After School Pt. 02

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Part 1 happened on Saturday and Sunday.


Dan was out mowing the lawn. It was getting hot out so he took his shirt off and threw it in the pool. Sweat was rolling down his body. He had no idea there were eyes on him. Charlotte was watching, his stepmom, Celeste was watching and Soledad, their neighbor was watching from her balcony. He looked up at the balcony and swore the neighbor lady was rubbing her pussy through her bikini. Dan has jacked off to thoughts of Soledad and her daughter Marisol, on numerous occasions and now, is she, he thought.

He had finished with the yard work and headed inside to shower. Celeste asked if he wanted some water and he nodded. “That feels great going down,” Dan said.

“I bet it does,” his stepmom mumbled into her mug as she took a sip of her coffee.

“I’m going to take a shower now Mom,” Dan said and headed upstairs. He disrobed and admired himself in the mirror. He loved his body and especially his dick. He’d thought about trying to suck it even but he thought that might make him gay and never gave in to the urge. With that he headed into the bathroom not even caring about the others in the house.

The shower started out cold but her turned it warmer and thought about his neighbor. He stroked a couple of times but thought it would be better in his room. So he grabbed a towel and wrapped himself, not drying just wrapping and headed back to his room. Once inside he dropped the towel and looked at himself again. Running his hands over his body, stopping on his sex. Dan rubbed his dick with thoughts of Soledad playing with herself. As his cock grew harder, he sat on his bed and wondered about her pussy. He knew she had nice tits as he’d seen her at the pool before. He stroked himself hard. Pumping his meat, thinking of what her pussy looked like. He stood up and walked to the window still stroking. As he looked toward the balcony, Soledad had her bikini pulled aside and he saw her dark hair and she was fingering herself and looking straight into Dan’s window. This made his balls tingle and he knew there was no turning back now. Just then, his door opened and his stepmom entered and gasped. The first rope of sperm hit the window. Dan turned to see his stepmom and the second rope of sperm flew over and landed on Celeste’s blouse, the third hit her skirt. “Oh Fuck, MOM” is all he could say.

“Well sweetie!” Celeste said and then continued, “I was coming to check on your shower, I didn’t think I was going to get one.”

A snicker escaped Dan, “I’m sorry, Mom.”

“It’s ok hun, I completely understand. Boys your age are always masturbating,” Celeste said. Then she left and closed the door. Outside his room she wiped up some of his cum and licked it off her fingers.

Dan thought, “What the fuck just happened.” His stepmom and Soledad the neighbor, had just watched him blow his load. He was embarassed, excited and most of all worried about the house dynamic now that Charlotte and her mom had seen him naked and more.

Dan went for a run to clear his head. He thought of only good things that could be ahead. When he rounded the corner, he saw Soledad leaving his house. He wondered if this could stem from what happened earlier. He knew they got together now and then for coffee but this was too soon after, this morning.

As Dan entered the house, Celeste told him that Soledad came over to see if he was interested in mowing her lawn. He said he’d think about it.

“Hey Celeste, about earlier.” Dan said.

“Everything is good.” she replied and said she was headed out.



Dan came in from a run and noticed John’s car in the drive. Charlotte’s boyfriend, John would come over now and then but Celeste was home each time. Dan didn’t think much of it at the time and headed into the bathroom.

Meanwhile…Charlotte was sitting in a chair

sliding her favorite toy into her wetness. John was standing across the room watching and stroking himself to hard. Charlotte thought she heard Dan come in and her wheels started spinning. She told her boyfriend to lie on the bed. Char then hovered over John’s cock and lowered herself. Feeling his warmth inside and knowing her brother was in the house, a shiver ran through her.

Dan was lathering himself and touching his dick and then his mind wandered to Char and John. That made for a quick shower as his curiousity was getting the better of him. He had a serious urge to get off.

He moved stealthily down the hall to find her door closed. As he got closer, he could hear the pleasurable sounds of sex. He was happy when he checked the door- it wasn’t locked. As he opened it, he saw Charlotte riding John reverse cowgirl across the room. Her ass looked so good as she rode up and down on her boyfriend. Then everything changed when he thought he heard her say, bro.

“You like fucking bursa escort me don’t you, bro?” she asked.

