Haley just wanted a quiet drink with Mom and her big Sister

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Big Tits


This is a continuing saga from the: IT JUST HAPPENED series. If you want more background before reading, then refer back to: It Just Happened, It Just Happened…. Again and It Just Happened….Again….And Again.

The basic information from those stories is: Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men. Each daughter had initially married someone their own age, only to replace them after a couple years with someone closer to their Dad’s age.

Cathy moved in with her parents while divorcing her second husband and a weak moment leads to an incestuous coupling between her and her father. Lucy has an incestuous affair with her older brother, David while nursing him through a work related injury. A month later David comes to visit Jim and Lucy for a week and is caught having sex with his niece, Cathy, and the ensuing ruckus end in a family orgy with all joyously participating.


Cathy’s final divorce decree is at last signed and she receives a generous settlement from her ex-husband. She and her mother have spent the last three weeks viewing properties for Cathy to buy for her new home. They had just returned home from viewing a property when the phone rings. The caller id reveals it is Lucy’s youngest daughter, Haley.

“Hi, sweetheart; what are you up to?” Lucy asks in a cheerful voice.

“I need to talk with you, Mom,” Haley answers in a gloomy voice.

“What’s wrong, Haley? You sound like your whole world is crashing.”

“My stupid husband is neglecting me again, but I don’t want to go into it on the phone. Can we meet for a drink or something?”

“Did you want to meet right now?”

“Yes, if you can get free.”

“Well…Cathy and I just got back from House Hunting. Is it okay if she comes along?”

There is a short pause and then Haley says, “Sure…why not? We can’t keep any secrets in this family anyway.”

Lucy is bewildered by Haley’s response. She usually didn’t sound so downhearted. She is normally bubbly and happy-go-lucky. Haley’s husband is in his 50’s and he finds it getting harder to keep up with a young wife half his age. Her sexual appetite seems to increase with age and his stamina is decreasing. They both knew they may face this problem some day as he aged, but they have only been married a couple of years. Haley’s restlessness has come much sooner than she expected, and she needs her Mother’s guidance.

“Listen, Haley….If you would rather I come alone, your Sister will understand.” Lucy says.

“No…it’s okay. In fact the more the merrier,” Haley replies.

“Very well…we can both leave right now. Where would you like to meet?”

“How about the Hilton Hotel near your house,” Haley suggests. “It has a nice quiet lounge where we can get a good stiff drink and talk.”

“Oh…A good stiff drink. That sounds like it is going to be much more than just a casual mother-daughter chat.” Lucy exclaims.

“It is. I’ll see you in about twenty minutes,” Haley answers and then breaks the connection.

Haley is anxiously waiting in the extremely busy lobby of the Hilton Hotel when her Mother and Sister arrive. There is an abnormally large crowd checking in at the reception desk because a large pharmaceutical company is holding its national sales meeting over this weekend. Cathy is the first to reach Haley and gives her a big hug. Lucy finally pushes her way through the crowd and joins her two beautiful young daughters. She hugs Haley. They exchange pleasantries and then try to find a quiet corner to talk.

“If I had known it was going to be this crazy at the Hilton I would have suggested meeting someplace else,” Haley shouts above the chatter.

“Well…Do you want to go somewhere nearby?” Lucy asks.

“No…I think I would rather get a good strong drink and just chill for a while.”

The three women make their way to the lounge. They look like Sisters. All three have similar figures and they each dressed fashionably young. However; Haley is 24, Cathy is 27 and Lucy is 48. Haley is wearing a white silk blouse and a dark skirt that hugs her round little butt. The top button of her blouse is unbuttoned allowing a nice view of her ample cleavage. You can vaguely sight through her blouse the outline of a black lacey bra with little blue flowers. Haley is known to wear matching bikini panties and is probably doing so today. Cathy follows wearing a navy blue elegant pleated notch V neck dress. Lucy is bringing up the rear wearing a black Mark Scroll Off-the-Shoulder Dress.

The lounge is packed wall to wall with men and women sales reps attending a national sales meeting. The trio discovers that there is standing room only as they elbow and push their way to the bar. Someone pinches Lucy’s butt as she follows her daughters through the mischievous horde. The lounge is too crowed for Lucy to determine who the guilty party was who pinched her cute round bottom. She is both offended and flattered by the pinch.

Haley stops midway down the bar and says something to man having a drink. He uses his elbows to make a space for her to belly up to the bar. She shouts something else in his ear then points to her Mother and Sister. The man shouts some orders to a companion and the two of them reach out for Lucy and Cathy and drag them up to the bar. They are all quickly swallowed up by the happy hour crowd.

The man introduces himself as John and his companion is Larry. John then offers to buy each of them a drink. Haley asks for a Bloody Mary and Cathy requests a Margarita. Lucy feels awkward letting a strange man buy her drink, but he insists. She shrugs her shoulders and reluctantly orders a Tom Collins. They try to engage in casual conversation, but it is so loud in the lounge they only end up shouting at şişli bayan escort one another.

