Amanda Teasing Two Ch. 04

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I had another sleepless night where I wrestled with my emotions. Everyone seemed to be getting what they wanted, except me! I got up late and wandered to the kitchen. I heard voices coming from the garden. There they were chatting and laughing. Marcus had obviously got Jeff up. I looked at the clock and wished I hadn’t, it was nearly noon.

“How are you feeling?”

I looked at Marcus feeling embarrassed about last night.

“I was going to take dad round the river, do you want to come?”

I shook my head

“Marcus about last night, I well, um.”

“Its OK you don’t have to explain. You’re a free agent now.”

I could see he was still annoyed.

“I’m just surprised you got off with Gerry.”


He had walked out into the lounge before I could even offer an explanation. Not that I had a clue what I was going to say.

“How are you feeling?”

God his father was on my case now!

He looked me up and down.

“Look Amanda I know this is your house, but while Marcus is here do you think you could, well, cover up.”

I pulled my dressing gown around me feeling angry at him.

“Well if you don’t like it perhaps you should leave,” I spat.

He looked down at his lap, like he was avoiding something.

“Well you may as well know, I’m thinking of going back to Hazel, I’ll leave at the end of the week.”

I just stood in shock as he pushed the lever on his wheelchair and he wheeled himself out. I heard the front door slam and began to weep!

That afternoon Marcus left to go back to the army training centre. I went to work still a little shocked. It was like everyone was having a good laugh at me. Was I some sort of fool? Had the last couple of years meant nothing to anyone except me! Jeff had even asked for the divorce papers. I told him I would sort it out later. To be honest it wasn’t until I got to work that I felt angry with Jeff and his son. That bitch of an ex-wife was I suspect having a good laugh too. I managed to smile at the customers, but I bit Jill’s head off once about getting an order wrong. At the end of the shift I was called into Don’s office. I sat in tears as he told me he was cutting back, and I was the one who might get the axe.

“I’ve been here longer than Jill and Maria, and Rita is always phoning in sick lately,” I sobbed.

“I’m sorry Mandy.”

“You asked me on a date last week. God how can you fire me?”

I looked up into his eyes when he didn’t answer, and then I knew why. I had heard stories about him with the girls. He didn’t seem to care that he had a reputation that most men would cringe at. I don’t know why all the girls fancied him, I did a little, even if he was arrogant and a bit of a bastard. But the girls still went out with him.

“I thought you said I was your favourite?” I said, wiping my eyes.

He moved behind me and I felt his hands on my shoulders.

“You are Mandy, but you don’t make the best of yourself. Did you notice how the girls looked tonight?”

His hands began to massage my shoulders. Yes I noticed that the girl’s skirts were a little shorter than normal, and I’m sure Kath wasn’t wearing a bra. His head moved close to mine.

“Now if you made more of an effort Amanda, I might reconsider, and maybe a date on Saturday night would help, either a little or a lot.”

I felt his lips kiss my neck. Then he stopped waiting for a response. All of a sudden a thousand thoughts ran through my head. Yes he just wanted to bed me. Yes I would probably be dumped, and yes I did fancy him even knowing his reputation. But I would need all the money I could get when Jeff moved out, and he didn’t care about me. He was bursa yabancı escort going back to that slag! No doubt she would still sleep around and he would be happy again. But maybe, just maybe I could turn this to my advantage! “So if I dressed like the others you wouldn’t fire me?” I asked softly.

His hands slipped down my front. His thumbs now gently rubbed my shoulders as his fingers rested on my fleshy breasts.

“Well if you and I went for drink next Saturday, and then well we could maybe go somewhere, more private.”

His thumbs had stopped now and he waited.

“We could, go back to, m, my place, if that, would help,” I stammered breathlessly.

He made no pretence of rubbing my shoulders now. His fingers began to lift my breasts and knead them. His head was back on my neck. I tilted my head away from him so he had a bigger target to explore with his wet tongue.

“I think we understand each other now,” he hissed, squeezing my breasts more firmly.

“Yes,” I mumbled.

I stood up and turned round facing him. He moved forward and our lips touched. He pulled me to him and his tongue slipped between my parted lips. I was soon pressing into him with a passion that seemed to surprise him. It didn’t really surprise me though. This would get back at my husband and his son! When we parted we both gasped for breath.

