Afterparty Glow

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I woke up to the barely audible sound of the door to the room I was staying in opening. A slim shaft of light filtered in from the hallway, and beyond the obvious fact someone had opened the door in the first place, I could see a silhouette of what I thought was a female figure standing there. I lay still, curious as to what was going on, although a nervous pang ran through me as well. The door creeped open more and with my eyes not yet adjusted to the light I could still only see a dark outline of a figure. I knew at least that it was definitely feminine. The door closed behind her before my eyes were able to adjust and I was once again laying in the dark. I could hear the soft brushing of her feet on the carpet and knew she was drawing closer to me.

I felt the movements as she crawled on the bed beside me, slipping herself under the covers. I slept naked, and when I felt the touch of her body brush against my own I could tell so was she. Her leg slid over my body, a soft silky thigh caressing my dick as she posistioned herself next me. I could feel her breasts against my arm, and felt her breath across my cheek as she drew closer.

“Dom,” she whispered into my ear.

I faked a groggy, “Yes,” in response, pretending that I wasn’t already fully awake and alert.

I could feel her hand brush across my chest, fingers curling gently over my nipple. Again her soft sultry voice sang to me, “It’s me. It’s me Harley….” She paused then, a few heavy breaths and I pretended to stir a little bit. “I need to get layed Dom. I need to be fucked badly. I tried playing with myself, and it wasn’t enough. I watched you tonight, and I thought about you while I was touching myself. I decided I needed to fuck you Dom. Will you take me…” Her voice quivered a bit, as though she wanted to add please to the end but refused to seem like she was begging.

I let it hang there for a second, my hand stirring to slowly begin caressing her leg she has spread across my body. I wanted her as bad, if not worse then she had wanted me. I had dreamt about fucking her from the first time we’d met a few months back at our friends dinner parties. Tonight we’d both stayed over after drinking to much wine, though we’d been given seperate rooms. It appeared as though she was all to willing to remedy that earlier mistake however.

I almanbahis adresi turned my head to look at her, able to see her face it was so close. It was a shadow, but what light there was caught on her eyes, and though I knew they were blue I could not have told you at that moment. Still, there was a mystery and sexiness to it, and though I was about to speak her mouth engaged mine, and her heated lips locked against my own. I could taste a hint of cinamon, and the firey strength of her kiss I dared not return. The arm that her body had been against I wiggled underneath her and pulled her close. My own lust for her I showed her in the way I kissed her gorgeous lips. I sucked on them, and licked them, and our tongues danced together. She would bite at my tongue occaisionally, and though it stung if she got it just right, it turned me on even more.

I was still stroking her leg as she shifted it slightly to accomadate the engorging dick underneath it. My hand swept across her skin, and found it’s way to the silky fold between her legs. She was wet already as my fingers slipped inside her, gently massing the inner parts of her lips. Wether this was from pure arousal at our kiss or her earlier playing with herself I didn’t know. What the hell, I let my ego think it was all me. Really anyway I looked at it, it was really because of me anyways. My hand steadily massaged her pussy as she rubbed me with her thigh. Her leg would move almost perfectly in response to the places I touched her.

She shifted atop me, my hand still caressing her lips even as she moved her hips, running her pussy along my cock. She stopped as she sat atop the head, my cocks peak just barely spreading her apart. I knew better then to remove my hand now, instead rubbing her clit, pinching it between my fingers, rolling it. She moaned loudly, almost bordering on a scream. Her hips rolled, and my cock easily pierced inside her, her body coming down on it. I was amazed how easily she took the whole length of me inside her. I was average I admitted to myself when it came to length, but I knew my girth to be more then most any other man out there.

It seemed like she’d forgotten about me for a time. She sat atop me writhing and throwing her hips. Bucking her body atop my rod that impaled her. I lost myself in the pure pleasure of it all. almanbahis adres I grabbed onto her body, holding her tight. My fingers searched out her breasts, which I began to fondle and grope. She looked at me as I pinched her nipple, biting her lip as I did, letting out small squeels. At first I thought it was causing her discomfort, and I moved to stop, but she covered my hands quickly, pushing them against her breasts, and looked at me. I could feel her eyes upon me even if I could not see them.

