Amanda Chronicles Ch. 01

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My stories are all based on true events unless otherwise noted specifically in the forward. Though I have altered the names of my characters, each character introduced is original and will persist throughout my submissions.


I do not get over women easily, and one woman in particular, Amanda, has always had my eye and indeed my heart. Now, many years removed from the sophomore year in high school when we first met, I have accumulated a wealth of experiences and sexual encounters with Amanda that have persisted through numerous significant others and across all distance. I tell you this to set the stage for what is to come; while I do hope the general reader enjoys my writing and it pleases them in the ways they seek, what I am getting out of it is far deeper. These stories are borne of love and are intended to become living affirmations of my love undying for Amanda. I hope that she is able to read them and think back fondly on the memories, and continue to help me make new ones. Where to start? Let’s start at the beginning. Not the very beginning, not when we met, but a few years after. Our first sexual encounter as adults.


Amanda and I hadn’t seen or spoken to each other for quite some time when I saw her at a local minor-league hockey game. On the way to concessions, I found myself walking behind a short, slim blonde-haired woman with an intoxicating scent. Her figure was framed in some tight blue jeans with bedazzled back pockets, accentuating her firm, round bottom. She had on a short pink jacket with her long hair falling down her back and shoulders. I recognized her almost straight away as Amanda. I moved hurriedly to catch up to her and tapped her on the arm. She turned and gazed at me with the prettiest of blue eyes and smiled. “Dawson! It has been so long! How are you?” She exclaimed, throwing her arms around me. I bent down slightly to meet her hug and wrapped my arms around her back, breathing in her perfumed hair, soft against my cheek. The embrace was warm and sincere, and brought back memories of all the good times we had in high school. We each stepped back and started catching up.

It turns out she was at the game on a date with her latest boyfriend, Frank, who quickly joined us with a beer in hand, fresh from the concessions counter. She introduced us and, though Frank seemed like a perfectly likeable and decent guy, I couldn’t help but treat him rather dismissively. I had always known Amanda to be fond of shorter relationships, quickly moving on to ‘the next thing,’ so to speak. Long relationships didn’t seem to be her style, not how she was built – something I had known since high school. As such, I was probably more curt with him than I would have liked to be, had I known how serious their relationship was to become. Not long after meeting Frank, we said our goodbyes and broke away to find our seats again, but not before Amanda invited me over to her parent’s house for a party the following night. “Bring swim trunks,” she yelled across the crowd of people.

That night I stopped off at the liquor store on the way over and picked up a good bottle of tequila, remembering how much she enjoyed it. I pulled up to her house and approached the front door and heard more than a few people inside, and wondered who else I might recognize. I rang the bell and waited until a saw a slim-figured woman walking her way across the foyer through the textured glass in the door. It was Amanda, looking just as good as she did the day before, in a new set of tight blue jeans and a white top, hair falling all around her shoulders. We greeted with a hug as she opened the door and she invited me in. I produced for her the bottle of tequila and she smiled, taking the bottle and leading me into the kitchen. I placed my jacket on a chair in the kitchen and followed Amanda into the dining room. I saw and greeted several of her girlfriends, and a few guys with them, but did not see Frank.

They had all been drinking for a little while before I had arrived, and so I took an empty seat and began playing in whatever game they had going at the time. It didn’t take too long before most everyone was drunk, myself included. We were all chatting, catching up on life events and everyone’s adventures at various colleges. The largest development seemed to be that Frank and Amanda had moved in with her parents in order to save money for a house of their own. Amanda expected to marry Frank, as she hinted at several times throughout the evening, which surprised me. I asked where Frank was tonight and Amanda said he was out of town for a few days on business.

So, the night went on for several hours, drinking game after drinking game until the conversation slowed and it seemed that most of her friends had had enough and began to disperse, retreating to odd bedrooms and couches, or catching rides home. Eventually, it was just me and Amanda sitting at the table in the dining room, chatting. I asked another few questions about Frank and told her how surprised I was to hear her speak of marriage with anyone. She played back bursa escort and said talked about how good Frank is to her, to which my alcohol-driven self said, perhaps selfishly, “Well, I can be pretty good to you, too!” She acknowledged that I had always treated her well, and that I would always have a special place in her heart, and that I should get to know Frank better as we would probably get along very well. The invitation to spend more time with her was more than enough for me to agree to do just that, and I asked to toast her relationship over some tequila in the hot-tub. She smiled gleefully, quickly rising and stating “YES let’s hot-tub!”

