Across the Courtyard Pt. 04

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My eyes were closed but my hand was slowly running down her hip, down her leg, feeling her soft skin under the bed sheets. I laid behind her, my naked body pressed against hers. I had woken up already aroused, my loins pressed up against Alice’s bare ass. We had collapsed into bed following our night of rule breaking and I had started to wake. It was not light out yet and the room was still pitch black.

My hand moved from her leg and grazed across her stomach. My fingers felt her navel, her toned stomach. I thought about my own stomach, I don’t know how she did it, keeping it so…tight. I always felt like I had some type of roll on me. I stopped comparing myself and remembered to just think about how lucky I had gotten last night.

All of a sudden Alice started to stir, her ass moving against me, turning me on even more. My cock became nestled between her cheeks. She stopped moving for a bit but then more energy came through her ass as she pushed back against me. She gently grabbed and then tugged my hand downwards, down between her legs. I began to grind back against her, my cock pressing against her ass. I found her clit, and pushed down deeper. She was wet.

Feeling her wetness I pulled my hand back to start gently massaging her clit. She began moving her hips with mine. The bed sheets ruffled with our grinding motions, a slight creak emanating from the bed. I moved my pinned hand and arm to at least grab her lower shoulder and gain leverage. She began to move her legs apart, letting me have more access to her sex.

She was getting wetter and I could hear a moan start to rise from within her. I pulled my hand back from her clit and scooted down the bed a bit. She pushed her ass further back into me. I took my already hard cock and began to aim the tip into her. I struggled a bit in the dark, thinking I was at the right spot.

“Wrong hole…” She murmured. I repositioned my cock and found her heat, my tip rested against the wet folds of her sex, I was ready now and began to push. The tip of my cock pushed in slowly past her labia, She was wet but not ready to take all of me at once. I began with tiny thrusts in and out, the head of my cock playing in the entrance of her pussy. She started to push back and I felt some resistance that soon gave way.

Inch after inch I pushed in, Alice’s moaning was getting clearer. I moved my free hand up her body and grabbed her breast. My hips began to push in harder now. My cock going deeper inside of Alice. Her ass pressing back up against me. “Mhmmm…James…good morning…”

I began to play with her nipple between her fingers and let out my own moan as I came to a full rest inside of her. “Good morning Alice.” I began to withdraw from her, pulling my hips back across the bed, pulling back smoothly halfway before pushing back in. It seemed like Alice was waking up more now as I began pumping in and out of her. It was so dark in the room that all I could do was focus on how incredible this felt.

I moved my free hand back between her legs, she was much wetter now, my fingers returning to rub her clit, shifting to rub further down I could feel my cock as it pumped into Alice. My pace was picking up and I re-focused on rubbing her clit. Alice was grabbing for her sheets as the combination of my cock thrusting into her and my hand playing with her clit drove her wild.

“Fuck James…more” she moaned out.

I kept my pace up, hoping I might be able to make her cum for the second time. It didn’t take long as her legs pulled back together and a tremble took over her. I wanted to grab her breasts or her ass but I knew if I did I would ruin everything. My hand kept rubbing away, this time squeezed by her thighs but not deterred. The trembling kept growing, my hips kept thrusting into her ass, my cock feeling more pressure.

“Ohh! Ohhh…fuck fuck fuck!!” She let out, her trembling turned into an explosion as her body convulsed. I struggled to hold her tight as my hand kept rubbing her clit and my cock kept thrusting into her. She had been wet but now she was soaked, my cock receiving no resistance with the continuing penetration. Her convulsing turned into quivering, but I kept pumping.

My hand moved away from her clit and to her hips. I kept humping away but was growing a bit tired in the same position. I felt a hand reach back towards me and push me back. I pulled my cock and body away at the request of Alice’s hand. I could tell she was turning her body around and then feel her leg as she threw it over me, coming to straddle me. Her petite hand felt around for and then grabbed my cock. She was fast.

Within no time at all she had taken me in and I was buried deep inside of her again. She laid down on top of me, her breasts pressed against me. We found each other’s mouths and kissed. I felt her begin to rock her hips up and then down. The angle she had me at was so tight, so intense. Only her hips and ass moved to hump my cock. I thought I had stamina but her pussy seemed to clench down almanbahis adres on my cock, pressing me into a tight angle inside of her.

