Aunt Nephew Sharing Bed

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This is a short story of mine that came out during this pandemic lockdown. I posted this story in other site as Mom Son Sharing Bed. I have changed it to Aunt Nephew fantasy. Let me warn you that some readers commented my English is bad. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my fantasy! All characters in this fantasy are over 18 years of age.

I woke up in shock and I rushed to my son’s room, he was the only man in the house now!

“Baby wake up… my baby wake up please… my baby boy… please wake up…” I shook his shoulder and stroke his face.

“My baby… wake up… mommy is so scared. Wake up please baby…” I realized I didn’t lock the room when I came in. I went back to lock the door.

“Aunt… is that you? Auntie Michelle?”

“Oh NO… oh yes! It’s me, Auntie Michelle…” In the panic I have forgotten that it was my nephew, Jason instead of my son in the room. But I rushed back to his bed anyway.

“Oh god, Jason… god… Auntie is so scared.”

“What happened Auntie? What time is it now?” He opened his eyes but still unsure of what was happening around him.

He stared at my chest. Oh no, I picked the wrong nightie in the panic. I pulled the neckline to cover my exposed cleavage. Shit! I have forgotten my panty too!

“Jason, I don’t know what time now… I heard noise just now… I think someone came inside Auntie’s room! Did you lock all doors and windows?”

“Yes. I did. Did you see any one?”

“No… I thought I heard noise. Auntie is not sure. Can you go check all windows and doors?”

“Auntie Michelle… is it your dream?”

“Hmmmm.” I realized I had a bad dream before I woke up.

“Ya, I had a bad dream… but can Jason check the whole house if all windows and doors are secured?”

“Ok auntie. Let me check.” My nephew got up from his bed and stood up beside me. Gosh, he is so much taller now! Time flies and he is a 19 years young adult now!

“Be careful Jason!”

“No worries auntie.”

“Thank you very much Jason! I know auntie can depend on you.”

My nephew walked out from the room, leaving me alone. I checked around the room, his luggage were still unpacked yet. When the university was abruptly closed, he didn’t manage to buy an air ticket and go home. But he managed to come to my house before the country implemented lock down due to the pandemic. But both my son and my husband were not so lucky. They were stranded overseas.

I anxiously waited on his bed and the bad dream came back to my memory. It was not totally bad. In fact, it was scary but strangely pleasurable. Only the sudden horror ending awaken me.

My nephew came back.

“How? All locked?”

“Yes auntie, all locked and no one in the house except us.”

“Thanks god! Auntie was so scared. I am still scared actually.”

“Don’t worry auntie… I am here with you.” My nephew gave a pad on my shoulder to console me.

“Jason, can Auntie sleep here? I am still scared.”

“Sleep here? Well… if you don’t mind the small bed.”

He was reluctant. Perhaps he thought he was no more a little boy that could share room with his aunt. But he was too nice not to reject his aunt.

“I don’t mind… Thanks Jason.”

“OK then. Let me open my sleeping bag.”

“No Jason, you don’t need to use your sleeping bag.”

“How do you want me to sleep?”

“We can share the bed. We used to share bed remember? I sleep near to the wall, you sleep outside… I really need Jason to accompany me now. Is that OK?”

“OK… No problem Auntie Michelle.”

I lay down on my back near the wall and he lay beside me. The old memories came back to me when we used to go camping and travelling, very often sharing bed together with other siblings. However, Jason has been special to me, very closed to me.

“Enough space? Sleep closer Jason.” I moved closer to the wall and he moved closer to me and our body touching each other.


“Yeah Auntie. I am OK.”

“I am sorry Jason. I think you don’t have enough space.” I turned to sleep on my side way to free some space for him.

“Good night Jason.”

“Good night Auntie.”

After a few minutes, he turned to his side and put his hand on my arm.

“Can I… Auntie?”

“Yes… sure Jason. In fact auntie feel more secured with your hand on my arm actually. Like you are protecting me.”

“Ok… good nite.” He moved closer behind me and said good night again.

The bad dream kept coming back to me. I read about some people have such fantasy but I never have. This was the first time I had this kind of dream and it was surprisingly ‘nice’.

After a while.

“Auntie… can’t sleep?”

“No Jason… you too?”

“Me too.”

“Is Auntie still thinking about the bad dream?”

“Ya, it’s still… I can’t get rid of it from my mind.”

“Auntie want to talk about it? It will help you sleep if you talk about and get over it.”

“Never mind Jason… it was just bad dream… nothing really. And auntie really appreciate your concern. You may hug me if you like… like I used to do Ankara escort when you were small.”

