An Unexpected Turn

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When Jake first realised he was attracted to his mother, he had no idea that his lust would take such an unexpected turn, leading him down roads he never would have imagined in his wildest dreams. Jake was eighteen, and had just finished high school when he started planning to seduce his beautiful, 42 year old mother. Just the thought of sucking on Lucy’s big, delicious breasts was enough to make Jake’s uncut 7-inch cock stand up straight and start oozing with pre-cum. Following the advice of the most cliched incest porn movies and questionable forum members, Jake decided the best seduction method available to him was to help out his mother around the house – doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, keeping his room tidy, and so on – as well as becoming more affectionate – stretching out quick pecks on the cheek, hugging her more frequently, and complimenting her more and more. Of course, the major obstacle standing in Jake’s way was his father, Roger.

In fact, one particularly unfortunate reminder of his father’s existence came early one morning, when Jake awoke to the sound of his parents’ shower running. In a state of pure teenage horniness, Jake snuck into his parents’ room, where he inched the bathroom door open, hoping to spy on his mother as she showered, ideally catching her in a rare moment of masturbation. Instead of his mother, however, Jake only managed to find his father masturbating. Quite hard, actually. Like watching a train crash, Jake wanted to look away, but he simply couldn’t. Instead, his gaze remained cruelly locked on his father’s rock hard cock as Roger came into his hand and eagerly swallowed his own cum, moaning with delight at the taste. Needless to say, Jake never tried spying in on his mother in the shower again.

Despite that one setback in his mother seduction plan, Jake believed he was doing pretty well; Lucy was giggling at all his compliments and seemed genuinely pleased that he was insisting on cleaning the dishes after every meal. One Saturday, after taking his, Roger’s and Lucy’s plates to the sink after lunch, Jake felt a pair of warm hands gently touch his hips. With a perfectly rehearsed devilish grin, Jake eagerly turned to face the owner of the hands. The smile disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared when he stood face-to-face with Roger.

Apparently, Lucy had left the kitchen to go upstairs and get ready for her weekly catch up with her girlfriends. Roger had then taken one of the rare opportunities to speak to Jake without fear of Lucy overhearing. Afraid that Jake would run as soon as he saw his face, Roger tried to stop his escape by firmly placing his hands on his son’s chest as he spoke. “I know what you’re doing, Jake, and it’ll never work on her.”

Jake struggled to meet his father’s intense brown eyes. “What are you talking about? I’m just trying to help out around the house, that’s all.”

“Trust me, son, this plan will never work on her.” Roger felt his hands pressing harder into his son’s chest, and couldn’t help but marvel at his son’s muscle-hard chest. Apparently all that yard work was helping his previously scrawny son’s physique. He stepped even closer to Jake; mere inches separated their bodies. Jake could feel and almost taste each syllable his father spoke. “I’m doing you both a favour here, Jake. It’s been months since I’ve gotten anywhere with her, and I’m her goddamn husband. There’s no way she’ll fuck her son if she won’t even touch me.”

Jake couldn’t believe he’d been so damn obvious that even Roger, who he thought as pretty thick when it came to matters of the heart, had picked up on the signals he put out to his mother. He was still struggling to comprehend this when he heard his own voice asking Roger, “So you’re saying I should just give up?”

“On her, yes.” Jake felt a sudden warmth radiating from his father’s… No, surely that couldn’t be right. Jake’s face suddenly felt incredibly warm, not just because his father was standing less than 2 inches away from him. Mostly, it was the fact that he’d been found out lusting after a family member.

“What do you mean, ‘on her’?”

“Give up on your mother, but don’t give up on fucking one of your parents.” Yep, that was definitely a fair amount of warmth coming from his father’s crotch. And yep, that most definitely meant Roger had a hard on, and was now hitting on his own son. Just to make himself extra clear, Roger pressed his crotch firmly into Jake’s and allowed a brief sigh of pleasure to escape his lips. Before this moment, Jake had no idea Roger was bisexual; if you’d asked him, Jake would have told you he assumed his father was “more than slightly homophobic”, but not outspoken about it. And now, here he was, crotch-to-crotch with his father’s hard, throbbing erection.

Things had definitely taken an unexpected turn, and Jake was never one to deal well with a change of plan at the best of times. So he did the only thing he could think of: Ran. He pushed his dad aside and sprinted up the stairs to his room, locking istanbul escort the door after him. Jake never found out what his father did the afternoon after his bold proposition was declined in the least subtle way imaginable.

