Adventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 3

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I stayed away from the plant for about a week. Things were getting complicated and I needed some time to sort them out. Nothing had really happened with Sarah; however, more had happened than I would have ever thought would happen. Was I seducing her, explicitly or implicitly? Whichever it was or if it was, I could end up losing in the long run. She could leave and without her to run the cleaners, I would be screwed, big time…

Then, of course, there was Lucy with her newfound sexuality. Her libido was turned on and it seems to be trying to make up for lost time. I know that, for the present, her ardor is aimed at me but in a matter of time, it will be redirected.

I called Sarah the first day I did not go into the plant and told her that I was very busy with my other business and would be away from the plant a few days. She seemed relieved. I called Lucy that evening and relayed the same message. The reaction was quite the opposite and more direct.

“I’m going to miss you,” she said. Maybe you could stop by one evening.”

I did just that. I arrived at the plant at 4:55 and went through the back door and into the office. My thought was to surprise Lucy when she closed by slipping up to the front and sitting on the mark in table. It was I who was surprised when the intercom buzzed about ten minutes to six.

Lucy said, “There’s a couple up here who want to see you.”

I went up front to see who it could possibly be.

“Hello, I’m Pamela Rogers and this is my husband Raymond,” she said. “We were friends of Mr. Cooper. Isn’t it a shame that we lost him?”

“Well, I really didn’t know him,” I replied. “I bought the cleaners from Ms. Cooper after his death.”

“We don’t have any reason to meet you,” Pamela said. “Except that we are customers and had asked for you a few times but you are never here.

Raymond said, “That didn’t come out right. We just like to know the people we do business with. It’s really nice to meet you.”

“Well, Pamela and Raymond, it’s really nice meeting you,” I said. “You are right. I’m not here that often but I have a good staff. Sarah is the store manager and can help you with any problems that might arise. But if there is ever a time when you need to see me, both Sarah and Lucy here know how to get in touch with me.”

“Oh, call us Pam and Ray,” Pam said.

Ray added, “Now, that we are all friends, there is a little bar right up the street. Let’s go up there and have a drink. Lucy, it’s closing time. Why don’t you join us?”

I said, “I have one little thing I have to do before leaving. It’ll take about ten minutes. I’ll meet you there.”

As soon as they left, Lucy said, “Oh darn, I was going to call in that marker for the ‘future fuck’ you owe me.”

“I’m sorry, Honey,” I apologized. “I was going to surprise you tonight and let you keep the marker. Why don’t you close and come up for a drink?”

Lucy said, “I don’t need a drink. I need a fuck. But I’ll think about it.”

Lucy and I kissed behind the paneled wall and she gave my dick a little squeeze. I said, “I think I’ve created a monster.”

As I was headed for the door, Lucy asked, “Didn’t you say that you had something to do?”

“I just did it,” I answered. “See you there.”

Walking to the bar, I was thinking about Pam and Ray. Pam was a cute dark blond with sun streaks. I would guess her age at maybe twenty-two. She had a cute figure, medium to large bust, narrow waist and hips to match. Her features were rounded and she looked very fuckable. Ray was about five foot eight and slender built. He had a straggly beard and appeared to be in his early to mid-forties.

I arrived at the bar and found Pam and Ray sitting in a half-circle booth. They motioned me over and I slid into the only open seat, which was on Pam’s right.

Ray was drinking shots of Jack and chasing them with beer, Pam was sipping a draft beer, and I was about to order a beer when Ray said, “I ordered you a shot and a beer. You look like who would have a man’s drink.”

“Thanks,” I said. “But I only drink beer.”

The waitress arrived with the drinks. “I’m not bashful,” Ray said. “I’ll have the shot and he can have the beer.”

Pam said, “Ray, that’s your third and fourth shots and we haven’t been here a half hour.”

Ray was speaking to me but the words were aimed at his wife, “She must have been an accountant in a past life because she keeps track of everything so well. Hey, you shoot pool?” Without waiting for an answer, he went to look for an empty table, the bathroom, or another shot. I don’t think that it mattered to him what he found as long as it was away from Pam’s criticism.

Pam turned toward me in the booth and the toe of her shoe made direct contact with my left shin. She noticed me wince. “Oh, is that your leg? I’m so sorry,” she said as she leaned toward me and rubbed my shin with her left hand. The slight pain in my shin was not what was getting my attention. That would be Pam’s right hand that was resting on beylikdüzü escort my upper thigh. Her fingertips were only about an inch from my stiffening cock.

