At Your Own Risk

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My previous attempts at long stories have taught me something: write it all before you post any of it. So this is pretty long. Hope you enjoy.


“Mmmmm, I’ve been looking forward to this.”

I pushed into her cunt, slick from the many splashes of cum that had been there before, and I wondered just why I had ever thought this would be a bad idea. But I guess I should step back a little before I get lost completely and give you a picture of where I’m coming from.

Maybe there’s something about my family that makes us risk-takers; maybe we’re just too stupid to learn from disaster. My father, now thankfully retired from his old job and selling insurance, used to be a steel worker. He’s the most educated man I’ve ever met: still goes to classes at the university, and has a doctorate in toxicology. And yet when he got done getting that piece of paper, he and my mother moved to Seattle so my father could work on an oil derrick. All his friends from that job call him Doc.

I think the move might have been harder on my mother, but she adjusted to West Coast life pretty quickly, or so she tells the family. My mom’s a hell of a woman: tall, athletic, and still beautiful as the day my father married her. I can say with all modesty that my sister and I definitely get our looks from her side of the family, and our father’s total lack of propriety from his.

My sister, Becca, is a few years older than me, which used to matter when we were both really young, but now doesn’t make a difference. We get along well because we both think alike and because if it weren’t for her, I would have gone to an early grave, and vice versa. She has my mother’s looks, but with my father’s eyes: she’s tall, slim but certainly fed well, with skin tan from running around outdoors all the time, usually wearing far less clothing than my mother would like. But what people really notice about her is her hair; it’s jet black and wild, never content to stay where she puts it. I’ve seen her hair throw off bobby pins, a hair net, and even three rubber bands; it just can’t be contained.

All of this, plus the fact that my sister is much more academic than I am, combine to give her a strange surreal quality that men can’t seem to resist. She’s never been lonely in love, but she never seems interested in settling down with a nice guy, or even a nasty one. She’s always on the move, physically and socially, so sometimes I don’t know where she is or whom she’s with. Whenever I tell her to be careful she laughs and gives me a playful punch in the arm. She’s definitely my father’s daughter.

I may have some of my mother’s looks, but my sister has me beat. I’m tall enough that the women in my family don’t have to look too far down to see me, and I’m good-looking enough to stay out of my sister’s shadow, but that’s about it. My hair is my father’s, boring brown which seems perpetually matted down. I used to try gelling or styling it, but nothing worked, so now I just wear hats a lot of the time and keep my hair very short.

Contrary to the rest of my family, I only like taking risks when it comes to picking which restaurant to eat at, so I’ve never been totally comfortable with the bizarre things they do. I even went to college in my home town, despite both my parents’ and sister’s insistence that it was important to travel. The only adventures I ever have are between the sheets, something which for a long time I thought no one else knew about.

It all started innocently enough, but before I was eighteen I had fathered two aborted babies and could mimic the orgasmic noises of half the girls I knew. I lived in the basement of my parents’ home from an early age, and I thought my various dalliances had gone unnoticed. Looking back, I don’t know why I was so naive; having two girls over at the same time and loudly fucking them both in the ass in turn had to have aroused some suspicion, and that was only one evening. My sister definitely knew before she went off to college, but she kept quiet about it, and in return I didn’t tell my parents about any of her elicit activities. Knowing now what I do, I wish we’d both been honest with each other and my parents; they had done the same stuff when they were kids, and when they found out that my sister was smoking pot, they joined in. But that’s getting ahead of myself again.

I don’t know why I enjoy sex as much as I do, or why I love so many things that other people consider depraved. I also don’t really know why I’m as successful with the opposite sex as I am; I’m a good lover and exciting to be with, but I’m only six inches and don’t have looks any better than the next guy. I guess after the first few times, which were easy because the girls were just as horny as I was, desperation made me very blunt and totally immune to shame or nervousness. Not appealing to everyone, but the type of women I want usually go for it. You’d be surprised how easy it is, if you aren’t scared, to just go up to a girl in the halls of a school or in a bar and introduce yourself, then ask politely if she’d like to get a friend of some gender or other and come back to my place and fuck. Hell, come back to the bathroom and fuck has worked for me.

I know long introductions like this are boring, but I was leading up to my favorite story, one which still makes me get hard just remembering it. It was how I finally came to understand my family and my place in it, and how my place in it became more important to me than anything else. It’s a story which started the day my sister called me for the first time in three months and made a confession that started the avalanche…


“Becca? Becca?”

“Phil, quit saying my name over and over again and say hello you dumb shit.”

“Hello you dumb shit.”

My sister laughed. “I guess I deserve that for leaving the door open. So what’s up with you, bro? Been working, or just sitting around the house with a thumb up your ass?”

I told her about my job but didn’t mention anything about thumbs up my ass, although the past weekend my favorite lady friend had put thumbs and other things up there. I mentally reminded myself to call her and have her bring her toys again; I’d never cum so hard. “So where are you?” I asked finally.

She was much closer than I expected. “You should take a break and come spend a few days here,” she said invitingly. “I’ve got the greatest view in town and I know all the best spots. You’d dig my friends too; your kind of people.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Phil, let’s just say I know a few gals who might make even you stop for a breather,” she said, and I could hear the smirk in her voice.

“These are your friends? Usually that means crazies and wonks. I love you Becca, but your taste in people isn’t what I’d call the best.”

“What, crazy and wonky doesn’t mean sexy too? Not all my friends are as bizarre as the few you’ve met. I know a few married couples here who are totally normal…” She trailed off.

“Normal? That doesn’t sound like you,” I snickered.

“Bro… I don’t often say this, but promise me you won’t tell anyone. Not for me, for them, because I wouldn’t want them to get in trouble.”

“Sure, sure, I’m like the grave,” I said, wondering just what was up. Becca was right; she was hardly the soul of discretion herself and I can’t recall her ever asking someone else to keep mum.

“The thing is, these couples are normal. Really normal in every way. But they have interesting leisure activities, you know?”

“You’re running with gangs of yuppie drug dealers?”

“Funny Phil. No, I mean yeah, there’s drugs involved, sure, but… they swing.”

I knew exactly what she meant but I played dumb, partially just for the enjoyment of hearing her explain.

“Look, it’s like when a bunch of married couples get together at a party and then trade off, you know? Wife-swapping, dipshit? These parties are like huge orgies of drugs and sex and all that, and they sound like a blast. They keep asking me to come, but…” My sister trailed off again.

“But what Becca? What have you done now?” I was concerned now, because I thought maybe she was really calling for help out of a situation. If that was the case then I would be in my car in five seconds tearing down the highway. Family bonds run deep.

“I told them my husband wouldn’t be able to make it,” she said finally. “They think I’m married. I told them I was because I didn’t want to be set up with any blind dates. They think my husband is out of town on business a lot.”

“Oh,” I said, because that was all I could think of to say. My sister lying to people was hardly a new experience, so I wondered why she was telling me with such difficulty. “Well then, I guess you’re not getting any action until you find a guy to be your husband then, eh?”

“No, I get action,” she said matter-of-factly. “Just because I can’t go to the parties doesn’t mean I haven’t convinced a few of the husbands that I was a lonely wife with no one at home to care for her. Don’t worry about me.”

We chatted about other things for a while, then she said finally, “Well Phil, I’ve got to go, so tell me you’ll come down and visit. I won’t take no for an answer, and there are gals here who won’t give it…” She trailed off suggestively.

I was trapped; I did want to visit and I didn’t have a good excuse not to. “I’ll be there this weekend,” I said finally, then we said goodbye. As I lay back on the sofa in the semi-darkness of twilight, I wondered if my lady friend was available on weekdays. Maybe just a quickie in a public place; that was sure to satisfy.


My bags were stowed and we were sitting on the balcony watching the clouds roll before Becca said anything to me other than hello. It was early for liquor but she had a large glass of bourbon; she’d offered me some but I’ve never been a big drinker. We sat in silence for a while, me looking at the scenery, her staring into space.

“So how are you?” she asked finally. “I mean, how are you hanging in there?”

“I’m fine, I guess,” I said, not knowing what the hell she was talking about.

“Okay, okay,” she said slowly. Silence reigned again. Then she said, “I meant hanging in there as in without someone around to pleasure you.”

I gave her what I thought was a surprised look.

“Look, you know I know, and I know you know, so why bother with the horse shit? You’re my brother and you can’t hide much from me. You’re the randiest guy I know; thank God I’m your sister, or I’d have to watch out for you too,” she laughed, but her eyes stayed serious.

“If you’re asking whether or not you need to provide me with entertainment, I’m not a drug addict,” I said without thinking, instantly regretting my choice of words.

“And neither am I, but we both enjoy life more with than without.”

“Look, I’m really fine, no need to…” I began, but she switched tracks abruptly.

“How do you feel about marriage?” she asked me, taking a sip of her drink.

“It’s fine, I guess. I don’t really think about it much, not right now. Christ Becca, I’m only twenty-two, I’ve got time.”

“Well, if you ever do get married, would you be like my friends?”

“You mean fool around on my wife? I don’t think so…”

“No, I meant fool around with your wife. You know, swing? Assuming she was into it of course, would you be?”

I had to ponder this question a moment. It seemed easy to say yes, because the parties sounded like pure arousal to me, and I’ve always liked the idea of groups or strangers or being watched. Hell, I’d done a few things in that vein, although never with many people; it might be easy to pick up women for sex, but groups are a little trickier. Finally, I answered, “Yeah, I suppose. The parties sound pretty hot to me, and if my wife was into it. I would just worry a little about jealousy, you know?”

My sister looked as if she knew exactly. “But what if you could go to one of the parties and not worry about jealousy?”

I began to have prickings of an idea where this was going, but I said, “Yes, I’d do that. No strings attached.”

She sprung the trap. “Joe and Melissa invited me to one tomorrow; you want to come?”

“I thought you said you couldn’t go without your husband…” I trailed off as sudden comprehension flooded in. “No Becca, no way.”

“Why not Phil? We both want to go, we both need a partner, we’re both here. What’s the harm?”

“You’re my sister Becca. I may cross some lines, but that one…”

“Look, Phil, it’s okay. We just have to pretend to be a couple, that’s all. When you’re at the party, you’re not supposed to pair up with your wife unless you really want to; the idea is to try out other people. So we’d just have to pretend for a while and then go off and do our separate things. What’s the worst that can happen? We’ve seen each other naked before without dying, and I think I’m willing to make the sacrifice of kissing you to preserve the illusion. It’s just a little lie; no one will care, as long as there are a pair of us.”

I objected, she cajoled. I cited moral problems, she reminded me of how fun it would be. I insisted it would never work, she logically pointed out how it would. In the end I finally grudgingly agreed, but I said that I was not going to pretend too hard. Deep inside myself, I was thrilled; what Becca said made sense, and it was no strings attached. The thing that won me over complete was her final words as she turned and went back into the house. “Come on Phil, take a little risk for once,” she said with a smile and a peck on the cheek, and I wondered just what I was getting myself into.


“Look, I never told them I had a brother and you look older than you are,” Becca said as she and I stood in the center of her living room planning and rehearsing. “Just use your real name; it’s easier for you to remember. And honestly I don’t understand why you’re making such a big deal out of this. I don’t think they’ll burn us at the stake if they find out we’re not married.”

“I’m not making a big deal of it, I just don’t want suspicion to cloud our enjoyment,” I said, pulling that nugget straight out of my ass. “I’ll use my real name, but we need to practice standing together so we don’t look weird.”

“Jeez Phil, next you’re going to be telling me to practice kissing you,” she said with an unimpressed snort.

“Actually, that’s not a bad idea,” I said, and grabbed her and dipped her low as she shrieked in surprise. “Ah, ma cherie, I love you. Let us go to ze kasbah and make ze beautiful musics together,” I said in my best Pepe Le Pew, then made loud kissing noises. She laughed and wrestled out of my grasp.

“Oh no, I could never love a man who fought for the Yankees,” she drawled, “even if he is the most eligible bachelor in the county.”

We both collapsed to the floor laughing. When the giggles finally subsided, she rolled over to face me and said, “See? You’re being too serious about this. Let’s just go and have fun, no worries.”

“I still think we won’t look like a couple,” I said.

“Fine, look, we can let on that part of the reason we’re doing this is because our marriage isn’t doing so well, so we don’t have to get all lovey-dovey. That will fit in with what I’ve been telling my gentlemen callers. Okay, Mr. Paranoid?”

That seemed like it would work, so we cut off our planning session and went out for sushi. As always, I picked the place, and the food was nothing either of us had eaten before. Then, at my sister’s insistence, we went barhopping. She said she knew a place downtown where the best action was, and while I tried to tell her that I wasn’t in need of action before tomorrow, she wouldn’t hear it.

When we got there I could see why my sister thought all the action was there. It was less of a bar and more a club with drinks, loud music, and a capacity crowd dancing wildly. In the crowd were some of the more attractive women I’d ever seen, and my libido revived almost immediately.

“Phil, I’ll introduce you around,” my sister shouted, dragging me by the arm into the mob. We finally emerged into a more sedate area with tables and chairs overlooking the dance floor. “Phil, this is Cherise,” my sister said, and I realized that the Nubian beauty before me must be my introduction. She was built like a cat, lithe and powerful, with a face which bespoke an animal magnetism and ferocity. Her figure was probably her most attention-getting asset; she was clothed in a skin-tight patterned dress which showed off all her curves, from her well-formed breasts to the swell of her powerful hips to the two round globes of her rear. Through the dress I could see quite clearly the dip between them and the fact that she was wearing nothing underneath.

“Rebecca’s told us so much about you,” said Cherise in a rich musical voice, obviously not perturbed at all by my gaze. “My husband Ben and I were looking forward to finally meeting you in person.” She gestured toward the approaching figure of her husband, a large man who was obviously a former athlete as the muscles beneath a slight layer of indolent fat showed. His skin was lighter than his wife’s, and the contrast between the two when they stood together made them both seem the more attractive.

“Phil, great to see you,” said Ben, shaking my hand with vigor and a vice-like grip which further confirmed my theory. His voice was a shock after that of his wife, not musical at all but powerful and gruff. “Rebecca tells us you’ll be joining us for supper tomorrow.” He winked and laughed, and I smiled and winked back.

“And this is the hostess of our little get-together, Melissa,” said my sister, coming from the bar with another woman in tow. Melissa was older than any of us, with a slightly matronly character to her. Her hair was businesslike, as were her clothes, and I could imagine her at home in any office on the planet. It was the way she walked that revealed a little of the hidden side; her hips and shoulders swayed ever so slightly with every step in a way which was instantly seductive for all its subtleties. Had I not known of her, I would probably have never given her a second look, my tastes running toward younger targets, but as it was, with her obviously fit figure and ample chest, I undressed her with my eyes as she approached.

“Phil, I’m so glad to meet you, and I’m so very glad you both can finally make it to one of our little parties,” Melissa said, and she was just as unconcerned about my gaze as Cherise had been. Her voice was older and sounded like a housewife’s from a Fifties sitcom, but coupled with the rest of her and her subtle aroma, it just served to make her more intriguing. “Rebecca, why have you been hiding him away from us all this time? He’s quite the catch, even for someone as baiting as you.” My sister and I both laughed a little, mine sounding a bit false to my ears, but as per our ruse that would only help.

I couldn’t help but notice that both Melissa and Cherise were still looking at me with eyes that spoke volumes. Finally, the black goddess broke the silence. “Perhaps our quiet friend would like a drink?” she asked, and without waiting for a response she and Melissa led me away from my sister, who was busy in conversation with several other people.

“Cher, normally you know I wouldn’t join you,” said Melissa, who was making no moves to stop from joining us. “I wouldn’t even be here; at my age you stop wanting so much noise in your life.” She laughed. “But when Rebecca said she was bringing our gentleman friend, well, I made an exception, and I think I’ll make another and have a drink.”

For myself, I wasn’t really looking for a drink; the first thrill of these two lovely ladies had left and now I just wanted to get away from them before they found me out. I’ve never been very good at lying. Plus, there were a number of very attractive alternatives in the crowd who didn’t think I was married, and I wished I was with one of them.

Cherise seemed to sense my anxiety. While Melissa went to order our drinks, we sat at a small table, ignored by the others around us. “I know what you’re thinking,” said Cherise, and I stiffened. “Why are these two married women taking me away from my wife? That’s all right. Just relax and enjoy yourself, and let Rebecca be Rebecca.”

That, I was perfectly willing to do, because if I was with her, people might expect something I wasn’t prepared to provide. “No, it’s not that,” I said, thinking quickly. “It’s just… I haven’t been to a place like this in years.” That was true enough. “And I don’t want to take you both away from your husbands; they might get nervous.”

“Why, are you nervous that my husband will seduce your wife?” asked Cherise simply.

“Well, no, but…” It was true that I wasn’t really worried about that, since for all I cared Ben could have my sister any way he wanted. “This is just awkward for me, that’s all.” I couldn’t believe it; it was true. For the first time in my romantic life, I was feeling awkward around a woman. I shook myself and looked my psyche deep in the eye. “What the hell, who cares, live a little,” I said to myself, then aloud, “But what the hell. I just have to ask you two questions.”

“Will I be receiving interrogation too?” asked Melissa as she arrived with the drinks. I was disconcerted to note that she had ordered for me, a large glass of something which looked potent. But I took a large gulp just the same, trying not to cough as it burned down into my stomach. “Oh, careful, that’s strong,” Melissa said as I gasped. “I’m sorry, I should have asked, but from your wife, I imagined…”

“No, really, it’s fine,” I said hoarsely. “Just what I was looking for. I like a drink that bites back.”

The two ladies laughed and sipped their drinks, and then Cherise returned to the topic at hand. “Well, what are your questions? May we both answer them?”

“This is like Truth or Dare,” laughed Melissa. “I haven’t been that young in a very long time, young man, so go easy on me.”

“One,” I asked bluntly, “should I worry about your husband seducing my wife?”

Cherise blinked several times with a matter-of-fact look on her face, then she said, “That’s quite a leading question, don’t you think? Do you know something I don’t?” She and Melissa seemed to share a private joke and smiled briefly.

“I’m just asking,” I said. “I don’t know anything more than you do, probably less.”

“In that case,” said Cherise, answering as bluntly as I had asked, “yes. In fact, as I suspect you know, it has already happened on more than one occasion.”

“How can you expect a young woman like that to live all by herself while you’re away on business?” asked Melissa with a tone of reproval. “Surely if you’re coming to our little party, then you don’t mind.”

“I don’t,” I said, truthfully. “In fact, I look forward to letting him do it. I simply asked to see if we were on the same page.”

“I think we are,” purred Cherise. “And before we stop this silly conversation and turn to more interesting matters, what was your second question?”

“Should Becca worry about you seducing me?” I asked with a slight grin and raise eyebrow.

Both ladies looked at me and smiled, and I didn’t need an answer.


Becca had gone off with other people at some point while I wasn’t looking, but I no longer cared. I had little doubt she was currently engaging in a little harmless recreation, of one kind or another. For myself, I only cared about the one kind, and as the empty glasses accumulated in the center of our table, that one kind became more and more immediate.

“Another,” asked Cherise with a smile, holding a bottle from which she was pouring shots, taking the occasional swig herself and sensually licking the mouth.

I shook my head. “Any more and I’ll be on the floor,” I said. All three of us broke into giggles at the rhyme. “You two wouldn’t want that, now would you?”

“The only thing I want right now is in those pants,” whispered Melissa with a sloppy kiss to my ear. Cherise seemed to be completely unphased by the liquor, while Melissa became more and more sexual with each moment. She wasn’t drunk, by any measure, or at least no drunker than I was, but she had shucked her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing a lot of smooth skin and more below than I’m sure is recommended. She seemed bent and determined to find the dirty thing she could say to make me uncomfortable, but though I didn’t tell her, she was in for a hell of a challenge.

While she slipped a hand into my lap and stroked my crotch in a way which suggested she was much less drunk than she seemed, Cherise and I gazed at each other. “I have a bet with a friend,” I said, and we both giggled. “He said you were wearing panties, and I said you weren’t. Do I have to give him the ten bucks?”

Cherise just shook her head with a smile. I was drawn to her lips, brown and soft and warm. I could imagine them doing various things to me even as Melissa’s deft hands were slipping into my waistband. “I don’t think he believes you,” I said with a grin, feeling a feminine hand caressing my cock and feminine tongue running around my ear.

“Well then, perhaps this friend of yours needs proof,” said Cherise with a low musical laugh. “Melissa, let the boy go for a moment and we can decide what our next course of action should be.” I loved the way she described sex as if it were strictly business but at the same time totally pleasurable.

“Age before beauty,” said Melissa, her hand still on my now-rampant member. I could feel her body pressed up against mine, and for a fleeting moment I realized she was probably twice my age, but that made little difference to how she felt next to me.

“Shall we retire to a more comfortable place?” asked Cherise. “That way, there is no need to choose.” She took a long pull on the bottle.

“Now now, he can’t leave without his little woman,” said Melissa, laughing. “Besides, he looks like the type who enjoys a little danger.”

It must have been my father’s genes shining through, but at that moment she was right. I wanted a thrill. “What did you have in mind?” I asked Melissa, noticing as I did that somehow when I wasn’t looking she had removed her bra and now wore only her blouse which barely kept her two beauties in. I could look down and see her nipples, standing out against the fabric, smaller than I expected.

“I said this was like Truth or Dare,” crowed Melissa. “I dare you two to go out on the dance floor and get busy. That’s the kind of thing you young folks get into, isn’t it?”

“Melissa, I’m shocked,” said Cherise in mock horror. “Surely you don’t expect us to expose ourselves to the world?” She laughed again, low and sensual, and licked her beautiful lips with anticipation.

“Why not?” asked Melissa primly. “You’re young and daring. Besides…” She paused and I felt her hand withdraw from my pants. “If a woman of my age can, then surely you two have nothing to worry about.” So saying, she pulled open her blouse and I saw, uninhibited for the first time, her huge breasts explode from captivity. They were perkier than I expected too, with very little signs of the telltale drooping of age. Her skin was smooth and unblemished except for a few freckles which ran down between. I longed to bury my face in her bosom right there, but she slowly closed her blouse again and began doing up the buttons. “That’s got you interested, hasn’t it young man? It never fails.”

“What do you say?” I asked Cherise, knowing her answer before she spoke. The two of us stood and walked, arm in arm, from the sanctuary of our table into the throng. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Melissa was following us at a respectful distance, but that just made me more eager to continue.

