Alone at Last

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The day was hot. The sun was in its full glory. It was my kind of day. I had taken the day off of work. I wanted to get away from it all for a while, and I needed to get some things done around the house. I spent the morning tending to my various choirs, anticipating a relaxing afternoon in the pool. By 11:00 I was hot and sweaty from cutting the grass, weeding the vegetable garden, and planting a few trees in my yard. My skin felt aglow from the warmth of the sun, it was pretty oblivious that I was once again going to have a pretty good head start on my summer tan.

As I was putting away the last of my tools, my girl came from the house ready to head into work. It was her late night, and with her son over the neighbors’ house, and my daughter visiting a friend, the house, and the pool, would be mine. A quick kiss on the cheek, and away she went. I finished up with putting my tools away, grab a diet coke, and headed to the back yard. I considered running in the house and grabbing my suit, but decided with having the pool to myself, I would be okay getting in it with only my shorts on.

With my stereo playing softly, I headed into the pool for a well deserved nap. Somewhere between consciousness and being dead asleep, I heard a voice. Somewhat inaudible at first, the sound continued until I recognized that someone was speaking to me. With one eye stilled closed, I looked up and saw my neighbor standing along side the pool. Looking up at her, the sun shining brightly behind her, she appear almost as a vision to me.

“So this is what you meant when you said you were taking a day off to do some work?, “ I laughed a little and responded that it was a rough job, but someone had to do it.

She was there returning my girlfriend’s son. I started to get out of the pool to go chat with her, and suddenly realized that I may be showing a little more than I was comfortable with. Whenever I worked in the yard, I would wear nothing but a pair of shorts, and since I hadn’t put on a suit, my wet shorts were surely going to cling to me. I decided to go ahead and get out of the pool any way, thinking that it would probably go un-noticed.

We chatted for a while, talking about the kids and the weather. At about this time, the two boys asked if they could change into their suits, and jump in the pool. I looked over at her, and she said that she didn’t have any plans for the day, so it was ok with her. I suggested that she may want to join us as well, and before you knew it, we were all in the pool playing.

The boys were jumping and rough-housing, as they normally do, and we were sitting on the Jacuzzi steps talking away. We had a wonderful friendship; she was indeed a special person in my life. She and her husband and become very close with us, we would get together as often as possible and would always have a good time. On many of those occasions, she and I would rib each other, tossing a few quick stabs at each other, and quite often getting a little flirtatious. Boy could she ever tease. In private conversations, away from our significant others, bursa escort we would joke and play, and sometimes discuss things that were very serious to each of us, but for whatever reason, we could not discuss with our partners. We had a very special relationship, but as much as we played, we were sure that we would never do anything that would hurt the friendship that our families have grown to enjoy.

The boys started yelling that they wanted to play chicken fight; we looked at each other, and jumped into the pool. She grabbed her son, and I grabbed my girlfriend’s son, and we hefted them up on to our shoulders. Let the games begin.

The boys are pretty equal in size and weight, so no one had any advantage over the other. As they locked hands, and pulled on each other, she and I were forced back and forth as we attempted to steady the child on each of our shoulders. And the battle continued. With no one having any distinct advantage, the battle drug on and on. At one point, in order to possibly get an advantage over us, she reached down to tickle me, but was unsuccessful in getting me to drop the boy. “Oh, that’s the way you are going to play is it” I said, she responded that all is fair in love and chicken fights. We laughed a little, and the battle continued. Shortly thereafter, she and her son got turned around and their backs were toward us. She seemed like she was going to fall. Somewhere from deep within, she found a renewed strength, and started to push back into us; she just wasn’t going to lose this. As she pushed against us, trying to regain her balance, I felt her ass sliding up against me. At first, I thought it was just a defensive move, but the longer it lingered, the more I was convinced that she was again trying to take advantage of an opportunity to tease me. It didn’t take long for me to respond. As she slid up and down against me, I could feel my cock starting to react. Before long, I was at full length, and was enjoying our little battle much more than I had thought I would. Now it wasn’t a question of winning or loosing, it was a question of prolonging the battle. Eventually, as I was pushing toward her, and she was pushing back, we both lost our footing, and the four of us fell over in a giant heap. We all came up from the water laughing and claiming victory, and finally decided it had ended in a tie. The boys wanted another go at it so the Champion of the World could be finally decided, but we opted out saying that the first battle was hard enough. Once again, we sat on the steps, but this time, we seemed to be much closer together than the first.

The boys played around for a while, they announced that they were getting hungry. I suggested that we could cook up some hamburgers on the grill, and she offered to help. We got out of the pool telling the boys that they had to stay in the shallow end until we got back, they started to fuss, but we threatened that if they continued, they could get out of the pool. They were happy staying in the shallow end. We quickly dried off and headed in to the house. I grabbed some burgers from the freezer bursa escort bayan as she headed for the fridge to get the condiments. She was leaning over getting the ketchup from the bottom shelf as I passed by trying not to rub up against her. She looked over her shoulder, and in her ever so teasing way, she said, “Suddenly you are afraid to rub against my ass? It didn’t seem to bother you in the pool, as a matter of fact, from what I was feeling, you seemed to enjoy it quite a bit!” With that, I set the burgers down, and rubbed my hand very slowly across her ass, which once again got me stirring. She stood up quickly, turned towards me and said “Hey, that wasn’t an invitation!” I looked into her eyes, and down to her pouted lips, and was suddenly completely overcome with desire. I had wanted her for a very long time, but at the same time, I didn’t want to cause any problems for either one of us. But at that point, I just didn’t care about problems.