That distance was quickly erased when she moved her hand forward and wrapped her fingers around my stiff member. “I see that you are starting to feel better,” she said and continued to stroke my cock through the material of my pants as it reached maximum extension.

“Being that your husband, whose inhibitions are being eroded by alcohol, is somewhere close by, do you think that thing you’re doing with your right hand is a smart thing?” I asked.

“You seem to be enjoying it,” she said. “And besides, I told Ray earlier that I was horny. But what does he do? Does he take me home and satisfy my needs? No! He brings me to a bar where he proceeds to see how many shots he can polish off. Meanwhile, he seats me next to a good-looking guy with an exquisite cock just with my reach. So, excuse my French, fuck him.”

“I just don’t think that it would look very good for the local drycleaner to have a barroom fight with one of his customers because he was caught with the customer’s wife stroking his dick, no matter how good it felt.” I said.

“O.K.” she said, making a mock show of doing what she was saying. “Both hands on the table. I’ll be a good girl, for right now, at least.”

It’s difficult to back up and have a polite conversation just after having your dick stroked by an attractive woman but that is what we were trying to so. After a few minutes, the topic returned to Ray.

“He’s not a bad man,” she said. “But every once in a while he goes on a binge. I never know when it’s going to happen or why or, for that matter, how long it will last. It’s not like he’s an alcoholic or anything. We have whisky, beer, and wine at home. Most of the time, he is just a normal person. He has a drink or not and nothing happens. But, sometimes, and it seems like it is tonight, he goes off the deep end.

“You’re finishing your first beer and Ray has had seven shots and three beers. That’s about three-quarters of his capacity then I’ll have to get him home quickly before he passes out. I know that it’s a big favor to ask but will you help me get him home?”

I was trying to think of a reason to say no when I saw Lucy enter the bar. She had that look on her face that told every patron in the place that she was fresh meat and had not been in many bars, if any. She saw me waving and started toward us with a big smile. I stood and Lucy slipped into the booth between Pam and I.

Pam and I ordered another beer and Lucy had a glass of wine. I brought Lucy up to speed as to what was going on. I picked up the tab that the waitress kept updating and pointed to the whiskies and large beers that Ray had consumed. “Ray is around here somewhere self-destructing. Pam is going to need some help getting him home since he out weighs her by fifty pounds. Care to join the adventure?”

“Oh my God!” Lucy exclaimed after counting the drinks. “Is he still standing?”

“No one has reported him down, yet” Pam said.

“If the purpose is to get him home,” Lucy said. Why don’t you tell him that we’re going to your house to have some drinks.”

“The woman has a head on her shoulders,” Pam said. “That’s a good idea. But since we just ordered, let’s finish and by that time maybe he’ll be ready to go.”

Whether he was ready to go or not Ray was invited to leave before our drinks were finished. We heard a row in the poolroom and before I could get back there to see what was going on, two men were being restrained by the other patrons and were yelling at each other. One of them was Ray and the other one was four inches taller and about fifty pounds heavier. I don’t think that there was an ounce of fat in those fifty pounds.

It appeared that Ray was lucky to have Paddy, the Irish bartender and consummate negotiator, intercede. Paddy was saying, “Now men, things will look different tomorrow. I’m not going to ask you to shake hands with each other but as an act of friendship, I’m going to ask that you shake hands with me and go your separate ways tonight. If both of you feel the same tomorrow as tonight, there’ll be plenty of time to settle your differences. I would be obliged if you do it elsewhere.”

When Ray neared us he looked like he was about to go on the defensive when Pam surprised him and said, “Ray, why don’t the four of us go over to our house and have a few more drinks?”

Ray said, “Damn straight, honey. Let me pay the tab and we’ll blow this joint.”

Lucy and I followed the Rogers in Lucy’s car since she had moved her car to the bar. When we got to their house, Pam and I helped Ray into the house and upstairs to the bedroom. He had not quite passed out but was far enough gone to not have control of his speech and limbs. In the bedroom, Pam asked me to hold Ray up so she could get his clothes off easier. We removed his shirt and I laid him across the bed. Pam removed his shoes. She undid his belt escort beylikdüzü and pulled his pants down and off.

