Amy Comes For The Weekend Ch. 02

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This story is a sequel to “Amy Comes for the Weekend”, and I recommend that you read that story first.

The story and the characters so far:

Amy MacGregor, a stunning, self-assured 20-year old college student of Japanese/Scottish heritage. She’s confused over her sexuality as she is having a torrid love affair with Rob Crawford, yet she is also sexually attracted to Rob’s look-alike daughter, Julie, who is her roommate at college. Amy’s one attempt at seducing Julie was rejected.

Julie Crawford is an attractive 20-year old redhead, who is innocent and naïve about sexual matters. She is in awe of her beautiful and assured roommate, Amy. She, like Amy, is also confused about her sexuality. She has strong feelings towards Amy, but doesn’t know how to deal with them. Although she now regrets rejecting Amy’s advances, she’s uncertain about having sex with a woman.

Rob Crawford, Julie’s 40-year old divorced father, and Amy’s lover for the last month. Whenever Amy visits him for the weekend, the visit is always a wild fuck-fest. Rob is infatuated with the beautiful Eurasian woman, despite their age difference, and would do anything to please her.

* * * *

Amy and Julie went about their normal routine, acting as though nothing had ever happened between them. Amy was determined that she would try again to seduce the appealing redhead but, next time, she would be more subtle and only make her move when she felt certain of getting between Julie’s legs. In the meantime, she continued her hot affair with Rob, even if it was only on weekends.

Julie was spending more and more time thinking about the night that Amy try to seduce her, and she was becoming more convinced that she had made a mistake in pushing Amy away. It had been an unexpected shock when Amy had suddenly kissed her hard, shoving her tongue deep into Julie’s mouth and putting her hand on Julie’s pussy, and Julie had reacted instinctively. It was only a few minutes later that she had masturbated furiously, fantasizing about what had happened. And she was masturbating more frequently now than she had ever done in her life. And each time she did, it was fantasies about Amy that filled her mind. She wanted to tell Amy to try again, but her small-town conservative upbringing made it impossible for her to suggest such a thing. She would have to wait for Amy to kiss her again. Next time, Julie hoped she would be much more receptive.

So, as the weeks went by, each of the two young women was waiting for the other to give a signal, or to make a move, that would take their relationship to a more intimate level.

One Monday morning, as Amy was walking through the campus, she saw a girl named Paula. Amy knew very little about her, other than that Paula was studying to be a nurse. Both girls merely nodded a greeting to each other as they passed. But meeting Paula got Amy thinking about nurses and doctors, and the germ of an idea popped into her head. Very quickly the idea grew in her mind, then the idea became a plan. Amy grinned widely at her plan, and congratulated herself. Amy, you’re a fucking genius, she thought. Then she changed direction and headed toward the campus drugstore to buy the two items she would need for the evening.

* * * *

Amy was very excited when she later walked into the small room that she shared with Julie.

“You’ll never guess what I learned today?” she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling.

“In that case, you’re going to have to tell me,” replied Julie with a smile.

“I was talking to a girl named Paula, who’s studying to be a nurse. They had a female doctor speaking to them in class today. Afterwards, the doctor had coffee with Paula and a couple of the other girls in the cafeteria, and the doctor told them all kinds of neat stuff about her job.”


“And one of the things she said was that more than half of her young female patients have their pubic hair shaved.”

“Shaved? You mean they’re bald?”

“Some are bald, but mostly they have their hair shaved into shapes. We’re talking about young women with partners.”

Julie was genuinely puzzled. “What do you mean they have it shaved into shapes? What sort of shapes?”

Amy giggled. “She said that the most popular shape is a heart. They have their pussy hair shaved into the shape of a heart to amuse their partner.”

“That’s wild! And more than half of the young women do that? But why would that amuse the partner?” asked Julie, with a puzzled expression on her face.

Amy gave a derisive snort. “Julie, you’re so innocent at times. When the partner is going down on the woman, he or she gets a close-up view of a cute little heart. Get it?”

“Ah, now I get it,” said Julie, her face turning slightly pink with embarrassment. “And that would be a turn-on for some people, right?”

“Yes! Just as some women have a tattoo on their lower back as a turn-on for their husbands.”

The puzzled expression returned to Julie’s face. “Why is a tattoo on the lower back a turn-on for a husband?”

Amy sighed patiently. “OK, I’ll explain şişli bayan escort that too. Why does a woman get a tattoo on her lower back? She can’t see it herself without a mirror, so what’s the point?”