“I love it so much, sis,” John said and continued, “I like this roleplay, Char.”

“You want to suck a dick don’t you John?” was her next question.

Dan was confused. Charlotte is fantasy roleplaying bro/sis with her boyfriend who is, bi? WTF, he thought.

Charlotte then buried John’s cock inside her and turned to see Dan in the crack of her door. She waived him in and told John to keep his eyes closed. As Dan moved in to her room, his hand brushed the towel and it fell, showing his sister his hardened state. She smiled and morioned for him to stay quiet.

Charlotte climbed off of John, and the bed and led Dan by his cock to the side of her bed. There she traced her fingers around John’s lips and then slid her dildo into his mouth. Her other hand was stroking Dan.

“Are you thinking that cock feels good, John?” she asked. “Do you like the feel of a cock in your mouth?” she continued.

Dan looked at Charlotte with a questioning look. She then removed her toy from John’s mouth and pulled Dan closer and pressed his head to John’s lips. John licked at the new feeling, opening his eyes to see his girlfriend’s brother’s cock. Charlotte pushed Dan closer to John as his cock moved into John’s mouth.

Charlotte kissed Dan while John sucked his manhood. She then whispered to her brother, “John has fantasized about sucking a dick for some time.”

John was going to town on that cock. Dan thought it was feeling good too. So much so, he kissed Charlotte deep and lost track of what was happening and shoved his dick deep in John’s mouth, which made him gag. Dan pulled out and apologized.

“It’s ok, bro.” John said.

John reached for Dan’s dick, stroking him before putting it back in his mouth. Dan was now involved in his stepsister’s fantasy. Charlotte is messing around with her 2 “brothers”, and one is sucking the other. She got back on the bed to stroke John. As she stroked him, she had a thought.

“Let’s all get on the bed,” she said. “Dan, get on your knees next to John, so he can suck your wonderful cock. I am going to suck John as you eat me.” she continued.

John couldn’t believe what all was going on either. Dan and Charlotte have done things together he thought but it was fleeting, as he sucked Dan. He was enjoying the feel of a cock. He stroked it, massaged it, licked it and most of all, he sucked that cock.

Dan was in position behind Charlotte, savoring the smell of her anus. He swirled his tongue around her butthole and then moved to her lips. He pressed his nose into her pucker as his tongue licked her opening lips. This was a hard maneuver, so he got back on his knees and slid a couple fingers inside her.

Char was disappointed at first but happy once Dan’s fingers made it inside. She stroked John as she was fingered. Her mind was racing at what she had put together on a whim. The stars must be in the right alignment she thought, as she went down on her boyfriend/brother. This fantasy was making her very wet.

Dan saw Charlotte’s dildo on the bed and decided she needed both holes filled. He pulled his fingers out of her sopping pussy and replaced them with her dildo. He then licked her sphincter which she tightened. She was enjoying the feeling and eased her lock. Dan’s tongue was replaced by a finger. As he fucked his sister’s ass, he slid a second finger in.

She was getting lost in the feeling of double penetration. Char regained some composure and saw how hard Dan and John were and decided this was the time for another fantasy. Stars aligned and all. She took out her toy and eased Dan’s fingers out of hes ass as she got of the bed.

Charlotte told Dan to lay down. She went and got some lube and set it on the bed before climbing on and stroking her brother. She then kissed his helmet, licked it and lowered herself on the bigger of the two. John stood there stroking himself as he watched his girlfriend fuck her stepbrother. As Char moved up, down and then girate on her brother, she told John to apply lube to her ass.

John did as told and put lube on her anus. She was fucking Dan and it felt a little better than last week, probably because someone else was here exciting the situation. John then slid a finger into her ass, followed by a second. After the second finger, Charlotte paused on the downslide and leaned down to kiss Dan. As she did, John took her positioning as the invite he was hoping for. He pulled his fingers out and put more lube on her ass. Slowly he pushed his cock head in and held it and her sphincter tightened on his cock.

As she released the hold, she felt John push deeper inside. Charlotte reached back with a hand to guide how fast he entered her ass. She was double pentrated, she now realized. With that notion, bursa escort bayan she pused back and felt both cocks apply too much pressure inside. “You’ll both have to alternate fucking your sister,” Charlotte told them.

