An Affair Worth Waiting For

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It started off as an inquiry, I was curious about an area I was going to be visiting on business, and she was living in the area. She was a few years older than I was, divorced (I’ve been married a while, the usual story, boring sex life etc), she was one of the few women online who didn’t treat me like a leper because I was married. As we caught each other, more and more online, we began to discuss more exciting things, sexual experiences, and fantasies. It wasn’t long before it turned into cyber fun, describing the things we would want to do to each other. We exchanged pics, and I thought she did look older, but having had the discussions we did, I could find no fault in her picture, and as the days past we discussed the chance that we might get to meet while I was in the area.

Could my luck be any worse? The night I would be staying over, was the night she attended a night class. She would be getting out by 10 at the latest, I really wanted to meet her, but didn’t want to ask her to meet me that late. Much to my surprise, she mentioned it to me one night, it might be late but she would love to get to meet me. The other problem was that her school was further away, so we devised a plan to meet in the middle, I picked a town on the map, and she was familiar enough to recommend a place we could meet.

On my trip up, I drove through the town, hoping to find the meeting point, and to make sure I wasn’t going to get lost. It was close off the highway, a local diner. It was easy enough to find, funny how my heart raced and palms sweated as I drove through the parking lot and turned around to head back to the highway.

I was all nerves that night, driving to our meeting place. I got there a half-hour early, and to my surprise she was already there, but the parking lot was full. She pulled up next to me and told me to follow her down the road. She found a parking lot, and parked her car, and walked over to mine. Denise was wearing a skirt, and my heart raced at the thought that she had kept in mind one of my fetishes, in which case she was wearing black thigh highs and a thong under there. She walked up to my open window, and shook my hand, introducing herself. In person she looked much nicer than the pic she had sent. Short dirty blond hair, sexy blue eyes and very sexy legs are a good description. I leaned over and opened the door for her to get in, and she told me to go for a ride while we talked.

As I drove, she turned to me as we talked, she kept saying how nice it was to finally meet me, and I said the same, complementing bursa escort her on her sexy voice. Her hand was now resting on my headrest, stroking the back of my head, fingers running through my hair, I could already feel my cock stiffening in anticipation. Her other hand reached out to touch my thigh, as she told me she had something she wanted to show me. I glanced over, while driving, as she slowly raised the skirt up

higher and higher on her thigh. She stopped once I could make out the change in color at the top of the thigh highs, I had to fight hard to keep my eyes wandering back to check the road as I drove. Then her hand moved back to my thigh, slowly traveling up my leg, she found my stiff cock, giving it a squeeze, and cooing “mmm I think you like what you see”, and with that she moved the skirt back further, revealing her sexy black thong as well.

I smiled, and thanked her for dressing so nicely for me. She asked if it was ok to touch me while I drove, and I eagerly consented. She slid closer, her hand stroking me through my jeans, and before long she had undone them, pulled my throbbing cock out, slowly gently stroking it up and down, she told me how good it looked. I was so thrilled to be feeling another woman’s hand on my cock, it was incredible. She began to kiss my neck, her hand stroking me as she breathed in my ear, and licked my neck. I knew what was coming and I couldn’t wait. She lowered her head, taking my cock head into her hot mouth, sucking on it as her hand continued to stroke the shaft, and with each downward stroke of her hand, her mouth slipped further onto my cock. “Mmmmmm Denise that feels so good, I wish I could take you back to my hotel room and do all the things I want to you” I moaned as her mouth began to move with purpose faster up and down the length of my cock. I continued moaning, she must know what she is doing to me, do I need to warn her if I get too close I wondered. It was as if she could hear my thoughts, when she stopped long enough to look up at me and tell me “you can cum in my mouth baby I have wanted this for a long time now”.

I was getting so close. I did my best to stay focused on the road in hopes that I would not cum too quickly. On a couple occasions I found myself pressing a foot to the floor, attempting to stave off the inevitable orgasm that was coming. I noticed that I come back to where we had started, so I pulled over next to her car. Once she realized we were stopped she sat up. “I really wanted to get you off, I’m sorry its so late, it would be so much fun to go back to your bursa escort bayan room.” I didn’t want it to end here, that was for sure, but I couldn’t tell if she was asking me, or hinting that she really needed to get going, but I figured I may not get the chance again, so I offered. “I know it’s late, but if you want to come back, I would really enjoy spending more time with you”. She bit her lower lip, thinking it over. “I’m not sure how late I can stay, but I do want to follow you back to your hotel” she answered, leaning over to kiss me, her tongue in my mouth sending shivers through my body.

