BBW Encounters Ch. 03

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As I continue to reminisce about the Big Beautiful Women in my life, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about Sandy.

After graduating from college, I started working for a small firm in Northern British Columbia. One of the other employees was a lady named Sandy Watson. She acted as receptionist, secretary and office manager, all rolled into one.

Sandy was around my age, which at the time was twenty three. She was a very quiet girl, seeming almost shy when at the office. She was around five feet six tall and had what one might describe as a heavy build, although it was difficult to tell because she always wore loose fitting clothes. There was little doubt however that her boobs were substantial in size. She had a pretty face with big brown eyes and a pleasant smile. She seldom wore makeup and her brown hair was long and straight and hung all the way down to her ass. One might describe her appearance as almost “hippyish”.

In any event, for the first few months, other than saying “good morning” or talking about things strictly to do with work, I didn’t have much contact with Sandy. Little did I know that was going to change in a big way.

Now let me put this story in perspective. This happened quite a few years ago when I was a young buck just starting out in my career. It was in 1979, well before the age of digital cameras and the widespread use of personal computers and the like. My hobby at the time was photography and I had been given a 35 mm Pentax SLR as a graduation present. I had taken some photography courses during college and had also learned to develop my own film. Not to blow my own horn, but I took some pretty good pictures, several of which I had enlarged and had on the wall by my desk at the office. Others in the office, including Sandy, had complimented me on the pictures. I lived in a two bedroom apartment and had converted the second bedroom into a home office and had curtained off a corner to use as my darkroom.

On my days off I spent my time hiking the trails along the river and taking pictures. One Saturday afternoon, I ran into Sandy out on the trail with her Golden Retriever, ‘Bowie’. We stopped and chatted and I asked if I could take some pictures of her dog. She was thrilled and said sure. I took a bunch of shots of Bowie and a few of Sandy and Bowie together. I told her I would develop them that night and give them to her at work on Monday. She suggested that I could drop them off Sunday at her place and she would treat me to a beer. She gave me her address and we headed off our separate ways.

That night I developed the photos and several had turned out exceptionally well so I made enlargements of them. One of Sandy and Bowie, with the river in the background was especially good.

Next day I headed over to Sandy’s place around 1:00 PM. She Escort Esenyurt was happy to see me and was thrilled with the pictures. We cracked a couple of beers and sat in her living room chatting. It was really the first time I had a conversation with her. We hit it off and by the third beer, we were laughing and joking and having a really good time. She was totally different from what she seemed at work, funny, witty and way more outgoing.

I found out she had been on her own since she was eighteen. She had grown up in the Maritimes in a big family. After graduating high school, she had moved out of her parents’ home and gone to work as a secretary for a company in Halifax. That company had downsized and so she had ended up in B.C. She had a couple of live in boyfriends over the last few years, but was currently unattached.

Both of us were getting a little buzz on and Sandy asked me to stay and have dinner with her.

She made us a couple of delicious sandwiches and we ate them as we sipped another beer.

Now I must tell you, Sandy was dressed differently than what I was used to seeing. She had on a tie dyed tee shirt and baggy jeans. To say that he boobs were large would be an understatement, for they were huge. Every time she moved they swayed and it didn’t take a detective to know that she was braless. Now if you have read any of my previous stories, you will know that I am a self described tit man and I love big soft breasts. It was pretty obvious to Sandy that I was checking them out.

After we ate, Sandy asked if I wanted to do a hit of grass with her. Now I had tried pot a few times in college, and could take it or leave it, but already having a glow from the beer, I was more than willing to take her up on her offer. As we sat on the couch, sharing the doob, I leaned close and gave her a kiss. She didn’t pull back and quickly our tongues were playing and my hands were all over those fantastic tits.

In no time I had pulled her tee shirt up and off and had my face buried in the deep cleavage.

I moved my lips to one thick hard nipple, rolling my tongue around it and sucking it into my mouth. Sandy was moaning softly and her fingers caressed my hair as she guided me from one breast to the other.

I spent a long time enjoying those beautiful big globes of flesh before sliding my lips down to her belly. I moved around and as my tongue swirled in her belly button, I undid her pants and slid them downward. She lifted her hips to help and quickly she was naked. I kissed downward, expecting to encounter silky pubic hair, but was surprised to find that Sandy’s mound was as bare as a baby’s bottom. I had never been with a woman who shaved her pussy and it really turned me on.

I spread her legs and began pleasuring Sandy with my lips and Esenyurt Escort Bayan tongue. My time with Annie several years before had given me lots of practice in the art of cunnilingus and in no time I had Sandy writhing on the couch with her breath coming in short pants. Sliding two fingers inside, I concentrated on her extended clit, teasing it with my tongue and sucking it softly. Sandy’s hot juices were absolutely gushing against my face and fingertips. She was crying out, urging me on.

“Fuck yes!” she moaned, “Lick it, suck it; eat my hot cunt!”

Now I had never heard a woman use the “C” word before, and it just added to my excitement. She sure was not the quiet shy lady that I saw at the office every day. I felt her fingers grip my hair as her body shook. I kept ministering to her as she spasamed over and over. Finally she pushed me away, her body going limp and she lay back on the couch coming down from the highs of her multiple orgasms.

I just knelt there, looking at her and smiling, my hand lightly caressing her legs. I had a feeling that there was more to come and I was ready for whatever the evening had in store.

After a few minutes, Sandy looked at me, grinned and said, “Don’t you think you are a bit overdressed?”

I realized that while she was naked, I was fully dressed. I quickly remedied that and pulled off my shirt and jeans. Sandy’s eyes went to the bulge in my white briefs and she licked her lips as she moved to me.

It was her turn to please, and she did not disappoint. She took my briefs by the waistband and slid them down, letting my hard cock bob free in front of her face. She leaned forward and rolled her tongue around the fat head of my cock, then pushed me back onto the couch and knelt between my legs.

She looked up into my eyes and with a wicked grin said, “Would Ed like his cock sucked?”

Before I could say anything, Sandy’s lips engulfed me and began sliding up and down the shaft of my cock. As she sucked me her fingers found my heavy sac and she began massaging my balls. She was a talented cocksucker and her tongue swirled around my flesh as she took me deep into her wonderful mouth. I was moaning and my hips raised as the head of my cock touched the back of her throat. Slowly she pulled her lips up, exerting pressure on the underside of my shaft, making me squirm with pleasure.

I felt her fingers slip lower and as her lips moved on my cock, she began running one fingertip around the rim of my asshole. I tensed a bit as her fingertip pressed inward, and gasped when she pushed it deep inside. I was moaning and totally under her control as she moved her lips and finger in a symbiotic rhythm. I could not hold back and I cried out in ecstasy as my cock exploded. Hot creamy cum shot into Sandy’s mouth Esenyurt Escort and down her throat. She moaned around my shaft as she sucked me, milking every drop of cum from my loins.

She continued suckling my cock until I began to soften and then she let it slip from her lips. She looked up at me and winked, running her tongue around her lips to show me she had enjoyed it.

I pulled her up and we kissed deeply, the taste of cum still lingering on her tongue. I held her tight as we savored the pleasures of what had just occurred. I told her how incredible she had been and that I had never had anyone put their finger in my ass before.

Sandy giggled as she said, “Really, I love ass play!”

She told me how her last boyfriend had introduced her to anal sex and how much she enjoyed being fucked in the ass. I blushed as I told her that I had never fucked a woman that way.

She laughed and said, “Well Ed, then you are in for a real treat tonight!”

With that her hand moved to my cock and she began slowly stroking it as we kissed. She slid down and began sucking me again until my cock was nice and hard. Then she got down on the floor on all fours and told me to fuck her.

I moved behind her, my cock slipping easily into her hot pussy and began pumping her with a nice steady rhythm as my hands played with her dangling tits. It felt so good, but my mind was racing as to what was coming next.

I moved one hand away from her breast and brought a fingertip to the pucker of her ass as my cock moved in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She looked back and grinned at me as I pushed my finger into the tightness. Things were really hot for me and I hoped that I could hold back and enjoy this new experience.

“Put it in my ass, Ed!” she exclaimed, “Fuck my ass!”

I needed no further coaxing and pulled my shaft from her pussy and guided the fat head to her dark star. When I hesitated, she pushed back against me, letting me know she wanted my cock in her ass. Slowly I entered her, feeling the tightness of her sphincter as my cock pushed forward. It was a sensation I had never experienced and it felt so good. Soon I was fully into her ass and she was moaning and fingering her clit as I began fucking her. My cock moved in and out, sinking deep into her bowels. My body was flushed and my breath was catching in my throat. I moved faster, gripping her hips as I passed the point of no return. With a loud cry, I came, flooding her with my hot jizz. She too began to whimper and soon her body shook as a flood of pleasure overtook her. My cock was squeezed tight in her ass as she came and I moaned at the sweet bit of pain that mixed with the pleasure. I held her in my arms until my cock slipped from her ass and I rolled onto my back on the floor beside her.

Sandy leaned over me and brought her lips to mine. We kissed again, long and deeply, our naked bodies pressed together.

That night was just the beginning of a yearlong affair. That affair, these many years later, is still etched vividly in my memory. Once again a big beautiful woman had been my conduit to new ways of experiencing the pleasures of sex….

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Basement Time

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The mask was waiting for her when she got home. It was the only thing dangling from the coat hook, and the message was clear. Persephone stared at it, shivering in place. It couldn’t have been there long. The rules were clear. If the mask was there for longer than fifteen minutes without her being in her proper place, there would be hell to pay.

Persephone pulled her work jacket off and threw it to the side. There’d be time to pick it up later. She kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned her shirt as quickly as possible. The rules were simple. Persephone was to take off everything and put the mask on. There was no or else. She was a good girl. There didn’t need to be an or else.

She grabbed the mask and hurried through her house. Like usual, there was that sharp, sudden fear that there would be other people waiting for her, watching her scamper through her home in her birthday suit. Even with the house completely empty, her skin crawled at the feeling of a thousand imaginary eyes traveling up and down every inch of her skin.

It only got worse when she opened the door in the hall and carefully made her way down to the basement. Each step moaned out her arrival. The basement door was already open, and the dim bulb hanging from the ceiling cast a low light over most of the room. It wouldn’t matter to her. Persephone stood underneath the light and put on her mask. Darkness was now her only companion.

The mask had no slits for eyes. The basement was cold. She stood up as straight as she could, feeling the familiar sense of fear come over her. She hadn’t been given a chance to shower, to groom, to do anything to prepare herself. She could feel that little extra paunch she’d been trying to get rid of. She didn’t feel pretty or desirable, but it didn’t matter. Persephone would wait, like she always did. She was a good girl.

The creak of the basement door as it closed with a slam sent a violent shudder up her spine. She suppressed it, standing still, hands at her sides, chest jutted out. Slow, thunderous footsteps echoed behind her. He was there. Who knew how long he’d been waiting.

“You cut it close,” Sir said behind her, getting closer. Enormous, warm hands cupped her shoulders from above. It never failed to shock her, how massive he was compared to her. If Sir wanted to, he could do anything he wanted to her. He was always patient. He always took his time. “You only had two minutes left on the timer. What kept you?”

“Traffic,” she heard herself saying from miles away, on autopilot. “I was let out late, and I hit traffic. I’m sorry, Sir.”

At first he said nothing. His hands squeezed until Persephone could feel the raw power in them, at his command. They slid down her arms, down to her sides, tracing her skin lazily. Her skin burned where he touched her, immediately cooled again by the frigid basement. He brought them back up again, right hand going up to her neck and cupping it.

She held very still as Sir’s hand took half of her neck in his grip and gave it a gentle squeeze. A sigh escaped her lips before she could hold it in. She felt more than heard his quiet, rumbling laughter. “What am I going to do with you, pet?”

“Anything you want, Sir,” Persephone replied without thinking.

Sir paused. His hand tightened on her neck until she was sure he was going to choke her, then all it once it was gone, replaced by his laughter. “Good girl,” He rumbled.

All at once he was pressed up against her, as naked as she was. She only came up to his chest, and she could feel the coarse hair of his body against her neck and back. She could feel the outline of his cock, still mostly soft but hardening against her. His hands enveloped her breasts and squeezed. Persephone whimpered.

Sir lifted them up and toyed with them. It was always his favorite way to start, whenever he was feeling especially playful. Persephone always thought they were too big for her little body and hated the way they hung on her. Sir loved them. His fingers cupped, squeezed, and rolled the sensitive flesh over in his hands. Persephone leaned into them, breathing growing heavy. She shifted in place, determined to stay strong, to resist. Sir loved it when she held out.

Then his thumbs found her nipples and drew lazy circles around Escort Avcılar them. Each touch was like a jolt to her long, hard, pink nipples and she jerked against him, letting out a sharp cry. Heat flooded her face, her stomach, and between her legs. Sir didn’t let up. His fingers met and pinched the sensitive nubs with increasing pressure. Persephone bucked against him, letting out a long, high whine.

“Oh? Does my little pet like this?” he teased.

The bastard. He knew full well what she liked. Sometimes Persephone thought he knew what she liked better than she did. She gave a quick, sharp nod. She didn’t trust herself to speak. Not with his hands playing over her breasts relentlessly, driving her crazier and crazier with just his touch.

“Good.” The word echoed in the basement. He stopped, holding her breasts but no longer teasing her. Sir shifted behind her, lowering himself down until his lips were against the back of her neck. Kissing once, twice, along her shoulders. Lazy. There was no rush to it, no urgency from him. He was taking his time, keeping her captive to his slow hunger. She loved it. She hated it.

Then his lips went up her neck, to the side. She froze. He kept going. Persephone moved away from him, but he pulled her back against him. She knew where he was aiming right as his mouth found her earlobe. He took it in his mouth, kissing and sucking it right as he pinched her nipples once more.

“FUCK,” She hissed, fighting to get away from him again. Sir didn’t let her leave. He held her in place, mouth working at her overly sensitive ear while his powerful hands all but mauled her breasts as she struggled against him.

“You fucking bastard,” she managed to moan out. Her entire body was hot now. He knew her weaknesses, and he didn’t play fair. He never played fair. She hated the way he could play her like this and turn her into a wanton slut. She loved the way he could please her without even trying.

Persephone broke. She writhed against Sir. Her hands went up to go around his shoulders, holding herself up while he played with her body. She rubbed her thighs together, stoking that fire he built inside of her, desperate for a bit of relief. He adjusted seamlessly, grinding his own naked body against her, promising her what was to come while he toyed with her and drove her past the point of careful control.

The darkness the mask provided condensed her world down to his hands on her tits, and his mouth on her ears, her neck, her lips; whatever he could get as she struggled to stay upright. She couldn’t stop the constant stream of whimpers and high pitched moans coming from her if she tried, and Persephone was far from caring.

Sir gave her tits one last loving squeeze before he dropped her. Persephone crumpled to the ground. The concrete was freezing against her knees, and wet. Her face lit up as she reached down to feel her pussy. She was dripping, and kneeling in her own juices. Sir’s hands pulled hers away.

“Did I say you could touch yourself?” he barked out. His voice echoed in the basement, silencing and stilling her. His hand stroked her hair softly, as if to balance out his voice. “You’re not behaving very well today, pet. Has it been a long day for you? Has it been too long since we’ve had a session down here?”

Persephone hesitated, then nodded. She didn’t need to clarify. He just needed to know that she wanted it, wanted him, and that she was willing to play by his rules. Sir was kinder and gentler than he should’ve been to her. She leaned into his touch, and he cupped her cheek.

