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Why I love the wild and the crazy!! ———

So over the years I have been asked many times in many different ways why I love the crazy, wild, and different in my sex life. I may not be able to exactly pin point the exact thing, but I can try to share some of the craziest and the wildest with you.

I grew up in New York, and when I was young my family was in Brooklyn. Ever since I could remember there was this XXX Movie Theater on Kings Highway, and it always fascinated me when we were in the area. One day when I was in my late teens, like 18 or 19 I was either drunk enough or just plain brave to go in and try it.

Like normal males I was a pervert, and even joke when I was younger that before I was a pervert .. then I was a pervert. I had started with checking out the Dad’s magazines, then even stag films on 8mm before VHS tapes came out. I was the source for all my friends with porn really. Even the early versions of swingers contact newsletters and magazines.

It wasn’t like I didn’t know what could possibly go on in a XXX Movie Theater, but never went in one until that night. I had also never before this night seen a porn on a big screen. If you love porn, having seen it in a actual movie theater you know how overwhelming it can be. There is nothing like it.

Bear in mind please that this was over 30 years ago, and I may not remember all the details but there are things that happened that night that if I close my eyes today I would see as clear as day in my mind.

I drove in from where I was living and parked my car a block or so away. I remember it being a cool night like in fall as it is now. I was probably sporting a Members Only jacket in black. I smoked at the time, so I lit up a Camel Light and walked over to the theater. There were a lot of people on the streets that night, and I was very nervous walking past them to the ticket window. The marquee was well lit up, and posters from the movies were in those glass cases they used to use. It was all larger than life to me right then.

All I remember from paying my $7 to get in was you could stay as long as you wanted until they closed for the night. The ticket taker said something like that as he grinned at me. As I walked through the turnstile I thought it just looks like any other theater just a lot darker once you get in the lobby. Ahead of me there were four sets of double doors that led to the main theater. Alongside of them were staircases on each side that went up to the balcony, which turned out to be a separate theater showing a different movie. Over past the turnstile was a stairway leading downstairs which led to the restrooms, and I later found out a small TV room with even more porn playing. This place was a porn gold mine for sure.

I really didn’t know what to do first and there were a lot of guys just hanging out walking around. So I decided quickly to go in the main theater and headed through the doors. Man it was even darker in here, my eyes took some time to adjust to the lack of light. I had to feel my way down the wall to the right in the theater. As I walked in slowly I could see a big empty space then a stone wall that went across to the other side of the theater, which was split in three section, like most all theaters. I made my way over to the right corner of the wall to lean over a get a lay of the land.

As my eyes focused adjusting to the darkness I noticed the film. It was your typical 70’s porn, and saw Ron Jeremy, the “Rabbit” as we called him, giving it to some brunette dressed as a nurse.

“Doctor Herpis at your cervix.” Ron said as he fucked his monster into her pussy deep. To this day I still have this movie on VHS. Can’t remember the name, something atakent escort like the Boarding House.

As my eyes adjusted I saw the backs of many heads in the seats, but not many sitting together. More guys were coming in after me though, and the back empty area was getting full. It made me a little nervous again, and I decided to light up another smoke. It would help me see better anyway. As I lit my smoke I noticed that a few feet down the wall to the right the wall stopped, and again there was an empty space after the wall angled to the right behind the rows of seats. In front of that side was another stone wall. From here it looked like no one was there, and I headed over there.

As I turned the dark corner and went to lean on the wall I saw there were padded benches against the back wall. I sat in the middle still trying to get my eyes to adjust fully. It was even darker in this corner I thought. You couldn’t even see if anyone was in this corner until you sat down. There actually was some guy sitting in the corner, but didn’t realize until he lit up his lighter to light a smoke. He nodded over at me from the corner as he took a drag on it.

I was thinking maybe I could talk to this guy and ask him what the story was with this place. I was just about to lean over and say something when another guy walked past me and went into the corner and leaned against the wall. He was tall, he was black, and he was a bit scary looking.

