Arthur and Family… Ch. 3

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The day dawned beautifully, the sun was up and so was I. My cock was nestled in the crack of Sammi’s ass and raring to go. I pushed it up and down in her cheek cleavage. Oh it felt so nice. So warm and my nuts rubbing against her sweet slit. I reached around for those bullets they call nipples. I rubbed my palm over them and they stiffened instantly. I began to pinch and pull on them as Sammi began to moan. They were so hard and long. I could even stroke them pinching the tip as I fondled them. Sammi was pushing her ass cheeks back at me now.

I spit on my hand and then rubbed my cock to get a little moisture as I slid up and down her cheeks. Sammi reached around and grabbed my dick and gave it a squeeze and then moved her hand down to my balls. She pushed them up against her slit and I felt the wetness there. I took my dick and pushed it at the entrance to her slippery cunt. I worked the head in getting it coated with her juices as I circled right inside her box. I pushed in deeper and felt her clutch at me with those pussy muscles. I slid in and out a few strokes and took it out and resumed riding up and down her ass crack. Sammi reached around and spread her cheeks. Oh yeah, her sweet brown asshole was what she wanted stuffed. I sure didn’t need any more coaxing. I moved my dickhead down her crack and placed it at the entrance to her butt hole. I slowly pushed and just enjoyed the feel of my head feeling the puckers of her brown flower. I pushed a bit harder and felt her asshole opening around me, then backed out and back till I felt it opening again. I did that for a minute, just massaging my cock head. I had reached for Sammi’s nipples again and was making her moan even more.

I knew she was creaming copiously by now as she loved nipple play. I reached down and stuck a finger in her cunt and she was soaked. I coated my finger and then moved it up to her butt hole and pushed it in and worked some of her cream inside. I poked my dick back in her snatch for a sec and then positioned my self with the head of my cock at her nether hole. I pushed slowly enjoying the feel and then popped my head inside her anus. I just sat there and felt the tightness of her butt around my blunt tip. Sammi clenched her butt and I thought my dick would strangle. I pushed in a tad more and then pulled back out to the head. I slowly, oh so slowly fucked up into her ass until I was about halfway in. I brought it back out to the tip and then slowly pushed back in and kept pushing till I was in up to my nuts. We fucked slowly and lazily this way for about ten minutes and then there was movement in the other bed.

Colin was up and headed for the bathroom with his hardon pointing the way. A few minutes later he was back. He went to Sammi’s side and stood there with his pole waving in her face. Sammi stuck her tongue out and licked at his pee hole. His dick jumped and wagged at her. Sammi’s tongue began to work over my brothers cock head, swirling round and round. She leaned forward to take his dickhead in her mouth as her tongue licked the underside of his cock. Colin moved forward shoving his meat further in her mouth. Sammi sucked and licked on it for awhile and then Colin withdrew. He pulled the sheet down off of us and saw my thick meat sliding in and out of Sammi’s butt and looked me in the eye and said it was my turn to get mine from him. Oh man did lightning shoot thru my balls.

Colin walked around over to my side of the bed and patted my ass. He reached over to the table and got the lube and put a dollop on his finger and then spread my cheeks. His finger went unerringly to my brown shithole. Man that stuff was cold. He rubbed it around on the outside, got some more and popped it inside my butt with his finger. He rubbed it around a bit, and then greased up his pole. He crawled in behind me and guided his cock to the entrance of my shit tube. He pushed it hard against me and I tried to relax. He was prodding hard at the entrance and all of a sudden he was in. Damn it hurt. He is thick around like dad and I are and I marveled at how easily Sammi had taken mine. Sammi and I had kinda stopped moving as Colin tried to enter my butt. Now she was moving back on my pole swallowing it up with her tight back tunnel. Colin was moving the head around trying to get me to loosen up, and he was pushing forward to wanting to get more of his tool in my ass. My head and Ankara bayan escort tackle were on fire. My brother was poking his rod in my ass!!! He gave a grunt and shoved and I felt my guts moving. God he felt huge. I knew it couldn’t be but half of it and I was unsure I could take any more. Colin proceeded to prove me wrong. Sammi began ass fucking my dick in earnest, sliding her chute up and down my pole. Colin backed out a bit and shoved again, this time I knew he was all the way in as his balls slapped my cheeks. He sat a sec and then began to slam into me. He was really enjoying this. Sammi worked a little faster and they reached a good rhythm. I was being royally fucked.

Jean, my brothers girlfriend was up and licking and sucking on Sammi’s nipples. It wasn’t long till I felt Sammi clutching at my dick hard as she came. She pulled off my steel rod, and turned over to watch. Colin ordered me on my stomach. With his hardon lodged up my butt I rolled over. Now Colin began to fuck my ass with long pounding strokes. My dick was caught pointing toward my ankles and I could feel Colin’s balls rubbing the length of my cocks underside as he rammed me. Now he was shouting how’s it feel little brother, how do you like my big dick up your butt, huh. He was really getting off on this.

