All Because of the Elevator

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This is my first attempt at writing. Please pardon any mistakes. It’s a slow burn, considering how fast most erotic pieces get to the action but I prefer a more probable approach to writing erotic fantasies. Anyway, I welcome constructive critiques. Thanks for reading!


The flash of the photocopying machine reminded her that she was still at the office. “Ugh,” Bianca complained to herself, knowing that hardly anyone stayed in the office for as long as she did. It was already eight and she had the office to herself, just the way she liked it. She sucked her teeth at the offending piece of paper that the copier spat out – a wasted sheet of black on white. She crushed it up and tossed it into the bin, catching a glimpse of herself on the sliver of metal that lined the window.

She wasn’t an immediate stunner but she had a pleasant, expressive face with large eyes and a small but full mouth. Her cheekbones were high and her long dark hair, while always tied in a bun, freed a few stubborn tendrils to frame her face. She was petite, a trait that had always run in her family and had caramel coloured skin that took well to olive greens and reds – both colours that she wore often.

It had been a few years since she graduated and she was fortunate, she told herself, to have gotten a job at this firm. Sure, she worked as a corporate secretary and while it wasn’t a glamorous job, it did pay the bills and left quite a bit of extra money for her every month. Bianca repositioned the document before shutting the cover of the photocopier this time and made a proper copy of what she needed.

As she walked over to her desk, she worked on a few more items. The bright light of the screen reflecting off her glasses, blinding her little by little before she gave up and took them off. Nothing was wrong but it felt like everything was. Bianca sighed, knowing what it was.

It had been ages since she had sex.

Since her break up with Joachim, her no-good cheating ex-boyfriend, she had thrown herself into her work. She needed time to get over all the terrible relationship habits she had developed while with him. She needed space to go through each dream she had imagined them achieving… Bianca let out a small cry of frustration. What was the point of wallowing in self-pity? It solved nothing. She missed sex. Not Joachim. She had to stop conflating the two.

Bianca rubbed her eyes before she hissed again, forgetting that she had make-up on. Perhaps, she should just go home. Besides, she had settled what she needed. She packed up her things and went to the bathroom, washing her face and cleaning off the makeup that she had smudged in her inattentiveness. A fresh face and some lip gloss would do on a Thursday night with no prospects, she thought.

“Didn’t think I was going to see anyone else here,” said a voice.

Bianca turned. “Oh. Hi Kay,” she smiled. Her body was already moving ahead of her mind. She barely remembered leaving the bathroom. Now she was here, waiting for the elevator.

It was Keshav, or Kay as they liked to call him around the office. He worked in, ignoring the stereotype, for the IT department. Bianca didn’t pretend to know the details of his job. She just knew enough that he was in charge of laptops, security updates, emails and the ever-important internet connection. Perhaps, it was the light but Kay was actually quite good-looking despite… or perhaps, because of the glasses he wore. They were thick, black frames that highlighted his deep-set dark eyes. He had a large nose but it worked with the other features of his face. But what struck Bianca most was the fact that he had really clear skin. It reminded her of those cake glazing videos – just smooth, unblemished chocolate flowing and dripping-

“The lift’s here,” Kay repeated, waiting for her to walk ahead of him.

“What? Oh, I’m sorry,” Bianca shook herself out of it. “Thanks.”

They each took a corner of the elevator. “I didn’t think anyone stayed as late as me,” she said, making small talk as the doors closed and Kay punched the buttons with a long finger.

“Well, some of the interns had their last day and those laptops need scrubbing,” Kay shrugged as he smiled slightly. “But you are right. No one stays as late as you. You’re notorious for being the first one in and the last one out.”

She folded her arms and tried to be annoyed at that but failed. “Yeah. Well, it’s not like I’ve got anything else to do these days.”

“No one to hang out with?”

No one to fuck with rather but Bianca held her tongue and nodded. “You could say so….” she mustered a small smile just as the elevator came to a jerking halt. She gave a small yelp as she flattened her palms against the smooth polished steel walls, dropping her bag. At the same time, she heard a shout that was undoubtedly Kay’s. She opened her eyes and saw him in a similar position. They must have been a sight, each plastered to the wall; one with her things scattered on the carpeted floor of the elevator while almanbahis adresi the other hung onto his backpack like it was a life jacket. “What the hell was that?!”