Haley wants to tell her Mother that she is getting frustrated in her marriage because she is not getting enough sex. Her Mother is only getting bits and pieces of the conversation. Haley tries repeating, but it is futile. Haley shouts above the noise that she just needs to get fucked really good. And as luck would have it, a lull in the noise occurs and the whole bar crowd hears her declaration. Haley, her Mother and her sister all three want to evaporate into the anonymity of the crowd.

After a while everyone returns to their chatting and drinking. Haley’s remark is forgotten. Haley does get to explain to John that Cathy is her Sister and Lucy is her Mother. No one believes that Lucy is actually old enough to be the Mother of these two beautiful young women. Several of John’s friends gather around and marvel at the fact Lucy is the Mother and Haley and Cathy are really her daughters. They all appear to be so close to the same age.

Larry orders the next round of drinks and the fraternization continues. Lucy is not a big drinker and is already feeling the first drink. She tries to decline the second drink but is voted down by her two daughters. After their second drink, both Haley and Cathy are well into a party mood and agree to a third round.

Lucy is dizzy headed after two drinks and feels like her legs are turning to rubber. She is basically held up only by the crush of the crowd around her. She can’t move an inch in any direction. That why she is startled when she feels someone slide their hand up her dress and begins to slowly massage her pussy. She tries to move away from the errant hand but the crush of the bodies around her keep her from moving.

A single finger from that hand slides under the edge of her panties and finds its way into her already drooling pussy. She can’t determine the source of the offending hand and finger. It gracefully slides in and out of her pussy while gently circling her clit. She feels heat rising from her neck and face. She has trouble catching her breath and thinks she may faint. Within minutes her body is shaking and trembling with a marvelous orgasm. The phantom hand is flooded by her orgasmic juices. She swoons and almost passes out. The soothing hand mysterious disappears as quickly as it had appeared. Lucy grips the bar and waits for her sanity and sense of balance to return.

Cathy is vaguely aware of a man behind her intermittently rubbing his hard cock against her butt. At first she finds it annoying, but after the second drink she is beginning to warm up to its feel. She estimates it is quite large because head seems to extend above his beltline. The man leans in whispers to Cathy his name Bill and he is with the pharmaceutical company. He offers to buy her another drink. She smiles and accepts.

The man excuses himself to go to the restroom and asks her to save his place. She readily agrees and immediately finds herself missing his hard presence against her butt. When he returns she finds herself unconsciously pressing her butt against his hard cock. Bill takes her hand pulls it behind her back and places it on his hard cock. She squeezes it and slowly strokes it as she casually sips her drink. She can tell it is not only long, but has a somewhat thick girth. The crowd is still so substantial, no one is aware of their erotic interaction. The man extends his arm between Cathy and Haley to place his drink on the bar. When he retracts his arm he drags it across Cathy’s breast and gives it gentle squeeze. She feels her panties inundate with her vaginal fluids.

Haley announces to her Mother and Sister that John has graciously invited the three of them to accompany him to the company’s hospitality room in the penthouse. Larry encourages them accept the invitation by adding that the hospitality room has hot hors d’oeuvres and an open bar. Everyone agrees and Bill starts clearing a path to the door. Lucy is still unsteady on her feet and is helped along by Haley and John.

The hospitality room is actually a three bedroom penthouse suite located on top floor of the Hilton Hotel. It has been reserved solely for the enjoyment of the national sales force. There is a small dance floor with a piano player and a female vocalist to provide musical entertainment. When they arrive at the hospitality room Lucy is parked at the end of a very long sofa. She is still very tipsy from the first two drinks. Haley stays with her while John make his way to the open bar for fresh drinks. He returns with another Tom Collins for Lucy and a Bloody Mary for Haley. Before his return he has taken the liberty to covertly drop a little blue ecstasy pill into Haley’s Bloody Mary. Cathy and Bill disappear into the crowd after getting fresh drinks. They are not seen the rest of the evening.

It doesn’t take long for the ecstasy to kick in. Haley has always been an outgoing person; full of energy and generally the life of the party. She insists on dancing. When John tires and decides to sit out a dance she grabs another partner and rules the dance floor. As the ecstasy takes hold she begins to hump and simulate sex acts with her dance partners. Soon there is a circle of men taking turns dancing with her. They are groping her breast, crotch and butt. She is giving it back as good as she gets. At one point she is gripping a man’s cock through his trousers and jacking him off.

Cathy and Bill have slipped away into one of the three bedrooms and lock the door. They quickly lock lips and take turns seeing who can shove their tongue furthest down the other’s throat. Bill unzips his pants and frees his eight inch cock. He places his hand on Cathy’s head and guides her down onto her knees. She is able to take all eight inches down şişli escort her throat without gagging. She has had plenty of practice swallowing her Dad’s cock and her Uncle David’s cock.