Mom and dad must’ve heard the commotion and were now by the bed watching their eldest son fuck the shit out of their youngest. My dick was rubbing the sheets and With Colin’s balls stroking the underside of my dick and his rod pounding me, I was getting close to cumming. Colin was first though, with a yell, he slammed every bit of his length inside me and began coating my guts with his pecker pudding. He fucked in a couple of times more and then removed his rod from my aching butt.

I jumped up to my knees and grabbed my dick and began to furiously pound it. I was so close. All of a sudden I felt something at my leaking ass hole. It was Sammi, sucking my brothers jizz out and sticking her tongue inside my ravaged anus. That was all I needed. I shot a huge gob of sperm hitting the wall above the headboard which began dripping down. More gobs followed, and then my cream was spurting out falling on the pillows and sheets. I felt a wetness on my ass cheeks and back, and dad was shooting off on me. I fell forward and felt tender hands rolling me over as Sammi engulfed my limp tool and began cleaning it up.

Man what a cum that was. I was totally shot for at least 15 minutes. Finally I got up and hit the shower with Sammi, Jean and Colin. We got clean pretty quick and went down for breakfast. Bill and Emily showed up and we broke up with the girls going shopping and the guys left to their own devices.

We sat for about an hour, talking about Bill’s promotion, business in general, sports, and all that kinda stuff. We headed out into the streets and wandered around awhile. Finally we ended up at an arcade and went in to play awhile. Soon it was time for lunch. We headed for an Irish Pub Bill frequented and got a coupla beers and ordered lunch. Naturally at some point, the conversation turned to women and sex. Bill asked how I met Sammi and I told him about the laundromat. I talked about how hot she was and her gorgeous nipples, tight ass hot and steaming pussy. We had a few by then and everyone was kinda relaxed and Bill made the comment he would love to stick his rod in any of her holes. We all laughed and Colin said it would be worth it as she was a sweet as I had described. Bill looked at him, then me and back to Colin. Colin sat there with a grin on his face and then Dad popped up saying he could also expound on Sammi’s merits. Bill’s face just lit up and he started asking a million questions, not stopping for answers.

Well it all came out. We told how we had been swapping our ladies around and having group fucks for about a month. Colin said that wasn’t all. I held my breath, and he asked Bill if he remembered when the three of us used to jerk each other off and masturbate in front of each other. Of course he remembered. Colin told him there had been some family involvement, too. Bills eyes were wide and we told him about butt-fucking each other and having mom, too. “oh my God” was all he could say. His next words made us all smile… ” I always wanted to fuck Mom”

We sat back and talked more and found out that he and Emily had done some Escort bayan Ankara swinging and threesomes. He was sure she would be up for all this. We laid plans to bring Bill and Em into our fold. We decided not to tell the girls, but just to get things rolling and see what happened. The dinner party was at 5:00, and we should have plenty of time afterwards to get our rocks off a number of times.

Back at the hotel, we all got dressed, and the girls were all up for some fucking and sucking, but we told them no. We were gonna wait for the whole group to get off with. At Bill’s house they were getting ready when Emily started dancing around in her new bra and panties and Bill took advantage of the situation to get her revved up and hot. He ate her thru her panties leaving them soaked. He moved them aside and ate her till she was just ready to cum, and then told her they would be late, and just left her hanging, while he finished getting dressed. He told her to keep wearing her wet panties as a reminder of what was to cum. She was going to arrive excited and going to leave totally satisfied, only she didn’t know it yet.

The dinner party went well, but seemed to take forever to get rid of everyone. Finally the last of the couples were leaving. Bill went to talk with the cleanup crew, and came back with a smile on his face. We knew what was gonna happen, the girls, we hoped, had no clue. We settled down around on table with a couple bottles of champagne and just seemingly relaxed. Sammi moved her chair close and instantly her hand was in my lap massaging my already stiffening cock. She rubbed me thru my pants until I was fully hard, and then slowly unzipped my fly. She pulled my big member out and began to softly stroke it. My balls were gently pulled out also and her hand and fingers went to my nut sac to give me a sweet massage.

I noticed everyone else was close to their partner and I knew what was going on. I hoped Bill was doing his part and warming up Emily. Sammi was really giving me a terrific handjob, when I took her hand off and pulled her onto my lap. I casually reached, in full view of the others, and massaged on of her breasts. Everybody was looking, but there were no surprised faces except Emily. Her eyebrows were raised as she watched me with my hand over Sammi’s tit. With no bra, Sammi’s nipples were gonna stand out big time. I took my hand away and sure enough, that nipple was straining the fabric. I asked if she didn’t have the most beautiful nipples ever, and then pulled down the sheer fabric covering her top until the nipple was in view. I pinched it and rubbed my palm over it and then let go so it was sticking up for everyone again. The guys were commenting on how long they were and how hard.

