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Beautiful Body

April climbed over the stile and continued her walk, the path here was less well trodden so she kept close to the hedgerow. She could hear the river running the other side of the hedge and wanted to find a gap so that she could get to the water’s edge. The sun was out and there were only a few clouds in the sky so she was dressed only in a t-shirt and shorts and was breaking in her new walking boots that she had been given on her 20th birthday two weeks ago.

Her family knew how much she loved to explore the outdoors and had clubbed together and got her the best available on the market and so she intended to make the most of them. She knew that it might be many years before she could afford any like these herself on a student nurse’s salary.

As she reached the corner of the field she found she could either continue straight ahead or, if she was careful, she could wriggle through a gap where the hawthorn had grown over the wire fencing and get down to the water. She was intrigued to find that the river bank that side of the hedge was so well maintained and obviously cared for, and she hoped to find somewhere quiet where she could sit by the river and read.

She found such a spot only about 30 yards downstream, just before a bend in the river, and she settled down to listen to the shallow water riffling over the rocks. It was idyllic. She couldn’t believe she was only about a mile from the village and she felt completely alone and relaxed. She had laid out her groundsheet and set out her book and an insulated bottle of cold juice. She wished it was wine and that she had a fancy picnic but this was good she told herself.

She sat reading for a while before she was distracted by the darting movements of a kingfisher searching out fry or bugs or whatever in the water and she watched the bird before it disappeared down the river and behind the trees. As she watched it go she noticed a different movement on the opposite bank. She watched intently for a while thinking it was a deer or possibly cows from a nearby farm until she realised that it only had two legs and was clearly a man, dressed in green and beige and crouching down scanning the water. She watched for a while hoping that he would not see her and disturb her reverie. He was older, at least 50 she reckoned because of his greying hair, and quite good-looking she thought to herself.

She knew he was fishing, she had lived in the countryside long enough to recognise the fishermen who would park in the village to go to the tackle shop or the bakers, but she knew very little about fishing. The boys at school used to go occasionally and they would try to tempt her to go with them but she knew that this was because she had the biggest tits among the girls they knew and that they would be hoping they could get a feel.

No-one in her family were interested either, she could not remember her father who had left when she was little and her mother was always complaining that she did not have time to enjoy herself with frivolous pursuits as she bought up three girls by herself. April was the eldest and before she had started nursing had tried to help out as best she could with the twins but they were both 16 now and could fend for themselves so Mum had started work in the local library. April was the only one who was really a country girl.

Her first, and only, boyfriend used to complain that he could not afford to go fishing locally but she suspected that he was more interested in the economics than the angling as he used to complain more about the ‘posh gits’ than his interest in catching fish. He hadn’t lasted very long as her boyfriend and really she had only started seeing him because she wanted to lose her virginity. Once that deed was done she felt little interest in him, he was so young – admittedly they were both 18 – but 18 year old boys are just that, boys. and she had little interest in boys.

Boys at college especially. They wanted to act like men but couldn’t really hack it so the only males of her age she met up with socially these days were the gay ones. They were much more fun. She had been watching some of the doctors at the teaching hospital though but they were generally either completely aloof or seemed to look at the nurses as easy pickings, there did not seem to be any middle ground. So she had been looking forward to the time when she could leave home and move to the city hospital and hopefully meet some real men.

But this fisherman was clearly such a man as she watched him casting to shadows without any joy. After ten minutes or so he picked up his net and walked away from her until she heard him talking to a second male voice before it all went quiet again and all she could hear were the birds and the splash of the water on the stones. By this time she had lost all interest in her book and she allowed her mind to wander, wondering about the fisherman and whether he was good in bed. She knew from the TV, books and the internet that there escort izmir was a lot more to sex than she had experienced, especially orgasms. She longed for someone other than herself to make her cum but she held up little hope of that happening until her circumstances changed.

