Anonymous Sex

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I met my best friend Mike at the club on Saturday morning, just as we’d been doing every Saturday now for the past several months. But unlike every other Saturday since we’d been meeting there, there was something different about the way Mike was acting, which included the almost goofy looking smile on his face.

“Ok, spill it!” I told him as we went into the locker room in preparation for taking a shower and heading home again.


“You KNOW what!” I responded somewhat irritated, as it hadn’t been the first time I had questioned him today either. But each time that I had, he merely shrugged his shoulders, though that same damn smile had remained.

“David? To begin with, you wouldn’t be interested even if I told you for one, and for another, you wouldn’t believe me either!”

I felt like punching him in the face, but I didn’t. “Listen Mike, in all the years we’ve known one another, never once have you kept anything from me, and as I recall, I’ve never kept anything from you either, which includes that time when your then fiancé’ approached me about having a fling with her just two weeks before you two were to be married remember?”

That had indeed been a trying time for him, as well as for me. I had been honest with him about it, completely so. Admitting that it had been a hard temptation not to succumb to, especially when Janet had come walking out of the bedroom she and Mike were then sharing, entirely naked, and obviously horny as she’d approached me wanting me to jump her bones. It had gotten worse when I’d declined, and when she immediately accused me of being the one to approach her about fooling around, which Mike in the beginning had nearly bought into, nearly ruining our friendship.

Thank God I wasn’t the only one she’d approached, another friend of a friend informing Mike of his future wife’s promiscuity that finally opened his eyes, and caused him to cancel the entire wedding just days before it was to have happened.

“You’ll think I’m crazy,” he continued, still trying to get out of telling me anything, which was making it worse as I was now more curious than ever.

“I already know you are…but then, so am I for having you as a friend in the first place, so spill it!” I said once again, now seriously contemplating actually punching him if he didn’t.

One of the guys we’d been playing a little two on two basketball against had just then walked into the locker area. Mike cocked his head towards the showers without speaking, reaching down grabbing his towel off the bench and headed towards them as I followed. The fact Mike was giving this such a secretive aspect to whatever it was he’d gotten himself involved in, suddenly worried me, causing me to wonder if he’d done something foolish enough to be borderline illegal or something. I couldn’t for the life of me even begin to imagine what it was, especially when he remained silent, still hesitant to say anything as he stepped into the shower turning the water on.

“So no one can hear what I’m about to tell you,” he said speaking just loud enough to be heard over the sound of the shower, which only served to make me even more nervously worried than I had been.


He was grinning again too, but when I clenched my fists as I stood there standing next to him, he finally began telling me.

“I had the wildest, craziest sex I’ve ever had in my entire life last night,” he finally said.

And for that, I nearly did hit him. “Jesus fucking Christ Mike!” I yelled at him, “I thought you were going to tell me you’d gone out and robbed a bank or something!” I said fully irritated now. “That’s the big fucking secret and the reason behind that idiotic smile on your face?”

“Not entirely no…” he said ducking around behind the shower pole just as I did swing at him.

“I’m serious Mike, I think you’ve lost it,” I said stalking him, though had anyone come in to the shower area just then, they’d have thought we both had.

“It was anonymous sex,” he said simply, stopping me cold as I stood there glaring at him.

“Excuse me?”

“Best fucking sex I’ve ever had David, and I have no idea who they were before during or afterwards either.”

“You wanna run that one by me again?” I asked. “What the fuck are you talking about? You mean you didn’t get her name or something? Shit Mike…even I’ve done that!”

“Their names,” he said still grinning effectively shutting me up as I stood there mouth agape listening to him. “And not only that…I have no real idea of what they even looked like, nor do they have any idea of who or what I look like either!” he further added. “And like I said, it was more exciting than it ever was even with Janet as wild in bed as she was.”

“Or out of it,” I thought to myself without saying it. “Ok, you’ve got me totally fucking confused, so why don’t you humor me, and start at the beginning here before I really do knock your fool head off!”

“Ok, I know this is going to sound really…really weird.”