He was looking down at the guy in the corner and rubbing his crotch. I nervously looked back at the movie when he saw me watching him checking the guy sitting over next to me. It looked like I was about to get some answers without even asking anyone already. I waited a few seconds, and looked back over to see the guy sitting in the corner shift on the bench then grab his own crotch rubbing it.

I guess this was the “Go” sign, as that tall black man started to unbutton his work pants then unzip his fly. The thin young white guy in the corner then tossed his smoke on the floor next to me and put it out with his foot. It brought attention to me from the black guy, who looked me right in the eyes, as he pulled out his cock out.

I gasped as his cock got into the dim light that came from the movie screen. It was bigger than Ron Jeremy’s. Longer and much thicker. It was hard as stone as he began to stroke it, the motion made his work pants slide down his legs. I watched the thin man lean forward from the bench, and the black guy turned toward him stroking that huge cock.

He simply leaned forward meeting the man stepping forward to to wrap his lips around that huge black cock. He slid those lips over the head sucking it into his mouth, the transition was so nature as then the black man grabbed the back of his head pushing his cock even deeper into the thin man’s mouth.

I was in awe, as I had never watched gay porn in my life. I certainly had never watched one man suck off another man right in front of me before. I was amazed at how much cock he took in his mouth without choking. I couldn’t look away, even when the black man turned his attention to me as the thin man started to bob all over that monster cock. I wasn’t really nervous anymore, I was turned on.

He waved to me slightly to stand up and move over to him. Well I may have been turned on watching, but I couldn’t move to get up. Could I? My own cock was getting hard in my jeans so I leaned back on the wall shifting down on the bench. I might as well take my cock out and stroke it while I watched I thought. The thin man must have thought I was going to move in on the big black cock he was sucking on, then pushed the black guy back against the ataköy escort stone wall getting now on his knees in front of him. He had his hands on the black guys hips and was taking almost all of that monster cock deep in his throat, bobbing faster and sucking so loudly I could hear the slurping sounds. Spit was dripping down from him chin to the floor, and the black guy threw his head back and groaned.

Holy shit I thought to myself I have been here five minutes only and I watching some dude suck off the biggest black cock I had ever seen right in front of me. I looked like he was about to fire his load down the thin man’s throat when he pulled his head off his cock with one hand by grabbing his hair. With the other hand he started to jack off that monster just inches from the thin man’s open mouth. His hand slid up and down so fast from all the spit all over it you could hear the fap fap fap.

Fuck I had always been as straight as an arrow, but that cock was a thing of beauty I was watching get sucked off. I could actually hear the thin man whimpering as he reached out with his tongue to lick that glistening black monster. I watched as the black guy lurched his hips forward, the thin man opened his mouth wide, and that black cock exploded. A stream of semen shot from the huge cock head and fired right into the thin man’s mouth and onto his outstretched tongue.

He went to swallow it closing his mouth, and another stream blew out hitting him in the face. Oh my god there is a porno playing out in front of me live. The thin man opened his mouth back up and took in that big black monster sucking so hard I could see his cheeks caving in.

“Uhhhh .. that’s it take in all down that throat.” the black guy groaned out.

Now I was nervous again as I hadn’t noticed a small crowd had gathered to see what was going on in our corner of the world. I turned to see an older white man jacking off his hard cock only inches from the other side of me. When I turned it was right at mouth level too, and freaked me out a little. I hadn’t even gotten the chance to pull out my own hard cock everything had happened so fast.

I got up fast not know what I should do, and moved down the aisle into the theater. I moved down four rows and went about halfway into the row at sat down. I was excited as hell but I had never done anything with a guy ever. I was a horny tomcat and fucked with so many girls before, and even a couple older women but had never experienced anything like what I just saw in front of me.

I calmed down a little from the nervous excitement, but was still horny as hell with a hard cock in my jeans. I settled in to watch the movie on the screen. I also had to get my cock out to stroke it I was so turned on. I leaned back with my head barely showing over the top of the seat. All I wanted right now was to stroke my hard cock for a while as I unbuttoned, unzipped, and whipped out my painful hard on. It felt so good to finally get to stroke it.