God she knew…what…she was…I couldn’t finish my thought. I lost it. An incredible pressure building up inside of me came loose and I could feel my cock rapidly expand in size before I shot every last ounce of cum deep inside of her. Her hips kept rock up and down and the overstimulation of her pussy on my dick had me wince in pleasure and pain.

I had to pull her up by the hips to stop the intensity of it. My cock slumped out of her and she came back down to rest beside me. I let out a loud breath, I was suddenly spent again. She kissed me on the lips and whispered, “It’s still not time to get up yet.” I passed out from exhaustion.


I awoke to the sound of a shower turning off, the room was lit by the early light of day and I heard the shower curtain pulled back. I began pulling myself up to a seat, grabbing the covers to provide some warmth to my bare skin. Alice stepped out from the bathroom wrapped up in a towel. “Sorry I didn’t wake you, I have to go into work today…about last night.”

I hoped I wasn’t going to be just another regret for her, those words were never harbingers of good things to come. “I had a lot more fun with you James. More than I had initially expected. You and I work well together, especially in…certain areas.” I smiled. “However, I don’t know if I am ready yet to have a new romantic partner. I fear that my past experiences may be hindering me from being completely emotionally available.”

“You take all the time in the world. I totally understand.”

“Thank you James.”

“If anyone should be thanking anyone it should be me thanking you, you were incredible, and your body…you are perfect.” I could see Alice blush ever so slightly behind her intimidating demeanor. I got up out of bed and began to get dressed in a slight hurry, I didn’t want to overstay my welcome and knew she had to get ready. I was putting on my shirt when she came to face me.

“While I’m not ready for dating anyone right now I would like to…keep the option of physical connection open.”

I smiled and pulled her into me, planting a big kiss on her. My hands reached down and grabbed her ass through her towel. My grabbing tugged her towel apart and open, exposing her beautiful body to me again. I pulled back to admire the view as I finished buttoning up my shirt. Her breasts perky, her body ready to be ravished again. I stopped my hands mid-button.

“You don’t happen to have…five more minutes of free time left do you?”

“What are you proposing James?”

I pulled my zipper down and tossed my shirt off. Alice smiled. She took one long stride towards me and helped get my pants and underwear off in a hurry. I nearly tripped getting out of them.

Alice and I were wrapped up with each other in moments. Her skin still hot and wet from the shower. My hands ran over her, going straight to grab her firm ass. She reached her right hand down to grab my cock and start stroking it. “4 minutes!”

I kissed her deeply and walked her back towards a wall. She was still facing me but I used one hand to lift her left leg up, holding her under her knee. She guided my cock and I pressed up against her. She rubbed the tip along her pussy to get me ready. I moved my hips back and my feet forward between her legs. I began to push into her, my cock sliding inside of her.

I felt her hard nipples against me, my body pressed against her warm wet body. I pushed in deeper, looking down I saw my cock buried all the way in. “3 minutes”. I wasted no time thrusting into her and she became pinned against the wall. We rose up and down together with my thrusting. Our tongues in each others mouths. She felt tighter now than anytime last night. I wasn’t trying to hold back.

“God yes” I moaned.


I picked up my fury, reaching down with my other hand I grabbed her up from behind her other knee. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I picked her up completely. She was hanging from me, I began to swing her back and forth against my hips. My cock plummeting in and out of her at such a rapid pace. “Fuck James! Fuck!”

I looked down to see her body slamming against mine, my cock a blur as I fucked her. Looking back at her, her wet hair hung around her face. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes aimed right at me. I could feel her wetness coming out of her, down my cock and onto my balls that slapped against her ass.

“One minute!” She panted out.

I turned us around and walked over to the bed where I laid the both of us down never pulling myself out of her. I kept my hands under her legs and pushed them out before me so her knees pointed up towards her face, her legs pointed out to either side. I used gravity to plunge even deeper into her now.

I must have been going deeper than before because Alice was squealing with pleasure. Her wet embrace almanbahis adresi of my dick and her animalistic noises drove me over the edge. I plunged back in one more time and felt my cock explode rope after rope of cum inside of her. My cock pulsed within her with each spurt of cum.