“I should just leave you down here, on your knees, until you cool off.” Persephone whimpered. Sir chuckled. The next thing she knew, she could feel him shift and press the length of his thick, hard cock against her cheek. The heat was searing. “Or I could let you make up for your behavior…”

Persephone didn’t need to be told twice. She nuzzled his cock sweetly, running the length of it across her cheek, back and forth. She pulled back and planted a sweet, innocent, lingering kiss on the bulbous head. She didn’t remove her lips, but instead kept pressing little kisses. He thought he could tease her until she fell. She could do all that and more to Avcılar Escort Bayan him. She reached up to wrap her fingers around his cock, but his hand slapped hers away.

“No,” he sighed, stroking her hair once more. “No hands allowed. Not tonight. You don’t get it that easy. Try again, pet.” His deep voice was both scolding and impish. Persephone scowled. That just made him laugh harder.

She ignored the tip of his cock and went straight for his balls. She nuzzled against them once before opening her mouth and taking one inside, sucking on it and tugging it. He stopped laughing. Her tongue lapped at the sensitive orb and she moaned around it. Persephone heard Sir curse above her, shifting in place.

As much as she loved and worshiped his cock, his balls hung low and were amazingly sensitive. She loved the way he smelled, and the way he tasted. Most of all, she loved the way his hands buried themselves in her hair and held on as she bathed first one testicle and the other with her tongue. Even with his commands, she could play dirty.

Persephone finally let his sensitive balls plop out of her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked up the underside of his cock slowly. She tasted each inch of his flesh, swirling her tongue around the thick vein that she loved to tease him about. Up to the tip, where she slurped up a dollop of his pre-cum.

She licked at it slowly and sweetly, like a cat getting a small drink of water, but going no further. She didn’t need to be able to see to imagine the look of frustration and lust on his face. And a second later when he pulled his cock back and let it slap against her face, she couldn’t help but let out a giggle.

“Pet,” he warned, though his voice was strained.

That was all Persephone needed to hear. She opened her mouth and swallowed his cock inside it. Her lips formed an O that she pressed against his thick erection, moving her head forward until she could feel him at her throat. She pressed just a little harder until she could feel the tip start to turn down, and she swallowed. Hard, quickly, enough to drive him crazy without delivering what he wanted. Sir let out a strangled grunt. She had him.

Persephone bobbed her head back and forth. The slurps of her tongue lashing against his hard cock were obscene sounding, even to her. It made her suck harder, moaning around the thick piece of meat in her mouth. Sir struggled against her, surprised at her onslaught. She longed to grab a hold of his legs and keep him there, at her mercy…But she was a good girl.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” Sir snarled above her. He grabbed her hair with both hands. She waited for him to pull her forward, driving his cock down her throat; she was eager for it. Instead he just pulled. Her scalp burned in the best way. Then she was yanked off of him. Some of her drool splashed on her chin. Persephone looked up at Sir blindly, giving him a sweet smile that would just set him off even more.

She wasn’t disappointed. Sir didn’t pull her to her feet so much as grab her by the shoulders and drag her with him. Persephone squeaked, reflexively fighting to get back to her feet. Sir picked her up and dumped her on the workbench on the back. The impact knocked the air out of her and she fought for balance.

Sir pushed her forward until her legs were dangling off the edge, ass in the air waiting for him. At least he’d been considerate enough to put a blanket on the bench beforehand. Persephone looked over her shoulders, stifling a curse as she still couldn’t see if she tried. She didn’t need to see to know what was next.

Sir put one hand on each of her legs slowly. He squeezed, spreading her apart and pulling her closer to him. Once he was satisfied she wasn’t going to fall off, Persephone felt him press up against her. His entire body covered her as he moved into position. Like usual, he pushed himself up against her and stopped, waiting.

Persephone didn’t say anything. Instead, she just wiggled her ass against his cock. Slow at first, then more insistent. Her round, fleshy ass slapped against it as she pushed back until she could feel his cock, still covered in her spit, against her achy, needy cunt. She had been ready for this since the moment Avcılar Escort she saw the mask hanging.

His hand caressed her ass tenderly. It was the last bit of tenderness he was going to give. Persephone shuddered with anticipation.

Sir thrust forward with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. He held on to her spread legs to steady her and slammed his hips forward the moment he was clear.

Persephone cried out as she felt his cock split her open. She was wet enough to allow his thick member to push through any resistance her tiny body might’ve had. Her pussy clung to him like a second skin as he bottomed out in her with another couple of inches left to go. It hurt as much as the first time they had made love, but now she craved the pain.

Pulling out took an eternity. An eternity of feeling every inch of his cock vacating her, while her pussy all but cried in protest as he left her empty. Then he slammed home again. Persephone cried out, pushing against him. She wanted more than he was giving her. He owned her then, more than any other time. She pushed back against Sir, but he pulled out again slowly.

“P-please,” she whispered. Sir stopped halfway inside of her and stood very still. She tried to wriggle backwards to force more of his throbbing cock inside of her. Sir held her in place. She grew more desperate by the second. “Please!” she begged.

“Please what?” Sir purred above her. His hand squeezed her ass hard enough to leave a bruise. Persephone’s back arched.

“Fuck me!” She cried out. “Stop playing with me and just fucking fuck me! I’m tired of – “

Sir gave Persephone exactly what she wanted. He slammed into her hard enough to knock the air out of her. His cock hammered inside of her tight, wet, hungry pussy. The table wobbled and slammed into the wall with each thunderous thrust.

Persephone’s mouth opened in a silent scream as her lover finally took her for real. Her body tightened, bucking against his involuntarily as her senses left her and all that remained was a bitch in heat. From miles away she was dimly aware of his hands burying themselves in her hair. A second later he jerked back and she gasped.

She closed her eyes and let go. Her entire world was reduced to her body. Her scalp and cunt burned so sweetly. Sir hit a button deep inside her, and that beast grew and grew. Her legs twitched uselessly, spread far apart for the easiest access possible.

He fucked her for minutes, hours, days. It all blended together as she rode the high, squeaking each time his hips slammed against hers, sending his balls slapping wetly against her clit. She could’ve stayed like that forever, ever climbing to heaven. He couldn’t.

His thrusts grew shorter and more frantic. His hand on her hair pulled harder, tilting her head to the side. She felt his hot breath against her neck, and then his lips on her neck once more. He slammed his cock into her once more, bottoming out and still struggling to go deeper. He growled and bit down, and that’s all it took.

Blackness deeper than the blindfold on her face took Persephone. Perfect, silent, sweet darkness. A second later, it all crashed into her as her body clenched tightly around Sir’s buried cock, milking him for every drop of his hot cum. Warmth exploded in her cheeks, her stomach, and between her legs. Her body was alive and out of her control.

Sir panted against her, kissing and groaning and murmuring wordlessly into her ear. Her body weakly cried for more, before that need died down, replaced with a lazy contentedness. She wriggled against Sir. He groaned and pulled her against him, arms wrapping around her middle as they rested on that table.

Eventually he tugged the blindfold off of her and tossed it to the ground. “I love you,” he whispered. The words struck her like a bolt of lightning. He stood up, pulling her with him. He threw the blanket on the ground and took her with him, snuggling against her right there.

“I love you too,” Persephone echoed with a sigh. “Where are the kids?” Now that they’d had their fun and the blindfold was off, she was herself again, and his beast was sated. She could do whatever she wanted. All she wanted to do was stay right there with him, feeling the delicious aching of her sated body.

“At my mom’s. Gone. For three whole days.” Her husband’s lips pressed against the back of her neck. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” His hand went up to cup her left breast, squeezing teasingly.

“Order pizza, get drunk, and watch cartoons?”

He sighed.

“I fucking love you so much.”

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Bar Bathroom Babymaking

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She found him at the bar. It was where she expected him to be. Sitting, drinking a local microbrew, watching his football team play. He used to watch the games at home, but lately his wife started complaining about everything and he took any excuse he could find to get out of the house. Even watching the game, alone in this dive bar. “This is almost too easy,” she thought to herself, watching him watch the game unaware of her presence. He ran his fingers through his sandy blond hair, just long enough to curl at the ends. His hands looked gentle, she could almost feel them running across her smooth flesh…but not yet she reminded herself.

She was wearing a long coat, a very long coat, almost down to her ankles. It tied around her middle, showing off a slim figure. She’d kept her aviator sunglasses on, though it made it hard to see in the dark bar. “You look like a spy!” Her husband had shouted to her as she left. “Perfect.” She’d yelled back as she let the door slam behind her. Things were not going well between them either, perhaps partially because she couldn’t keep her eyes (or her thoughts) off his sandy haired, intensely blue-eyed best friend.

She came up behind him, his eyes still glued to the flat screen. The quarterback was in the pocket, the linebackers holding the defense so far. She tapped her fingers gently on his shoulder and he turned to look at her. “Those glasses look rather foreboding,” he said, recognizing her right away. She took them off. Their eyes met, a long glance held between them, she could feel herself getting wet already.

“What brings you to this dive?” He asked.

“You.” She responded. She could see by his body language he was taken aback at her forwardness, another twinge between her legs. She sat on the stool next to him and ordered whatever he was having.

“I didn’t know you liked beer.” He said, looking approvingly at her.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” She said laughing coyly. Her beer came and slowly they drank together Escort Bahçeşehir commenting on the game unfolding in front of them. For a football game it wasn’t bad. The teams were evenly matched and both quarterbacks were at the top of their game. Shortly after half time, she put her hand on his leg. At first, it was a friendly type of touch, just two friends, watching football and drinking a beer. But as the game progressed, she edged her hand closer and closer to his inner thigh, until her fingertips brushed against his inseam. It no longer felt friendly.

He knew there were so many things wrong with his best friend’s wife’s fingers on his inseam. He knew he should try and control the raging boner in his pants. He knew a lot of things, but none of them prepared him for what was going to happen next.

Her fingers ran up and down the inseam, he felt as though he may burst out of his pants, or possibly in his pants if she kept this up. “uhhhmmmm,” he muttered, “maybe…we… shouldn’t…be…here…” was all he could muster. “I think you’re right” she said, grabbing him suddenly by the wrist. She led him to the back of the bar, to the woman’s restroom. She was the only woman at the bar, so once inside she locked the door behind them.

“Now,” she said, rather forcefully, “I need you to take your pants off.”

“My, uh…what?”

“Don’t think about it, just do what I say,” she purred in his ear. He did what she said and let his pants drop to the floor.

“Yes,” she said, her eyes almost bulging out of her head as she admired the size of his hard-on protruding from his red boxers. “Yes, that will do nicely.” Before he had a chance to think, she was on her knees in front of him. She took just the head into her mouth, tracing its outline with her tongue. With the base of his penis in one hand, she started licking him. Long, luscious licks, up and down. Then she took him as far into her mouth as she could, back and forth, back and forth. Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan

It had been a long, long time since he’d received a blow job. His wife had given up on that when she’d given up hope for a child. He watched as his best friend’s wife sucked at him eagerly, as though she’d never had such a wonderful piece of cock in her mouth. He couldn’t watch much more, he knew he was getting close. She noticed too, as she pulled him out and stood back up.

“I want you to come,” she said quite abruptly, “but I want you to come inside me. I want you to make me pregnant. I want your baby.” He wasn’t sure how to respond. He and his wife had tried for a long time and nothing had happened, he doubted one night in a dive bar bathroom would impregnate his best friend’s wife. But hey, if he was going to get to fuck her without protection, he was not about to argue.

“Sit down” she commanded. He sat on the floor, trying to focus on the overwhelming sexual scenario unfolding in front of him rather than the dingy surroundings. She began to unbutton her long jacket, starting at the top, one button at a time. He realized by the time she’d unbuttoned the third button that she was not wearing anything underneath. He could see her breasts, peeking out from under the sides of the coat. They weren’t huge, but she wasn’t a surfboard either. Her body was petite and well-toned. He knew she was very athletic and imagined she could be flexible when she wanted.

She slipped the coat off her shoulders, revealing herself fully nude other than her black heels. Her body was thin yet soft, her golden brown hair fell to her shoulders and her gray-blue eyes seemed to hold a secret he couldn’t quite read. Her legs were shapely, much better than his wife’s that was for sure. And her bush, she let her bush grow wild. He’d never seen such a wild bush before and was surprised at his body’s visceral reaction, feeling his loins tighten even further.

She stepped Bahçeşehir Escort over to where he was sitting, inching closer and closer until her bush tickled his nose and he could smell her, a smell that stirred something inside him. “I want you to lick me” she said, “slowly at first, starting at my clit.” He followed her directions, longing to taste her sweet juices. Hungrily he lapped at her vagina, “gently,” she commanded, “it’s a clit, not a dreamsicle.” Again, he followed her directions, slowly, gently, licking, using the tip of tongue to trace her lips. “Mmm” she moaned softly “that’s it.” He brought up his hand and slipped two of his fingers inside her, pressing on her g spot. Her body responded, rocking onto his hand. The sensation of her rocking, plus the taste of her sweetness made him grunt with anticipation. She loved feeling in control, she loved feeling him lose himself inside of her. She was getting close and he knew it, his pace quickened and she allowed herself to come on his hand and in his mouth, more juices gushing onto his fingers.

She stepped back. “Now it’s time for you to fuck me.” She said, bending over the sink. He did not need more of an invitation than that. He grabbed her hips and pressed his hard cock deep inside her dripping wet vagina. “Yeah, baby” she said “yeah, make me pregnant. Spill your seed in me!” He could feel the head of his penis smacking against the tip of her cervix with each thrust. She pressed her hips back into his thrusts, harder and harder, until he knew he could not take it anymore. “I’m coming” he grunted, as he unloaded his semen directly into her cervix. She could feel the warm come filling her and it sent her over the edge as well. She held the sink as hard as she could and groaned as her orgasm rocked her to her core.

They stood for a moment. Their breathing ragged and quick. She was the first to speak. “Thank you for the baby.” “You don’t really think that got you pregnant? Do you?” he asked. “Today was my most fertile day, and you did just fill my womb. A girl can hope at any rate.” She buttoned her coat back up, and walked out of the bathroom, the door swinging shut behind her.

He dressed himself, walked back to his bar stool and ordered himself another round. It was the fourth quarter and his team was up by a touchdown. He was sure they would win today.

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Bad Porn

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“Wow, Gina, your own place!” Carrie put the box of dishes down among the other moving boxes near the fireplace in the living room.

“Thanks!” Gina said as she put a vase atop the mantel.

“Yeah, this place is awesome,” Amy concurred as she walked in with the coffee table in her strong arms. She set it near the big black faux-leather couch.

“We shouldn’t be surprised,” Carrie said, “You were the first one of us to get a car back in high school, Gina. You were the first one to graduate college, the first one to get a good job – “

“And the first one of us with C-cups!” Amy spoke up as Gina smiled in slight embarrassment.

“Thanks.” Gina looked down at her chest, clad in a nice gray sweater. “I thought I’d treat myself!”

“They look great!” Carrie said.

“How do they feel?” Amy asked.

“They feel great! I feel so…sultry, you know? They really boost my confidence.”

“Lemme see!” Amy was nearly jumping up and down with excitement.

Gina lifted her sweater up, exposing her perfect C-cup breasts. She wiggled her hips with glee, making them just slightly shake.

“Wow!” Carrie’s jaw dropped. “A lot bigger than mine!” She squeezed her small, perky tits through her sweatshirt.

“Those are awesome! Do they feel real?” Amy wondered.

“They sure do! Go ahead and feel ’em.”

Amy and Carrie closed in on her, each taking a breast in their hands. They stroked and tickled and groped. Gina grinned, her head leaning back a bit to make her long ponytail tickle the middle of her back.