“It already does,” I said interrupting bursa evi olan escort him, receiving an exasperated look in return, though he continued.

“Ok, you know Brian, who would have been my future brother in law yes?”

I had met him once, actually liked the guy, especially when he’d all but disowned his own sister after learning how she’d managed to fuck up her wedding with Mike.

“Yeah, sure,” I confirmed nodding my head. “Go on…”

“Well, he called me last night, guess he’d heard how I have been mopping about these past few weeks ever since Janet and I broke up.” Which was true as Mike had been, even though I had in fact tried my level best to shake him out of it, which was why I was more than a little surprised to see him far more cheery, smiling the way he had been all morning long without telling me why he was.

“All he said was, was if I wanted to experience something beyond my wildest dreams, that he’d pick me up in an hour…and that I was to have my recent health certificate in hand when I met him.”

“What? Why?”

“That’s what I said, but I’ll get to that part later. Anyway, he soon picked me up and drove me to this parking lot downtown. There were several limos’ there, and we soon got into one of them. The windows were all tinted black so you couldn’t see outside at all. I thought it was pretty weird, but Brian told me the whole purpose was so that no one would know where it was we were going, and that the reason for that would become perfectly clear afterwards.”

“Clear is what I’m still waiting for,” I said still somewhat annoyed even now, but also becoming curiously interested about where all this was going.

“We must have driven for nearly an hour, though there was plenty to drink inside the limo which certainly helped to pass the time. But eventually we arrived, pulling up in front of this enormous mansion that must have been worth millions! Anyway, Brian had already filled me in to some extent, telling me that some eccentric Billionaire with a voyeuristic fetish had been having this kind of wild party once a week now for several years, and that it had grown and grown into something enormous. One of Brian’s clients had actually told him about it, so Brian had gone to see for himself just the week before, and now had invited me. It didn’t cost a thing to go, which was certainly nice, and with the limo ride, free booze, and the totally and completely safe sex requirements being one of just a few rules, I figured what the hell and decided to see for myself what it might be like after everything Brian told me about it on the drive up.”

“Go on…” I said simply, now totally enthralled about what I was hearing, yet still finding it just as Mike said I would, to be borderline believable.

He did so. “There was a list of rules we had to read and agree to in signing, once we did, we were then given a mask we had to wear at all times while inside the house.”


“Yeah, the first being the mask, the second being that no one was allowed under any circumstances to try and talk to anyone else in attendance, or try to find out who they were. If anyone was caught doing that, they’d be immediately asked to leave and never invited back again.”

“Silent sex?”

“Well, not quite…the sex itself was anything but silent, quite wicked in nature actually, but no one was allowed to just chat like they were trying to get to know one another or anything like that. And thirdly, no one got naked in front of one another, once everyone had arrived, the men and women were then divided up into groups and led off towards the dressing rooms. Only then did everyone take everything off, except for the masks of course.”

“Of course,” I said once again somewhat frustrated, as Mike seemed to enjoy dragging everything out.

“You want to hear what happened after that or not?” he said giving me an ultimatum, which I quickly backed away from in my attitude.

“Then what happened?”

“Well once everyone is naked, we were led into this enormous room, it was comfortably furnished, plenty of refreshments, though the lights glowed red, giving it a really eerie like atmosphere, but was yet sensual in a way, even though I now found myself standing in a room filled with nothing but other naked men just like myself. But the really interesting part was, this wall that was standing there.”


“Yeah a wall…with all sorts of holes in it, which the purpose for became immediately apparent just a few minutes after we’d begun entering. Obviously there wasn’t enough room for everyone who was there at once to use, so Brian and I held back watching everyone else.”

“Do what?”

Mike grinned that damn fucking grin again.

“I’m just getting to that.” I sighed an exasperated sigh, but he continued. “That’s when we saw all these luscious looking tits starting to poke through our side of the wall, that…and a few arms and hands through other available holes, and as I soon learned, more than a few available altıparmak escort pussies to be touched and explored through some of them as well. Not to mention the one’s that the guys began sticking their own dicks through.”

