Aquatic Erotica

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Author’s note: This story is based in part on my own experiences, with modifications from my imagination. My thanks to texancowgirl1827 for her review and valuable suggestions for improvement.


We decided to take a ‘staycation’ for a few days to complete some home projects as opposed to going on a vacation trip. We had completed the painting project in the spare bedroom the day before and I had finished the tree pruning project by late morning. I suggested to Trish that we go out to the Marina, get in our boat and go for a sail. Trish responded that she liked that idea, but asked if we should eat lunch first?

I said, “Let’s pick up a couple of submarine sandwiches on the way to the lake and I’ll put a few beers in a cooler to take along!”

She said, “Good idea, let’s do it! Trish suggested, “We should take or perhaps wear our swim suits, because it is such a hot day that we will want a cooling dip!”

I agreed and told her, “I’ll wear my trunks and take along shorts and a T-shirt to wear home later.”

I asked her what bikini she was planning to wear. “Trish, this being the middle of the work week, there likely won’t be many, if any, other people out there. So, please wear one of your really sexy ones to give me some additional stimulation!”

“What do you have in mind for SEXY?” Trish inquired.

“How about one of those ‘wicked weasel’ types that you bought in Cozumel last winter?”

“Those I had planned to wear only in the privacy of our back yard, she said! But I’ll have to wear a very conservative cover up until we are pretty far out on the lake!”

I nodded in agreement and went to the bedroom to put on my trunks. I delayed getting ready as I wanted to see what she would wear. Trish selected the white weasel minimal thong and top and I watched her strip and put it on.

She noticed that I was staring at her while she was adjusting the crotch piece to cover her pussy and said “You are staring at me as if you didn’t know what it would look like on me!

Staring at the bulge at the front of my shorts, “Is this suit going to be stimulation enough?” she asked.

“Yes, Darling, it is very stimulating on you…… and I’m beginning to wonder if maybe we ought to just stay home and screw?”

Trish shook her head, NO! So I headed for the garage to get our cooler ready and loaded with beer.

After leaving home for the lake, we stopped at a sandwich shop and I asked Trish to go in and get a couple of sandwiches for us. I added, “Why don’t you unbutton some of those buttons on your ‘cover up’ because it is very hot out there?”

She responded with a frown at my suggestion, but did unbutton the top three buttons. Trish got out of the car, walked a few paces and dropped her purse. And as she bent over to pick it up, her cover up rode up on her bottom exposing her butt cheeks and a sliver of her thong. Before she straightened up she looked back over her shoulder at me to see if I had noticed her performance. A few minutes later, she returned with a sack containing our sandwiches.

“I know that you saw me bending over to pick up my purse. Do you think anyone else saw me? Or do you think it matters?”

I responded, “Trish, you know I’ll never get tired of seeing your lovely butt ….. and, as far as someone else seeing you so exposed, it was clearly accidental and not an intentional flaunting of that perfectly delectable ass! I’ll never say otherwise!”

Arriving at the Marina, I grabbed the cooler of beer, while Trish carried the sandwiches and we walked out on the docks to our sailboat. The boat is a 27 foot sloop with cabin below, with berths for a family of five and included a two burner galley stove and a flushable toilet in the head. I opened the companionway hatch and carried the cooler below setting it in the convenient wash basin. Trish handed me the sandwiches suggesting that we get underway before we have lunch. She helped me remove and stow the mainsail cover and I got the outboard started. After the motor was running smoothly, I asked Trish to hop ashore and cast off the dock lines. This she did and, as soon as she was back onboard, I backed us out of the boat slip and, when clear, shifted into forward gear and headed out into the lake. I had Trish take the tiller and steer while I raised the mainsail and then unfurled the Genoa jib. As soon as the sails filled, I returned to the cockpit, shut off the motor and raised it clear of the water.

“Trish, I think I’m ready for a beer, how about you?”

“Yes and please bring our sandwiches up as well.” she replied.

“Before I hand you your beer, don’t you think it’s time to remove your cover up?”

