Afternoon Session Ch. 01

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There she was again. Every lunch time for the past 4 months, sitting in the same place, drinking glasses of white wine. Looking every time the door opened to see if he was ever going to come through the door again. A tear forming in her eye as the clock ticked towards 3 pm.

Carol had been coming to the pub for years. First as a single girl just out of school, before the licensing laws had virtually irradiated underage drinking, then as a married woman. This place was part of her if she realised it or not.

She had been married to Barry for 35 years, had 2 children who had left home and gone on to live their lives far away from a father who was always cruel and usually abusive. Carol missed him. She ached for him to come through the door, even though she knew that it was never going to happen. She had been there when he died, in a hospital bed, being cruel to her as he always had been.

The clock was still ticking and carol was reaching the point of oblivion when the man behind the bar rang the bell “last Orders” he shouted. Carol came over to the bar and ordered another “large white”.

Rob, the landlord, spoke softly to Carol and she went back to her seat without a drink. Rob continued to serve those few stragglers on a Tuesday lunch time and set about tidying the bar ready for the next shift.

People started to leave with a wave to Rob and a izmit rus escort courteous nod to Carol. Eventually, the bar was deserted apart from them. Rob came from behind the bar and brought with him a bottle of wine and another glass.

He sat down next to Carol with a sigh, took the bottle and poured 2 large glasses out. Gave one to Carol and then started to speak.

“Carol, I know it’s been hard for you over the past 4 months but Barry was a mean hearted bastard. Look at how he treated you, how he treated your kids”

“I Know” Carol cried, “But I loved him and he was the only man I ever had. Now I miss him more and more each day, my cunt aches for his pinching and pulling, my tits need to be bitten and pulled. I feel every time I lie in bed that I need to have something pushed inside me and I feel like I’m going to explode”

“I’m 62 years old, not even slightly attractive, got a bit of a tummy, saggy tits, saggy arse and you are young enough to be my son. I shouldn’t be telling you this.” she sobbed and scurried off towards the ladies.

Rob sighed. This is not what he had planned. He was only 24, successfully ran his own business and had always had an eye for the older ladies. He had always felt guilty for the pain he had caused Carol over the past 9 months when he took over the pub. He had tried hard not to flirt with her izmit escort but had failed. He was told one night by Barry that he had “fucked carol up the arse because her cunt was too wet with thoughts of you”.

He walked to the ladies toilets, pushed open the door and walked in. He could hear the sobbing coming from the end cubicle. It seemed odd for him to be in the ladies toilets. This is not where he would usually venture. He strode along the tiled floor. Stopped at the end door and gently pushed it open.

There to his delight was Carol sitting on the loo, trousers around her ankles along with her white sloggies, which tom had always had a deep fascination, and her fingers running up and down her labia.

Her eyes were like slits as she ran her fingers across her pussy lips. The sight got Rob to attention. Without any hesitation or pause Rob undid his trousers and slid them, along with his boxers, onto the floor. His hard uncut cock standing to attention he spoke to Carol.

“Would you like me to help Carol?”

Carol’s eyes opened and a thin smile came onto her face. With a look of lust and need she reached out for Rob’s engorged cock and pulled him towards her.

She continued to run her fingers over her now glistening lips and gently flicking her clit as she did so. She guided Rob’s cock towards her wet and willing mouth.

Gently bobbing kocaeli escort her head onto his cock she licked around his shaft and balls. Her fingers now moving in frenzy on her clit. Her breath coming in gasps as she sucked deep on Rob’s cock.

She dipped her fingers into her wet slot and pulled them out all glistening and wet. She raised them towards Rob’s mouth. He hungrily sucked them into his mouth. He could taste this old woman’s cunt, his cock twitched as he realised what he was doing.

Her mouth working hard on his cock, her fingers working hard on her cunt. All Rob could think about is making this woman his own. The years of age difference didn’t matter. What mattered now was that he was about to come deep in her lovely soft mouth.

He felt her fingers now roaming around his balls and into the crack of his arse, her mouth now noisily sucking his cock and the squelching of her pushing fingers into her wet slit faster and faster as she reached her own crescendo.

She worked a finger onto Rob’s arsehole. Gently prodding and probing while she sucked. His hips bucking and thrusting into her mouth. On the push back her finger slid into his arse making him groan. With a sudden rush he felt his seed shoot out of him and deep into her mouth.

Carol jammed 4 fingers into her wet sloppy cunt and shuddered with delight. Rob pulled her up off the loo and kissed her long and hard. Tasting his come in her mouth as carol slowly wanking his still throbbing cock.

Rob knew that his afternoons were just about to get more interesting as Carol started rubbing his cock against her soaking hole…

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