Anya’s Adventures Ch. 01

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Ariel Winters

****** ok everyone this is my second try at a story, and I’m hoping you’ll feel there’s been great improvement. I would love to know what you think and if there’s interest in another chapter ******

Anya was a slut. She knew it, she accepted it, and she loved it. She had spent far too much time when she was younger believing that her short stature, thick thighs and generous hips were ugly and she refused to waste any more time with insecurity. It wasn’t until she had turned eighteen that she realized how wrong she had been about her looks. It started when she got her first job, waiting tables. She began to realize the older men were staring at her when they thought she wasn’t looking. She began to show a little bit of skin here and there, unbuttoning her shirt a little more to show off a bit of cleavage. The more she exposed, the more attention she would get. It didn’t take her long to realize she loved the attention and lapped it up like a desperate puppy.

Anya never had what you would call a happy home life. Though she was never abused or mistreated, and she had everything she could ever want or need, she had spent most of her growing years ignored. She was an only child relegated to the care of nannies and tutors by working parents too busy to concern themselves. As a result she became addicted to finding ways to be noticed, to fill that hole in her life. As an adult she came to understand that it was physical attention she craved the most. She loved being a tease and she loved the way men’s eyes would follow her across the room as she swayed her hips and curved her lips into a coy smile.

A now twenty-five year old Anya sauntered through the diner she worked at, bored out of her mind on this incredibly slow summer night. Leaving the kitchen area behind she perked up as she noticed the table being sat in her section “Finally!” she thought, “Maybe I’ll make some money tonight after all”. Noticing the well dressed attractive men taking their seats, her excitement grew. Putting on her prettiest smile she greeted them and took their orders.

The group had ordered canlı bahis quite a bit and she knew it would be some time before it was ready to serve. Knowing the table had all they needed for the time being she slipped away to the back of the diner, closing the door of the dry stock room behind her. Anya thrived on excitement and in her boredom a few hot guys in suits had her pussy tingling, and she wasn’t about to ignore her urges. It wasn’t in her nature to do so. Leaning against a rack, she shimmied her tight black pants over her hips exposing her naked cunt, shaved smooth and glistening with her arousal. She moaned softly as her fingers slipped past her lips, coaxing her wetness to coat her clit. She began a steady rhythm, heedless of how loud her moans were getting.

Suddenly and without warning, the door to the dark room Anya was hiding in swung open, then closed quietly as one of the cooks walked in. He took in the sight of the panting girl with her fingers buried deep in her pussy, and calmly, without a word, took out his cock. Donnie knew an attention whore when he saw one, and he’d had his eye on this one for months now. Not bothering with an explanation he said one word only. “Come.” Needing no further encouragement Anya dropped to her knees eagerly. This unexpected treat was just what she needed to relieve her boredom.

Not bothering with foreplay, knowing she was short on time, Anya swallowed Donnie’s cock to the base, opening her throat to receive him. Feeling his hand wrap her hair around his fist and pull tight forcing himself as deep as he could go, she thrust her fingers back into her dripping cunt and began to finger fuck herself furiously. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, Donnie began to talk in a low gravelly voice.

“You’re such a sexy little thing, always flashing glimpses to the men around here, knowing we all want to fuck your brains out. Are you enjoying yourself, little slut? Getting excited while I throat fuck you?” Breaking off to moan, Donnie picked up the pace, and his running dialog. “I’m going to feed you my cum bahis siteleri sweetheart. Pump it deep into your mouth and watch you lap it up. You’ll do that for me wont you, princess?”

Anya offered a muffled grunt, somewhere between a whimper and a yes. She couldn’t believe her good luck, getting to worship this mans cock. She felt him get harder and knew it wouldn’t be long. They did both have jobs to get back to, and as much as she was enjoying this she also enjoyed having a healthy bank account. She pinched her clit between her fingers and groaned around the cock in her mouth. She was so close, but she knew she needed to taste cum before she could finish herself. Reaching out she began to massage Donnie’s heavy sack, and looked straight into his eyes as she whined a wordless plea.

Meanwhile Donnie wanted to hold out as long as possible, but watching this hot little piece so desperate to taste his cum was the most erotic moment of his life. Anya had the perfect body, in his opinion. She had a slightly thicker version of an hourglass figure with large breasts, tipped with dark nipples, a soft tummy and child bearing hips that made him want to fuck her and fill her until his seed took root deep inside her. An animal instinct almost took over when he thought of breeding her, and he pulled out of her mouth, smiling cruelly as he heard her protesting gasp. He took his cock in his hand and forced her head back, jerking himself off over her open mouth. “It’s feeding time little girl, and I want to watch you swallow every drop.” He growled as he began to pump into her mouth, noticing with pleasure that she was three fingers deep in her own pussy, cumming herself as she swallowed his load and then suckled his cock seeking every drop she could find.

Several moments later, after they had gotten back their breath and fixed their clothing, Donnie gave Anya a lascivious grin and thanked her for a good time, letting her know she could suck him off any time she wanted to. As for Anya, her inner bitch-in-heat was subdued for now and she felt more relaxed than she had for the canlı bahis siteleri last few days. She waited until Donnie had been gone long enough to not arouse suspicion should one of them be seen coming from the storage room.

Heading into the kitchen area, her tables order had just been completed and she scooped up the tray and headed out to the dining room. Approaching the table, one of the men nearest to her looked up at her, his eyes sparking with interest as he looked her over, lingering at her shirt collar for a moment. His interest only seemed to grow the closer she got and he smiled at her in a way that made her knees weak despite the earth shattering orgasm she had just had. After serving the table their food, she asked the usual questions, intensely aware that all the men were now staring at her with a great deal of interest. As she turned to leave, her job being complete for the moment, the man whose attention she had originally caught reached out and grabbed her hand. Startled, she didn’t at first pull away though belatedly she realized she probably should have. Though thoughts of resistance faded quickly when the man began to speak.

“I have a…proposition for you. More of a job offer, really. You would be serving drinks and appetizers, but I believe the other duties that come with this job might be right up your alley. When is your shift over?”

Anya stuttered a response, telling the man she was out in an hour. He then went on to tell her that this job offer was contingent on some kind of audition that she would give right out in the parking lot if she liked. Anya told the man she would consider his offer, and perhaps meet him outside at the end of her shift. It wasn’t until she was in the bathroom, a short while later, that she realized why all the men had been staring at her. Washing her hands she looked up into the mirror and spotted the large drop of cum sitting right on the collar of her shirt. She realized then that undoubtedly, whatever job offer that man had for her, it would have something to do with sex and that was right up her alley. She smiled at herself in the mirror as she scooped up the sparkling pearl of semen, and licked it off her finger. She decided she should fix her makeup and brush her hair because she had a job offer to consider and an audition to prepare for.

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