Trish looked carefully all around checking for any bahis siteleri possible people and concluded that it was probably safe to get down to just her wicked weasel suit. “I’ll keep the cover up nearby in case we spot another boat.” she said. She took the beer, set it in the holder and opened the sack to retrieve her sandwich. I did the same, but took the tiller to steer us along as we headed down the lake.

I said to Trish, “It is just me that wants to see all of your attributes, so please open your legs and let me check out the suit’s coverage?”

She opened her legs, looked down at her crotch and said to me,”What coverage? That thong has worked its way inside my pussy and my lips are hanging out of it on both sides!” she exclaimed.

“And a lovely view it is! I responded. The only possible improvement would be the total removal of that thong! So, why don’t you take it off?”

“Maybe later …. right now I’m trying to eat my sandwich.” Trish replied.

As we sailed along comfortably with a good wind, I said, “Let’s head down to the island and tack around to the lee side and anchor.” Trish nodded in agreement.

Perhaps thirty minutes later, we were far enough beyond the island that I could jibe and head us back to the anchorage. About half way along that side of the island, I asked Trish to turn us into the wind while I dropped the anchor. We approached to within about 30 yard of shore when I dropped the anchor. I let the wind luff the sails until we had stopped, then blown back far enough to set the anchor. At this point I furled the jib and lowered the mainsail and, with Trish’s help, tied the sail to the boom with several bungee cords.

“Trish, good job! Let’s just sit here and relax for awhile with another beer.” She nodded and I went below and got each of us another beer.

“What a beautiful day! Trish exclaimed. But I’m getting hot here in the sun! How about we go for a swim?” she suggested.

I responded, “Surely that weasel isn’t the reason for your overheated state is it? Why don’t you take it off and I’ll take mine off as well and let’s go skinny dipping.” I said.

“You are right, my so called ‘bathing suit’ isn’t the source of heat and it certainly isn’t protecting my modesty! she noted. But what if another boat comes by while we are naked in the water?”

“Trish, you haven’t heard one boat motor since we’ve been out here and, as quiet as it is, we’d hear it in plenty of time to get back onboard!”

“But what about sailboats, they don’t make any noise?”

“You are right Trish, but look the island is so low and flat that we would spot a slow moving sailboat’s mast in plenty of time.” was my reply.

She grinned as she removed that minimalist bra top then stood as she lowered and stepped out of the thong. I removed my shorts and quickly realized that I had acquired a substantial erection.

Trish noticed my condition as well and stated, “Maybe some cooling water will make that stiff go away!”

I lowered the stern boarding ladder, but didn’t use it as I opted for diving in off the cabin top. I came up from my dive as Trish was just stepping slowly down the ladder into the water.

“It isn’t as warm as I thought it would be!” she said.

“Well Trish Dear, you have been sitting in about mid 90 degree air for the last hour and 83 degree water will seem cool. But isn’t it refreshing?” I asked.

“Yes, it is very refreshing she replied, now that I’m immersed totally in the water.”

I swam over to her and rolled over on my back as I reached her.

Trish looked me over and said, “Cooler water apparently had little effect on your erection ….. if any!”

“I can’t argue with that conclusion! I replied. Reach over and hold it and see if it hasn’t cooled down since I’ve been in the water?”

She grinned at me while reaching over and grasping my hard cock, “Jay, you really are a naughty boy! If I hold it tight enough I believe I can feel your pulse.” she stated matter of factly.

“Are you able to tell any difference if you hold it at the head or next to the pubic hair?” I kidded.

“Well, let me see, I’ll first grasp it at the top, then move it down to its root and then repeat that up and down motion. she explained. Oh, my goodness! Trish exclaimed. Your cock seems to be getting more rigid!”

“I suspect that you are correct and ….. If you put some lotion on your grasping hand, it just might cause an eruption!” I concluded.

“Well, I’d have to go back onboard for that lotion, but I wonder how saliva might be?” she wondered.

While I sculled water with my hands, keeping my swollen cock at the surface, Trish moved over me and put her warm mouth over its head.