“They feel so real!” Carrie was amazed.

“Do the nipples still work?” Amy asked and took one into her mouth. Gina shuddered, leaning back against the fireplace as she pressed her friends’ faces into her bosom.

“They sure do…” Gina licked her lips and started to feel weak in the knees as the two women began nibbling and sucking at her tits.

“This is such bullshit!” Lisa suddenly blurted out, causing her boyfriend, Chad, to snap up from between her legs, where he had just begun kissing his way up her bare thighs.

“What? What?” Chad looked around their living room for whatever might have caused Lisa to yell.

“This movie!” Lisa pointed Escort Beylikdüzü at the TV screen behind Chad. He turned to look. Three women were beginning a Sapphic session against a fireplace.

“What about it? They’re all pretty hot, especially that Korean one on the right.” Chad sat down between Lisa’s knees and scratched at his dirty blond- haired head.

“This shit never happens! No one helps their friend move into a new apartment and starts talking about her new C-cups, and even if they did, it wouldn’t lead to a goddamn threeway! That never happens!”

“It’s never happened to you?” Chad asked as his hand crept up her leg.

“No, honey, I’ve never had a cute Korean girl and a cute brunette girl help me move into a new apartment and then fuck the Korean girl’s face while the brunette fucks mine.”

“Too bad for you.”

“Fuck yeah, too bad for me. That’s the problem with porn, this stuff never happens to real people like you and me.”

“No, real people have to sleep in another room while their girlfriend plays with a cute lady friend.”

“You’re still jealous about that, aren’t you?”

“No, honey.” Chad laughed. “Really. I just like blowing you shit about it.”

“Oh, now what the hell is happening?”

Chad turned back to look. On the screen, Carrie was leaving Gina to grind her well-trimmed puss all over Amy’s face. Carrie walked to the front door and opened it. On the other side stood a pizza delivery man, who looked surprised to see a naked woman standing before him, but somehow less surprised when she brought him into a room with two other naked women. They began stripping him before he could even put the pizza box on the coffee table.

“Oh, fuck me!” Lisa yelled in anguish.

“Well, if you insist,” Chad said, and began crawling up Lisa’s body.

“No, no, no! Not you! This damn movie again!”

“I’m going to throw this damn movie away if it keeps making you this angry.”

“I mean, why do they always have to bring a guy in to ruin these scenes with all these pretty girls? Can’t we just watch these girls fuck without having to cram some dick in there somewhere?”

“What’s so wrong with dick Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan cramming?” Chad asked.

“Nothing, sweetie, really.” She playfully rubbed his hair. “It’s just that they get you all hot for some girl-girl sex, and then in comes the pizza guy, or the plumber, or the mailman, or some other guy to bang one of them while the other just sits there looking lonely. Why do they do that?”

“I don’t know, honey. I’d be perfectly content to sit and watch a while, because I’m sure if I just dove in there, I’d blow my load in ten seconds.”

“And that’s different from any other time in what way?”

“Oh!” Chad laughed. “No dick for you!” He stood up.

“No, no. I’m just kidding.” She grabbed him by his cock and turned him back. It was warm and smooth in her hand. She gave it a loving kiss at the base. He let out a pleasured chuckle and sat down next to her on the couch.

“Well, how would you change the scene then?” He asked.

“I’d get rid of the fucking pizza guy, that’s for sure.”

“I feel sorry for the next guy who delivers here. Okay, what else?”

“I’d take off their goddamn shoes. I don’t know anybody who screws with their shoes on, especially high heels.”

“I’ve never understood that either. It must be a foot fetish thing. So no pizza guy and no shoes, what else?”

“I’d make a whole movie from this scene. They feel her up, but it doesn’t go anywhere right away. The touching puts the curiosity in her, and she talks to each of them individually, and experiments with Amy, the Korean one, since she seems to be the one that pushes the issue. Eventually, they all get together in the end.”

“Men don’t have the patience for that. They want women fucking each other, and they want to be the pizza guy who comes in. They want to whack off and dream about being the lucky pizza guy while they’re doing it.”

“I can take care of that for you.” She began stroking him. His cock quickly swelled to its full length. He started tickling her nearby thigh.

“Okay, I have to keep the scene as it is then. Fine. I’d still lose the pizza guy. And if these two girls are so fascinated with Gina’s breasts, they should Beylikdüzü Escort pay attention to them a while longer.”

“How?” Chad asked, his fingers now stroking her labia.

“Their fingers would creep all over them. Their tongues would snake all around and that Amy girl would bite at them a bit. She’s the naughty one of the bunch, you can tell. Carrie would tickle and tease.” She took a deep breath as Chad’s fingers found her clit.

“Then they go to the couch?”

“No, not yet.” She pumped his cock a little harder. “They all pull off their shirts, so they can compare. They rub their titties all over Gina’s, and Amy puts her lips on Carrie’s cute little titties.”

“Just like the kind you like?” His fingers pinched and stroked at her clit, teasing down to her opening now and then.

“Y-Yep. They take her pants off and kiss… kiss up her legs. Th-They take turns…take turns eating her pussy. They eat that sweet pussy until she screams.”

“The end?” Chad got up and moved back to his original position between Lisa’s knees. He kissed her below the navel and slowly worked his way down.

“No.” She giggled and let her head rest on the back of the couch. “Amy lays back on the table she brought in and Gina gets on top of her. They kiss. They kiss for a long time.”

“What about Carrie and her cute titties?”

“She – ” Lisa gasped as Chad’s rough tongue swirled around her clit. She grabbed a handful of his hair and held him there. Her body quaked for what seemed like a minute, but she knew was only a few seconds.

“She what?” Chad playfully asked. Lisa shoved his mouth back onto her.

“Sh-She puts her m-mouth all over Amy’s pussy. It’s sweet and spicy at the same time. She teases Gina’s ass with her thumb and – ” She gasped again, louder this time.

“Like that?” Chad asked as his thumb pressed into her tight hole. Lisa didn’t answer, at least not in words. Her eyes rolled back and she clamped onto the back of his head like a tiger holding its prey. Her legs stiffened, pushing away the nearby coffee table. She slapped one of the couch cushions with her free hand as Chad’s thumb and tongue brought her to orgasm. She made several short, stuttering gasps before letting out a deep breath and laughing as she came all over his mouth and chin.

“Yeah. Something like that, yeah.” She grinned down at him and tickled his wet chin. “Now why don’t you crawl up here and fuck me?”

“Do I need to bring you a pizza first?”

“Oh shut up.” She chuckled as she kissed his cum-covered face.

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Back to Work Ch. 01

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Big Tits

When Greg arrived back at work after being gone for three years he didn’t know what to expect. When he’d left the company he’d been full of high hopes, he was going into the insurance business, he was going into a new career. Now here he was, coming back to the lab, certainly not with his tail between his legs, but definitely not a success.

He knew the product better than the man he worked with, and always told the customer the truth, never fudged to make a sale, but he was no salesman. So here he was back at the old job, and rather relieved to be without the pressure.

As he walked down the hall to the chief chemist’s office he met Gary who he’d worked with before, and while they stood talking someone jumped on him and threw her arms around his neck.

It was Liz. “You’re back! I’m so glad!” She said. “We’ll have to talk later.”

That was a pleasant surprise. When he’d left Liz had been in disgrace. She was pregnant and unmarried, and the talk of the lab. He’d always had a feeling for her, and while they’d been good friends, had never gone out together because he was married. Now he was divorced and hungry for sex, having been without for a while and he wondered what her situation was.

In fact as she walked away he didn’t hear what Gary was saying, because he was watching her, and thinking what a nice body she had, but he just stood there nodding and agreeing with him. Then as he walked on down the hall he wondered what he might have agreed to.

The interview with the head chemist didn’t take long, but he found that he’d been assigned to another part of the lab and wouldn’t be close to Liz as he’d hoped.

He settled in quickly, and that Friday was invited to a party at the apartment of one of the guys, Jack. It seemed everyone had been invited, including Liz, who was apparently still single, and had been out with several of the men who worked for the company. As the men sat around in the office during a break, discussing the attributes of the various women who worked there, her name came up.

Jack said he had been out with her a couple of times. Had he screwed her? He was asked. A gentleman doesn’t discuss such things, and he smiled knowingly. George, an older technician agreed with him. But he was pressed to tell more, and finally said:

“She has the softest thigh, right here.” And rubbed the inside of his thigh.

Greg had talked to Liz a couple of times, and when he met her in the hall later she said yes, she was going to Jack’s party, she’d see him there. Here was his chance, and as she walked away from him he thought she had the most well shaped ass he’d ever seen.

Liz wasn’t beautiful, but she had a nice slender figure, and in a skirt, beautiful legs, so it didn’t matter that her breasts were on the small side. She had long auburn hair, but said her nose was too long. Liz wore glasses, and her eyes were grey and lovely when she took them off. The trouble was that without them she couldn’t see across the room.

Greg gathered that since she’d come back after having the baby, which she’d given up to adoption, her reputation had been bad. Several men in the company could claim to have slept with her, but she didn’t seem to care. When she’d come back to work, after having the baby, which was reputedly by a black man, the gossip had really got going. So she told her friend Bobby, that since everyone thought she was a slut she might as well live it up, be a slut, and enjoy it.

When he arrived at Jack’s apartment things were just getting started, and it gave him a chance to renew some old friendships. He was talking to Gary again when Liz arrived. He thought how sexy she looked, and as she circulated and he watched her talking, especially to other men, he knew he had to have her.

The party progressed and he watched her dancing, her skirt flaring out just enough to show those beautiful legs. He was sitting talking with another technician when Liz dropped into a chair opposite him. She’d obviously had plenty to drink, and as she sat carelessly he was treated to another glimpse of those legs, and the underwear she was wearing.

“Having a good time?” She asked him.

“Great, thanks to you.”

“To me, what have I done?” She was puzzled.

“I’ve loved watching you dancing, and now you sit there showing off your legs. It could make a man very excited.” He told her.

She laughed and pushed her skirt down.

They sat talking and he told her about this marriage and his life as a failed insurance agent. He told her how he’d disappointed his wife, and that she’d left him for another insurance agent, a man who had joined them in a couple sexual escapades, until she’d decided the other man was better at it than him.

“You poor baby, you really screwed that up, didn’t you?” Liz laughed.

“Yes I did. And it was all my idea too. Now I’ve been without any for weeks.” Greg said hopefully.

“Surely there’s someone who’ll accommodate you.” She said as they looked into each others eyes for a few moments.

Liz broke the Escort Esenyurt ice. “I’ve got to take a pee. Back in a minute.”

“Hurry back.” Greg said.

As Liz sat on the toilet she realized she was pretty drunk. She’d like to go home with Greg or should she take him to her apartment? The door of the bathroom opened. It was Jack.

“Hey, get out! Can’t you see I’m peeing?” Liz giggled.

“I wondered where you’d gone. I’ve been looking for you. I was afraid you’d gone home with someone else.” And he closed the door behind him.

“You mean as I usually do.” Liz said as she wiped and pulled her panties up.

She tried to go out past him, Jack grabbed her and kissed her. She responded, then pulled back.

“Let me out, someone’s waiting for me.”

“I’ve been waiting for you, and now I’ve got you.”

“Once with you was enough, Jack. Let me out.”

“It was twice Liz, and very good too. I want you again.”

“Okay, twice. Now someone else is waiting for me.” And she tried to push him away.

But Jack was persistent, and held her and kissed her again, while he undid her blouse with his free hand. Liz was starting to enjoy his kisses, and when she felt his hand on her breast she felt the warmth rising through her body, but she thought of Greg sitting waiting for her.

“Please Jack, let me go. Maybe we could meet some other time, but now let me go.”

He was rolling her nipple between his fingers now, though, and her knees were getting weak. She gave a moan, a sigh.

“You are a bastard, Jack. I’ll scream if you don’t stop that.”

“You’ll scream all right, my love. You’ll scream with pleasure.”

More kissing and now his hand was groping under her skirt. He found the soft part of her thigh above just above her thigh high stockings.

“You have the softest thighs, Liz.” He told her.

“Jack, please, no, no, no. I have to go.” But she made no move to go as they kissed again, mouths locked together, tongues entwined in a deep French kiss.

His hand had found its way past her panties, and found the wet crevasse between her legs. He started to finger her clitoris and she knew she was lost. She’d forgotten about Greg, and all she wanted was to fuck this man whose finger was in her vagina.

“You bastard, you bastard, take your hand out of my pants. Let me go.”

There was a knock at the bathroom door.

“Hey hurry up!” Someone shouted. “Are you going to be all day in there?”

“Come on.” Jack told Liz. And taking her hand opened the door and pulled her behind him. She lowered her head, but whoever it was recognized her, of course.

They walked past the crowd without anyone saying anything, but Liz knew they must have been noticed. Once inside his bedroom Jack wasted no time, he pushed her back on the bed, kissing, kissing, while he pulled her pants down, then off.

His fingers worked on her, and soon Liz was very hot and her juices were flowing. She spread her legs for him, and he went down and started to lick her vagina. She moaned with pleasure and resigned herself to the fact that Jack was going to fuck her, because she wanted him to. However, she thought again of Greg sitting there waiting for her and thought maybe she could get this over fast and go back to him.

She was in a drunken daze, though, and soon found herself almost naked, with Jack on top of her and just going to stick his penis into her.

“Stop!” She said suddenly. “You don’t have a rubber on. Put one on.”

“I haven’t got any.”

“I don’t fuck without a rubber. I’m not on the pill.”

There followed a heated discussion, while Liz explained that she was still with a doctor who wouldn’t prescribe pills for single women.

“Well, since you’re the one who’s so worried about getting pregnant, go see if one of the women out there has one.”

Liz was getting dressed to go back out with the others.

“Fuck you Jack.” She said as she put her panties back on. She was going to dress and go back to the party.

She had her blouse on when she changed her mind. She wanted to have Jack fuck her, then she’d go back to the party. But she needed a condom. She was half dressed, blouse, panties and stockings, so she opened the door and peered out. There was Nina, but bad as her sight was without glasses, she couldn’t see who else was there, but thought she’d chance it.

She slipped over to Nina and whispered, asking if she had a condom.

“No I don’t seem to.” Said Nina as she searched in her purse. “How about you Greg?”

Oh no, she hadn’t seen Greg, who was staring at her.

“No.” He said coldly looking away from her.

“I got one.” It was Phil, sitting in a chair a few feet away.

She didn’t like Phil. He was always trying to date her, always makig suggestive remarks, but now she had to accept his offer. She walked over and reached for the package,

“Nice outfit, I like the stockings!” He laughed and pulled it away so that she’d have to reach over Esenyurt Escort Bayan him and as she reached her blouse fell open and her breast fell toward him. He pulled it farther away, until her breast was right in his face. He leaned forward to kiss it, and when she tried to move away, took her nipple between his teeth.

“Ow! You prick.” As she grabbed the rubber and pulled away. She ran back into the bedroom where Jack was lying on his back with an erection pointing straight up. She ripped open the package, rolled the condom on to his penis then took her panties off jumped up on the bed and lowered herself on to his hard erection.

“Oh God.” She groaned as it slid deep inside her. “That’s so good.”

“Man, you’ve got a nice warm, wet cunt Liz.” Jack muttered, as he felt her soft, warmth surround his penis.

She rode up and down on his hardness for a few minutes, but soon Jack had her on her back, legs spread wide. They were both eager for sex, and as Liz lay there, her legs open, Jack shoved his hard penis into her. She sighed deeply, all that had happened before forgotten. He was fucking her, slowly at first, but soon he was pounding her and she was loving it.