I moved my body backward to get closer to my nephew. His erection pressed on my butt cheek. My heart pumped after the unexpected bodily contact. My nephew is a grown up young man now, no more the boy that I used to remember.

“Ummm… sorry auntie.”

“Sorry what? ” I knew his embarrassment but I pretended.

“My down there… I can’t help it.”

“Don’t worry Jason. I know its normal at night for a healthy young man like you.”

“You want me to move back?”

“It’s all right Jason. You can put it in between auntie butt cheeks, if it’s pressing on you too hard.”

Put it in between my butt cheeks??!! I surprised myself for offering such lewd solution to my nephew.

“Like this Auntie?” He adjusted his erection and buried it into my butt crack.

“Yes…” My heart pumped even heavier after his body clung tightly to me, especially with his erection pressing on my butt crack.

“Auntie Michelle, are you OK? Still scared? I can feel you heavy heart beat.”

“I am OK Jason.” My nephew has mistaken my heavy heart beats as sign of scare.

“Auntie can share with me… it will help, really.”

“You wanna know? It might affect you too, Jason.”

“It’s alright auntie, I am big enough now. I can protect auntie.”

“Jason, I am sure you are a grown up man and you want to protect auntie! You so sweet. Auntie really like you.”

“It was just a silly bad dream… I dreamed about intruder came into auntie’s room when I was sleeping… I got shocked and… That’s all… nothing really.”

“Oh an intruder… auntie you must be so scared.”

My nephew hugged me even tighter.

“What happened next, auntie?”

“What’s next? Never mind, you don’t have to know…”

“No auntie, please understand, you need to talk about the scariest part, only then auntie can get over it.”

“The scariest part?”

“Yes, the part that shocked and woke you up.”

I recalled my vivid dream again. The beginning was panicky and the ending was shocking and scary. But the in between was complicated, sexual and pleasurable, which I can’t really tell my nephew.

Perhaps I could modify the dream story to satisfy my nephew. I really don’t want to let him down as he was truly concerned.

“Jason you are right, you are big enough now. And you are the only man in the house now. Perhaps auntie can tell you more…”

“That’s right, tell me, I am listening.”

“I dreamed about myself sleeping… strange… I saw myself sleeping on my bed, like I am the third person… weird but true… So he came in from the window and quietly he removed auntie’s blanket and he was watching auntie… sleeping… naked… he…”

“Auntie sleeping naked?”

“Yes… auntie love to sleep naked.” I knew I shouldn’t tell the naked part but it was too late.

“Then he… he… never mind Jason. Let’s just go to sleep now.”

“No auntie… there is nothing to worry… tell me please…”

“You still wanna hear… it was just a bad dream baby… and it’s embarrassing to tell.”

“No worries auntie, trust me…” With his big body curled around me and his reassuring voice near my head, I felt like I can tell him more.

“Ok… ok… it was scary… he pulled away my blanket… staring at my body at first, then he started touching auntie naked body… my legs, my buttock, my chest… all over my body… then he kiss me down there… all over my body… auntie awaken… I screamed but he gagged me… he was so powerful…then he… huhhhh… he…”

“Auntie… auntie… it’s OK now… you are safe now…” My nephew was hugging me tightly as I lost myself while recalling my intense dream.

“Auntie… it’s OK… what happened next?”

“Next! Baby, you really don’t have to know the rest… it was embarrassing! He just did those things bad guy does to woman…” My face blushed.

“He harassed auntie?”

“Yes he harassed auntie… sort of…”

“He forced upon auntie?”

“Forced… ya… he forced upon auntie…” Oh my god, is that my nephew’s erection throbbing in my butt crack!! Oh my god, my nephew was aroused listening to my bad sleazy dream! My nephew was excited listening to man forcing onto his aunt!

“Ya… he did what bad guy does to a vulnerable alone woman like auntie…”

“Auntie, did he forced… I mean… like entered auntie?”

My nephew was carefully choosing his words when asking me the sensitive details of my dream. My heart raced like wild horse as he asked if the intruder fucked me!

“Yes…he… you know, like… he forced his erection into auntie… oh Jason… auntie don’t want to talk about this anymore… you can continue to hug me, like we used to do… that would be the best thing you could do for auntie, for now.”

He obediently hugged me tightly into him. His right hand slipped through the space between my neck and my shoulder and held my right hand. His left arm cradled my waist.

“Umm… that’s right! Thanks Jason! I feel much Ankara escort bayan better now. I love you Jason.”

“Love you too!”

