Amusement Park Rides

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We head to an amusement park for a fun-filled day of sun and excitement. Our first stop of the day is the Fun House. We wander around looking at the mirrors making us short and fat then tall and skinny, then we wander into the maze of mirrors There isn’t anyone around and hasn’t seemed to be all day. You press me up against a mirror and kiss me deep and passionately.

You slide both hands down my back and squeeze my ass hard as our tongues intertwine and we explore each others bodies. You bite into my neck and I push harder into you. I can feel your hardness pressing against me through your pants. You continue kissing me as I watch you in the mirror behind you. Your hands are moving along my body and then you pull away.

You lead me by the hand through another corridor and into a room with several crawl spaces. We find one that is somewhat concealing and you seat me inside it. I bite into your neck as your hand finds its way up under my skirt. You realize that I’m not wearing any panties and my pussy is already soaked. You slide a finger in and begin gently stroking my clit. You kiss along my inner thighs as your finger is joined by a second. I put my head back and moan a little as you bring me to orgasm. As my body shudders against you, you slowly take bursa escort your hand away.

You start moving up along me, kissing me as your hand unbuttons and unzips your pants. As you kiss my cheek, I feel the head of your cock rubbing up and down against my sopping wet lips. You then ram your cock deep inside me. We start fucking hard and fast as my nails dig into your back. You grab my ankles and spread my legs wider, allowing your cock to completely fill me.

I meet your thrusts with my own movements, pushing myself against you as you thrust inward. You’re still holding my legs apart while you continue to thrust. I moan against your shoulder as I sink my teeth in. You pull out of me and pull me out of the crawl space. You push me against another mirror face first as you slide your hand up between my legs. Your other hand comes up and grabs a handful of hair as you ram me with three fingers.

I can feel the cold of the mirror against my breasts and cheek as you press me hard against it. You then turn me around to face you and lift one of my legs up, sliding into me again. One of your hands comes up and cradles my breast as you slide easily in and out of me My orgasm is building and I hold on tight to your shoulders as you keep my leg lifted high. bursa escort bayan You fuck me hard and deep as I start to explode. You press harder and faster as I orgasm, bringing yourself to orgasm as well. You slow down and kiss me on the lips, then breathe into my ear how good it felt to have me.

You pull out and zip up. I rearrange myself as we work to find our way out. When the bright sunlight hits us, I squint against it from the sudden change. We then walk hand in hand together to the roller coaster. We get into the back car of the coaster and buckle ourselves in. We both have a love for the thrill of coasters and there is good reason why.

As the car starts moving forward, I look over at you and see your mischievous grin. You have a hand on my thigh and it starts to move upward. As the car builds speed, I undo your pants and pull your already stiffening cock out. I lean over onto you and wrap my mouth around it. I start sucking hard and fast as the coaster starts to climb. I dig my nails into your thigh as I consume you. As the coaster starts to plunge, I suck even harder and soon feel you exploding in my mouth. As the coaster slows, I lick you gently and tuck your cock away in your pants.

As the coaster comes to a stop, I lean over and escort bursa kiss you quick. We get out and head to the ferris wheel. We stand in line for a bit and I run my hands along your back and neck. I lean in and kiss you for a moment and then its our turn to get on. We sit in the seat, close to one another, arms around the other.

As more passengers get on and the ride shifts, you again start moving your hand up my thigh. I put my hand against your crotch and feel you getting hard again. I can feel as my pussy starts to get wet. I again unzip you and pull out your cock. I slowly start to stroke you as your fingers find their way to the wet lips between my legs. You slip a finger in and start circling my clit. I tighten my grip and slip along your shaft a little faster. The ferris wheel has started its full cycle and I can see people standing below and around us as we pass by.

I close my eyes as your slide two fingers in, still playing with my clit. I stroke you faster still and you moan a little as I play with the tip some. You keep finger fucking me as I too start to moan. I thrust my hips a little in time with your penetration, never releasing my grip on you. My breath quickens and I moan into your ear as I find my release. I stroke you harder as I feel you tighten up in my hand and then find your own completion.

I lean over and kiss the head of your cock as you lick my juice from your fingers. The ride comes to a stop and we get off, not for the first time that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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