“What about your husband?”

“He won’t care, I’m divorcing him remember?”

“Do I get to meet him again?” he said with a chuckle.

“If you want to he’ll probably get a thrill out of it.”

“Oh so it’s true about him and his ex-wife?”

“Yes but I never did anything like that. That is part of the reason I’m divorcing him,” I said, looking away from Don.

I got a taxi home, as Don was going to meet his friends. I went to bed and began dreaming of Don. After all the things I’d heard about him I’m sure all the rumours couldn’t true. My fingers began teasing my clit. I imagined Don’s tongue slipping into my fanny. I toyed with my nipple, remembering how Marcus had stared at them. Then he tried to kiss me! It was a good job I was drunk or he would have been nursing a stinging cheek! Yeah Don would get what Marcus wanted. I was just sorry Marcus wouldn’t be around to see me bring my new boyfriend home.

I went in to check on Jeff when I got home from work the next day. He was still awake and seemed to be quite comfortable. I slipped my wedding ring back on.

“Don has asked me out again,” I said, twisting the ring round my finger.

“Oh what did you say?”

“I really didn’t get much of a choice; he said he was cutting staff. But well we are getting a divorce and he is nice,” I said distantly.

“But what about the other girls, what would they think?”

I watched him grimace as he shuffled up the bed.

“I know he has a reputation but he can’t be all that bad. Besides I shall need the money when you go.”

I sat on the bed still twiddling my ring.

“I will see you are OK for money, and I don’t know about going back to Hazel yet,” he said licking his lips.

“It’s not set in stone then?”

“No of course not, sometimes it feels like a good idea, but I don’t want to hurt you really I don’t.”

I sighed heavily.

“You know it will if you do go back with her. But I suppose it’s none of my business at the end of the day.”

He looked at the telly.

“I’m really sorry for upsetting you Amanda.”

“Well I suppose its better we separate now than in a few years. It is just as well, maybe you should have told me about your, thing,” I said looking at him.

He nodded.

“Are you going out with him because bursa sınırsız escort you like him, or to keep your job?”

I looked down at my wedding ring again.

“A bit of both I suppose. I would like you to be here Saturday just in case I, I can’t, you know?” I said, looking into his eyes again.

“What can I do I’m a cripple?”

“Well if he knows you are here, then if I say no, he’ll stop. Please Jeff do this for me.”

“Y, you are going to bring him, here?” he said, after clearing his throat.

“Yes, its ironic isn’t it, you being here while I’m with him? I suppose you will get a thrill out of it.”

I looked at the telly screen.

“Why don’t you go back to his place then?”

“In case I stay the night. I still have you to think about. And, if it does turn you on then, well I’ll just have to put up with it.”

“You know Hazel thinks I should get half of the house. In fact I’ve been thinking about that too.”

“You are not having my house,” I said defiantly.

“Don’t worry I don’t want it. Will you, bring him in, to see me?”

I watched him gulp.

“What do you mean?” I said suspiciously.

“Well this is a nice house but it’s yours. I’m quite happy to sign it all over to you. So will you bring him in?”

Now I knew I hated him. Why he just didn’t come out and say it I didn’t know. But that was Jeff all over. He talked in riddles and loved to keep me guessing.

“I see, you want me to play your sick little game, or you will make me sell the house?”

“No I wouldn’t go that far.”

He said it in such a way I didn’t believe him. I’m sure he did this on purpose. I wasn’t that confident that I would keep the house if it went to court. I had signed the house over so it belonged to both of us. Maybe if the court saw him in a wheelchair he would get a sympathetic vote.

“If I did bring him to see you, it would be on my terms. I know what you want, but you would have no say in the matter,” I said coldly.

“Amanda if I wanted to I could buy you out, but I don’t want to. Hazel would like it here; she would get quite a thrill from taking your husband and your house. But I don’t think I could be that cruel to you.”

There it was again that tone that I didn’t trust. He was baiting me, or blackmailing me however you want to put it. The thought of that bitch strutting around my mother’s house had me trembling with anger. I know Marcus had said his mother would kill for a place like this. If she had told Jeff that he should go for the house, then it was already on her mind. What was it Marcus said about finding some incentive to get you out of bad situations? Well I wouldn’t have to look long and hard to find my incentive here!