Dan pulled out a bit and as he pushed in, John pulled out. The 2 boys didn’t take long to get a rhythm going. No competion here, just trying to keep their sister happy.

Charlotte looked down at Dan. Pure lust in here eyes. She leaned in to kiss him. “Fuck your sister,” she said. “Fuck me you two. I love my brothers double fucking me. You’re gonna make me cum,” she continued.

She wasn’t the first though. John lost it first and unloaded his semen in her ass. Pumping everything he had deep inside her. As he did, Dan felt John’s cock inside his sister and he was pushed over the edge, filling her pussy with his sperm. Feeling both boys’ cocks spasm inside her, caused Charlotte’s orgasm to come crashing forth. Her orgasm colapsing her on to Dan. She actually howled and guterally yelled, “I love my brothers!”



Charlotte and Dan were eating breakfast chitchatting when Celeste walked in. She told them she was going to spend the day with Soledad and asked what their plans were for the day. Char said she was going out with John. Dan shrugged and said he didn’t know.

Celeste and her friend had been out shopping for awhile and started to get hungry. They stopped in to a restaurant with a full liquor bar and ordered mojito’s to start.

The two women had gotten friendly over the last couple of weeks. Soledad told Celeste she was divorced and Celete in turn told Soledad that her husband, Dan’s father, was always away on business. A few drinks later and they were on the move.

They found themselves curiously looking in a sex shop. Looking at the movies, books, toys and the men that were in there eyeing the two women. They had a nice buzz going and they were carrying on like school girls.

Soledad picked up a dildo and asked, “Celeste have if ever used one of these?”

Celeste responded coyly, “Yes, I have a few of them. Different sizes and shapes. With Joe gone all the time, they are my only release. You don’t have one?”

Soledad blushed, “No, I only use my fingers.”

“Let me get this for you then. An early Christmas present,” Celeste told her.

Meanwhile, Char and Dan stuck around the house after her/their mom left. Watching TV until they were board. Both had serious shit going on in their heads.

Dan started, “Did your boyfriend like sucking my dick yesterday?”

“He did,” she responded. “And he hoped you might be up for it again sometime.”

“We’ll see Char,” Dan said. “How did that even come up between you two? I mean really.”

“We were just taliking and asking about fantasies and he said he wanted to suck a dick.” she said.

“Did you tell him about any fantasies?” Dan asked.

Charlotte responded, “Well I fugured we’ve been going out for almost a year and he did just drop the dick thing on me. So I told him I read stories on and the ones that drive me crazy are exhibitionist and incest. He was thrown then AND from the look on your face, you are too! This might have been too much info for you.”

“Not at all, sweet sister.” he said with a shit eaten grin.

“Since those are your two favorite subjects you’ll never believe what happened yesterday. Your mom caught me jacking off to the neighbor.”

Almost spitting out her orange juice, “Get the fuck out!” she exclaimed after she finally swallowed.

He then explained, “Seriously. While I was mowing, I thought I saw Soledad rubbing her pussy. I shook it off and finished the yard. During my shower though, I started thinking about it and went to jackoff in my room. I was really horny and it didn’t take long, especially when I looked over and saw her hairy black bush. She was fingering herself and looking at me and that’s when I lost it. At the same time I started to cum, your mom walked in and I hit her with some cum as well as the window.”

“What the fuck, Dan? How often do you jack off? I see that the whole thing excited you a lot,” she said.

“What do you mean?” Dan asked.

“You’re hard as a rock. I watched as you told the story. It grew with each word.” she told him. “Have you jacked off to my mom? I bet you’ve masturbated to both of us haven’t you?” she asked.

Blushing, he nodded.

“Since we’ve gotten really close recently, I guess I can tell you that I love sniffing your underwear too.” he told her.

“Really?” she asked.

Charlotte then started to rub Dan through his shorts. He was reaching a boiling point. He was so horny now from retelling the story to Charlotte mentioning her and her mom. She could see he was on overload, so she pulled down his shorts and was smacked escort bursa under her chin by his engorged penis. She started stroking his gorgeous dick.

“Char, it won’t be long.” Dan grunted.