Kay frowned and took a deep breath. The lights flickered above them both and the buttons were dark without the usual backlight working. “I think we’re stuck,” Key answered.

“No shit,” Bianca breathed.

“You asked.”

“I’m sorry,” she shook her head at him. “I’m just… freaked out.”

He smiled. “No worries,” he said, testing the buttons but nothing worked. Not even the emergency ring. “I think we’re going to be stuck here for a while.” He took out his phone and tried to get a signal. “How’s your phone?”

Bianca already had one arm outstretched with her phone in her palm. She pursed her lips and shook her head. “No luck. We’re dead in the water, so to speak.”

Kay shrugged and sat down on the floor. “Thankfully, it’s Thursday. Worst case? Someone notices that we’re missing and they track us here or someone comes in the morning and sees us in here.” As he spoke, the lights flickered one, twice… and then died, plunging them into darkness.

“Oh, can’t it get any worse?” Bianca complained as she checked her phone. 93% on her battery. She was glad she charged it religiously.

“At least the ventilation is still working,” Kay tried to cheer her up. “Do you mind? It’s just that… it’s getting really stuffy.” He motioned to his shirt. “I have an undershirt on.”

Bianca shook her head. “Sure.” As he stood to take off his shoes, she did the same. By the light of her phone, she could see the broad shoulders and fine muscled arms that had been kept hidden under his office shirts. ‘No, no. It’s just the situation. What the fuck, Bianca. Get yourself together,’ she told herself.

Kay folded the shirt and kept it aside. “It feels like home,” he said, breaking the silence.

“Your home is dark and cramped too?”

He laughed warmly. “No. Mumbai is hot and humid,” he told her. “But a lot more… pleasant.”

She laughed along. “This feels like the storage room my mother used to lock me in when I misbehaved,” she undid the first two buttons of her blouse and rubbed her neck. “What she didn’t know was that I liked it in the dark. She left me alone and I used my dad’s torchlight to read some books I had stashed away.” She put down her phone and turned down the light low enough so that they could at least see each other somewhat. “Mumbai, eh? Do you go back often?”

Kay laughed. “Every year for Christmas.”


“I’m kidding. I’m Hindu.”

“I thought so.”

Kay angled his body towards her. His long legs stretched out along hers as he looked at her. “Don’t you have any roommates who would notice you missing?”

“I live alone.”

“Me too.”

“Guess we’re both screwed.” She laughed again, hating herself for the Freudian slips but it was hard… so hard… Kay was handsome and perhaps, it was the lighting and the situation but Bianca was fast thinking about other things that were hard… like… his co- She gulped and looked away. “This is fucking ridiculous.”

Kay raised an eyebrow at her. “Relax. It’ll be over soon. People will find us sooner or later,” he told her, folding his arms as he smiled again.

Bianca tore her eyes away. Damn it. Keshav was hot. He was handsome, charming and in a state of undress. Was she that desperate that she would fuck a co-worker? Granted, they worked in different departments and rarely ran into each other. She looked at him again only to chide herself and focused her attention elsewhere, shifting her body such that she leaned her side against the elevator instead of her back. “It’s not that…” she replied, as she bit her lip slightly. “It’s just…” Bianca pressed her thighs tighter together and pulled her knees a little closer. “And don’t you dare tell anyone… maybe it’s the situation but you’re really attractive.”

Kay froze for a second before he broke out into chuckles. “What?” When he saw that his reaction did little to make her feel better, he ran a hand through his hair and straightened up. He pulled his knees closer to his chest.

Bianca tried not to follow the seam of his pants which ultimately lead to his crotch. “That is not helping.” His confused expression told her that he had no idea what she was talking about. “I’m sorry.”

“No.. I mean, it’s not everyday a beautiful woman tells me I’m attractive,” he laughed. “I just didn’t know how to react. I’m the sort of asshole that laughs when someone tells me someone else died.”

“Oh my God, me too,” she confessed and laughed with him but the silence descended between them quickly again. “So you find me beautiful?”

There was a subtle change in the air then. Kay still looked the same but his eyes narrowed slightly and his eyes settled on her toes before they ran up her leg to the curve of her bottom. “Very. It doesn’t help that you’re also a secretary and that… combination just ticks a lot of boxes,” he told her.

Neither almanbahis adres one moved but Bianca felt herself grow wet between her legs. Her eyes ran to his crotch and perhaps, it was the shadow but-

Kay took his backpack and placed it strategically to block her view. “Sorry.”