“Glory holes?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess that’s what they normally go by, but it just wasn’t guys sticking their dicks through them like you and I have both seen, the women were certainly doing it too, along with arms and hands in some of them. And like I said, there was a LOT of nice looking, differently sized tits being poked through a bunch of them, so the wall when we first saw it before all that started happening, sort of reminded me of a big piece of Swiss cheese, but now I understood why that it did.”

“Yeah, now I can see and imagine that,” I told him.

“Anyway, like I said, it was wild…amazing what it felt like, not knowing who was on the other side of that wall or what they really looked like. Even in the sitting room when we all came in and gathered, there was such a mix of people there, a lot of the women even with the masks on looked damn nice, so you couldn’t help but wonder, but wonder is all you really could do, as there was no contact made or even attempted as we sat waiting for the last people to show up. Once they all had, like I said, we were then split up to our own side of that Swiss-cheesed wall!”

Mike went on to tell me how Brian had told him the eccentric Billionaire who owned the place and lived there, had some secret vantage point up above where he could see down into both sides of the room. And since the ceiling was in fact mirrored, he was no doubt sitting up there enjoying himself the entire time, he and a few very selected guests who he would sometimes invite up to sit with him and watch the spectacle below.

“Fuck!” I finally relented, though I still couldn’t begin to imagine even the half of it.

“Anyway, that’s why I’ve been grinning all morning long, so now that you know…you interested in going back with me next weekend?”

And then…I was grinning.


It was just the way Mike told and explained it to me. We’d gone to the parking lot, got into one of several limousines, arriving at a specific time we’d been told to, and then departing only moments later, doing so as to keep anyone from seeing or bumping into anyone else who would also be arriving. I had read and signed the form, put on my half-mask covering everything from my nose upwards, and then waited in the large waiting room along with everyone else, which was eerily quiet as we all sat, sipping our drinks in silence. Yes, there were plenty of smiles, nods of heads, and I did notice a few hand signals that did seem to be going on, perhaps a way of communicating and letting someone know who it was that they might be enjoying behind the wall. By the looks of several women who were there, it promised to be a very interesting night indeed, so many attractive women, though there were also a few who were a bit overweight perhaps, though even the thought of that aroused me as I wondered how that might affect the festivities of the evening since everyone would have no idea of who it really was sticking their dicks or tits through the wall to be fondled and played with during the course of the evenings adventure.

And like Mike had said he and Brian had done, the two of us held back momentarily, watching as men and women on both sides of the wall approached one another. Some men immediately sticking their pricks through a few of the holes, waiting their respective turns to be played with in one way or another, several women doing the same, an array of different sized tits, nipples suddenly poking themselves through, anxiously awaiting to be fondled as well, as were also a few suddenly dark holes that alerted the men some woman had positioned herself with her cunt easily accessible, and since the wall was thin, yet solidly built, it wasn’t at all difficult to see one of the guys kneeling down licking at whoever’s pussy had appeared there.

I watched and noticed two openings in the wall suddenly appear. Obviously the wall was designed to meet several differently sized shaped pairs of tits, along with various heights as well, as holes opened and closed periodically in different places along the wall. I happened to be the closest one standing to them when they did, and decided to take advantage of that fact the moment those wonderfully full breasts began to fit themselves through, though as big as her breasts were, even using what was obviously the largest holes, she had a difficult time getting them through. Immediately, I walked up, grabbing each one and sensing a welcomed greeting on the other side of the wall as I did so, now thumbing the hard erect nipples which greeted me, hearing a pleasured sigh from the woman on the other side of the wall, though neither of us spoke a single word while standing there. I soon began sucking them as well, alternating back and forth between the woman’s breasts, her dark pink nipples puckering even harder than they’d first been.

“Pinch them!” I did hear her say, which somewhat startled me, but as long as the communication back and forth remained erotic in nature, then it was indeed permissible to speak.