I took her beautiful face in my hands and drew her in for a kiss that I will remember for a lifetime. Her lips were so sweet, and so soft. I felt a passion that I hadn’t felt for a long time. She gently returned the kiss I had offer to her, pulling me slightly closer as I continued to look into her beautiful eyes. Her eyes held a depth, like none I had experienced before; they said so many things that her lips had been unable to. The kiss lingered; the passion grew. After what seemed like an eternity, and at the same time, seemed like a mere flash of a second, the kiss broke. We looked at each other nervously, and she suggested that she look in on the boys. As she turned to walk toward the window, my eyes were drawn to her ass, the ass that brought us to this moment.

She glanced over her shoulder, and laughingly said that she could feel me checking her out. She glanced out the window, and announced that they boys had gotten out of the pool and were laying on the lounge chairs. She came back into the kitchen, and I grabbed her hand and lead her away from the windows and the possibility of the boys seeing us together. We walked to the bathroom where we thought we would be safe. Because of the pool, we have to have an alarm on the backdoor, so we would surely hear the boys if they entered the house.

I turned toward her, and the kissing began again. I was absolutely lost in lust, oblivious to anything else around me. My senses seemed heightened, and her kiss….. Her kiss. The passion was out of control. We were running our hands all over each other, and holding each other tighter and tighter. As I rubbed her back, my hand found itself on the tie string to her bathing suit top, I pulled gently until her breasts were free; free to be touched, free to be explored, free to be admired. I slid down from her lips, kissing all the way, until I reached her breasts. I was amazed when I came upon her nipples. They were so full, so plump, so needing to be kissed. Her breath quickened, and my heart skipped a beat. I could have spent eternity on her breasts, but I knew that we didn’t have an eternity. I returned to escort bursa kissing her lips, and slowly slid my hand down to her bathing suit bottom. I slipped my hand in and found that she was already soaked. My finger easily found entrance to her pussy. She gasped softly as I entered her. Seconds later, I pulled my finger out firmly rubbing her clit, and drew my hand up to my mouth. I licked the tip of my finger and told her that I have just got to eat her pussy. Taking my finger from my tongue, I brought it to her mouth; she in turn licked the rest of the juices remaining on my finger.

I knelt down in front of her, and pulled her bathing suit bottoms down her legs. Lifting one foot onto the toilet, I was afforded easy access to her dripping pussy. I gently licked her clit, and could feel her breath quicken. I switched back and forth from licking her clit to fucking her with my tongue. She arched her back, and pulled my face deeper inside of her. I reached my hand up and gently massaged her tits all the while, concentrating on her delicious pussy. As this continued, I felt her begin to shudder, I knew that her orgasm was quickly coming. I brought my tongue back to her clit, and then sucked it into my mouth. As her shuddering intensified, I sucked harder. She started to shake, and pull my head in to her even more. I felt her legs tighten as her orgasm hit. The taste was amazing. The feeling of knowing that she had cum was overwhelming.

She quickly caught her breath as I stood to kiss her once again. I found her tongue entering my mouth, and sharing the joy that I had just experienced by tasting her. She broke off the kiss, and said “I have got to have that cock in my mouth. I want to taste your cum”. She kneeled down in front of me, and pulled my shorts down to the ground. In a flash, she was rubbing my cock, and then directing it between her beautiful lips. The sensation was unbelievable. The realization that she was finally doing what I had dreamed about on so many occasions. I looked down at her, and was amazed that here I was, this beautiful woman who had teased me on so many occasions, who I had dreamed of so many times, was half smiling up at me as my cock was gliding ever so gently between her lips. It was more than I could take. I felt a familiar tightening of my balls. I knew that it would not be much longer for me. My breathing had become sporadic; my balls were continuing to tighten. Somehow this just couldn’t be happening. She was about to do something that no previous lover has ever been able to do, make me cum by sucking my cock. I felt that I had to warn her that I was about to cum, but my warning only made her put more into it. I was in shock; it was if she wanted me to cum in her mouth even more than I wanted to. It continued to build, until I just couldn’t take any more. My cock exploded. She held me even tighter, and swallowed all that my cock had to offer.

Just then, I heard a loud noise. The door alarm rang out. Startled, I looked up from my raft, and saw that my neighbor was coming out of my back door. “Hey, just wanted to let you know that I was bringing the boy back”. She turned to head back into the house, looking over her shoulder she pointed to my obvious erection and said, “You might want to cover that up before the kids wonder what you were up to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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