She imagined herself cuddling up to a strong male body, breathing in his odour, running her fingers across his strong arms and she closed her eyes and lay back. She was really tempted to play with herself there and then as she felt her pussy heat up and become damp and her nipples harden but she was aware of the men near by and held herself back. She could not face the humiliation of being caught playing with herself in the woods and the whole village knowing her for the slut that she sometimes craved to be.

She tried again with her book but with little joy as she was now aroused and distracted so she picked up her backpack, folded the groundsheet and forced that in alongside her book and she headed back the way she had came although this time sticking to the river path until she came across a tiny little footbridge, it was no more than a few uprights with a single plank walkway and a handrail so she dared herself to cross, but she knew that the road bridge was some way in the distance so she did not linger and crossed straight back, pleased with herself for being so brave.

Thirty yards later she came across a large branch which bent across the river. It was just below waist height so she jumped up and swung her leg over so she was straddling the branch and sat there enjoying the water flowing just in front of her as she looked for fish. Unfortunately this did not help her mood as the pressure of the rough bark against her pussy bought back the sight of the fisherman and she imagined herself straddling him as he lay back on the grass his trousers around his ankles and his big fat grown up cock penetrating her. She rocked gently as she tried to make herself quickly cum but she had to stop suddenly as the voices had returned.

She looked downstream and there were two fishermen standing on the opposite bank facing towards her. She wasn’t sure if they had seen her so she rolled slowly off the branch and sat down on the grass hoping they would be gone soon. However, the next thing she heard was the heavy clump of boots crossing the bridge followed by a second set of steps. She took out her book and hoped they would be heading the opposite way but before she knew it, they were standing beside her.

“Hello young lady, did you know you were trespassing, this is private land” said the first one she had seen, but in a kindly voice although with a slightly stern edge.

“Yes, this is really only for anglers” said the second “but I’m sure we can overlook that if you promise not to disturb the fish.” He looked a little older than the first fisherman and spoke in an accent that she could best describe as ‘educated’.

“What are you reading” the first man asked, looking at her book. She held up her copy of ‘Shuggie Bain’, slightly embarrassed by these two handsome gentlemen standing imposingly over her as she sat on the grass.

The second one laughed “I met Douglas, when I was in the States, a couple of years ago, it was very strange to meet someone with such a strong Scottish accent in New York. He did tell me he had nearly finished his book”.

April was impressed. She hadn’t met any authors herself, at least as far as she knew, and this man was the only person she had met who had in fact met a real one, perhaps was even one himself.

She struggled to stand, as she was feeling suddenly self-conscious that she had been caught somewhere she was not supposed to be and by two good looking older men and with her nipples pointing hard through her t-shirt. She suddenly wished she had worn the bra she had left discarded on the bedside chair. as she crossed her arms across her chest.

This action though only bought attention to her condition and the first fisherman laughed, not in a mean-spirited away, but at the slightly embarrassing situation they found themselves in.

“Have you caught anything” she asked trying to distract attention away from her tits.

“It looks like we have now” said the first fisherman “and a very pretty little fish she is too.”

April frowned at this comment, he was old enough to be her father. In fact for all she knew he might be her father she thought to herself before instantly dismissing the notion.

“No, we haven’t had any joy just yet” said the second, older, man trying to defuse the embarrassment caused by his friend’s faux pas. “Do you mind if we join you for a second we were looking for somewhere to to have a little break.” He sat down without waiting for a reply in that entitled way she had found the consultants had in the hospital. He reached into his bag and pulled out a large thermos and a tin of sandwiches. His friend sat down too and took some cups out of his bag before handing her one.

“Do izmir escort bayan you drink coffee, my dear” He asked as he took the flask from his friend, unscrewed the lid and poured steaming hot coffee into three of the mugs “There’s no sugar I’m afraid”

“I’m sure she’s sweet enough” the older one said, at which April groaned at the cheesiness of the comment.