We walked into the kitchen where she pulled two fresh shot glasses out of a cupboard and asked me to grab some limes from the fridge while she looked for the salt. Lucky for me, it seemed that the salt was on a lower shelf in a low cabinet and she was bent over at the waist looking for it. I stared at her tight, round ass bobbing up and down, the thin denim of her pants stretched taught against her skin. Her lower back showing as her shirt slid down towards her shoulders, exposing a small band of material from her thong rising just above the beltline of her pants. My cock began to stir at the thought of touching her. She rose with the salt, and we toasted to old times’ sake and various other silly things as well as the hot-tub. Her eyes lit up and she quickly asked if I had brought trunks. I said “Of course,” and walked over to my jacket, pulling them from a pocket they had been stuffed into. “Got a place for me to change? Oh, and a towel?”

Amanda walked past me towards the laundry room right off the kitchen. “There should be beach towels in here you can use,” she said, opening a closet and retrieving a towel off the top of the stack, “and you can use the bathroom there,” motioning to the bathroom on the other side of the laundry room. I moved myself into the doorway just a couple feet behind Amanda. She turned into me, holding the towel. I must have caught her by surprise because she lost her balance and I quickly grabbed her arm and wrapped a hand around her back to keep her from falling. I spread my palm against the small of her back and pulled her towards me, her skin was so soft and warm. I held her for only a moment, just long enough to know that I had to have her, and perhaps she wanted me too. My cock began to stiffen and I released her. “Thanks for catching me, ha-ha, I didn’t know you were there,” she stated, offering me the towel. I grinned at her, grabbed the towel and held it at waist height, hoping to hide my growing bulge. I moved out of her way and made my way towards the bathroom. She scampered off to her room to change and said she’d be back down in a few minutes.

I stood there in the bathroom for several moments, looking into the mirror, contemplating my move. First, I thought I should stay in the bathroom and wait for her to come looking for me. She would open the door and I would be standing there naked and obvious with my intention. I pulled my pants off and kicked them into a pile in the corner of the bathroom. My shirt followed and then I was naked. Another moment went by and my drunken mind settled on a new idea, perhaps I should wait for her to come look for me, but be wrapped up in the towel, as if just getting out of a shower and then expose my plan and myself by suggestion of skinny-dipping. I wondered how she would react and my head was swimming, torn between caution and failure, opportunity and regret. I recalled my hand on her skin and the sight of her ass bobbing up and down in front of me and became increasingly aroused. Eventually Amanda did come back downstairs, looking for me. I heard her walking through the kitchen, whispering “Dawson, are you ready? Where are you?” I heard her move to the back door and crack it open, not finding me near the hot-tub. The door shut and I heard her bare feet on the wood floor making their way towards my bathroom. “Are you ready?” she said, as she knocked on the door.

“Yes…almost…” I squeaked as I panicked and jumped into my swim trunks. My boner raging, I tucked it into the waistband and held the towel over my waist as I opened the door. Amanda stood a few feet away, facing me. Her fit figure was concealed only by a loose-fitting zebra-print bikini top with black strings wrapping under her arms. She wore a matching print boy-short style bottom, pulled up sloppily, one hip above the other. The sight of her made me throb. I wanted to reach out for her and pull her breasts from her top and kiss them. Pull her into me and slide a hand down her flat stomach rub her pussy.

She stood there, smiling. “I have orange juice, so we can make tequila sunrises if you want to drink them in the hot-tub” she exclaimed as she turned toward the kitchen. I stood there in the doorway staring at her backside. Her bottoms were pulled up high enough to frame out the heart-shape of her tight ass as she walked.

“Sounds great, Amanda!” I said, walking after her.

