Aunt Sandi Ch. 11

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Aunt Sandi – PART 11

I looked at Mom questioningly and asked, “Where can we possibly be going now?”

Mom smiled and with a bright twinkle in her eye, she just said, “Just kidding, sweetie. We’re just going upstairs to have some fun. Surprise!”

I didn’t care where it was. I had been waiting so long that I was about to burst. Now that I knew it was finally time, my cock immediately began to harden in anticipation.

She walked over to where Dad was sitting on the couch and leaned down and whispered into his ear. He laughed and nodded, and she kissed him quickly on the cheek.

She then whispered into Bethany’s ear who once again leaned her head back and rolled her eyes, but she didn’t appear to be angry. This was obviously becoming her trademark move. It was both annoying and cute at the same time. I found myself wishing that today had been her birthday instead of mine. I wondered what we might be doing right about this time on that day, and it caused a thrill to rush through my body. I instinctively squeezed my groin muscles, making my cock just that much harder.

Mom, Sandi, Tina, and I headed up the stairs. As we walked down the hall, Mom suggested, “How about we all start with a quick shower?”

Tina quickly said, “Sounds good, honey. I know I could use some freshening up after earlier today.”

Sandi and I nodded, and Mom said, “So you guys can shower in the hall bathroom and Mom and I will go in our room, OK?”

Sandi said, “Sure Dee, I’ll get him nice and clean.” She and Mom both giggled. Mom quickly said, “OK, well no fooling around.” She wagged her finger and shook her head suggestively.

Mom and Tina headed into the master bedroom and Sandi and I went into the hall bathroom and quickly got into the shower.

Sandi nearly attacked me as the warm water sprayed both of us. She kissed me hard on the lips and pushed her tongue roughly into my mouth. She pulled back and gasped, “I’ve been wanting to get you alone all day! Mom told me what you guys did. Little Sandi wants a spanking from her daddy too! I have been such a bad girl.” She growled and giggled.

She grabbed my dick and started pumping it slowly. I said, “Whoa, weren’t we supposed to just get clean?”

She giggled and said, “Oh, I rarely listen to what Dee tells me anyway, as you know. But you’re probably right. When I get you home, a spanking is on the To Do list, OK? You need to practice being more dominant and that’s a perfect way to do it.”

By this time, I was very aroused and decided that right now would be a good time to be assertive so with a very stern voice I said, “Your mouth belongs on my cock. Now.”

Her eyes sparkled and she knelt down and engulfed my erection in her mouth. Her tongue pressed against my frenulum and her lips gripped the head tightly. When she started bobbing her head, it felt like it might only take a minute before I would cum, so I pulled back and said breathlessly, “Oh God, that is too good. I don’t want to cum yet. I was trying to be good, but you’re so hard to resist.”

I leaned down and pulled her back up and she giggled. She said, “Yeah, we better save that up for later. Here, turn around and let me wash your backside.”

She mainly focused on carefully washing my asshole. She got her hand soapy and slid her finger all around inside me. In my aroused state, it felt really good. When she was done, she turned around and said, “Now do me just like that.”

Once we were finished washing and “not fooling around,” we got out and got dried off. We didn’t bother putting any clothes on, of course, and headed across the hall to the master bedroom.

Mom and Tina were already out and waiting for us on the bed naked. Mom said sarcastically, “Well, you two must be squeaky clean. I hope you weren’t messing around in there.”

Sandi giggled and with a twinkle in her eye said, “Who, us?”

I said, “No Mom, we were good. Well, mostly anyway.”

It was Mom’s turn to roll her eyes and said, “That figures. Your aunt never listens to me.”

Tina said, “OK girls, let’s keep it civil. How about we get this party started? What’s the plan, Deanna?”

Mom said, “Well, I was kind of hoping we could do a little role-playing like you got to do.”

She quickly described that she wanted me to be a patient in the hospital and that I would have three nurses that would be taking care of me. She didn’t give too many details because she wanted us to mostly improvise as she directed the action. Everyone agreed and I climbed up onto the bed and got covered up.

Mom got a few pillows and put them under my back so that I was partially sitting up like in a hospital bed. She also turned off the overhead light and turned on a small lamp on her nightstand.

Mom approached the bed as if she had just walked into a hospital room. She picked up an imaginary chart from the end of the bed and studied it.

She said, “Hi there, uh… Daniel, I’m Deanna. I’ll be taking care of you while you’re here. It says here in your chart that you Ankara escort injured your… penis. Oh my, how in the world did that happen?”