I lied. I didn’t feel any better, my whole body was fluxed with boiling desire. I didn’t tell my nephew how he gagged and strangled me, I didn’t tell my nephew I was enjoying the stranger’s rough sex. I didn’t tell my nephew, I felt so good when the stranger forced his cock deep into me! I didn’t tell my nephew, I moaned like whore in my dream! I was awaken only when the stranger turned into a monster, like most silly bad dreams do. But I think it’s all over now and I am not going to talk any more about my dream.

But my nephew could not sleep. His hard cock still moving subtly in my butt crack. His hand slowly moved to my hip and touching my buttock. I felt like he was enjoying my woman body.

“Jason… are you still awake? You can’t sleep?”

“No auntie I can’t sleep. Can I ask you something?”

“Yes of course, you can ask auntie anything. What is it?”

“Auntie, is sleeping naked really nice? I was thinking how it feels like to sleep naked.”

“Oh you want to try sleeping naked? It feels really nice and comfy. You should try tomorrow night.”

“No auntie, I like to try it now.”

“You wanna try now? But auntie… auntie still want to sleep with you to night.”

“It’s OK. As long as auntie not looking at me, I think. By the way, you are still wearing your nightie.”

My heart pound again as I pondering the wild indecent idea of my nephew sleeping naked with me, when I was wearing my skimpy thin nightie!

“Aunt Michelle… please. I am tired of wearing my shorts and T-shirts… and underwear to sleep… nobody does anymore.”

“Okok… auntie not looking. I guess you can try now.”

“Thanks auntie.”

He eagerly raised from the bed as I looked blank into the wall while listening attentively to the sound of my nephew stripping. My heart continued to pound forcefully.

He came back to the bed and lay down behind me.

“Feel good?”

“Yeah! Feel good! Nice!”

“I am glad that you like it… let’s sleep now. Give auntie a kiss, Jason.” He leaned down and kissed my face. His bare chest pressed on my arm.

“Ummm… Good night Jason.”

“Love you auntie.”

Again he positioned the length of his erection along my butt crack, only this time his he was naked. His erection felt so big, so hard and so warm and my thin nightie could do nothing to insulate the contact! An intense sexual charge thrilled through my body! I could not help but to push my buttock slowly against him to feel his erection! He sensed my movement and he pressed his crotch harder against my bum, forcing his erection deeper into my butt crack! Perhaps he felt nice too having his erection tightly wrapped in between my butt cheeks.

He cradled me tightly again and started to grind his erection up and down along my butt crack. He was carefully slow but I knew he was enjoying my butt. Is my nephew taking sexual pleasure from his aunt’s body? Should I pretend nothing and let him enjoy? Or should I stop him? God! But I was enjoying his cock too!

“Ummm… auntie you smell so nice…” I turned to water! My hubby loves to sniff around my naked body and tell me how nice I smell!

“Ummm… Jason…”

“Auntie, why don’t you sleep naked too?”

“What? You want auntie to sleep naked too? Now?”

“Yes, now. I feel really nice and it’s not fair if only I can enjoy it.”

I was surprised. Is my nephew taking advantage on me? His grinding along my butt crack heighten and I felt like melting into his strong desire. I knew it was wrong but I could not resist him nor refrained myself from pressing back on his cock.

“Ummm… silly boy. How can auntie sleep naked with you while you already naked.”

“Auntie I remember we used to shower together and we both naked.”

“Oh Jason, you still remember that… but that was long time ago, and you were just a small boy then and we were all together, not just you and me.”

“Yes, I remember you were so beautiful back then and you are still very beautiful. Please, just for tonight.”

I felt his precum wet my nightie and stained my butt crack, lubricating his grinding along my butt crack.

“Okok… just for this one time. And you keep it a secret. Promise?” Oh shit! Keeping it a secret is not the point! What am I doing???!!

“Sure auntie. I promise.”

“Right. Now you face the wall and close your eyes while auntie take off my nightie.”

He reluctantly released me from his grip and I get down from the bed.

My god! What am I doing! Am I really going to sleep naked with my nephew?

“Ok. Keep facing the wall. No peeking… auntie will join you soon.” I pulled the thin nightie over my head and I was immediately naked totally.

My nephew turned over and stared right into my naked body!

“No Jason! You are supposed to face the wall! Turn back, don’t look!” I quickly blocked my breasts with one hand and covered my crotch with another hand.

“Auntie… sorry I can’t help Escort Ankara it… you are so beautiful, so sexy! You are much sexier than many of my college girls!”