As Amanda walked up to the fridge she told me to get the tub bursa escort bayan ready. I approached the back door and opened it, glancing back over my shoulder to see her pouring copious amounts of tequila into ice-filled glasses. The hot-tub was under a covered backyard porch. I needed to remove its cover so we could get in so I stood up on a short flight of steps in front of the tub and peeled back the first half of the cover, folding it over on to the second half. In my drunken state, moving the second half of the cover proved much more challenging. I tried to pick it up from one side of the tub, failing to realize that the cover was on a track and needed to be lifted from the center and lowered off of the edge. Amanda came through the back door just in time to watch my struggle. She stood there, watching and giggling. I turned to her and shrugged in defeat “I can’t figure this thing out!”

She moved towards me, a drink in either hand, “Hold these.” I reached out and took the glasses as she brushed past me, the momentary contact between her hips and mine was just enough to jostle my hardened dick from its perch under my waistband. I had to act quickly and decided to sit in a chair nearby before she turned around to see me. She hopped into the tub and lifted the cover, pushing it towards the edge. I placed the drinks on the ground and grabbed my towel, throwing it over a shoulder length-wise while pulling ample amounts of towel to cover my front adequately. I picked the drinks back up and rose. “You coming?” She took a seat on the far side of the tub and I leaned over to give her the drinks. I worked my way into the tub awkwardly, trying to conceal my excited lower self. I sat across from her and leaned over to take possession of my tequila sunrise.

“So that’s how it’s done, then?” I asked, embarrassed.

“Yes, just have to know how to handle it is all, I thought you had been in this tub before.”

“Of course, but I’ve never had to take off the cover.” I reached over to the control panel and turned on the jets. “Other than that, though, I remember how the jets work! We had some good times here, remember? I seem to remember giving you more than a few foot massages in this very tub.”

“I remember!” she shouted. “Think you might be up for giving me a foot massage tonight?” She laughed and extended her right leg, elevating her right foot above the water.

“Absolutely, for old time’s sake!” I said while placing my drink on the edge of the tub. I leaned forward towards her and placed my hands on her foot. I began working the ball of her foot and her toes, moving around the edges and onto her heel and ankle. I positioned my right hand onto her calf to help support her leg as I rubbed her and ankle, moving back down towards her toes. “Like this, right?”

“Yessss,” she hissed, grinning at me and sipping on her drink, “that feels so good. Why did we ever break up back then, you were always the best at massages, I was a fool!”

I laughed, “C’mon, we were so young, bigger and better things now, right? I mean, you’ve got Frank now.”

“Yes, he is a really good guy and my dad likes him a lot.”

“That’s good, family liking him is a big plus,” I said as I leaned slightly farther forward. I held her right foot still with my left hand and right hand worked its way from her ankle to her calf. I commented on how flexible she was and teased her by lifting her leg higher out of the water. She smiled at me and kept sipping.

I massaged her calf as we continued talking, occasionally switching back to her foot and taking breaks to drink more myself. Sometime later she ran out of beverage and wanted more. I released her foot and she rose from her seat, water falling off of her toned stomach and legs. She lifted her leg over the edge of the tub and slipped, I quickly reached out and grabbed at her hips and leg to support her. My left hand found itself high up on her left thigh and my right on her right hip. I rose completely and stiffened my arms, stabilizing her. I pulled her back into my chest and she lowered her leg back into the tub. “You alright?” I asked.

“Yea, just slippery. Thanks for catching me…again.”

“It’s my pleasure,” I said, as I pulled her closer to me. We stood there in the tub, her backside backed up against me. Her ass right up against my crotch, causing it to twitch and grow again. I moved my hand from her thigh and up to her shoulder. We held that position for a few seconds, my mind was frantically trying to decide if this was the moment as my dick would quickly be making that decision for me. Just before she could certainly feel it pressing into her ass, she pulled away and I assisted her getting out of the tub. She took both glasses and ran inside to refill them as I sat back down.

We had been in the tub a while to this point and standing up had made me light headed. I collected my thoughts and determined my plan, settling on one in particular. I heard the back door open and quickly adjusted myself to rise to help Amanda back into the tub.