Once we were pressed against each other, both by our desire and by the weight of the crowd around us, it wasn’t long before our lips were together and our tongues swirling around each other like snakes mating. Cherise was a marvelous kisser who made me appreciate just how much I usually missed by getting right to the point. But she was pointed as well, and within a few minutes she had my fly undone and her hand inside my boxers, skillfully manipulating my various parts in a manner which drove me wild but vitalized my endurance. I for my part had my hands for the first time on the magnificent globes of her buttocks, and they felt just as good as they had looked. Her skirt was short enough that it rode up on its own, and I merely helped it along a little until my hands were beneath and delving into the crack between. Her ass was covered in fine silky hair, and while sometimes hairy women were a turn-off for me, in this case it seemed natural.

As we broke our kiss and she turned to press that solid backside against my throbbing member, I got my hands around her thighs and hesitated on the verge of touching her pubis, which seemed to be throwing off enough heat to burn. “Go on,” she whispered over her shoulder, and I slowly dipped my fingers into her honey pot. It too was covered in fine soft fur, like a cat, and once again I felt the litheness and supple quality of her body against mine. Then, as she moaned softly and pressed back more firmly against me as we gyrated to the rhythm, I slid a finger up into her cunt, the penetration causing her to shudder once, the first loss of composure I had seen from this African queen. She accepted my finger easily, her pussy well-lubricated by her juices but not sloppy; even her most feminine places were as enigmatic as the woman herself.

No one was looking at us, although we were often pressed together by couples all around us, and I know that a few people must have come away with moisture on their pants or legs from my fingers as I raised them to my lips. Cherise kept grinding her rear back against my cock, increasing the pressure inside me, as I tasted her on my fingers. She flowed like a sweet musky syrup, totally foreign, totally enticing. Before I knew what was happening she reached behind her, hiked up the back of her dress, and spread her legs a little, leaning forward slightly, arching her back and driving her ass against me.

“God Cherise, you… you’re not like any other woman I’ve ever…” She simply waited. I took the hint, reaching down and guiding my pulsing shaft up between her thighs until it pressed against her hot opening. “You don’t know how much I want this,” I said softly, and she was like any other woman; compliments were like candy to her. I slowly pressed my hips up and forward, spearing her sensitive lips and driving my cock deep into her cuntal passage.

As she arched back against my body I could feel her interior change shape to accept me, a feeling I never grow tired of. For a moment we just stood there, in the center of this huge crowd of dancers, savoring the penetration. Then she tightened her feminine muscles on my shaft and by reflex I began rocking myself in and out of her, dancing to the driving beat of the music, intoxicated by liquor and the feelings. My hands were on her breasts, pulling her body close to mine, and she was grinding back against me, each tiny rotation of her buttocks sending shivers down my spine.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that; my experience had taught me patience and a certain amount of technique, so I like to flatter myself to think that the two orgasms I felt rush through her strong body were real. Certainly her breathing sped up and her pussy spasmed, and I could feel moisture cover my balls. After her second climax she pulled away from me and for the first time I became aware that I was standing in the middle of a group of strangers with my cock sticking out for all to see. Strangely, this didn’t phase me at all; if anything, it made me hornier. “You are enjoying yourself I hope,” said Cherise as she turned back to me and pressed against me again, my hard shaft jutting into her belly like a knife. “But I think maybe you need a little more stimulation, because it has been nearly an hour and you still have not cum.” I had been at it longer than I guessed; the liquor was slowing my sense of time in a way which, sober, I might have found alarming.

“What were you thinking?” I asked.

“This,” she said, hoisting herself into my arms and wrapping her legs around me. I entered her passage again without effort, and this time the weight of her body and her spirited movements brought me quickly to the edge of the cliff. We were kissing again, but I found that I couldn’t keep my mind on anything other than what was happening below. My hands were on her buttocks supporting her as she pressed down on me, and I realized that her skirt must have been up at her waist, leaving her lower body totally exposed. “I want you to fill me,” she whispered in my ear. “Fill me like you fill Rebecca. Fill me like my husband is no doubt filling her now.”

For some reason, the thought of my sister naked and being fucked by the huge black man was deeply arousing to me, as was the idea of her being fucked by… well, by me. It must have been the liquor, I thought distractedly, but the vision wouldn’t go away. Finally, as I saw in my mind’s eye Becca lying beneath me, her face in a look of beautiful shock as my first splash of sperm hit her womb, I realized that it was too late and I couldn’t stop, so I let go and came.

I’ve always loved coming inside a woman’s cunt; there’s something about it which makes you feel manly, and if she’s the kind of woman who cums with you, well then there’s no better feeling. Cherise was one of those women; her pussy drank my spunk from my cock like it was a straw. The suction was incredible, and the spasms kept me on a plateau of emotion even after my own pulses of white-hot seed stopped coming. She locked her lips on mine as she kept coming, harder and more intensely than the previous times. She lasted so long that I was afraid my cock would be crushed, but when she finally broke the kiss and panted, laying her head on my shoulder, I was surprised to feel that my cock was hard inside her. The rejuvenation of a woman orgasming on your cock is something I’ve never understood but always appreciated.

Her legs stayed wrapped around me, my cock still thrusting up into her deepest space, now sloshing with juice, and she made no signs of getting off me. “Carry me back to my chair please, won’t you?” she purred softly in my ear.

“What about your dress? It’s up way past your waist now.” This was true; her dress was up over the small of her back, and I could feel the taut muscles of her ribcage contract with each breath, her skin hot to the touch and covered in more silky hair.

Cherise laughed. “My dear, in this place, no one will look twice, believe me. Stu, the owner, has a strict policy that clothing is entirely optional on the premises.”

I shrugged slightly and began making my way back to our table, Cherise wrapped around me like a small child. The only difference was that my cock was inside this small child and she was old enough to know better. When we arrived at the table I went to set her down at her chair, but she purred, “No no, I’ll sit in your lap for a while. Don’t spoil the afterglow.”

Melissa was already there, and she laughed at this. “You’ll have to let go of him some time,” she said, her tone sounding very motherly. “Oh Cher dear, I’d forgotten all about that cute little butt of yours. Tomorrow we’ll have to reintroduce ourselves.” She reached over and stroked Cherise’s backside with one hand.

Melissa and I locked eyes while she petted Cherise and Cherise pressed against me, inside and out. I was fully hard now, which wasn’t difficult when one was inside such a hot wet cunt. “So are you going to want to dance too?” I asked Melissa with a wicked grin. “Or are you saving me for tomorrow?”

“Are you afraid you’ll be all used up by the time the party rolls around?” she grinned back. “But I’m too old for that kind of shenanigans. I was thinking something… a little more sedate.”

We both pondered this for a moment, then Melissa finally said, “Okay Mrs. Duval, I think you’ve had him for long enough.”

“You always were a spoilsport,” huffed Cherise, and truth be told, while I was looking forward to further fun, I was sorry when she raised her rear from my crotch and my hard wet cock slipped from her inner space. She pulled down her dress, dusted herself off, and aside from a slight faraway look in her eye, it was hard to tell she’d just been fucking. I looked at her do this, then remembered myself and gingerly stuffed my cock back into my pants, hoping the wet spot wouldn’t be too noticeable. My erection pressed out, tenting my trousers, so I wasn’t sure that anyone would notice a little stain.

“So what sedate activities did you have in mind?” I asked Melissa, eager to get back to business.


“God, I remember when I was in grade school and we used to do this,” giggled Melissa. “Granted, that was a while ago.”

“It can’t have been that long ago,” I said with a grin.

“Why do you say that,” she said as she hitched up her skirt.

“Well, for one, you haven’t forgotten the technique, and two, you aren’t old enough for it to have been that long ago,” I said. A little flattery never did anyone any harm.

For that, I got a kiss, much sloppier and more intense than Cherise’s skillful tongue, but just as enjoyable. The two of us were in a bathroom stall, me sitting, pants down, on the toilet while Melissa stood before me. Once again her blouse was open and this time she made no moves to shut it, letting me gaze longingly at her large breasts. She had shucked her panties as we spoke, and I held out a hand for them. She giggled, more like a schoolgirl than a woman her age.

As I took the silken scrap from her fingertips, the moisture held within wet my hand and I could tell immediately that Melissa was a wet one. She had been fingering herself for a long time while we talked and I suspected she had continued while Cherise and I were fucking on the dance floor, so there was quite a lot of her juices in the fabric. I held the tiny panties to my face, wafting her scent into my nostrils, relishing in it. She smelled quite different from most women I was used to; all I could think as I sniffed was that she smelled like a woman is supposed to smell, pure and feminine. I didn’t have much time to ponder because Melissa wasn’t waiting for me. She had hiked her skirt, much longer and looser than Cherise’s, up around her waist, baring her sex for the first time to my eyes. Her figure was much more petite than her breasts and age would suggest, and her skin, apart from a sprinkling of freckles in interesting places, was lily-white and flawless.

“Now I’m glad I decided to shave this morning,” she giggled, and I looked with approval at her shorn pubis, pink and enticing. “I don’t want to give you too much; I want a few surprises for the party,” she grinned. “After all, that’s all that keeps young men coming back, is novelty.”

“Well I can’t imagine getting tired of you,” I said suavely. I was in my element: in other situations I would have been terrified, but when it came to women and sex, I admit no master. The intoxication, brought on afresh by the shots we had done before leaving the table, didn’t hurt either.

“Aren’t you just the sweetest thing,” she cooed, and the tone of her voice contrasted wonderfully with what I knew she was about to do. It was as if your nanny was secretly a stripper, and I was enjoying it immensely. “Normally I’m quite submissive, but tonight I’m feeling feisty. Must be the booze talking.” She hiccupped dramatically and slurred her next words. “So I hope you won’t take advantage of an elderly woman.” I certainly would, and planned to. “I want it in my ass please. I won’t take no for an answer.”

Her bluntness rivaled my own, and I marveled. A woman who looked so respectable, and she was asking me to take her in the butt? It was more fun than I had hoped for. “Whatever you say,” I said nonchalantly, leaning back slightly and raising my hips a little to give her a good look at what she was asking for. She looked and smiled, and while she was doing this her hands were dipping into her snatch, bringing out pussy juice and slathering it up and down the crack of her buttocks.

I gave her a questioning look and then leaned forward to put my own hand on her labia, dripping and warm. When I pushed a finger into her opening, quite easily I might add, she threw back her head and ground down on my hand with her pelvis. Soon my palm and fingers were covered in her warm wetness and I brought it back to my cock and followed her lead, lubricating the head and then working my way down the shaft.

“I love a man who knows what to do,” she said as she stopped fingering herself and slowly, sensually licked her fingers clean. Then she turned around and I was able to see her rear. Like the rest of her, it was white and freckled, and here I could see a little age; her butt was firm but had some softness to it, probably from sitting at a desk too long. It didn’t matter to me; I’m not picky when it comes to the ass, especially if it’s being offered.

While I was gazing at my target, she backed up between my legs and reached around to take my cock in her hand. Her touch was gentle but firm, and she guided the head between her cheeks until it was pressed against the rosebud of her anus. She sucked in her breath like she was preparing to dive into very cold water, then she pressed back against me. My cock slipped into her anus with surprising ease, unlike my other anal experiences, and I guessed it was because she had been stretched out somewhat by a lot of assfucking. But as I bottomed out in her colon, she tightened her sphincter suddenly and the passage became as tight as a virgin, or tighter.

“Oh wow,” I said, unable to help myself.

“You like?” she giggled. “I’ve had a lot of practice. My husband Joe and I have studied many different sexual techniques, from Tantric to Kama Sutra to coming up with our own. Like I said, it keeps them coming back.”

I felt strange, sitting on a toilet talking philosophy with a woman while my dick was stuck up her asshole. Then I forgot about strange, or anything other than concentrating to not blowing my load too quickly. Melissa began to spasm her anal passage, sending wave after wave of pleasure through me. My hands grasped her hips and held her between my legs as my pelvis bucked upward, finding her rhythm and joining it. It reminded me exactly why I love anal; the anus and the pussy are two very different feelings, and I loved them both, but since it was a rarer treat, anal sex always thrilled me.

Soon she was raising her buttocks off of me, my raging cock almost slipping from her ass, before bouncing back down on me. I was thrusting up as she pressed down, as if we were trying to see just how far inside her rectum I could stick my cock. My hands were around her waist and down between her legs, and I felt a small sense of satisfaction when my guess was proved right as she came the first time. Warmth and syrupy wetness gushed onto my hands and down, out onto the floor. I worked my finger up into her tight-clenched passage as she gasped with each thrust of my cock into her ass, then I began pressing back against the wall of her cunt as my cock pressed forward into her bowels. The pressure was too much for her and she began gushing again, wetting my arm, almost driving my hand away from her pussy with the force of it.

All the time she came her anal passage was clenching and relaxing wildly, until as she gushed a third time the pleasure became too great for me and I released. My orgasm was intense as my spunk jetted from the tip of my cock deep into her colon. I felt as if I was thrusting through the wall between anus and cunt and pleasuring both, and from the gasps and moans I think she might have felt the same way. “Oh God Melissa, your ass… oh fuck that’s nice.” I couldn’t even be coherent, my thrusts slowing as my balls drained dry and the pressure subsided. She was still coming around me and it prolonged the pleasure of my orgasm long past the point when I had stopped filling her with spunk. When she finally slowed as well and leaned back onto my chest, her eyes wild and deeply sexual, neither of us was able to speak.

Her sphincter had tightened around me, but rather than push me and the cum out it held my cock in place in her ass even as it grew softer. I could feel, for the first time, the liquid running down my legs and over my balls. “Hun, that wasn’t as sedate as I planned,” Melissa grinned weakly. “We’re both a mess.”

“But it was worth it,” I said slowly, recovering a little. “You… you’re amazing. If all the guests at this party tomorrow are like you and Cherise, I might die of an overdose of pleasure.”

She snuggled back against me, the movement wiggling her butt slightly, which in turn wiggled my cock. Then she sighed. “I guess we should get back and see what the others are doing,” she said, a little sadly. Her bowels released and my cock slipped out, not a limp as I had thought. In fact, almost miraculously, I still wanted more.


“You two are a mess,” said Cherise when we returned, disheveled and damp, to the table. She had been sitting alone, from all appearances, drinking heavily if the empty bottle and new half-empty one were any indication. “Melissa, you should have at least warned him about your enthusiasm.”

“I like surprises,” I said with a grin and a wink toward Melissa, who grinned back.

“There you all are,” said a familiar voice, and I turned to see my sister walking up, arm in arm with Cherise’s husband Ben and another man. “Oh, Phil, I’d like you to meet Omo. Omo, this is my husband, Phil.”

Omo was shorter than I, with a sallow complexion but deep serious eyes. He was dressed entirely in black, which contrasted sharply with his shock of white hair. “A pleasure,” he said, bowing slightly.

“Omo is from… where did you say, Omo?”

“I am from China originally, although my family is not Chinese,” Omo said, revealing a slight accent, but one which was hard to place. “Manchuria, that is I believe what it is called in this country. My family is a long story.” He smiled thinly.

“Omo was teaching me some Chinese,” said my sister delightedly. I could well understand her interest; she loves learning as well as people from far-off places.

“Well, the party seems to be winding down,” said Ben, looking satisfied. I could only guess at why; with my sister, it could have been one of several things. “Come, wife, let’s get home before they throw us out.” He didn’t smile, but everyone else did, so I guessed it must have been his style of humor.

Melissa also took her leave, saying she had to get to bed before she fell over. I could understand why she felt that way. The three walked off into the mob, which showed no signs of slowing down, and vanished. “Well Phil, you look like you had fun,” my sister murmured in my direction. “I told you you’d like these people.”

“Yeah,” I said, my eyes scanning the crowd. “Listen, I don’t know why I’m asking, but do you mind if… I bring someone home tonight.”

My sister shook her head with a wry smile. “Sometimes I don’t know about you, Phil,” she said. “You’d think those two would have been enough to tire you out.” Then she laughed. “You know what the answer is. Go to it, cowboy. I’m probably going to bring Omo home, so we might as well make it a foursome.” She laughed again, but I was a little nonplussed; the thought of a foursome brought to mind my earlier thoughts of my sister. I pushed them away.

“Omo?” I asked. “He’s… not exactly who I’d choose.”

“Oh really,” she said with a grin. “He just happens to have a large quantity of high-class substances, that’s all. Not the greatest lover sober, but with a little help…” She whispered this last. Omo seemed oblivious to our conversation. I wondered if these high-class substances were even now coursing through his bloodstream.


I had no trouble finding a feisty teenage redhead named Kristin to accompany me back to my sister’s place, and if Omo thought anything of his client’s husband going home with another woman, he never said anything. Since I went home with another woman in the company of my “wife” I guess there was nothing to be said. Kristin wouldn’t shut up, but I wasn’t interested in her for her conversation. She and Omo actually got on quite well, leaving me and my sister to chat quietly.

“She’s a little young, don’t you think?” asked my sister pointedly, eyeing my prey.

“I didn’t ask, but you’re probably right,” I grinned. “She has to be eighteen; they don’t let anyone younger in.”

“Well that certainly never stopped me,” my sister replied. “I’ve been going to bars since I was barely old enough to know better.”

“You want me to ask her?”

“No, dipshit. I just was saying, that’s all.” We lapsed into silence, listening to the prattle of my date and her new Manchurian friend. “So,” my sister finally said, “you got along well with the gals, I could see. How well?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“I’m asking, aren’t I?”

“Both of them. Very nice too. Melissa is quite talented.”

“Both? Wow, you’re better than I thought.” My sister looked a little impressed. “I mean, those two are walking vaginas, but still…” She looked at me appraisingly. “I only had a quickie with Ben and Omo before we smoked, and you had time to fuck both of them. And now you’re bringing this chick home too?”

I was still stuck on her previous sentence. “A quickie with Ben and Omo? Like what?”

“Since when are you so interested in my sex life?”

“Can’t a brother show filial concern for his sister’s well-being? I mean, Ben, sure, but with Omo?”

She gave me a reproving look. “Hey, no one’s asking you to fuck him. Besides, for a discount it didn’t seem all that big a deal.”

“What didn’t?” I was a little surprised at myself, truth be told. I had never been interested in details of my sister’s coital exploits in the past.

“Fine, you give me the skinny on you and those two and I’ll share about my night. Deal?” This surprised me a little too, since if I wasn’t usually interested in her adventures, she certainly had never been interested in mine. I guess the excitement combined with our semi-altered states explained it.

I told her all about my evening, her eyes getting wider and more impressed as the story went on. She commented on my drinking and looked shocked when I told her about Cherise on the dance floor. When I got to Melissa however, she seemed less surprised. “Joe and Melissa have both told me about their ‘practice sessions,’ so I’m sure she was good. Joe certainly is.”

“How good?”

“Let’s just say that I called in sick the day after because I was afraid I’d look a bit strange walking around with my legs apart.”

“Okay, so you’ve heard my story, now let’s hear yours before our friends for the evening decide to join us,” I said expectantly.

She seemed slightly reluctant, as I had been, to tell her sibling details of her carnal pursuits, but finally she began. “Like I said, I only had time for a quickie. Ben and I made discrete inquiries about the drug situation until someone pointed us in Omo’s direction. Ben knew Omo so there was no problem, but Omo wanted to smoke up with us and I knew Ben was also looking for… a little excitement from me.”

“Come on Becca, are you afraid to say he wanted to fuck you? We’re going to have a really hard time at the party tomorrow if you can’t be a little more explicit around me. After all, we’ll probably have to be naked around each other and see each other… fucking.” I’ll admit, it wasn’t any easier for me to say it.

“Okay, fine, he wanted his dick in my pussy, you happy?” she snapped, a little chagrinned. “But with Omo there I guess Ben thought there was no chance of that. We went out back to the alley – that’s where we always smoke weed – and I was just about to ask about price when Omo mentioned that he found me very attractive and would I consider a deal.

“Well, the long and the short of it is that Omo wanted to watch Ben fuck me. He knew Ben well enough to know that Ben would do it, but he didn’t know me and didn’t know whether or not I’d go for it, being married.” My sister paused for a moment as if struck by something, then continued. “I wanted to smoke before sex, but Omo wanted the show, so Ben took me roughly from behind while Omo had his cock out and was stroking it. After Ben pulled out, before I could do anything Omo got behind me and mounted me too. He’s got skill, despite his looks; it must be some sort of Oriental thing. Anyway, then we smoked. For free too, and a lot of it because Omo got as stoned as we were. He must not be a very good dealer, or maybe it was just his night off.”

The thought of my sister being fucked roughly in an alley by two men I didn’t know turned me on, I won’t deny it. My mind drifted to imagining her pussy, red from penetration, and deep inside her the mingled Asian and African cum sloshing around. It was difficult to believe, but I almost wished I could fuck her too, to see what she felt like. My cock certainly made this wish plain.

“You… uh, you’re showing off a bit down there,” said my sister pointedly, and I realized for the first time that my cock was thrusting the front of my pants out in a major way. I blushed a little and reached down to adjust myself. “Well, tonight certainly has been… exciting,” Becca went on, still looking at my crotch. “I think to cap the evening off, you should smoke with us.”


I’d never tried pot before, but sitting in my sister’s room in a t-shirt and boxers, I wasn’t all that apprehensive. With me, in a circle on her bed, were Omo, Kristin, and my sister. The Manchurian was clothed only in what looked like running shorts, his wiry physique making me realize that perhaps I had been wrong about his quality as a choice to bring home. Kristin had on nothing but a pair of pink cotton panties; she had shucked the rest of her clothes the moment we were indoors. Her body was petite and weak-looking, her breasts small and child-like, and I wondered idly whether my sister had been right in her assumption about the girl’s age. It didn’t matter.

My sister had, after laughing at Omo and Kristin’s unabashed nudity, removed her clothing too, to my shock. She was sitting directly across from me, her breasts exposed, tan and pert, wearing only a tight pair of shorts which revealed more than they concealed. I couldn’t help Ankara escort but marvel at her physique, and I tried to tell myself it was simply pride at my family’s genes. She was more slim than I remembered, but muscular in a way the Kristin was not. Whenever she took a breath, her chest rose and fell, the ribcage standing out under a layer of muscle, her breasts rising and falling as well, the nipples, small and brown, wiggling prettily. I could see why she didn’t have any trouble keeping busy; had she not been my sister, I would have gone for her in an instant.

She didn’t seem to mind my attention, her gaze focused on Omo, who was meticulously packing a glass pipe with what looked like a mixture of tobacco, marijuana, and the occasional pinch of white power which he told us was opium. “This is my special blend,” he laughed wryly. “The tobacco stimulates, the opium depresses. I do not do this for everyone.” He said this last gazing at my sister with a look in his eye which suggested that perhaps he would be asking for a little more payment later.

