Appalachia Ch. 02

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“I be right back, sugar, don’t you go nowhere,” Mamma said as she disengaged herself from Pappa with a loud slurching pop. She felt her ass squeeze tight to keep the huge load deep inside as it sloshed in her stretched guts. No one fucked her like Pappa, but it looked like her son could come close. After cumming from her son watching her fuck Pappa, it was time to find out.

As Mamma walked to the bathroom where she knew her son would be getting ready for his shower, she felt her juices ooze down her legs and try to escape from her tightly clenched sphincter. Her hand hit the doorknob, almost the only one in the house, the second that the shower started. In a flash she was inside the room, catching her son by surprise as he got ready to climb into the shower while the water heated up.

Mamma looked down and saw that none of the iron had left her son’s rod and, in fact, it seemed to have more in it than during her show. She couldn’t help but giggle as she watched it twitch in response to her presence.

“Mamma …” Cody started after he drank in the vision of his mother’s naked, freshly fucked body.

“Shh … hush now, baby,” she cooed as she sank to her knees and tasted her son’s deliciously sweet cum for the first time. She moaned as her Ankara bayan escort mouth stretched around the thick mushroom and pushed down his rod. Mamma’s pussy tingled, her nipples were on fire, and her clit was electric as the entire head popped in past her lips, loving the throbbing heat of her son in her mouth. She felt it slip over her tongue and hit the back of her throat, letting the impressive dick sit there for a moment before pushing it down her throat until her nose was resting in his curly blond thatch.

Her son’s knees started trembling as Mamma worked her magic and she half laughed, half choked on the meat wedged down her throat. She pulled her head off Cody’s cock, letting it pop out of her mouth loudly when the thick crown stretched her lips. Strings of saliva and precum connected mother and son for an instant before she grasped the massive cock in one hand and laid it against his belly. Her tongue licked him from his hot, spit-dripping balls to the tip of his head, the tip of her exploring organ trying to pierce down into her son’s piss slit to get more of that deliciously sweet cum from him.

“Fuck, Mamma!” Cody hissed as she sucked his head down her throat again, this time humming lightly and sucking harder than before. His hands went to Mamma’s head and started grabbing handfuls of her hair involuntarily. She forced her way off his cock and started jerking her son’s meat like a woman possessed.

“Don’t Escort bayan Ankara cuss your Mamma,” she said, almost spitting the words out before she started sucking the impressive cock before her. She sucked hard and loud, using the sounds of the shower to cover her moans and the wet ministrations of her mouth. She could feel her pussy and ass open in wanton desire for the dick sliding in and out of her throat, and the incestuous act made her pussy clench with need. What was left of her cream pies in her ass and cunt started oozing out of her in thick globs, and it wasn’t long before she felt the puddle forming under her touch her toes.

“Mamma, I’m gonna …” Cody moaned as he felt his rod start to buck. Mamma only fucked her son faster with her mouth and throat, moaning loudly as she gasped for breath around Cody’s dick.

“Cum for Mamma,” she said, pulling the thick head from between her lips with a loud pop. She started furiously jerking his rod, pointing it at her face. “Cum all over me, make Mamma dirty!” she screamed.

“Oh Mamma!” Cody half-shouted. Mamma’s fingers found their way down to her creaming pussy and she slid three of them inside her volcanic entrance while her thumb started working her clit and her pink pushed into her abused ass. She started moaning louder as she pumped her son and her own sex in unison. It wasn’t too long before Mamma felt her own orgasm stirring deeply inside her, and Bayan escort Ankara she knew it was going to be a big one. Sucking her son’s dick was only going to wet her appetite, though, and she was going to have to get this fuckstick inside her as soon as Pappa was out of the house.

As the waves started crashing through Mamma’s body, she shuddered, and she could feel Cody’s cock start to throb in her hand. As soon as she realized she was about to get her first cumbath of the morning, she came hard and fast, moaning loudly. Cody’s cum showered over her face, painting her cheeks, chin, neck, and lips. She could feel it drip down onto the top of her tits and start flowing down her body.

“Holy fuck!” Mamma said as she panted while coming down from her orgasm. Her eyes were having a hard time focusing and she wondered whether it was from the steam, the cum covering them, or the ten orgasms she’d had from the cocks of her son and husband. She pulled herself together and stood on shaky legs, but she had to lean against the sink for support. She watched her son’s eyes rake up and down her body and Mamma felt her nipples and clit tingle in response.

“That was just the warm up, son,” she said as her strength returned to her legs. “Get your ass in the shower and get down stairs for breakfast,” Mamma ordered and walked out of the bathroom. She swayed her ass for her son while she wiped handfuls of cum from her body and brought them to her mouth, moaning with each taste, and every time his spunk hit her tongue, it made her crave more. She chuckled as she heard her son practically sprinting through the shower while she pulled a sundress on so as to keep up appearances for Pappa.

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