I looked over at Lucy who was staring at Ray’s cock. Because of his lack of underwear, he was totally exposed. Lucy noticed that I was watching her and pointed with her eyes at Ray’s cock. Lucy was all but snickering. There was Ray passed out completely from Jack and beer, naked except for his socks, displaying his one and a half to two inch cock.

Pam noticed that we were looking and said, “Well, you can see that I didn’t marry him for his sexual prowess. Sometimes, I can’t remember why I married him at all. Oh yeah, the money.

I was to find out later that Ray was the beneficiary of a trust fund. As long as he used just the proceeds and left the principal alone, the money would last for the rest of his life and could be passed on after his death. At the present, the proceeds were about $140,000 a year. That explained how a guy with a two-inch dick could get a good-looking woman twenty-some years younger.

After tucking Ray in, we went downstairs. Pam asked us to stay for awhile and have a drink. I sat on a sofa in the living room while Pam and Lucy went into the kitchen to get drinks. I picked a magazine and looked through it. It had been several minutes and I was still alone. I decided to join the ladies in the kitchen.

When I neared the kitchen I heard the two of them talking and paused in the little passageway. Pam asked Lucy, “So what’s up between you two?”

“He’s my boss,” Lucy replied. “He owns the cleaners.

“Are you in love with him or are you just looking for a meal ticket?” Pam asked.

“What I’m really asking is, are you two sleeping together?” Pam asked.

Lucy was taken by surprise at the directness of the question and didn’t answer for a minute.

Pam continued, “I don’t really care if you are or not but I would like to get something going tonight and I want to know if you want to play along.”

“Well, yeah, I guess so,” Lucy said. “But to be honest, I don’t have much experience.”

“Have you ever been with a woman?” Pam asked.

“NO,” Lucy answered quickly and maybe a little too loudly. “I’m not a lesbian.”

“And tonight won’t make you one either,” Pam said. “But nothing gets a man excited quicker than two women messing around. We fool around a little and when he gets turned on, we can play with him. Will you go along with that?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” said Lucy. “But I don’t know what to do.”

“OK. Let me show you a couple of things.” Pam said. “Let’s kiss. Just kiss me like I’m a man.”

I had no choice. I had to risk getting caught eavesdropping to see what they were doing. I looked around the archway and saw Pam taking Lucy into her arms and holding her close while bringing their lips together. Lucy was tentative at first but being a quick learner she was soon returning the kiss as passionately as it was being given. Pam’s right hand had moved to Lucy’s left breast and was tweaking the nipple.

Pam suddenly disengaged and said, “God, you’re a natural. You’ll do just fine. Let’s get these drinks into the other room before he gets suspicious.”

I scurried back into the living room, took my seat on the sofa, and grabbed the magazine I was looking at earlier. This time, however, I was using it to cover the hard on I got while watching Pam and Lucy in the kitchen. When they entered the living room, I noticed that Lucy appeared a little flushed. I said, “I was beginning to wonder where you were. A few more minutes and I was going to form a search party.”

Pam responded, “We were getting acquainted. You know, girl talk.”

We were engaged in idle conversation but the subject kept coming back to sex in one form or another. Eventually, the subject was what women without men do about sex. Surprisingly, it was Lucy that asked, “Pam, we couldn’t help but see the size of Ray’s thing. Unless it gets a lot bigger, what do you do about sex?”

“Sometimes he eats my pussy but mostly he thinks he has enough to please me so he just messes around down there until he cums and then it’s over,” Pam answered. “One time I was going to cheat on Ray and I met a man. He was bigger than Ray but the results were the same. There was no foreplay or anything. He just jumped on, did his thing and then he talked about how good it was.”

Lucy asked, “Was his name Jimmy?”

Pam said with hesitancy in her voice, “Yes.”

Then Pam and Lucy together said, “Becker.”

“He was my high school boyfriend,” Lucy said. “I only had sex with him once and he was the same way. I only found out how good sex really is recently when I was with an older man.”

Pam moved to sit beside Lucy and put her arms around her. She kissed Lucy’s face all over and just slightly brushed lips before saying, “You poor thing. At least, I had sex with several men before I was married and knew he was no good.”

“He took my cherry and I knew he was no good.” Lucy said.

Pam continued to beylikduzu escort sit next to Lucy with her arm around her as she continued, “My next sexventure was with a girl friend of mine. Neither of us is lesbian but we were both really horny. She was separated from her husband and we were sitting right here, where we are now, during one of Ray’s drunkouts. Somehow, we started kissing and one thing led to another until we both got off.”