I was so into the porn in front of me and the scene that happened just a few minutes before that I didn’t even notice some guy get in the row behind me. I wasn’t much of an exhibitionist back in those days so I covered up as he went past me over my head. He went all the way to the last seat against the wall as I watched him out of the corner of my eye.

Then suddenly there were more people directly behind me in the row. Great I though now I have to move, but it wasn’t just another guy. It was one guy, one woman, and another guy that sat down with the woman directly behind me. I couldn’t see her, but could hear a female voice for sure. Then the guy to her right told the two to move over one seat, atalar escort someone was over next to him.

I looked through the space in between the seat to the row behind me, and definitely a woman. She wore a black shirt a little above the knees, and have on a light weight coat on top. She had long dark curly hair and looked to be in her early 30’s to me. The guy to her left lit up a smoke and from the quick light I got a pretty good fast look at her.

Holy Shit!! This is what I came here for. I didn’t want to blatantly start jacking off for fear that they would move away. Remember I was very naive at this point in my life, well not too naive but this was all new to me then. I had no idea what to do or what to expect. So I just decided to light up a smoke myself to calm myself down a little.

Try as I might my never fail me Zippo all of a sudden wouldn’t work. Flip .. nothing. Flip .. nothing. Of all the times to run out of lighter fluid and have a dry Zippo.

“Hey Kiddo .. you need a light.” she leaned over and asked me. Flip .. flame on. “Ohh .. looks like I can still get the kids hot guys.” she laughed and leaned back with her own lit smoke not waiting for a reply from me.

I watched as she crossed her legs smiling to her friends on her sides. They laughed, and they started to talk about the movies and the theater as I turned back around. I listened intently as the shared stories of what they had experienced here. The guy on her right was her husband, because he keep saying “We” whenever he talked about something. The guy on her left talked in the “I” version, like he had mostly came there alone.

I listened to stories of blowjobs in the seats, double blowjobs in the bathroom stalls, her getting fucked on the bench I was just sitting on minutes ago, and even circle sucks in the balcony. Where she had eight guys jacking there cocks, and cumming all over her with her getting to swallow gobs of cum as she put it. My cock was so hard it hurt.

“OK .. stop now and watch the movie. All this talk is getting me hot.” she laughed at them. “My pussy is getting wet already and we have only been here like fifteen minutes guys.”

“I don’t believe you.” the guy to her left laughed. “Pretend I’m from the Show Me State, and let me see.”

I had to look again through the crack in between the seats. I watched as she uncrossed her legs and shifted down in her seat. While she did that she hiked her skirt up, and put her feet up on the seats. One went on mine, and one on the seat next to me. She wore black flats, and to this day I prefer them on women more than high heels.

“I can’t see a thing it’s way too dark down there.” the guy grinned as he told her. He reached down with his lighter and flicked his Bic. “Now that’s better.”

For a brief few seconds he pussy was all lit up. Wet wasn’t the word I would have used, she was soaked with no panties on. I could see the pussy dew in her full bush.

“Watch it with that.” she giggled. “Aren’t I hot enough already.”

I thought .. fuck yeah you are.

Part 2 : Cumming Soon.


* Disclaimer – Please Read. Due to the amount of comments of a ridiculous nature I feel a disclaimer is needed. I do not claim to be a writer, nor do I aspire to be one. I do check for spelling and punctuation in my submissions. These are Erotic stories, they are supposed to get you worked up, and if you are checking my spelling then the story or experience (in my case) just isn’t doing the job. Please don’t feel I need to hear your negativity, just move along quietly to the next author.

99% of my writings are from real life experiences, with a little bit of creative description.

I really do appreciate hearing people enjoy the accounts of my experiences, so I do welcome positive comments. Personally I only send positive comments though this site, since I am also not a critic. I do hope you continue to enjoy these adventures, and will continue to share them with you. Thank you.

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