Alexis and Henry – The Beginning

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Alexis was a cute but beautiful young woman in her late twenties. She’d always been what she considered to be sexually adventurous — she’d been the happy student and teacher for long-term boyfriends, one-night stands and attractive and curious girlfriends. Henry was a fit, good-looking stud with an easy demeanor and silly wit. Just as adventurous and curious as his lover, he was a good sexual match for Alexis and her sometimes-insatiable lust.

They’d dated in the past but found that they weren’t so compatible in a relationship dynamic but had always found themselves returning to each other in times of romantic drought. As Alexis neared her 30th birthday, she found her desires were ramping up. At all times of the day and night she’d find herself sopping wet, fantasizing about lewd acts and depraved desires. She’d search out videos and pictures portraying things she’d barely allowed herself to imagine, and she’d find herself in a masturbatory frenzy almost daily. One look at a particularly depraved video of a young blonde getting gang banged by a dozen guys, a picture of two grinning co-eds with a fist stuffed up one of their cunts and she’s be on her bed with a selection of toys, pounding herself silly.

Eventually Alexis and Henry started text messaging each other again as they were wont to do, and their conversations quickly deteriorated to sex. Henry had a good memory of what Alexis liked from the dozens of times they’d fucked in the past, and seemed to know how far to push the conversation so that she’d participate and offer up glimpses of what was driving her lust-filled nights. He remembered how she liked to have him work two, sometimes three fingers into her pussy as he was preparing her for a solid fucking. He told her about how wet she got, how much it turned him on when he could see the honey literally dripping from her pretty little pussy.

One night their conversation aroused her enough that she thought she’d show him just how wet his words alone could get her. She was flushed and already dripping as she maneuvered herself in her armchair in the living room so she could get a good shot with some decent light of her gleaming little slit. Just the act of taking a close-up shot and sending it to Henry got her even wetter. She started lightly stroking the smooth gash, her fingers covered in sweet juice. She took a picture of that too, getting even more turned on when she could see the threads of juice on her finger tips leading back to her pussy. Soon her fingers weren’t enough and she dug out one of the familiar toys she played with and took some shots of one in particular, every stage of penetration until it was buried to the hilt inside her.

Henry was beyond aroused when he looked at each photo in succession — it was like he was practically right there in the room. The only thing missing was his ability to participate and the lovely sounds he could remember coming from her when she was aroused and working towards an orgasm. Eventually Henry got up the guts to send a photo of his own impressive member, a sight that nearly drove Alexis crazy. Before she knew it she was cumming all over her purple dildo, imagining Henry fucking her instead of it. To top off the night, she sent one last picture — the dildo covered in her sweet cream as she pulled it out.

As the weeks progressed, Alexis and Henry kept up the flirty and sometimes shocking banter until both were at there snapping points. They set a date for a rendezvous in the near future with thoughts of a vicious romp in their minds. Henry, for one, had a very clear image of what he wanted to do to her, how hard he was going to make her cum all over his fingers. Alexis had mentioned some of the videos and pictures she’d been looking at and he had an idea that she’d love for him to try at least one of them. Since he couldn’t very-well produce a stable of studs to pass her around to — and he wasn’t even sure that’s what she wanted in real life — he thought instead that maybe stretching that little pussy out with his hands and fingers would be a great start.

Come Friday night, late after he was done his shift at work, they were both well worked up for a visit. Almost as soon as Henry walked in the door to her apartment, she had his pants down around his ankles. She was desperate to have him in her mouth, knew from the past that he enjoyed a good blowjob. And something about almanbahis adresi the way he enjoyed it made it infinitely pleasurable for her too. She was on her knees in front of him, he was still struggling to take his jacket off, as she released his already rock-hard cock from his jeans. She was wearing an outfit chosen specifically for him; a short pleated skirt that barely grazed the bottom of her ass cheeks, a tiny, practically see-through white tank top, white knee-high socks. She’d thought about some pig tails but knew he loved her hair down so he could grab fistfuls of it when he was fucking her, or when she had her mouth on him.

She sat back on her heels and smiled up at him as she worked her petite hands down the length of his cock, rubbing the pre-cum around the head, playing. She held his gaze as she leaned forward and delicately licked up the underside of his dick, inhaling his scent, her mouth already salivating. As she got to the top of his rigid pole, she wrapped her hands around the base and slid almost the entire length of him into her mouth in one fell swoop. He had a gorgeous cock, perfect in width and quite long, so deep-throating wasn’t a common experience. She’d never done it herself but certainly liked the fantasy, so she slowly and methodically worked his cock further into her mouth and throat, getting the shaft covered in thick saliva. She used her hands to rub the bottom of his dick as her mouth bounced up and down, moaning with desire.

Henry quickly started climbing towards his crescendo. He buried his hands in her long brown hair and started measuring her paces with them. She was squirming there on the floor, and his grabbing her by the hair just egged her on more. She quickly dove between her legs with one hand and started strumming her pussy through the white cotton panties under her skirt. Henry could see the skirt bouncing between her legs and the flash of her fingers as she stroked and teased herself. Her other hand had a vice grip on his meat as she continued to suck and lick him to the speed he was controlling.

