At the Beach

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I was the one that had to draw the line, I told myself. Despite how all of it had been building. Despite how he was older and a young man now. It was still me, his mother, that had to be the one to stop anything wrong from happening. I knew that and I held to that, even when it got tougher and tougher to do.

I mean, he and I were together so much, and after he had just finished his second year in college, he seemed as much a good friend to me as my son. We talked. We laughed. We could just hang-out. He talked to me about school and what classes he did and didn’t like. I told him about work and the craziness that happened with the personalities in the office.

He easily talked to me about the girls he’d dated at school. I openly talked to him about the off and on relationship I was having with John, my current husband. And, neither of us really discussed his father, who’d left us both several years before.

Actually, it was in part due to John that the situaiton happened as it did between Jack and myself. The summer beach trip that was planned and that John backed-out of was a really bad disappointment for me. Jack knew that, and he felt bad for me when I told him about it. He was happy to hear that I was going anyway. He surprised me when he asked whether I wanted company.

I told him he didn’t have to do that, and his response was that he wanted to. I felt a giddy, light feeling as I said alright, “yeah come on along.” The giddiness should have clued me in that this was something I had to be careful with. I think I just ignored any chance that there was the possibilty that things might get out-of-hand.

The warning signs had been there. For sometime, he and I had not only spent more time, but we easily touched and caressed each other. We talked every couple of days, and like I said before, we talked about just about everything.

He drove down to the beach that Friday, and I remember running out to meet him when he got there. I threw my arms around him and we hugged, both of us happy to be together and both happy to be at the beach. I remember thinking and saying out loud, “Now why can’t I get John to be this enthused about getting down here?”

“He’s crazy not to,” Jack had replied and I looked up at him appreciating his sweetness to me.

It was that Friday night that we had dinner and the wine flowed. We danced afterwards at this little dance place where you could dance outside and take in the salty air.

Later, I was still taking in that salty air and listeneing to the waves crash as we walked down the little pier to the beach to stare out at the beach and listen to those waves. It was a great feeling— between the wine, the waves, and Jack standing behind me holding me— as we silently looked out over the moonlit sea. Time was seemingly stopped and we were just there, in the moment.

I felt his touch as he wrapped his arms down my sides and to my waist to support my leaning back against him. His hands went beneath my blouse that was loose and draped over the top of my shorts, to soothingly feel my skin at my stomach.

His hands lightly rubbed against my skin there and I thought I felt goosebumps at his gentle touch there. As I leaned back on him, I noted how solid and firm he felt, as I sorta just melted into his embrace from behind.

My hands were at his arms as his hands traced at my skin on my stomach, and I stroked his arms as his hands made me very aware of my bare skin. My hands stopped on his arms when his hands moved just higher, inching his rub to just above my stomach. My hands didn’t really hold onto his arms in a gesture to stop as much as they did stay in one place as I let them rest there.

“I think John is crazy not to be here,” he said quietly to my ear.

“Yeah?” I said just as quietly back.

“Oh yeah,” his mouth seemed to get closer to my ear. “Beautiful ocean, beautiful night, beautiful woman.”

“Oh Jack, you are so sweet darling,” Ankara escort I cooed. “Someday you are going to make some woman very happy.”

“Yeah? Well, tonight I just wanna make you very happy.”

Nothing was said the few moments after he said this. It was like we both let it hang in the air. I did give away my comfort as I let myself sway in his arms back and forth gently.

I was immediately aware of just how exposed to his touch I was, since his hands were making circles on my bare stomach. He let one hand rest at my stomach with his palm at my navel. I felt his other hand lift to where his fingertips traced further down. My mind seemed to blur as I felt so good resting against him. It was like I was only feeling and not really thinking about more than his touching me.

“I should have had you bring some girl from school down here, so that you’d have more fun on this trip.”

“I’m content right now. I just wish you were more relaxed is all.”

“Jack, don’t be silly darling, I’m very relaxed.”

“Yeah?” He questioned me.

“Well, sure.”

“Okay, then let me ask you something.”

“Okay.” I was unsure what he’d ask.

“I’ll bet you’re not as relaxed as you would be if I wasn’t your son. … Am I right?”

“Well, Jack.” I was trying to think of just what to say in response. “I don’t know.”