“We were surprised to find you here” he continued ‘we saw you crossing over earlier so had assumed you were on the other bank”

“I came straight back” she replied “I just wanted to test the little bridge.”

“That little bridge has been there for over a hundred years, so I’m sure it could take your little body” the first man commented.

April thought to herself that she was sure that they could both take her little body if they felt so inclined as she warmed up to their company. She did not often get the opportunity to meet proper gentlemen like this outside of work. The only other grown man she really spoke to was Mr Clark at the library where Mum works, but he was what was known locally as a ‘confirmed bachelor’ so although he would talk politely about books that had recently been published it was clear he had little interest in her as a woman. Whereas these two were treating her as a woman, and an attractive one too, and had no qualms in hiding that.

She liked their confidence, the way they had just joined her as if they owned the river, which she suddenly thought, they might well do. She liked the way they had offered her a drink and their sandwiches and wanted to share what they had with her. She liked the fact they seemed interested in her book as they talked knowledgeably about modern literature. She felt lucky that she was able to keep up mostly as until her nursing studies had begun in earnest she had devoured most of the modern books in the library.

They were interested in her too, they asked about her work as a nurse and she liked the fact that although she had said she was a student nurse they knew that meant working hard to help people rather than someone who was only studying. She even liked their funny attempts to flirt when they found out she did not have a boyfriend as it meant that they saw her as a woman.

So when they stood up and announced that they should continue fishing she looked disappointed, and they noticed. Patrick, the older one, took the initiative as he held out his hand to help her up. “Why so sad, April, it’s been a lovely chat but we’re both old enough to be your father so although we would love to while away the time enjoying your company we would probably soon start to bore you”

April miscalculated the slope of the riverbank and stumbled as she stood, even though Patrick had her hand, Simon reached out and grabbed her waist. “Woah there” he exclaimed ‘You nearly had an early bath then.”

But he had his arms around her waist and she did not want him to let go, she felt his arm under her loose breasts and he felt so strong and masculine and smelled so good that she let out a little moan.

Patrick and Simon looked at each other, neither man loosened their hold on her. April knew then that she was going to have them both, there and then as she pulled herself deeper into Simon’s arms and raised her mouth to his and kissed him slow and long, opening her mouth and searching out his tongue with hers. She pulled back and put Patrick’s hand over her breast and he instinctively took her nipple between his fingers and twisted gently sending waves of pleasure through her.

She eased back from them and took her groundsheet out from her pack and laid it out on the grass and lay down, leaning on one elbow and looking up at them. “Please take me” she urged “I need you both”.

Patrick stripped off his shirt lay it over the branch before removing his boots and trousers. He stood there in his shorts and she could see his cock was engorged and formed a huge bulge, it was by far the biggest she had seen and she wanted to touch it. Meanwhile Simon was kneeling next to her and he peeled off her t-shirt and his lips went straight to her nipples. As he sucked he removed his shirt too, which Patrick picked up and also placed on the branch. Simon released her nipple from his mouth and stood, removing his trousers and briefs as he did so. His cock was also hard and erect and she reached out for it.

Both men stood over her, without letting go of Simon she pulled at Patrick’s shorts and he stepped out of them and she found herself kneeling staring at the two biggest cocks she had seen, both hard and red and all hers. She took Patrick’s cock and directed it towards her mouth as she wrapped her lips around his shaft, with her other hand she stroked Simon slowly, feeling the girth and the heat and a small drop of precum at his tip which she used to lubricate the head of his cock until she could get that into her mouth too.

After a minute or so she switched and took Simon into her mouth, his cock was izmir escortlar a tiny bit shorter but also thicker and she jerked Patrick harder as he groaned. Her pussy was now on fire, she kept her mouth on Simon and wriggled out of her shorts and panties, struggling to get them both off over her boots.

Simon slowly pulled himself out of her mouth as each man took one of her arms and helped her to her feet. Patrick’s hand went between her legs and he dipped one long finger deep inside her. “Oh, she’s definitely ready” he said.