“Oooh, is it Chinese?” asked Kristin. Not the brightest bulb, certainly, but her body made up for it, as did her complete fixation on the sexual.

Omo gave a little half-smile and said something in a language I didn’t recognize, then he continued, “It takes lessons from Chinese herbal lore, yes. I find it to be almost a medicine for me, and it is the only way I have found to enjoy a bit of opium without becoming addicted.” I wasn’t sure about that, but I said nothing because I wasn’t really listening. I was feeling the rising pressure in my balls as I looked at the two beauties half naked in the room, wondering what they might be like together. That wasn’t incest, I told myself. It was simply fascination with the female form.

Kristin kept talking about how she had never done opium before until Omo was finally satisfied with his preparations. He reached into a pile of clothes and pulled out a propane torch, which startled me a little. “This is the only way to get it hot enough that it truly works,” he said with a wan smile in my direction. I didn’t know whether he had brought it himself, concealed somehow, or whether my sister had one already. I wondered without any real concern whether or not she used it for other drugs as well.

As we passed the pipe around slowly, taking a drag and then handing it on, we moved closer to one another. I had pulled off my shirt too and Kristin was running her hands over my chest like a child with a toy. Omo seemed to have entered some trancelike state; he sat in the lotus position, only opening his eyes to take the pipe and torch. My sister had a dreamy look, which every drag intensified. For myself, my first taste of weed was unpleasant, and I coughed, but with each drag that followed I found my brain slowly slipping into a state quite different from the drunken giggles of earlier. I felt warm all over and my focus became very hard to maintain. It didn’t bother me a bit that I was looking at my sister’s crotch, spying the outline of her labia and wondering if she was shaved.

Finally, after what seemed like several hours but couldn’t possibly have been, Omo announced to no one in particular that the pipe was cashed and set it aside. Kristin and I had already begun making out on one side of the bed while my sister looked on with distant interest. Finally she spoke. “Okay you two, good night,” she said, obviously kicking us out of her room. As we both shakily stood, still pawing one another as if unable to let go, she was reaching for her shorts, obviously preparing to remove them. I would have liked to have stayed, but Kristin had other plans, so I heard rather than saw the shorts fall to the floor and as we exited, I heard rather than saw my sister lying back on the bed. “Come here, Chinaman,” she said as I closed the door.


I’d never done drugs before so obviously I had no experience of fucking stoned. I had of course had sex while drunk, and not just earlier in the evening, but being stoned was completely different. The redheaded girl I barely knew and I took a long time simply feeling one another all over, not even concentrating on the usual erogenous zones. I was amused to discover that Kristin went wild when I played with her belly button, and she in turn discovered my secret ticklish spot behind my knees. Our motions were slow but I had full possession of my ability to experience her body and her touch, and when I finally got to her pussy and began eating her out, her taste, young and fresh, came through much more strongly than I’m sure it would have if I had been sober.

The time passed slowly, as if we were separate from the universe, and I felt I could have simply tongued her clitoris for hours without tiring. She came noisily and oozed onto my tongue, her hands clenched beside her, her head thrown back, mouth open, eyes wide, as she moaned meaningless syllables. I was enjoying this immensely, spreading her labia wide with my fingers and licking up from her asshole to her clit, keeping her orgasm going wave after wave, until she finally relaxed and panted exhaustedly, her body slick with sweat, beads of it running down her chin and pooling between her small breasts.

In the new silence I could hear, in the next room, rhythmic creaking as Becca and Omo shook the bed in whatever position they had taken. Suddenly I had to fuck the young girl lying panting beneath me, and I pulled myself up her body to look her in the eye. “I… I have to tell you something,” she said, with a look of nervousness in her face.

“What baby?” I said, nuzzling her cheek, taking her earlobe into my mouth and sucking as I lay on her body, my cock drooping just below her cunt.

“I… I’m not… I mean, I haven’t… done this before,” she confessed, haltingly. “None of it, the drugs or this, none of it. I wasn’t even supposed to be in that place. My parents would kill me if the found out I was going home with strange men. I… I just wanted…”

I kissed her lips, silencing her, as I looked into her eyes. For the first time I saw a frightened girl there, although she was obviously still very stoned. “Honey, if you want, we can just snuggle up and go to sleep,” I said, a small spark of compassion bursting into a flame of remorse. “I don’t want to hurt you. I just… well, I just wanted someone to sleep with me tonight.”

Tears were in her eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said, sobbing, the drugs removing any control from her. “You don’t want me, do you?”

“No, no, I want you, really,” I said, not really thinking, my libido taking over. “I need you. I’m going crazy over you.” I kissed her again, wiped her tears from her eyes.

“I’m really stoned,” she giggled suddenly. “I can’t believe I’m lying here naked with you. I can’t believe… God I’m stoned.”

“Me too,” I admitted. “I’ve never done that before, if it makes you feel better. But I want you, bad.” I couldn’t stop telling her that, hoping to convince her, because in truth I would have done just about anything for someone to fuck right then.

“Okay,” she giggled nervously. “Do it then. I’m too fucked up to care.” I could tell that wasn’t true; her eyes revealed the lie, but I really was too fucked up to care. I kissed her again with a smile, my cock jumping for joy.

As I positioned myself between her legs, she was shivering slightly, and a small part of my brain told the rest of me to be gentle. How well that message got through is a matter for debate. As my cockhead probed between her labia, slowly finding her opening, she fidgeted, though whether from nerves or from sensitivity I don’t know. I could hear my sister in the next room moaning, which didn’t do anything to lower my state of arousal.

When I penetrated the girl’s virgin cunt, either she had already popped her cherry in another manner or I was too stoned to notice it. Certainly she wailed like I had popped it. Slowly I pressed my way in, keeping up the pressure on her juvenile cunt as she slowly adjusted, her wail trailing off to a moan and then just short gasping breaths. After what seemed like a lifetime I finally was inside her fully, and I paused for a moment to let her insides get used to me. Then I withdrew slowly until just the head remained in her passage.

She seemed to know what was coming and looked up at me with wild, panicked eyes. I kissed her soothingly, sucking on her lower lip, and then made a decision and instead of thrusting, as I had been planning, I simply began slowly pressing my way back in. The second time was easier of course, but her bottom writhed on the mattress like she was being skewered. She began to moan again, tiny girlish moans, and I wondered just how underage she was.

When I finally thrust into her the first time, she screamed weakly and her arms twitched as my head bottomed out inside her. Without waiting for her to recover I pulled up and thrust again, slowly building up a rhythm until our bed was creaking just as my sister’s had been. Kristin had her skinny legs wrapped around me and I had lowered my body to hers, her young nipples, hard and peaked, poking into my chest. I had silenced her moans with my mouth and tongue, and we were both kissing away as I slowly pumped my hips against the arch of her pelvis.

She was tight, definitely a virgin, and the stimulation of her panic and the orgasm when it came quickly took me to the edge. I slowed, then came to a standstill before I lost control. “Honey, do you want me to pull out?” I asked softly.

She was almost totally out of it now, the drugs, the pleasure, and the nerves combining to turn her from a seeming adult into a small child. She shook her head no, but I persisted. “I don’t want you to go home pregnant, baby.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she gasped.

With that, I had no real problem. My morality seemed to have been entirely removed by drugs and sex, and I also knew that I would doubtless never see this girl again, one way or the other. What did I care, anyway? Coming inside a woman, especially a virgin, is not something one gives up lightly. I shrugged my shoulders and began slowly pumping into her again.

A few minutes passed before I returned to the edge, and when she seemed to sense that I was almost there her eyes took on a look of panic. At that point I no longer cared, and when the panic began to tighten her cunt the pressure overwhelmed me. I jammed my cock home, deep into her young spasming pussy, and began to shoot jet after jet of my seed into her. My orgasm was pleasant although after two others it wasn’t as strong as it might have been, but it splashed her cervix with a fair amount of sperm before I collapsed, still inside her, and began breathing normally again.

Then I came back to my senses somewhat and felt guilty and ashamed. What had I done?

“Wow,” I heard her say. “That… that was fantastic.”

“I’m really sorry,” I said, guilt welling up in me. “I… I’ll pay for morning-after pills if you want, and I’ll let you have the bed…”

She grabbed my head and pulled it around to look at her, and I could see she was flushed. “I told you not to worry about it,” she said forcefully. “We’re both stoned, but that doesn’t mean you raped me. And who said anything about me letting you leave?” Her cunt spasmed as she giggled, and even though my cock was flaccid, I still felt a slight thrill.

“I don’t know…” I began, until I saw the wild hungry look in her eyes.

“What’s to know?” she said with a grin. “Honestly, you’re the only guy in the world who would act like this. Most guys would kill to fuck me even if they didn’t know I was a virgin.” She giggled again. “Was! Hell yeah! So quit messing around; I want more.”

I shook my head with a sheepish grin as I rose from her body, my cock slipping from her along with a dribble of white. “Fine,” I said. “I’m not worrying.” Actually, I was worried, although not about her. I was worried about being able to satisfy a recently deflowered, horny virgin after the three times I had already come. But then I let myself slip back into the drugged haze and I realized that this girl would make me hard again, no matter what. As I pulled her to me and kissed her long and deep, I could already feel the stirrings of another hardon deep at the base of my cock. After all, it wasn’t every day you got to fuck a young, willing teenager.


Daylight found the dozing form of the redhead splayed out over my body and me rubbing my eyes and wondering what had hit me in the head. I’ve always been an early riser and I can live for weeks at a time on little or no sleep, so the only thing that kept me from leaping up to greet the day was the fact that my head weighed about 200 pounds.

“Augh,” I said, or something similar. But I’m no different from any other man, and waking up with a naked teen straddling you is enough to turn morning wood into the real thing. My lower body obviously had no intention of letting my brain spoil its fun.

“Mmmmm,” murmured Kristin, snuggling a little into my body, an action which rubbed her against my hardon and further woke me. I tried to remember the last night, after the bar. My hangover was rapidly subsiding, but my memory was still cloudy. Obviously this girl atop me and I had fucked, from the looks of it multiple times. I rubbed my eyes again, then I heard her say softly, “Good morning, Mr. Amazing.”

“Good morning to you too, Miss Fantastic.” I fought to remember. The drugs had obviously affected my brain more than I’d thought. The first fuck was clear enough in my mind, but after that… “How late were we at it last night?” I whispered curiously.

“I didn’t catch the time, but we haven’t been asleep that long. Funny, I can’t really remember falling asleep in the first place.”

“I think Omo’s special blend was a little more potent than either of us expected,” I muttered with a grin.

She just smiled. “What’s the rush to get up?” she said softly, pleadingly. “It’s barely dawn.”

“Well, I thought maybe you had to get somewhere… you know, home, your parents?”

“Oh, they won’t expect me home tonight,” she mumbled sleepily. “I was out with my girlfriends. They aren’t that strict.”

“Well then… I guess you want to sleep some more?”

“Krissi tired, need sleep,” she said, eyes closed, lip pouting.

“Okay babe, you go on back to sleep then,” I said soothingly. “I’ll make you comfortable.” I slowly, gently rolled her off my chest to lie on her back and sat there a moment, just gazing down at her. It was hard to believe, but I felt horny, even after God knows how many times. But I tried to put it aside and wrapped her nude form in a blanket. She was already asleep again.

Pulling on a pair of shorts from the floor I padded my way softly into my sister’s room. I don’t know why; in hindsight I guess it’s pretty obvious, but at that point I just wanted to check on her. Omo had gone sometime in the night, and Becca was asleep alone in her bed, curled up under just a sheet. I could see the outline of her body traced by the fabric; she was nude, although I wasn’t sure whether this was how she usually slept or how Omo had left her. From the stain in the center of the bed I guessed the latter.

Her svelte form looked cold under just a sheet, so I picked up the blanket from the floor and shook it out, intending to put it over her. As I did so she stirred, kicking aside the sheet completely, and there my sister was, exposed to me, as she rolled and lay on her other side, slightly curved. I couldn’t help myself; I was too curious. I knelt to look at her rear from behind. She had a very cute butt, perky and athletic, and the lack of tan lines showed that she was not afraid to sunbathe in the altogether.

Between her legs I could see a hint of her pubic bulge, and as she breathed it seemed to open and close slightly. I was entranced for a moment, but then I got hold of myself. What was I doing? If I really wanted to see her naked, there would be time enough at the party. The thought of the party brought a small smile to my lips. A small part of me wished I could have seen Omo and Becca in the midst of the act, partially just to see what Becca meant when she said that Omo was skilled.

Tiptoeing out of the room after quietly replacing the sheet over Becca’s sleeping body, I pulled off the shorts again, feeling restricted, and my stiff cock bounced out, reminding me how much I could use a wake-up fuck right about now. I’ll leave breakfast in bed to others; I want a little pussy in the morning. It smells like woman, although I suppose it could smell like victory as well.

I got myself a drink of water and then returned to my bed to find the sleeping teenage form right where I’d left her. Carefully, so as not to disturb her too much, I disentangled her from the blanket and lay down beside her, pulling the covers over both of us. She snuggled her rear back against me, my hardened shaft finding its way between her legs to stick out from between her thighs. I curled myself around her, caressing her, finding a good spot to hold her, then pulling her to me. I’ve never minded finishing a night of passion with cuddling, and it seemed to make the girl happy in her sleep.

I lay there holding her, feeling the beat of her heart on my chest, the intake of each breath rubbing her back against me. My hand on her breast felt the warmth of her body, the expansion of her small ribcage. My other hand was wrapped around her pelvis and cupping over my cock and her pubis, separated now by only a few inches. Even as she slept, I slowly began petting her labia gently, idly, waiting for sleep to retake me.

Sleep didn’t come, however, and before long I was caressing her young crotch with more interest, seeing how long I could get away with it before she woke up. She must have been tired, because when I slipped a finger up into her cunt, she murmured something in her sleep and moved a little, but showed no signs of awakening. Emboldened, I stroked her vaginal walls, wondering if a woman could cum while she was asleep. These thoughts kept me occupied for a while, but eventually the pressure in my balls had built to where I either had to get up and find somewhere to jack off or I had to fuck her. I didn’t want to wake her up to demand sex, but I also didn’t really want to leave the warmth of our embrace to masturbate, which wouldn’t be as satisfying.

I had lifted her sleeping leg up to get better access to her cuntal opening, and now the hardness of my cock brought it up against the warmth of her pubis. I would stroke it every now and then because if I hadn’t I would have exploded from the pressure, and gradually it became slick with her pussy juices. Finally I could stand it no longer and I nudged her lightly.

“Wha?” she said confusedly.

“Baby… I really need to fuck you. Really bad. Can you please wake up; I’ll let you go back to sleep right after, I promise.”

She groaned something which sounded like a curse and thrashed a little in my arms. I felt very odd to be lying there with my finger up her cunt while she slept, and I almost pulled it out again. “Need sleep, go away,” she said groggily.

“Please honey, I’m about to explode.”

“Do it then and leave me alone.” With that she turned away from me again and was still.

I thought about it. Did she really mean for me to fuck her while she was asleep? Or was she not really awake? I didn’t really care; it wasn’t like we hadn’t been fucking a few hours ago, so what difference did it make? Holding her leg up with one hand, I took my cock in the other and slowly, carefully guided it to her opening, then pushed a little until it slid in. She murmured but slept on.

I’d never fucked a sleeping girl before; it was kind of like having a living sex toy. Her pussy was warm and wet and clung to my dick like she was awake, but that was the only response I got from her. I slid myself all the way in from behind, as deep as I could get in the position we were in, and then I quietly and gently began making tiny thrusts with my hips against her backside, pumping my cock in and out of her a fraction at a time. My one hand went back to her breast, while the other toyed with her clitoral hood, hoping to provoke some reaction from her.

After a while of this my thrusts had become more animated but still very slow and gentle. As I was no longer stoned, her pussy felt different, or perhaps it was all the exercise it had just been given. She had settled into a deeper sleep and now I felt some unconscious reactions to my penetration; Lord only knows what it did to her dreams. Unlike much of the time, I was not trying to keep from coming, so it wasn’t long before I hit the point of no return.

Thrusting sharply, no longer caring whether she woke or not, I buried myself up to the hilt in her deepest spaces and came. The semen splashed into her and she stirred and mumbled, then snuggled back against me with a sigh and went on sleeping. Strangely, even as the last spurts of my jizz were coating her womb, I too felt sleep overtake me, and I dozed off, my still-hard cock buried in the cunt of a sleeping teen beauty.


“Up and at ’em slugger!” shouted a voice in my ear and my body rose about six inches into the air, then slammed back onto the bed, rigid and stammering. “You can’t sleep all day, not when there’s work to be done.” My sister has a strange sense of humor, but once I shook my head a few times to clear away the cobwebs, I laughed. Then I stopped because I had just thought of my bedmate and wondered what Becca was thinking. Then I realized I was alone in the bed.

“That’s what you get for staying up all night,” said another woman’s voice, and looking over toward the source I saw my redheaded pixie, wearing a pair of boxer shorts and nothing else. There are worse ways to wake up. My sister was slightly more chaste, with a silk kimono wrapped around her, but the length of the kimono didn’t leave much of her leg to the imagination.

“Phil, I have to hand it to you,” said Becca with a wicked grin. “You know how to pick ’em.” Then, raising her voice, she said, “Why don’t I let you two have the facilities first; I’m off for a jog.” She winked, then hurried back to her room.

“Kris, do you want the shower first,” I said, pulling myself into a sitting position and rubbing my eyes. “I can scare up some breakfast, I think. I hope Becca keeps more than energy bars in the pantry.”

“You’re a riot, Phil,” Kristin said sarcastically. Then her tone softened. “Actually, I was hoping you might join me. Becca showed me her shower; I’m sure it’s big enough for two.”

“Ah, the feisty redhead,” I said with a grin of my own, then I suddenly lunged and pulled her onto the bed. She kicked and squealed, her pert breasts wobbling slightly, then as I pinned her down and climbed on top of her, she stopped struggling and began kissing me, although she did giggle and squeal every now and again. I looked down at her small body and sighed with pleasure. “Well, if you’re inviting me, invitation accepted.”


Kristin was right; my sister’s shower was more than large enough for two. In fact, it was probably large enough for a tour party; it was more a sauna than a shower, with a large circular tub in the center and enough room to sit all around the edge. The whole thing was done in marble, and I wondered what my sister was paying in rent for this place.

I didn’t wonder too long because my giggling redheaded friend turned the shower on full, splashing a spray of water into my face. I sputtered; she laughed, then her laughter turned to a shriek as I grabbed her naked body by the waist and pulled her down into the tub with me. She felt just as good wet as she did dry, and as she settled into my lap, turning to face me, her legs around my waist, she felt even better. I spent a long time slowly washing her breasts with no soap, until she gave me a little smack on the hand to remind me where I was. I could have held those pert little buds for hours; I love well-formed tits, whether they be large or small, and these were some of the best.

Her busy little tongue was all over me, my face, my chest, my neck. She wasn’t that flexible, but neither was I, so we made the best of our positions. Finally, after the tub had filled almost to the brim with water, she pulled herself up and over me, pushing me back against the side. Her motions became almost frantic, pressing her body to mine as if to somehow penetrate me rather than the other way around. Below water level, her lithe pelvis ground down on my stomach, and I could feel her labia, soft like the petals of a rose, opening and spreading over my skin.

When she finally reached down and grabbed my cock, her touch almost pushed me over the edge. I restrained myself with effort, but as she guided me between her legs, into her cunt, warmer than the water around us and wetter too, I had to clench my teeth to keep from shouting. Unlike our first time, she was in control, and as she slowly sank down onto my shaft, driving me up into her warm passage, her eyes glinted with a passion quite unlike the virginal panic of the previous night. Her vaginal muscles spasmed a little as her bottom finally dropped to my legs, but she quickly regained control and began squirming her hips in small circles, her eyes closed, hair hanging wet and wild over her face, red as her lips.

“So Becca is your sister?” she asked me, a little breathlessly.

I wasn’t sure how to answer. I couldn’t see the harm in telling Kristin the truth, but I also wanted to practice the part, since I would be playing it for real later in the day. My silence must have said something, because she rested her body on mine, half in, half out of the water. “It’s okay,” she said softly, her lips so close to my ear I could hear every little shudder as I felt them through her body. “I don’t care. I mean, we all do naughty things every now and then.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m only seventeen, so I guess what we’re doing is pretty naughty,” she said, and giggled. I loved her girlish giggle; it made me feel strong and masculine in a way I certainly wasn’t. I didn’t even stop to think about her age; like she said, we all do naughty things, and we were both enjoying it.

“No, I meant what naughty thing am I doing with Becca?”

She stiffened a little, her motions arrested in mid gyration. “Oh, nothing, just…” She seemed reluctant to go on.

“Honey, it’s okay, whatever you want to say,” I soothed, stroking her soft thighs under the water. At the same time I pumped my hips up into the cradle of her pelvis, which made her gasp as my cock teased her deeper still.

“Oh, it’s just that you two seemed really… I don’t know, close.”

“Close?” I pumped again, feeling her cunt spasm as I did.

“Well, I almost thought you two were married at first, but you’re obviously related, so I guess I just thought that maybe you two… I don’t know, fooled around.”

I laughed, a little hollowly. “We’re close, yeah. I’ll even let you in on a little secret. We’re pretending to be married, and tonight we’re going as a married couple to a swingers party. Pretty naughty, huh?”

Kristin didn’t seem phased by this at all. If anything, she seemed a little relieved. “Oh, good, I was afraid… well, I thought your sister was jealous of me.”

“Well, she’s got a lot to be jealous of, you sexy thing,” I whispered conspiratorially. Then our lips were locked together and our slow, deliberate strokes devolved into constant grinding pressure, my hips against the arch of her pelvis, my shaft pressed deep into the void between her legs. As I slowly slipped into oblivious fucking, I put all thoughts of Becca and the evening out of my mind, and when the teen beauty on top of me finally shuddered with climax, I let go and joined her, my semen spurting quickly from me into Kristin’s juvenile pussy.

Spent, Kristin collapsed, her head resting on my shoulder, her pubis still jammed down between my legs. “I have a confession to make,” she whispered. I just murmured in response, enjoying the warmth of the water and beginning to think about using the tub for its intended use and washing some of the sweat away. “I think your sister is hot too,” she giggled quietly. It wasn’t until after she’d slowly pulled herself up and out of my arms that I caught the “too.”

“Too?” I was too high on endorphins to be all that concerned.

