African Queen

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Big Tits

I first saw her in my local coffee shop, she was serving when I called in for my to-go morning brew. The regular server was a college age guy with a hipster beard and glasses so the greeting from the new staff member was welcome. Her name tag told me her name was Zuri, and I guessed her age as mid- twenties. She was as tall as me and had a model figure, displayed in tight jeans and company T-shirt. Over the next few mornings I chatted with her if there was no queue of customers while my coffee was getting fixed and found out she was a college grad. hoping for a job in the financial sector and filling in at the coffee shop until the right opening came along.

Monday of her second week we chatted about our weekend activities and found we’d both been hiking, within 10 miles of each other, but on different trails. I grabbed the chance to suggest we might get together the following weekend and hit the outdoors together. She was hesitant but agreed to let me know her plans by Thursday morning. Good to her word, on Thursday she passed me a note with her cell phone number, and told me to call her after work. We spoke long enough to arrange to meet at the trail car park for a local valley which had a good circular walk up one side of a valley to a waterfall and back down the other side.

Saturday dawned with a clear sky and by the time we met the sun was blazing down and the valley was blurred in the distance with bahçeşehir escort heat haze. As I slipped on my back pack and helped Zuri with hers I offered to lead as I’d walked this trail before and wouldn’t need a map. She was happy to follow and we set off knowing that we would have to walk through the heat of the day to ensure we were back in daylight. We made good time, with frequent stops for drinks and snacks, and as the late morning heat built the waterfall came in sight.

We’d been passed by two groups heading the opposite way but had seen nobody for 30 mins when we reached the waterfall. The trail was meant to go up the side and across a bridge then back down but with the water flow being low we rock hopped below the fall and made the opposite bank, With time to spare I suggested a rest, eating our lunch and maybe a paddle in the river to cool our overheated feet. Zuri agreed and we quickly found a flat rock to sit on so we could soak our feet as we ate our picnic. The water temperature was pleasant and the nearby waterfall offered an inviting opportunity to cool down so I told Zuri I was going for a “shower” under the cascade and I would be back soon.

We’d seen nobody for a while so I chanced stripping off and walked behind the water, where the rock had eroded away, and edged forward into the torrent. The force nearly knocked me over but I managed to hold my balance bakırköy escort and caught a blurred image of somebody, Zuri I thought, approaching the waterfall. Sure enough as I backed out of the flow Zuri was there, naked and wet from the spray, looking amazing. I offered her my hand and she took hold as I stepped back into the deluge of the tumbling water. She moved in close, holding tight to stop herself getting knocked over. As we stepped back for air I was aware of my erect cock bobbing between us and Zuri noticed too, raising a questioning eyebrow as she looked down.

Conversation was impossible because of the noise from the water but she received no objection when she grasped my cock and peeled back my foreskin. Water dripped off my bell end and she squatted down and aimed the drips into her mouth, gulping down the droplets in a very suggestive way before bobbing her head forward and engulfing me. She worked my length with her lips as she took most of me into her mouth slowly and sensually. All to soon felt my orgasm building and tried to withdraw but Zuri wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me forward driving my full length into her mouth as the tip probed her throat. The sensations were enough to take me past the tipping point and I pumped my cream into her mouth as she sucked me dry.

As Zuri stood up she looked around and saw a ledge at the back of the recess başakşehir escort we were in, she backed up and sat down, beckoning me forward and pointing to my head and her pussy. Payback was needed and I was keen to settle up. Squatting down I licked the water from her pubis and probed between her lips for the juice I was sure would be there. Her lips parted as she spread her legs and my tongue was bathed in her nectar. Using the lubrication I coated her clit and worked my tongue along her pillowed opening, more juices seeped from her depths and her hips bounced on the rock seat as her orgasm ripped through her.

My cock had hardened again and she turned her back on to me and bent forward grasping her ankles and presenting a glistening target. Holding her tiny waist I positioned myself at the doorway to heaven and rocked forward, driving deep with the first thrust and holding still as she rippled her vaginal muscles, repeating the deep throat sensation from before but with no visible movement. This was a novel lovemaking style and one that was extremely exciting. Her muscle strength and control was incredible and visual stimuli soon had me bordering on another eruption. Sensing that I would stop her from losing her balance she brought her hands up from her ankles, fondling my balls with one and massaging her clit with the other. As she brought herself to another peak her muscles milked me into her core and we shared a knee trembling crescendo.

We cleaned ourselves under the shower nature provided then gathered our gear and completed the hike but I made sure to be behind Zuri, the translation “beautiful” certainly well deserved from my viewpoint , one that I hoped to reinforce regularly for years to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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