“Let’s slow you down then.” she replied and led him by his cock again, all the way to his room. She pushed him back on his bed and licked up his cock. She then took off her shirt, shorts and undies. She continued to stroke her brother and then took him in her mouth.

While Charlotte and Dan were messing around at their house, their mom and Soledad got back from their outing. Celeste saw the kids’ cars and asked her friend if she minded if she came over for a bit.

Soledad acknowledged, “I had hoped you would ask.” As she opened the door, she asked Celeste if she wanted another mojito- she accepted.

Soledad gave her neighbor a tour of the house. Showing her the downstairs rooms and the lanai by the pool. They then headed upstairs where she showed her the three bedrooms. Moving into the master suite, Celeste noticed it had a view into her sons’ room. That brought back the memory of the other day when she got the cum shower from her son. She thought, “was he looking in here? Was she looking in there?”

Soledad asked Celeste if she minded if they get more comfortable. She agreed as she thought it was kind of hot as well.

Celeste then asked her friend, “Why don’t you take out your gift? If you don’t mind, I’d like to see you use it.”

Her friend blushed and said she was shy.

“Sally, can I call you that? You have an incredible body and I’d like to watch you use your present. Maybe another drink will help?” Celeste asked.

The buzz did loosen things up a bit. The clothes and inhibitions were all falling away. Celeste looked over her friends nakedness and was enamored by her beauty. As Soledad lay back on the bed, Celeste couldn’t stop gazing at Sally’s thick black bush.

As she lie on the bed, Celeste started tracing up her neighbors’ leg. Moving between her legs and kissing her way to that beautiful mound. Once there Celeste slid her tongue up her partners’ slit and over her clit. A shiver ran through her friend, enough that she brought her legs up and placed her feet on Celeste’s back. She kept licking Sally’s pussy and clit to where she was well lubricated. Celeste then took the present to her friend, and started to slowly enter that bushy pussy.

As she did, Soledad raised her arms up over her head revealing hairy armpits. The same black hair on her pussy was under her arms! Celeste started pumping faster and moved up to suck on Sally’s nipple and inhale her pit pheromones. She’d stop to massage her clit and then pump the dildo in and pull it out. Sally’s orgasm rocked her and she passed out for a moment.

As Soledad came to, she saw Celeste fucking herself with the toy now and she was looking into her own house.

Celeste was fixated on her kids. She was watching her daughter stroke and then take her brothers’ cock down her throat as she covered his face with her, panties? Charlotte then got on top and started riding her brother with reckless abandon. As she watched, she noticed she was keeping the rhythm of the kids. Soledad got off the bed to see what Celeste was watching. When she saw the kids, Sally was also turned on, she got behind Celeste and tongued her ass as she took control of the dildo. Plunging it in and out of her friends’ pussy, that was just as red as her daughters’. Celeste braced both her hands against the window as Sally fucked her.

Watching her daughter moving up and down on Dan and the feel of the phallus sliding in her, she was filled with ecstasy. She could not believe how turned on she was at this moment.

As Charlotte pumped her brother, she wanted a different position. She climbed off of Dan and got on her hands and knees. Dan took the cue and mounted his sister from behind. She felt a cool feeling on her asshole. Her face was buried in the sheet and both fists gripping handfuls of the sheet as her brothers’ cock entered, her ass. This made Charlotte bang a fist on the bed and raise her head. Her eyes were blurred as she open then from having them closed. she opened them but closed again when Dan pushed all the way inside her beautiful ass. She let out a moan that let Dan know she was in heaven. Char told her brother she was close and opened her eyes. The blur was subsiding and Charlotte could see the neighbor lady with her hands on the window. At that moment, she got even more turned on knowing they were being watched. All of a sudden, her sight turned hawk like and she saw it wasn’t Soledad.

“MOM?!” Char screamed out. As her orgasm hit. Again, harder than the last.

“If you want to go there.” Dan said.

“What?” she said and continued, “No, my mom is watching us as she is getting fucked!”

When Dan heard that, he lost it. He emptied himself into his sister’s ass.

When Celeste saw her daughter spot her and convulse into orgasm, it took her over the edge. She moaned in ecstacy which made Soledad push the dildo in to the hilt which intensified Celeste’s orgasm.

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