“Oh come on,” she said with a look of derision. Then finally, she grinned. “Slip of the tongue,” she said. “But I do think she’s hot. Do you think…”

“Well, I mean, of course, from a purely aesthetic…”

“No you moron, I was about to ask whether she’d be into me.” Kristin was laughing now.

“Why don’t you ask her when she gets back,” I said with a nonchalant look on my face.

“Oh Lord no, I couldn’t possibly,” Kristin blushed prettily. “Not that I’m scared. I mean, I am a little, because, well, I’ve never come on to a woman at all before, but also because I don’t have the energy if she said yes.”

“Maybe some other time then,” I said with a straight face. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure how Becca would feel, but I was sure she wouldn’t be insulted. Then I stood up as well. “I think it’s time we actually use the shower, huh? I don’t know about you, but last night left me a little sweaty.” I cracked a small smile at this last.

“Me first,” said Kristin, grabbing the soap and handing it to me. “If you do a good job cleaning me off, maybe I’ll return the favor.”


When Becca returned from her jog, Kristin had already gone. “So, our visitor hightailed it?” Becca asked, looking around. “I hope it wasn’t because of anything I did.”

“Maybe just a little,” I said, without really thinking, then corrected myself. “I mean, not something you’ve done, just shyness around you I think maybe. A little.” I was beginning to sound silly even to myself.

“Shy? Around me? Come on Phil, give me a break. You didn’t do something to her that’s going to get you in trouble, did you?”

“What kind of man do you think I am?”

“God, we sound married already,” Becca laughed. “But seriously, the chiquita went away satisfied and not looking for a policeman, I trust.”

“Look, if you don’t approve, why didn’t you…”

“Approve? Of what? She looked old enough to know better to me.” Becca gave me a little punch on the arm. “I meant just what I said. She was happy, right? She didn’t leave because of me.”

She was really pushing this, so she must have known something I didn’t. “Okay, fine, but don’t let on I told you this,” I said, hopelessly outclassed in the lying department. “Kristin… well, she said she wondered whether or not you would be into her.”

“Oh, is that all,” said Becca dismissively. “I knew that. We were together for a while before you woke up, and it wasn’t exactly covert on her part. Kids these days.” She shook her head in mock disapproval.

“So why didn’t you…”

“Because I don’t horn in on other people’s action. If she’s here for you, then she’s here for you. Imagine how you would have felt if you’d woken up to find us both going at it.” She laughed and went to clean up. I pictured it in my mind for a moment and felt the stirrings of an erection, which I suppressed. At this rate, I would be spent before I even set foot in the party.


I woke at seven, having decided the best thing to do would be to sleep some more to rebuild my strength. Becca, of course, was already waiting by the door as I groggily sipped my coffee. “You were bright and wide awake this morning, when we weren’t going to be late to the best night of my life,” she scolded.

“I’m bright and awake now too, I’m just saving my strength,” I grumbled halfheartedly, then went in search of clothes. I had been led to understand that, while everyone there knew exactly what was going on, it was de rigueur to show up in pants, even though I felt they’d just get in the way. Finally I settled on a casual look, ran wet fingers over my face and hair, and off we went.

Melissa and a man who had to be Joe were standing just inside the door to greet us as we entered. “Phil, Rebecca, wonderful to see you,” Melissa smiled. “Rebecca, you know Joe. Joe, this is Phil, Rebecca’s partner for this evening.”

Joe was graying and looked older than Melissa by half a decade at least, but his eyes were full of confidence and I imagined that at least some of it was deserved. “Phil, great to meet you,” he said, pumping my hand warmly. “I can’t tell you how long we’ve been trying to get you two to stop by. Come on in, I’ll show you around. I’m sure Mel and Rebecca have chick stuff to do.” Melissa playfully smacked him on the shoulder.

“Well then, Rebecca, let’s go do the ‘chick stuff’ we’re supposed to be doing and let the two men alone,” she said, and my sister laughed, blew us both a kiss, and followed Melissa.

“Damn,” Joe said admiringly, watching them leave. “Let me tell you, son, there’s nothing finer than your wife when she laughs. That must have been what made you fall for her in the first place.”

“Well, yeah,” I said, totally unconvincingly to my own ears, but I don’t think Joe was listening. I shook myself inwardly and tried to act the part. “But I’m sure you know about her more tangible qualities too.”

“Hell, son, a piece of tail is a piece of tail,” laughed Joe, “and she’s got one. But that’s not everything to a woman.” He looked at me appraisingly. “You know, when I was in the Navy, I was just like you on shore leave.”

“Just like me?” I asked, noticing as I did the tattoos on his arms and wondering why I hadn’t realized Joe’s service history before he said anything. Probably because I wasn’t here to stare at guys.

“Yeah, all I wanted was to get down to the right place and get busy. I imagine that’s how you feel, especially being away from your wife so often.”

“You can say that again,” I said, more truthfully this time.

“Well, I know you must realize what’s going on behind your back; you look like a smart guy. And I’m sure Rebecca knows what you do on those long trips. I’m certainly not judging. All I’m saying is that you’ve got a fine woman for more reasons than her form, and I think the older you get the more you’re going to be thankful for that.”

I didn’t quite know what to say. It seemed odd to be getting this speech now, as we both knew that in a short time the party would begin. “Thanks,” I finally managed.

Joe smiled. “I know what you’re thinking: why the hell is he lecturing me? Don’t worry about it, son, it’s just my way. I promise, no more talk. Let me show you around and introduce you to everyone who’s here.”

The house was spacious, and several rooms appeared to have been cleared out to make room for people to lounge and chat. I didn’t know how things went once things started going, but I couldn’t see any obvious signs, so I figured things must just be warming up. In the main room sat Ben and Cherise, who briefly greeted us both and then returned to talking quietly. “Forgive my ignorance, but… well, this doesn’t seem like I expected…” I trailed off.

Joe chuckled. “Nah, I bet it doesn’t. We like to all get together and hang out for a while in the early evening, let everyone arrive, get acquainted, that kind of thing. When Mel and I first started swinging, we used to go to parties where everyone showed up drunk or stoned and just pulled their clothes off and went to it. But we never really liked that atmosphere, although believe me, once the party gets started, there’ll be plenty of excitement. We’re all friends here and we like being friends as well as other things, that’s all.”

In the dining room there were two couples, one looking to be as old as Joe and Melissa, the other much closer to my age. They looked up and smiled as we entered. “Folks, this is Rebecca’s husband, Phil,” said Joe warmly, patting me on the shoulder. “We finally got them to come out for one of our little parties. How about that?”

The two men both looked excited. I supposed that simply increasing the number of people at the party was reason enough, but I also knew my sister and guessed that increasing the number of people at the party with her presence was the lion’s share of the reason. The two women were less excited, but looked at me approvingly. “Phil, this is Pete and his wife Hattie,” Joe said, gesturing to the older-looking couple, “and N.J. and his wife Sonya.”

Pete was short and a little overweight, balding and bearded. He looked like a stock broker or insurance salesman, except that I could see without even looking that he had something large in his pants. He grinned and winked. “Don’t be intimidated by Pete’s package,” whispered Joe in my ear. “Believe me, it’s just as big as it looks. But he’s been having a little trouble lately, so I guess Hattie must have slipped him a Viagra before they came.” Then he returned to his normal voice. “Pete and Hattie are our senior couple, by experience only,” he said with a wink at Hattie. “They introduced Mel and me to the lifestyle, and we haven’t been able to keep them away ever since. And N.J. and Sonya just recently started coming to our parties, so I’m sure they understand if you’re feeling a little jittery. I’ll leave you to get acquainted and see what my wife is doing.”

“Howdy,” said Pete, shaking my hand limply. He had a businessman’s handshake too, and I hoped his lack of enthusiasm was a prelude to inability. Don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t worried that he would hog all the fun, but a guy does like to make himself feel bigger whenever possible. “It’s just great to have you here; always good to meet new faces.”

“Your face isn’t the one he’s interested in,” cackled Hattie. She was thin as a rail and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. She seemed older than her husband, her long gray hair done up in a braid. She wore loose clothing that couldn’t quite disguise the shape of her body, which seemed to be totally straight, with no curves at all. I couldn’t tell whether or not she had breasts, but judging from the rest of her I doubted it. Not my type of woman, certainly, but I tried not to let it bother me.

She must have noticed me looking her over. “Don’t worry young man, I’m not going to bite,” she said forwardly. “I’m an aging hippy at heart; always been into the free love thing. Pete is just into it because he’s tired of porking a corpse.” She laughed, and Pete laughed too. I couldn’t imagine how the two of them had ever gotten together in the first place; they seemed like total opposites.

“Now don’t let Hattie fool you,” said N.J. He was older than I by a few years at least, but I’m sure my looks fooled him. “She’s not a corpse when it comes down to it.” He shook my hand. “I’m N.J. At least, everyone calls me that, because they can’t pronounce my name. My parents were from Mumbai, originally.” Now that he said it, I could see an ethnic flair in his face, and although he wasn’t dark-skinned, he was tanned. “I’m a computer geek, so I won’t be winning any beauty pageants,” he said with a laugh. “Why Sonya wants me is anyone’s guess. Maybe that’s why we like swinging so much.”

Sonya had stayed quiet throughout, and I finally took a good look at her. She was shockingly beautiful, Nordic or Slavic I supposed, from the name. Her long blond hair was loose but neat, and she wore a tight black dress which showed off all her curves. I could feel my own pants rise to join Pete’s just looking at her. “Sonya was a prostitute in Petersburg,” said N.J. with a frankness that almost surprised me. “She doesn’t speak much English, which is why she might seem shy.”

“Charmed,” Sonya said simply, taking my hand in hers. Her accent was gorgeous, straight out of James Bond. For a hooker, she looked extremely innocent, which only added to her sensuality. She couldn’t have been much more than eighteen.

“I was there on business several years ago,” continued N.J. who seemed to be talking to the entire group, not just me, “and one day while I was walking home she propositioned me. I won’t tell tales of my own illicit activities, but I’ve never been one to turn down a young thing like that. That’s why I love Russia and Asia; so much looser than this country. Anyway, I guess you could say I saved her from that by bringing her here, although she’s really a trophy wife.” They all laughed. Sonya still held my hand and moved closer to me. “See, she likes you,” said N.J. “Joe and Mel say I only married her so I’d have someone to bring to these parties. But we love each other in our own way, right baby.” Sonya turned and let go of my hand and I felt colder.

Joe returned a few minutes later. “Well, our last guests will be here any minute, so let’s all join Cherise and Ben in the living room and get to know each other a little better, those of us who need to.”


“Tell me more about you and… well, and Asia,” I said as I sat between N.J. and Sonya. He seemed perfectly delighted to let his wife hold my hand, and I enjoyed it enough not to care whether or not he cared. In fact, her hand-holding had begun to take on a slightly heavier tone as she pulled it into her lap and placed both of her small hands atop it. I didn’t do anything just yet, savoring the anticipation and waiting for someone else to make the first move.

“Oh, well, you seem like the kind of guy who likes to travel, and I don’t mean tourism,” grinned N.J. “The truth is, if you’re into younger girls…” He trailed off suggestively and looked at my hand in his wife’s lap, then over in the direction of Becca with a slick smile. “No one here will judge, so I can tell you a few stories, eh?”

“Sure, why not,” I said, interested and needing something to talk about.

“What’s the youngest you’ve ever done, in your travels?” he asked, bluntly.

“I don’t take a census.”

“Too bad. That’s part of the thrill for me. I tell you, before I started going abroad, after I turned eighteen was tough. All my regular buddies were illegal, and then I realized, well, it wasn’t even that. I was looking for even younger girls than I had back when I was allowed.” N.J. laughed. “I almost went to jail the first time I tried it; fortunately at that point people were more interested in catching molesters who wanted little boys, and I got off with a warning since I was only eighteen.”

“How young…”

“Oh, she said she was sixteen, which was the last time I ever trusted a woman about age.” He laughed again. “Know what I mean? Either they’re older or they’re younger, never the right age. I found out later that she was only fourteen. And I never even got to score with the bitch, that’s what really got me.”

“Wow, fourteen, that’s pretty young.”

“Are you kidding? That’s when the peak of attractiveness for a lot of girls.” I was a little freaked out but at the same time a little turned on, and the fact that a young girl, relatively speaking, was holding my hand in her lap and gradually pushing it between her legs didn’t help. “Yeah, but in this country we’re civilized.” He said this like it was a bad word. “You know, in most third world countries, fourteen is marriageable age. That’s old married age.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard about in Africa…”

“Africa would be great except for the diseases. Even young girls have them over there. I won’t touch them. Besides, I like mine pale; it seems newer.”

“So then what?”

“Well, I first realized what I had to do when my parents took me to India when I was sixteen. My father didn’t tell my mother, but he wanted to take me to a brothel to make me a man, he said. Of course, I fucked the maid when I was fifteen, but I didn’t spoil it for him, you know.” He laughed again. “Truth to tell, I’m pretty sure he was fucking Anna Maria too; she was prime.” He seemed lost in the memory as he continued. “We went to this whorehouse in Calcutta, full of old, fat hookers with dead eyes, you know the type. I couldn’t stand any of them, and my father was about ready to write me off as a fag, when the madam asked if we would be interested in some wine. A few glasses later…” He paused and grinned. “This wine was stronger than aged Scotch. It turned out it was all just to find out whether or not we were legit, and once she realized, she let us into the back room where she kept the younger girls.”

“I didn’t realize whores in India were so complicated,” I said, intrigued.

“You’ll have to see for yourself some time. Anyway, these girls were twelve, thirteen at most. The madam bought them from the parents when they were babies.”

“Bought them?”

“Yeah, rural families mostly, didn’t want to have another mouth to feed that couldn’t work. I understand that Chinese families do the same thing, sell off extra kids because of the laws against having more than one. In India it’s mostly girl children, but some boys too.”

“And she’d been whoring them out since they were babies?”

“No, no, nothing like that. She said they were an investment. It’s a lot better than slavery in some places, let me tell you; these girls got fed, clothed, cared for by the older whores, and all they had to do was put out when they got old enough. Seems fair to me.”

It didn’t really seem that fair to me, but I didn’t say anything because it didn’t matter all that much to me either. N.J. seemed sleazy but I didn’t feel like arguing. The fact that Sonya had my hand centered on her heat and I could feel every breath she took didn’t make me argumentative either.

“I’ve done research now; usually the kids don’t start turning tricks until they’re ten or so. If someone wants younger than that, of course, it can be arranged, but usually a man who wants young girls buys them himself rather than getting prostitutes. My father probably wished he’d just bought one; he had to pay a premium for a virgin. I never even knew her name: a tiny little thing with long dark hair, and a body that was just too perfect, not a spot on her. She’d just started to develop breasts, and the madam told my father she had just started bleeding too.”

I was enthralled by the easy graphic quality of the story, so much so that I almost forgot what he was talking about.

“After that, I couldn’t go back to Anna Maria,” grinned N.J. “Then, like I said, I turned eighteen and nearly exploded. I couldn’t get tail anywhere in this country. So when I started traveling, for my job and all, that was the first stop on my list. I went to Bangladesh to supervise overseas technicians because I know the language, or so I told them. What I really did was spend huge amounts of time hunting down girls. For the amount of money I was making I could have had any woman I wanted, and it’s amazing how cheap street girls are. Buy them a lollypop and bring them home for the evening, and no one gives a shit! What a country! Whenever I want really young tail I head to Asia, usually India and that region.”

“Friends, our last couple is finally here,” said Cherise, emerging from the entryway leading a man and a woman, arm in arm, both in their thirties if I was any judge. “Phil, you’re the only one who doesn’t know Pina and Nick.” We shook hands. Nick was a well-built man, dark brown hair which curled at the ends, but with a dancer’s build rather than a football player’s, like Ben. His wife, Pina, had to be either Greek or Italian. She had lovely olive skin, red-black hair which hung down to her shoulders, and bright white teeth. She wore tight clothing, which showed off her figure, but where Cherise was lithe, Becca was athletic, and Sonya was nubile, Pina was round, with no hard edges or muscles exposed. She looked as if she ate well and lived well, and there was a vital beauty about her form which belied any lack of fitness.

“Everyone calls me Pina, but just in case, my name is Proserpina,” she said with another winning smile which showed all her teeth. “Italian parents, what can I say?”

“Just Nick for me, thanks,” said Nick shortly. He seemed a little unpleasant, or at least distant. “So you’re the new fish, eh?”

“Well, Becca has been trying to get to one of these for ages…”

“…And I finally wore him down,” finished Becca, coming into the room behind Melissa and giving me a peck on the cheek. “You know how men are,” she said conspiratorially to Pina, who laughed.

“Quite,” said Nick, looking over the rest of the room. “N.J. Good to see you.” He actually seemed pleased at that. The room devolved into small talk again, and it was twenty minutes at least before Joe dinged his glass for silence. All were present and accounted for, I supposed.

“Well friends, it’s great to have you all here. I’m not one for speeches, but for the benefit of our first-time guests…” Here he gestured magnanimously at Becca and me. “Our house is your house. I know the gals have set out some food in the dining room, and there are other entertainments in the kitchen, for those of you who wish to partake. As for the rest of the house, there are beds and cushions upstairs, including our new hot tub in the bathroom. There’s nothing off-limits, although courtesy is always a must, so knock before entering.” Everyone laughed at that.

“Well, since we always start off with a little game,” said Melissa, standing, “I thought we’d have a little lottery. I’ve got all the women’s names in this jar, so come on up and see who you’ll be starting off with.”

There was a great deal of laughter and chatter as we all passed around the names. “Of course, to be fair, if you draw your own partner, put them back and draw again,” giggled Melissa. “We didn’t invite you here for a second honeymoon.”

I drew Becca’s name the first time, and there was a little laughter, uneasy for me and it seemed for her. However, the second time, I drew Sonya, much to my pleasure. I couldn’t wait to see what she looked like without her dress, and wondered idly who N.J. would get. He drew Hattie, and gave her a resigned smile. Hattie grinned. “I know I’m not your taste, but variety’s the spice of life.”

Ben drew Melissa, which seemed to suit them both just fine, for she snuggled into his lap and started whispering in his ear. Pete drew Cherise, who looked cool as a cucumber, although she was wearing something far less revealing than she had the night before. Joe smiled as he read Pina’s name. “Well hun, we’ll get to know each other a little better tonight after all this time,” he said, and I took it that they’d never been together before. She nodded with another smile. I was looking forward to having some time with her myself, although I wasn’t in any hurry.

“Well, I guess that leaves you and me,” said Becca to Nick. “Saving the best for last, I see.” Nick didn’t seem phased by this piece of flattery; he looked like he just wanted to get down to business, whatever it was.

“Well folks, we’ve had our little game, now just for starters, let’s all let each other alone for a while, how about it?” said N.J. who had warmed slightly to Hattie and had his arm around her slim waist. “There should be enough rooms in the house for us each to get one. And of course, there’s outside as well…” He seemed ready to head that way himself.

“No fresh air for me, thanks,” said Pete with a wink at Hattie. “Unless anyone wants it, I’m calling a soft bed somewhere. Cher hun, you want to come help me find somewhere comfortable.”

“Okay, everyone out,” said Ben as politely as was possible, considering that Melissa already had his shirt off. “I don’t think we’re going to be long.” There was a round of applause as the party scattered.

Sonya and I were standing in the atrium with Nick, Becca, Joe, and Pina, and from the living room we could already hear exciting noises. “Well pet, what say we head over to another bed,” said Joe, putting his arm around Pina. “I’m too old for excitement this late in the evening.” He winked at us and the two walked up the stairs.

“Well, we call this room,” said Becca, with a wink at me. “I don’t think Nick wants to wait for me.” True; he already had his arms around her and was working his hands all over her body. The sight made me feel oddly jealous, but I tried to concentrate on Sonya, who was tugging at my hand, pulling me up the stairs as well.

She seemed to know her way around, because we avoided running into either of the other couples and wound up in a smaller room which was probably an office, but which now had bedding and cushions strewn around the floor. “You like this?” she asked coyly.

“I like it, but I like you even more,” I said truthfully. She blushed. She may have been a hooker, but she acted like a virgin schoolgirl. “Lie down,” I said, a little commandingly. Something about her brought out a dominant side of me. Maybe it was her youth, maybe the novelty of the situation; I don’t know. She didn’t seem to mind; she lay back on the ground and looked expectantly up at me. “Damn,” I said aloud without meaning it, and she giggled and wiggled her delicious-looking rear. I was on me knees above her in a flash.

“Not afraid, kiss me,” she said with a grin. I did so wantonly, our mouths open, tongues swirling wildly around each other. My hands ran through her blonde hair, then down over her neck to the opening of her dress. She moved her own hands to mine, helped me slip the material down her shoulders until her arms were pinned at her sides. I felt rather than saw her breasts, small and pert, with tiny upturned nipples. When I finally broke the kiss and worked my way down her body, her tits looked even more attractive than they felt.

“God, I can’t go slowly, you’re too beautiful,” I said apologetically before pulling her dress down to her waist and diving with a rush into her abdomen. It was pale and soft, heaving with her breath as I kissed my way around her navel, my hands above my head pawing feverishly at her nubile breasts. She began to make soft noises, not words in any language, just pleasure. When I tweaked her aureoli playfully she gasped and let out a squeak, her back arching slightly with surprise.

Soon I had the dress off completely and in a corner; she had been wearing no underwear like a good girl, so I was able to immediately spread her legs and press my lips against her juvenile pubis, smelling her scent. It was exotic and musty, flavored with her lust and a trace amount of some perfume, present but not overpowering. Her pelvis and down between her legs was baby-soft, as if she had never grown fuzz, let alone a bush. I grasped her hips with my hands and began licking her pussy lips, slowly and then faster. Her taste was perfumed too, and as her juices quickly began to flow they Ankara escort bayan melded with the delicate flowery perfume and intoxicated me.

Before I knew it I had a finger in her, my tongue flicking madly over her clit, and she was still making soft little noises, her buttocks writhing, her cunt throbbing with heat and dripping wet. I kept up the pressure for a few minutes more until I couldn’t take it and withdrew. She didn’t seem to have cum, but I hoped that was because she was waiting for me.

“Take me, inside me,” she panted, probably the first words in English she had learned. I didn’t need any coaxing; I was already pulling my clothes off, exposing my raging hardon. I pulled her over on her stomach.