I leaned down and fastened my mouth over her sweet teat. I sucked and licked that nipple and Sammi began to moan. I just knew the covert action under the table had taken a new turn. I kept licking and sucking and then pulled the other half of her top down and exposed the other breast. Colin being the gentleman he is reached over and rolled that nipple in his fingers. Sammi was in heaven and on her way to cumming I was sure. I kept my mouth attached my hand kneading her breast as Colin worked the other one. Pretty soon Sammi was moaning loudly and I knew she would come in seconds. I bit down on her nipple hard and flicked my tongue over it, and Colin pinched hard. “thar she blows” I hollered, and Sammi began to cum moaning and writhing in my lap.

What a fucking woman. I can always count on her to be hot and lead the way. Colin got up and leaned over to tongue the nipple he had been mauling. Dad stood up and came over us, and as Sammi thrust her breasts up, he got the other one in her mouth. They licked and sucked a few moments and then I stood Sammi up and said “that’s not the only hard thing that needs a mouth”, and I stood up. My fire engine red dick was stciking out for all to see. Sammi immediately dropped to her knees and engulfed my steel meat.

Well as one the other guys got up and dropped their pants and 3 more ragin erections poked out. Mom and Jean quickly got down to take their men in their mouths and Bill looked at Emily and said “you’re not gonna leave me sticking out all alone are you?”. Emily looked at him a moment and just smiled. She slid down to her knees and took her mans meat in her mouth. There Bayan escort Ankara were no sounds but the slurping of mouth over dick. I got pretty close to cumming and pulled back off of Sammi’s sucking mouth. I walked over to Bill and Emily. I thrust my dick close to her face, and said “welcome to the family” Emily looked up at Bill, he nodded and Emily took my meat in her hot mouth. Oh shit, looking down at her, making eye contact as she began to suck me, shot that ole familiar lightning thru my dick. It was so hot, seeing my sister-in-laws lips wrapped around my tool, and to feel the sucking power and her tongue as it moved over my rod. Next thing I know, Colin is standing beside me and poking his tool at her. I pulled out of her lips with a plop and she licked the head of Colin’s raging member. She sucked him for a minute and then there was Dad, last but not least wanting his daughter-in-law to wrap her lips over his tool. Colin, Bill and I sat there beating our meat as we watched her suck Dad off. The girls came around behind us and reached for our dicks, helping us stroke. I realized those were my mom’s hands. I saw Sammi stroking Colin, and Jean had Bill’s nuts in her hand. Dad didn’t take to long to shoot, and we were amazed to see Emily attempting to swallow it all.

Emily let go of Dad, cum dripping on her chin, and moved over to take Colin’s dick. She was all warmed up and obviously enjoying this. I watched all of Colin’s meat disappear down her throat. She stayed down on it a bit and then slowly sucked back till the head was visible. Sammi had Colin’s balls as Emily began to bob up and down on his penis. Colin shot his load quickly with Emily taking him deep to get it all. It was my turn, I was so excited from moms handjob and watching her take two loads of cum that I thought I would shoot as soon as she touched me. She moved over and stuck her tongue out. Mom was holding my dick out straight out for her and she moved it over Emily’s lips. Emily was licking the head and prodding my pee hole, then licking the underside just under the head. I was in heaven. One of Mom’s hands went under me and reached for my sac. She began to rub and massage my nuts and they were so tight they were almost drawn up inside me.

Emily looked up at me and then so slowly began to take all of me in her mouth. I felt my dick hit the back of her throat and then I was sliding down it. Her face was plastered in my hairs at the base of my dick. She held it there and I felt her tightening around my dick. I began to shoot right there. I shot all the way to her stomach I am sure. My dick pumped out some more as she began to back off it. She got to the head and swirled her tongue around and then stuck it in my pee hole and seemed to be trying to scoop all the rest out. She let go of my dick and looked for her husband. Jean was behind him stroking him and playing with his nuts and he looked like he could drive steel with that dick it was so hard. Colin and I looked at his dick and I knew he was thinking the same thing. I was maybe a bit bigger than ours. Maybe it was just how hot he was. I doubt he had ever been more turned on.

Emily, looked at him and asked if he needed to get off. He grunted and she just smiled and sat there. She said she was too full, so he would have to wait. Colin took two steps over and shoved it at her mouth. She moved her head away. He reached down and grabbed her hair, shoved his meat at her lips and said “get me off now, bitch”. Emily kept her lips closed and Bill just shoved his dick at her. Jean was moving his cock around on her lips and suddenly Bill pulled her hair and as she yelped in surprise, he jammed it in. Emily became a demon on his meat flute. Up and down on it, taking him completely in then all the way back out. After a few deepthroats, I could see Emily’s throat pulse with his meat as he pumped all his seed into the back of her throat. He kept shooting and shooting as Em worked his pole. Finally she let go of his spent dick, and we all returned to our chairs for a few more sips of champagne as we caught our breaths.

Emily was laughing and asking questions and we filled her in and then we said we had a surprise for her. We were gonna fill her up!!! She was to have the pleasure of all the men in her family invading her holes. Needless to say, she was game. After about 15 minutes of sitting around, talking and fondling, it was time to introduce all her holes to the men of the family. Naturally my eye was on her ass. She had a sweet bum in that tight dress, and I had no doubt that her ass cheeks and that tight hole would be just as enticing. Nothing to do but find out, I hoped.

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