All In The Family Ch. 01

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(Hi. This is only my first story. It hasn’t happened (yet) though I wish it would. Names have been changed. Please comment your thoughts to help in chapter 2. Everyone featured in sex scenes are over 18. Enjoy)

“God, Kayla. This is such bullshit. How does mom expect Vinny to listen to me if she just undermines everything I say?”

I was steaming pissed. For the 5th time today, my asshole mom babies my little brother again.

“I know Bobby, it is bullshit, but you can either deal with it or leave.”

My admitedly sexy 21-year old cousin was very calm. She was used to my moms baked decisions. She called me Bobby, so did the rest of my family. Even though I like Robert better.

“I need your help picking out an outfit for tonight.”

I got excited quick. My cousins “room” is built out of boxes in the basement. With no door and a reflective computer screen, I’ve been watching her get dressed for years. She oddly has no idea. And if I know her like I think I do, she’s going to change her bra at least twice. Her thong only once. She only owned thongs. I should know after 3 years of rummaging through her underwear drawer.

“okay, mikey or johnny tonight?”


that one word made me so happy. She always changed her bra more times for johnny that mikey. I followed her hypnotic swaying hips to her room and picked out a jack daniels tank top and short shorts for her. Then sat at the perfect angle to watch her change from my mirror of a screen. She sat for 5 minutes naked deciding on a bra, and I loved it. She finally decided. Black with pink lace, matching set. Her lovely 38DD breasts hung slightly when naked, but very perky in her slight push-up bra.

“Thanks Bobby.”

After that she grabbed her purse and dashed out the door. I immediatly began running the scene over in my head as I always did. I was interupted by another screaming match between my mom and her boyfriend.

“God, does it ever end?”

I decided to go take a nap.

I woke up 3 hours later at about 1 in the morning. Kaylas night light was on, she has a childish şişli escort fear of the dark. I figured her date was a bust because she was home. But as I got closer my heart skipped a beat. The buzzing in the air confirmed by the smell told my she was finally using the vibrator she’s had for 2 years. I froze and moved to my spot by the screen. She was on all fours with her ass in the air. One hand between her legs, one behind her back shoving the vibrator into her ass. She was moaning louder and I was scared she wake the whole house. She opened her eyes, looked at the screen. And winked. Then, without skipping a beat she pulled everything out, stood up, and put on her robe. She didn’t close it though. She walked over and kissed the top of my head.

“go to bed sweetie.”

she walked away and laid down to go to sleep. I was dumbfounded.

I didn’t sleep at all that night. The next morning was usual besides Kayla asking how I slept. But after that it was business as usual and she didn’t act any different for days. I started shifting towards my very attractive aunt, as summer made her dress even sluttier that usual. My house is very full, my 2 brothers, me, my cousin, my mom and her boyfriend, my aunt, and my grandma. It’s a surprise no one else notices how much sluttier my aunt Charity dresses. She never wears any underwear unless she’s at work. Tight see-through yoga shorts. V-neck tank-tops. Night gowns that stop just below the ass, still with not even a g-string. I’ve seen her bare ass bend over so many times when she goes into the freezer. My aunt is a little chunkier than my cousin, with a bigger ass but smaller tits. 42Cs is still really good in my book though. As I was worshipping my aunts tight-clad ass, she spoke without turning around.

“so your mom wants you to sleep in my room during Cody’s sleepover. That okay with you?”

mentally, I was already going over how many ways this could go so right.

“I guess, but do we have a blow-up mattress?”

“nonsense, you’ll just sleep in my bed. We’re family, it’s fine”

my heart nearly skipped a beat as mecidiyeköy escort number one of my impossible fantasies became possible. As she walked away, she turned back.

“it might be a little crowded unless Kayla goes out. She never sleeps in her own bed.”

she winked exactly like Kayla did, then left.

The night of Codys sleepover finally came, and I nearly did too as I saw Charity wearing her night gown when I walked in to go to bed.

“hey charity”

I kept my cool well.

“hey, your just in time, I was getting ready for bed.”

“I can tell”

I popped my eyebrows up. I almost jumped on her when she bent all the way down to put her make-up box under her bed. Her ass came into complete view for me. I stared for a second, then glanced around the room at her hanging swords. She finally stood back up.

“so kaylas out tonight, so there’s actually room on the bed. Do you want the tv on?”

“no thanks, I’m fine.”

with that she turned the light off and hopped in next to me. “sorry it’s so cold in here, the air conditioners busted, it won’t turn down.”

“it’s fine, I like the cold”

I glanced at her and could just barely make out the shape of her hard nipples in the moonlight. I was having trouble not staring at her tits till a miracle happened. The air conditioner finally shut down. In no time it was too hot for us to cover up with the blanket. Than an even bigger miracle came about. She rolled onto her stomach and accidentally hyked up her gown to way past the top of her ass. I took my chance and grabber my phone and turned on the flashlight app. Then, the third and last miracle of the night happened. She rolled back over onto her back and accidentally hyked her gown up even more. It was more like a scarf that a gown now. Nothing but her neck and one shoulder were covered to me. I remembered how heavy a sleeper she is. Slowly, tentatively, cautiously. I brought my hand to her bare breast. After I accidentally flicked her nipple a little too hard, she rolled back over onto her side, and curled her legs up. I wiggled istanbul escort down the bed till I was face-to-ass and turned my phone-light back on. I could see all of her. Her bright pink pussy, a little open, a little moist, from sweat I presumed. But what I liked more was her clean, white rose-bud. Her asshole looked so inviting. I gentilly poked it, and without warning she pushed full-force onto my finger, pushing it all the way into her ass, knuckle-deep. She fucked herself on it momentarily, then pulled off, looked me in the eye. And winked with that she rolled over, covered herself with her gown, and said

“touch me as you please. Just do not enter me again”

I was shocked. But not frozen. I leaped at her words. I laid behind her in the spooning position and took my semi-hard cock out. I pressed it again uh small of her back. Then waited for it to get fully hard. As soon as it was, I pressed it between her cheecks and pressed against her asshole.

“can’t I just enter a little before you take it away?”

she stifled a moan, but still rocked back on my cock. She bite her lip.

“err, fine, but only my ass, for a few minutes”

I smiled and grabbed her hip. I wiggled my other hand under her and picked her hips up. I plunged my dick in to her ass, and her face into her pillow. I went fast as I possibly could, trying to shoot my load in her while I had the chance. After a few minutes I was incredibly close.

“okay bobby, that’s eno-”

she was almost finshed when I finished. It stunned her and made her whole spine arch. I collapsed on top of her.

“how was that?”

she could barely answer me.

“pretty good, I guess. Wouldve tasted better in my mouth though”

I took my cock in my hand.

“there’s still plenty on him if you want a taste real quick?”

she leaped on it like a hungry lion. I thought her one, long, loud slurp would wake the whole house.

“mm-hmm. Told you I’d love the taste.”

I rolled her onto her side and shoved my now limp cock against her.

“I wanna fall asleep with my cock inside you”

“ooh Bobby, soo sexy. Have fun dear.”

with a passionate kiss from behind and a not-so-gentle poke into her ass from me, she went to sleep. I pounded my loud into her ass a few times, then fell asleep inside her, with one hand around her chest.

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