“Get ready,” I said, unnecessarily I know. She raised her buttocks from the floor and waggled them invitingly. I spread her legs a little, got between them, cock in hand, and rubbed some of her juices onto the head. I could see her puffy lips peeking out from below, and I rubbed my cockhead down the crack of her ass, over her rosebud of an anus, and up and down over her opening, gathering moisture. Then I gingerly pressed the head into her cuntal passage, then deeper as she widened to accept me. I bottomed out inside her, my arms wrapped around her and grasping her breasts from behind, and then let her get adjusted to me before I began short, sharp thrusts.

From this angle I wasn’t able to go as deep, but each time my cock pressed into the front wall of her vagina I felt her tremble. I moved one hand down to diddle her clit, which was finally coming out to play. Keeping up a steady rhythm, I drove her stomach into the ground repeatedly, gradually working my way toward orgasm

She beat me to it, and I was glad to feel it, because it confirmed my suspicions that her climax was worth waiting for. When she began moaning a little louder, in English and Russian, I grabbed her hips and pulled her up to her knees, then began pressing deeper into her now-spasming cunt, deeper and faster. She began slowly, but as I quickened my pace she began dripping, then gushing liquid, forcing me out of her hole from the pressure. She just as quickly subsided, making little pleasure noises again as I began to furrow her space once more.

Soon I grew tired of this position and flipped her soft body over again, getting between her legs and letting my weight press down on her stomach and chest as I penetrated her. We kissed again and rutted quietly in this position for some time, the thrusts coming slow and steady, working us both back up to the peak. “Baby, Sonya, I want to taste you when you cum,” I said softly in her ear. She nodded.

I got my wish quite quickly, for she almost immediately began panting and spasming again, so I hurriedly pulled out of her passage and got down between her legs. She was dribbling a little but once I got two fingers up inside her and another two on her clit, she built up steam and gushed directly into my mouth. It was a taste I could get used to; feminine and dainty for all its force. I got her to gush once more, softer this time, then she stopped coming and sat up. breathless. I lay down on my back and motioned her over; she straddled my up-thrusting member without question and took me into herself quickly, as if being without me inside her made her unhappy.

We got a good rhythm working again before I felt the first twinges. “I’m going to cum, babe,” I said, panting as I kept thrusting up into her.

“Inside, always inside,” she said. Who was I to argue?


“Parties, always coming inside, with all women,” she said matter-of-factly. Becca hadn’t mentioned this, and I couldn’t understand why. If anything, it made the party better. While I was puzzling this over, my body got ahead of my brain and called me back to reality just in time to grab Sonya’s slim hips and pump five hard jets of semen into her young womb. She smiled as she felt it splash into her, then we both reeled into a kiss as I grew soft inside her exquisitely sloshing pussy.

I forgot about the party, about Becca, about everything except the beautiful feeling of Sonya’s nubile body lying atop mine. Her nipples, small and pert, were still hard against my chest, and I could feel rather than see the oozing plop as my softened cock finally slipped out, along with a torrent of liquid, mine and hers, that drained out onto my pubic hair and ran down my scrotum. Her legs gripped my waist as she looked down at me with that same innocent look that must have driven her johns wild. I doubted that she could have looked more innocent as a baby.

Gradually the afterglow faded and I remembered the other women. My mind flitted over each one: Cherise’s lithe black body, no doubt even now straining to accommodate Pete’s mammoth manhood; Melissa’s mature curves and experienced passages; Hattie, whom I had not found attractive at first but who now, seen in the mind’s eye, seemed alive with possibilities scarcely held in by her waif-like form; Pina, buxom and waiting to be plucked like a grape from her homeland; even Becca, without remorse, lying atop Nick as I was sure she must be, her tanned rump sparkling in the moonlight. I shook myself a little at this last but found the image difficult to ignore. I could almost hear her moans, then reminded myself that I probably could hear her moans as she was just down the stairs. An odd surge of jealousy overtook me again.

“You think about your wife?” asked Sonya. “With Nick?”

I almost denied it before I remembered who my wife was. “Yes, a little,” I said slowly, then smiled and kissed Sonya. “It’s not fair of me; here I am with a beautiful girl and I’m thinking of her.”

“You never do this before, the party,” said Sonya. It wasn’t a question. “N.J. as you, first time. Jealous of attention I get.”

“And he should be,” I said. She smiled and rose to her knees, her pelvis still pressing down on mine. Her breasts were so small they would have seemed right on a girl half her age, but the swell of her hips was womanly. For the first time I noticed her bellybutton; it was convex rather than concave, sticking out just a little, like she was a newborn. “Honey, I could just stay here and fuck you the rest of the evening,” I said truthfully.

“No, others want you,” she said.

“No, others want you,” I corrected. “Me, I’m just a guy. You’re the one they want, and it’s not fair for me to keep you to myself.”

She laughed and shook her head, then slowly stood. “You see,” she said. “They want you too.”

“Well right now, I want a drink,” I said, climbing to my feet and taking Sonya’s hand. “Care to join me in the kitchen for some?”


We walked out of the small room into the hallway, and I heard the noises of passion coming from further down, where the bedrooms must have been. I could hear moaning that didn’t sound like Cherise; she had been quiet as a mouse when we had enjoyed each other’s company the previous day. I decided it must be Pina, enjoying some of Joe’s technique. If she was always this loud, I decided, I was looking forward to her even more. Sonya’s girlish submission had primed me for some dominant female attention. Perhaps I should go right now and ask to cut in? No, I had Sonya to attend to, and truth be told, I was very thirsty.

Despite my not-so-subtle desire to interrupt my sister in action, we went down the back stairs to the kitchen. There we found Hattie and N.J., both as naked as we, sitting on the floor and making some sort of preparations with a pipe. N.J. saw us first; Hattie was engrossed in true aging hippy style in the matter at hand. “So, you’re back already,” said N.J. with a laugh. “She’s difficult to resist.” I couldn’t tell whether he was talking about Sonya or Hattie. My eyes were on Hattie, whose body, though toughened with age and a life spent outdoors, was surprisingly wrinkle-free. Her breasts were larger than they had seemed with clothes on, and they drooped, no doubt because of a life spent burning underwires.

“You all want to take a drag?” she asked without looking up. Sonya shook her head. I was a little tempted, after Omo’s special blend the previous evening, but decided to leave it for now.

“We’re just here for a drink,” I said.

“Bar’s over there,” said N.J. He pointed in the direction of a liquor cabinet in the corner, before which had been set up several bottles, glasses, and a bin of ice. I took a glass of ice and filled it with water from the tap, which elicited a laugh from N.J. Sonya, true to her heritage I suppose, took a full glass of vodka.

Hattie had by this time prepared the bowl to her specifications and was handing it off to N.J. She blew a smoke ring and finally turned to look at me. “Well Phil, I don’t suppose you’d care to join me out in the hammock, after I get my wind back.” She chuckled. “I think he just wanted to get it over with. Don’t worry, I won’t be insulted if you want to go looking for someone else.”

“No, it’s not that at all,” I said, half meaning it. “It’s just that I wouldn’t want to leave Sonya and N.J. here alone. After all, they didn’t come here to get to know each other.”

N.J. laughed and coughed at the same time. “Truth be told, I know enough about my darling wife already,” he said conspiratorially, although loud enough that Sonya could hear. She didn’t seem to mind, but I couldn’t imagine ever getting tired of her. “And Hattie my dear, you were right; I was just trying to get it over with, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t ask for seconds. I was going to see if Nick and Phil’s wife were done, truth be told, since I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a romp with Sonya, and I fancy a little of Becca.”

“Well then, let me take one more puff, young man, and we’ll leave these two to interrupt other people’s bliss,” said Hattie with a toothy grin. “You’re sure you won’t have a toke?” she asked me as N.J. passed the pipe back. “It might help you imagine you weren’t fucking a bony old crone.” She cackled to drive home the image, but frankly, for all her age, I was eager to try her out, see what she might be hiding that an attentive partner could find. A man with a penis like Pete’s could have had any woman he wanted, and I wanted to see why he wanted Hattie. She shrugged, took another pull, handed the pipe back to N.J., and stood, letting me see her fully for the first time.

When she was standing the wrinkles that had been there were gone; she was taut as a drumhead. She was also pencil-thin; I could see her ribs below her drooping breasts and her hipbones and spine when she turned and started out the door to the patio. Her shoulder blades appeared and receded as she walked, and the flesh of her buttocks looked strained over the bones beneath. There was very little curve to her body.

Nonetheless, I followed her out the door, away from the youth and vitality of Sonya, like a man possessed. It was a mystery, this body; what secrets could it hold?


“Ever made love in a hammock before, son?” she asked me, sitting in the hammock which swung between two trees and patting the seat beside her.

I had, in fact, although with far younger women and in far different circumstances. “Yes,” I said, studying Hattie’s form, waiting for her to make a move. She seemed utterly at peace with simply sitting naked next to me, and to tell the truth, I was feeling more and more mellow myself just from her presence. “Though not as big as this one,” I added.

“Well, I suppose you’re like N.J. and you want to get over porking the old lady so you can get back to the party,” she said, entirely without malice.

“Not really,” I said. “The night is young, and I slept in this afternoon. From what I hear, both Joe and Melissa will probably take a while anyway.”

“See, that’s something I just don’t get,” said Hattie with a chuckle, leaning against me. I could feel her ponytail brush against my back, and I also felt the stirrings in my loins that signaled that I would soon have something to play with. “I mean, I like sex; been doing it most of my life, actually. But I like pleasure, not waiting and teasing. I want to cum, not fool around.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her, reaching around behind her and putting my arm around her because it felt natural, like we were two good friends just sitting on the hammock and chatting.

“Shit, I tried that Tantric jazz, fucking for hours and hours, building your pleasure, all that garbage,” she said, leaning back and taking me with her until we were rocking side by side, looking up into the canopy of blackness. “And in the time that it took me to cum once, I could have cum ten times the old way. Sure, once you go off after hours it’s a little bigger, but I’ll take quantity over quality. And I’m getting too old for having to bump and grind for hours.”

“So just wham bam thank you ma’am?”

“No, not like that, I mean, that’s N.J.’s style. That’s why he’s got to rob the cradle; a real woman knows he’s only in it for himself.” She turned to look at me. “How many times did Sonya cum?”

“Twice, I think,” I said sheepishly, almost uncomfortable sharing a secret like that. I’m not the kind to kiss and tell.

“I bet the only time that poor girl gets off is when he brings her here,” Hattie said with a scowl. “But it didn’t take you an hour, did it?”

I wasn’t sure what time it was, but the act itself had only seemed to take a few short minutes. “No,” I said, seeing what Hattie meant.

“So that’s my point,” she said with a nod. “You two kids were ready to go, and you did the thing right. I’m not saying it’s always got to be quick, but there’s no reason to string each other along. When you gotta cum, cum. If you know what you’re doing, you can cum, snuggle, and then start again in the time that it takes Joe to blow his load once. And if you’re ready, no reason to beat about the bush. But see, N.J. and I were both ready, although I think getting stuck with me made him less ready, if you know what I mean. But just because we were ready doesn’t mean he had to get his jollies and leave me hanging, you see what I’m saying?”

I could sense that Hattie didn’t care much for N.J. It was a feeling I was growing to share. “Well, it doesn’t sound fair to me,” I said, looking at her lying beside me. In the soft light coming from the windows of the house, her figure had softened too.

“Well, do you want to sit here and talk, or do you want to make it up to me?” she purred, running a finger down my chest. I didn’t even need to answer. My hardon was pulsing to life, and I wanted nothing more than to prove that I was a better man than N.J. The fact that he was probably with my sister right now added a jealousy to that desire, and the two combined to form a passion for Hattie I couldn’t have imagined before.

For all my arousal, I was still gathering steam, and besides, I was out to prove that my own pleasure was secondary. I slipped from beside Hattie’s thin form and knelt in front of her knees, then stared up between them to the object of my attention. I noticed for the first time that Hattie’s whole pubis was covered in a veritable carpet of hair, and I will admit I was slightly turned off by the concept of sticking my face into the bush, which would no doubt smell of sweat and ass and other unpleasantness. Then I remembered too that N.J. had just recently emptied his balls into that same carpet. I am not terribly squeamish when it comes to bodily fluids: I have had enough partners to know that tasting another guy’s cum on a woman’s tongue doesn’t turn you gay. The thought of tasting N.J. inside Hattie’s snatch didn’t turn me off anywhere near as much as the thought of the various other tastes and smells an aging hippy must produce. Hattie must have read my hesitation differently.

“Having second thoughts down there?” she said, raising herself up on her elbows and looking down at me. “Never had sloppy seconds on your tongue, eh? Don’t worry, N.J. came in my mouth; I told you he was only interested in himself.”

This statement didn’t produce the desired relief on my part, and I steeled myself for the unpleasant task ahead. I’ve always preferred a woman shaved; it’s cleaner, for one thing. I did my best to smile at Hattie and took her knees in my hands, spreading her legs wider and getting an even better look at her hirsute snatch. I could make out the outlines of her lips, and the pink gash between, but there was a lot of hair there.

Of course, when I arrived at the site and took a sniff, there was nothing remotely unpleasant. Hippy apparently didn’t equate to unwashed, in Hattie’s case. She smelled of incense and pot smoke and a desperate woman, and I relaxed and began nuzzling my lips at the top of her pubis. Her hair was fine, like the hair on her head, not particularly soft but not at all unpleasant. When I finally began licking my tongue over her pink opening, she tasted as pleasantly aroused as she smelled.

With nothing more to hold me back, I moved my hands up to pull aside her cuntal lips and began exploring. She wasn’t dripping wet, just moist, and her heat was subdued but present. Her dewy warmth grew as I began gently running my tongue from just above her asshole to the clitoral hood, and she sighed approvingly. My tongue felt the hardness of bone at the base of her cunt but then delved into her softness, not leathery like her skin. Her pubic hair occasionally found its way into my mouth and I was forced to adjust. She laughed at this. “Not used to a bush, are you boy?” she said, her arms spread wide on the hammock, her head back. “I’ve never shaved any part of me, not once. Only cut my hair once or twice, to boot. But I’m not one of your greasy hippies, now am I?” I mumbled something through my tongue.

“Gave myself a douche with herbed water before we came,” she said, as if trying to explain her taste. I couldn’t taste any herbs, just woman, and with each dip of my tongue into her opening I could taste that more and more. My arousal, awakened then dampened, had begun to revive, and I found that although I could still feel the boniness in her thighs, since I could only see her pubis the rest didn’t matter. She could have been anyone.

“No need to prolong things on my account,” she said from somewhere above me. “And don’t forget to pay my butt a little attention while you’re at it.” I’ve never minded when women give me instructions on how to please them; there’s no pride in doing things wrong. I looked down and found Hattie’s pink clit engorged under my tongue, and I switched to nibbling and sucking it while I began to work a finger into her. Remembering a porn site, I got my middle finger deep into her passage and then began putting my thumb against the puckered hole beneath. Hattie began moaning softly.

Once I had the thumb up her butt, I began running my hand slowly in and out of both of her passages. Her excitement level increased markedly. “Yeah, that’s the stuff,” she gasped above me as I quickened my pace, then worked a second finger into her vaginal opening. I used the other hand to pinch gently at the base of her clit. As I squeezed the top of her cunt tighter, I spread the fingers inside it farther apart, slowing and then stopping my hand thrusts to keep rhythm by pinching, spreading, and licking. Hattie tasted more and more aroused with every second.

Then, when I had about played out the options available, I launched my secret weapon. Sucking her clit into my mouth and keeping pressure, I moved my free hand to rest on her lower abdomen. Then I squeezed my fingers and thumb together, trapping the thin layer of flesh between vagina and anus and pressing it hard. Then I released and, raising my fingers inside her up, repeated the squeeze between my fingers and upper hand, all the while sucking hard on her clit.

Two more repetitions of this and she was shaking, no longer speaking, just breathing roughly and occasionally gasping as my fingers found a sensitive spot or my tongue flicked over the head of her clit, swollen and red inside my ever-sucking mouth. Finally, I spun the hand inside her until just my fingers were in her passage, the thumb coming up musky and erotic. Then I curled my fingers and probed the upper wall of her pussy until I struck the spot I was looking for and she moaned, “Here it comes.”

The warning went by without notice; I was too busy running the tips of my probing fingers over her vaginal wall to care when she began coming. It turned out that the warning was needless anyway; Hattie’s orgasm was as laid back as she herself. Her taste became heavy and musky, and the moisture on my hand showed that some sweetness had oozed out, but aside from the panting and occasional spasms of her vaginal muscles, there was no spurting or other excitement. By combined pressure down and up, I managed to sandwich her between two pulsing, thrusting forces, and kept her shuddering and panting for as long as I could before she gasped, then took a long, heaving breath and relaxed.

“You’re good,” she said quietly, as if all the force had left her with the orgasm. I stopped my ministrations slowly, gently, easing her back to the hammock. Then I licked my hand clean, and she was as sweet as I had hoped. I rejoined her on the hammock. “Where did you learn that trick with your fingers and thumb?” she asked me, as if she was asking where I bought my shirt.

“A friend,” I said, not needing to say more. Cunnilingus is certainly not least on my practice list, and I had had lots of practice.

“Your wife must melt for you,” said Hattie, who looked kind of melted herself. I didn’t answer, not knowing what to say. I didn’t feel right lying about it, but at the same time I couldn’t think of a reason why my techniques wouldn’t work on Becca. Thinking of working my techniques on Becca was strangely satisfying, in fact. “Well, I guess some women go for it, some don’t,” continued Hattie, having misinterpreted the look on my face. “Is her clit too sensitive? Or does her taste bother you?” I kept silent, although I knew I couldn’t hold out forever. The talk was arousing me, and I couldn’t help but wish Hattie would stop asking awkward questions and return to the matter at hand. “Okay, none of my business,” she said finally, with a wan smile. “Now, do you want something in return for that fine performance, or do you want to go hunt fresher game.”

She nodded in the direction of the house, and I could see through the patio door that Melissa, Nick, Ben, and Sonya were lounging there. Sonya’s back was turned and I could see the exquisite curves of her pale buttocks. Melissa and Ben seemed to be still going at it; she was seated in his lap and as they both drank from the same glass, she idly rocked, causing her copious breasts to sway.

Then I looked back at Hattie, who was obviously prepared for me to go off in search of someone else. I wasn’t incredibly attracted to this woman, true, but at that moment I wanted nothing more than to be the first to drive his manhood into her soft spaces. “No, I’m staying right here for the moment,” I said, then rolled to my side and kissed her. The fact that she was probably old enough to be my grandmother no longer mattered to me; my grandmother was not this sexy woman who needed me.

She seemed a little startled, but then she opened her mouth and kissed me back, and we forgot about the others. When she finally broke the kiss, she smiled. “Are you ready to go, or do you need a little help?” she asked, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to her. Obviously she hadn’t looked at my crotch, because if she had she would have seen just how ready I was. I reeled her into an embrace which jutted my cock up against her leg bone, sending a shock through my body.

We clumsily maneuvered ourselves to lie side by side long ways on the hammock. “I’ve found that spooning is easiest in here,” she said.

“Whatever you say,” I replied, my free hand running down her flank, the other arm trapped beneath her, although trapped is an overstatement, since I probably could have lifted her light form with one finger. In my arms her tough skin smoothed, the bumps of her bones became less angular and more exciting. My cock jutted out from between her legs until she settled her butt directly in front of it and lifted one leg to open herself to me. It seemed effortless to slide my hardened member up between her thighs, tickling the exposed glans on her carpet of fur, then finding the soft warm wetness, still lubricated from her orgasm a minute earlier. The head entered first and her lifted leg curled back almost impossibly to pull my hips forward. Her body seemed to be made of rubber, her arms wound back around my body, and as I penetrated deeper, her back arched, pushing her rear closer to me and her shoulders up to my chest, while the length of her back curved and writhed like a snake.

And now I could see what the solution to the mystery was. Hattie was all around me, her contortions somehow pressing every inch of her flesh closer to mine and at the same time writhing and squirming. As I began to thrust my hips into her buttocks I didn’t feel the jar of her bones against mine; somehow they avoided me completely. It was as if we were one body, so different from the sex I’d had in the past. There was no thrusting, just gyration, writhing in and out of each other. She had her head facing me and we were kissing, and my hands roved freely over her thin frame, stopping now and again to palm her breasts, which had become perkier with arousal, and then down to rove across her pelvic arch, to pinch at her clit, causing her to gyrate more quickly for an instant before settling back into the rhythm.

Eventually she rolled to lie atop me, with her back to my chest, her legs locked back around mine, her hands reaching back to tangle with my hair. I kissed her ear and pressed upward. After all the fucking of the past two days, this act alone seemed effortless, without strain. She had reached down to play with her own clit, and I moved my hand down as well, and together we stimulated her until she gasped and came anew. This orgasm was slower and gentler, but it rolled over her entire body. I could feel it through my chest, into my legs and hips, straight down through the shaft of my cock and into my stomach. Her arms and legs gripped and released with the same spasms as I felt on my cock, and when it finally became too much to hold, I clamped her pelvis back against me with a groan and spent myself as deep inside her as I could.


I woke some time later to find Hattie nestled in my arms staring down at me with a wise look. “You needed the rest, and so did I,” she said quietly.

“How long…”

“Oh, maybe an hour,” she said, smiling. “You haven’t missed much. Ben and Melissa came out to check on us a while back, then they went back to talking with Nick and Sonya. Don’t worry, after the first few times things slow down a bit, naturally. Gives everyone a chance to gather up another head of steam.” She slowly slipped off of me and rose, cracking a joint or two with a practiced bend. “Well, young man, you’ve done your duty, and now I’m sure other people are waiting for you. Melissa seemed quite annoyed that you were sleeping.”


“You’ve got hammock marks all over your ass,” said Becca, laughing, as she entered the kitchen to find the group. Nick and Sonya had retired, but Pete and Cherise had joined us, making a delightful couple. Pete’s huge cock was at least eleven inches, possibly more, and it remained cheerfully hard throughout. Cherise had a satisfied look on her face. Melissa was up mixing drinks, unabashedly naked, as were we all. Hattie had cozied up to Ben, who had a sizeable piece on him as well, and did not look at all displeased by the attention.

I was standing by the counter lazily watching Melissa, gathering strength. When Becca walked in I didn’t even think at first about the fact that she was naked and glistening, but her comment returned me to the world of half-truths, and I blushed and almost hid my nakedness before I remembered and tried to play it cool. “Well, that’s what I get for sleeping with a beautiful woman on a hammock, isn’t it?” I said with a wink in Hattie’s direction. She was too busy cooing in Ben’s ear to notice.