“I mean, if I wasn’t your son, would this bother you?” He said this as he moved his face next to mine causing it to put his cheek to mine. He was very close and his cologne seemed intoxicating to me.

“Or this?” He moved his lips to my neck and kissed my tender skin there.

“Jack…,” I closed my eyes and felt his kiss still at my neck, soft and so very sensuous.

His fingertips drew a line across the soft skin at the waist of my shorts.

“Jack, we have to stop this,” I heard myself say it in a half-whisper.

He brought his lips back to my ear.

“I want you to do something,” he said softly into my ear.

“Jack,” I pleaded. “Please don’t make this harder.”

“I want you to try.”

“Whats that?” My face half-turned to try to gauge him, but his face was still at my ear and all I accomplished was putting my cheek to his lips. He kissed at me again and stroked the skin at my waist. I told myself I should move away.

“Well… . I want you to pretend that I’m not your son.”

He paused and I thought of what to say.

“Honey, please understand. I don’t think I can do that. I can’t do that.”

The fingertips slipped under the waist band of the shorts. I sighed heavily, but I reached down with my hand and stopped him in place.

“Tell me—honestly—you’d like it wouldn’t you, if we pretended I wasn’t your son right now?” He said it almost teasingly.

The hand that had remained at my stomach now inched up, while his other fingers remained held in place by me at my waistband. He grazed my earlobe with his lips.

“We gotta stop, Jack.”

“Okay, but first tell me, okay? You can tell me you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

I could tell he was smiling at me, and the next thing I knew I felt him press more to me from behind. I couldn’t help it, my attention went to his hardness pressing me from behind. He used the distraction to ease his fingers down my shorts some. I immediately tried to hold his hand from going farther there.

“Are you gonna tell me?” His fingers rubbed in my pubic hair at my swollen mound and I breathed very heavily. His fingers traced through my trimmed hair there and I felt myself dampen.

“Yea… . Yes.” I trembled.

“Yeah? Why would you like that, huh?” He kept his fingers moving at my pubic hair and I tried to keep myself from swaying in his arms.

“Because… .” I was breathing hard with my head turned toward my shoulder.

“Because why?” He taunted once more, and then he moved his face around to where he could reach my mouth with his lips. He kissed me Ankara escort bayan hard and I parted my lips and took his searching tongue. He kissed me passionately to where he was opening my mouth with his and delving his tongue within my mouth and I sucked at his lips and tongue.

While he kissed me deeply, I felt his fingers down there go to my lips moist and slick from how he had aroused me. His fingers played with them and rubbed at them, and I groaned hard into his mouth.

While we still kissed, his other hand moved higher and I paused waiting to see what would happen next. He placed his left hand flat across the skin above my right breast, and in a sweeping motion down my breast, he moved the thin fabric of my bra off of my breast to open it to his complete touch. His hand cupped my breast and gave a gentle squeeze. It came back to me how exposed we were and the fact that we were in public.

“Jack,” I started.

His hand stopped instantly and we waited for my words. A short moment passed where I said nothing else. Then, he held my breast in his palm and rolled the nipple with his fingers and I audibly exhaled.

His hand at my crotch squeezed just slightly and a finger easily passed inside my folds and on into me where I was wet and warm at his touch. I couldn’t help but let out a little cry at the tingling sensations that he caused as he moved his finger around inside me. His hand gripped a little tighter and I openly moaned out loud, his finger now resting inside me. He brought his mouth back to mine and kissed me again, and I pressed my mouth to his. I felt him starting to work his finger up and down inside me and I made crying noises as I felt light-headed from the sensations. I broke our kiss and started moaning at the orgasm he was causing and I had to keep moving against his hand as he finished making me climax on his hand. I rotated my hips and twisted at his hand as I wantonly let my pussy ride his hand. He let me rock at him while I shuddered through the last tingling of my time. He held me as I tried to pull myself together. After a moment, he was leading me by the hand, and I just followed.

He led us off the pier, and he took a sharp turn to the right, going along the water’s edge. The further up we walked the darker it got, and I realized we hadn’t seen anyone out on the beach in this area. He got us a ways up and he stopped at what appeared to be firm and dry sand. He suddenly pulled me to him and embraced me, bringing his lips to mine again and kissing me deeply, his tongue and lips passionately massaging my mouth. I took him into my mouth and kissed him back, feeling myself warming and starting to gush like before.

