Attention After Class

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Leah Masters had been intensely attracted to her Senior English teacher from the very first moment she had laid eyes upon him. Whenever he looked her way Leah blushed crimson-red, whenever she thought about him she soon became moist between her thighs. She had the hots for her English teacher bad.

Leah prided herself on her looks, and was very happy with her status at the top of the social ladder at her state high school. A stunning combination of Japanese and Hawaiian, Leah had slightly darkened skin, long smooth legs, a full luscious figure, long curling jet-black hair and a sweet, angelic face. Her round facial features, full crimson-red lips and deep emerald-green eyes could allow Leah to bend any straight male, and a number of females, to her will.

Although she loved sex, it wasn’t the most important thing in the world to Leah. She liked being with a guy who could satisfy her intellectual needs as well as her physical ones. And most of the guys came up way short in one department or the other – there didn’t seem to be anybody her age that had a perfect blend of both. But Mr Sorrenson, however, was different.

He was utterly captivating to Leah, everything she could possibly want in a man all wrapped up into one single package. Smart, sophisticated, funny, and a drop-dead gorgeous hunk, Mr Sorrenson was a teenage girl’s wet dream in the flesh.

An academically-driven student, Leah leapt head-first into her studies in Senior English, going out of her way to befriend her teacher and win from him some form of special notice.

She even went so far as to start taking off her bra before her English classes, and lean over her desk when she was writing far enough so that from his desk Mr Sorrenson could see her deep cleavage. When she handed in her work to Mr Sorrenson every lesson to get marked off, Leah made sure to lean over far enough so that he could glance right down her open blouse if he cared to do so. Mr Sorrenson was only a man, after all. He stole himself some quick glances at Leah’s tits now and then, which always brought a slight smile to her lips whenever she managed to catch him in the act.

Leah knew that she was being noticed, and she loved it. Moving things on to the next phase would be challenging, but the thrill of it excited her like nothing else had in a very long time. The thought of fucking her English teacher wildly til he shot his cum deep inside her got Leah’s pussy all soaking wet.

Hank Sorrenson tried to focus on the test papers he had to mark for one of the junior grades, but couldn’t stop his mind from wandering off to a subject that had almost constantly been in his thought as of late – Leah Masters. He didn’t know if she was intentionally or unintentionally teasing him, if she was trying to seduce him or just playing games. He had no idea what the 18-year-old student’s motives were with her brazen exposure, or whether she even realized what she was doing to him, but what he did know for a fact was that he could not allow himself to get involved in an affair with a student, under any circumstances. He was a 32-year-old married English teacher and she was an 18-year-old student with her entire life ahead of her. No way.

Slowly, unwillingly, his eyes were drawn up from the important paperwork he had to finish and he was again staring at Leah. She was sitting at the front of the class, as always diligently hard at work, her long legs spread-eagled under her desk. She was chewing absentmindedly at the end of a felt-tipped pen, her brow creased with concentration. Every movement she made, every look that crossed her face…. it all seemed indescribably interesting to Hank. He couldn’t put his feelings into words that would do them justice.

Suffice to say, he was absolutely spellbound by Leah in every way, Sorrenson thought with a saddened heart.

The bell suddenly rang signalling the end of the day’s lessons, and as one most of the class snatched up their textbooks, pads, pens, and bags and rushed for the door. Leah, however, calmly assembled her gear together, and got up out of her seat, leaving her belongings at her desk. She made her way straight on over to where her teacher sat behind his large desk, at the very front of the classroom.

Oh Jesus, she’s coming over here, Hank realized, trying to fight back the sheer panic that threatened to consume him. Okay, get a grip on yourself, man! Just try to act as normal as you can and do your best to get rid of her fast. For Christ’s sake, she’s a student. Remember that!

Leah could see that Mr Sorrenson was slightly on edge as she approached, and was relieved. She was as nervous as hell, her heart thumping away inside her chest at a mile a minute and she was sweating from every pore of her being. But Leah had planned everything through well in advance and was determined to succeed. She was not going to accept failure as an option in this endeavour.

“Mr Sorrenson, I was wondering….do you have my mark available by any chance from our last assignment?” bursa escort she asked in her sweet, girlishly innocent voice, all smiles and budding eyelids.