“Well well, what are we doing sitting around?” asked N.J. as he came through the door after my sister. He looked pleased as punch, and since he had been with Becca for as long as I had been with Hattie, perhaps longer, he must have enjoyed my sister’s ample kindness. Becca, for her part, looked a little wild-eyed, but none the worse for wear.

“Not all of us are as full of vigor as you,” said Cherise mockingly. She gazed with approval at N.J., who, for all his faults, was not a bad looking man. “But since you’re so hot to trot, perhaps you can try to fill some mighty big shoes.” She laughed at this joke, and Pete laughed too. N.J. seemed a little put out at being compared to Goliath, but he showed no hesitation.

“Shall I prove it right here?” he asked smugly, as if he was sure she would demand privacy.

“Yeah, come on Cher, that’s just the thing to get us back in the mood,” said Ben, her husband no less. He and Hattie were having a great time in the corner, but they both seemed eager to watch.

“Where is my husband?” asked Melissa with a look on her face that could have been joking or serious. “He’s showing off with Pina. Just because they’ve never had each other is no reason to be flirtatious.”

“Who’s flirtatious?” asked Joe, coming down the back stairs. Pina traipsed behind him, and I was pleased to see that without clothes she had no sign of a tan line.

“You, you show-off,” said Melissa, giving him a playful peck, then another to Pina, who looked interested. “You’ve been the longest; just trying to show off that stamina of yours.”

“So what do you say?” asked N.J. again.

“Well, I think we should all go to the living room and watch N.J. put his money where his mouth is,” said Cherise unperturbedly.


Once in the living room we settled down on couches and chairs. I positioned myself next to Melissa, who smiled and gave me a playful pat on the groin. I was looking forward to experiencing her techniques once again.

Ben and Joe pulled the coffee table out of the way and deposited some cushions, and Cherise unceremoniously draped herself over them like the queen of Sheba on a throne. Her night-black skin sparkled with blue and purple highlights. Beside her, N.J. looked almost pale by comparison.

He, in turn, demanded a drink first, then a dildo, “to even the odds,” as he put it. Joe produced a purple dildo of modest size from a drawer and then groaned when N.J. demanded a bigger one.

“Will you two get on with it,” growled Ben, who was cuddling with Hattie on the floor in a corner. They seemed as interested in each other as in the goings on.

Once N.J. had a toy to his liking, he seemed to forget the audience and moved straight for the kill. It didn’t take him long to position Cherise on her back below him, and then with practiced ease he slipped a brace of fingers into her passage and began pumping. His technique was much more brutal than my own, but Cherise didn’t seem to mind. I revised my own technique in anticipation of being with Cherise later.

As the black woman began breathing more heavily, N.J. abruptly switched his fingers lower, jamming them unexpectedly into her anus with little resistance. I was impressed with his abilities; it didn’t seem possible, but he switched holes with barely a hitch. The anal insertion brought a cry from Cherise, and her outstretched hands grasped handfuls of the cushions.

N.J. put his mouth to work and for a while all we could see was his hand furiously thrusting and his head bobbing. Cherise wrapped her legs around his back and arched her back, pushing the exquisite black globes of her breasts with their firm stiff nipples into the air for all to see. The sight brought a little life to my groin, and undoubtedly had a similar affect on the other men present.

When N.J. had brought Cherise to a shuddering, violent climax, he abruptly ceased while she was still in the throes. That I didn’t approve of, but Cherise was beyond caring. A damp patch spread on the cushion below her lithe hips, and her eyes were closed as she mouthed strange sounds with no noise. N.J. thrust the dildo into her ass and then climbed up and quickly mounted her, his cock short but thick spearing her pink chasm. He lifted her legs to his shoulders and with a perfect vantage point began pumping his entire girth in and out of her still-climaxing vagina.

As Hattie had said, he was brutal and seemed to care very little for her pleasure, but at least he had seen fit to drive her over the edge. His technique was nothing special, just forceful, which some women enjoy but others do not. I could see Hattie not enjoying it, and I looked over at her to find her head bobbing up and down on Ben’s lap. He was watching N.J. fuck his wife while Hattie gave him what looked to be an expert blowjob. The combination of scenes drove more blood to my inflating cock, which began to rise from my own lap.

Cherise stopped coming and lay back under the onslaught, and in very short order N.J. cried out and stiffened. It didn’t take him long, perhaps three or four spurts, and then he pulled out and left Cherise lying there, dildo protruding from her ass and cum leaking down onto it. “Satisfied?” he challenged us all.

“Well, I don’t think we’re the ones you need to worry about,” said Melissa slowly, carefully, as if she was worried he might attack her.

“I’m fine,” came Cherise’s voice from the floor.

“Good,” said Melissa, and everyone relaxed.


“That wasn’t the most pleasant thing I’ve had to sit through,” said Melissa quietly as she led me upstairs to a bedroom.

“Is he always like that?” I asked.

“Well, sometimes.”

“Why do you invite him, if he’s going to be an asshole?”

“The truth is that we care for Sonya,” said Melissa, shutting the door behind us. “If they didn’t come to the parties, who knows what he’d do to her, or to other girls. So it keeps him happy enough.”

“But?” I knew there was a catch.

“But, happy enough is only happy enough,” she said with a sigh. “He doesn’t treat her badly, but he’s not interested in her particularly. Frankly, if you new fish hadn’t come tonight, I’m not sure the prospect of Cherise, Hattie, and I would have been enough to draw him.”

“There are no other couples?”

“Well Jill and Sam used to come by more often, but then they had twins,” said Melissa with a laugh, sitting on the bed and motioning for me to sit beside her. “It was fun having a pregnant gal at the party, but with kids… they just can’t, not right now. And we have a few other couples who drop in every once in a while, but no one regular. That’s why we were so happy that you and Becca finally decided to come, no pun intended. And then Pina and Nick showed up too, so N.J. has very little to complain about this time.”

“But if he had?” I couldn’t help asking the questions, even though they weren’t particularly my business.

“If there had been no one new he might have brought Sonya just to show her off. He likes to watch other men fuck her more than he likes to do it himself, and he loves that he’s the one with the beautiful young wife that everyone wants to fuck. But he might have stayed home, and when that happens he goes off on a business trip.”

“Business trip? Like to a whorehouse?”

“You could say that. He told you he likes them young, and when he can’t have the diversion of swapping wives, he goes off to look for young ones. Sometimes he brings Sonya along. We worry most then. Mostly he just leaves her alone, goes out of country, hooks into his connections, and has a young one.” She shuddered. “Joe and I keep a look out for Sonya, and sometimes she stays with us. We’ve been trying to get him to leave her with us any time he travels, but sometimes he just has to bring her along. That poor girl has suffered enough; she doesn’t need to help violate some other young girl. She told us that the last time, he bought a girl and a boy, barely old enough to know what sex is, let alone do it. He made the little boy fuck her, then had the little girl, then watched as the two kids had each other while Sonya blew him.”

The talk was depressing and arousing at the same time. “What the hell am I talking about this stuff for?” asked Melissa, shaking her head and then looking at me. “You don’t need to worry about it. You’re not here to give me therapy.”

“Yeah,” I managed. I was feeling strangely guilty for having treated Sonya so badly, but then I remembered what Hattie had said and realized that I had made her cum not once but twice. So the guilt didn’t vanish, but it receded enough to let me look Melissa in the eye. “I need to fuck you, Melissa,” I said with alarming frankness. “I’ve needed it ever since I walked in the door.”

“See, you can’t keep a good man down,” she smiled. Naked, she was rounder than she had seemed in the bathroom stall the night before. There were a few folds of flab, but for the most part she was just buxom and rounded. I longed to bury my face in her sizeable breasts, then I let her lead me down onto the bed until I was doing just that. They swayed and jiggled as I held them with both hands and suckled at them like they were my mother’s. “You’ve been wanting to do that since you saw them,” she crowed triumphantly. “Well go to town. We’ve got a few minutes.”

To town I went, licking and sucking every inch of her freckled bosoms, working with tongue and teeth to bring out the peaks of her nipples. She lay there, making small purrs in her throat every so often, as I finally tore myself away from her beautiful rack and kissed my way quickly down her stomach until I was licking her pelvic bone, aching to dive down into her snatch. I forced myself to relax, then said, in a voice which tried hard to sound controlled but failed, “Spread ’em, Mel.”

She laughed at that. “Something the matter, officer?”

“Well ma’am,” I said, getting into the spirit of the moment, “I just need to examine a few things, make sure you’re not hiding anything from the law.”

“Perish the thought.” She daintily shifted her weight and spread her milky thighs to reveal her shaved pubis, swollen and wet, still red from her last fuck. I gazed at it for a few moments, breathing in the smell of her.

“Well, everything seems to be in order down here,” I said nonchalantly. I was just about to dive in and taste just how in order everything was when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” said Melissa sweetly before I’d even had a chance to think. For some reason shyness overcame me and I started up as if I had been caught masturbating in the bathroom.

The door opened and Pete and my sister entered. She looked blissed out; no doubt a hit or two of the pipe had passed her lips. I was alarmed.

“Well shit,” said Pete, who looked ready to turn around and leave. “I’m sorry folks, I was just looking for a spare bed. The little lady and I couldn’t wait any longer and like I said before, I’m too old to be camping out on the floor.”

“No need to apologize,” said Melissa, idly patting the bed beside her. “We’re all grown-ups here.”

“But you guys look like you’ve just started,” said Pete.

“True enough,” said Melissa, looking down at Pete’s package. I stole a glance too; it really was something else. It could have been a foot long, and the shaft was thick too. “But that just means there’s space for a few more before we really get into it. The bed’s pretty big, and unless Phil and Becca mind, I certainly don’t.”

“Mind?” said Becca absently. She was looking at Pete’s cock too. “It’s nothing Phil hasn’t seen before, unless he’s suffering from a bout of jealousy. I’m certainly not jealous of you, Mel.”

I couldn’t speak. I was sure there wouldn’t be any real problem with it, not if Becca was occupied with Pete. But one never knew. They might want to join in in a more concrete sense, and then where would I be? I couldn’t shake the odd feelings of desire and temptation, desire to see my sister handle that huge cock, desire for her to see me in action too, I admit. I guess my silence was answer enough.

“Scoot over,” said Becca, playfully slapping my ass. Melissa and I scooted, and Becca lay beside her in a perfect imitation. Her tanned legs spread wide, and I could see her pussy, crowned with a tuft of dark fuzz. It was already spread wide, and I could see down into the pink passage. She didn’t seem to notice me looking at her, or if she did, she didn’t seem to care.

“Well son,” said Pete with a lopsided smile. “I think the best thing to do in this situation, with two beautiful ladies just lying there waiting for us, is to jump right in.” He gestured down at my crotch, which sported a hardon much less impressive than his but just as ready for action. “You don’t need any warming up, and neither do they. It’ll keep your mind off your wife.”

I looked up to see that Melissa and Becca had begun kissing, slowly and erotically. It was certainly enough for me. “Last one in’s a rotten egg,” I said to Pete, and then we both advanced on the pair of pelvises, cocks in hand, and I stopped caring about what was going on next to me. I just wanted to bury myself in Melissa’s inviting cunt.

She didn’t seem to mind as I pressed my shaft into her quickly and firmly, with little preparation; she was spread wide open, either by design or simply by Ben before me. I discovered that it must have been by design as she wrapped her legs around my back and tightened her feminine muscles on me, shrinking what had been a chasm to a mere pinprick. I heard Becca moan, no doubt as Pete’s manhood thrust deeper in her than she’d ever had before. Even in the tightness of Melissa’s cunt I began thrusting, probing deeper into her, although I knew I had no chance of competing with Pete where depth was concerned.

Becca came first, or at least she seemed to; it wasn’t two minutes before she began gasping and a flush spread over her whole body. I found myself drawn to look at her, specifically at Pete’s huge cock furrowing her. It was incredibly exciting to watch her well-toned pelvis accept the whole length of him, seemingly impossibly. Melissa petted Becca’s breasts with a hand, whispered calming words into her ear as the rush overtook her.

Not to be left out, I reached down and began diddling Melissa’s clit, which had emerged almost immediately. I pressed into her hard and fast, and soon she forgot her ministrations of Becca’s pert little breasts and concentrated only on each thrust. I felt rather than saw that Pete had flipped Becca over onto her face and was pressing down into her from behind. I gestured to Melissa to do the same, and soon Pete and I were fucking away at two prone figures, their matching butts raised off the bed, matching moans coming from both.

We fucked side by side for as long as I could keep up, and then I pulled out of Melissa and said, “I need a break Mel.” She slid off the bed and I climbed up, then she crawled over me to straddle my up-thrusting cock and lowered herself onto it. The rhythm of her thrusts was mirrored in the beautiful bouncing of her breasts, and if my hands hadn’t been occupied pulling her hips to mine, trying to drive myself further up into her, I would have grabbed both of them. As it was, I satisfied myself by occasionally pulling her body to me so I could kiss her, our tongues sloppily going in and out as my cock was going in and out of her pussy.

Becca was crying out now with each thrust, her face still buried in the bed. Her hands roved over Melissa’s back and occasionally stroked my own body without realizing. Finally Pete pulled back from her. “Phil, do you mind if I join you?” he asked, breathing heavily with the exertion. “I think your wife needs a little breather; she’s not used to me.”

“You want to get in on Melissa?” I asked. It was arousing to be talking about sex like it was the weather, I have to admit. My experiences with threesomes where multiple guys were involved were somewhat limited, and I couldn’t wait for Pete to join.

“Careful back there,” said Melissa, slowing her bouncing and sinking onto my chest. “I just had it detailed.”

Pete maneuvered up behind Melissa, between my legs, taking hold of her ample hips and positioning her to his liking. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to break anything,” he said. Then his one hand disappeared from view and I felt Melissa writhe atop me as he began pressing against her asshole.

After a minute of ministrations, during which time I occasionally felt his hands dip to Melissa’s cunt and touch my cock, I saw him move closer and I could feel above me as he worked his way into Melissa’s anus. The feeling was different from anything I’d ever felt before, because the other times I’d had the pleasure of sharing a woman, the cock in her ass had been much smaller. He spread her apart, and I could feel her lose a little control and spasm on both him and me. I was busy concentrating on the feeling when I noticed that Becca had risen and was watching the three of us with interest. I hoped she wasn’t expecting a turn in the middle.

Eventually Pete’s enormous girth was buried in Melissa’s colon and he began pumping into her slowly, not really moving his cock, just pressing with it. I tried to thrust upward as he thrust down, and the pressure of the two cocks butting together with only a thin flesh wall between was fantastic.

“Now this is treating a gal right,” said Melissa breathlessly as Pete began backing out and thrusting in again, at first just a tiny bit, then more and more, until after five minutes he was almost out of her with every thrust. When she came, it wasn’t soft or quiet; she began gasping, then wailing as the two of us jammed her full of sausage. Her cunt spasmed madly and I’m sure the sensation was similar on the other end. Then her wails cut off and I realized that Becca was kissing her, sitting just above my head. I could look up and see her breasts, or to the sides and see each leg. Melissa’s hands were grasping madly at my chest.

Pete finally slowed and began groaning too, and Becca slipped from above me to put her head down by Melissa’s tail. I could feel her tongue licking, licking me too, and when Pete sighed and popped out of Melissa’s well-worn ass, Becca took his place and licked all over. She was obviously cleaning cum out of Melissa, a thought which aroused me no end. When she returned to the head of the bed and kissed Melissa, I could see that the cum passed between them into Melissa’s mouth, and she swallowed it with relish.

I wasn’t far from coming, but then Pete said something which dropped my libido like a ton of bricks. “Well, I’ve given Mel a little present, why doesn’t Phil do the same to his blushing bride, since I can’t.

Becca finally looked startled. “We didn’t come here to fuck each other,” she said, almost at the same time as I said the same thing.

“Oh, okay, no problem,” said Pete. Melissa stopped rocking and looked down at me, then over at Becca.

“Something you folks want to tell us?” she asked.

“Well…” I began.

“No,” said Becca simply. “I should never have let Pete barge in on you two. I should have known that it would be awkward between us.”

“Awkward?” asked Mel, climbing off of me and sitting beside me. My cock had almost completely deflated.

“We’ve just… well, we’ve been having problems,” said Becca, and I thanked all my lucky stars that she was as adroit a liar as that. “It’s nothing major, but we’d rather not deal with it right now. This is supposed to be a fun time, right?”

“Right,” I said quickly. “Becca’s right; our baggage isn’t important right now.”

“Well,” said Pete. “Far be it for me to force anything on anyone, but you really ought to sit down and talk it through. I hope being here isn’t making it harder. We’re not in the business of breaking up marriages at these parties.”

“Exactly,” said Melissa warmly, looking at both of us in turn. “I mean, I hope we didn’t pressure you two into something you weren’t ready for.”

“Not at all,” said Becca. “This is very healthy for us, rather than going behind each other’s backs like we have been doing. It’s all part of the process.”

“Well then, on with the process,” said Melissa. “Pete and I don’t want to monopolize you two any longer. Maybe you should go find two separate rooms with separate partners.”

“No, Mel, I’ll stay here with you,” I said. Truthfully, I did want to get around to everyone at the party before I was completely spent, and it was getting harder and harder for me to cum, what with all the excitement of the past day.

“Nonsense,” said Melissa. “You need some new blood. Pete and I will pair off, and you two kids go find somewhere else to be. Becca, I’m sure Joe would love to give you that gift Pete was talking about.”


“Well that was close,” I said to Becca as we both exited the room. Pete and Melissa had already begun again; his cock was insatiable. The Viagra must have been something else.

“Close?” said Becca absently. “I guess.”

“Well come on sis…”

“Remember, the walls have ears.”

“Fine. Come on Becca, we almost got into a situation that wouldn’t have been good.”

“You’re lucky I can talk faster than you think,” she said with a glance at me. “I don’t think we need to keep talking about it though. It’s fine, you didn’t have to do anything improper. I’m going to find Joe. You should track down Pina; she was asking about you.”

“But…” I began, but Becca waved me away and started over to the other bedroom door.

“Come in,” came Joe’s voice from the other side. As she opened the door I caught a glimpse of Sonya’s alabaster backside rising and falling on the bed. It started my arousal working again, and then I found myself wishing I could have gone in too, to watch Joe and these two lovely girls fuck. The fact that Becca was my sister had only moments ago made me deflate, but now it brought me back to life.

Reality intruded again as the door shut.


In the living room, Hattie and Ben were fucking gracefully; she was standing with one leg raised as if imitating a dog marking his territory, while Ben held her up with his strong arms and pressed his length into her deepest spaces. He was thicker than Pete but shorter, still respectable but nothing to gawk at. He gave me a glance as I entered the room. “Melissa finished you off already?” he asked, grunting slightly as he thrust in mid-sentence.

“Yeah, I’m looking for Pina,” I said.

“She’s with N.J. but they should be done by now,” said Hattie without looking at me. “Ooh, a little harder and to the left.”

In the kitchen I found Nick, Pina, and N.J. The latter was looking absolutely baked. “The night is young,” he said, to no one in particular.

“Phil,” said Nick by way of acknowledgement.

“Phil!” said Pina with a burst of enthusiasm. She was drinking something, undoubtedly alcoholic. When she stood to greet me it spilled on the floor, and she giggled. “I’ve had too much to drink, I think.”

“Don’t believe her,” said Nick. “She can drink a yak under the table.”

“There’s a yak under the table?” asked N.J. with a grin. “I’ve never fucked a yak before. Do they give good head?”

“He’s had too much of everything,” said Nick with a scowl. I noticed that he was drinking too, but from a bottle. By the contents, I judged he could have drunk me and a yak under the table, but perhaps he was just taking the end of it.

“So here you are at last,” said Pina, glowing, as she skipped over to me. Her curves, as they had been with clothes, were soft and inviting, with an hourglass figure that showed no bones at all. She was the opposite of Hattie and yet at the same time almost her twin in the soft light; both women were alive with possibilities. Hattie’s possibilities I had sampled, but Pina was still ahead of me.

“Well, a little bird told me you were curious about me,” I said.

“I’m curious about everything,” she said with a laugh. It was musical, but the boisterous music of the sun and sea rather than Cherise’s quiet, low tinkle.


“Yes, be careful,” said Nick. He took a pull from the bottle. “You might want a little fortification.”

“Well come on, no sense dawdling around,” said Pina, grabbing my hand. “Nick’s happy just sitting there, and N.J. is stoned past caring.”

“I’ll have you know that I’m perfectly sober,” said N.J. removing all doubt.

“Where’s Cherise?” I asked.

“She wanted to take a little break after…” Pina began, then nodded pointedly in the direction of N.J. His brutal conquest of Cherise flooded back to me, and I could understand her gesture. “But enough about her, unless you came looking for her,” Pina laughed. “And even if you did, you got me instead. The consolation prize.”

“Nothing of the kind,” I said graciously. “I came looking for you. I was only concerned for a friend’s happiness.”

“Good,” Pina laughed, as though she had known all along. “So where would you like to go? You look like someone who appreciates a little adventure; no soft bed for you.”

“What did you have in mind?”

She pulled me head to hers and whispered in my ear, “How do you feel about getting wet?”


When we reached the bathroom I discovered that Becca’s bath had nothing on this one. It was practically an indoor pool. It wasn’t filled with water yet, and I wondered how long it would take. But Pina stopped me from turning on the nozzles.

“I meant getting wet in a different way,” she said. “If you’re not into it, of course, we can just fuck, but if you’d like to sample some water sports…”

Water sports? I knew what she meant, but I’d never tried it before, apart from once when I was younger. I’d wanted to watch a girl pee; it seemed like an arousing thing to do and I heard people talking about it. But I’d never done anything more, and it sounded like Pina was interested in more.

“You’re not into it?” she asked. “Really, it’s okay, you just looked…”

“No, no, I’m into it,” I said. “I just don’t know what to do.”

“Well, there’s many different things you can do,” she said. “I got started just watching, but gradually it became more. Nick lets me be his toilet all the time. It’s like drinking wine. Actually, I look at it almost exactly the same way. So if you’re into that, you can piss in my mouth or all over me. I’d like to taste your Escort Ankara vintage.”

I couldn’t deny my own curiosity. “Is that all there is?”

“Oh, no, there’s lots more. I mean, I’ve been complimented on my own urine; I think it’s all the fresh fruit I eat. So I mean, there’s no reason why you couldn’t have a sip from my winery. Nick doesn’t like to do that, so I’d be glad to share some if you’d like.”

“Do we need glasses?”

“Well, sometimes it’s fun to do that, but I figured for a low-key event like this, it would be all right to drink straight from the tap, so to speak.”