Jack was groaning with pleasure as their mouths met and sealed to each other, with saliva dripping out the corner of Liz’s mouth.

“Baby, baby you’re a good fuck.” Jack told her as their mouths separated.

“Just fuck me sweety. I love it when you fuck me.”

“Do you love me, or just my cock?” Jack asked her as he paused from pounding her.

“Of course I love you, you bastard. Just don’t stop.”

Liz couldn’t remember what happened after that except that they were fucking, fucking, fucking. One moment she was on her knees with Jack taking her from behind, then she was on her side, next she was on her back, and opened her eyes to see who was fucking her. She’d had more than one orgasm and the pleasure was almost unbearable.

As she lay on her back again with Jack between her legs, she felt him come. He gave several hard thrusts, and groaned and groaned with the joy of it. Then he was still, her legs wrapped around him.

In the living room they could hear the noise from the bedroom.

“It sounds as if our host has gone to bed.” Someone chuckled.

“Yes, I saw him and Liz come out of the bathroom.” Sandy, a chubby little blond girl said.

One of the men turned up the music to cover the sound.

“I’m going home.” Greg said. He was really angry at Liz. That should have been him fucking her, and he wanted to smash Jack in the face. In fact, to beat them both up would have given him great pleasure. As he walked out to his car he thought of ways he could get back at them. He’d never talk to Liz again, of course. She was an absolute slut, and maybe he’d tell her that to her face, first, then give her the silent treatment — forever.

And Jack. How could he fix Jack? Maybe screw up something he was doing in the lab. Or how about doing something to the car he was so proud of. He’d think of something.

Liz fell asleep or passed out. She woke up some time later to find Jack on top of her again, with his penis inside her, fucking her, then, in spite of the pleasure she was feeling, she drifted off again, and lay in a daze as Jack continued to fuck her. It felt so good lying there half asleep and enjoying the warmth that filled her body, then waking for a moment to have a gentle orgasm, then drift off again.

The living room was almost empty, and when the regular pounding from the living room started again the last couple got up and left, leaving Phil alone. The sound from the bedroom was making him very horny. He took his cock out. It was rock hard, and as he listened to the sounds of Jack screwing Liz he stroked it gently. He thought of just masturbating right there. It would be fun to just let his sperm shoot on to the floor, so he got up and started to jack off, when he heard a muffled groan from the bedroom then nothing.

He walked over and listened at the door. Silence. This was no fun, but maybe if he went in he could get in bed with them and……..

The door opened and he found himself face to face with Jack.

“Hi, I was just wondering if I came in if I could get in on the fun.”

“That would be okay with me, and right now I don’t think Liz would know the difference. She’s passed out.” Jack told him.

“It’s okay with you then?” Phil asked Jack.

“Go ahead, fuck her.”

As Phil went in Jack said. “Got a rubber?”

“No, I gave you my last one.”

“Well, I lost it in the bed somewhere. If you can find it you can use it.” Jack laughed softly. He thought for a minute, then said,

“Go for it!” It would give him a kick to see her pregnant again.

Liz was lying on her side with her back to him, so Phil lifted the covers and grasping her hips pulled her toward him, toward the edge of the bed.

“No Jack, that’s enough.” She murmured softly.

He paused, then pulled her back some Esenyurt Escort more until her ass was hanging over the edge of the bed.

He took out his stiff cock and felt around between her buttocks until he found her vulva, and slipped his cock into her slippery, wet slit. Liz gave a deep sigh:

“Jack, oh Jack, not again.” But it felt so good she moved back toward him. Phil started to fuck her and she responded, moving her bottom to his rhythm.

Phil heard the bedroom door open quietly behind him. Jack was having second thoughts. If she got pregnant she’d blame him and he hoped to stop Phil before he got too far, but Phil was getting right into it, and Liz whimpered with pleasure as he quickened his pace. He was so worked up he couldn’t last long, and soon gave her several hard thrusts, and grunted aloud as he shot his sperm deep into her vagina.

As he pulled out Jack handed him Liz’s blouse which was lying on the floor, and he wiped himself off on it.

“Mmmmm..nice.” Liz murmured as she felt his cock pulling out of her.

He dropped her blouse on the floor and went out. That had been so good, maybe the fact that she didn’t know it was him added to the pleasure.

“You like that?” Jack asked.

“Good stuff.” Phil answered him. “I’d like to try it again some time.”

“I started to worry because you weren’t using a rubber. She’s not on the pill.”

“Oh shit! I thought it was disease you were worried about. Do you think I might have knocked her up?” Phil was worried.

Jack smiled. “How would I know? And yes there is VD. She fucks around a lot and who knows what she might pick up. But if she gets pregnant she’ll blame me, and I’ll come looking for you to help out. She’s already had one kid, and will probably want to get rid of another one.”

“Yeah, okay, I’ll help. That was a good fuck though. I’m about ready to go back in and do it again.”

“Goodnight Phil.” Jack said firmly.

“Okay, I can take a hint, ‘night Jack.” And as Phil went out the door Jack locked it behind him.

Jack went back to the bedroom where Liz was lying just the way Phil had left her, on her side with her ass hanging over the side of the bed. That’s lovely, he thought. He could see her pubic hair peeking out between her thighs. He reached down and touched it, felt her moist labia in the middle of the wet matted pubic hair. He sniffed his fingers.

“Whoa, nasty.” He said to himself as he smelled the mix of sperm, sweat and the natural vaginal odor. He’d like to go down on his knees and follow where Phil had left off, but thought he should try to find the condom first.

He pulled back the bedclothes, moved Liz over, felt everywhere in the bed. Liz moved sleepily as he moved her around.

“Let me get a little sleep.” She said.

But no rubber.

He got into bed beside her, naked, and held her bare body. Bare except she still had her stockings on – still. His penis was hard again, and as he held her from behind his cock nuzzled her anus and he thought of sticking it in there, but fell asleep before he could make the move.

When he woke up it was light already, and Jack’s penis was hard. He was lying next to this naked woman and wanted more of her. She rolled on to her back, and seeing her breast in front of his face he kissed it, then taking the nipple in his mouth he sucked on it gently. Liz stirred, he sucked, she moaned:

“Ooooh. Oh yes.”

His hand slipped between her thighs and she spread her legs. His fingers found their mark and he rubbed her clitoris. Liz opened her eyes.

“Jack, Jack, Jack. Just once more. You are such a greedy bastard — so am I.”

He rolled on top of her and soon they were going again, but not as fervently as before, but long, deep strokes. They went on and on, her legs first clasping him, then spreading. Then, as his pace quickened, wide open and then over her head. They were both sweating as they kissed and his fingers explored her body, her other hole, and he kissed and sucked her breasts.

Liz grunted to the rhythm of his strokes. She loved to fuck and this was going on and on.

“Uh..uh..uh..uh..” She grunted, interspersed a couple of times with groans of ecstasy as she had an orgasm.

“Aaaah, yes, oh yes……………..aaaaaaaaaah.”

Then with a couple of hard shoves and a moan Jack came, shooting his load of sperm deep into Liz’s vagina. She didn’t realize that this was unprotected fucking, and used her muscles to squeeze the last drops out of his softening cock.

They lay locked together for several minutes, and Jack noticed that she still had her stockings on. There was something sexy about that, and he stroked her silky leg with his hand. Liz shoved him off her and realized that she had to pee badly. She jumped out of bed and ran down the hall naked.

As she sat on the toilet Liz suddenly realized that there was a lot gooey stuff leaking out of her vagina.

“That son-of-a-bitch didn’t use a rubber the last time!” She thought.

But then there was something else coming out of her, and she started to feel nauseated. She reached between her legs and feeling something strange, pulled it out.

The rubber!

“Yucch!” That son-of-a-bitch had come inside her. Her head was swimming. She started to sob.

“You’d better not have made me pregnant!” she said aloud.

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Babysitters from Oz

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I am a senior Manager for a large table top gaming company in America and many times I had to travel to other cities for business. I was to go to Gold Coast, Australia this coming week and thought I would look up an old uni buddy and his wife while in the area. I made a call to Roy and he insisted I spend the week with the family and stay in their guest room.

He seemed very pleased to hear from me. We hadn’t seen each other for several years. He’d moved to Australia for work and got married there to a beautiful sexy blonde aussie babe and now had a 5 year old son since leaving, and was anxious to have me visit. We had been very close and on occasion had fooled around with the same girls.

He met me at the Brisbane airport on Friday and we drove to his lovely home in a nice residential area. We had a great dinner and talked about old times. Roy had told me before I came to visit that he and his wife Sue, had to attend a business gathering that evening and would be spending the night at the hotel but would be home around noon the next day. They had hired the daughter of a neighbor to baby sit for Roy Junior. Roy introduced me to Natalie, baby sitter, she was 21 a TAFE student ( collage student) and boy was she hot she was tall brunette, slim and fit as she was doing sport science, had lips that were design to suck, and beautiful green eyes. She was wearing a white blouse that was slightly see thru that I could make out her white bra underneath and very tight blue jeans that I could make out the size of her ass. Roy said that she would remain the night and would probably remain upstairs with their 5 year old and watch TV until breakfast the next morning. This was fine with me, as I was tried from the long flight and would like a relaxing night and processed to made myself at home.

Roy told me he had loads of pornographic video tapes and DVD’s in the den that I could watch during the evening so I wouldn’t get bored. I unpacked a few clothes, took a nice shower and slipped into my white sleep shorts, donned my blue robe and went into the den to watch some movies. I picked out a few that looked interesting. Got myself comfortable on a large double couch and was ready to get horny and masturbate a few times before I headed to the guest room.

I shut the door to the den and started watching the videos. I was really getting into one of the movies, had my sleep shorts off, my robe open, and was jacking off like crazy. I was exceptionally horny this week, especially with the long flight, the beautiful flight stewards and seeing Natalie. I was ready for some good wanking movies.

I was unaware that the baby sitter Natalie had come downstairs to get a drink, and had wondered into the den where I was masturbating. I had thought Escort Avcılar I’d heard a sound but kept right on jacking until, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted her. She had entered the den and was standing there unobserved.

I immediately covered my roaring hard-on with my robe and just sat there in shock. I pretended I hadn’t seen her so as not to embarrass her. She spoke to me very calmly and said.

“That’s all right. I’ve seen my brother jacking off. I’m sorry I startled you but I’ve been watching you for the last 10 minutes. You’re kind of wild. I know you were about ready to explode before you saw me. I’d like to help you out if you don’t mind. I give great head. Roy lets me give him a blow job all the time when he’s alone.”

I was still in shock and couldn’t believe my ears. This pretty young baby sitter has been watching me jack off, and now wants to give me a blow job? I was 35 but not quite old enough to be her father.

She slithered over to me and sat on the couch, pulled open my robe and reached for my hard throbbing cock. I didn’t know what to do but I was so horny I let my hard dick be the judge. Before I could say anything, she was between my bare legs, playing with my balls, gripped my cock and putting her mouth over the head of my cock licking my oozing cock slit.

“Wow! You have a big cock just like Roy. She went on to say that Roy told her , that I would like getting sucked off and that she should come in here and blow me while they were gone. He even gave her extra money tonight for baby sitting. She said I would have sucked you off for free. You’re hot.”

She unbuttoned her white blouse, unstrapped her white bra and let her naked tits rub against my bare legs as she kissed my balls and made love to my hard throbbing cock. I kept watching the videos as she licked up one side of my cock then the other. She brought her hand up my taunt stomach and to my chest, twisting her fingers through the soft hair between my specs. She was a damn good cocksucker, for sure. I wondered where she got her experience. She must have learned to suck cock from Roy.

I wasn’t surprised that Roy was getting sucked off by the baby sitter.

He loved getting blow-jobs from all the sexy girls at Uni . I remember this one particular time when me made a bet to see how many times either of us could cum during one day. We got the two hotess cheerleaders to suck us off in the girls locker room. If I recall right, I think he came off 8 times during a 4 hour period and would probably have come more if, the girls did not beg us to fuck them first.

Natalie kept sucking my cock until I couldn’t hold it any more. I gripped the back of her head and shot her Avcılar Escort Bayan a huge load. She loved it and drank down every drop of my load. I stayed semi-hard and before I knew it she was working on my next load. It took me longer this time, but Nat hung on and took me off again and drank my cum again. I find most women don’t like to take a man’s cum but Natalie seemed to crave it. After my second orgasm she rested her head on my crotch and held on to my flaccid cock.

“That was nice. Do you want me to stick around and get you off a third time? I would let you fuck my pussy but I’m saving it for marriage.”

She asked “Did you like the way I sucked you? I enjoy sucking and swallowing cum. It’s so exciting having a man’s big throbbing cock shoot off his juicy white load in my mouth. I seem to have a passion for sperm. Is that weird? Roy says I’m a ‘cum freak’. Isn’t that cute?” . I smiled and asked her when she first did it. Natalie said she was very anal at first the real good 16 year old girl, that when she caught her boyfriend that receiving a blowjob from one of the school hottie she dumped him and to get back at him blowed the only African Refugee student that was a year younger at 15 and had a liking for big dick and from then one see started being promiscuous and started going after guys she fancies. She started work with roy when she was 18 and one night when sue was out she walking on Roy wanking himself and liked the sized of his cock and proceeded to suck it. And yes it did seem that roy gave her some hints for a better job.

She said “I like Roy very much and I have thought about letting him fuck me sometime… I think he is a very hot man and so are you”.

I was still amazed how this pretty 21 year old girl could talk so freely about her wild sex life. My cock was getting hard again just listening to her talk about sex. She too noticed my dick getting hard. She looked up at me and smiled as she started sucking on me again. I was glad that my hosts were out for the night. I laid back and let her take my cock in her mouth and got ready to give her the cum she so dearly craved. I glanced up at the video and watched a hot man fucking another guy’s wife. I soon released another load into Nat’s welcome mouth.

I must have fallen asleep after I shot my 3rd load of the evening. Nat had gone back up stairs to check on Junior. I got up and turned off the video and went to my guest room and crashed. I began to think I had just had a wonderful sex dream but tomorrow I would find out.

I woke up very early that morning with my usual piss hard on but someone was in my bed and sucking my cock. I should have known. It was Nat searching for her morning load of Avcılar Escort cum. I kicked back and let her drain my cock. It took me a few minutes longer because I had to go and piss before she started sucking my cock. It felt so good. I could get use to a young girl sucking me off every morning before breakfast

I moaned with pleasure. Slowly she worked her way up and down her my shaft. She kept licking and sucking on me until a wave of pleasure made me nearly cum. She continue to suck even hard to make me cum, and I came so hard in her mouth , and I said ” Damn Nat”. I suddenly hear Sue’s voice, as I raise the blanket to see blonde and and than Sue’s sexy Blue eyes,. I was like, What the Hell, and than Sue said that she and Roy returned home early and found Nat in the Den and she was playing with her self and Roy decided to join in and she told us about last night and how big u r that Sue had to check it out and she saw that I was a sleep and decided to wake me as Roy to care of Nat.

I than realize that Sue was naked and boy was she hot she is a 5 8 tall, slim, nice size large boobs, as Sue use to be a National swimmer for the state, so she was hot. I also started to remember how Roy said they met , it seems that they first met at a party held by a friend and Roy tried to tease her, but she tried to resist. The next time Roy, made a challenge with her over a rugby match as her team were favorites to win and was 1-0 up the deals was that if she won Roy with back off, but if he wins she will have to wear a sexy opposition outfit and suck him off, she resisit but Roy has a way of making good girl bad, she agreed and that night surpised Roy Won, and being a sport she when s head with the deal and the reat is history.