“Sure, Leah,” the teacher replied, shuffling through one of the piles of paperwork stacked up on his desk. Out of the corner of her eye, Leah saw the last of her classmates file out of the room. Time to put her plan into action.

Mr Sorrenson was handsome in ways few other men could ever aspire to be. He had short-cropped blonde hair, a hard, ruggedly attractive face, broad shoulders and a tightly packed muscular frame. He even had an earring through his left earlobe, which Leah thought was just a cut above. He was well worth any risk in her eyes.

“Arrghh, my neck!” Leah said with an exaggerated groan, creaking her head back and around as though her neck were painfully stiff. When the teacher looked up from his search for her assignment, concerned, she smiled sadly. “Damn thing’s been giving me hell all day.”

“That’s not good at all,” Mr Sorrenson said. What he said next was completely shocking and totally out of the blue. It was more than Leah could have ever hoped for.

The words were out of his mouth before Hank quite grasped the full extent of what he was saying. “Here, let me massage your neck for you,” he had suggested. He had just dug himself into a hole Hank had tried his best to avoid, all pretty much on his own accord.

After he’d said the words and the damage was done, a large part of Hank was very happy indeed that he had made the suggestion. Hank Sorrenson could feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins and knew that his heart was thumping away at a reckless pace. He had to wipe his hands on his pants to get rid of the sweat as Leah accepted his offer with a sexy little smile and turned around on the spot, then slowly sat down right in front of him. At least, Hank thought with a weak smile, she wasn’t facing me. Then there was no way she could’ve missed the huge bulge in the front of his pants the English teacher’s hard-on was making.

First off, Hank took things slow, gently pushing into the flesh of Leah’s bare neck with his fingers. Then he began to find himself working into his task at hand, pushing in harder with his fingers to try and loosen up the young woman’s taut neck muscles.

Leah groaned with pleasure as he continued his massage, which didn’t help Hank’s state of arousal one bit. It sounded almost sexual to his ears. He was increasingly confident that Leah was being lulled into the moment, getting off on the close contact and intimacy of the massage just like Hank was himself. The feel of Leah’s smooth silky skin and her taut muscles was intensely arousing, that was undeniable. The entire situation was getting the married schoolteacher horny in ways his wife had failed to do since the early years of passion in their relationship.

“Lower,” Leah encouraged as she squirmed about on the floor. Leah felt so turned on that she thought she’d explode, but with dogged determination she bit down on any overtly sexual noises. She wanted to break the last ounces of will to resist her advances in her teacher so that the inner animal inside was unleashed. “Please, lower….”

Mr Sorrenson’s hands were kneading the sides of her neck as Leah urged him to move lower, and slowly he did as he was directed. His big, strong manly hands slipped around to the young lady’s front and then began to slide down over her protruding collarbone. “Lower…Lower…” Leah whispered again and again as his massage turned into sweet, fleeting caresses. He slowly, torturously slid his hands down into the V-opening of her light blue blouse. “Lower….”

Leah knew exactly what he was doing, Hank knew, and she wanted it! The line between what was acceptable practice between a teacher and student and what was not became very blurry as Hank’s lust threatened to overwhelm his senses, and slowly he felt his resistance to his animalistic urges slip away. His hands seemed to be operating on their own accord as they slowly slipped into Leah’s blouse top. Finally, he let himself go. To hell with it, he thought to himself. He wanted to bone Leah like nothing else, and she seemed to want him too. As long as it stayed between the two of them everything would be fine.

At last, his hands slid up over the upper rises of her breasts and he finally cupped Leah’s firm, round tits. As he mashed the young woman’s D-cup breasts together and roughly teased her nipples, Hank leaned down and slightly in a little bit so he could slide his tongue into Leah’s left earlobe. She shuddered as his tongue slid into her ear as far as it would go and groaned as he twisted her big, hard fat nipples painfully.

“Oh God, I’ve wanted you so bad!” Leah whimpered as her teacher quickly pulled his hands out of her blouse and helped her to her feet. She hurriedly straddled his lap and began to rub his aching cock through the front of his denim jeans, then leaned in close to give him a long, tonguing kiss on bursa escort bayan the lips. “Oh Jesus Christ, Mr Sorrenson, your cock feels so big and beautiful!”