I had been so focused that I finally noticed how deep my breathing had gotten. I had put everything I had left into this. “Holy fuck!” Alice had been looking back up along the bed, freshly winded.

She bent her gaze back towards me. “Well that was quite a five minutes.” We both laughed. “Ok, seriously, you need to go. I’m going to be late. I’m going to be dripping your cum all day. I thought I told you not to cum inside me last night??”

“To be fair you told me to “try not to”.”

She smiled, rolling off the bed she tossed me my shirt. “For the sake of my job I have to kick you out now…Until next time James.” I got her cell phone number just before leaving and she let me out with a smile and one last kiss.

I strolled back to my apartment. ‘What a fucking night.’


I had lost track of time over the past few days and it was already Friday, I only had three more days off before starting up my new job on Monday but I had no energy left, between Chelsea showing off for me and Alice coming out of nowhere to have my first night of sex in over a year. I was kaput. I needed a breather and had decided to push my workout to later in the day to just veg out with some Netflix until my phone buzzed.

It was from Chelsea, a gif of Hannibal Lecter doing his hissing noise. A big smile grew on my face. The typing blurb appeared followed shortly by another message. “What are you doing right now since I’m not in my apartment to show off for you?”

Chelsea knew how to spike my heart rate. Normally I wouldn’t text back immediately but my excitement got the better of me and I decided to send her a message anyways.

“I’m just waiting for the next magic show to begin. That was you pulling a bunny out of a hat the other night, right?”

“No that wasn’t me, that’s on Sunday nights.” Another text followed shortly afterwards. “I get back in next Friday and I’ll need a glass of wine.”

“Sounds like a plan, I’ll just be sitting here watching all of these other people in the apartments across from me fucking each others brains out till you get back.” I put my phone down and sat up, all of a sudden I determined that rest was for the weary, I needed to be ready to impress Alice, maybe Danielle and hopefully Chelsea. Who knows who the hell else I might get to show off to. I changed into workout clothes and hit the gym, I really had to work on getting rid of that last fucking belly roll.


After my workout I had cleaned up and decided to go get dinner…by myself. It was still a brand new city, I wanted to live it up, find a go to dinner spot and not get lost. Pretty simple really. I decided to just walk from my place to the cluster of bars and restaurants down the street. It was a warm evening and I had opted for some chinos and a pullover shirt. I had started to invest in turning over my old set of college clothes and was trying to be fashionable, but had no idea if I was doing it correctly.

My stomach started to growl as I picked up something being grilled from within one of the restaurants and forgot all about whether I was tres fashionable or not. I walked up to the hostess inside.

“How many are in your party?” She said in a very monotone voice.



“Just me.”

“That’s kind of depressing…”

“Okay then, that doesn’t help me.”

“You can just sit at the bar…”


“Do you want a newspaper or something?”

I left the hostess and walked for a seat at the bar. I noticed the bartender washing out some glasses, he was chatting it up with some women at the end of the bar. There looked to be three of them, all roughly the same body type, all looking to be at the start of a fun night out.

One of them, a brunette with her hair in a bob, turned a bit and noticed me, turned back to her conversation, but then looked back at me again. She was stunning, and our eyes locked for a bit before I turned to look back at the bar and twiddle my thumbs. I didn’t want to come across as a creeper.

The bartender walked up to me and handed me the menu, I ordered a beer quickly, not sure of when he might come back. He returned quickly with my drink and I sat for a bit to just sit and enjoy my beer. I struggled to not pull out my phone, sometimes it was nice to just sit and be bored.

“Are you here by yourself?” I looked to my right where the voice had come from. Two of the women were looking at me, the one with the bob and another woman with long dirty blond hair in a red dress. The other was still chatting up the bartender.

“All by myself.”

“Isn’t that depressing?” The red dress asked.

I laughed thinking, ‘Maybe it is pretty almanbahis adres depressing?’

“That’s what the hostess asked too. But I just moved here so I know literally no-one. I get a pass to eat by myself.”

“You just moved here?” The bob haired lady asked.

“I did, just moved up from Texas!”