“Don’t stop, pinch them harder even. Spank me, grab me.” She stopped there, breathing heavily and moaning loudly as I pinched both nipple again. Quickly she burst out, “Fuck me Dom, don’t be gentle, I want to be fucked, not be made love to.”

I smiled to myself, my hands slipping from her breasts. I grabbed her by the hips, and rolled her over. I was on my knees, and still my hands guiding her much smaller frame I turned her over again. She was laying on her stomach, but quickly she brought her knees up, and her ass was thrust into the air. I backed off a bit, and leaned in. My lips kissed her smooth ass, then I took my teeth. I bit her, I grabbed her with my teeth even as my other hand came down upon the other side and a resounding slap was heard.

“Yes,” she screamed out loudly, and I could hear the sound of her fingers plunging insider he pussy. Again I spanked her, and again she screamed.

“You want to be my little bitch?” I asked her.

“Yes,” this time though it was almost a whimper. “Yes, do whatever you want with me.”

Allright I thought to myself, kissing and biting both ass cheeks, my hands sliding under her body to fondle her tits in the rough way I had discovered she liked. Pinching her nipples and grabbing her breasts tightly in my hands. My mouths attention was moving it’s way up her body, and as I knelt over her form I reached for her hair. I grabbed some of those silky red tresses and pulled. She responded, pushing her front up. I grabbed my cock in the other hand, and held it as I slid it inside her juicy puffed out lips. I rocked her from behind, slamming into her. she responded enthusiastically thrusting back into me. I used her hair to hold her against me and she in turn reached around and dug her nails into my hip, the tips of her fingers reaching the sides of my ass. almanbahis adres I could feel her dig them into me, and the pain only made everything else seem more intense.

Unable to hold herself up any longer, her shoulders collapsed into the pillow, and she reached around. Grabbing the pillow, she bit into it, dampening her screams. I could still hear them quite well though, and I did what I could to encourage them with the heavy thrusting of my cock into her body. She pulled her head away from me, yanking my hand forward a bit dispite its firm grasp. I felt her body shudder and her ram her pussy back along my cock. I could feel the flexing of her muscles around my cock, gripping it tightly then loosening, flowing with her movements and mine against one another. She was coming, and my hand slapped her ass again. I speared her over and over, slapping her ass as her body shuddered. It went on for a few minutes, wether one giant orgasm or several following another I wasn’t sure. I could hear the faint muffled sounds of a yes being repeated over and over again into the pillow.

She moved forward a bit, releasing my cock from the tight womb of her pussy. Were there more light it would have gleamed with her wet juices covering it. She rolled over, laying beside where I knelt on the bed.

“Finish me,” I directed her. “Taste your pleasure on me, and taste my own pleasure too.”

She moved towards me, pushing me down to sit on the bed, and then lay there, as her hand grabbed my cock. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of my cock and slid the head in between her lips. Her tongue flickered out, and encircled the tip. Soon she was swallowing me inside her. Her tongue caressing and massaging my cock as her lips tightly held it and storked it up and down. She had my balls in her hand, rolling them, playing with them, fondling them. She worked vigorously, fucking my cock with her mouth. I was ready to cum when I was inside her, and it was all to soon before my load hit her mouth. I didn’t warn her first, she didn’t need it. Eagerly she sucked and her tongue caressed. My hand was upon the back of her head, but it wasn’t needed, for even when I was done and I had no more to give her she continued to encourage my dick to give her more.

“Enough!” I finally exclaimed, “I’m done, you win.”

“No,” was her reply, as she moved her body up mine, snaking her way atop me again. I felt her lips press against mine, and her tongue probe between my lips. Eagerly I kissed her, my tongue dashing against her own. She pulled away, and whispered, “Now I’ve won.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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