Looking at Lucy, Pam asked, “Have you ever been with a woman?”

“One time I kissed with a woman and she played with my breast a little,” Lucy related what had happened in the kitchen a little earlier.

“Did you like it?” Pam asked.

“It kind of made me hot,” Lucy replied.

“Will you kiss me now with tongues and everything?” Pam asked.

Lucy looked at me asking if it was all right with her eyes. I nodded approval. Pam and Lucy leaned toward each other and their lips met. The kiss was sweet, yet sensual. It was obvious that Pam was the aggressive one but it was also apparent that Lucy was curious and eager to follow Pam’s lead. As their kisses became more passionate, Pam’s right hand took Lucy’s left breast and start to tweak the nipple. I knew from experience that Lucy’s juices had started to flow.

Lucy moved both of her hands to Pam’s breasts. She massaged them a couple of minutes, then settled down to flicking Pam’s nipples with her thumbs through her blouse. Pam, in a husky whisper, said, “Let’s get rid of these clothes.”

It was no sooner said than done. They began to undress each other. First came the blouses and bras. What a magnificent sight! Four beautiful breasts topped with four erect nipples and four hands playing with them while two sets of lips were engaged in as an erotic kiss as I had ever witnessed. Next came the skirts and panties. Two nude, beautiful, young women with arm and legs entwined manifestly lost in pleasuring each other.

It was as if I was invisible. I turned off my cell phone because I wanted no intrusions. I removed my clothes and slowly stroked my cock while watching intently. I knew that I had to be careful not to spew my seed over the plush deep-pile carpet.

Pam had moved her hand down to Lucy’s sopping wet pussy. After exploring for a moment, Pam felt Lucy’s huge clitoris. She immediately disengaged and slipped to her knees. Pam’s face was just inches from Lucy’s wet pussy.

Pam exclaimed, “My God, Lucy. Your clit is like a small penis!”

Pam clamped onto Lucy’s clit with her mouth and Lucy clamped onto a gigantic orgasm. Lucy’s body started to quiver and Pam was having some trouble keeping her mouth on her clit. She clamped her elbows at Lucy’s hips and locked her hands together over her stomach, just above her pubic hair. She was locked in a position so that Pam could continue to use her mouth and lips on Lucy’s huge, swollen clit as wave after wave of passion flowed over her body seemingly leaving no cell untouched.

Lucy was lying back with her head against a sofa cushion with her eyes closed. A mixture of low guttural moans and unintelligible mutterings were coming from her mouth. Seeing the woman that I had initiated into sexuality in the throes, as it were, fired me to the sexual boiling and I was about to explode. I crawled over behind Pam who was sitting on her feet. When I touched her, she raised her ass into the air and spread her knees apart.

I rubbed my cock through her pussy juices and pushed it into her awaiting pussy. She was hot, tight, and wet. We must have been at the same stage of readiness. I put my left hand around her and played with her nipples that were pointing at the floor beneath her hanging breasts. My right hand was toying with her clit, which was not as big as Lucy’s but was no slouch. In less than two minutes, Pam was screaming into Lucy’s pussy loud enough to awaken her husband if he had not been in their bedroom in an alcoholic coma.

Pam’s climax pushed me over the top and I exploded deep into her love tunnel. I stayed connected with her until our climaxes passed and her contractions forced my limp dick out. I went into the bathroom and got a towel to clean myself and brought it back to put under Pam so that my cum leaking out of her pussy would not stain the carpet.

When I returned to the living room, Lucy was coming around and said, “Pam, I want to do to you what you just did to me.”

“That’s O.K. by me,” Pam said. “But I guess I should warn you that I’m full of cum.”

Lucy looked a bit confused and I realized that she was unaware that I had fucked Pam. Lucy said, “Good.”

Pam lay back on the carpet and spread her legs that were bent at the knees. Her body was so inviting, her beautiful breast that leaned ever so slightly to her sides, her slightly rounded stomach sloping to the golden-haired swollen lips of her fresh-fucked pussy with one white cum drop leaking out.

Lucy leaned on her elbows and began sucking on Pam’s pussy. Lucy was swallowing rapidly as she drank my cum from Pam. Lucy then moved up slightly as she started licking and sucking Pam’s clit. She rested her weight on her left elbow and inserted two fingers of her right hand into Pam’s pussy. She synchronized her clit licking with her finger fucking and went at both with a passion.

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