At The Beach

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I took her hand as we were walking down the beach. Her fingers intertwined with mine. I smiled and knew she knew I was. I squeezed her hand and kept walking.

She bent over to pick some shells and I saw her ass. Her ass is the most perfect ass I have ever seen, ever. It’s round and small, and just perfect. Just imagine the most perfect ass you’ve ever seen and times that by a million. That’s hers. She knows she’s got a nice ass. She teases me with it all the time.

She had gathered a fair amount of shells and we turned to head back to our condo.

When we got in the air conditioned condo she slipped a hand around my waist and started kissing on my neck.

“Mmmm, what are you doing?” I asked her.

“Making you as horny as I am,” she answered.

“Keep kissing my neck,” I moaned. She laughed and said she would.

I slipped a hand under the bottom piece and started massaging her perfect ass. I heard a soft moan escape her. I smiled and kept rubbing.

I felt one of her hands go down my back and felt another hand tugging at the string keeping my top on. And next minute I feel the top pulling away. She has a hand on one of my tits and is massaging it. She raises her head and kisses my lips. I start probing her mouth with my tongue.

She pulls out and says, “We should get in bed, what if room service sees this?”

I kiss her and say, “Let em watch. Hell it’ll probably turn em on.”

She laughs. I jump on her back and say, “Yeehaw, ride em cowboy!” She ‘gallops’ into the bedroom and dumps me on the bed. Then she sneaks into the adjoining bathroom and comes back with our toys. She’s gotten some new ones! What fun.

She tackles me and we strip each other in seconds. I start sucking on one of her tits and she starts Kadıköy Escort finger fucking me. I let a soft moan and tell her to keep doing it. I take her other tit in my hand and began to massage it, rolling the nipple between fingers. She moans.

Then suddenly she pulls her fingers out and tells me to stop a moment. I do so. She turns around and grabs a toy. What I see next is utterly weird. It’s a double dildo with straps to strap around the waists.

She inserts one dildo end into me and straps the straps around my waist. Then she tells me to lay down. I oblige. She sits on the other which moves mine further in. I gasp loudly. She smiles.

After strapping herself she says, “The chick at the store says her and her girlfriend have one and they love it. So I got this one for us. What do you think?”

I said, “I dunno. We have used it, cowboy.”

She started rocking. The dildo in me rocked with it. I gasped again but got into the rhythm soon. I gripped her hips as I knew I was gonna cum soon.

She smiled and said again, “What do you think?”

I moaned and she smiled. She reached down and started playing with my tits. My hands still on her hips, I orgasmed around the dildo. When my body started to rock, she grabbed my hips to keep me from moving her dildo.

When my orgasm subsided, she unstrapped my end and then her own. She put her puss in my face and I automatically started eating her out. I grabbed her hips again and switched our positions, I was on top now. I began digging my tongue down deep. I felt her wiggle closer. Then I started rubbing her clit with a hand and I felt her shudder and heard her moan and moan and moan. She started orgasming and my hands flew up to her hips to keep her still. Kadıköy Escort Bayan I started sucking her clit which made her moan, overwhelmed with pleasure.

With her juices all over my mouth and chin, I came up and kissed her, letting her taste herself.

Her right hand slid off the edge of the bed and pulled with it my favorite purple dildo. Still kissing, she slid it easily into my dripping cunt and began fucking me with it. I moaned between kisses. A hand made it’s way to her wet pussy and I began finger fucking her. Now it was her moaning between kisses. She began to rock against my fingers like it was a dick. I slipped my fingers in and out, in and out, only once bringing them up to lick them.

After we both orgasmed at the same time, I collapsed on her and rolled off. I lay there panting, dildo still intact. When I finally noticed it, I reached down to pull it out but she got there first. She was really horny.

She took it out with her teeth and started sucking on my clit making me shake with pleasure. She stopped and starting sucking me clean. She gave me a final lick and came up to kiss me. We started making out again and I felt a hand come up my back. I slid my hands down to her ass and started where I left off in the front room.

After about 10 straight minutes, we began to calm down and eventually fell asleep.

I woke up and it was late into the day. She was sitting on my stomach, still nude. I smiled, reached up, and started rubbing her sides. She giggled and leaned to kiss me. There we were making out again when room service walks in. I look up and start laughing.

I look at her, “You called them up on purpose didn’t you?” She grinned.

I waved to the man and he looked Escort Kadıköy extremely nervous.

I said, “Oh don’t be nervous, we’re almost done here, if you could just wait, I want to order something.”

She leaned down and started kissing my neck, giggled, and said to the guy, “I have to give her an appetite.” I laughed.

She sat up and started rocking on my stomach, moaning like she was riding a cock.

I grabbed a dildo, waved it at the guy-who looked like he was gonna faint-and said, “These are very useful tools,”, and told her to lift herself up while I fuck her with it. She flung herself off and landed on her back. I was on top and shoved it in roughly.

She said, “Oooh, rough master, be rough master.”

I smiled, she was trying to scare the poor man on purpose. I looked at him and burst out laughing, he was going to burst. I began pulling it in and out of her cunt, which was making squishing noises from the cum before. I pulled the dildo out and put my face down there.

I began sucking noisily on her wet cunt when she orgasmed again. I licked her clean and put the dildo in her again. I laid down on her body and began kissing her neck. She began kissing on mine and I felt a hand slide down to my ass. I gasped when I felt a dildo go up my ass. She slid herself out from under me and got behind me.

She started moving the dildo in and out and started licking my ass. I orgasmed again and went limp. I looked at the poor guy who was sweating.

I said, “Ok, I’m ready to order. I’ll have a cheeseburger and a bottle of water.”

She flopped down on the bed next to me and said to him, “Champagne, strawberries, and chocolate sauce, warm if possible,” then she looked at me and said, “You like strawberries, right?”

I suppressed a smile and said, “Yeah absolutely.”

We had done this before at fancy places, fucked, one ordered regular stuff, the other the exotic play foods of sex. Though I admit fucking in front of that guy was fun, we’d never done that before.

The man left us making out on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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