“Please, call me Hank,” the handsome man said with a slight grin as he pulled back from her ever so slightly, roughly squeezing and playing with her large tits as she rubbed his fuck-rod.

“Yes!” Hank cried out as he reached out under Leah’s mini-skirt to grab her firm buttocks. He squeezed and mashed together her small butt-cheeks as he kissed his young student deeply on her lips, driving his tongue deep into her mouth. Leah grounded her hips in against Hank’s cock and gyrated herself against him, which caused Hank to bellow in delirious, pre-orgasmic pleasure. “Oh, Jesus!” he moaned out loud, shuddering in lustful desire. “That’s it, baby!”

Hank needed to regain some sense of compose, because he wanted to take his time with Leah, give her something to really scream about. So he picked her up by the teenager’s butt and carried her over to his desk. Propping Leah up on a clear corner, Hank Sorrenson swept his desk clear of all his paperwork and equipment in a few swift motions, then turned his attention straight back to the young woman again.

He was going to make her moan, he was going to make her cum so much she’d black out from the intense, delirious pleasure. Oh, he was going to enjoy this!

The look in Mr Sorrenson’s eyes made Leah’s stomach knot with lustful desire. Her panties were literally soaked through with her pussy-juices, as Leah could feel the wet stickiness squelch between her thighs as her legs pressed together. Leah wanted this, wanted to be a willing servant to her hunky teacher’s every twisted desire. But although she had wanted to unleash the inner beast within Mr Sorrenson, which had until recently been suppressed deep inside himself, Leah had to admit that there was a tinge of fear accompanying her feelings of immense arousal and excitement. Now that she finally had what she wanted, Leah was starting to harbour second thoughts.

Quickly, though, her unease was allayed when Mr Sorrenson stepped forward and grasped hold of Leah by the back of her head, then yanked her towards him for another deep tonguing kiss as his right hand shot up to roughly squeeze and caress the teen’s left tit through the front of her blouse.

Leah groaned into her mouth as Mr Sorrenson then began to push down with his hand until the buttons of her blouse started to pop open. Slowly, he removed her blouse, leaving Leah topless and wondrously exposed, sitting on top of her teacher’s desk as he ogled her bare, buxom chest.

“You’re magnificent….” he breathed with lusting admiration.

Suddenly, Leah realized something. The classroom doors, they hadn’t been locked! As she turned her head to look towards the class’ two doors, Leah was suddenly overwhelmed by a sinking sensation in the very pit of her stomach. Even before she saw the female teacher standing in one of the doorways, Leah knew that they’d been sprung.

It was Miss Summers, a fellow Senior English teacher. Her face was flushed scarlet-red and she had a shocked, horrified look on her face. This, Leah felt deep down inside, meant nothing but trouble….

Pamela Summers was new to the school, had been transferred over at the beginning of the year to fill in the gap of a retiring teacher. Although everyone on the faculty was nice enough, Pam had few real friends on the school staff. Hank Sorrenson, in her opinion, was one of the best of the lot, and they had gotten on quite well since the very beginning.

But Pam had seen too much of what had happened between him and Leah Masters to ever look at Hank in the same light again. She felt sickened, disgusted, appalled, and a variety of emotions in between. Hank was a married man, for Christ’s sake, and he was meant to be Leah’s teacher! Pam thought to herself with utter contempt.

There was a part of her, however, that was immensely turned on by every single aspect of what she was witnessing. Pam could feel her cunt tingle slightly as her pussy became moist with her arousal. She shifted positions as stood, her face furrowed in determination. Damn it, this was not the time to get horny! Pam told herself angrily. She was witnessing a serious breach of the teacher/student code of conduct.

Hank noticed the horrified look on Leah’s face and quickly spun around. When he saw that someone was standing at the door not ten feet away, his heart skipped a beat – or so it felt to Hank. Oh fuck! Hank thought. His legs got weak and he almost fell over, were it not for the table behind him. It was Pamela, and by the look on her face she’d seen more than enough to damn him outright.

Pam Summers was a sweet enough woman, warm and fun-loving once one made the effort to get to know her. She reminded Hank of an old girlfriend he used to go out with, in a good way, and she had a smart, bubbly personality that was uniquely her own.

