All We Knew Ch. 11

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All Characters are aged eighteen or over, sex is consensual, this is a slight departure from the main story, I hope you enjoy. Again non British English lovers please accept that the story is set in the UK and uses the root tongue of English for spelling, if you can’t take arse or Mum, then best you skip this story. Enjoy.


Jane tapped on the bedroom door, feeling slightly foolish as it was her bedroom anyway.

“Hi, come in, I’m fine,”

Jane came in and closed the door, seeing Julie sitting on the edge of the bed, eyes red and puffy.

“You look terrible,” blurted out Jane, her hand flying to her mouth as if trying to cram the words back in.

“Huh, you don’t look so hot yourself,” Julie laughed and held out her hand.

Jane walked forward and took Julies hand sitting beside her on the bed. They looked at each other and blushed, then looked down into their laps, unable to continue. They sat for a while, holding hands and waiting for the other to speak.

“So, have you had time to sort yourself out yet, I’m still in a bit of a daze, I can’t understand what’s happening, but I don’t feel angry or frightened just really confused and helpless.” Jane trailed off and looked at her friend. She felt her hand gripped tighter by Julie.

“Same here, not sure where this is going, but I know that we’ll be friends after we sort this, I somehow feel that we’re going to be stronger and… I don’t know, easier with each other, better friends, I can’t quite make it out, but I think what I’m trying to say is, I love you very much and I can’t imagine not having you around to talk to and I want to keep seeing you and stuff, I know you love Kevin and you’ll always be together, the same with Chris and I, but somehow now you and I are closer we share something, and if it’s love so be it, but I am not going to let you go girlfriend, we’re sisters for life.”

“I couldn’t say it like that but that’s my feeling as well, but I can’t not share this with Kevin and I think you’ll want to tell Chris. I think it will make all of us stronger, I trust those two they’ll see what it is and what it means.”

“I hope so, I don’t want to put anything between Chris and I, but I will not let anything destroy our friendship Jane, you mean too much to me.” The girls heads came together as they sat side by side, tears dropping onto the carpet.

A Week Later

Kevin and Chris sat looking stunned. The girls had organised the meet and were sat in the Chamber’s lounge during the afternoon. Chris had tears in the corners of his eye and Kevin sat looking at the carpet.

Chris looked at Julie then Jane, ” Wow, that’s pretty graphic for you two. I can’t say I’d ever have thought that would happen.”

Kevin looked at Julie, “Well you obviously both enjoyed the experience, and you are both still friends, so I guess you’re looking at Chris and I to see whether we’ll go off the deep end or dismiss it as nothing. Well it’s not nothing but I can’t really build up any anger about it either. What you did sounds fascinating and scary and sexy all at once. The fact you told us says you’re looking for approval or acceptance or guidance, none of which I can see you need from me, sorry I mean us,” he pointed at Chris, who nodded in agreement.

“You’re both adults, you’re both pretty strong characters, so I don’t see anything other than it’s something you want to share with us so there are no secrets. The problems begin if we over analyse this and start getting stupid negative thoughts; or worry you’ll leave us and run off together. I can’t see that, so I guess all I can say is, thank you for telling us taksim escort and I’m glad you enjoyed the experience and felt that you could share it with us.”

“I agree with him, only part of me would have loved to have been there, in a dirty, porny male “Two perfect birds shagging” kind of way, sorry but it’s true. Kevin don’t hit me but I’d love to see Jane naked, especially if Julie was naked too.”

“I can’t disagree with that, but now is not the time to reveal your innermost fantasies Chris, although Julie naked would be quite a beautiful sight, because if she is anywhere near as sexy as Jane…”

“Okay fellas hold your horses this conversation is lurching towards a wank fest,” Jane scowled at Kevin. Julie laughed and slapped Chris’s shoulder.

“Calm down tiger, we told you because there should be no secrets between us, not to inflame your already very high libidos.” Jane scruffed Chris’s hair.

“Chris, if you are that desperate to see me naked, I think you should see a shrink.” Jane said and smiled.

“I don’t think it would shrink,” said Kevin deliberately mishearing her.