Late that night, Jake couldn’t sleep. He lay awake in his bed, having trouble pinpointing exactly why he fled from his father’s offer. It wasn’t that he was turned off by the thought of incest; that much was obvious to anyone who saw him trying to seduce his mother for the last few months. It wasn’t that he was a homophobe; Jake had a couple of gay friends that he considered amongst his closest. It wasn’t that Roger was unattractive; objectively, Jake could see why his few girlfriends had undeniable crushes on his father. It wasn’t that he was stupid enough to think of himself as 100% straight; Jake had read enough about sex in his leisure time to know that sexuality is a spectrum, and everyone’s closer to the middle than they care to admit. It wasn’t that he was a virgin; he’d already lost his virginity to Samantha, the girl who dumped him a week after they graduated high school. Apart from the fact that Jake had never been with a guy before, Jake couldn’t figure out why he had turned his father down, and that worried him. Hell, when he thought about it, it almost seemed like there were more positives than negatives to the proposition.

Think about it… Women, Jake thought, are pretty irrational at the best of times. And now that Lucy was closer to menopause than her sexual prime, that was only going to get worse. Plus, men are a lot hornier than women, so that meant he’d get laid more often. And besides, Roger already knew Jake, so there’s that awkward “getting to know you” section done away with, if Jake ever did want to try dating a guy. And oh God, the feeling of his father’s hard cock pressing through his jeans. The feeling of his hot breath as he told Jake “don’t give up on fucking one of your parents.” The mental image of Roger’s lips has he spoke those words would forever be burned into Jake’s mind. Remembering Roger’s firm hands on his chest, keeping him in place, Jake pressed his left hand down on his bed as his right crept down, slipped underneath the waistband of his boxers and started stroking his hard cock. Slowly at first, while his father’s proposition danced around in his head. Quickening as he remembered the sight of Roger beating his huge, cock and swallowing his own cum in the shower. Finally spraying cum up to his nipples and progressively down his torso as he imagined his father stretching Jake’s tight virgin asshole someday soon.

If you had seen them over the following week, you would never have known that Roger had propositioned his son for an incestuous affair, and that Jake had bolted in the blink of an eye. Lucy sure as hell didn’t know. The pair carried on just as they always had – cordially, but not overly affectionate. You know, the way virtually all dads are with their teenage boys. But behind this facade of normalcy, Jake was doing his research. He’d be up late into the night, either on his laptop or on his phone looking up father-son incest videos, masturbating and fantasising. Roger, however, tried his best to put his embarrassing rejection out of his mind, and focused on being the best husband and father he could be. And then, the day came when they were alone in the house again. Roger closed the front door after he’d had just finished waving goodbye to Lucy as she went to visit a work colleague who’d just had a baby. No sooner had he locked the door when he heard Jake’s footsteps approaching from the lounge room. Jake looked into Roger’s deep brown eyes and only needed to say one word.


Father and son stepped confidently towards each other, their open lips met, their bodies pressed into each other firmly, and their arms didn’t dare let the other escape the passionate embrace. Neither had kissed a man before, and both men were eager to make up for lost time. Their soft moans filled the empty house’s foyer. Tongues flicked and licked in and out of open mouths. Hands caressed and explored each other’s hard back. Cocks soon became rock hard, leaking with pre-cum, and began rubbing against each other through straining denim. Jake and Roger stood there, intensely making out and overwhelmed with incestuous lust, for an age before Roger’s hands found their way to Jake’s hips and pushed the pair apart. As they stood apart for the first time, breathless and more turned on than ever, Roger’s hands reached for Jake’s jeans and, despite the lust-and-nervous trembling, easily unbuttoned and unzipped his son’s Levi’s. He slipped his right hand into his son’s silky satin boxer shorts and wrapped his slightly rough, calloused hand around the warmest, hottest piece of flesh he’d ever had the pleasure of touching. Jake would later say he almost came the instant his father touched his cock for the first time. Despite the extreme excitement his cock felt, Jake managed to hold off as his father started slowly pulling halkalı escort up and down on his cock, using the significant amount of pre-cum as a natural lubricant.