“And then we fuck?” I was increasingly enjoying being as matter-of-fact as possible with these women, all of whom seemed to know exactly what they wanted.

“Sure,” she said with a smile. “Although…”


“Well, I’ve always wanted to have a guy piss inside me, you know, give me a golden douche. You’re the first guy I’ve met who seemed like I could ask. Nick wouldn’t even think of it, and the rest of the guys here are pretty boring.”


“Well, just from what Becca’s told me about you, you seemed like you would be more curious about that kind of thing.”

I couldn’t imagine what Becca had told her about me. “Well, I’ve never done it, but I’ve never been to one of these parties either,” I said.

“Oh, me neither,” she said. “The parties I mean. And the other stuff. Just a little wine-tasting now and again.”

“With Nick?”

“He likes to do toilet play,” she said. “I think it’s a power trip for him. I don’t mind. Before we started investigating swinging we used to do a lot of it.”


“Toilet play. I would sit naked in the bathroom all day and every so often he’d come in, bend my head back, and give me a mouthful of gold, then zip up like I was just another toilet. We even got down to the point where he would twist my hand to flush me. We used to do it on vacations sometimes too; hiking in the woods or whatever. Whenever he needed to go, he’d pull me aside and just let me suck it out of him.”

Her clinical descriptions were driving me crazy. My only concern was that I wouldn’t be able to muster up any piss for her. But I discovered that the only thing keeping me from shooting urine all over the floor was my hardon; I suddenly had to piss like a racehorse.

“Well I think we should be more civilized than that,” I said. “A wine tasting would be a nice change of pace, and then maybe after that I can fill you with two kinds of liquid.”

“Oh goodie!” said Pina with enthusiasm. She was already getting to her knees in the tub, and I walked over to her, cock waving like a flag. “Waiter, I think I’ll have the Eau de Phil. Was this a good year?”

“Well, I have to recommend it fresh, because the barrel is full to bursting,” I said, tucking an imaginary towel over my arm. She laughed. “I should warn you though, it’s a domestic vintage. I haven’t eaten French food in ages.”

“That’s okay, garlic tastes nasty anyway,” she said.

I hesitated. “So… um, not to sound foolish, but how would you like me to do it. I’m a virgin at this.”

She laughed again, lively and boisterous. Her cheeks were flushing, not with nervousness but anticipation. Truth to tell, I was enjoying being instructed. “It’s probably easiest if you just pretend my mouth is a urinal, just hold yourself pointing at my tongue and let fly.”

“Let fly, eh? Well, I have a confession to make; I don’t know if I can, because looking down at you is just driving me crazy. I’ve got a bladder that doesn’t know where to go because my cock is so hard.”

“Just close your eyes, silly,” she said. “Haven’t you ever had to pee in a cup with someone watching?”

I closed my eyes but immediately felt her hand on mine, guiding the tip of my cock into alignment. “When you do that, it’s really hard to concentrate on anything else,” I said with a smirk. She laughed but said nothing. So I willed myself to piss, partially because I didn’t want to disappoint, partially because I wanted to see if it was possible, since if it wasn’t, I was going to be in trouble when the time came to piss elsewhere. I felt the burning sensation travel up my shaft and relaxed muscles I hadn’t even known I had. My tumescence drooped slightly but was held in place by two hands, and then I felt the piss dribble from the head.

“Almost there,” I heard her say, and I felt the breath of each word on the head of my cock, which made it very hard to think about pissing. Still I pressed out, opening my eyes finally to see a small trickle of urine spilling from the head of my cock and squirting down into Pina’s mouth. It was incredibly alluring, even more so than seeing spurts of cum jet onto a girl’s face and lips, probably because of the novelty. I felt my libido reasserting control of my bladder and halting the flow, and I exerted every ounce of will I had to hold off until her mouth was full of golden liquid. Then I cut off the dribble. She sat there on her knees looking up at me with her mouth full of my piss, and I noticed that her face was dripping with piss as well, spray I hadn’t even realized. I saw her run her tongue around her mouth, savoring the taste, and a few drops slipped past her lips and dribbled down her chin, making her look like a messy child. Then she slowly, sensually swallowed and sighed.

“I hope you enjoy mine as much as I enjoyed yours,” she said finally after a long moment of silence. “My face must be a mess. You were spraying all over the place. Don’t worry, with practice you’ll be able to turn it on and off like a faucet.”

“Sorry,” I said, not sure whether the apology was necessary.

“Don’t be,” she smiled up at me, then stood and gave me a sloppy kiss. I tasted the hint of my own piss on her lips and tongue, and the sticky sweetness of it on her face. “The suspense made it more enjoyable. It’s such a turn-on for a woman to see a man strain every fiber of his being to satisfy her.” She had her hand on my cock and was stroking it slowly, and it was as hard if not harder than it had been before. “Now, lie down and put that tongue to work, and maybe you’ll make it as hard for me as it was for you.”

I lay back in the tub with no further prompting, and saw Pina’s shapely legs to either side of my head before she lowered her pubis to my mouth. With both hands I grabbed her thighs and held her in place, and with my tongue I began gently exploring the areas around her pussy lips.

I could taste her sweat and others, her cum and others, even in the folds where leg met pelvis. There must have been quite a lot of it for it to be all over her. The tuft of reddish-blonde hair above her clitoris tickled my nose as I dipped my head down to run my tongue from the base of her lips up to the clitoral hood, already pulled back and exposing her swollen clit. I could see it, engorged and seeming to pulse as I tongued it for the first time. She moaned as I wetted it.

It was large, much larger than any of the clits I’d seen that evening, or the previous day for that matter. I lapped at it gently until she gasped above me, “Harder!” Then I put my lips around it and began sucking it like a tiny cock, running my tongue over the tip and wiggling my lips around the base. I felt wetness on my chin which drooled down my face and neck, and for a moment I thought she had begun pissing, but then I smelled spunk and realized that it was another man’s semen mixed with Pina’s own juices. N.J. must have been deep in her if it was just coming out now.

“Sorry, do you mind,” she said breathlessly above me as she felt my ministrations slow. “I guess I didn’t realize I was still holding some in.”


“No, Joe,” she laughed. “He came like a fire hose. Actually, it was that that made me think about the golden douche idea, because it was fabulous being filled up, and I only wanted more.” She realized she was ignoring my concern and said again, “You don’t mind, do you? I mean, I can clean it up if you’d like.”

“Hell, even if it was N.J. I wouldn’t really mind,” I said. “I’m not bi, but a little cum never hurt anyone. But you could clean it off anyway.”

“Okay then, let me get a towel or something…”

“That’s not really what I had in mind,” I interrupted, grinning. “I was thinking you could wash my face off with your waterworks.”

“I knew I was safe trying this with you,” she said with a laugh. “How many other guys would do that?”

“If they knew what was good for them, they’d do it,” I said.

She laughed again and then put her hands on her hips, obviously preparing. I’d never seen a girl piss from the angle I was at, and I looked down as I moved my lips to below her piss hole. “It’s a little easier for us gals,” she said, but I could see the clenching of her buttocks as she said it. And then it happened.

I could see the moisture grow for an instant and then spring into life, jetting from the top of her pussy and out. She tried to control the flow but the first splashes covered my face, so I raised my head slightly and put my mouth closer to her pubis. The flow started again and this time spilled into my mouth, and I could taste her piss for the first time.

As a man who doesn’t drink much, I couldn’t compare it with fine wines or liquors. It was warm, slightly salty, a little sweet, and had an acidic tang and smell. The first taste wasn’t pleasant, but I forced myself to keep it in my mouth and as her golden liquid began to spill from my lips I hesitated, then swallowed. I could smell her piss in my nose as it splashed onto my lips, then I opened my mouth again and tasted it again. With each moment I grew more used to it, and I found that I could taste her arousal in it as well, as if it was her pussy juices. My cock had deflated slightly at the first unpleasantness, but with the taste of a woman in heat it leapt back to attention. I began enjoying myself, drinking from her fountain as it spilled out into my mouth and I swallowed it all.

The flow ceased after a few mouthfuls and she stood and looked down at my face, soaked with her piss, with a drool of cum still on my chin. “I think I missed the spot I was aiming for,” she said, looking at me appraisingly. “You hated it, didn’t you?”

“No, not really,” I said, trying to be polite. In truth, it was a taste which took getting used to. “I mean, it tasted like you, and you taste beautiful. It’s just… the other tastes are kind of off-putting, when you’re not used to them.”

“Hey, you tried it,” she said with a smile and a shrug. “Me, I don’t like ouzo, even though my family’s part Greek. Every year at Christmas we have a bottle, and I always drink a little to be polite. But you didn’t drink a little. You could have just spit it out if you didn’t like it.”

“The first time you drank piss, did you fall in love with it right away?” I asked, sitting up, feeling slightly sticky.

“No, but Nick was into it and I wanted to make him happy,” she admitted. “I got into the idea of it more than the taste, but now I love the taste too.”

“Well then I’m getting into the idea of it, and the taste will come later,” I said with a smile, then kissed the calf of her leg. “But I know what we can do next, since I bet from all that drinking you’ve still got to piss like mad.”

“What did you have in mind?” she asked with curiosity.

“Piss all over me, and then I absolutely have to fuck you,” I said truthfully.

She smiled. “Phil, you’re everything Becca said you were,” she sighed. “It’s a pity you two don’t seem to see it in each other.”


Once I was settled more comfortably in the tub, Pina squatted over me. “Where do you want it?” she asked coyly.

“Lady’s choice,” I said. Staring up at her spread legs, with the pussy lips crowned by her still-swollen clit, I could have stayed there forever. Her skin was beautiful olive, but her hair took on a more reddish glow in the light, and the shapely curve of her buttocks concealed what I imagined to be a tight, brown button of an asshole.

I saw her strain again slightly, a tensing that reminded me of the tension in a woman’s body before she releases an orgasmic cry. The flow of urine came quite quickly this time, and it splashed down onto my chest and stomach. She shifted backwards as she continued to piss and soon I felt the warm wetness spilling over my surging cock, down my balls and legs. She really had a prodigious amount of urine stored up, and I was wet all over by the time she slowed and then stopped. “Now sit back and let me take you in,” she said breathlessly, looking down at my up-thrusting member.

She was good as her word, straddling me and lowering her cunt down, barely slowing when the head of my cock disappeared into her well-lubricated pussy. Soon I was buried in her, and her hips rested on my legs for a moment as I felt her internals adjust to my shape, a sensation I never get tired of. She arched her back slightly, put her hands directly in front of her pelvis on my stomach, and began to bounce.

With each bounce I felt myself losing track of my own body; my entire being was focused on the tip of my cock as it jutted deep into Pina’s welcoming pussy. I wasn’t long enough to furrow her deepest spaces but she didn’t seem to care, and there was no urgency in her movements, no vain desire to press me deeper than I could go. She began making small cries as she popped her shapely rear up and down, backing down onto my cock with each collapse. Her hands pressed into my stomach and forced my breath into unison with hers. Her beautiful round breasts, which I began to notice now that the focus was off her pussy and its supply of urine, were brown berries topped with large brown nipples which seemed to strain to pull away from her body entirely. As she slammed down they would dip and spring up again. I couldn’t help myself; I put my hands on her chest and kneaded each nipple between thumb and forefinger.

After a few minutes of relentless bouncing the strain began to show on her face, and I saw her muscles, taught and straining too. She was sweating, a sweat which smelled faintly of the same quality that made her piss intoxicating. “Let me take over for a while,” I said kindly, and she nodded without speaking and collapsed to my chest, pressing her bounteous bosom to my body. I let her lie like that for a moment so we could both catch our breaths, my cock thrusting up into the space between her legs. Then I rolled her over and, still pressing against her, body to body, I began pumping my hips slowly at first, then faster.

The pressure on her clit and my thrusts must have stimulated her past the point of no return, and she gasped and I felt her body tense up, harder this time. Her cunt clamped down on me like a vice, and she whimpered softly, then gasped when I pulled out and pressed in hard. In contrast to her almost constant cries when she was atop me, she came silently, and I felt no waves, just a tension. Her cunt was tight as a virgin but the liquid rising from it made it easy to keep fucking her, harder and faster now. I raised myself from her body to get a better angle and gripping her hips began to pump into her as fast as was possible. I felt the rising tide of my own orgasm and slowed just as she gave a shuddering moan and relaxed completely.

“That… was nice,” she said finally, looking up at me. “If you can’t hold on, you deserve to cum. Don’t let me stop you.”

“Oh no, I’ve been saving my piss up to give you a douche and I’m not going to disappoint,” I said, panting as I slowed my thrusting now that it was no longer necessary. “Besides, I want to feel what it feels like to fuck a woman who’s filled with piss.”

“Well then, if you’re up to it, I think I can muster the strength,” she said with a tired smile. “I’m not a young as I used to be I guess.”

“After Joe, I imagine that any woman would say that.”

“Has Becca told you about him?”

“I’ve heard.”

“Well, if you’ve heard that he can make women cum like a freight train, then you heard right,” Pina sighed with a far-off look on her face. Then she realized what she was saying. “Oh Phil, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, Joe wouldn’t piss inside me. And you are no slouch at all, from what I hear.”

“What do you hear?”

“Well, Becca says you have the stamina of a racehorse. You cum more times than she can count and you still want more. I think that’s what she’s attracted to in you; she must love it when you fill her up time and time again.”

I was shocked. Becca was thinking that? No, of course not, she was just playing along. But still, I didn’t stop the image in my head of me filling Becca time and time again. “Maybe so,” I said finally, after the silence had gone on for too long. “I didn’t realize she felt that way.”

“She’s mad for you,” said Pina with a smile. “I know you two are going through a tough time right now, but you’ll see, she only really wants you. If you would just be there for her, I think all your problems would go away. These parties might help you too, since you both seem to want extra-marital relations. Maybe swinging is just what your marriage needed.”

“You could be right,” I said. “But she’s upstairs with Joe right now experiencing his technique, so I’m not too worried about her.”

“You’re right, it’s not time for that,” Pina said with a laugh. “It’s time for you to help me live a dream of mine, you sexy man you.” She patted my cock, which bobbed like it was on a string. “I think the best way to do this would be for me to get my ass as high up as possible.”

“I like the sound of that,” I said, trying to put all the rest of my brain to one side and concentrate on satisfying this beautiful, vivacious woman. “Why don’t you pull your knees up and I’ll help you keep your butt in the air while I fill you.”

She nodded and with a grace inborn pulled her knees to her chest and hugged them to her breasts, which pressed out in a way which made them even sexier, if such a thing was possible. I took hold of her hips and raised them even further, then I pressed my cock down into her up-thrust passage a little awkwardly.

“This isn’t easy, is it?” she asked.

“We’ll make it work,” I said.

“I bet there’s some bondage harness that would be perfect for this,” she giggled softly as I held the tip of my cock down into her and began summoning up the repressed urine from my bladder.

This time it was easier, as if I had learned which muscles to relax and which to tense. In truth I had no real idea what I was doing; I was just doing it. The burning began and then the stream rose through my cock and began emptying into her open pussy. She gasped. “Wow,” was all she said for a moment, until I saw the urine spill out and knew she was full up. “This is… nice,” she said, “but it’s not what I expected. It’s like a warm douche, that’s all. I think I was hoping the pressure of it would be greater when you pissed.”

“Well, maybe we should give up the douche idea and I’ll just keep fucking you and then piss into you when I’m deep,” I said, willing to try anything. The warm liquid on my cock was enticing, and I just really wanted to fuck her again.

“Take me from behind,” she said, and then she released her legs and rolled over to her stomach and rose to her hands and knees. “God, I miss being that full,” she said a little sadly as the piss spilled from her down her legs to join the pool of urine already present in the tub.

I grasped her hips with one hand and with the other guided my missile into her territory, no time for foreplay. She gasped as I penetrated her deeply with one thrust, then as I began pumping into her she moaned, low and soft. The sound of it spurred me on.

After a minute or so I felt the cum rising in my balls and I knew I had to piss inside her soon or I would lose it. “Pina, I’m going to try it again,” I said as I slammed deep and stayed. The sensation of trying to piss while inside a cunt was unique, and I resolved in a corner of my mind not to let this be the last time I did this. This third time I was able to force a stream, then a surge, and I felt it frothing into her and then running back out, down both our legs and bodies.

At the start she tensed a little but relaxed when the stream came and was gentle. The surge of piss caught her by surprise, actually caught us both by surprise, and she cried out, “Oh God, yes Phil, that’s what I wanted!” Her hand was on her swollen clit and she drove herself into a frenzy, until finally just as I was afraid the stream would end, she cried out again and tensed up, harder than before. The piss gushed back from her around my cock and spilled out violently onto the floor, and I felt the last remnants pass into her deepest spaces and then began fucking her again with a softened cock which quickly grew hard at the warm, wet tightness it pressed into. I didn’t have to thrust long; the action of pissing into Pina had driven me to the brink, and as I leaped from the edge I felt a surge and a burning as the last drops of piss were scoured from my cock by a wave of white hot jizm.

She still came as I grabbed her hips and emptied my balls into her, my cum mixing with my piss and her vaginal juices. The anticipation made my load quite strong, and I spasmed five or six times as I sent splash after splash of my semen into spaces which were no doubt as deep as Joe had been. I collapsed on top of Pina, and she was already lying face down in the piss, her arms twitching with the tension. Her legs kicked once or twice involuntarily, and then the tension left her suddenly as it had come and she let out a wail and relaxed.


“We’re a mess,” Pina mumbled after a long silence. She was still lying on her face below me, though my cock had deflated and slipped from her, along with a rush of mixed piss and cum. She was right; we were a mess.

“Let me turn the shower on,” I said, making no move to do so. It had to be after midnight, and to tell the truth I was tired. I wouldn’t have admitted it, but I could just as easily have crawled alone into some bed somewhere and slept, rather than sharing it with any other woman.

“I wonder who’s doing who right now,” she mused beneath me. “I know my husband’s probably still sitting in the kitchen drinking. He’s not a repeat offender in any sense; I’d be surprised if he’s cum twice tonight. He’s got the stamina, but once he goes off, he usually falls asleep. Not like you.” At that she turned her head slightly and gave me a sideways look which I took as a compliment.

“Well, Becca… my wife…” It was still hard to call her that. “She’s probably still in there with Joe and Sonya.”

“The old dog has two of them? Talk about being a showoff.”

“Oh, I don’t know. If Nick’s out of the running, and N.J. certainly seemed done for the evening, then why shouldn’t Joe get two gals.”

“That’s a sexy picture,” sighed Pina and shifted slightly. “Does your wife play both sides of the street? Because I would love to see her in action with that little Russian minx.”

I didn’t answer because I wasn’t sure, and it didn’t seem like I would be unsure if I were really married to Becca. Pina took my silence and ran with it. “Barked up that tree before, huh? Too bad.”

“Should I take it from your attraction that you do?”

“Oh, I dabble, that’s all. Nick barked up the tree and I said sure, why the hell not.” She laughed. “You said something about turning on the shower? Because I think if I stay here too long, I’m going to get stuck to the floor.”

I exerted myself and rose, then found the nozzles and turned them both on full. The water was cold at first, and it woke both of us up, and then it grew warmer and soothed some of the aches. “Everyone’s going to wonder what we’ve been doing in here,” I said conspiratorially.

“Oh, I’ll tell them,” she said with a smile. “I’ll recommend it highly.” We both stood, naked and dripping, letting the sweat and piss run off our bodies and down the drain. “Maybe you and Becca should try it, since you’re certainly game and I can’t imagine she would say no to a new experience. Adventuresome lass that she is.”

“She is that,” I said, running my hands over Pina’s body slowly. I was more awake and she was still very beautiful, but I felt no immediate need for action other than caresses, which she seemed to appreciate. She ran her head under the water and emerged, her reddish tresses made black by the water, the curls vanishing for a moment. I followed her example, both to clean my face and hair and to wake myself up more. Because there was more party to be had, of that I was sure.

“That must have been how you met, huh?” Pina stated rather than asked. “I imagine it was some adventure.”

“Something like that,” I hedged.

“It’s a pity you’ve been having to turn to other people for your adventures.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t mean there’s anything wrong with swinging or an open marriage, but I bet what could keep the two of you together would be finding adventures together.”

Adventures together? I never was the adventurous type, except in bed. And bed wasn’t really an option, was it?


When Pina and I returned to the living room we found a group waiting for us, or rather talking and fooling around without waiting for us at all. “You two look wet,” said N.J. unnecessarily. He was slouched in a chair with no intention of ever moving again.

“How about that tub?” asked Hattie. She was lying atop Ben, but there was no motion, just a convenient place to be. Ben’s cock was limp and hanging down, and for all I knew they could have just been lying there for hours.

“I never would have picked Phil to be the aquaman,” said Melissa from the couch. Nick was between her legs, but the tempo was slow, like he just enjoyed the taste. She was a little flushed but looked in no danger of exploding any time soon.

“I would,” came Cherise’s voice from a divan where she was sprawled, her beautiful black rear poking into the air nonchalantly. “His gills showed.” She laughed, and the contrast between her laugh and Pina’s, both musical but totally different, again struck me. Melissa and Hattie laughed too, and even Ben chuckled, the first time I’d heard.

“We were trying out something exciting,” said Pina proudly. “First we did a little piss-drinking, then Phil summoned up the strength to piss in my pussy. And ladies, may I tell you that it was worth trying.”

“No kidding,” said Melissa, sitting up slightly. “No Nick, don’t stop, I’m just getting comfortable.”

“You’ve got my Nick eating you out?” said Pina with mock shock. “I would have figured he would be asleep by now.”

“I’ll have you know…” began Nick, and it was hard to tell whether he was being serious or not, but Melissa shushed him.

“Less talk, more rock, or else I’ll take my business elsewhere,” she said cheekily.

“I’ve done some warm water douches, but never piss,” said Hattie. “Can’t say as the idea has ever appealed to me. I think I’ll stick to water.”

“Instead of what?” asked Joe, coming down the stairs into the middle of a conversation. “What’d I miss?”

“Nothing much, just Phil and Pina trying some watersports,” said Melissa with a wink at the two of us. “Look at them standing there like prize pupils.”

“Hey, to each his own,” said Joe. “See, I knew Phil and Becca were right for one another; they both are so risky.”

“I’m not risky, I’m just drawn that way,” came my sister’s voice, and in another instant she was coming around from behind Joe. “And Phil? He doesn’t have a risky bone in his body.”

“Then why was I able to get him to piss inside me?” asked Pina, practically crowing with pride.

