Aunt Cathy Pt. 19

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

Guess it won’t be too much of a surprise to any of you when I say me and sob were thoroughly enjoying Cathy and marys after the fact make-out show. You can find a lot of erotic sights on the net, but two smoking hot milf’s acting like kittens cleaning each other? If not number one, top two easy.

Unfortunately there’s only so much clean up that can happen. Once that was done mary and Cathy both declared a smoke, (not the kind for sale at any convenience store) was in order and asked our driver to open the moon roof. He pointed out the button in the back to do it, which sob made a note of with a grin and wink to me. Mary pulled out her silver cigarette case and the milfy kittens, (that’s a band name, tell me you wouldn’t go see them) disappeared out the roof.

It must have been a hell of a show for oncoming drivers. Two sets of more than a handful tits shelved on a limo roof periodically bouncing with whoops and hollers. The inside view didn’t suck either. Still only in heels and stockings me and sob got a delicious view of some very long shapely legs, sexy shaved pussies, and soft curved bellies. Sob leaned over and closed the roof just enough so there was no way, with their boobage they could slip back in.

Cathy: “Hey!! people out here thank you!”

Mary: “What the hell you morons!?”

Sob: “Look you two we got a coaches meeting tomorrow, for all we know they might want drug tests.” That wasn’t going to happen, even mandatory we got warned first. “I’ll open it when you’re done.” Cathy I could see, maybe being duped, but mary was a hockey mom. It washed though, he got away with it.

I’ve touched on how friends can read each other after years, team mates even more. So I knew that look he had on his face when he gave it. Was the same look he’d get on the bench, or in the faceoff circle just before he was about to go off on something you followed, or just got left in the dust on. He didn’t get canned because it usually worked out, usually.

Should of totally ex-nayed his plan the second I heard it, but I didn’t. What can I say? Me and my line mate had put more than a dent into that bottle of whiskey. “Hey razz, check it out.” He opened his mouth popping his front tooth out. “Mom don’t know about this. I’ll get mom, you Cathy, neither one will know who’s doing who. You in?” It had the appeal of a naughty boy kind of plan, so I gave my grin of agreement.

Sob moved into further abuse marys worked over clit while I slid between my aunts’ legs. It didn’t take long before sobs call about the whole confusion thing was confirmed. Mary practically wailed when he gape toothed her. WOAH!! No, no, no razz! Way to soon, way too sore! Stop… (ugg) OH! (grrrr) GOD DAMN BOY! SHIT!”

Not laughing at the way mary was trying to break free of her sons toothless, faceless, attack was proving to be difficult. Mary was bucking trying to get him off, it kind of looked like some bizarre rodeo where the rider was hooked to the horse’s midsection and the poor horse couldn’t throw him. When I heard Cathy giggle that pushed me over, I lost it. To quote Mr. Gump, “And that was a bad thing.”

I didn’t notice how Cathy stiffened up when I started on her, or how she balled her hands up so bad two of her fingernails snapped off. It was all fun and games to me until sob let mary back in, she figured out what had gone down quickly and tackled him, (least as best you can tackle someone in a limo) they both fell onto the opposite seat in a heap of giggles.

Was only me that got caught in the glaring, cold eyes Cathy threw when she sank in and plopped down about as far away from me as possible. Never in my life had someone looked at me with so much disdain as she did, I felt sick. On par with the rest of this day/night, I didn’t get a chance to ask anything before our driver kicked in, “Bonnie’s lake. You are paying for the oil pan if I lose it.

The oil pan I mean, not my mind.”

Mary went hyper grich. Finding her purse she dug around till she pulled out a pair of black satin panties, slid them on, and almost tore the car door open before we’d even stopped. Yeah, you read that right: Heels, stockings, panties -nothing else. Sob murmured, ‘we might need some referees’, When Bonnie showed up on her porch I added, ‘linesmen wouldn’t hurt either’.

Bare foot in frayed cut-offs, with a skintight wife beater that left zip to the imagination, it took her all of a nanosecond to home in on mary. (And well that must be hard right? Topless hot milf next to a limo on a private lake?) Bonnie didn’t waste an ounce of her wild red hair attitude sashaying down the steps in a bee line to sobs mom. “YOU!” Her arm and finger were defiantly pointed at sobs mom. There was no question she was fired up and adamant, but over shadowing that attitude was a glint in her eye that was nothing short of being highly aroused.

I looked at mary, from what I could see, she was carbon copying that look.