And so I did, standing there pinching them, hearing her as she told me to do it harder, and then harder still, now twisting them as I pulled on them, surprised and delighted that she could tolerate it as I did, yet obviously finding it pleasurable while I did so.

“Now chew on them a little,” she urged me, and slap them!”

Hers weren’t the first tits I’d seen another man slap. Many women seemed to enjoy it, as did the men, hands spanking a tit here or there, some harder, some softer than most, but if anyone didn’t like whatever they were feeling, it was a simple matter of stepping back and closing the portal. Few did.

“Let me see your cock,” I heard the sultry sounding voice asking me. I looked down, found a hole that was perfectly at my height directly in front of where she was standing. I triggered the little button next to it, watching the hole opening, and stuck my prick through which by now was fully erect. I watched as she retrieved her tits, the holes where they’d been now closing, but almost immediately felt her hands capture me, fondling my organ, teasing it wonderfully as I stood there, until the sensation of lips engulfing me instead took over.

“Nice cock lover,” she more breathed than spoke through the small opening as she continued to mouth it. I stood there enjoying the pleasured sensation of her mouth and hands upon me even as two more openings suddenly appeared just next to me. Two different much smaller sized breasts suddenly filled the openings, and I quickly began fondling one closest to me as another guy standing just a few short steps away began doing the same to the other, until we were both sucking and licking each of her breasts, he with his prick through one hole, and mine through another, each of us being toyed with as well by some unseen woman standing, or rather kneeling on the other side of the wall.

I could hear the soft moans coming through the wall as I suckled the enormous nipples that had appeared there. Each was considerably darker than the one’s I’d been playing with, as well as being substantially thicker and longer as well.

“Milk them,” she groaned moments later. Pull on them like you’re milking them,” she asked, which I then did, and was delighted to see a bubble of actual milk suddenly form, then begin spraying outwards as I indeed stood there pulling on them, milking them just as she’d asked. Even the guy playing with her other breast now stood doing the same, though he left momentarily coming back with a very tall chair which he climbed up into, presenting his hard stiff erection at just the exact height for him to rub his prick against her breast, and then fascinatingly as I watched, began once again to cause her to squirt her milk against his shaft as he sat there stroking it.

Wrapping my lips back around her nipple again, I sucked, rewarded with her warm breast milk, drinking it for several moments.

“Oh fuck…I’m going to cum!” The guy sitting next to me announced, and then jumped down from his chair, quickly sticking his prick back through the hole on the other side. My breast filled tit likewise disappeared as she obviously prepared herself on her side for his spending, but the mouth and hands that had continually been playing with me, continued to do so as my own initial orgasmic release began.

I felt my spunk lurch from the head of my prick, and though whoever it was on the other side of the wall ceased sucking me as I did, her hands continued to pump out my deliciously joyful spending as she rubbed the head of my prick quite pleasurably against the soft smooth surface of those tits I’d been playing with earlier.

When I had finished, I heard her softly say “thank you,” and then simply disappeared, the holes once again closing, her identity indeed fully and completely unknown, and forever would be.

I stepped back, locating a seat after first grabbing something to drink and sat down. All along the wall, tits, pussies and even asses presented themselves for probing or fondling. Several men enjoyed the sensation of sucking tits, playing with them or having their cocks sucked as well as fucked through the wall. By now the moans and groans of pleasure seemed almost constant, even though holes opened and closed all along the wall as many finished to briefly retire as I had, and as others stepped up taking their turns.

It was somewhat amusing, and oddly arousing to sit there and watch my best friend Mike fucking the wall, which is how it initially appeared or seemed to me, though I knew by the expression on his face, rapturous as he stood there, was one of silky smooth heaven, as I was later to experience for myself. He stood, thrusting his prick through the small opening, whoever the woman was on the other side, enjoying the secret fuck herself no doubt, allowing some stranger to violate her cunt, fucking her wildly as he did so. Just watching this, soon had me once again erect as well, and I waited patiently for a place along the wall to open, soon after taking it, and finding a nice warm wet pussy waiting for me when I did.

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