She was 26-years-old, had long natural escort bursa golden-blonde hair tied back all the time in a tight ponytail, light blue eyes, full red lips and high cheekbones. Pam had a somewhat wizened look about her, which seemed to portray deep intelligence, which Hank knew she had in abundance. Her huge breasts and long shapely legs, both which she liked to accentuate with the clothes she wore without being forward about it, would make any straight guy weep.

The desire to fuck Pam had always been on his mind since the very first time Hank had met her, because she seemed to like him from the start and was so damn sexy. She knew that he was married but in subtle ways made it clear to him that that wasn’t a problem with her, if he had the guts to make the first move. But he never did make the move.

But Hank suddenly realised that he had a way to get out of this delicate situation. Pam was indecisive – Hank could see that all over her gorgeous face. He had to act while she remained undecided, to force her into active compliance with his and Leah’s sexual tryst.

“Pam, come over here right now,” Hank said in a strong, commanding voice, brooking no argument. He locked eyes with his female colleague, conveying a strong will to dominate and utter determination. Pam walked slowly over to where he stood, in an almost dreamlike state, her mouth hanging slightly open. Once she was standing right before him, Hank gave his ‘puppet’ her second order. “Get down on your knees.” To Hank’s utter amazement, she did exactly that, dropping down onto her knees on the floor right in front of his bulging manhood.

Hank turned back to Leah with a broad, wicked grin on his face, which she returned. She hiked her miniskirt up around her waist, bearing her soaking wet panties to Hank’s ravenous gaze, then began to finger her moot through the thin fabric of her skimpy underwear. His smile broadened as he watched Leah frig herself. He reached across with one hand to slide one of his fingers into the teenage slut’s moist snatch. As he slowly fingered Leah’s dripping fuck-hole, Hank switched his focus back to Pam again, deciding that it was time to get some active participation out of their sexy intruder.

“I want you to unzip the fly of my pants, Pamela, and take out my cock,” Hank told his submissive co-worker. “Then I want you to give me the very best blowjob you can, Pamela. I want you to really blow my mind. And then I want you to swallow every last drop of my cum, okay?”

Looking down at the demure blonde, Hank Sorrenson suddenly realised that he was seizing the moment, was acting strong and decisive, and that because of this he had two very hot, horny ladies to fuck with any way he could possibly imagine! That was how he was going to act in the future, Hank vowed. He was confident that being assured of himself was the only way he could truly get what he wanted out of life. Pam had needed a strong person to command her, and now that she had one she was prepared to obey every order that she was given. Hank’s theory was confirmed when, without any more prompting being necessary, Pam Summers unzipped the fly at the front of his denim jeans, reached into his tight-fitting pants, and fished out his hardening penis.

As she pulled out Hank’s erect cock for both herself and Leah to see for the first time, Pamela licked her lips expectantly. When his hard-on was finally out in the open for all to see, Hank felt an immense sense of pride well up inside him at the length and width of his pole of man-meat. His 8″ cock had the thickness that many women really got off on. Hank knew that chicks went nuts when they were getting screwed by a big, fat dick, including his wife, who was the latest in a long line of willing sacrifices to his prick. Leah and Pam looked like they were nearly creaming in their pants as the blonde slut English teacher reached out with both hands, tentatively wrapped them both around his throbbing shaft, then began gently wanking him off.

After a while, Hank slowly reached down and cupped the side of Pamela’s face with his left hand, staring into her deep blue eyes with nothing short of loving affection and love in his own. He wanted to possess her, to utterly consume her very being with his fingers, his mouth and his cock, just as he wished to claim the exotic, enigmatic Leah as a slave to his will as well. He wanted, needed, to make Pam and Leah totally his.

While Pam was tugging away at his hard-on, Hank switched his attention back to Leah, who had her long slim legs spread wide open and was fingering herself madly. He’d let up on his own finger-fucking, but Leah herself had carried on. Quickly, Hank yanked Leah’s own hand aside, the three fingers she’d managed to drive up her quim sliding out of her dripping cunt with a lewd squelch, then drove two fingers of his own deep into her tight teen twat, and rapidly a third, working all three digits right into the lust-crazed whore’s love-tunnel to the knuckle. Leah dragged herself up off the oak wood desk and pulled Hank in for a deep, passionate kiss. He reached up with his spare hand to cup first one of her breasts, then the other, as he continued to vigorously pleasure his teenage student’s tight cunt-hole.

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