“You and ME mommy. Oh, we ARE going to have it out.”

Mary hadn’t spent her life in Lefkoşa Escort a bad marriage, gotten divorced, then turned to hard drinking, only to pull herself up and become a E.M.T to not end up with balls.

“What cha’ gonna want out red? My sons’ nice young cock? Or you need some pussy too?”

That threw Bonnie off a bit, and she got too close to mary while hissing, “Maybe mommy. It seems a certain boy we both crave can’t keep his mouth shut. You’ll do me if he doesn’t huh? Well here’s what I’m going to take out first.” Mary’s nipples got twisted. “These titanium tipped tits, (I heard Cathy murmur from the car, ‘whoops, big mouth’) are going to get rubbed all over my clit till I cum.”

If you grew up around here, you knew about snakes.

You watched out for them, kept your distance, and probably learnt a thing or two from them, speed being one such lesson. Since sobs mom had been born here, and like I said, Bonnie had got too close, before she could react marys hands snapped around her neck pulling her face so close I’m positive you could have seen her pores.

“You do what you think you can, as for me? I’m going to enjoy every inch of your gorgeous red headed body” Bonnies eyes got wide and her face blushed as mary tightened her grip. “You Red, are going to be begging to cum long before I even get moist. Then when, or if, you do get to cum? It will only be because I’ll be riding your face while my boy fucks you senseless. I bet you want that don’t you?”

A eunuch would have got hard at that statement. Our driver assented to that when even through the closed window you could hear him say, ‘Danang’. Perhaps she hadn’t been born here, but Bonnie proved she’d had been around long enough to pick up the speed trick surprising mary with a quick strike French kiss. Sobs mom opened her eyes briefly until she moaned letting go of her choke hold to start playing with Bonnie’s tits.

Locked into the most entangled, kiss, grope I’d ever seen, me and sob were being treated to another smoldering milf show when he tapped my shoulder. “Dude, if I’m no-show for the meeting, it’s cuz I died of happiness.” A few days ago, before laying eyes on Bonnie, he’d been A shy, stuttering, unsure young man. Now? “This way to sex ladies” while ushering both women into the cabin.

I leaned into the car to ask Cathy if she’d known my line mate was going to be transfigured when she invited red to the bar that night, but she wasn’t in the car. You ever have things happen that are just too coincidental? The wind picked up; temperature plummeted. I’ve spent years in the cold, outdoor rinks, indoor ones and I can tell you, cold air not only carries sound farther, but it also amplifies it, this air was carrying the sound of a woman sobbing, my woman.

You know this saying? ‘Ninety to nothing in the blink of an eye?’ From lesbian milf titillation to mortified, easily that fast. Cathy was standing on the edge of the dock, her arms wrapped tight around her and convulsing so bad the water underneath her was rippling. Somehow this was all on me. She was broken, I knew I’d caused it, but had no fucking clue on exactly how I’d done it. So what do I do? The dumbest thing I could of. I walked to the end of the dock and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Seriously. That’s the word I can think of to describe how badly I need to learn how she turned around so fast, except I need to do it on skates. Would totally up my game. That was the first thought. I got back to reality fast.

“WHAT?!?? Did you actually, honestly, and seriously, just ask me what’s FUCKING wrong!? What the fuck? Are you twelve? You made me think your friend was granted free reign over my body! You made me feel like a piece of damn meat!”

Cathy voided her eyes by means of a chin motion to her right shoulder coupled with a deathly slow blink before becoming diabolically focused on me. On a wooden dock she somehow managed to make her high heels sound sharp and clicky, like on ceramic tiles. Ever play horror games and find yourself trapped with the source of your impending death encroaching on you? And it’s a cut scene, so you can’t move? That was Cathy.

Why do I keep opening my mouth when it should be bolted shut, same reason the sun rises, it just happens.

“Okay. So Bonnie and that little triad was nothing. Sob’s mom, ‘wants to suck my cock’ apparently you gave permission, and let’s not forget how you decided, ‘the mom hot kinky’ thing was a future happening. Just who the hell is getting passed around?”

She dropped every semblance of emotion out of her voice.

“You and your friend trapped me. Every situation I’ve ever put to you had a yes/no factor. You always had the option of out. You want me to use the word that best describes how what you did, felt?” Gut punched, and jaw broken all in one short paragraph. I stood along time, just thinking, before I answered.