“Oh you’re good, very good,” said Jane, then as if mulling it over, she stood up and before the others had time to think or act, had her jumper, blouse and bra off. As the other realised what was happening, Julie jumped up and began to tug her clothes off too. Within two minutes both girls stood naked before the boys, legs slightly apart and hands on hips.

“Like what you see boys,” said Jane slowly beginning to turn around, Julie too began a slow turn around. Both girls paused when their backsides faced the boys and leaned left and right respectively to watch the boys reaction.

“Holy shit,” said Kevin, “You could be twins, you’re both so bloody sexy.”

Chris just sat there staring at the girls, his mouth flapped open but nothing came out.

The girls straightened up and faced the boys, wrapping an arm around each others waist. Their broad grins and blushes made them look sweet and sexy at the same time.

“Errr.. earth to Chris; do you think you should start to breath again, like anytime soon,” said Julie a slight trace of concern in her voice.

“Whooaa big boy, you okay?” Kevin stood up and patted Chris’s knee, “Come on mate, breath or say something, hey Chris, come on snap out of it.” Kevin’s hand gripped Chris’s leg just above the knee and he began to wiggle it causing Chris’s leg to wiggle to.

“Oh…My…God, I have died and gone to heaven, I cannot believe that you two just did that. I knew that Julie was perfect, but Jane so are you, you’re amazing the pair of you. I can’t believe how beautiful you both are…” Chris’s voice trailed off and he began to shake his head slowly as if in complete disbelief.

“Well it seems he’s still breathing, but there may be some residual mental damage I’m afraid,” said Kevin, raising his finger to his temple and making a circular “Loony” gesture.

Suddenly Chris stood up and before his amazed sister and friends began to strip off, Kevin watched stunned, but suddenly he began to unbutton his shirt and strip off.

“It’s not fair for you to parade yourself before us because we made some horny inappropriate remarks,” said Chris stepping out of his jeans, “We have nothing to hide, two ordinary blokes, nothing special, just normal.”

With a heave he pulled his pants down revealing his limp cock and hairy balls. As he said this Kevin also pulled his pants down revealing his limp cock and hairy balls. They stood side by side hands clasped behind their backs, heads up. The girls clapped and cheered, looking at their çapa escort friends brothers equipment.

“Wow, what a sight, two equally lovely looking cocks, different but the same, how interesting,” Jane nudged Julie and they knelt down in front of the boys. Inches from the boys cocks they began to blow air towards them, watching the boys pubic hair riffle. both cocks began to rise slightly as the eroticism of the moment began to catch the boys imagination. Slowly they began to stiffen the girls leaned closer and Julie stuck out her tongue so the tip touched Kevin’s dick. seeing this Jane copied the action with Chris’s dick. Both boys cocks arched upwards and sprang to attention. The heads now pushing past the foreskins. They grunted and groaned as the weight of their balls seemed to increase as their dicks hardened and rose.

Julie and Jane looked at each other and laughed, reaching out they each clasped a dick and began to slowly move their hands back and forth. Kevin and Chris let out their breath as the feeling of two hands wanking them took hold. The girls put their hands at the base of each cock then slowly moved it forward. coming off at the end then used their other hand to start at the base. By now the boys were panting and groaning, rhythmically moving their hips in the reverse motion to the girls hands.

The boys soon lost it and came sending copious spurts of spunk all over the girls breasts and flat tummies. Sperm dripping down their bodies the girls stood and squashed their bodies together, rubbing the combined output into their skin. The boys stayed hard, watching their sisters mashed together and getting their rocks off. Finally the girls began to push their mons against each others thighs until with squeals and shudders they passed the point of no return and came in each others arms. Their faces locked together in an intense kiss.

Chris sat back on the sofa and Julie came to sit on his lap. As she sat she reached for his cock and inserted it into

herself, pushing down and feeling the wonderful sensation of being filled up inside. Jane sat on Kevin’s lap, also inserting his still hard dick into herself.

“Well that was fun,” said Julie, wiggling slightly on Chris’s erection. His hands slid up her sides and pulled her back slightly so he could rest his hands on her belly. Kevin could feel Jane’s vagina slowly milking his cock and he flexed his muscle the one that made his cock jerk inside her, she moaned and ran her hand down his arms.