“Mmmmmmmfuuuck…” Jake moaned. Nobody’s hand had ever felt so good, not even Samantha’s. “Oh Dad…”

Roger stepped in close to his son again, granting their lips the reunion they’d been aching for these last few moments. This kiss was softer, more passionate and loving than the preceding one.But no less amazing. The pair moaned in unison while Roger kept jerking his son’s beautiful cock. Almost as a way of saying thanks, Jake took his father’s bottom lip between his own, and sucked it gently into his mouth, where his tongue slid back and forth against his father’s lip. Roger demonstrated his appreciation by moaning loudly and quickening his strokes.

Jake knew he was virtually at the point of no return, that any second now and he’d be shooting cum all over his father, whether they liked it or not. Wisely choosing to prolong the experience, Jake (reluctantly, but firmly) grabbed his father’s wrist and removed it from his cock. Before Roger could ask if everything was okay, Jake was on his knees, his now-trembling hands unbuckling his father’s belt, unbuttoning and unzipping his father’s trousers, sliding his father’s briefs down his strong legs. Even though he’d caught a glimpse of it in the shower that time, and even though he’d felt its hardness pressing into his body, Jake hadn’t fully comprehended his father’s size. Now, mere centimetres away from his eyes, Jake could see every vein, every hair, every square inch of his father’s cock – the cock that made him, the cock to which he literally owes his entire life – measuring in at around 7.5 hot, hard inches.

Almost too intimidated to continue, Jake knew he couldn’t disappoint his father, not after last Saturday. Knowing he would be making daddy proud, Jake grabbed his father’s cock with his right hand, and goddamn, they weren’t joking about cocks being warm. Not jerking it, but keeping it very still indeed, Jake raised his mouth to his dad’s cock and swallowed over 5 inches of it, his deep green eyes locked on his father’s brown eyes. The saltiness of the pre-cum, the faintest hint of piss, and (again) the warmth all filled Jake’s mouth, the musky, almost sweaty scent of his father’s curly, unkempt pubic hair filled Jake’s nose. Such a unique combination of flavours… All so delicious by individually; indescribable perfection when combined. Jake’s lips clung tightly to Roger’s dick and his tongue pressed against the underside of Roger’s thick rod as he moved his head towards Roger’s tip, and back down. Jake breathed heavily through his nose and moaned loudly with the back of his throat. Roger gazed deep into his son’s eyes and ran his fingers through Jake’s stylish hair.

“Jake… Oh fuck that feels good…” Roger moaned, clearly in ecstasy. It had been literal years since Lucy had given him oral, and never had she been this good. Yet here Jake was, his own beautiful son sucking his first ever dick, and doing it like a professional. Jake later told Roger that he’d practiced stopping his gag reflex using his toothbrush.

His father’s ecstatic moan filled Jake with the confidence he needed to keep sucking, faster and with more tongue play. After reaching the head, Jake would release his suck-hold on Roger’s cock and lick the tip in a circle once or twice before sucking down and up again. Soon, Jake realised his left hand was just sitting on his hip, so he decided to put it to work as well. He rubbed his father’s tightly-clenched ass cheeks briefly, before becoming much more interested in his dad’s hairy crack. His index finger completed a few up-and-down laps of Roger’s crack before Jake started probing inside Roger’s crack, where he quickly and instinctively found his father’s tight, virgin asshole. Jake slid his finger inside, relishing the warmth, the constrictive pressure, and the forbidden appeal his father’s ass offered. While he wasn’t expecting Jake’s finger, Roger nevertheless welcomed it with a deep, loud moan. Jake was still learning the art of pleasuring another man, and thus he wasn’t entirely sure what he was meant to be searching for (yes, the prostate, but where?) once inside his dad’s asshole. Not content to simply leave his finger there while he sucked his dad’s cock, Jake began sliding his finger in and out of his dad’s incredibly tight hole. Based on the now-rhythmic moaning escaping his father’s throat, Jake decided that his dad didn’t mind this improvisation too much. Still sucking his dad’s thick, tasty cock.

But now, he was getting tired. His tongue was starting to get sore, his jaw and throat hurt from keeping them locked open. And Roger seemed no closer to cumming, which actually wasn’t such a bad thing. But Jake knew he had to stop sucking, and soon. He slowly pulled his finger all the way from his dad’s asshole, and completed one more cycle of suck-down/suck-up/tip-lick before mecidiyeköy escort kissing Roger’s dick a temporary goodbye and standing up. Once again face-to-face with his (incredibly grateful and horny) father, Jake unbuttoned Roger’s shirt, slid it from his shoulders, and was pleased to see his father wearing a plain white singlet, which Jake had always wanted to do, as he thought they were always sexy. He ran his hands over his almost-naked father, enjoying the feeling of the cotton singlet, then the top of Roger’s hairy chest, then back to his singlet, then down to his hips and around to his (now relaxed) round ass cheeks. As far as 45 year old men go, Roger was the fucking sexiest in Jake’s eyes. Roger started to lift his singlet, but Jake stopped him almost immediately.