“No, I don’t. And I’m not twelve. On the other hand, it has only been eight days since I turned nineteen. A few days ago all I cared about was hockey, my car and wanting a girlfriend. Girne Escort Now I’ve got the hottest, sex kitten milf for a fiancée, my hockey career might be over tomorrow, then there’s that little secret. Well I guess you can’t call it that when six other people know about it, which is always great when you consider it could send me, my love, my best friend and his mom, all of us to jail. Oh and speaking of mom’s, It seems mine wants to fuck me and her sister in what, according to how I read it, promises to be the equivalent of an incestuous super nova threesome. So, yeah I’m a little…”

“WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? What did you say?”

“Why does nobody let me fucking finish! Yeah. She let me know we’d been figured out, practically gave me a hand job in the parking lot, then clued me in on her three-some fantasy that’s been burning in her mind for a while.”

Cathy’s turn to do the worst thing. She giggled, (Oh yeah, she did) and turned back towards the edge of the dock. I was incensed.

“You think that’s funny?”

“Well, yeah. I mean in a hot, kinky kind of way.” That whole sentence was tinged with laughter.

She may have heard what I growled, possibly even seen what was coming, but if she did her dodge reaction was way to slow.

“Lady, you need to soak your head.”

I wasn’t concerned that tuxedos and ball gowns wouldn’t make good swimming attire, or that the cold had moved in, I was concerned with ending all of this misunderstanding bullshit. Mabey you can’t tackle in a limo so good, on a wide-open dock you can, so I sent us swimming.

Some recommendations:


If you ever find yourself falling to the bottom of a lake wrapped up in the arms of the love of your life, forgo breathing and kiss like you’re going to die. When me and Cathy finally broke water on the upswing everything seemed to be in a way better light. Even the coincidental was playing nice, the wind had died off and the sky was drifting down. “IT”S SNOWING LOVER!!”

Took me awhile to believe it but she was right. Huge snowflakes were flittering down from a ink black sky to a equally dark lake. Lit by the dock lights they looked like diamond candle flames floating through the air. A few minutes ago what was the death of me was now stirring up lake water trying to catch flakes on her tongue. She was sopping wet, the silk part of her dress transparent and clinging tightly to her breasts showing her own titanium tips going on.

“I think mary’s in trouble babe.”

Cathy stopped her snow-flake hunt and looked towards the cabin.


“You carbon steeled her titanium.”

That got me out of the doghouse and down the street. Also got me encroached again, this time I was all for it.

“Yeah, it is a little nippy.” She did her pull the cloth between boobs trick but added a twist by lifting each nipple to her mouth and sucking. “That’s a little better, could probably use a second opinion though. Hey, wanna see something?”

“I just did. I don’t think you’re going to top what you just showed me, but sure.”

“Oh I don’t know about that. Want to see where, when Bonnies parents would invite me here and I’d get way to horny to stand it, I’d go to masturbate.”

She moved close putting her arms around my neck pressing her boobs against me. “Mabey even how I did it?” There was nothing much I could do but nod like she’d offered me begging strips and ponder a whole new set of questions her statement suggested.

You couldn’t see it from the cabin or the dock, but a stilted boat house was hidden amongst a bluff of trees. It must of been a bitch even finding it from the lake. We moved carefully under the place, me keeping a eye out for snakes in the joists, Cathy eyeing a wooden platform. “See that? I made that out of branches and fishing line I braided into rope. Nobody knows it’s here to this day.” She started to take her dress off but realized the normal bodice to feet route wasn’t going to work.

“Fucking mud.”

A few deft bends, some swishing under the water and I was surprised to see her heels emerge in her hands. My toes had been clenched from the time we hit muck bottom trying to keep my shoes on, and they were laced. “How did you keep those on your feet?” A giggle, one pair of heels obligated to me for safe keeping and that velvet bottomed, (soaked it must of weighed a ton) dress was ditched from the ankles up with a wet splash. I know, I know, all splashes are wet but it just sounded like it was wetter than wet, or something like that.

“I got strong feet; you’ll know that when you get a secret public foot job someday. Hey, watch this.” She started moving forwards. I’d never been in this lake before, but I know you don’t need to stilt a boat house on a gradually inclining beach. When she started rising out of the water in front of her, I was one shout away from calling witch.

“Oh lover you should see your face! Don’t freak out I’m not a witch.” How… never mind, more women tricks. “Wood doesn’t rot under water, I made steps too” To prove it she started Magosa Escort left to right mashing her feet on the top landing. Left to right swaying, some tit’s are made for that, some others just redefine it.

