me so that Dave can watch?” I ran my tongue around the top of his ear. The bulge in his pants had grown. I put my hand in his lap and looked across at Dave, I thought his eyes were about to pop out of his head. Carol was stroking his thigh.

“Stand up Matt, I want to see what’s hiding in there.” Matt was quickly on his feet. I knelt down in front of him, undid his belt and slipped his zipper down. There was a damp mark on his shorts. I pushed them down to his ankles then ran my hand up and down his erection, still hidden inside his under pants. “Take your shirt off.” He did, and now he was standing in just his pants. “Time for the big reveal,” I said, and I hooked my fingers in the waistband of his pants and pushed them to the floor. It was my turn to ogle. I took him in my hand and looked over at Carol. “You’ve been keeping this quiet. What do you think Dave? Do you think I’ll be able to take it all?” Dave looked shocked but couldn’t take his eyes off my hand which was now sliding up and down Matt’s delicious shaft using his pre-cum as lube. “It’s time you unzipped your shorts Dave. Ali might help.”

“I want to watch him do it,” Ali said, and she kissed Dave on his cheek. He couldn’t get his zipper undone fast enough then pushed his pant down. His cock sprang out. “A lovely cock,” Ali said. “Maybe not as big as Matt’s, but I can think of lots of things to do with it.”

I ran my hand to the bottom of Matt’s shaft then leaned forward and licked the head. He tasted good. I took just the head into my mouth and teased the hole with my tongue. Then I took my mouth away. “Ali, can you please put my husband’s hand on his cock and tell him to watch carefully.”

I put my mouth over Matt’s cock once more and little by little worked up and down, each time taking a more in my mouth. I could feel wetness between my legs. Matt was moaning softly and producing more pre-cum than I thought possible. I cupped his balls in my hand, they were big and heavy, I tickled them lightly. By now I was taking him in right down to my throat. “Fuck Carol, that’s so good,” he said. I let him out of my mouth and stood up. “You’re right. It’s time for you to fuck me. Would you like to undress me?”

Dave was stroking his cock with some help from Ali. “Ali, please will you undress my husband I want him naked while he watches your husband’s big cock slide into me.”

I turned around so that Matt could undo the buttons on my dress. As it fell to the floor, he cupped my breasts in his hands and played with them teasing my hardening nipples. He turned me around, kissed each nipple, then dropped to his knees and pushed my thong down to my ankles. I stepped out and flicked the flimsy garment away with my foot. Matt’s hand went to my naked pussy. I opened my legs. “You are so wet, and you feel so good.” He slipped a finger into me.

“Matt has his finger inside me, darling. But soon it will be much more.” Dave had his eyes glued on what we were doing. He was stroking himself while Carol, who was the only one still dressed, held his balls in her hand.

“Don’t you dare come yet, Dave. I want you ready to erupt when Matt is fucking me.”

By now Matt was sucking one of my nipples while he was running his fingers across my pussy, caressing my clit, and occasionally slipping two fingers inside. I was feeling flushed.

“It’s time to fuck, Matt. Let’s go to the bedroom. You guys follow.”

Matt laid me out on the bed, still with my high heels and stockings on. “Ali, please can you get a chair for Dave and put him in a spot where he can get the best view.” Matt leaned forward with his head between my legs. “I have to taste you,” he said. He licked me for a minute or so then moved ready to push into me. “Hang on. Ali please bring Dave over. I want him to get hold of Matt and guide him in.”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Dave said.

“Well, if you want to watch me being fucked by this big cock you have to show Matt where to put it.” I heard Ali giggle. “Come on Dave. This was your idea after all.” I lifted my head and saw Ali holding Dave’s cock, pulling him to the bed. She grabbed his wrist and put his hand on her husband’s cock. “See, it doesn’t bite. Now guide him into your wife’s delicious wet pussy and watch her being fucked.” I watched as Dave did as he was told and even felt his fist as it touched my pussy when Matt slid into me. I could see Dave’s cock, there was pre-cum running out. Ali caught some in her hand and brought it to her lips, but now Matt was pushing every inch into me. My eyes closed, and my head dropped back onto the bed and I savoured the sensation of being slightly stretched and filled. At first, he took his time, as if he wasn’t sure if he might hurt me. “I have fucked you in my fantasies so many times, but this is so much better. Now it’s time to get serious. Put those long legs over my shoulders.”

I did as I was told, and he really started to fuck me hard. I looked over to see Dave back in his chair stroking himself, with Ali stood behind with her arms around him caressing his chest. She seemed as absorbed as he was in watching her husband fuck me.

Matt had good stamina, but I sensed that he was getting close, I was soaking. My breathing was ragged. My body was on fire and about to explode. “Dave, over here and come on my body'” I yelled. Matt grunted and I felt his hot load shooting into by body. I screamed, my eyes squeezed tight shut, then shuddered with a long orgasm. I heard Dave call out and I felt his hot semen splash onto my stomach and breasts.

It was a few minutes before Matt rolled off me and I stretched my legs out. When I opened my eyes, Ali was climbing on the bed. She was naked and holding a pillow. She said, simply, “Now it’s my turn. Lift your head.” She slipped the pillow under my head then positioned herself over my face. As she manoeuvred into position, I looked up the beautiful curves of her thighs to her delicious pussy. I had never been this close to a pussy before, but I couldn’t wait to taste Ali’s.

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