I was so wild with pleasure, from seeing sue and remembering it all, I just threw her backwards on the bed and started eating her out. We were going at it pretty heavy and were moaning so loud with pleasure I didn’t hear Roy and Nat come up. The doors were unlocked so they let them self in. Slowly they made their way to the room we were in and peaked through the door.

Me and Sue were still going at it pretty strong. Then I noticed movement on the other side of the door. It startled me until I realized Roy and Nat getting and eyeful. Roy Stood behind Nat and was playing with her pussy. It made me crazy knowing they were watching us.

I could tell he was getting off on it by the looks of his manhood. Natalie seemed to like it to. Sue got up and pulled Nat on to the bed as I and Roy saw them go at it in a 69 position. Roy said that once Sue caught Nat and him together and wanted to do Nat to so some night they have a threesome together.

Sue and Nat motion for us to join them as Roy wanted to do his wife doggy style, Roy told me I should be Nats first and Nats agreed , as I put my cock into her she , scream and we had a great orgy then and there.

It was an amazing week, as I had time with Sue and Nat later when Roy went to work and Nat also brought over some of her uni mates for a great OZ orgy. I love Oz

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Awesome Barbershop Afternoon

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I had been going to the same barbershop for about ten years. It was a small, bucolic, little, mom and pop shop full of housewives-turned-hairdressers that never were good enough to work in a real salon. They did the job for my ten minute buzz job, though. They also fueled my teenage milf masturbation sessions when I was going through that stage. About two years into college, though, the milfs at the barbershop got a new addition to their staff.

The summer before I left for my third year of college, I walked out of my car and got hit with a wave of the hot, humid, inebriate-breath that was Michigan August weather. I hurried to the door of the barbershop, swung it open, and raced inside. It was obviously their break hour because the ladies were standing around talking to each other snacking on sandwiches or salads.

“I’m sorry, we aren’t taking anyone until 2.” Came a voice that I had never heard before. I lifted my head and looked around to find the owner of the new voice. Before I found the voice, I saw myself in the mirror. I was a bespectacled young man who stood about 5’11 and weighed about 250 pounds. I had a normal look with blue eyes and a messy mop of brown hair on my head. I tore my eyes from the narcissus in the mirror and found the owner of the voice. I looked behind the receptionist’s desk and found the most intense green eyes looking straight at me.

“Oh! That’s Rick. He’s a regular.” Called out my favorite hairdresser, Julie. Julie was about 5’4 160 pounds, long black hair, and a cute face. She was the mainstay of my masturbation when I was a kid.

“Oh ok, sorry. Go right ahead. Julie’s chair is open.” Green eyes responded. I was immediately intrigued. I did my best cool guy walk over to the receptionist and extended my hand.

“Rick Armstong. Nice to meet you.” I said.

“Hilary Patterson, charmed.” She said, taking my hand most almost emotionless. I didn’t care because the contact gave me the ability to get a better look at her. She was probably 20 to my 18. She was not a tall girl. I guessed she stood about 5’3. She was a large girl. She must have weighed around 190 pounds. Her arms and legs were thick and her breasts were incredible. I thanked God that it was hot out because she wore a tank top with a plunging neckline. 36 DDs were my best guess with cleavage that seemed to almost touch my face. Incredible. Below her eyes were full cheeks topped with blush and lips fuller than Angelina Jolie’s graced with the most intense red lipstick I had ever seen. As a large guy, I loved big girls and Hilary tickled my fancy hard. I pulled my eyes from my plump goddess and sat down in Julie’s chair.

Between then and the summer of my Junior year of college, I got my hair cut maybe twenty times and it became the highlight of my month. Every glimpse I could catch of Hilary walking around in her flip flops and short skirts and tight tank tops was worth the ten dollar subpar haircut. I loved watching her breasts swing in her top and her full legs and arms moving with her steps and her painted toes in her oversized black flipflops. The most intriguing part of her, though, was how she explained her relationship. I soon realized she was a very sexual being. She would talk about the size of her boyfriend’s penis and how hard he did her. I tried to pretend like I wasn’t listening. I usually came in during the break hour so I was the only one there. The hairdressers were soaking the information in as they lived vicariously through the horny young girl. I could just imagine them taking a vibrator to themselves thinking about Hilary getting her bottom knocked out. All of this of course gave me a massive boner that I masturbated away immediately when I got home.

Finally, I left for my third year of college. I decided that that year I would change. I threw myself into my education unlike my first two years of partying and didn’t come home until the next summer. I came back a completely changed man. I got laser eye surgery so my glasses were gone. I worked out more than I studied plus so I was still a big guy but I grew 3 inches and I weighed about 30 pounds less. My arms and legs were now muscled and my face was more defined. There were no good barbershops on campus so I was in desperate need of a haircut. The next Escort Bahçeşehir chance I got, I went to my little shop, of course, during their break hour.

Upon opening the door, I saw no one.

“Hello!!” I yelled.

“Rick?!!” Came a familiar voice. Julie came running from the back of the store. She embraced me in a big hug and stood back to take a look at me. “You look awesome. So handsome.” She exclaimed, grabbing my pecs and arms. I became aroused quickly. “We were just reassuring Hilary.” My head perked up.

“What’s wrong?”

“Her boyfriend, Derrick, cheated on her with a really skinny girl and she is just feeling down.”

“Well he’s a moron.”

“We know. But go ahead and sit in my chair, I’ll bring that forrest down in no time.” She said with a genuine smile. I sat down and, by the end of my haircut, the rest of the ladies came out followed by the Rubenesque creature I had been thinking about since I had met her. She had not changed a bit, thank God. She sat down in the chair behind me and I gazed at her through the mirror. I figuratively took my balls in my hand and opened my mouth.

“Your boyfriend is a moron.” I said, looking straight at her through the mirror. Her head slowly rose up and looked at me.


“If he slept with another woman, he is a moron.”

“How the hell do you know what happened?” She retorted angrily.

“Sorry.” I said averting my gaze. Silence filled the room, broken by Julie.

“So, how old are you now?” She asked. Finishing my buzz cut.

“I turn 21 today.”

“OH! Happy birthday!” She exclaimed. “So, what do you want most for your birthday?” My head gently rose to look at Hilary again.

“Ohhhhh, I see. Let me see what I can do.” I looked at her quizically. She went over to Hilary and kneeled down, looking at her in her tear-filled eyes, eyes that, after hearing Julie talk for a few seconds grew wide. She stood up and stood behind me.

“If you rub my feet and can get me wet, you can fuck me.” My head spun and my eyes got huge. The ladies in the shop were dumbfounded. I gave Julie a twenty, engorged her mouth in a massive kiss, grabbed her ass and said “thanks doll.” I threw my arm around Hilary’s shoulders and led her towards the back. “I will do my best.” I said.


I looked back as Julie was holding up a condom, she threw it, I caught it and I continued my journey to the back. When I got to the back room, I found it was much bigger than I thought. There was a sink, fridge and on the other side of the room was a big futon.

“I don’t see the need for a futon back her but I am not going to complain.” I said as I picked Hilary up and lightly tossed her on the futon.

“Well you are stronger than Derrick.” She said. I kneeled down to be at face level with her.

“Derrick is a little shit that I WILL make you forget about. He may have fucked you hard before, but I highly doubt he ever really made you feel special.”

“You were listening when I talked about that stuff?” Her cheeks were flushed

“Naivete is adorable but unnecessary right now, gorgeous.” I said. I leaned down and kissed her, easing my tongue into her mouth. “You better thank God I’m a foot man.” I said as I moved down to the bottom of the futon.

She laid on her back, arching her legs. I took off her flip flops and put my nose down to her feet, and inhaled deeply. Her right foot dropped to the futon and I took her left foot in my hands. My thumbs massaged the bottom of her feet sweeping deeply her arch and heel, saving the toes for last. I sat on the carpeted floor and laid her leg on the futon. I took her toes in my hand and lightly squeezed and massaged each and every toe individually. I lowered my head and took her toes in my mouth. I sucked each toe and proceeded to lick and kiss and nibble her entire foot, tasting her sweet skin, marinated in bitter sweat. The sweat didn’t bother me as I exchanged that fluid for saliva.

When I moved to the other foot, I looked up and saw her biting her lip, feeling her breasts, and moaning. I realize that I was doing it well so I did the same thing with the other foot. The moaning got louder and I could hear the ladies shuffling to Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan the door to hear the action.

I stood up and sauntered to the head of the futon, looked down and saw hilary looking up at me with a gaping mouth. I knelt and said to her, “You wet yet?”

“That was incredible. Fuck me. Fuck me now!!” She yelled. The ladies gasped behind the door.

“Just lay back baby.” I said. I stood and leaned over her belt. I took a knee and undid her buckle, lowering the pants slowly over her full hips covered in soft, tanned skin. When I got past her panties, I gently moved the thong’s “V” aside and inserted my thumb past her lips into her cunt. I found her clit with my thumb and played with it, flicking it back and forth. She sucked in breath and moaned and groaned.

“It took me two second with my thumb to make you feel like that. Could Derrick do that?” She shook her head vigorously. I nodded. “That isn’t all I can do.” I finished removing her pants and moved to her baby doll tank. She sat up and took my mouth with hers and kissed me deeply, our tongues wrestling. I took her head in my big hands and laid her back on the futon. I started at her hairline and kissed her entire face and neck and nibbled her earlobes. I shoved my tongue in her mouth, letting her tongue play with it.

I finished removing her shirt and stared at her full, huge breasts and big curvy, pudgy stomach. I massaged the skin of her stomach licking it and nibbling the flesh allthewhile Hilary continued moaning. I also began to hear moaning from outside the door. I removed her panties and licked her lips inserting my tongue into her cunt. I found the clit again and flicked it and played with it with my tongue. “OHHHH. OHHHH. You are incredible!!!” Hilary yelled.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” I said, standing. I removed my shirt and my belt. I lowered my shorts and removed my socks and shoes. I stood at the foot of the futon in nothing but my boxers, a large tent stood in the middle. Looking down, I saw my queen laying there, anticipating my touch, my embrace. She wanted me to fuck her and I wanted to savor the moment. “Not yet. Not yet.” I said with my hand on the boxer elastic. I kept my boxers on and crawled onto the futon. Hilary looked at me with puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip. “Patience.” I said with a devilish smile. My hands began to massage her feet again, moving up her legs, squeezing her calves tenderly, my tongue not far behind, tracing the trail of my hands. Hilary moaned again as I journeyed up her thick claves to her tremendous, powerful thighs. My fingers traced a line up the inside of her thighs and played in the patch of hair above her snatch. Both thumbs jutted in and out of her cunt, sending shivers up her spine. Another suck in of breath told me her opinion on the matter, her face a picture of pleasure. My hands played with her stomach and moved up to the black, lace bra that held her tremendous breasts. She sat up and I reached around her and released the melons of flesh and muscle. She attempted to kiss me, but I took her head with my hands, moved down to her shoulders and thrust her back to the futon.

I looked down at her chest. Huge breasts were topped with enormous nipples and areolas. I took each in my hands and squeezed and kneaded them, directed by Hilary’s moans and gasps. I lowered my mouth to her nipples and flicked them with my tongue, right then left. Her tits, soaked in saliva, showed me that exactly what I needed to do. I stood and, once again, grabbed my boxer’s elastic. “Ready?” I asked, smiling.

She looked at me with those startling green eyes and said “fuck me, now.” I winked and lowered the boxers. Hilary’s eyes shot to my member, and grew wide. My eight inch long and two inch around dick stood in majesty. “Bigger than Derrick’s?” I asked.

“That is the biggest cock I have ever seen… in my life.” She said out of breath. I took position over her chest and placed my cock between her lubed up tits. I brought them together around my dick and slowly eased it through them, pumping in and out slowly. Hilary edged to head up to the top of her breasts and took the remainder at the end of each thrust in her mouth, sucking when she could. My momentum Bahçeşehir Escort picked up and I started fucking her tits harder and harder.

I slowly released her tits and started fucking her mouth, she sat up and supported herself with her arms. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust my dick deep into her mouth and back out again, each time burying my crotch in her nose. She started gagging on my cock so I stopped thrusting, but I started jerking it in front of her face. “No, I want it in me.” She protested.

“I have plenty.” I retorted and kept jerking. When I was about to come, she slapped my hand away and deep throated me, sucking hard. I held the back of her head for supported and shot my load right down her throat. Stream after stream exited my cock and went straight down her throat. She didn’t choke once. I finished and pulled my cock out, a loud pop was made as the mushroom-tip left her still sucking mouth.

“I bet that skinny bitch can’t do that.” She said, cum dripping down the side of her mouth. She looked gorgeous as she smiled and winked. I licked the cum up and thrust my tongue into her mouth. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen you big-breasted, soft-stomached, cum-sucking, whore.” I said.

“Oooh yeah, dirty talker. Fuck my cunt deeper than Derrick ever could.” She almost moaned.

“You’re so hot when you’re horny.” I retorted. I stood back up and went back to the end of the futon. I grabbed my pants and fished out the condom, ripping open the wrapper. “No. Cum in me. I’m on the pill.” I didn’t have to be told twice and I threw the condom away. I grabbed both her legs and positioned them on my shoulders and I pushed them until my cock could enter her cunt. For a big girl, she was very flexible. “Ready?” I asked, knowing the answer. She nodded with the most beautiful babydoll face, I’d ever seen. I eased my tip through her lips, it was tight but I was able to force it through inch by inch. Hilary’s moans and pants intensified and so did my tempo. I finally was able to find the clit with my cock and I attacked it. Hilary went nuts. “Ohhh my God, it’s so fucking deep. Ahhhh. Oh My God!!!” I used her words as a catalyst and upped my fervor, burying my cock in her pussy. After ten or fifteen more thrusts she screamed, “IM CUMMMING!!!” Her pussy began to suck on my cock at every thrust. I couldn’t hold on any longer and, with one more thrust, I shot what felt like a gallon of cum into her twat. I groaned animally as I emptied into the girl I’d wanted to fuck for years. Her screams and moans were deafening, but appreciated. I pulled out of her cunt and watched as her fingers shot to her pussy. She fingered herself a couple of times and began to squirt cum out of her cunt. I dove at it, lapping up the flowing juices. The juices stopped and Hilary went limp, the only thing moving was her ample chest with every breath. She tried to make words but all that came out was breath. She shrugged. I understood.

I slowly, tiredly crawled up her body and kissed her deeply. “Thanks.” She said. “An understatement, I know, but, thanks.”

“Are you done? I’m not done.”

“My pussy can’t handle anymore.” She said. I smiled. Her eyes widened. “I’ve never done it in the ass.”

“Dirty girl.” I said with a smile. I flipped her on her back and took position over her ass. “Ready?” I asked

“No, No. Please.” She pleaded

“Too late” I said and began to rub her back. She sighed. “I thought you were going to tear me apart.”

“I would never disgrace something so beautiful as your round ass.” She giggled. I massaged her back until her breathing was shallow and rhythmic. I moved down her back until my hands met her ass. I grabbed each cheek with each hand and began to massage. I opened the cheeks and lowered my head to her asshole. I stuck my tongue in and, after the initial shock, Hilary began moaning again. “That feels so good. Just be gentle.” I did as I was told and licked and sucked on her asshole until her breathing was shallow again. “Wanna watch?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” She asked

“Nevermind. Sit in that chair over there.” I waited until she eased her body off and onto a chair near the futon. I went to the door and opened it to see 7 women in barber chairs fingering their cunts. They shot their eyes towards the door and began clapping. I walked out naked with my erect cock standing proud. “Who’s next?” I asked, slowly jerking my cock. Julie stood up and ran at me, grabbing me and throwing me on the futon. “Have you ever fucked a housewife?” She asked.