I almost laughed out loud but did everything I could to suppress it. I thought for a minute and then said, “Well, nurse, I was riding my bike and skidded on some loose gravel. I ended up falling and hit my di…, uh, my penis on the handlebars. I don’t remember anything hurting quite as bad as this.”

She said, “Please, you can just call me Deanna. Let’s take a look at your injury. I promise it won’t hurt.”

I said, “I… I guess. Is that really necessary? The doctor said I should avoid any physical exertion of my penis. And… well, uh, you’re so pretty that I think my penis might get hard if you look at it.”

“Aw, you’re sweet. You think I’m pretty?” She smiled sweetly and actually preened.

“Are you kidding? I’ve never seen a nurse that looked like you. Such a perfect ass and… uh, I’m sorry, I think these pain meds are making me say things I shouldn’t.”

Deanna giggled. She said, “It’s alright. A girl never tires of compliments like that, even if you said it because of the drugs. Tell you what. Why don’t you close your eyes and try to relax and I’ll take a look.”

“Well, OK.” I closed my eyes and felt the covers being pulled down.

She said, “Now Daniel, I’m going to have you spread your legs open as wide as you can so I can take a close look at your penis.” I felt her hand between my knees as she expectantly waited for me to move. I opened my legs as widely as I could and asked, “Is that good enough Deanna?”

“Oh yes, that’s fine. Now, let’s take a look at you. I’m going to take your penis into my hand now. Relax for me.”

“Oh God. OK, I guess.” I sighed and breathed deeply, trying my best to relax.

She took my penis into her hand and moved it around. Almost immediately, I could feel it starting to get hard.

I said, “Oh no, it’s getting hard. I’m so sorry!” I used my best ashamed voice.

She said, “My goodness, it is getting very hard. That’s perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. How does it feel if I touch you here?”

She moved her hand down and softly caressed my scrotum.

She asked, “Any pain?”

I breathed deeply and answered, “It feels… actually good. There’s almost no pain. How is that possible?”

She said, “Well, it has been quite some time since your bike accident, and you’ve taken pain medication. How does it feel if I do this?”

Her hand went away and then I felt a wet finger rub my anus. My eyes snapped open and I gasped, “Uh, why are you touching my assho… I mean my anus?” I paused for a second for effect and then said, “It feels fine I suppose. No pain at least.”

Then she pushed her lubed finger inside and rubbed my prostate and asked, “And what about this? Does that cause any pain in your penis?”

I gasped, “Oh God, no. No pain. That actually feels awesome!”

She said, “Oh good, I’ll have to make a notation in your chart. Patient enjoyed having his prostate stimulated and had no penis pain as a result. Good.”

She paused and said, “I think it might be good if I called two of my colleagues in to assist me in the next part of the examination.” She turned and called out, “Nurse Sandi and Nurse Tina, can you help me in here?”

All the while, her finger remained in my ass, rubbing against my prostate. I was completely hard and felt a little like I needed to pee each time she applied pressure with her finger. I wasn’t sure that was normal but I didn’t care at the moment. Sandi and Tina came in and stood behind her.

Sandi said, “What do you need help with Deanna? It looks like you have things well in hand. My goodness, the patient’s penis is fully erect.”

Deanna said, “Yes, that’s what I need your help with. I’m trying to determine the extent of Daniel’s penis injury. I think it would help if you stimulated his penis with your mouth to see whether he will need physical therapy in the future.”

Sandi acted as if putting a patient’s penis in her mouth was just a routine test and said, “I’d be happy to help.” To me, she said, “Now Daniel, I know it may seem a little unorthodox, but rest assured this test is perfectly normal. We need to see how much pain you experience when your penis is inside my mouth.”

With that, she gently took my cock and sucked the tip in and began licking it.

I said, “It doesn’t hurt at all! I can’t believe it, I thought it would hurt so much more. You mouth feels great!”

Deanna said, “Now Sandi, try to see how deep you can take Daniel’s penis before it starts to hurt, if at all.”

Sandi slowly engulfed more and more of my cock. At the same time, Nurse Deanna continued to rub my prostate rhythmically. I breathed deeply and lay there with my eyes closed.

I must have appeared asleep or something because Deanna asked, “Daniel, are you still with us? How’s the pain, dear?”

I said, “It doesn’t hurt at all. This is the best hospital visit ever!”

She giggled and Ankara escort bayan said, “Oh, well that’s good. Tina, how about you help Sandi out to see if his penis starts to hurt when both of you lick it?”

Tina said, “That’s an excellent idea, Deanna. That should really tell us if Daniel’s penis is healing properly.”