Oh God, it wasn’t shadow. He was hard. She imagined his cock in her hands, long and hard… rubbing it against her cheek and eventually, taking him into her mouth. Bianca gulped. “No, I mean… it’s fine.”

“I don’t want to get fired,” he told her. “Or worse… you know, get accused.”

It was her turn to raise an eyebrow at him. “Okay,” she nodded. “I understand.”

“Not that I don’t want to.”

Bianca found herself smiling slightly. “Don’t want to what?”

“Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“We broke up a while back,” she explained. “You haven’t answered my question.” What was going on with her? She couldn’t help herself. She wanted him and there were no two ways about it. “Don’t want to what, Kay?”

“Bia… come on. This isn’t funny.”

The way he said her name, as if he was familiar with her turned her on even more. “It never was. Tell me.”

He looked her in the eye. “It’s not that I don’t want to fuck you.” The words fell out of his mouth softly. “You’re a colleague and you’re it making hard for me.”

Gingerly, she pressed her toes against his naked heel. “We won’t get another chance like this,” she told him. “Is it just the colleague thing?”

“Mainly but let’s not get into the rest,” he said, removing the bag.

She saw the bulge that had formed. It strained against the confines of his pants. Kay’s hands were now flat on the ground and she saw his chest rising and falling a little quicker. Bianca repositioned her feet such that they were now in between his legs. Feeling a little bolder, she pulled her skirt up but kept her knees pressed together. She was practically dripping now. Her panties were soaked and her nipples were hard and rubbed deliciously against her bra. “You’re so hard,” she said and very slowly, spread her legs and allowed him to see what he did to her. “And I’m very wet.”

He could turn her down and she would be so embarrassed, she wouldn’t know the end of it but right now, it felt right to expose herself like this.

He stared at her, fingers digging into the carpet as he watched her squirm to ease herself. “Just to be clear…” he said softly, as he reached out and took her foot in his hand, running a hand up her calf like he was touching a fine sculpture. “This is a one-off thing?”

She nodded, biting her lip as she tried not to moan at his touch. Her knees closed themselves in anticipation. “Yes. No strings attached.”

Kay nodded as Bianca felt his calloused fingers cup her knees before he pried them apart. She found him pressed up against her, her legs wrapped around his waist as he pressed his hardness against her. It was so good, she sighed but she didn’t spread her legs to dry hump. She pressed her palms against him before pulling his face to hers, kissing him deeply. He tasted of coffee and sweat. She felt the slight stubble that brushed roughly against her lips when she kissed his neck.

The time for words was over. Feverishly, Kay undid the rest of her blouse as she pulled his undershirt over his head. He didn’t even remember what colour her bra was or taking it off, for that matter. But that was unimportant. What was important was a half-naked Bianca, moaning as he touched her waist. Her breasts were firm and on the smaller side.They flattened out as she writhed, aching to be touched. Leaving a trail of kisses from her mouth to her neck and over the curve of her shoulder, Kay lowered his head to her chest; taking one nipple into his mouth while his free hand pinched and fondled the other.

“Oh God, yes,” Bianca moaned, wrapping her arms around Kay’s head, keeping his mouth there. The flicks of his tongue drove her crazy but it was so good. She groaned and rubbed her crotch against his. “Fuck… you feel so good.”

Kay gripped her breast harder, stifling his moans by sucking harder. He lowered her against the floor once more and pulled away from her, his breathing ragged as he roughly tugged her skirt and panties off in one move. “Spread your legs,” he told her even as he pried them open anyway. He lowered his face between her thighs and kissed them as his fingers stroked her skin, never breaking their connection.

Bianca groaned and lifted her hips in anticipation. She could feel his breath on her pussy, driving her nuts. She felt herself get wetter. “Put something in,” she begged.

Kay smiled, slowly inserting a finger in. She quivered and groaned so he put in another, slowly pumping her pussy, fucking her the way she wanted. But this wasn’t enough. Kay had been very professional at work, particularly towards women he found attractive. That had been easy enough with most people but Bianca, he had to avoid and ask someone else to handle her tech issues. There was a reason almanbahis adresi why they didn’t cross paths often. He had thought of fucking her many times in the privacy of his home but had resigned himself to the idea that Bianca was just going to be a fantasy.

But here she was begging him to fuck her.