“Some kind of fashion statement maybe?” suggested Julie.

“No, it’s nothing to do with fashion. The tattoo on the back gives the husband something to look at when he’s fucking his wife doggy style.”

“No way!” exclaimed Julie, her mouth open in amazement.

“What other explanation can there be?” asked Amy. “When a man is fucking his wife in the missionary position, he can see her face. He has visual stimulation in addition to what is happening with his cock. But when he’s fucking her in the doggy position, all he can see is the back of her head … unless she has an attractive tattoo for him to look at.”

“I can tell that you’ve been thinking about this.”

“Yes, I have,” answered Amy confidently. “Next time you see a woman around the pool, or in the gym, and you see a tattoo on her lower back, you’re looking at a woman who is frequently fucked when she’s on her elbows and knees.”

Julie was speechless. She knew a couple of women who had such tattoos, and it gave her a slight erotic thrill to realize that she now knew a little bit about their sexual activities.

“Anyway,” continued Amy, snapping Julie out of her daydream, “it isn’t tattoos I’m interested in. It’s pussy-shaving that I want to discuss with you.”

“What else is there about it to discuss?”

“I need you opinion. I’m going to shave mine to entertain your dad. What do you think of the idea? Do you think he’d like to see a heart?”

Julie held up her hands in mock surrender. “You know my dad much, much better than I do in that regard, so you’re on your own. You’ll have to make that decision yourself.”

“OK then. I’m going to do it! And I’m going to do it tonight, so that he’ll get his surprise on Friday when I go for my visit. But I think I’ll need your help because I’ve never done this before.”

“I haven’t done it either, so it will be the blind leading the blind. And what help could I possibly be, anyway?”

“I don’t know yet, but you might help me avoid messing it up. Be here this evening, OK? I have everything we need,” and Amy held up a small brown bag containing the razor and shaving gel she bought at the drugstore.

“I’ll be here,” sighed Julie. “I sure hope that you know what you’re doing.”

“Between the two of us, we’ll figure it out.”

“OK, I’ll see you later. I have to go to the library for a while. I’ll meet you in the cafeteria around six o’clock for a beer and a pizza. Then we’ll come back here and take care of your grooming needs.” Julie laughed at her own words, grabbed her backpack and walked out of the door.

Amy kicked-off her shoes and lay back on the bed. She stared at the ceiling without seeing it. That went well, she thought. She hadn’t scared Julie off with all the talk about pussy shaving and fucking. Julie also hadn’t commented when Amy had said “he or she”, when describing a partner going down on a woman. She was getting Julie used to the idea of women being sex partners. And she even got Julie to agree to help shave her pussy. She would never have agreed to that a few weeks ago, thought Amy. Their relationship was certainly developing the way Amy had hoped. Yes, she thought, her innocent, naive friend is definitely moving in the right direction. And tonight’s pussy shaving event should be very interesting indeed.

Amy could feel the sexual tension in her body. She needed to get rid of that before the pussy shaving. Amy unfastened her jeans, pulled her knees up to her chest, and slid the jeans off. She pulled her panties off and tossed them aside too. Rolling over to the edge of the bed, and naked from the waist down, she reached under her bed and lifted up a small bag. She removed the contents of the bag and laid them on her stomach. There was a 7-inch black dildo and a tube of lubricating gel. She threw the empty bag to the floor beside her panties, and squeezed a large glob of gel onto her fingers. She coated the thick dildo with gel, and wiped the remainder off her fingers onto her pussy lips. She took a deep breath to relax herself, and switched on the dildo. A soft buzzing filled the otherwise silent room. Amy touched the tip of the dildo to her pussy, and felt a delicious tremor run through her genitals. She spread her legs wide and inserted the black shaft slowly into her waiting hole, pushing her hips slightly upward to ease its entry. She hissed in pleasure as she felt herself being filled, and clamped her legs together again, holding the buzzing dildo hard against her clit. A picture of a naked Julie lying in her bed, smiling provocatively at her, floated through Amy’s imagination, and she felt the first stirrings of an orgasm. She began to slide the dildo slowly in and out of her wet hole while fingering her clit.

* * * *

The two girls met in the cafeteria as arranged, had a couple of beers with their pizza, and returned to their room.