“Phil, you did that?” asked my sister with a quizzical look in her eye.

“Indeed,” I said simply, sinking to the couch beside Melissa. She absently reached over and began stroking my almost lifeless cock. It was a sign of my approaching exhaustion that I barely noticed.

“He’s being modest,” said Pina.

“How was it?” my sister wanted to know.

“Great, you two should try it.”

“We’ll see about that,” said Becca with a hint of doubt in her voice.

“Where’s Sonya,” asked Ben. Obviously he wasn’t just asking out of concern; his cock had stiffened and was bumping against Hattie’s butt with each breath.

“I wore the poor kid out,” said Joe. “She’s upstairs sleeping.”

“Some whore she is,” said N.J. Everyone studiously ignored him.

“But I can’t take all the credit,” continued Joe. “This little lady here gave as good as she got from Miss Sonya.” Becca smiled the satisfied smile of the praised. The comment surged into my brain, made a connection, and sent an image straight to my libido: my sister eating out that pale waif while Joe railed her from behind. My cock lurched to life again, a feat I had thought impossible, at least not so easily.

“She didn’t?” asked Pina, incredulous. “I mean, Phil gave the impression…”

“Phil doesn’t know everything about me,” said Becca with a wink in my direction. Her eyes fell on my rapidly inflating cock and she seemed to know exactly why it was coming to life, because she licked her lips lightly before she continued. “I’m sure he would have loved to watch.”

“Watch, hell,” said Joe. “If he could have seen that without jumping in, then he must really be a robot.” Becca laughed.

“I’m sure we all would have liked to have seen it,” said Cherise frankly. “At least, I trust the men would have.”

“And me,” said Melissa.

“And me,” put in Pina pointedly.

“Oh really,” said Becca. “Well I think I can out-risk my… Phil any time.” She turned beet red, and I knew she had almost let slip the fatal word. Everyone took notice, and Becca looked like she would have liked to disappear, but then her eyes uncrossed and she did the only logical thing. My sister made her way over to Pina and planted a kiss on the Mediterranian beauty’s slightly startled lips.

“And here I thought the Viagra was wearing off,” said Pete as he came in from the kitchen. No one gave him even a glance; we were all fixated with various desires on the scene unfolding in the center of the room. My sister had her arms wrapped around Pina’s waist, and Pina for her part had come out of her momentary shock and was running her hands through Becca’s wild hair as if struggling to contain the uncontainable.

It was late enough and I had had enough that I no longer even tried to stop looking at my sister’s naked form. It truly was as attractive as any woman in the room, or elsewhere for that matter. Her tanned skin was stretched over elegant muscle, although against Pina’s olive complexion she seemed almost pale by comparison. Her back was to me so I couldn’t see her breasts, but they appeared in my mind as I had viewed them last night, as full and perky as any tits I could hope for. The muscles in her back rippled as she did things out of view to Pina’s body, but my eye was on Becca’s toned and athletic buttocks; the long muscles of her legs joined the short at the small of her back, and her spine stood out just slightly. The cheeks themselves bore no trace of fat; Becca’s body was a powerhouse, lean and poised.

Poised for what, the party discovered momentarily. Becca and Pina dropped to the floor in a whirl of limbs and flesh, and I wasn’t the only one who strained a neck to get a better view. Becca’s hand was slowly tensing and relaxing between Pina’s legs, which spread and revealed her well-loved pussy to the audience.

“Well, this certainly is more exciting than previous parties,” said Ben. “We really should have had the ladies sooner.”

“You’ve had the ladies,” said Hattie with a grin and a pat, and then she got up and sidled over to her husband, who was watching with a grin, taking the occasional sip on a drink of some kind.

“My husband, appreciator of the female form in all its dimensions,” said Cherise with that low laugh in her voice.

“He’s not the only one,” said Melissa. “Down boy,” she commanded Nick, who had left off cunnilingus and was staring with appreciation at his wife and her partner. “Could it be that all Becca and Phil really needed was the introduction of another woman?” She said this last pointedly at me, and I felt her squeeze my engorged cock.

“How about the introduction of two women?” asked Cherise, and she slowly rose from her slouch and slipped to the floor beside the two gyrating wives, who were beginning to emit soft noises. “After my last outing, I could use a woman’s touch.”

Pina’s hand reached over and stroked Cherise’s soft black pubic bush, and Becca’s mouth closed on a dark breast. Cherise signed and reached into the space between Becca’s legs, finding what she wanted quickly and beginning to work a finger in. I could see my sister’s toned rump clearly, and saw the dark finger tease its way between two pink pussy lips and then disappear into her space. I was mesmerized.

After a minute of hands and breasts, Pina slipped down to Becca’s stomach, then kissed her way lower to Becca’s tufted cunt, exposed now that her legs were spread wide. Pina’s hair obscured my view but I could imagine her tongue lapping at Becca’s lips, and wondered idly what my sister tasted like. Cherise had risen and squatted over Becca’s upturned face, and within seconds I could see and hear the telltale sounds of pussy being tongued deeply. No doubt Becca could taste N.J.’s cum inside Cherise, but maybe she’d get to taste my cum, and piss I reminded myself, in Pina’s.

I heard moaning next to me and turned to find Melissa in the throes of orgasm, still staring with wide eyes at the threesome on the floor while Nick proved he was no slouch. Melissa’s hand was tight on my cock, like she was gripping it to keep from screaming. It made blood rush to my head, and I kissed her, though it was hard to look away from the action. Our tongues swirled together as the moans from the floor grew louder.

When I returned to the scene, Pina’s head was thrown back and she was gasping, and the flush spreading over her body signaled onrushing climax. Cherise had her fingers deep in Pina’s cunt while she 69ed with Becca. The yin and yang of dark on light was alluring, and the sounds and smells were more than that. I wanted to fuck again. And inside me, I admitted to myself that I wanted to fuck my sister. I wanted to fuck Becca’s dripping pussy, to force out all the other cum she’d had inside her, to fill her with mine and make her my own.


The three ladies were lying on the floor basking in the afterglow, and we were applauding. It hadn’t been planned, but it had been a show nonetheless.

“Well, it seems like that might be it for the evening,” said Joe after the clapping had died away. “Of course, we’re not kicking you out; like I said before, our house is your house. But as for me, I’m winding down. Tell the truth, I’m going to go upstairs and fall asleep next to our little Russian flower. First come first served on the beds, but don’t be afraid to share.”

“Come on babe, you need rest,” said Pina to Cherise, who looked it. The two gathered Nick from between Melissa’s spread legs. He looked like he needed rest as well, but sleeping with two beautiful women certainly would have revitalized me.

“Don’t mind Ben and I, we’ll just stay put right here for a while,” said Melissa, as Ben crawled over to the couch beside me and without overture sank his now-hard cock into her waiting hole. I couldn’t even tell which one. N.J. was passed out in the chair, with no sign that he would wake before morning.

“Well Petey, maybe I’ll stay inside with you tonight,” said Hattie, and the look between the two of them was nothing but love. Obviously they were meant for each other, differences be damned.

“I think there’s a little life left in me,” he said in return. “Why don’t we take that couch across the way for right now, and then a bed later.” It was true; his cock was stiff as a rod. “Phil, why not see to your wife? She looks like she could use a bed too.”

“I’m fine,” said Becca from the floor. Her legs were splayed and I could see that her pink pussy was spread wide and looked positively wet. “Just getting my wind back.”

“Wind back for what?” said Melissa as Ben pushed his cock home into her. “You thinking of rekindling the old marital vows? I mean, Hattie and Pete certainly seem to be doing just that.” He was lying on his back on the couch and I looked just in time to see Hattie, small though she was, effortlessly slip his monster into her. They lay face to face and kissed like new lovers.

“I don’t know…” I began.

“You don’t know what?” said Ben. “Believe me Phil, she’s a hell of a woman and I think she needs her man right now.” It was the longest speech he’d ever made to me, and the look in his eyes spoke even more. I couldn’t think of a rebuttal.

“What about it, Phil?” That was Becca’s voice from the floor. I was shocked. Surely she wasn’t suggesting that. Surely I had misheard, or she was trying to get me to take her to some bed somewhere and once we were alone we could… but that part of me didn’t want to believe that. “I could use a nightcap. Why not let Mel and Ben have the couch to themselves and come down here with me?”

I couldn’t believe it. She must have been drunk, or stoned, or just too tired. I couldn’t let myself believe it. I looked down at her incredibly attractive body, at places I longed to kiss, to touch, to penetrate, but I couldn’t let myself believe it.

“I can’t because we’re not married,” I said finally. I was defeated. There was nothing else to say. “Because we’ve been lying this whole time. I can’t because we’re brother and sister. I’m sorry.”

I had expected a firestorm of recrimination. Instead all I got was silence for a few seconds. Then Melissa gasped and laughed, and I realized that Ben hadn’t stopped furrowing her. “Of course you are,” she said. “I mean, you really thought you could fool us?”

“What?” was all I could think of to say.


“I told them weeks ago,” said Becca with a smile, sitting up and looking at me. “I told them before I even asked you to come. I mean, how naive do you think these people are? Obviously I’m not married. They would have let me come to the parties anyway, but I wanted you to come too, so I figured the best way was to… well, to fib a little. I’m really sorry.”

“Everyone knew, all this time?”

“Well, we didn’t at first,” said Hattie from atop her husband. “But Becca took us aside and let us know. And frankly, we don’t care. Neither does anyone else.”

“Not at all,” said Ben.

“It’s your business,” said Pete.

“So you all thought I was going to come here to… fuck my sister?” I said, incredulous.

“No, of course not,” said Melissa. “Becca told us about you and said you’d love the parties too. If you had come as brother and sister we would have welcomed you with open arms. But I think she was afraid you wouldn’t do that.”

Becca, afraid? Well, she had probably been right; I don’t know if I would have come to the party if not for the little deception. “But now you’re all encouraging us to… right here, right now,” I sputtered.

“It’s obvious you want to,” said Melissa with a sideways glance at me. “And it’s equally obvious that she wants you even more. I mean, she may have been afraid, but she didn’t have to go to the trouble of putting you in this situation without some ulterior motive. That’s how us gals work.”

“Hey!” said Becca, and Hattie laughed and then grunted as Pete’s cock skewered her.

“We’re obviously open-minded folks,” said Joe, coming down the stairs again. “Sorry, I figured this would be happening and I wanted to watch.”

“You wanted to watch?” asked Becca. “Joe, you’re a reprobate.”

“Little miss, I’ve been alive long enough to know that,” said Joe with a grin. “I’m not going to force anything on anyone, I just wanted to make sure that Phil didn’t freak out. It wasn’t a very nice trick to play on him.”

“No, it wasn’t,” said Becca, looking at me with contrition. “But come on, you can’t tell me you didn’t have fun. And if you just want to leave it at that, then I’m going upstairs with Joe.”

“Ho no, don’t put me in the middle of this,” said Joe with a chuckle. “I think you kids have things you need to work out. I’ve got a whole menagerie in my room anyway, no room for anyone else.”

“You all are up there waiting to hear how it goes, aren’t you?” asked Melissa with a wink. “Better get back upstairs or Nick will have all the ladies to himself and lock you out.”

Joe laughed, gave me another look like the one he’d given me at the start of the evening, and departed again.

“So are you going to ever speak to me again?” asked Becca, her question drowning out a brief gasp of pleasure from Hattie echoed by Melissa.

“I just… don’t know what to say,” I said finally, truthfully. “I mean…”

“Phil, you can’t deny that you’ve been eyeing me like a tomcat ever since you arrived,” said Becca shrewdly. “And I won’t pretend that I haven’t known for a long time what my little brother was doing with his spare time. I’ve heard you, watched you through keyholes and cracks in the door. When I was still a virgin, you had already slept with too many girls to count, and I had a head start on you. At first I was jealous, and then I realized something, something which I guess I thought you’d realize too.”

“What was that?” I asked.

“That we were missing out,” she said. “That we could have been great for each other. We could have done all our experimenting together. Instead, you wound up with no experiments outside the bedroom, and I wound up… well, unloved, no offense guys.” They didn’t seem to take any; Pete looked like his entire concentration was focused on Hattie’s face, and Ben had his face buried in Melissa’s ample breasts. “Not that I think sex is only about love, but without love it’s only fun. And I love you Phil. I always have, and I always will, no matter how I express it.”

“I love you too,” I said, and I meant it in every sense. “I love you more than I can say. I guess that’s why I haven’t acted on the fact that you are stunningly, achingly beautiful to me, because I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“You’re not going to hurt me,” she said. “We both need each other.”

And without knowing I was doing it, I was on the floor in front of her and we were kissing, brother and sister and at the same time so much more. And then her wild hair was in my hands, between my fingers, and rather than trying to tame it I just wanted to touch it, to feel its wild energy, just like the rest of her, my wild sister. We kissed for a long time, as if the rest of the world had just stopped and was waiting for us to move on before it would.

Her back arched as I ranged my lips down over her chin that came from my grandfather, down her neck that came from my mother. Her breasts were definitely from my mother, although they were her own, plump even though they were not large, with no hint of a tan line, and nipples and aureoli both the size and shape of acorns, sticking out from her chest like bullets passing through the skin. I suckled a long time at each of her teats, my hands stroking her back as she breathed deeply, slowly, without a sound. From either side of us I could hear moaning as Hattie and Melissa both gave voice to passions my sister and I were approaching, but it was as if they were far off, and mattered as little to me as the weather outside.

Becca’s perfectly shaped stomach drew my eye, then my tongue, and I devoured her belly button, pulling it closer to me so I could taste the sweat of her. Her abdomen was a magnet to mouth and hands, and I stroked along its shapely sides, down over her hips and back again, sometimes up over her ribcage, which I could barely feel under a layer of well-fed muscle and skin. She was soft, not round like Pina or leathery like Hattie, not furry like Cherise or plump like Melissa, but soft to the touch, her skin smooth and silky. The hints of my mustache, since I had not shaved for long enough to feel them, tickled her tummy and I heard her giggle, and remembered times when we were younger when we had wrestled, when my hands had touched her in places I had later dreamed about. I realized that I had always loved her, and that realization gave me an urgency to be inside her, to complete the act, to finalize our love.

“I love you,” I said again, as if it was a mantra that would open doors, and unlike the other times I had used those magic words to open a girl’s doors, I meant it, not just for the moment. I loved her, and the physical act was merely an extension, not a source of love.

“I love you, and I need you,” she said from above my head. “I need you inside me so much it’s killing me.”

I gently laid her on her back then, because I needed her too, and we both knew that no further preparation was necessary. As I got between her legs, I didn’t look at any part of her but her face; the rest was secondary. I knew exactly where I was, and without needing to even glance down I positioned the head of my cock at her entrance.

“Mmmmm, I’ve been looking forward to this.”

I pushed into her cunt, slick from the many splashes of cum that had been there before, and I wondered just why I had ever thought this would be a bad idea. Her head shook slightly as I bottomed out inside her, as her insides shaped themselves around me, and her beautiful hair, her wild hair that made her the most beautiful woman on Earth, twisted as if in a light wind. I descended to her and kissed her again, and this time the movement of my tongue into her mouth mirrored the depths of my penetration. She gasped into my mouth as I pressed down, hard, driving her butt into the carpet. I didn’t want to leave her; it felt as if I could just get a little deeper and the two of us would flow together. I just thrust, without withdrawing, and she shifted her rear up toward me to meet my thrusts.

Soon we had to break the kiss to gasp for breath, because even with the marginal movement of my cock against her, the fire was starting to build. Finally I knew I had to withdraw, if only for an instant, and I pulled my hips back slightly and then drove into her again. She cried out, a cry which sounded pained at first, and then I realized she was crying, her eyes filled with tears, and I slowed my pressure.

“I’m sorry, am I hurting you?”

“No, not at all.”

“Then why…”

“Because I love you so much, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live without you again,” she said, smiling through her tears. “Having you inside me completes me. And I don’t think I can ever let you leave me.”

“Well, that will probably make job interviews hard,” I said with a grin, then kissed the tears on her cheeks.

“Job interviews?”

“I’ll need a new job if I’m going to move here with you.”

“Really?” Her eyes took on a light, a radiance, and she kissed me again, then with her hands pulled my hips down into the cradle of her thighs.

We coupled face to face, body to body, there on the floor until the dam broke over her and she gasped, “Oh Phil, you’re making me cum. I’m going to cum so hard for you.” And true to her word, she came hard beneath me. I felt her spasm, felt her intake of breath push both her breasts into me. I gripped her hips and pumped my length into her, and eventually had to rise to get a better angle, while she still came. She didn’t gush, or act violently, or tense up: it was just waves of pleasure transferring from her body through her cunt into my cock and into my body. She bit her lower lip, her eyes wide, staring up at me. She never closed them as some women do, as if she wanted to keep this moment in her brain as long as possible. It became hard to hold on to my own arousal, but I had cum so many times that day, I needed to hold on, needed to make this one last. I didn’t want it to end either.

The orgasm seemed to rejuvenate her energy rather than deplete it, and once she panted to a halt, sweat slick between the slopes of her breasts, she continued to look up at me, but the look which had been of love now became one of hunger. “Now I’m going to make you cum,” she said with a smile. “I’m going to make you cum deep inside me. Make me forget all the other guys I’ve ever had. Fill me up with it.” She squirmed out from beneath me, and I sighed with longing as my cock popped from her pussy. It dripped with juice. But now I was hungry too, as if the first passion of love had been enhanced by another passion, a passion for my sister’s sexy body. As she wiggled so did her breasts, and once her pussy came into view that wiggled too. And it wiggled even more when she rolled to her hands and knees and waggled her cute butt in the air, inviting me in. This I could do.

My cock went into her more quickly and easily than last time, but she tightened herself on me, her legs together, pressing her insides tighter. I began to fuck her fast, going in and out behind her, my hands on her hips, holding her in place. She began gasping, then moaning, then as she reached back with one arm to diddle at her pink clit, she was crying out, my name and her love and dirty thoughts and just, “Fuck!” over and over again. I didn’t feel her cum, I was moving too quickly, but I knew she was coming all the same. And when I finally could hold on no longer, I released, and the jizm spurted from my cock as I rammed it as deep as I could.

I came hard, even after all the other times. I felt as if I was emptying myself directly into her womb, the splashes jetting directly through her cervix. I could feel the heat pass from me into her, and once the last jets had erupted I remained there, quickly growing soft, until she gently worked her way out of my grip and turned. I didn’t even notice she was licking me clean; I just stared down into her eyes, which were no longer hungry, just full of love. I stared into her eyes for a long time before I realized that the other couples were sitting watching us.

“That… was incredible,” said Becca softly. “Just incredible.”

“You two waited this long?” asked Melissa, coming up behind me and giving me a peck on the cheek. She and Ben quietly left the room.

“We can give you some space,” said Hattie, who was still atop Pete, who still looked like he was hard inside her. “I’m sure Pete…”

“No, no, it’s fine,” I said, because I didn’t mind, and I knew Becca didn’t mind either. “I think we’ll take this couch, and you two can stay as long as you like.”

“This has definitely been the best party on record,” said Pete. “And thanks to you two, I think Hattie’s going to get another serving.” Hattie grinned and began rocking atop him again, and I turned my gaze back to Becca.

“I love you so much,” I said, and it didn’t seem redundant to keep saying it.

“Come on up here,” she said, climbing onto the couch. “I want you to hold me in your arms.”

Suddenly I was tired, more tired than I could stand. It was all I could do to get onto the couch. Becca kissed me and wrapped herself around me, and we lay on our sides, the sounds of gentle fucking and soft words rocking us both to sleep.


At some point during the early morning I felt soft hands touching me, and I realized without opening my eyes that I was cold. I could still feel my sister in front of me, and despite our bodies pressed together she was shivering. Then the hands placed a blanket over our naked forms and the cold dissipated, leaving me wrapped around my sister’s warming body and sinking back to sleep.

When I woke again it was day, and despite the exertions of the previous night and day, I didn’t feel bad at all. I woke up with a joy at greeting a new day, a joy only enhanced by the touch of bare flesh to mine. “Morning,” she said, turning in the compass of my arms to look at my face.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Oh, maybe half an hour.”

“Why didn’t you get up?”

“I didn’t want to.” She gave me a little smile and snuggled closer to me. “Besides, I didn’t want to wake Pete, although he’s been snoring to beat the band.”

“Oh, he can sleep through a nuclear explosion,” said Hattie as she entered from the kitchen. In the light of day she looked older, more kindly, more like one would expect, although she was still naked. “You kids want any breakfast?”

N.J. was still passed out in the chair, and he opened his eyes groggily and growled something, then closed them again. “Where’s the rest of the party?” I asked, not caring too much. I was really perfectly happy to remain with my sister lying in my arms, and if it had been my house, and no one else around, I would have done just that.

“Well, Mel is in the kitchen with me and everyone else is upstairs either asleep or pretending so they don’t have to come out,” said Hattie with a shrug. “I won’t mind if you two want to go up there and pretend too. There’s probably a spare bed in a quieter place.”

“Make them get up,” came Melissa’s voice from the kitchen. “I’ve got pancakes!”

My sister got up, and so I did as well because there wasn’t any point lying there without her. We walked, unabashedly naked and arm in arm, into the kitchen.

“Any surprises last night while I wasn’t there?” asked Melissa, not looking up from her pan. She was clothed, which I assumed was because of the cooking.

“Nope, too tired for surprises,” said my sister, kissing me on the cheek. “But maybe later.”

“I don’t know if I can,” I said with mock exhaustion. “I mean, so many times in one night. I’m not Superman.”

“You don’t fool anyone,” said Becca as she grabbed two plates and sat. “I know you; you’ll be rutting with Melissa as soon as I turn my back.”

“Why would I do that when I’ve got you?”

“Whatever you decide,” said Melissa as she placed a pancake on each of our plates, “I hope you won’t mind if I decline any invitations while I’m cooking. Sex and hot stoves don’t mix well.”

“Actually,” I said, trying to break the news gently, “I think after breakfast Becca and I really should take off.”

“You don’t think there’s any opportunity for action in the morning?” asked Hattie. “Because I can tell you from experience that there’s usually one or two hookups in the shower, plus some goodbye kisses than get serious. The party doesn’t end at midnight.”

“It’s not that,” I said. “I can’t wait for the next party, either. And you’d better believe that we’ll both be there. But right now, I need to take Becca home.”

“I’m not a fragile flower, I won’t wilt in daylight,” said Becca, her mouth full of pancake.

I laughed. “I’m counting on it,” I said softly, looking into her eyes. “Because once we’re home, there are some adventures I think we need to share.”

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