Kay pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his mouth. He sucked and licked at the sweet juices that flowed out of her neat little pussy. He loved how it looked. Just like her, it was small with its folds neat and pink. She left a little tuft of hair on the mound, something he found incredibly erotic, as if to guide him to her clit. Lapping at her, he moved on to her clit and very gently, pressed his tongue against it.

“Ohhhh,” Bianca arched her body and gripped his head with her hands, guiding him. “More, please… fuck.”

Kay went on, lapping and sucking on her clit. His tongue jabbed into her pussy when he gave her clit a break. His fingers worked her too, fucking her when his tongue licked away and pinching her nipples. She was hot, wet and ready for a good fuck. How long had it been since she was fucked senseless? It made him want to please her more. His hands kept her thighs down, spreading her pussy open to his mouth as he licked away at the folds of her pussy. Sweet pink flesh just soaked and waiting to be touched. “You’re delicious,” he told her, breathless when he came up for a second but went back to fucking her with his tongue and fingers.

“Just keep… oh God,” she felt him suck on her clit as his fingers fucked her furiously. “Keep going! Oh fuck.. Kay… Kay!” Her body buckled as she moaned loudly and went stiff for a second. Her legs fell open as he lay his head on her thigh, her pussy quivering just inches away from his mouth. She could feel his breath on her and despite the orgasm, Bianca wanted more. Gently, she pushed Kay’s head off and crawled over him, running her hands down his chest and towards his belt. Wordlessly, she unbuckled it and pulled his cock out as soon as the zipper was down. Somehow, they got his pants off but that didn’t stop her from taking his cock in her hands.

Kay’s cock was a good seven to eight inches, Bianca thought. Not that she cared at the moment. It was large, thick and dark. She wrapped her fingers around it and began stroking it, watching Kay’s face as he closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure. She rubbed it against her face, breathing his scent in.

“Suck it, Bia. Please.”

“How badly do you want it?” she said, rubbing the cockhead against her lips before gripping it and rubbing her dark brown nipples over it. She felt like such a whore but it had been ages since she had good cock.

“Really badly.”

She kissed the underside lightly, making him gasp when she flicked her tongue playfully.

“Bia.. come on.”

She didn’t bother replying. Instead, Bianca took her time, stroking and squeezing him. Her fingers skillfully teased and cajoled him, gripping his cock as she felt herself want him even more.

“Suck it. Goddamnit,” Kay groaned and reached out to shove her face towards his crotch.

Bianca laughed softly and gave in.

He felt the full warmth of her lips slowly taking his cockhead in before it gave way to her mouth. Her teeth grazed the skin, making him gasp. “Fuck,” he breathed as she deepthroated him and let him fuck her mouth. “Fuck. Fuck… you’re so good at this.”

She delighted at his praise and the fact that he was finally swearing. Her hands caressed his thighs before she pulled away and stroked his cock again. “I love your cock, Kay,” she told him as she kissed it. “It’s so big and it tastes so good…” she gave his balls a playful lick before lightly sucking on one.

Her lewdness turned him on even more. He loved watching her pleasure herself on his cock. Naked and sweaty in the dim light of her phone, he saw how her breasts hung, slapping against his thighs when she got more enthusiastic. She was gorgeous in and out of her clothes but right now, there was nothing more erotic than the sigh of her sucking him off in the company elevator. She was a sexy, wanton slut.

She loved watching him too. How he arched his back and thrust his hips so that his whole length could fuck her throat. Bianca gagged but it was so good to feel that cock in her mouth, her eyes rolled back as she automatically just kept sucking and playing with his balls. He had words he wanted to say. She could see it. It was on the tip of his tongue, much like how his cock was now being sucked and licked by her own. “Just say it, Kay,” she told him, in between long, selfish sucks. “Whatever it is you want to. Just let it all out.” She sucked on his cock again as if to put his doubts to rest.

“God, yes… suck my cock, Bianca. You’re such a fucking slut but it’s exactly what I want…” he groaned and reached for her once more. His fingers buried themselves in her messy bun and pulled her face roughly down on his cock. His hips thrust upwards as he began fucking her mouth. “Take it my cock, you whore. Showing me your wet cunt the first chance you got…” he swore at the memory of her spreading her legs for him minutes ago. “Making me so hard for you. And you know it too… you’re such a bitch but I love it.”

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