As They All Watched

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The room was full of people, half of them Dave and Zara didn’t know. It was a gallery opening that was featuring some of Zara’s best photographs; therefore they had no choice but to be there.

“It this thing ever going to end?” Dave asked, hoping she would say yes, that it would be over soon.

“I know how you feel, and besides, all these damned statues, paintings, and photographs of naked people are turning me on.”

Hearing Zara say that the art was making her horny not only took Dave by surprise, but managed to turn him on as well.

“Jesus! Did you have to mention that the naked art made you horny! Now I have to fight down a hard-on!” Dave was nearly beside himself at this point.

Zara laughed at him and his uncontrollable lust. Only if he had a little more will power not to get hard at the mere mention of her nether regions.

“I wish there was a way to make damn sure I never get invited as a featured artist again!” Zara wanted out of there just as bad as Dave did. It wasn’t that she didn’t like being a well known artist, it was just that gallery openings are her bag of chips. Dave took to thinking of a way to end this hellacious gallery opening, and he planned to go out with a bang. Suddenly it came to him! He leaned over to Zara and whispered his idea in her ear.

“You could spice up this gallery opening, and probably end being featured for the rest of your life if you sucked and fucked me right here right now, in front of all these people.” He hoped she thought it was a good plan too.

“You are without a doubt a genius! I love your plan, hopefully it works!” Zara was vibrating with excitement. She couldn’t wait to put this plan into motion.

Zara led him over to a more unpopulated part of the gallery floor, and backed him up against the wall. Standing on her tip toes to ask him if her bursa escort was ready for the best blow job of his life, her question was answered by the feeling of his cock pressing into her stomach. Giggling, she kissed him quick and dropped to her knees. Zara undid his pants as fast as she could and got them to the ground, his boxers following close behind. At this point Dave shut his eyes, leaned his head back against the wall, and took hold of a handful of her hair. Also, he didn’t think he cold keep it hard if he saw people watching her give him head. The moment he felt her wet lips wrap around his throbbing member he knew it wasn’t going to take much to make him cum. Zara worked expertly on sucking his dick, the first 3 or 4 inches in her mouth the rest in her hand. She swirled her tongue around him, licking and sucking ever inch of him while bobbing her head up and down his pole. She was determined to get him to cum in her mouth in front of everyone, so they could watch her swallow every last drop. Taking the rest of his cock in her mouth and throat, she swallowed around his huge prick, making Dave moan aloud.

Dave snapped his head up and opened his eyes at the sound of his own voice. He knew it; everyone was watching them, although he didn’t expect to see the man to his left stroking himself to the sight of Zara. Figuring there wasn’t much he could do to stop the man, he muttered down to Zara about the man jerking off next to them. He could feel her smile around his cock, and then pull her warm mouth from him. Before Dave could plead for her to return her mouth to its previous location, Zara was standing in front of him whispering something in his ear.

“I want you to fuck me doggie style while I suck this guy off.” She was so turned on and was dying to get in on a gang bang!

Extremely willing to agree to whatever she wanted, bursa escort bayan Dave spun her around and bent her over so he cold lift her dress and get rid of the scrap of lace she called panties. Ramming his cock into her dripping cunt nearly sent him over the edge, but he held composure. She could feel him deep inside her, no wonder she love to fuck in this position. As Dave fucked her, she motioned for the man that was pulling his pud to come over and let her take care of that. Zara now was sucking and fucking two different guys, only to have someone take her right hand and wrap it around their prick. This was turning into a three on one gang bang and she loved ever aspect of it! She could feel the guy she was blowing tense up and grab onto her hair, blowing his wad into her mouth, letting her swallow it all. It wasn’t long after that, she could feel her own orgasm building. Dave continued to pound away at her pussy, slamming hard into her every time. As he fucked her hard, she didn’t fight to hold back her orgasm, she let it hit her like bricks as she came. Zara knew it was only the first of many tonight. Dave felt her cunt tighten around him but it didn’t faze him, he wanted to be the last one to cum tonight. All through her climax she had managed to keep jerking off the guy in her right hand.

When Zara’s orgasm faded she opened her eyes to find a woman sitting in front of her, skirt up, exposed to her. It was a good thing Zara wasn’t picky about which sex she fucked. Reaching out, she grabbed the legs of the bar stool and dragged it closer so she could eat this woman out. The moment Zara’s tongue touched the woman’s pussy the guy in her hand blew his spunk all over her. It went against the side of her face, and on her back. Returning her focus back to the wonderful cunt in front of her, she licked and sucked her lips, sliding escort bursa her tongue in to lick her clit. As she licked and nibbled on her clit she slipped two fingers in her hole and rocked them in and out.

For Dave, watching the girl he loved to fuck eat another woman out was totally erotic, and that pretty much reduced his staying power to nothing…nil…nada. Fighting the need to cum, he slowed down his pace, taking long slow strokes in and out of her hole. The change in pace was too much for Zara, she came again, her cum running down both her and Dave’s legs. That was the second time that night that she had cum.

With Dave now fucking her slowly she was able to focus on the pussy before her again. Pumping her fingers in and out of the woman faster and putting more effort into what she was doing with her mouth, Zara was going to bring this woman to climax. Just a few pumps of her fingers later Zara felt her cunt contract around her fingers as she let out a scream. As the woman climaxed she flooded Zara’s face and hand with her juices, leaving it for Zara to lick up. Right as she began to lick this lady clean Dave went back to pounding her pussy.

With all the sensations going on inside Zara were to much, the cunt in front of her was forgotten, as she grabbed her ankles. It didn’t take much, a few deep, hard thrusts from Dave and Zara was screaming with her third orgasm of the night. When Dave felt the first squeeze of his cock he lost all control as his orgasm took over him. He filled her quivering cunt with his cum, as her pussy milked the last of it out of him.

Exhausted they both collapsed to the floor. Once they had caught their breath and had built enough energy up to get off the floor and get dressed, they did. Once they had redressed and were leaving the building Dave said “Well I defiantly think you spiced things up in there tonight, but as far as the invites go, well I just don’t know. Laughing to themselves they left the gallery, both excited to see if they ever get another invite to a gallery opening again, featured or not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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