“Let’s şişli escort have a shower before we start,” suggested Amy, so they undressed, put on robes, and wandered down the hallway to the communal showers. Each of them showered in a separate stall. Afterwards, Julie sat on a bench to dry herself, not bothering to hide her nakedness, and Amy sat on a nearby bench doing the same. Amy glanced at her friend, admiring her body, feeling excited about what lay ahead. Julie was looking around the shower room discreetly, and watched a tall, leggy blonde sophomore as she undressed for her shower. When she walked into the shower stall, Julie got a full view of her shapely body from behind and gaped at the intricate tattoo on the blonde’s lower back. Julie thought back to her earlier conversation with Amy about tattoos … that beautiful, elegant woman liked to fuck doggy style! She had a mental image of the blonde on her elbows and knees, her tight round ass pointing provocatively upward as she waited for her boyfriend to enter her from behind. Julie discovered that her pulse was racing at the outrageous thought, and looked quickly away, embarrassed that the sight of a naked woman could excite her. But Amy had been watching Julie, and her reaction had been noted. Amy smiled to herself as she finished drying her body, and put her robe back on. She walked back to the room with Julie following closely behind.

Amy locked the door to their room, and the two women sat on their beds to finish drying their hair.

“Did you see the tattoo on that tall blonde?” asked Amy innocently.

“Yes,” was all the answer Julie could manage. She didn’t want to think of the blond any more because of the feelings that were created.

“Her boyfriend’s a lucky guy, don’t you think?”


“It’s hard to imagine a beautiful girl like that fucking doggy style, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” replied Julie once again. But she was lying. It was very easy for Julie to imagine the girl fucking, and she was confused and disturbed by the feelings the mental image created.

“Anyway, that’s enough about her. We have work to do,” and she stood up in the narrow space between the two beds. Without saying another word, she removed her robe and threw it over a nearby chair. Completely naked, she faced Julie, who was still sitting on her bed not three feet away. “Take a good look at my pussy hair. You’re seeing it for the last time.”

Julie looked at her friend, and the blonde woman in the shower was immediately forgotten. Amy was a strikingly beautiful Asian woman, with her golden skin, her jet-black hair, her firm breasts and dark nipples, her perfect skin and her almond-shaped blue eyes. The thick patch of black pubic hair was at eye-level with the seated woman and Julie stared at it in fascination. She could easily understand why her father was so in love with this goddess.

“Before we begin, I think I have a problem,” said Amy matter-of-factly, putting the razor and shaving gel on the bed.

“What’s that?” asked Julie, still staring at her friend’s delightful body.

“How am I going to do a heart-shape upside down? This is the first time I’ve ever done this, and there can be no erasing and starting over, if you know what I mean.”

“You’ll just have to be careful, and go very slowly.”

“Yeah, but I’m really worried. If I make a mistake, I’ll have to shave completely, and I don’t think your dad will be happy if I show up with a smooth pussy. It’s his feelings I’m worried about.”

“If you’re worried, let’s forget about doing it.”

“No, I really want to do it, but I’m worried about making a mistake and upsetting your dad.” Amy looked crestfallen.

“We don’t have many options,” said Julie. She looked into her friend’s eyes, and was surprised to see the sadness there. Julie stood up and hugged her friend, pulling Amy close. “Don’t look so upset. We’ll figure it out.” She stroked the skin on Amy’s back, and marveled at how smooth it felt. She also marveled over the fact that she was enjoying hugging a naked woman and knew that she was attracted to her Asian roommate by more than mere friendship.

Amy pulled away from her suddenly and smiled at Julie. “I’ve got it! I have a great idea! I can do a practice run on you!”

“You want to shave me?”

“Yes! Then once I’ve shaved you, I’ll know how to shave myself, so there will be almost no chance of me making a mistake. Isn’t that a great idea?”

“You want to shave my pussy hair into the shape of a heart?” Julie repeated dumbly.

“Yes! Isn’t that a great idea? You want to help me, right?”

“Yes, of course I want to help you, but … but …,” and Julie’s voice trailed off, unable to think of a reason to refuse.

“Excellent!” cried Amy, and she quickly unfastened the tie holding Julie’s robe, which immediately fell open, exposing her nakedness. “Take off your robe and lie on it. We don’t want your bedding to get damp from the shaving gel.”

Julie had the feeling of being caught up in something inevitable, so she quietly removed her robe, spread it out on mecidiyeköy escort her bed, and lay down on her back. She closed her eyes, conscious of the fact that she and Amy were now completely naked. In the eighteen months that they had shared the same accommodation, this was the first time they had both been naked in the room together.