Suddenly he pulled her off his cock and pushed her head down between his legs. Instinctively she tilted her head up and began lapping at his balls, spreading the thick spit from his shaft on them. She sucked one ball into her mouth, massaging the other with her fingers and moaning against his sack. He had her hair gripped tightly as he pushed her head up, she started sucking his other nut just as appreciatively and fisting his rod.

With the hand buried in her hair, Henry lifted her face up from his sack back onto his cock and shoved until she had all of his buried in her throat. She was gagging, the thick spit coating his rod and she sucked and licked up and down his length. Suddenly he started peaking and his hands kept time, he was fucking her face harder as she moaned and squirmed on the floor between his legs.

Henry could see the crotch of her panties was wet — so wet he could see the lips of her pussy defined by the white cotton. He watched as Alexis quickly tugged the sides of her panties aside and thrust two fingers deep inside her dripping cunt. As soon as she did, he felt the hot lurch in his gut that told him he was going to cum. Henry fucked Alexis’ face furiously and he could hear her fingers slopping around in her juices as he thrust once, twice, three times deep into her throat. Alexis was gagging and moaning at the same time as she swallowed the entire load, still rubbing her swollen clit. As she finished cleaning him off, Henry grabbed Alexis’ elbows and stood her up in front of him. She grinned wickedly, her lips still shiny and her cheeks flushed.

He looked her up and down, at the sexy little skirt, at her nipples poking proudly out of the tank top, the white socks up to her knees, and felt another surge of lust. Quickly Henry turned Alexis around bodily and pushed her towards the bed. He roughly shoved at her so that as she neared the side of the bed, she fell forward. Alexis began to right herself but Henry just pushed her back down, her face buried in the comforter, and he flicked her skirt up over her juicy ass. With no warning he brought his right hand up and smacked her squarely on the ass cheek.

Alexis flinched, her ass bouncing up in the air and her back arched. She released a low hiss and then with a moan she relaxed again, not attempting to get almanbahis adres up.

“You’re a bad little slut. You barely let me come in the door before you had to have my pants down and my cock out. Isn’t that right, slut?” Alexis didn’t move or resist as Henry reached down and grabbed both her wrists, effectively handcuffing her with his hand. “I asked you a question, Alexis. Aren’t you a bad little SLUT?” As he said it, he finished with another hard smack to the ass. She was arching her back again but grinding her ass in the air with a low moan. Henry thought he might have seen something like a nod, but they both knew that wasn’t a proper answer. Henry grabbed an ass cheek roughly, massaging it.

“Aren’t you a bad little slut, Alexis? I think you want me to spank you. Look at those socks and your skirt… you look like a bratty little cocktease. Tell me you’re a bad little slut and maybe I’ll spank you again.” Alexis was breathing hard, her ass squirming in the air. Henry reached between her ass cheeks, down to her pussy and yanked the white cotton aside again. Her cunt was gleaming at him, dripping, as he forcefully thrust two fingers deep inside, slowly twisting them around. He could feel her back onto his hand as she ground against his fingers and moaning again. Abruptly, he pulled his fingers away and flicked at her ass cheeks as he pulled her panties down over her butt, down her legs and off. It was enough to make her arch again but wasn’t giving the punishment she was desperate for.

“Just say it, Alexis. You had my cock in your mouth before my coat was even off, didn’t you? ” he licked what was left of her juices off his fingers. “I can taste your sweet pussy all over my hand, you’re so wet. And you can’t tell me what a little slut you are?” Henry shoved the same two fingers inside her again roughly, and pulled them out. He brought them to Alexis’ mouth, running them over her lips. Her tongue darted out and as she aimed for his fingers.

“I’m a bad little slut.” She said as her mouth closed over his fingers. Henry roughly dropped her wrists and grabbed her hips as he planted his palm on her ass again in a resounding SMACK. She moaned and ground her hips again as Henry dropped to his knees and spread her cheeks, burying his face in her pussy. Alexis climbed up onto the bed, which brought her pussy perfectly in line with Henry’s wet mouth, and he began to lick and slurp up her juices with gusto. As he worked those fingers in her again, he continued to mop at her pussy and cover her tight little hole with spit. Slowly, without drawing attention to it, he licked a third finger and began to slowly push and twist it in. Alexis moaned loudly and dropped her head as Henry flicked at her clit with his tongue, her hips grinding back. Soon Henry was fucking her briskly with three fingers, licking up her sweet juice.

“A real bad little slut would ask me for more fingers,” Henry said as he lifted the hand from her hip and smacked that delicious ass again, “In fact she’d probably beg me for it.”