Recommendation two:

Never turn down an offer of heat from a smoldering woman.

Cathy had lifted herself onto her platform and scooted back spreading her legs. She raised herself on her elbows looking at me with a dreamy look in her eyes. “I never had sex on this, not even tribbed with Bonnie.” She rested back on one elbow and brought a finger to her mouth wetting it. “I used to come down here like five times a day to get off, always imagined some hot merman ravishing me.” That finger slide in and started probing.

Fuck. This place makes me so horny.” She was shaking a little from what I just assumed was a pre-orgasm. “It’s cold out here. I think the merman can take a deep six. You see any hot hockey players around that may want to warm me up as hot as this pussy is?”

Before you ask, No, I didn’t leave a wake getting to that set of hidden stairs, did lose a shoe though. I’m not a ton taller than Cathy, still that first step brought my crotch out of the water, which meant: Ahhhh yes, cold air. At times invigorating, other times shrinky dink making. It didn’t help matters when she looked and giggled, cold air hasn’t got fuckin’ nuttin’ on that. If you’re a guy you know exactly what I’m referring to.

Cathy used her own snake speed getting off her elbow and unzipping me, before reaching in a blink of my eye. She yelled, “Wallah!” pulling that damn sleeve from between my fly. The cold had shrunk me, and it had just slid off. Cathy was flipping it over in her hands, wondering if it was waterproof, but with hours of constrained blood raging back into my cock, the beast was ignoring the cold and freely bobbing in front of me through my open zipper.

Any kid that’s ever had parents worth their salt, or played with a coach that did not like to lose, can take orders. I had both, so when my aunt told me to lie down. I did. She didn’t change her orientation, so I knew my job when one of her legs landed on the opposite of my head. “Cathy your, uh, over dripping,

or something like that.”

“Lift your head up lover.” When I did, she crossed her ankles under my neck, was cool, kind of gave me support so I could do my deed more comfortable. “Not over dripping, it’s pre-gushing, and you can blame mary for what’s next.” Comfort was not the idea behind the ankles. She tightened her legs locking my face into her ‘pre-gushing’ peach and started the post operative gushing. I was being water boarded with squirt.

Whatever she thought she was going to get away with went south when I felt her start to baby kiss my cock head giggling, ‘this is all you get lover’. My balls were screaming to unleash and since she had no intentions of letting me speak, I pulled my own version of mary in two steps.

Number one: Get that clit in the gap and suck so hard she scream’s, “FUCK!”

Two: I got ankles too. Lock them on her neck and push it down: Throated.

(I know that sounds harsh, but it’s not. Read on.}

We ended up in a battle royal of forcing each other onto our respective sex organs. Honestly it was more of a see-saw oral heat fuck. She went down, I broke free, when she came up for air, I got planted back in the water fountain. Both of us seemed hell bent on blowing the others mind away. I always thought the rule was, ‘no teeth when giving head’ Cathy was breaking that every time she came up for air, and it was finger gripping awesome.

There was no biting just a shiver inducing light scrape of teeth. She was one up one me till I remembered an idea, one a late-night fantasy had giving me, and I started to silently yodel. Here me out before you laugh. I know it’s just a transfer of air from between your chest and head, but reroute that to your tongue? Isn’t a sybian on earth going to fake a real organ flicking like that.


“And teeth are?”

Anybody walking by that boat house would of thought people were drowning, and that wouldn’t of been far off. Neither one of us relented so when the, mutual gushing started, it was a lesson in how to breath, swallow, gasp and gulp, A.K.A drowning sounds. Even with all that it ended up beautiful, we both shuddered at not only the same time, but for an equally long time. I was spent, Cathy had enough strength to reposition and collapse on my chest.

After some labored breathing between the two of us she lifted her head. “Okay. That must of been hot were steaming.” And we were. The air had got that cold. Our body heat was causing real steam to come off us. Cathy had put her head back on my chest cooing but I was in a border line panic. Memories of when I’d gone ice fishing and stupidly walked on a frozen river, (FYI, flowing water never freeze solid) only to fall through with no one around, well hypothermia is a nightmare.

Your brain and your motor skills disappear rapidly, you end up confused and fumbling, you end up helpless. We were close to a cabin, a car, not miles away from nothing, but we were on a slick, platform over rocks, on slip and crack. “Cathy, we got to go. We need to get warm, come on.” I’d never even taken my coat off, so as I set to the business of yanking my pants up I got bit on my ass. “What the hell?”

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