“My Trish, that canlı bahis siteleri takes the chill away!”

She then began swirling her tongue around the head, creating an incredible sensation.

“Trish, let’s put that cock in another warm and velvety place and see if it has enough lubrication?” I suggested with a great deal of sexual tension.

“OK, Trish said, but let me swim over to the boat where I can hold onto the boarding ladder.”

I followed her and when she got to the ladder, she turned around facing me while reaching up to hold onto the ladder supports with both hands. I moved closer and reached out with both hands and grasped her waist. With my left arm wrapped around her waist and with her legs spread and open, I took hold of my cock and began rubbing it up and down her cunt lips.

“It must be wet enough now for you to stick it in and start fucking me!” Trish announced with emphasis.

Getting the cock head inside her pussy, I moved both hands to her waist and began thrusting my pelvis forward then back.

“How’s that Trish?” I asked without slowing the pace.

“Oh, it feels wonderful and doing it in the water is a very unique and wonderful feeling!” she exclaimed.

“With the water providing so much floatation, in addition to your using the ladder for support, I think we could keep on fucking indefinitely.” I surmised. Without slowing down, I asked Trish if she thought we could try an experiment.

“What kind of experiment would you like to try?” she asked.

“Well, I am wondering if we could swim while fucking at the same time.”

“Please explain how you think that could work?” she asked.

“Well my thought is, while keeping my cock inside you, I could swim on my back and keep sculling, while you could use your arms in a gentle swimming motion while keeping your legs spread and extended. I would also probably have to use my legs in some kind of swimming motion to keep from sinking. In trying this, you could easily keep your head above water, but I’m not sure if I can. I speculated. Shall we give it a try?” I asked.

“OK, tell me when I should let go of the boarding ladder?” she asked.

I turned more on my back while sculling with my arms to stay afloat, and said, “OK, slowly let go and lean over me with your arms ready to paddle! But, be careful that you keep my cock inside you!” I cautioned.

Trish let go of the boarding ladder and leaned forward with her body on top of mine. I placed my head to the left side of hers and began sculling with my arms to keep us afloat. Trish started paddling with her arms extended and her legs spread. With each of her strokes I thrust upward into her pussy. We made a little forward progress, but the fucking was better before we cast off from contact with the boarding ladder. It soon became apparent that my sculling effort to keep our heads above water was requiring an excessive amount of energy.

I said to Trish, “This is wearing me out and I can’t keep this up much longer!”

“OK then, disengage whenever you are ready.” Trish replied.

At that point, I rolled over on my side, pulled out and left Trish swimming off by herself.

Trish asked, “Do you want me to go back to the boarding ladder?”

“Yes, but go ahead and climb out and I’ll join you back on board.” I suggested. I watched with enjoyment at Trish’s lovely body emerging from the water and realized just how much I loved this sexy woman.

I followed Trish up the ladder and when on board inquired, “Would you like a beer now?”

She nodded yes, and then asked, “Would you bring up a couple of towels as well?”

I said that I would, but “I’m just going to let the wind and sun dry me off! The evaporation will have a nice cooling effect on our bodies.”

Trish replied, “OK, I will too.”

Trish positioned herself where she could lean back against the boat’s side just to the left of the companionway hatch. As I came up from below, I handed her a beer and seated myself opposite back near the stern.

“Trish, it seems that the cooling effect of evaporation is making your nipples hard!”

Looking down at her breasts, Trish replied, “Yes, they are quite hard …… and I might add, that it seems to be having the same effect on your erection!”

“Perhaps, but I think my erection is mostly brought on by looking at your nips as well as the rest of your body! Maybe if I came over there and sucked on them it might take the chill away.” I kidded.

“Well it would warm them up, but that kind of treatment would keep my nipples in an erect condition …… don’t you think?” she replied.

“Well, I think I will still test out that theory.” as I moved over to kneel beside canlı bahis her on the cockpit floor.