“Oh Jason, stop looking at auntie like this and stop saying that! You are embarrassing me! Please turn away… please! There is nothing sexy about auntie… I am just a plump fat lady… look away please!”

I verbally denying his praise but internally I felt so sexy.

“I am sorry auntie.” He turned to face the wall and obviously discouraged by my reaction.

Did I just overreacted? How is it rational that he is not allowed see my naked body when we will be sleeping naked together? I stepped into the space between my nephew and the wall and slowly sat down on the bed.

His eyes shut and his manhood stood in his full glory! For the very first time, I saw my nephew’s erection! He was thicker and longer than my hubby!

I regretted for almost shouting at him, demanding him to look away. And now I took the liberty of watching his manhood while he has to close his eyes.

“Jason, you can open your eyes now.”

“Are you sure auntie?”

“Yes, please open your eyes. Auntie is sorry, I overreacted just now, shouted at you. I am sorry Jason!”

He opened his eyes and saw my breasts hanging above him. His eyes wide opened and my nipples turned into rock!

“But you cannot look at auntie like how you look at your other college girls. Do you understand? I am your aunt.”

“I am sorry… but you really are a beautiful woman. And you are certainly not a plump fat lady.”

“Thank you Jason! You’ve made auntie feeling very nice about myself!”

“Now, are we really going to sleep?”

“Good night auntie.”

“Good night Jason.”

I leaned down and kissed him. My breasts pressed on his bare chest and I realized how erect my nipples have become. I quickly turned away and lay down on my side to hide my embarrassment.

He didn’t hug me like before. Perhaps he was cautious not to let his naked body touching my skin, or his erection touching my butt. But I was hoping to feel his erection in between my butt cheeks again. I was badly in need of a hard cock, just like what happened in my bad dream, A BIG FAT HARD cock to fill my wet hole!

Knowing that the cock behind me should never enter me yet my desire heightened. The sensations of his cock grinding along my ass crack were still lingering around. I wanted to refrain myself but my pussy already soaking wet, as if she is getting ready for some long deprived deep penetrations!

“Auntie… can I cradle you to sleep?”

“Silly boy, sure you can.”

“Oh my god, what are you doing Jason? Why you… Ummmm…”

Instead of putting his erection at my butt crack, he poke his cock head into the triangle space of my inner thighs and my pussy lips. I quickly pressed my thighs firmly together to resist him.

“Jason, I told you to place your erection in between auntie’s butt cheek, not in between auntie’s thighs and… ummm… touching auntie’s vagina. Jason pull out now… pull out!”

“Sorry auntie, it’s more comfortable there…”

He pushed his cock further and forcing his cock head through my tight intimate space!

“Jason, that’s auntie’s…”

“Auntie… feel so nice! You pussy is so warm, so soft!”

“Oh my Jason… don’t use such dirty word on auntie!”

He continued to slide his cock slowly until he could not advance any more when his crotch pressed on my bum.

“Holy shit! Your pussy is so wet and slippery! Ahhh… feel so good!”

I tried to push his hip away, but he too strong. He began to slide his cock in and out of my moist slippery space. My pussy leaked adding more lubrication into his actions.

Oh my god! His cock was hard and thick, giving my swollen clit the long deprived caressing!

“Stop! Jason, stop please… please stop!”

“Auntie, I am not moving.”

“You are not moving?”

“No auntie, I am not. I have stopped!” Oh fuck! It was me that unconsciously grinding along his cock, seeking forbidden gratification from my nephew’s manhood!

“Oh Jason… I am sorry… I thought it’s you… auntie shouldn’t be doing this… ummm… auntie will stop… soon… ummm…” But I couldn’t stop! I pressed my thighs to grip onto his hard cock firmly and twerking my ass around his crotch! I was forcing my nephew’s cock going in and out of my slippery space!

“Oh Jason… auntie is going to stop…”

“Its OK auntie… you don’t have to stop… huhhh… it feels really really nice… I love it!” My nephew resumed his pounding actions and soon his crotch repeatedly banging onto my bottom.

Uhhh… uhhhhh… uhhhh… uhhhh… Every bangs were accompanied by moans from both of us.

Fuck! As long as he is not entering me let’s enjoy this wonderful special bonding with my nephew! I told myself.

He completely embraced me, squeezing my breasts and pinching my hard nipples.

“Oh Auntie Michelle… I wanted to do this for long time already… auntie… I love you…”

Oh my god! My nephew wanted to do this for long time! Do what exactly! I was not sure it was me or it was my nephew. Either I tilted my pussy to his cock or he shifted his cock to his auntie’s love hole, his cock head found his way and slipped into my wet opening!

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