“This is very nice,” said Julie, feeling Chris’s cock inside her, she began to feel a warm glow spread across her chest.

“Swapsies,” shouted Jane, standing and grabbing Julies hand, jerking her off Chris, she slapped Jane’s arse as she pulled her past and made to sit down on Chris’s lap, moving her hand to his cock as she inserted his shaft into her entrance, pushing down she felt him fill her up. Julie walked to Kevin held his dick turned and swiftly bore down on him, sinking down into his lap.

“Oh Wow, that feels good, now boys we may make some comparisons here but be assured we love you best, so no worries OK?”

“Kevin feels so good inside me, just like Chris, but different, but in no way is that unpleasant. Oh that’s interesting, do you do that for all the girls?”

“Is he making his dick jerk inside you, I love it when he does that. Ohh Chris, you look the same size as Kevin but you really do fill me up, I’m loving this big boy.”

“How do you do that Kevin, make it twitch?”

“I don’t know exactly but I just know I can; try making as if you want to cut off your pee you know, clenching your arse cheeks.”

“Ohhh bakırköy escort hooo, you did it, I felt that, Kevin he can do it too, clever boy, we like that, we like that a lot.”

Jane nodded vigourously, “We certainly do like that, this is sooh coool,” she said pulling Kevin’s arms around her and placing his hands on her breasts.

The four friends sat together, talking as though it were a normal way to hold a conversation, stark naked with the wrong boys dick in their love holes. The boys remained hard and occasionally twitched their dicks inside the girls, causing the girls to giggle and laugh.

“Change,” yelled Julie and pulled Jane off of Chris, but instead of switching the girls sat one on the other, Julie pulling Jane onto her lap and curving her arms around Jane’s waist.

Kevin smiled and went and sat on Chris’s lap, moving Chris’s dick forward so it sat beneath his ball bag, just poking through. The girls gasped, then giggled.

Kevin reached down and began to stroke the underside of Chris’s dick, reaching forward and down to start at the back. Chris’s arms snaked round Kevin’s sides and found his dick, the top of which he began to stroke with his finger. Finding this awkward Kevin stood, turned and knelt before Chris. Bending forward he took Chris’s dick in his hand and began to slowly wank him. Slightly standing Chris then dropped to Kevin’s side stretching out he turned sideways to his friend, who followed suite thus allowing them to have uninterrupted access to each other. Chris’s head moved up to Kevin’s dick and he began to kiss the tip as he slowly wanked his friend. In a mirror image Kevin’s head moved to Chris and he began to lick the foreskin around the head. The girls sat mesmerized as their brothers began to fellate each other, mouths moving over their cock heads, sucking the dicks into their mouths.

Quickly they began to move their hips in time to each other, small sounds of pleasure coming from each. Both suddenly began to rock their hips wildly and two hands pulled the dicks from their mouths and aimed them skywards as wads of cum sprang from them, rising and falling back on each others thighs. they jerked the dicks with their hands to ensure all the cum came out them went back to licking the head to clean them off. Finishing they span round and hugged, kissing on the lips and opening up to each other engaging in a heart shuddering full on make out session. finally they parted and slapped each other on the shoulder. sitting together they swung an arm around each others shoulders. Smiling they looked at the girls.

“What! you thought that you were the only ones with those feelings, well Chris and I, despite our maleness have talked about the homo-erotic bonds felt by good friends and now seemed an excellent chance to test it. I loved it but I think I’d prefer simple hetero sex, but I wouldn’t pass up another opportunity, especially with me good friend here.” He tapped Chris’s shoulder.

“I would second that, it was a great experience, I’d do it again, but I do on the whole prefer a woman’s touch and I’m now certain only a fairly restricted few women too. In fact both the women I feel most comfortable with are in this room.”

“Why thank you sir, for that most fascinating show of masculine love and the compliment to our womanhood.”

“Yes thank you both for being so open and honest with us, I am truly overcome with love and lust for both of you.”

The girls hugged each other and exchanged kisses. The boys slipped into the seating either side of them and the four huddled together. They chattered away until reluctantly they began to dress, as parents would be home soon. The boys sat side by side after dressing and the girls sat cross ways over both their laps. Thus all four were in physical contact with all the others. Then afternoon became evening and it was time to part.

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