The bob hair woman replied, “Well howdy partner, feel free to join us if you want, I’m Cara, this is Wendy, and that’s our friend Maya over there trying to get into the bartender’s pants.”

“Don’t be jealous!” Maya sneered at Cara.

“I don’t want to impose on your ladies night.”

“Three beautiful women are asking you to join them, don’t defy the gods! Mister…?” asked Wendy.

“James.” I picked up my beer and strode over.

Cara looked me up and down, “Where are the cowboy boots?! I demand to see the cowboy boots!”

“I left them with my horse outside, too much mud to bring into a fine E-stablishment like this.” She laughed, I looked at Cara, she had a green satin dress on, with a deep v-neck. She sported a tan from long days outside. Her lips were decorated by a deep sultry shade of red lipstick. She looked up at me from her bar stool, I swore I saw a twinkle in her eye.

“To life in the big city.” I raised my glass with Cara’s and Wendy’s. I peeked over and saw Maya was whispering something into the bartender’s ear, they were definitely going home together. We cheers’d and began a fun night together.


Maya had already left the group two hours ago and Wendy was a bit worse for the wear. Cara and I had been drinking but we had kept talking. We talked about college, what our passions were, and found a mutual love of the same movies, interestingly enough we were quoting “Lethal Weapon” more times than I have ever known possible. After the fifth “Riggggssss!” session concluded while waiting in line outside of a dance club Wendy had talked up, she barfed.

“Oh hell no, take your friend home!” The bouncer ordered us.

I helped Wendy gain her balance and Cara pulled her hair away, guiding us away from the club. “Luckily we live nearby, so I can just take her home, I’m so sorry James!”

“I can totally help!”

“Are you sure? We just met you tonight, so you are not at all required to help!”

“A cowboy never leaves a partna’ alone on the range”. She smiled and we began the trudge across a few city blocks. Thankfully they lived in the same apartment building together and I helped them get to Wendy’s door, who protested with “I’ll be fine, just had one too many tequila shots thanks to Mr. Cowboy over here.” She pointed an accusatory finger at me.

“Those guys you were talking to ordered them, not me!” I turned to Cara, “I can leave now if you need me to, I completely missed dinner and might try and track something down that’s still open.”

Cara looked at me as she helped Wendy open her apartment door. “If you wait one minute I think I can help with that.”

More than one minute later Cara came back through Wendy’s apartment door and locked up. “Ohhh Wendy, I’m looking forward to annoying her during her hangover tomorrow. Come with me, I have some leftover pizza, I owe it to you for helping get her home.”

She smiled at me and led me across the building and up a flight of stairs into her place. She kicked her shoes off and I mirrored her. “So I have pepperoni and supreme, and not to brag, but I made it from scratch yesterday…” She let the pride flash across her face.

“Whatever you don’t want for leftover tomorrow is fine by me.”

“Pepperoni it is.” She heated up two slices and one more for herself before taking the food over to a small table for us to eat at. Our silence that took over us as we ate betrayed how famished we really were.

“This is so gooooooood.”

“I knowwwww” She snickered. I had already plowed my way through the two pieces and was working nibbling on the crust. “So James, I love asking this question, I feel like it tells me a lot about a person…If you could be any kind of detective from LA who would it be?”

Swallowing a bite and wiping my face clean, “Obviously Murtaugh. He has a wife, kids, besides his crazy Australian/anti-semitic partner, he has an awesome life and I think, is a pillar of his community.”

“Good choice.”

We both laughed but came to a silence as we became caught staring at each other. All of a sudden we both reached over the table for each other and began to kiss each other. She got out her chair and came to sit down on top of me. I ran my hands up and down her satin dress, I felt her pelvis pressing into my waist. She tasted like pizza, the sexiest taste imaginable.

We had been so caught up talking all night that we had let our attraction for each other build until it hit a breaking point at this very moment. My hands ran down her dress to her ass, I squeezed and she humped into me. Our lips did not lose touch with each other.

She began to gently hump into me, my hands went lower to the bottom of her dress and then started to come up underneath it. My hands made contact with her ass and squeezed even tighter, I could feel that she had a g-string on by the amount of bare skin that I was able to grab hold of. She let out a gentle moan and pulled back from my lips.

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