“Wow, Julie, you look awesome,” said Amy quietly, gazing down at her naked friend. “You’re going to make some lucky guy very happy one day.”

“Thanks,” Julie replied, equally quietly.

Amy looked at Julie’s patch of sand-colored pubic hair, and felt her pulse quicken. She meant what she had said. Julie was delightful, with her red hair, freckles, and broad smile. Her tits, with the light-brown aureoles, flopped slightly to the side. Her nipples were showing the first sign of stiffening. Amy sat down on the edge of Julie’s bed. “I think I need to brush your hair a little before I start to shave, OK?”


Amy picked up a hairbrush off the bedside table, and began to brush her friend’s bush. She brushed upwards with gentle strokes, and could see the hooded clit being moved slightly by the brushing action.

“Could you open you legs a little, so that I can brush the hair down the insides?” Julie did as she was told, moving her thighs apart a few inches. Amy ran the brush down the side of Julie’s pussy, lightly brushing the few wisps of sandy hair that grew there. She made sure that some of the bristles on the edge of the brush stroked the outer lips of her friend’s pussy. Julie breathed in sharply, and Amy knew that the brushing was having an effect.

“Sorry, Julie, did I hurt you?”

“No, it’s OK. That’s very relaxing.”

“Good. But I’m finished brushing now. Your pussy looks very nice and tidy. I’m ready to start shaving, OK?”

“OK, I’m ready too.”

Amy let her hands trail softly down the inside of Julie’s thighs and, although there had been no pressure at all from the touch, Julie spread her legs even wider.

“I’m going to put my pillow under your bum so that I can see what I’m doing better.” She pulled the pillow from her bed and Julie raised her hips up without being asked. Amy slid the pillow underneath her friend’s ass. “There, that’s better! That’ll make the shaving much easier.”

With her legs spread wide, and her hips pointed upwards, Julie’s pussy was now completely exposed to Amy’s sight and touch. Amy could feel her heart hammering in her chest and her genitals starting to tingle. She was glad she had masturbated earlier, otherwise she might have cum right then.

Amy picked up the shaving gel and razor, and knelt between Julie’s legs. She squirted a small amount of gel onto her fingers. “I’m going to do the sides of your pussy first, so that if I make any mistakes it won’t be noticed.”

Julie, her eyes still firmly closed, merely nodded and opened her legs as wide as she could. Her thighs were now almost in a straight line, and Amy could see every intimate secret of her friend’s body. She smeared the gel down the sides of Julie’s pussy, using a gentle up and down motion to cover the fine hairs that grew there. She also made sure that her fingertips brushed against the outer lips as she applied the gel. She was rewarded by a slight twitch in Julie’s pussy as her cunt muscles temporarily contracted.

Amy picked up the razor and, using a touch as light as she could, began to shave the hair between the pussy and the thigh. She used one hand to pull the pussy lips aside while the other hand worked the razor. She let the fingers holding back the lips move gently up and down, giving the lips the tiniest of massages. Amy moved the razor to her other hand and repeated the process on the other side of the pussy. When she took her hands away to admire her work, she could see a noticeable difference in Julie’s pussy. In addition to the hair being gone, the lips had turned darker and thicker as blood began to enlarge the tissues. The clit had emerged from its hood, and was turning darker.

It was clear. Julie was sexually aroused. And so was Amy!

“OK, so far so good,” she said, trying to keep her voice normal. “I think I have this mastered, so I’m ready to do the top part. Are you OK Julie?”

There was a lapse of a few seconds before Julie answered. “Yes, I’m OK, but I’m finding this whole thing very arousing. I’ve never been touched like this before. I hope I don’t embarrass myself.” Her voice was very low, and she licked her lips as she spoke.

“You’re my best friend, and I love you,” reassured Amy. “There’s nothing that you could do that would be embarrassing for either of us. Just relax and enjoy the sensations. Whatever happens, happens.” As she spoke, Amy was combing her fingers gently through her friend’s pubic hair, ensuring that a fingertip brushed the exposed clit several times. Julie was breathing deeply through slightly parted lips.

Amy smeared more gel on the pussy hair above the clit, drew a mental picture of a heart among the hair, and began to shave the unwanted hair away, using the same gentle strokes as before. This time, her free hand rested right on the pink clit, massaging it very gently. She began to work faster as she knew that matters would be soon coming to a head. Julie was beginning to move her hips around very slightly.

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