Tina leaned over and Sandi took her mouth away. Sandi grasped my penis at the base and she and Tina began licking it.

They began taking turns at sucking it. I began moaning and thrusting my hips upward, trying to get more of my cock into their mouths. I started to feel like I was going to cum and I said, “If you keep that up, I’m going to cum, um, ejaculate.”

Deanna said, “That’s OK if you do, Daniel. Actually, that would be good if you could go ahead and ejaculate to determine the full extent of your injury. Excuse me nurses, I need to do a quick test myself before the patient ejaculates.”

Sandi and Tina pulled themselves up and Deanna leaned down and sucked me into her mouth. I gasped, “Ohhh!”

She bobbed up and down for about 30 seconds and then stood again and said, “Daniel, are you having any pain in your penis now?”

I said breathlessly, “No, Deanna, there’s no pain. Can you please keep sucking it?”

Deanna said, “Sandi, Tina, please complete the testing. The patient needs to ejaculate so we can measure his pain level appropriately.”

Sandi said, “Deanna, should we use a vagina to get a more accurate reading? My vagina is wet and ready, if you think that test would be better.”

Deanna said, “Good thinking on your feet Sandi! Daniel, Nurse Sandi is going to use her vagina to check to see if there is any pain that way.”

I said excitedly, “Oh yes, I think that’s a great test! I think I need to crash my bike a lot more often!” This got the three of them laughing but they quickly stopped and resumed character.

Sandi said, “OK, Daniel, please try to relax. I’m going to need to climb on top of you for this test. Move your legs back together just a bit.”

In a flash Sandi positioned herself above me. She said, “Nurse Tina, can you assist me with positioning Daniel’s penis?”

Nurse Tina grasped my cock and said, “OK Sandi, his penis is in position. Now just lower yourself to begin the test. Wait, let me open you up a bit here.”

The short break helped me to relax a bit so I didn’t need to cum immediately. Hearing Tina say that she was going to open Sandi’s pussy so I could slide in brought me back to instant full hardness. Tina licked my penis a bit more and slid it up and down Sandi’s opening, causing Sandi to moan softly. She placed the tip of my penis into Sandi’s vaginal opening and Sandi slowly impaled herself onto it.

Deanna said, “OK Daniel, your penis is inside Sandi’s vagina. Is there still no pain?” As she said that, her finger continued to work itself inside me. Using a trick that Sandi had been teaching me for a while, I tightly squeezed my PC muscle to prevent myself from cumming immediately.

I gasped, “No pain. Feels… so good.”

She replied, “Good. Do you feel like you will ejaculate right away?”

All I could get out was, “Any second now.”

Deanna said, “Don’t. Relax. It just occurred to me that you should try to prolong your orgasm to make sure there is no residual pain. Sandi, please stop moving so Daniel can recover for a moment.”

Sandi immediately stopped her motions. I breathed and tried to think awful disgusting thoughts to stop myself from blowing my load immediately inside her.

Deanna asked, “How’s that? Any pain now?” All I could muster was a head shake to indicate that there was no pain. She said, “Very good. Nurse Sandi, why don’t you let Nurse Tina complete the second part of the exam. She can continue where you left off.”

Sandi sighed and said, “Whatever you say, Nurse Deanna.” I could tell that she didn’t want to relinquish her position, but went along with Mom’s little game.

Deanna said, “Tina, is your vagina ready for the second part of the test? You will need to put Daniel’s penis inside your vagina while facing toward his feet. Are you familiar with the reverse cowgirl position?”

Sandi tried to stop herself from giggling at the words Mom was saying and almost succeeded. Mom must have shot her a sour look because she abruptly became silent.

Nurse Tina said, “Oh yes, my vagina is ready, and I’m familiar with that particular position.”

Deanna replied, “Good, please proceed.”

Tina climbed on top of me. Deanna said, “Daniel, you’ll need to put your legs all the way together for this test. Is there still no pain, even in your rectum?” As she said “rectum,” she pushed her finger even further into me.

I gasped, “Oh! Uh, yes, it’s still fine Deanna.”

Tina said, “Nurse Sandi, can you please position Daniel’s penis?”

Nurse Sandi replied, “Of course. I can also help with this other problem.”

Sandi leaned forward and licked Tina’s pussy to get it wet on the outside. As she did this, Tina gasped Escort Ankara and then moaned. Sandi grasped my penis and rubbed it up and down Tina’s vaginal lips. She rubbed it on her clit for several seconds which elicited several more loud moans from Tina.