After we had kissed for some time, he pulled back, and I realized I was short of breath. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and started yanking it off his shoulders. The next thing I knew he was pulling me down on top of him as he was lying back on the shirt he laid out onto the sand. He pulled me down to where I was on top of him, and it struck me how he was completely directing everything and I was a little surprised how turned-on his aggressiveness was making me. We kissed some more, but it was clear he had something else in mind as he started moving me up to where he could reach my shorts.

He was unbuttoning them and starting to pull at them downward and I paused before helping him make it possible to do so. He may have sensed my pause and he grabbed my hand and put it to the hard bulge in his pants. I instinctively squeezed at his manhood and I heard myself grunt. I positioned my legs so he could tug my shorts on down and off.

I found myself straddled over him and looking both directions up and down the beach as he undid his button and zipper, then scooted his pants down some. I was feeling a cool breeze at my exposed crotch, when I looked down to see that he had gotten himself freed. I stared at his thick cock and saw it throb waiting on me. Jack again Escort Ankara brought my hand to him, and I wrapped my small fist around his base.

I looked down at him and shook my head slightly in disbelief. He grinned and nodded up at me. I felt him move his hips up as if to simulate his thought. I lowered my hips and kept my eyes on his. In the darkness out on that beach, I looked in my son’s eyes as I positioned his cock up to take me. We both flinched when I found him with my lips down there. I was wet and my lips slick, but he was still thick for me so I rubbed at the head of him some to coat him with me. He groaned at the feel of me there and moved in my hand trying to push up inside me.

From his movement and his earlier eagerness, I knew he’d want to take me hard so I tried to ready myself for what was to come. I hunched at his shaft moving up and down and trying to coat him before letting him inside me. He moved at the same time trying his best to push on in. Finally, I felt even wetter as I moved my lips at his head, and one of his upward thrusts lodged himself into me.

‘There,’ I thought, ‘it has happened.’ I let out a breath myself and then I eased just a little more down, feeling myself stretch a little and relax enough. My pussy clenched at him. But, when I felt the walls inside myself relax to take more, I released him from my fist.

I let him take me. I started to move down, and he bucked his hips up and into me and I screamed as he impaled me. My hands rested on his chest and propped me where I could sit further and further down on him, as we started to rock back and forth at each other. He was hard inside me, and I liked how he felt.

He worked his hips to buck into me and I felt how strong he moved at me. I was sliding up and down on him and feeling myself gush at his shaft as he worked longer strokes under me. He felt so hard and so full there as I became more comfortable and sat back. I was almost bouncing against him when I felt tingling.

I couldn’t help but let a low moan escape me, as my body twitched. I could feel it coming. His hands gripped my hips and moved me with him. I went from moaning to a grunting that made me feel raw as I began to realize I was completely into fucking him and past any sense of restraint.

I let myself move in a way I hadn’t in years, where my hips went from moving up and down to more of a back and forth motion. I had always loved the feeling inside when I could feel my own thrusts causing a cock to go back and forth, and my lovers always seemed to appreciate the way my hips picked up the pace and almost seemed double-jointed.

This time was no exception. My fast back and forth pushing surprised him and he held fast to my hips as I was now fucking him, and he knew it. His cock was planted inside me to the base of me, and my walls quivered with my welling orgasm. I let my head fall back some and it caused my breasts to jut forward. His hands squeezed at them and stroked my nipples. He had to feel my juices sopping down his shaft onto his crotch, I thought.

He started groaning and I could tell he was about to com. This was enough to push me over the top, and I again screamed as I rode at him and spasmed on his cock.

He pushed at his hips and used his hands to make me grind at him, while he shot inside me. His cock pumped and he yelled. I pushed back against him, wanting his all.

“Yeah, yeah. Give it to me.” I urged to him.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” he grunted.

Finally, he paused and I took this as a cue to stop with him. We stayed still for a moment. He was laying back. I was sitting on him still. We both panted and tried to catch our breath. After a couple of moments of us just basking in the feelings of having just felt all of this, he reached to my face and pulled me to him. I felt his lips press mine as we kissed. It was a sweet tender kiss, and it became a little firmer when he slipped his tongue between my lips. I sucked at his tongue as I kissed him back. I thought I felt him twitch again at his cock still lodged in me.

“We better go on up to the room,” I smiled to him as I started off of him. I couldn’t wait to get him upstairs.

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