All She’d Ever Do…Ch. 1

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All She’d Ever Do is Dance, Dance, Dance!

All characters in the following story are eighteen and above. It is not meant to depict what happens in a typical topless dance club. The promiscuity of the dancers is exaggerated for the entertainment of the reader only! Really honest!!! Check out the wild people at Billy and Dean’s favorite night spots but don’t expect to find these hot girls and guys anywhere except Degas city.

Billy and his friend Dean hopped in Billy’s classic “63” Vette and headed for Market street just as they had for the last ten Friday nights. Dean wasn’t as rich as Billy but then few in Degas City were. Dean had a couple of cars while Billy had ten. Since it was summer and school was out Billy and Dean spent a lot of nights at topless bars lining Market street. Usually they’d pay a couple of girls five hundred and take them to a motel after the girls got out of work.

Last week they had run into some bi girls at Boomers. Three of them. The girls had insisted it was all three of them or none of them and the guys had agreed. The girls had worn Billy and Dean out. Most of the night Billy was on his back with one girl pumping up and down on his shaft while another had him eat her pussy. After the first hour the girls pussy’s were nice and sloppy. All of the girls had shaved pussy’s and knew how to use them.

“Man I hope Julie, Jill and Amber are at Boomers again tonight.” Dean said as the Vette roared out of the drive way.

“Yeah those girls were something, but I heard there are a lot of bi-girls at Lips Of Love lounge too. Lets check that place out then if we don’t strike gold there we’ll head over to Boomers.” Billy said.

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea besides Amber might be getting to serious. She left three messages on my answering machine.

“Serious hell she probably just wants another five hundred bucks! Those girls were cute but they’re gold diggers of the highest order.” Billy told Dean. Billy felt Dean was really naive sometimes, especially when it came to girls. ‘Only girls with parents as rich as Dean and Billy could be trusted to not be gold diggers,’ Billy always told Dean. Of course the only girls fitting that description were the Mission twins and they were too goody goody to date guys with reputations like Billy and Dean.

Billy squealed the Vette’s tires as they pulled in front of the Lips Of Love lounge. Handing the keys to the valet they headed into the club. Billy and Dean were VIP members at Lips Of Love and every other club on the strip. Billy waved to Cherry, the girl collecting the clubs cover charge. When he put his usual twenty in her tip jar she winked at him and then Dean. When Dean waved a hundred at her tip jar she pulled her sweatshirt up showing Dean her pregnant tummy and big tits. She never wore a bra. She licked her lips seductively and wiggled her titties provocatively for them. Billy and Dean knew she would slip into the back hallway bursa escort and go down on them if the price was right. Cherry was pregnant and didn’t dance so she got to collect the cover charge.

“Hey Cherry how’s my baby doing?” Dean asked leaning over the counter and looking at Cherry’s big tummy. Although he hadn’t fucked Cherry in over a year he always kidded her about the baby being his. He knew she wasn’t married, didn’t have a boyfriend and didn’t know who the father of the baby was.

What Dean didn’t know was that Cherry wanted it that way. She was more into girls than guys and decided she wanted to have a baby. She made good money and lived with Kimmy her “significant other” as they said. When she was ready to have a baby she did a couple of gang bangs with guys she liked at her most fertile time of month and let nature take it’s course. Letting Dean fool around and acting like she needed money usually got a couple hundred from him, and all she did was wink and flirt. Sometimes when her friend Gina was working the security cams she’d let him or Billy buy a quickie blow job in the back hall. Cherry would position herself so Gina had a good view of them and go to town. Gina always loved to watch Cherry get a good cum shower and Gina’s boss loved to watch the video tape replay.

While Dean flirted with Cherry, Billy walked into the club and let his eyes get adjusted to the light. Dean was always saying how he thought pregnant women were sexy so Billy knew Dean wanted into Cherry’s panties. Cherry always flirted back but no matter how much Dean offered she never agreed to go to a motel with them. As Billy’s eyes got used to the low light he noticed a new girl dancing on the side stage. She sure looked hot. She barely looked eighteen but Billy knew girls had to be eighteen to work the clubs. That was one reason they picked up girls from the clubs. No chance of jail bait that way. She was petite with medium size tits, long legs and a real curvy ass. A couple of guys got up and slipped dollars into the sides of her hot pink t-back bottoms. She gave them both real hot kisses.

Billy wanted one of those kisses, real bad. Taking a couple of twenty’s out of his wallet he made his way to her and put them in her bottoms when she squatted down so he could. He made sure she could see he was giving her twenty’s. That usually impressed the girls. Not this time. She just winked at him and said “Thanks” before she stood up and began dancing again. Damm not even a brush of her lips on his cheek! Billy wasn’t even used to this kind of treatment.

“Hey bozzo you going to stand there staring at her bouncing boobs all night?” Dean said behind him. “Lets go over to the VIP lounge and you can get her to do a lap dance and bounce on your lap after she gets done dancing.”

“Uh yeah, your right” Billy said rather absent mindedly. As they walked into the VIP area Tricia the VIP waitress (and assistant manager of the club) had their bursa escort bayan favorite drinks ready.