Tina moved forward and the head of my cock slid into her hot wet pussy.

She groaned, “Oh God!” Almost immediately, Mom made a “shhh!” sound and I heard Tina whisper “Sorry.”

Tina began moving herself up and down and back and forth while moaning. Sandi played with my balls and before long I could feel my orgasm start to well up within me again.

Deanna said, “Daniel, remember, you should try to wait as long as you can before ejaculating. Do you need Nurse Tina to stop for a second?”

I almost shouted, “Yes! So close!”

She said, “Tina, please remove Daniel’s penis from your vagina. Sandi, please stop that also.”

Tina sighed and moved herself back until my cock was all the way out. Sandi took her hand away from my scrotum. I opened my eyes and looked down and noticed that all three women were slowly masturbating themselves.

Mom saw me looking and said in her nurse voice, “Daniel, you need to keep your eyes closed for the test to be effective.”

I went along with it and closed my eyes again and she said, “Thank you. Now, would you say that your orgasm is under control for the moment? Are you ready for Nurse Tina to continue?”

I said, “I think so.”

Deanna said, “Good. Nurse Sandi, I think it would be beneficial if you allowed the patient to lick your vagina and clitoris. That should enable him to have the strongest possible ejaculation, don’t you agree?”

Sandi said, “Agreed, it definitely will.” In a whisper I almost couldn’t hear, she said to Mom, “Thank you.”

Sandi straddled me and faced away from Tina. I immediately began licking her clit causing her to moan loudly. Her pussy was already gushing a copious amount of fluid.

Deanna said, “OK Nurse Tina, we’re ready to start again. I think we should go ahead and allow the patient to ejaculate. Here you go.” She reached down and moved my cock into position once again and it slipped back into Tina’s pussy. Tina leaned forward a bit and balanced herself by pressing down on my legs. Then she went into overdrive.

She began fucking me much more quickly and moaning loudly. I tried to concentrate on doing a good job licking Sandi’s clit but it was difficult with everything that was happening. I wrapped my hands around her ass and spread her open and rubbed her asshole.

Deanna asked, “Are you having any pain now, Daniel?”

All I could do was make a muffled “Nnnnnn” sound since my face was buried in Sandi’s pussy.

I pushed my finger deep into Sandi’s asshole and she started moaning and suddenly gasped loudly and what felt like a torrent of fluid rushed out of her pussy and onto my face and neck. I kept licking her clit as her orgasm shook through her.

It was all too much. Sandi’s pussy was on my mouth. My cock was inside Tina’s pussy and Mom’s finger was still inside my asshole.

I grunted loudly and my semen rushed out of me into Tina’s waiting pussy. My whole body tensed up and I stopped breathing entirely. For a moment I saw stars and thought I might actually pass out. I pushed my head back and sharply gasped for air and groaned loudly as Tina continued to fuck me relentlessly.

Finally, my body relaxed and sank lifelessly into the bed. Tina stopped her motions and Mom slowly pulled her finger out of me. I heard Mom finally break character and say, “Mom, get on top of me. I want his cum.”

Mom got up on the bed and Tina got into a 69 position above her. At the same time, Sandi turned herself around and began licking and sucking my cock again, cleaning all of the remaining cum and pussy juice off of it. Soon enough, she moved back and her pussy and asshole were right by my mouth.

I started to lick her clit again but she quickly pulled away and said, “No honey, give it a minute. I’m still a little sensitive. Lick my butt instead.”

Beside me, Mom and Tina licked each other and moaned. Sandi was able to reach over and rub her sister’s nipple. In a few minutes, both of them had their own orgasms one after the other.

Tina just sort of collapsed on top of Mom and said, “OK, now I’m tired. Can we take a break Nurse Deanna?”

Everyone laughed at this and Mom said, “Yes, break time. Let’s cuddle!”

Tina got off of Mom and we all got under the covers. The four of us lay next to each other on the king-sized bed, with Mom and me in the middle and Sandi next to me and Tina next to Mom on the outside.

Sandi was the first to speak and said, “I have to admit Dee, that whole thing was really fun.”

Mom giggled and said, “I’ve always wanted to do something like that. After Danny told me what he did with Mom, I couldn’t wait. I still can’t get over how he spanked her naked butt in the kitchen with us right in the next room! I would’ve given anything to see that.”

I said, “Well, she was a bad girl, so she needed to be taught a lesson.” Everyone laughed.

Soon, Mom’s hand found her way to my dick and started rubbing me. Not even five seconds later, Sandi’s hand also started touching me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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