She sat back down in escort bursa her seat across from me and handed me my glass. I placed it back on the edge of the hot-tub and took my seat. I asked if she would like to resume the massage with her left foot. I was answered with a slim, smooth leg raising itself out of the water towards me. I slid down forward in my seat slightly and lifted my right leg under the water to the edge of where Amanda sat. Her back was straight against the wall of the hot-tub and she didn’t seem to notice me placing my foot between her legs at the edge of her seat.

I began massaging her left foot much the same way I had with her right. I positioned a hand under her calf to offer support and worked her toes with the other. We talked and drank as before but occasionally I would tug on her left leg, forcing her to slide forward slightly in her seat. Eventually, I could feel the material of her boy-short bottoms near my big toe. “This is it, now or never,” I thought to myself. In one stern movement I tugged on her left leg and raised my big toe above the ridge of the bench and on her crotch. With no discernable reaction from Amanda, I resumed massaging but ceased talking. My heart was beating out of my chest and I would not have been able to contain my excitement if I had spoke. “Did she feel it? Does she know? Why isn’t she reacting?” I continued to wonder these things to myself. Several minutes passed with no negative change, so I kept massaging her left foot as a cover and slowly started moving my big toe back and forth. A short time after this she stopped talking and I noticed her breathing picking up. She slumped farther into her seat, pushing herself into my waiving toe. She was squinting at me, dark makeup running from around her eyes, the result of the steam, sweat and excitement.

She moved her hands to either side of her and pushed herself forward, forcing my toe to push the material inside her. Her breathing continued to intensify and her eyes closed now, head rolling back to rest against the edge of the tub. Under the water I guided my left leg against her right leg and nudged it to the side, she obliged and swung her leg open. My toe worked itself in and out of her pussy through the material of her bottoms. My hands guided her left foot, spreading her legs apart further. I removed my right big toe from her and slid it up and back down her thigh, hooking the edge of her bottoms and pulled them aside. I shoved my toe back towards her opening, penetrating her fully. My leg began rocking back and forth, pumping my toe in and out of her. I pulled her left leg towards me and slouched, allowing my toe to travel deeper inside her. She was breathing very heavily and began to moan, in through her mouth and out through her nose. Her hands were splashing up and down, switching back and forth from supporting her and pushing her hips farther forward. Her head rocked back and forth, her hair fell into the water and splashed water with every whip. She began humping at my foot and propped herself up, trying to sit upright. I released her leg and watched her adjust as I strained my foot to keep my toe moving inside of her. She moved her arms to the edge of the hot-tub and pulled herself fully onto my foot, now bobbing up and down in the water slightly while rocking her hips back and forth. Her breathing was in full pant and she moaned loudly. After several moments I withdrew my toe, sat up and leaned forward, quickly claiming her hips with my hands and dragging her body towards mine.

Her arms slipped off of the edge of the tub she floated towards me on her back. Her eyes were still closed and head just above the water. I moved my hands to support her back as I pulled her towards me. Her hands moved all around, gripping her breasts, moving down and under her bottoms to tease her excited clit, and back the edge of the tub again to support her. I raised her up as her crotch approached my chest. The left half of her pussy was exposed with some of her boy-short pushed up deep inside her. I extended an arm to support her mid back and my other pushed her lower back towards my mouth. I sat there for a moment, taking her in. In the palm of my hands was a beautiful, excited and writhing woman. I gazed down on her stomach and chest, her large breasts had loosened her top further and were falling out, her nipples erect and glistening in the dim light of the porch.

I saw her chin and head lift up, and we locked eyes. She stared at me, urging me to continue. Her pussy was inches away from my mouth as we maintained eye contact. I pushed on her lower back, raising her hips to my chin as I tipped my mouth towards her mound. I licked at the exposed half of her vagina, running my tongue up and down her labia. She whipped her head back into the water her and I watched as her chest pumped up and down, supporting her deep breathing. I moved my entire mouth onto her, covering her pussy and shot my tongue between the material and her naked lip. My lips sealed themselves around her crotch and I began to suck at her clit, tasting both her juices and the water of the hot-tub which soaked her bottoms. She wriggled in pleasure and excitement, her arms splashing on either side of her. She soon tried to sit up and I released my support of her back and pulled her into me.

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