Simon bent down and slipped underneath the branch while Patrick directed her towards where their shirts had been strategically placed before bending her forwards until she was bent over the branch and staring straight at Simon’s hard cock, she took him deep into her mouth and down her throat. Meanwhile she felt Patrick’s hands on her ass as he smacked first the left cheek and then the right, not hard but it was the first time this had happened to her and it was so hot.

“You’re such a bad little girl, aren’t you April” he said as his hands separated her ass cheeks and she felt one finger placed over her puckered little hole. “Do you like this April, do you like sucking Daddy Simon by the river while Daddy Patrick fucks you from behind” as he sunk his rock hard cock straight into her soaking pussy. She gasped, almost gagging on Simon’s cock. She had never felt like this before, so animalistic, so hot, so horny.

Patrick stayed still for a second or two as she adjusted to accommodate both men before he slowly withdrew far enough that just his head was inside her and then he started to slowly fuck her, he sank his long, thick cock all the way into her and she felt it hitting her cervix, he slid out again and then penetrated her harder, she was glad she had kept her boots on as they allowed for purchase as Patrick fucked her deep and hard allowing her to maintain the sucking motion on Simon. She felt so full, she felt so dominated, she felt so content as she submitted to both men.

Patrick was speeding up and she sensed his urgency, she focused on Simon as she felt his balls tighten. He wanted them to cum inside her, and she wanted to taste Simon’s cum as Patrick filled her young pussy with his seed. She realised at that moment that she had no protection and immediately dismissed the thought. She wanted their seed, she wanted both of them to impregnate their baby girl, she wanted her new Daddies to fill her up until it dripped down her thighs and her chin.

As she made this realisation her pussy muscles spasmed hard and tightened against Patrick’s cock, she felt him thrust harder as he shot spurts of hot cum deep inside her triggering her own orgasm as she sucked hard against Simon who at the same time shot his hot cum down into her throat and she gagged as the orgasm surged through her. She had never felt such sensations as this, her own orgasms when she masturbated were nothing to compare with this, she felt complete and a grown woman at last. She was breathing heavily as the men relaxed against her.

Simon pulled out first as she swallowed his cum, his cock looked heavy although flaccid, he stood there panting before reaching forward and placing his hands either side of her on the branch, his cock dangling in front of her. She licked him clean as she felt Patrick withdraw with a deep sigh.

“Such a good April, taking our cum like that, now have a short break and we’ll swap places.”

As she sucked Patrick hard she felt Simon slowly slide his cock between her wet ass cheeks and she eased back as his cock found her hole, he pushed in slowly stretching her wide. The sensations this time were different as she felt herself stretch to accommodate his thickness, her nipples were a little sore as she was pounded from both ends as Patrick fucked her face and Simon her pussy. They lasted for ages and the orgasms this time built up slowly but were much deeper as she felt them wash through her whole body. She found herself cumming again and again long before either man was finished.

Simon came first as she felt his seed flood her insides and he relaxed back onto the groundsheet. Patrick allowed her to stretch and kneel down on the grass as he knelt in front of her as she wrapped her tits around his cock and he fucked her like that. She leaned forward to catch his cock tip with her tongue and dribbled spit over her tits as he stroked, until with a shout he shot hot ropes of cum across her tits, and over her face and hair.

She lay back between them as their hands sought out her tender parts, Simon kissed her nipples tenderly causing her to have a final quick orgasm as they were so sensitive. Patrick took out a water bottle and washed his cock clean before handing it to Simon and dressing himself. Simon did the same but would not allow April to wash, they explained that they wanted her to get dressed with their cum all over, and inside, her and she was happy to comply.

They took down her details but refused her theirs as they explained that she was their property and that they would take her when they wanted and she was happy to be owned by her own two new Daddies. She knew she would be seeing them again soon.

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