It was about a twenty minute drive back to my hotel, seemed longer as I had to fight the urge to drive faster and faster to get there quicker, but I didn’t want to lose her as she was following me. After what seemed like a lifetime of driving, we were there, and we walked pretty quickly to my door, and once inside, she kicked off her shoes and took my hand, leading me to the bed. She had me sit on the bed, as she sat on my lap, facing me, we began to kiss. My cock growing quickly as I felt her hot tongue in my mouth, and then she was working her way down my body, lifting off my shirt, then hers. She was kissing my chest as I reached for her bra strap, undoing it and kissing and sucking her naked breasts. She stood me up, undoing my jeans, dropping them to the floor, she kneeled down to take them off my legs, and from there she pulled down my boxers, my cock springing free. She reached up to stroke it as her hot mouth found my naked balls. I sat down and slid back on the bed, she followed me up onto the bed, kneeling on all fours as she continued to suck me. She removed her skirt, and moved to the side so that I could admire the sexy black thigh highs and thong she had on as she sucked me. My hand reached out, tracing the curve of her back down to her butt, caressing it, and then slipping further to stroke her thong clad pussy. I could feel how wet she was. I slipped a finger around the material and felt her wet pussy for the first time, her hips pushed her body back against my hand, my finger slipping easily into her tight wet hole.

Her hand and mouth were working together, up and down my cock as I began to finger her, occasional moans slipping past my cock as I found her clit and stroked light circles around it. She pulled my cock from her mouth, looking up at me “I need to feel your cock inside me” she moaned, as she swung her leg over mine, and in one deft move lowered her wet pussy down onto my stiff cock. She sat there for a few minutes, escort bursa taking my hands and moving them to her breasts, I cupped them as I enjoyed the heat of her pussy surrounding my cock. Then she started working her hips, slowly at first, looking into my eyes as she stroked my cock with her hot wet pussy. She began moaning as she worked my cock, her hand occasionally slipping down to stroke her clit as my hands supported her at the waist, or reached to cup her sexy ass. Her moaning got louder, and then subsided, her body motion slowing, I took it as a chance to move her to another position.

I got up off the bed, kissing her neck as I did, until I was standing behind her as she knelt on the edge of the bed. My stiff cock was bobbing between her ass cheeks, I pushed her forward onto her hands and pressed my cock against her wetness again, slowly sliding it in until I was buried in her. I worked my cock in and out, slowly, getting it very close to falling out of her before slowly sliding it back in. I leaned over her, my hands reaching around to grab her breasts, then my hand worked down her body to stroke her clit as my cock slowly slipped in and out. After a few minutes of this, she started to take charge, moving her hips back towards me, fucking me faster as she started to moan loudly again. And then I could feel it, her pussy tensing, clenching at my cock, she was ready to cum. I pushed hard and fast to meet her hips as they moved, my stomach slapping against her ass, my balls almost hitting my hand which was working hard to stroke the orgasm out of her clit. As my cock slammed into her, she kept her hips pressed to me, keeping me deep inside her, and I could feel the waves of her orgasm as she grew quiet, enjoying it.

She moved me back to sit on the bed, and knelt between my legs, my cock was throbbing, so close to cumming, as she grabbed it firmly in her hand and began to suck me once again. Her hand and mouth were moving in concert over my cock again, and she could see that I loved it when she looked up at me, our eyes connecting as I watched my cock slip into her pretty mouth. She could see I was ready, she pulled my cock from her mouth, and looked up at me. She was stroking my cock as it aimed at her sexy breasts “mmm I want you to shoot that hot load all over my tits baby, I want to feel your sweet cum on me, please show me that hot cum”. Who was I to argue, she talked the cum out of me, the first spurt shooting high landing on her neck, she adjusted my cock so the next shot hit her sexy breasts, spurt after spurt unloading onto her hot naked skin. We sat on the bed after that, cuddling with the occasional fondle, which lead to kissing, and before long she could tell that I was going to soon be ready for more, but we can leave that for another time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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