Through the week Jeff asked me if I had the divorce papers. I kept making up excuses about leaving them at my solicitors. While we never spoke about the thinly veiled threats of the other night, he was acting a little cocky in a strange sort of way. He saw me over the last few days wearing shorter skirts to work. He would ask me when I checked on him how my shift went. I knew he wanted to hear about Don coming onto me. He was also hinting about going back to Hazel again. But I didn’t say anything about Don until the Friday night after my shift.

I sat on the bed and my skirt went up to the tops of my thighs. I had removed my bra in the toilets just before I left work.

“So is it still on for tomorrow night then?”

I nodded. Don had been teasing me at work, as I rushed around getting orders and things, he would feel up my skirt. When he started doing this I would brush his hand away, but as the days past I came görükle escort to enjoy it. At one point he told me Jill’s skirt was shorter than mine. When I went to his office a few minutes later I had pulled my skirt up so it was shorter.

“Is that better?” I asked.

I stood next to his chair. His hand went up the back of my skirt. He squeezed and mauled my ass. I just stood there letting him. He smiled up at me and I smiled back.

“What would hubby say?” he asked, with a wicked grin.

“I told you, he would enjoy it,” I replied, feeling quite horny.

“Then you are going to show him your stocking tops Saturday before we go out, “he said lustfully.

“I’ve got a better idea, why don’t you show him when you pick me up?” I purred.

“Oh that sounds like fun,” he said, giving my ass an extra hard squeeze.

I went to the door to go back to work.

“Don I’m not a one night stand am I? I mean we are going out together aren’t we?”

He chuckled at my worried expression.

“Mandy you are my girl; I’ll go out with you as often as you want.”

I grinned back at him, but still my mind wasn’t totally convinced.

I got ready for my date, and on purpose I didn’t let Jeff see what I was wearing. I could tell all through the day he was excited, although he tried to hide it. I too was looking forward to going out with Don. He was 31 around 6’2″ tall, slim with wavy black hair and thin grey eyes. Ok he was arrogant and cocky, but I was sure he liked me more than the other girls he had dated, although I was a little miffed when he told them he was taking me out. Rita tried to talk me out of it, I was sure that she just wanted to go back out with him herself. Being the girlfriend of the boss had its advantages, while everyone else cleaned up I would sit on Don’s knee laughing and having a glass wine with him. I knew the girls were jealous too, because now I was in charge of the till. Jill had a right go at me, when I told her she was only getting half her tips because of the glass she dropped. Don had told me to tell her, and he stood back watching as I told her to get her act together. I must admit I felt a little awkward when he stood behind me, and then kissed my neck right after I had told Jill off. But as he told me later, they had to learn that I was going to be more of a manageress from now on. I ignored the comments about me getting too big for my boots when Don had gone to his office. I waited with the others outside. Don must have forgotten he was giving me a lift home, as he had already gone. Maria had a face like thunder, so I knew she wouldn’t offer me a lift with her and her boyfriend. Never mind, if they were jealous of me I could get a taxi home.

I answered the door, Don was on time. I gave him a twirl. He watched the hem of my new red dress flare out. It finally settled to 4 inches off my knee.

“God you look good,” he said with a grin.

I gushed happy that he was pleased.

“Well we better go and see hubby is settled before we go,” he whispered.

My smile dropped a little, I didn’t really want to see Jeff right now.

“Don please can’t you stop call him my hubby, I’m your girl now,” I moaned, as I slipped my arms round his neck.

He pulled my arms down.

“I thought you wanted to tease him about us?”

I nodded but didn’t really mean it.

“Besides you should show him what he is going to miss when you divorce him.”

I took a deep breath.

“Yes you are right I suppose,” I said, with a slight grin.

I took his offered hand and he kissed me hard. I was soon pushing my tongue into his mouth. His hand mauled at my ass, I just hoped he didn’t crease my dress. By the time we broke our kiss I had found my determination to show off in front of Jeff. Don had reminded me that I had married a pervert, and I should have nothing but disgust for him.

I opened Jeff’s door. Don had stopped me from knocking on it. I stood holding Don’s hand right in front of my husband!

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