“No, but I’ll try anything once.”

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Auto Erotica: A Fantasy

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We’re in the back seat of my car — a ’66 Chrysler — a car with a broad, soft and very wide seats. We’re outside the city limits, on a turn-off road in total isolation, with the moon and stars overhead, and the sounds of a brook and nearby crickets are louder than the far-off highway. We came here on our date, to talk, to kiss, to romance and listen to music on the radio. I am wearing jeans, a soft flannel shirt with a blue plaid pattern. My body is clean and my skin warm and the muscles sensuously move beneath it. You are in a short soft, furry sweater, buttoning up the front, a white pleated skirt, and your hair tied back with a pink ribbon. You wear no hose, just ankle high socks inside of your black mary janes. Your perfume is light, sweet, and maddeningly inviting. You’re wearing almost no make up, and your eyes sparkle in the moonlight. You see the same shining light of romantic passion in my eyes and taste it in the hunger of my lips as we kiss.

My body shift toward yours on the bench seat, and your mind grumbles at the uncomfortable way that human bodies are designed, (“If only we swiveled at the hips; we could press together more closely!” ) you think. Your hands press flat against the warmth of my shoulders, I seem larger around the back than you remember, and you pull my body to yours as we press our lips together in an endless, ever more exciting and thrilling kiss. You feel my tongue touching your lips, pushing at the opening (“He’s trying to kiss-kiss me!” ) you think with a thrill that is half-fear, and half willing abandon. Abandon wins out, and my tongue is welcomed into your mouth; you feel it, taste it, nip it with your teeth and wrap your lips around it, gently sucking at it. Your own tongue, innocent and shy, slowly waits it’s turn to enter my mouth, and you feel me moan softly with desire as you give your tongue to me.

We slide our arms, shoulders and bodies to more comfortable positions together; leaning back against the corner of the seat back and the car interior, the open windows venting our bodies’ heat out into the cool night air. You look up into my eyes, feeling the animal need coming from deep within me; your eyes, your face, your lips, give the open innocence of a young woodland creature, a rabbit or fawn, looking upward with curiosity and surrender. We kiss, and you feel my fingers in your hair, allowing the countless strands to fall like rain through my fingers. My hands gently move down your neck to your shoulders behind you; my chest is pressed against you, and you feel hair from my chest against your bare skin at the open V of your sweater. My arm is around you, and you feel my free hand move slowly around your body, palm pressed against the back of your ribs, then at your side, then resting gently in front, on your sweater, just below your breast. Your mind swims in the combined sensations of my lips on yours, the feel of my hot muscular arm about your, and the inquisitive hand on your body, wanting to stroke, to explore, to feel you.

You close your eyes, press deeply into my kiss, and slide your body imperceptibly downward, bringing your breast to my hand. I freeze for an instant, then tentatively begin to cup and press my hand on your breast. Eyes still closed, you moan low, as if in a pleasant dream, and my hand increases its exploration of you. I begin to feel you with deliberateness, massaging and lightly pinching your skin through the bra and sweater that you wear. You feel your nipple hardening from my sensual touch, and let go of my mouth long enough to look into my eyes, breathing a sigh of passionate longing, longing for more, and more, of this wonderful feeling. My fingers stroke their way up to your bare skin at the neck of your sweater, and your close your eyes to concentrate on the feeling. My fingertips curl under the material, finding more skin, hidden from my sight, but available to my touch. Your mouth forms a silent “yes”, and I move my fingers deeper into your sweater until my fingers can reach no farther.

I move downward to kiss you, and you feel my fingers work the top button through its hole, the thought of me opening your blouse, of freeing your body to my eyes is beyond thrilling. You pull my face closer into your kiss, as you lower your body to allow my hands to move more freely. The button comes loose, and you feel me reach for the next. I stop after the third and slowly spread the front of your sweater to feel your hot, naked skin. You feel my fingers reach your bra, and as your chest rises and falls — rapidly, with longing — you feel me work my fingers into the cup and my fingertips stroke your nipple. You lose control for a moment and break our kiss, pulling your face to my neck, gasping for air with passion that threatens to stop your breathing. I stiffen in your arms and you hear me whisper, “Should I stop?”You hoarsely breathe,”NO. I’m just trembling, please don’t stop!” you pull your face around to mine and kiss me greedily, devouring my lips and tongue. You feel the remaining buttons slip out from their holes, and your sweater falls back, away from your Escort Beylikdüzü chest and stomach.

Your arms around my neck hold you up, as my hands hungrily stroke, press, massage and feel your body. Your mind swirls with the truth; that I am feeling your body for my own, and your pleasure. You feel the cups of your bra lifted and your bare tits fall exposed into my waiting palms, you press your tits to me, feeling the nipples harden against the warm, damp palms of my hands. I move a hand around to your back, but feel no clasp, you take my hand and guide it to the center of your chest where your bra unhooks, and feel me softly open it, allowing it to spring apart, freeing your hot flesh. My hands immediately cup your naked tits, and squeeze them gently, massaging the hot, clean-smelling skin. I hold your nude breasts in both hands as my thumbs circle and stroke your erect nipples, flicking them back and forth. Our kiss parts, your head is filled with a buzzing and you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. We look into each other’s eyes and you watch my gaze travel down to your naked chest; you pant and my eyes grow wide at the experience, my eyes first seeing your bare breasts, and you letting yourself be seen. We’re both excited beyond speech.

Your fingers grab the front of my shirt and begin frantically unbuttoning it, pulling it out of my jeans, exposing hot, bare skin. When you have it open, you pull me to you even as I struggle to shrug it off of my shoulders; pressing your naked chest to mine, wrapping your arms around my torso, wanting to feel skin against skin, arms around shoulders, nipples touching nipples. I push your sweater all the way off your arms and allow it to fall to the seat behind you; you shrug your bra off of your body, showing me your topless beauty as you slowly reach up and around my neck. You bring a leg up to my side, kicking off your shoe as you do so, and we feel the rustling as your skirt slides up your thigh. My hand finds your thigh, and we pull closer, moving together, your leg crossing my lap and my hand sliding to the inside of your thigh. Your eyes are heavy-lidded with desire, your breath a sensuous pant, as you feel (and will) my hand travel up the inside of your thigh. (“He’ll be stroking my pussy”,) you think (“I want to have his hand on my cunt, and have him finger my clit.”) my fingers stoke with excruciating slowness up inside your skirt. You feel the tickling, tingling feeling as I approach your panties, now drenched with the flowing juices of your pussy.

I reach your waist, and stroke you through your panties, following the lines of the waistband and leg holes, then curling under to feel your bare skin underneath. You shift on my lap to allow me greater access to your slit, and I put my hand directly on your hot pussy lips. You gasp with lust and kiss me hard, raking your nails across my back and chest, and stroking my nipples. I gently remove my hand from your snatch, and take one of your hands and guide it to my lap. You feel the long shape of my erect cock pressing hotly against the material of my jeans. (“He’s making me feel it!”) You’ve heard your girlfriends talk about touching, feeling, freeing their boyfriends cocks, even making them cum, but nothing prepared you for the erotic thrill of having my hand press yours on my stiff shaft. You grab, stroke, and rub the thickness of it, even feeling dampness at the end of it (“That doesn’t mean he’s cum already does it?”) you think (“no, I think he would have said something, he’s just as excited as I am.”) your hand finds the button and zipper of my jeans, and you feel the thrill you give me as you open my jeans and reach inside for my cock.

I shift on the seat to allow you to open my pants fully and free my throbbing cock. As you work the shaft out of the confines of my clothing, you feel the incredible thickness of it, the huge swollen head, and feel the heat, the softness of the skin surrounding the shaft, and the slipperiness of the cum leaking out of the head. You grab it and stroke it up and down in your hand, pumping it, feeling it, letting the sensation of your first naked cock drive you insane with lust. My hands roam freely over your body, feeling your tits and softly massaging your wet pussy lips and clit. I slide down the side zipper on your skirt, and pull it off your body, down over your slender, beautiful legs, then reach up to take your panties by the waistband and pull them off you. You watch intently as I take from you the last of your clothing, making you naked with the theft of your soaked panties. You reach out for me, sitting sideways on the seat, legs spread, opening your most secret place, your pussy, for anything I want to do. As I shift sideways toward you, you pull my jeans down, exposing my hips, my thighs, my legs, and looking at my hard cock the whole time. This stranger mesmerizes you; a part of my body, but a very new thing to you, yet still, something you want to get to know very well. You pull my naked body to yours, your hand still encircling my cock. Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan Many times in the past, when staying at your best friend’s house, you knelt silently at the keyhole to her brother’s door, and watched him stroking himself as he looked at a Playboy magazine. As you watched, you memorized the long, fast strokes holding the loose skin around the shaft tightly in his fist, and the feather-soft minute strokes just at the rim of the head. Many times you watched this happen, and every time got hotter and hotter as you watched your friend’s brother bring himself to orgasm, hardly breathing as his semen shot wildly straight into the air from his stiff cock.

You laying on your back, legs spread on the seat, my body supported by my knees and one elbow as I finger your spread-open cunt. My fingers massage gently the soft lips and my thumb circles your erect clit. I begin to press a finger up into your wet pussy, but your eyes narrow and you say, “No — I don’t want your finger to be the first thing in there.” You watch me pant as though suddenly unable to draw breath, and my cock swells even greater in your hand. You begin to stroke it unconsciously just as you’ve seen your friend’s brother do. I sway back and forth, and my eyes close with uncontrollable desire. “If you don’t stop that, I’m going to…to…to come”

“I want you to” you breathe softly, “All over everywhere!” I open my eyes and bend down to kiss you. You arch your back as I lay my hand on your breast, and you begin to strongly and sensuously stroke my hard cock. You hold my face in your other hand, loving the total control you suddenly feel over me. You pump my naked dick faster as you see the lust building in me, you know your hand has complete control, yet you can’t wait to see it end in an explosion of my cum, squirting all over your belly, tits, and arm. You rake your nails down my chest and hear my breath hissing out of me, I’m as excited giving up control as you are taking it. You slow your hand and gently circle the head of my cock; it seems a big as your fist, with your thumb and fingers, and massage, with the slightest pressure, the rim of the head. My entire body strains at the erotic thrill of my girlfriend jerking me off, waiting to feel me shoot off all over her, and you lower your hand back down, grasp the shaft, and wildly begin to jack me off.

My eyes fly open, you’ve put me on the plateau instantly, and I have no control, I’m only waiting to be pulled over the edge. I try to hold my cum back, but your erotic masturbation is too much and I suddenly lose all control, squirting huge, thick ropes of cum that splatter across your bare belly and arch up over your tits and reach your throat. The feeling you have is a blanket of hot, sticky cum covering you, and you continue to pump my naked prick, milking the clean-smelling sperm from my balls until I grab your hand and stop you from over-exciting my cock. I melt into your arms, French kissing you hotly, wanting you badly. My semen coats our bodies and we make sticky sounds as we slide together and apart, feeling each other’s naked bodies with our own. “That was SO much cum!” you manage to say. “You had me so excited; I’ve never shot so much before.”

“Will you be able to cum again?”

“Yes, but not for a little while!” you run your fingers through my hair, stroking, feeling, grasping. You hold me no longer as a boyfriend; I’m now yours, I belong to you, and you know it. And you want to exert your ownership even further.

You feel your hungry cunt aching for my touch again, and bring my shaking hand to your mouth and kiss it, then pass it down along your body to your wet snatch. I bring myself up to kiss you and you feel sticky cum on my chin where it rubbed off from your throat. You run your tongue down to taste my spunk, loving the feeling, the flavor, the heat, but mostly, loving the thought of yourself drinking my cum. You lick my neck and upper chest clean of my jizm, and scoop it off of your tits, licking your fingers clean, much to my erotic delight. I move my own body down to suck at your nipples, and gently kiss and nibble your tits, as my fingers work their magic on your anxious, naked pussy. You feel me move further down your body, and look down to realize, (“He’s going to eat me!”)

You watch, breathless as my head moves down, then close your eyes and lean back as you feel my breath on your wet pussy. You tremble with desire as my tongue first touches your pussy lips, your hands find the back of my head and you spread your legs to be eaten as you push down on my head to hold me between your legs. This feels so incredible, so erotic, so thrilling, so fucking sexy that you can’t, you won’t let it end without cumming. You spread your legs wider and arch your hips up to give me your snatch more completely, feeling my fingers gently spread your pussy lips and your clit getting sucked into my mouth. Your whole body shakes with the need of the orgasm you know is coming. Your breath is a ragged hoarse gasp, your fingernails dig Beylikdüzü Escort into my scalp, and you force your pussy closer to my mouth. You feel me spread your ass apart, and your eyes search the ceiling wondering why, until you feel my breath on your hole. (“He’s going to tongue my ass!”) You can’t believe the sensations as my hot tongue slowly enters it and my tongue slowly fucks your hot, virgin ass. You’re a trembling mass of lust, you barely manage to pull my head back up to your cunt and before you can plead with me to finish your cunt, I have sucked your clit back into my mouth.

Your hands lock in place behind my head, your legs unconsciously tighten around my neck, and your lips pull back, baring your teeth in a silent scream as the orgasm explodes from your pussy out in all directions. Your back arches and your head lifts up and hammers down on the car seat, then whips back and forth as your hotly eaten pussy screams with sexual fulfillment. You buck, pant, and drive my face against your pelvis, fucking my tongue, needing my lips on you, my sucking of you hot clit. You want this forever, now, tomorrow, every day and night you want this, first thing in the morning, last thing at night, you want me to please you. You pull me up onto your body, needing to feel my cock on your stomach, my chest on yours, to taste your pussy on my mouth and to share the taste of my cum with me. You rub your snatch against the base of my cock, your orgasm subsiding, but not over. As my arms brace myself, your legs spread around me (“I’m spreading for him — I always want to do that!”) and your hand finds my still rigid cock, and you wonder how long I can stay hard, how long you can keep me that way. Your hips lift from the seat, bringing your pussy to me, and you kiss the huge head of my cock with your cunt lips. Your lust, your need for more sex, your insatiable desire to please and be pleased speaks to me from an elemental, animal part of you. You gently whisper, your eyes wide and swimming with desire, “Fuck me.”

You see the effect of the words on me immediately; my breath stops short, my cock in your hands jerks uncontrollably, my eyes look unbelievingly at the totality of your lust. “Fuck Me.” you repeat, feeling more confidant and more excited each time you hear your voice say it. “You know you want it… tell me you want it” My dry mouth clicks as I struggle to talk. “I want you.”

“What do you want?” it’s a game to you now, to make me say it, “You don’t get what you don’t ask for…” I’m panting with lust, able to say the words, but so taken with the eroticism of your words that I’m stumbling with it. You slowly stroke my head back and forth across the wet lips of your snatch, stroking yourself, your clit with my cock. Your eyes narrow wickedly, loving the control. “I want you…” I stammer, losing breath, unable to continue; you know, but play with me some more. “What do you want, some of this?” your hand spreads your pussy lips apart and inserts my cock a half-inch into you, making us both gasp with pleasure.