“Unnngh” Alexis grunted in surprise, then “Oh, pleeease give me another finger. Moooore!” She purred her approval as Henry bent his face back to her juicy slit and began to gently work another finger in. He had four fingers, up to his first knuckle buried in her wet cunt and she was bucking against him, pushing her clit onto his tongue harder. He smacked her ass again and grabbed her cheek as he pulled her back onto his fingers, burying them to the second knuckle. She was unbelievably tight around his hand but he could feel her thick juice on his skin and her muscles flexing and releasing. Alexis began to shudder as she moaned again into the comforter, “Haaaarder, fuck me with your hand!”

Henry could tell she was close by the bucking of her hips and the muscles spasming around his hand as he slowly inched the rest of his hand into her hole, rubbing her clit with his thumb. He was gazing down at her with undisguised lust as she squealed and moaned. Suddenly she arched her back and with a low growl came all over his hand. Alexis fell forward on the bed, sighing, as Henry’s hand slipped out of her still twitching pussy. She moaned as he scooped up a generous dallop of her cum in his fingers and started massing it over the head of his now-hard cock. He stalked forward and, grabbing her hips, pulled her back until she was bent at the waist almanbahis adres over the edge of the bed. With his knees Henry pushed Alexis’ legs open wider and pushed her lower back down so her butt was up in the air.

Henry started to rub the throbbing tip of his dick up and down her wet slit, resting half a second each pass to the entrance of her hole. Alexis started squirming again and gently humping her butt up and back against him. He kissed her arched back and reached forward to grasp her little tits as he pushed forward quickly and buried himself to the hilt. Grasping a hip in each hand, Henry lifted Alexis up slightly as he pulled out and pushed all the way in again. Alexis groaned and moaned, gently rotating her hips so he could fill her completely. She braced herself on her elbows and looked back at Henry over her shoulder, a smoky look of lust clouding her eyes. She slowly licked her lips as Henry picked up a steady rhythm, bottoming out and shoving her forward with every thrust. Holding her gaze, Henry lifted his hand again for another resounding smack on the ass. Alexis gave him one of her brattiest looks as Henry pushed the skirt up on her waist and spread her ass cheeks open with both hands.

He looked at her little pink rosebud winking back at him and let a gob of spit drop onto it. With one finger he began to gently rim her asshole, not dipping in at all as he continued to methodically fuck her. Alexis was squirming even harder under his ministrations now, her breath coming in short gasps. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, Henry worked the tip of his index finger into her hot little ass. Alexis was humming low in her throat as she pushed back, trying to get him to fill her up even more. Henry spit again and they could hear the wet smack of the spit landing on target. He began to push two fingers in, slowly working them back out and in again. Alexis reached underneath her and began to strum her clit with her nails as Henry continued to fuck her pussy and finger her ass. Finally he pushed both fingers in completely and picked up the pace with both his dick and his fingers.

“See, this is what bad little sluts like… a dick in their wet pussies and two fingers right up their ass. You like it don’t you, Alexis? You like being a bad little slut and letting me fill you up completely.” Alexis moaned yes as she began to buck against his hand and cock. “I’m such a bad little slut that I want another finger in my ass. I just can’t help it, it feels sooooo gooooooood….” Henry was happy to comply as he spit on her ass again and began to work a third finger in. It was so tight he could feel her heartbeat through his fingertips and feel his cock working against the thin membrane separating it from his fingers. He began to fuck her harder, harder, grabbing a fist full of hair to arch her back against him. Alexis’ hand was frantic against her clit now as she moaned and bucked, growling and sighing in pleasure.

Without warning Henry pulled both his hand and dick out of Alexis, leaving her gaping and panting for more. “I’m taking that slutty little ass of yours now. I’m sure you don’t mind.” He sneered as he began to rub the tip of his cock against her now red rosebud. With his other hand Henry roughly grasped Alexis at the waist and pulled her back onto his hard, long dick. She moaned again, her hand still rubbing in a frenzy against her clit and dipping back into her juicy cunt. Henry leaned forward again and quickly shoved three fingers inside her pussy, cupping the top of her mons to rub her clit too. He began to fuck her harder, almost viciously as she spread her legs even wider and arched back to meet him at every thrust. Henry could feel the cum dripping on his palm as Alexis began to pant harder, a low scream escaping her lips.

“OH Fuck, I’m cumming… I’m cumming… OOOOOOH Fuuuuuuuuuuck” she screamed, as the muscles through her cunt and ass gripped Henry, milking his dick. Henry grunted as he began to fuck her madly, slipping his hand out of her sopping pussy to grab the other hip. “Fuck yeah, I’m going to come inside that tight little ass,” Henry growled, as he slammed roughly into her. Alexis looked back over her shoulder again, eyeing him. “Yeah, fuck my ass, fill it up with a hot load” She purred. Suddenly Henry slammed into her hard, bottoming out once, twice, and with a final thrust Alexis could feel her bowls drenched in hot jizz.

Henry shuddered and fell onto Alexis’ back and they just slid onto the bed, panting and heaving. The muscles in her ass were still milking his dick as it softened and slid out. “Mmmm” Alexis murmured, “Sometimes being bad pays off….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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