Placing my hand on the boat for support, I leaned over and kissed her fully on the mouth, “Trish, you are the light of my life and I couldn’t love you more!”I exclaimed.

“Jay, you are my true love and I am so fortunate to be married to such a sexy and innovative man!”

I leaned across her and took the nipple in my mouth and began sucking. “Trish, your right one is certainly nice and cool, and now I’ll test your left one!” and began sucking on her left nipple.

“Jay, what you are doing is making me very excited and I would like you to do other stimulating things!” Trish stated and gasped as I let that nipple pop out of my mouth.

“Some other stimulation? Is it a service that I could provide?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m confident that you could do an excellent job!” she stated.

“Well, what would you like me to do and when should I begin?” I asked.

“See what you could do for my clit. Trish suggested. In the category of sexual performance, you have always excelled at ‘foreplay’!”

“Well, I’ll do my best! I promised. Trish, put your left foot down on the deck next to me and open your right leg wide. I instructed. Have I told you today what a lovely pussy you have?”

“Not today. she replied, but I’m glad you think so.”

I reached across her leg and placed my fingers lightly right on her pussy slit and gently moved them up and down the entrance. Trish flinched as a finger glanced across her expanding clit. Keeping my index finger directly on her clit, I used my other fingers to open her pussy lips. Using my index finger, I moved it gently up and down, then back and forth across her clit. I heard Trish give a sharp intake of breath just as I started my manipulations. I then leaned over and began sucking her nipples again while shifting my finger inside for more aggressive finger fucking. Trish responded with another noticeable intake of breath and her pelvis began moving in time to my in and out finger movements.

After a few more minutes of the foreplay activities, Trish announced, “OK, enough of that diddling! I’m ready for your cock inside me!”

With that announcement, I turned and lay down on the floor of the cockpit and suggested, “Trish, how about coming down here and play cowgirl? I wish I could think of a nautical term for what you should do, but riding cowgirl will have to do!”

Trish reacted immediately, moved down, straddled me and held my stiff cock right at her pussy slit. Then, after rubbing my cock up and down her slit, she lowered herself impaling on my erection. “Oooommmff!” was her sound following her hitting bottom. Resting her arms on either side of the settees, she began up and down fucking, combined with random pelvic fore and aft thrusting.

I suddenly noticed Trish rotating her head back and forth and I asked, “Is there a problem? What are you looking at?”

Trish replied, “I think I hear a motor, but I can’t see any boat yet!”

“Well, I said, keep on fucking me and don’t worry about it! Just keep an eye out and listen for the sound getting closer, if and when you see a boat, we’ll decide what to do then!” I instructed.

Trish reacted, “If it suddenly comes around the island, we won’t have time to stop and get below!”

“If one does show up, just lie down on top of me and stay out of sight.”I offered.

With that, she leaned forward on top of me and extended her legs straight back toward the transom. “If a boat comes close, we’ll never be able to stay in this position indefinitely!” she worried.

“Darling Girl, if that should happen, just reach for that towel near the hatch, wrap it around and go below.” was my solution.

Lying down out of sight, she couldn’t see outside the boat. She continued a more restrictive fucking motion in this reclining position. She murmured softly to me, “Jay, I think that motor sound is getting closer!”

“Well, just lift your head up a bit and check.” I suggested.

Trish raised her head for a peak, just as the following voice was heard, “Hello the boat is everything OK?”

Trish flinched, then raised her head and replied,”We’re fine, just getting some sun!”

The guy in the boat replied, “We just wanted to check, it didn’t seem like anyone was on board since we didn’t see any movement!”

This time Trish raised her voice, “Look, I said we were OK and just getting some sun …… without any clothes on, so just keep your distance and nobody will be embarrassed!”

We could hear the guy talking to somebody in the other boat, but couldn’t quite make out what was said, but we could hear laughter.

“Look Trish, I whispered, can you see who’s in that boat?”

She raised her head again to peak out, then quickly ducked back down, “Looks like three guys out fishing! she said in a concerned voice. I don’t like this situation at all!”

(To be continued)

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