I take a breath, kiss you hard, and look deep into your eyes. “I want your pussy. I want you to spread your hot legs so I can fuck you — fuck you like you want it; my hard cock deep inside of you. You want my hard cock so deep inside your hot pussy, and you want it right now!” Your eyes show your naked lust, your loss of control, and you barely manage to guide me into your hot cunt as I push in slowly. “OH! GOD YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT! YES, YES, YES! DON’T STOP FUCKING ME! FUCK ME AS DEEP AS YOU CAN!” My cock penetrates you with incredible slowness, the swollen walls of your cunt offering great resistance to my entry, wet though you are. Your hands reach down and your fingernails dig deep into my ass pulling my cock into you, your legs spread wider and your hips reach up to fuck me back.

I rise up on my hands, your arms wrapped around mine, you bring one hand to your mouth and you suck your finger sensuously for me. “Want me to do that to you sometime? I will, whenever you want!” My legs are wrapped around yours on the seat, our juices covering everything. Your pussy is incredibly tight, so tight that every stroke fucking in and out of you threatens to cause us both to orgasm. We look deep into each other’s eyes as slowly, sensuously we fuck each other. Your eyes look down between us to watch my thick shaft penetrating your hungry pussy, your lips swallow it whole. “I didn’t think it could fit me!” you gasp, “but it feels sooooo good!” You push your hands against the side of the car and force your cunt further onto me, your clit grinding against the base of my cock. I move foreword, rolling around, stroking my cock back and forth against your hips as we slowly fuck, gradually building up speed and tension. “Yes, you fuck so good!” Your eyes are lust-filled; your whole body is fucking me back. “I love how tight you are, you’ve got the greatest pussy I could imagine” Your hands find my shoulders and you pull me down into a kiss, my cock pistoning in and out of your inflamed cunt. “Don’t ever jack off again, I want your cum in me or on me whenever you’re horny. Just call and I’ll cum over and fuck you like this any time you want it!” My breath becomes shallow; my body buries my cock deeper into you. “Yes, fuck me deeply! Feel my cunt sucking at your naked cock; get ready to shoot into me, I want your whole load of cum in my pussy!”

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A Practice Secret Ch. 03

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Big Boobs

Plain Jane discovers Chelsea’s secret

A long-time friend being treated by Doctor Love recommended the Practice to Jane. They were very different women but shared a similar reason for seeking assistance. Noticing the profound effect on Chelsea, Jane wanted similar treatment to satisfy a void in her life. Feeling excited and intrigued after her tour of the Practice, she later discovered what Chelsea was hiding. Jane continues her story and shares the experience of her first visit.

There was still a quarter of an hour until my appointment with my friend’s doctor. I sat in the car parked opposite the Practice nervously contemplating what I had done. It wasn’t like any other clinic for women. The Practice is a beautifully renovated terrace building in the exclusive Park Crescent area where women were treated as Guests, rather than patients. It was a close friend, Chelsea, who convinced me to attend an appointment for a viewing last week.

The Practice Manager, Maddisyn, was lovely. A young woman who had a gentle and caring nature that made me feel welcome. I was impressed with the facilities and the individual care and attention provided. I registered with the Practice and made today’s appointment to see Doctor Love. It wasn’t a serious medical problem or even the expense that was on my mind as the minutes agonisingly passed. It was the secret that she shared with me.

I’ve known Chelsea since our school days. We’re very close but different in many ways. They say opposites attract. Chelsea’s the attractive one who easily caught the attention of any guy. After school, she went to university and works in advertising. She married a school sweet heart who became a dentist and has three lovely teenage children that have inherited her angelic looks.

I’m plain Jane, an appropriate name in many ways. I wouldn’t say I’m unattractive but I couldn’t compete with Chelsea. It was obvious who the guys preferred. I did a finance course after school and work as a bookkeeper. I married John who was a plumber and we operated a plumbing business. We couldn’t have children but John and I were very happy and the business was successful.

Chelsea and I do have something in common. Now without a man in our lives. Chelsea recently went through a very messy divorce and John died in a vehicle accident last year. It has been a difficult time for us both but our friendship has helped us cope.

It was as if both our lives had been turned upside down. We were devastated. Chelsea started having counselling with Doctor Love at the Practice. I could see how wonderful it made her feel. She seemed happier, more relaxed and confident about the future. Chelsea even mentioned there was a new guy she was interested in.

I didn’t know much about her treatment and didn’t like to pry, but she was pleased with the Practice and Doctor Love. She suggested I should see him. I was hesitant, but persistent prompting by Chelsea finally persuaded me to attend the viewing. Who reviews a medical centre? It sounded unusual actually. Chelsea’s secret was even more extraordinary!

I could see why Chelsea loved the Practice. It had luxurious facilities and gracious service. It was quite unexpected. She didn’t really mention how wonderful it was. I was even surprised to find it was more like an adorable home than a medical practice.

Chelsea loves the lavish lifestyle, being entertained and pampered. She’s the elegant and extravagant type with an adventurous streak and always the life of the party. I’m more down-to-earth and circumspect and like always, seemed to be following in her footsteps. I soon realised there was more to the Practice that she was excited about.

I couldn’t wait to talk with Chelsea after the tour. There was something about the Practice that puzzled me and I really wanted to find out about Doctor Love, who I didn’t get to meet. I phoned her and we met for coffee a couple of days later.

I hadn’t seen her so excited and happy in ages. She reassuringly told me he was a lovely older gentleman with a caring manner. The counselling was excellent and she was now enjoying therapy. Chelsea was comfortable with their discussions, finding Doctor Love a great listener with compassion and understanding.

It was just what I wanted to hear. Then things got a little more exciting, even by Chelsea’s standards. She said he was handsome and had smouldering eyes and a gorgeous smile. I can still picture her sensually rolling her eyes. Chelsea was beaming with a large smile and couldn’t contain her excitement. I knew there was more to it!

Chelsea had been so secretive when talking about the Practice and Doctor Love previously and I’d found the Practice a little more than intriguing. She laughed when I innocently asked if Doctor Love was her new friend. She wasn’t interested in a relationship after the divorce, not for a while anyway. It was the sexual therapy. I can laugh now realising how naïve I was asking what that involved.

Chelsea was having sex with Doctor Love! She said it was the best therapy she ever had! Kızılay Escort My relief at hearing about a wonderful doctor was now replaced with the worry that my new doctor was having sex with my best friend, despite Chelsea claiming it was sexual therapy.

Chelsea became quite desperate, pleading with me not to mention it to anyone. Her initial treatment was great and she increasingly found him attractive personally and sexually despite their age difference. She didn’t want another relationship or even one-night stands and therapy at the Practice also didn’t involve her family life or affect the children.

Chelsea needn’t have worried. I’ve never known Chelsea as foolhardy. Excitable, adventurous and whimsical, yes but she wasn’t silly. It was obvious she was happy with the arrangement. Although I wouldn’t admit it to Chelsea, there was also something appealingly naughty about the situation. I’d only read about doctor patient affairs but now knew firsthand how enthralling they could be. Chelsea wasn’t the only one excited.

I was initially concerned about my appointment. I spoke with Chelsea several times on the phone and decided to see Doctor Love. I now find myself outside the Practice and about to meet him. Chelsea was full of praise for the assistance she received and I knew I needed professional help. It was with mixed emotions of trepidation and fascination that I entered through the wrought iron gate and rang the bell on the large stained-glass door.

Maddisyn greeted me with an inviting smile. ‘Hello Jane, it’s so nice to see you again. Please come through to the Sitting Room.’

Maddisyn provided a marvellous tour of the Practice and was a big factor in me registering. She has a gentle, spiritual nature and seemed so caring and helpful. I left feeling there was more to the Practice than the elegant facilities and friendly attention. My suspicion was aroused with intimate and erotic questions in a personality survey I completed, making me even more curious about the Practice. I’d even wondered if Maddisyn and Doctor Love were lovers or just work colleagues. I’m now wondering if Maddisyn is aware of the sexual therapy that some of the Guests were enjoying.

‘Would you like anything before you see Doctor Love?’ Maddisyn kindly asked, interrupting my wicked thoughts.

‘I’m not sure,’ I replied adding, ‘What do the other Guests normally do?’

‘They often relax, reflect and prepare for their consultation in the Sitting Room,’ Maddisyn explained softly in her usual, almost spiritual tone. ‘The Guest Lounge is for your use as well. Some bring a change of clothing or have a spa or massage. Some Guests ask for help with their hair and makeup,’ she explained further.

I found it puzzling when I heard Maddisyn mention that during the review of the Practice. Why would Guests go to so much trouble with their clothing and grooming to see Doctor Love? Things started to make sense after talking with Chelsea.

‘Sounds wonderful. I had some coffee and a lovely slice when I was here last, would that be okay?’ I asked hopefully.

‘Certainly,’ she replied with a lovely smile. ‘Have a seat and I’ll bring it to you. Some Guests have a glass of wine,’ Maddisyn suggested.

‘Thank you, maybe next time,’ I smiled.

I looked around at the exquisitely furnished room and decided to sit at the seat near the bay window. Sunshine was filtering through the lace curtains and there was a lovely view of the park opposite. It’s a tranquil setting for a quiet moment to contemplate what brought me to the Practice.

There hasn’t been another man in my life since John died. Part of me didn’t want someone to replace him but it’s been difficult without John. I sold our plumbing business and there was the life insurance. I’m still working part-time and own my home so money hasn’t been an issue. I just miss John. We were very much in love.

One of the many things I miss is our lovemaking. John and I were just a plain ordinary couple but we enjoyed an active and adventurous sex life. Chelsea would be surprised if she knew. They say still waters run deep.

One of our little games brought a smile to my face. John would phone and ask if I could drop off a sandwich for lunch. I’d meet him where he was doing a job, without panties under my dress, and we would make love. I brought the bread and he provided the filling. On other occasions, he’d call in to our home office for a sandwich. Silly I know but I miss that naughty part of my life. So much more satisfying than masturbating alone.

Maddisyn soon returned with my coffee and placed a silver tray on a half-round table next to the chair. ‘It’s a great view and a lovely day,’ she commented.

‘Yes, I’ve seen quite a few people walking or running,’ I answered glancing out the window.

‘I like to have a run around the park most mornings before work,’ she replied, offering a selection of lovely cakes and slices.

‘You’re good,’ I softly laughed adding, ‘I could do with some exercise and less of these lovely slices. I’ve put Kolej Escort on some weight since my husband died.’

‘I’m sorry to hear about your husband,’ Maddisyn replied with a sympathetic tone and consoling smile. ‘Enjoy your coffee and I’ll introduce you to Doctor Love when you’re ready,’ she added.

‘Thank you,’ I simply replied, returning an appreciative smile.

Maddisyn’s tall with a slender athletic build and about in her mid-20’s. She looked fit and her toned runner’s legs were obvious under her close-fitting dark grey pants. Maddisyn looked stylish with a short matching jacket and a soft pink blouse. Her hips sensually swung as she walked back to her desk in her black high-heels. She reminded me of a younger Chelsea who, in her early 40’s and a mother of three, could still attract a second glance.

I’d never had an hour-glass figure, even as a teenager. I wasn’t a glamorous dresser either, preferring loose-fitting clothing to accommodate my chubby build and wide hips. All the same, I thought I looked quite nice in a knee-length patterned dress with a knitted woollen top and high-heels. I finished my coffee and slice and went over to Maddisyn’s desk.

Noticing me, she smiled and stood up. ‘I’ll take you through to Doctor Love’s suite,’ she offered.

I followed Maddisyn down the passageway that lead from the entrance hall towards the back of the building. I began wondering what Doctor Love might be like. Chelsea obviously found him attractive. Her description sounded enticing actually. I was also interested to meet the man who had created such and enchanting place for women. About halfway down the passageway Maddisyn paused, catching my attention.

‘This is another door to the Guest Lounge that you can use,’ she explained. ‘It saves you having to come back through the Sitting Room.’

I smiled and returned to my thoughts. I was getting excited about meeting Chelsea’s new lover, now our doctor. It was a pleasant distraction from my own issues to see what he was like. Knowing their secret made it all the more exciting. A little thrill of arousal stirred as the images Chelsea painted of Doctor Love came to mind.

Doctor Love was sitting at a large antique desk when we entered the suite and got up to greet us. ‘Doctor Love, I’d like you to meet Jane,’ introduced Maddisyn.

‘It’s a pleasure,’ he greeted me extending his hand.

The warmth and softness of his hand caught my attention. I wanted it to linger longer as I ran an eye over my friend’s lover. In those brief, few seconds I could see what attracted Chelsea to him. I instantly recognised Doctor Love’s heart-melting natural smile and soft sensual gaze that she so accurately described.

What Chelsea had failed to mention was how distinguished and refined he looked. Doctor Love was wearing a three-piece suit and immaculately groomed. I like men who take pride in their appearance. He had a gentlemanly look and a manner that was at home, surrounded by the elegant ambiance of the suite.

There was something exciting about this older man I found arousing. He was handsome for a man in his late 50’s with silver threads through his dark hair. I could imagine women throwing themselves at Doctor Love, he’s so gorgeous. He had a fit and toned looking body that would please any lover. I had Chelsea’s reassurance on that.

I couldn’t help but return his gorgeous smile. ‘Thank you. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you,’ I mentioned.

‘Please, let’s take a seat,’ he offered, directing me to one of the two couches.

I was impressed with Doctor Love’s manners and politeness, waiting for me to take my seat before he sat down. I glanced around the room admiring the lovely décor, soft furnishings and wonderful period features of the suite. I felt more comfortable with every passing second and relaxed in his presence. It was like the feeling you get when with a dear friend. I heard the door close and realised Maddisyn had left.

‘What a lovely suite,’ I exclaimed looking around the room. ‘The whole building is lovely.’

‘We’ve tried to make it comfortable for the Guests and maintaining the historic features and furnishings,’ he explained in a calm and gentle voice, already teasing my emotions.

We sat opposite each other on the matching couches with luxurious soft cushions and a covered footstool between us. An ornate fireplace with a large mirror and an elegant chandelier hung overhead from a ceiling rose. Several other pieces of period furniture and lovely table lamps added to the intimate atmosphere.

I immediately felt at home in the suite. It didn’t feel like a consulting room or even a doctor’s appointment. The beautiful wooden desk the only obvious indication of the suite’s function. As I looked around, I wondered where Chelsea had enjoyed her sexual therapy. Wicked I know, but curiosity is one of the reasons that brought me here.

‘I’ve reviewed the survey you completed when you registered with the Practice,’ Doctor Love continued causing me to refocus. ‘I’m sorry to hear about Maltepe Escort John’s passing.’

‘Thank you. That’s the main reason for seeing you,’ I replied, touched by the sadness displayed in his warm eyes.

‘Would you like to tell me what happened?’ He prompted. ‘It would help,’ adding an encouraging smile.

I explained that John and I ran a plumbing business and he died in a tragic vehicle accident 18 months ago. John was on the way to a job and a large truck crushed his van. The driver was avoiding a collision with another vehicle that cut him off and the truck rolled over, killing John instantly.

‘How have things been since?’ He softly inquired.

‘I had to sell our plumbing business and luckily there was the insurance but it’s John I miss,’ I continued.

I was touched by his compassionate gaze. ‘I see you don’t have any children,’ Doctor Love mentioned.

‘John and I both couldn’t have children. It was just meant to be that way,’ I replied. ‘We were very happy and so much in love,’ I added with a faint and reflective smile.

‘There is no mention in the survey of a partner . . .,’ Doctor Love observed, willing me to answer.

‘No,’ I quietly muttered while breaking our gaze.

‘Does that trouble you?’ He astutely asked in a kind and sympathetic voice.

‘It didn’t initially,’ I replied. ‘I was grieving and couldn’t consider replacing John.’