“Want me to send a couple of girls up here to keep you company?” Tricia asked.

“Yeah sure send up a couple of blondes with big tits.” Dean said as he did every time.

“You can send a big boobed blonde for Dean but tell that girl on the side stage to come up here for me when she gets done dancing on stage.” Billy told Tricia

“Are you sure you want her, That’s Kelly and she’s kinda, well a little stand offish, she only has a certain few guys she dances for.” Tricia told them.

“Maybe this will un-snob her.” Billy said giving Tricia a hundred dollar bill. “And here’s twenty for you for delivering the message.

“Billy saw Tricia go over to Kelly but so many guys were between them he couldn’t see when Kelly bent down to talk to Tricia.

Pretty soon Tricia came back. “Well Dean, Candy and Kimmy were in the dressing room and they both fit your description so I told them to come up, do you think you can handle both of them?” Tricia said winking as Candy and Kimmy started walking up the stairs behind her to the VIP area.

“Um Billy I’m sorry but Kelly said she already has two guys she’s sitting with. She said maybe when they leave she’ll stop by for a while.” Tricia said handing Billy back his hundred.

Billy was stunned. No dancer had every rejected him like Kelly just had. He was handsome and rich. worked out every day and was rich. He drove fast cars and was rich. It had never failed him before and it wasn’t going to fail him now. Somehow he would find the key and get into her bottoms. Thinking of keys maybe one of his cars would work.

It had worked before. The head cheerleader in high school had slapped his face when he first asked her to fuck him. She told him the football captain was her one and only boyfriend. Two weeks later she was driving his old red Mercedes coupe and letting Billy fuck her any time he wanted. She even let him have her virgin ass although that had cost an extra fur coat.

“Don’t worry about that slut, Billy, I’ll share Candy here with you, ten minutes with her on your lap and you’ll forget all about Kelly.” Dean said

“Yeah, I can make any guy forget about any girl.” Candy said sitting on Billy’s lap and reaching down with her hand to unzip him. Billy let Candy do her thing while Tricia stood at the entrance to the VIP area to make sure they had complete privacy. Billy slipped Candy a couple of big bills and Candy got on her knees between Billy’s legs and slid her mouth over his excited shaft. Candy’s action was hidden by the three foot high wall around the VIP area but Billy could see the entire club area. Of course he was only interested in one thing. He watched Kelly flirt with two older guys as Candy worked her magic on his cock. He knew Kelly had looked towards them and had seen Candy disappear from sight. Kelly had to know what Candy was doing. escort bursa Kelly wasn’t looking at him like most girls did. She was looking back at him because he was looking at her. In fact she seemed to be teasing him! She was nibbling one of the guys ears while looking right at Billy like she was saying “Don’t you wish I was licking your ear.” Then she’d ignore him completely for several minutes.

Thinking of Kelly while Candy’s magical mouth went to town had Billy shooting a big load of cum down Candy’s throat in no time. As Kelly left the main floor and went back to the dressing room waving her hips, surely for him alone, Billy looked down at Candy with her cheeks puffed out and cum running from the corners of her mouth. She let him see her gulp down his spent seed. Licking her lips and using her finger to wipe the cum from her mouth before sucking it clean Candy winked at him. Billy absently gave her some more money and let her sit on his lap while she put the top she had taken off back on.

Looking over Billy could see Kimmy finishing up on Dean. As the girls put on their tops Dean and Billy zipped up and Tricia left her station at the top of the stairs to tend to the rest of the club.

Tricia had decided to have a chat with Kelly. Kelly was new and maybe she just didn’t realize not only did Dean and Billy have a lot of bucks but their parents had a lot of influence in city politics. While she didn’t expect Kelly to have sex with the guys just because they threw a few hundred dollars her way she didn’t want Kelly to get the guys totally pissed off either. Of course every club in town had video tapes of Dean and Billy’s parents enjoying themselves in ways that they would not want the general public to know about, but it was important to keep a friendly relationship going. Several of the girls made more on Billy and Deans tips than all their other tips combined.

Meanwhile Billy was very frustrated. No girl at the clubs had ever returned his money. Billy wondered how much money it would take to get Kelly. What ever it took Billy vowed he’d spend it. What Billy didn’t know, and couldn’t understand, was Kelly wanted something more than money. Something Billy’s money couldn’t buy. If he was going to get her he was going to have to pay her price and the tender wasn’t going to come from any bank.

Kelly sat in the back room resting and checking her make-up. She knew she looked real hot tonight. Her new hot pink T-backs really accented her curvy ass and the stretch material of her top made her tits bounce so seductively as she walked or danced she had every guys attention in the club at some point. That was even without dancing topless. That one handsome guy with the big bucks seemed to be really smitten. Maybe if he was around enough and realized his bucks weren’t going to get him to first base with her she’d show him the rules of her ball game…….

Easing back in her chair and closing her eyes Kelly remembered how she felt dancing with all those guys watching her every move. Just thinking about it made her pussy sooo wet. If her feet didn’t hurt so much she would gone orgasmic right then and there.

But that’s another story.

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