“No, leave it, Dad… just this time,” Jake pleaded. Roger reluctantly let go of the singlet, deciding to instead relieve Jake of his t-shirt, which was noticeably wet under the armpits. Apparently his son had been working hard down there. After the shirt was gone, Roger got the first good look at his son’s naked body. Sure, he’d put on a little bit of muscle mass after doing all the yard work for his mother the last few months, but he was still quite a skinny young man. That just made Roger even happier; call him old-fashioned, but he still preferred the man being the more dominant one in the bedroom. And since that expression doesn’t exactly apply to gay incest pairings, he liked it when the dad was on top the most. More experience, more assertive, more aware of what he likes. In Roger’s eyes, Jake was still experimenting, and it was up to Roger to show him the ropes.

Roger placed a hand behind Jake’s neck and pulled his naked, lustful, beautiful son closer to him, so that Jake was in line with his nipples. Knowing immediately what his dad wanted, Jake pulled the singlet to one side with a finger and licked his father’s nipple keenly. It didn’t take long for the nipple to become erect, at which point Jake started sucking. A short time later, he did the same for the other nipple. Soon, though, Roger’s patience had reached its limit. He tapped Jake under his chin, indicating he wanted Jake to stand up properly again.

“I want you now, Jake.” After that, there were no words. Roger simply placed his hands on Jake’s shoulders, gave his son the briefest of kisses on his lips, and turned him around. Once again, Jake knew what Dad wanted without being told. He stepped towards the door, leaned forward and spread his legs for Roger. Lacking any form of packaged lubricant, Roger knelt on one knee, spread his son’s firm, little round ass cheeks apart and began licking his asshole with vigour. Jake felt Roger’s tongue slide up and down his ass crack, getting it nice and wet, and best of all, he felt his father’s tongue lick his little brown hole in clockwise motions, counter-clockwise motions, and then an in-and-out probing that was almost painfully too brief.

Jake’s disappointment would not last long, though, as his father was soon standing on both feet again, stepping closer and closer to Jake’s standing, spread-eagled asshole. Roger held his cock steady with one hand and with the other, grasped Jake’s shoulder for both purchase and to support his son through a painful time. Jake would later recall no pain at all, however. Despite being an anal virgin, his dad’s cock entered him slowly, but with little resistance. Roger would later joke that Jake’s asshole was clearly made for dad. The moment that Roger’s thick purple dick tip slid fully into Jake’s asshole, the pair were perfectly in sync. They moaned in unison, their masculine incestuous love filling their house’s foyer and their hearts. As Roger pushed inside his son’s constrictive-yet-accommodating rear passageway, Jake backed his ass further onto his father’s thick, impossibly hard cock. He could almost feel each of his father’s heartbeats in his ass as Roger’s dick throbbed with unbridled passion. Eventually, Roger found his cock had been fully swallowed by Jake’s fresh, eager asshole. His father’s cock quickly brushed against Jake’s prostate. Jake immediately thought “Oh, so THAT’S what I’m meant to look for inside dad’s ass.”

Comfortable in the knowledge that his son could fully take his sizeable dick this early into their relationship, Roger started thrusting. To Jake, this was a dream come true. The feeling of his father’s almost total withdrawal, followed immediately by the smack of his dad’s pubic bone hitting into his ass… God, it was ecstasy. Much better than even the best sex he’d had with Samantha. Yes, this is where Jake was meant to be: leaning against the front door while Roger fucked and pounded his back door. Roger’s rhythm increased to a dizzying rate, yet Jake matched it without faltering. Soon, he felt Roger’s rough hand around his hard cock as his dad fucked his ass and jerked his cock in perfect time. In and out of his ass, up and down his cock. Jake tried to scream out that this was all he ever wanted, that he was Roger’s forever and ever, that he’d do anything for dad now. But the words never came. Jake’s mind was blanketed in a hot, red haze of incestuous lust. All that remained of him at that moment was his primal instinct to fuck his dad’s hard, hot, thick, long, delicious cock.

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