‘And now . . .?’ Leaving the question hanging, urging me to continue.

‘I’ve thought about it but I’m over forty. I don’t think anyone would be interested. I’ve put on some weight and never really been attractive. I don’t think I can start dating again at my age,’ I replied with a slightly dejected laugh.

I felt the warmth of Doctor Love’s eyes roaming over my body and a growing sexual tension during the lengthy pause. Just sitting with Doctor Love was doing wonderful things to me, stirring my arousal. My heartbeat became noticeable and I felt a little flushed and warm.

His gaze finally returned to mine with an accompanying heart-melting smile. ‘I think you’re attractive,’ he finally commented.

I had to remind myself to breath. I’d never thought of myself as attractive. Friendly, reliable, and easy to get along with, yes. I’ve never considered myself as unattractive, but attractive as in personal looks? The last person who thought me attractive was John.

‘You’re bright and have a lovely personality,’ Doctor Love continued.

‘That’s kind of you to say,’ I smiled feeling flattered and arousal pulsing through my veins. ‘I don’t feel attractive,’ I added with a shy school girl blush.

His words continued to excite me. ‘You’re a young woman with lovely eyes and a sweet smile that would excite any man. You can lose weight but they’re something special you’ll never lose,’ Doctor Love complimented.

I enjoyed his warm engaging eyes and soft sensual tone of voice as we discussed the possibility of dating again. I could feel my heart beating rapidly and a rush of adrenaline through my body. Were his words professional or was he flirting with me? His comments drifted around in my mind seductively like an aphrodisiac inciting something within me. Images of Doctor Love and Chelsea were also frequently on my mind, fuelling my arousal. There was a pleasant tingle between my thighs as we talked and I could feel moistness forming.

I wanted more than Doctor Love’s kind words. I wanted what Chelsea was enjoying. In reality, I subconsciously wanted it since being aroused when filling out the survey during the review. I’d been in a dull state of arousal since my intuition about the Practice was confirmed by Chelsea’s admission of her sexual therapy.

I could feel my sexual frustration uncoiling as I sat opposite Doctor Love. ‘Do you mind if I visit the Guest Lounge?’ I inquired, initiating a fantasy that had consumed me for the past week.

Doctor Love stood up. ‘Please do. There’s an ensuite through there,’ he answered, indicating a decorative archway leading to a room off the suite.

I made my way to the ensuite, feeling the heat of my flushed cheeks at what was going through my mind. The Practice never ceased to amaze me. I discovered an exquisitely furnished bedroom! I imagined it’s where Chelsea’s sexual therapy would have taken place. There was a king-sized bed with a luxurious bedspread and the room had lovely period furniture. I couldn’t help but think of the scenes of Chelsea and Doctor Love that must have occurred on that bed, adding to the moist throbbing sensation between my legs.

Another door led off the bedroom. I found a magnificent ensuite with a roll-top bath, double shower and a dressing table with a large mirror. The antique brass taps and light fittings looked lovely against the brilliant white walls and furniture. A small chandelier hung from the ornate ceiling. It’s a beautiful room and so convenient for Guests.

I briefly fantasised about Chelsea and Doctor Love having therapy in the bath or the shower. I don’t know if she is that kinky but it took my fancy. The more I thought about them, the more my desired and need for Doctor Love intensified. I had a little surprise in mind for Doctor Love. After freshening up, I removed my damp panties and placed them in my shoulder bag and returned to the suite, sitting opposite Doctor Love.

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Mike Gets to Know More Neighbours

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Mike and Linda had now been in their home for three years, and the move had been a great success. They had played a great part in helping bring up their grandchildren, and they had formed a beautiful intimate relationship with their neighbours, Anne and Phil.

There were also a few old neighbours who had lived in the street for years. Mary, a widow, now in her eighties, was one of the oldest and lived across the road from them. She had a lively sense of humour, but was getting to the stage where she needed a bit of help now and again.

She was fairly self sufficient, but she was helped out by her son, Mark, who lived nearby. As far as Mike and Linda knew, Mark was unmarried. They thought he might be gay, but were unsure.

It was approaching Xmas, and most people had been doing a lot of shopping. A neighbour had mentioned, however, that Mary’s son Mark was unwell, and couldn’t help his mum with this.

Linda suggested to Mike that he could drive Mary to the shops to help out. Mike agreed, and arranged to take her the next day.

When he went to collect her, Mary was in a good mood. She had put on a brightly coloured skirt with a white silk top and, judging by the heavy floral scent in the car, had applied quite a lot of perfume.

Mary’s hair was white, but pretty, for a woman of her age. “Hello, Mike,” she said, smiling, “Its so nice of you to help me out. Mark looks like he could be on his back for a week or more!”

“Well, don’t worry Mary, just give me a call if you need me,” Mike smiled.

“Oh that’s nice of you. Is Linda not coming?”

“Not today, Mary,” Mike replied, “she thought it would be easier if there was more room in the car for shopping.”

“Oh,” said Mary, “she must trust you out on your own with another woman, then.” She laughed, and grinned at Mike, but he couldn’t help wondering if he was being sounded out for something more than shopping.

“I’m sure Linda trusts you, Mary,” said Mike.

“That’s good Mike, but can I trust you,?” she giggled.

“Now Mary, you know I’m a good boy” he laughed.

“Well, that’s what I was hoping for, Mike!” she said.

Mike thought to himself that Mary’s words held more than a little double meaning, and began to think what sex would be like with this old woman. Sure he had watched some mature porn and yes, he had enjoyed it, but……

When they got to the supermarket Mike went round to Mary’s door, to help her out. She was not a lightweight, so he had to bend down and put his arms around her, to lift her out. As he did so, his face came close to Mary’s neck. For some reason,he said quietly “Now that’s a nice perfume you’re wearing, Mary.”

She whispered back “Its supposed to attract men you know, Mike!”

Mike laughed. “I’m sure you don’t need it Mary!” he joked.

“Well I’m not so sure Mike, does it work for you?” said Mary. This time there was not the same laugh, and Mike knew this was a straight proposition.

It was now or never, and Mike just couldn’t resist. As she stood up from the car he kissed her. “Yes it does Mary, it does very much.”

Mary kissed Mike back, and they stood kissing passionately for a couple of minutes. Mike could feel Mary’s hands exploring his back and pulling him into her welcoming and voluptuous hips. “Mary do you really need this shopping just now?” Mike asked, desperately hoping she would say no.

“Absolutely not” replied Mary, “lets go back to my place. It’ll be more fun than shopping!”

They Sincan Escort got back in the car, and kissed again. Mike put his hands up Mary’s skirt, and felt the soft satin knickers, which Mary had started to wet in her excitement. She put her hand on his cock, which by now was rock hard and fighting to get out.

“Mike,” she whispered, “if you’re even half this big I don’t know whether I can still take you. Its been a long time. But I really, really want to try!”

“Mary, ” said Mike, “I know a sexy woman when I see one, and you can take me easily. I know.”

Mike drove pretty fast on the way back, and they both went quickly into Mary’s house. She led him to the bedroom, and they began to strip. Mary had big white breasts, drooping a bit with age, but still with lovely pink nipples. Her satin knickers were such a turn on for Mike. He laid her on the bed and began to suck her nipples, running his hand under the knickers and feeling her mound.

She had not shaved, but her pubes were soft and gray. “Sorry Mike,” she said, “I think I started to wet myself – you were so exciting!”

“I like you wet,” Mike whispered, starting to suck her knickers,and running his tongue under the side and onto her pussy, He pulled the knickers off in one move and went down on her hard mound. It was a strong urine and salty taste, which Mike adored. He began to push his fingers into her, and found her deliciously hot and wet.

“Mike, darling, there’s some gel in that drawer. I use my vibrator but I’m not as moist as I was!”

Mike stood up for a second, his erection standing proud and thrusting upwards. “Mary you have a very sexy body, I’m amazed you’re on your own.” Mary had quite big hips, and a few layers of fat around her middle, and thighs, but Mike found her incredibly sensuous.

“Well its not that easy, Mike, when you get old and have grown up kids. Anyway I’m all yours today, so come here darling, with your giant cock, and fuck me like you’ve never fucked anybody before!”

Mike didn’t need any more persuading. He lay down with Mary and kissed her, as he pushed his cock in to her. He had thought she might be dry, but she wasn’t. She was hot and wet and he loved her soft body, as he kissed her deeply.

To Mike she wasn’t old, just soft and sexy. He began to fuck her harder, and she moaned “Oh Mike you are so hard. I wish you could spend the night!” Mike had an idea that he might, but for now, wanted to see just how active an eighty something could be.

He fucked her hard, and fast, and thought that she might get tired, but Mary was writhing like an eighteen year old underneath him, and fucking him back. He was in heaven. Another minute or two and they were climaxing together, holding each other like some Greek wrestlers, and never wanting to let go.

“Oh Mike,” said Mary, “I’ve never been so happy since my husband Bill was alive.”

“Mary, that was the best fuck I’ve had in ages.” said Mike, as he quickly dressed and headed for the door, “Leave it with me and we might get longer. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

With that, Mike went back across to Linda. When he went into the house, she immediately asked him what he had been up to, and more particularly, “Mike, you smell like a whorehouse – what have you been doing!”

“Its a bit strange I know, “said Mike, ” but Mary really wanted sex, and I felt sorry for her.”

“Are you for real?” gasped Linda. “She’s eighty three, for christ’s sake, and Ankara Olgun Escort you’ve fucked her.”

“I didn’t think you’d mind darling. We do have plenty sex with Anne and Phil, after all,” Mike went on.

“Oh I suppose not,” she said, calming down, “but I am a bit surprised Mike!”

“Well, you’d be surprised just how good she is in bed, darling, and I said I’d ask if you would mind me staying the night?” Mike spoke, pleadingly.

Linda could hardly believe this, but she knew what a sex drive Mike had, and, on reflection, it was quite a nice thing for an old lady. “Ok Mike,” she said, “but I don’t think I’ll join you for this one.”

Mike tried not to show it, but he was over the moon. The more he thought about Mary, the harder his cock got. The thought of her satin knickers against her soft white skin had Mike’s cock twitching against his briefs.

Once he had freshened up a bit, Mike headed back across to Mary. She met him at the door, wearing a sexy bathrobe. He told her that he could stay, and that Linda was ok with it.

Mary was surprised, to say the least, but Mike explained that he and Mary had a fairly open relationship. She grinned with obvious relish, and dropped the bathrobe. She had changed into a white t-shirt, with no bra, and white cotton panties, which Mike could see had already a wet patch. He kissed her hard and grabbed her panties to feel the wetness.

“I knew you liked this Mike so I pissed myself a little for you,” whispered Mary, sticking her tongue into his ear.

Mike dropped to his knees, and started licking her panties, putting his arms around her, and squeezing her ample buttocks. “Mmmh Mike you are a dirty man, but I love you. Put you’re long tongue into my pussy and eat me!”

Mike pulled her down onto the rug, and took her wet panties, sucking the juice out of them with sheer delight. The familiar taste of urine, and Mary’s precum, was like a drug. He licked and sucked as she forced his head into her and cried for him to fuck her.

Instead, Mike got on his knees and gave her his cock to take into her mouth. She sucked and wanked him, taking him deep into her throat. Mary looked up at him and gasped “Mike I want to suck you off but then you wont be able to fuck me.”

“Don’t worry Mary it won’t take long for me to recover. You’re so sexy I could fuck you all night.”

“Mmmmh Mike,” she said, and started to take him deeper down her throat. Mike could feel he was getting thicker inside her, and was trying to slow down, but Mary squeezed his cock with her throat, and gently squeezed his balls at the same time. He came immediately into her throat, and again into her mouth, as he was withdrawing. Mary was swallowing and begging for more.

Mike had never experienced that trick before, and wanted more of the same, but Mary had other ideas. “Mike, Darling,” she whispered,”you know how you like my piss. Would you like me do it for you in the shower?”

“Mmmh yes, Mary, please do it on me.”

They walked through to the shower room. There was a walk-in shower, and Mary had put a lilo in it. Mike lay down and Mary stood over him and started to pee a little. Mike sat up and held his mouth to her cunt. She started to pee properly, and Mike lay down again, allowing her to aim into his mouth. It was hot and salty, but Mike kept drinking it til she was finished, and sucked the last drips, as they dribbled out of her hairy cunt.

After Ankara Ucuz Escort they had both taken a shower, Mary led Mike back to bed, and lay down with her legs spread out. Neither had to speak. Mike stood over her and wanked a little, til his cock was bouncing above Mary. She could not resist taking it once more into her throat, but Mike only let her suck a little, since they both wanted a giant fuck. When he took his cock back from her lips, it was a good inch longer and fatter.

Mary pulled him by the cock into her hard cunt. He wondered how her body could be so soft, but her mound so hard. Whatever! He thrust his cock right into her, and kept it there as he savoured the feeling of her hot vagina. Then, like a steam train leaving the station, he began to drive it in and out, slowly at first, but then faster and harder, until he could really feel the hot walls of Mary’s vagina against him.

Mike suddenly withdrew, and turned Mary over on to her knees. He smacked her a few times, then quickly licked around her arsehole. Mary trembled with delight as Mike then rammed her cunt once again. “Jesus Mary, you’re so good, so good. I just love your cunt. Mhh, mhh, uhh, so fucking good.”

Mary was gripping the headboard, and thrusting back against his cock. When he started to push his finger into her arsehole she moaned louder, but made no attempt to stop him. “Mmmmh Mary,” he whispered, “do you want it this way?”

“Please,” Mary moaned. He began to push his finger further in and grabbed some gel to help. He was still fucking Mary hard. She was going like an eighteen year old, as he pushed his middle finger deeper, and faster, into her arse.

“Have you done it that way before Mary?” said Mike.

“Yes Mike, its ok. My husband used to do it, and I love it” panted Mary.

“Ok Mary, but tell me if it gets painful for you.” Mike said, taking his cock from her cunt and probing her hole gently. Mary pushed back on him, to get his cock into her. Mike felt the push, then a blissful release, as his cock went further in. He could feel the firm grip on his cock, while still sliding it further in.

Mary moaned in ecstasy, “Mike keep pushing – its so nice – I want your full cock in me.” Mike did as he was told, and kept pushing until his cock could go no further.

“God, Mary, that’s so beautiful!” He began to thrust harder now that Mary was happy. She responded, sucking his cock into her hole and releasing faster and faster, til they climaxed together forward on to the bed.

The two of them woke up together, a few hours later, in each other’s arms, their movements already beginning to arouse each other. Mike looked at his watch, and saw that it was only 8 o’clock. He whispered, closely, into his new lover’s ear, “Wow, Mary, we still have all night!”

They fucked again, supremely, and onwards, throughout the night.

In the morning Mary looked a bit sad. “What’s up Mary,” said Mike, “I thought you enjoyed our time?”

“That’s just it Mike, I’m scared it’ll just end now!”

“Don’t be silly, Mary. I want you just as much as you want me. And if I can’t make it sometimes, I know a couple of guys you could have fun with, as well!”

Mary thought for a moment. The idea was growing within her. “Oh really, honey, do I know them?”

“Yes you do,” grinned Mike, “and one is very young!”

“You don’t mean Adrian do you? He’s just a child!”

“Mmh, an eighteen year old. But I know he would love you.” whispered Mike. “Anyway, we’ll make sure you’re not on you’re own.”

To an eighty-three year old woman, the thought of being fucked by an eighteen year old man was more than Mary could take. She was already beginning to leak a bit of pee into her white cotton panties.

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