After sucking Bill to a magnificent orgasm and swallowing his enormous load; he repays the favor by pushing her onto her back in the king size bed and licks her to an equally satisfying orgasm. They both strip naked and begin exploring each other’s body with their tongue and lips. For the next twenty-five to thirty minute balls are sucked, nipples are tweaked; assholes are licked and each of the two participants experiences another amazing orgasm before slipping away into a nice peaceful sleep.

Three drunken pharmaceutical sales reps pull Haley into one of the penthouse bedrooms and hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. Every forty-five minutes to an hour one group of reps leave Haley’s bedroom only to be replaced by another group of reps. Word spreads quickly about the nymphomaniac in the hospitality room. Throughout the entire evening groups of three shuffle in and out of the bedroom. In most cases it is a group of three men, but then there is also groups with two men and one woman and then a few with two women and one man. There has also been a couple of groups with just three women. Haley manages to accommodate all and still beg for more.

Lucy has finished her third Tom Collins and is feeling no pain. She is too intoxicated to stand up so she has to ask a young woman to assist her in going to the restroom. The young lady enlists the help of two male colleagues, because she is unable to hold Lucy up by herself. A bathroom is located in each bedroom of the penthouse suite. There are other restrooms in the corridor, but they are too far away to easily maneuver a very inebriated woman. They opt to take her to the spare bedroom. The young lady enters the bathroom to further assist Lucy while two young men wait outside the door.

When she exits the bathroom the two young men lift her by her arms and carry her to king size bed. Her dress is swiftly hoisted over her head and she is strips of her panties and place in the middle of the bed on her back. A large cock is shoved in her mouth and an experienced tongue goes to work on her pussy. A third person removes her bra and begins sucking robustly on her hard nipples. Lucy wants to push the person licking her pussy away, but they are doing such a fantastic job she is fast approaching an orgasm. She caresses the person’s head with her hands and discovers it is the young woman who had assisted in the bathroom. She starts convulsing as the orgasm swiftly travels through her body.

The cock in her mouth explodes releasing an enormous amount of cum down her throat. She is able to swallow it all. As soon as she sucks the drop of sperm from the cock, it is replaced by the woman’s pussy riding her face. The young man sucking her nipples immediately shove his large cock in her pussy and begins rough fucking her. She has two more amazing orgasms before the young man pumps four powerful streams of cum into her sated pussy. The young lady riding her face floods her mouth twice before rolling off.

Lucy’s head is spinning from the alcohol and three magnificent orgasms. She lies there in bed as the trio dress and leave the room. She is too drunk and too weak to get out of bed, but she soon learns there is no need to get up when she hears the door open and another trio enters to use her body some more. She loses count of the coming and going. Sometime later she loses consciousness.

When the first light of morning floods through the bedroom window of the penthouse, Cathy wakes up and looks around the room trying to figure out where she is. She sees Bill lying in bed next to her and remembers the wonderful evening they had spent together drinking, dancing and making gentle love to each other. She studies his naked body and admires his beautiful flaccid cock as he softly snores. She reaches over and caresses first his balls and then the shaft she had enjoyed most of the night.

She leans over and sucks him into her mouth and waits for his cock to grow into the fullness she enjoyed so much the night before. Her tongue flicks out and licks at the slit in the top then swirls around the head of it, occasionally taking time to catch her breath. Bill starts to stir as she swirls her tongue around the head and then down the length of his shaft to his balls. Cathy grasps Bill’s balls in her hand and gently fondles them and he attempts to spread his legs wider as her mouth descends even further down the shaft of his stiff cock.

Cathy feels the firmness of Bill’s shaft in her hand and the smooth skin as it slides over her tongue. She can’t suck a whole lot of it because it is bigger than what she remembers from the night before, but she sucks what she can, moving her mouth up and down and using her tongue to stimulate him where she can.

Bill finally wakes up and smiles as he watches her mouth working over his cock. He is still amazed that it is happening; let alone how fucking great it feels. This is what he imagined when he first saw her in the lounge the previous evening, but never dreamed it would actually happen. Up and down her head bobs as his cock vanishes and reappear from between her soft lips. He can feel himself building towards orgasm as her hand closed on his balls, squeezing them softly as she worked his cock with her mouth.

Before that happens, she suddenly stops and crawls up his chest and straddles his face. She lowers herself down above his face. The smell of her sex is intoxicating. Instinct kicks in as he slides his tongue inside her wet pussy. His tongue continues to move in and out of her as her hips move in rhythm, sliding her wet pussy over his mouth. He intuitively shoves his tongue deeper into her mecidiyeköy escort warm wet pussy, seeking her little joy knob. He locates it and clamps down with his lips. He sucks it deeper and deeper as he begins viciously swabbing it with his tongue.

She shudders as he continues licking her pussy, moving his tongue up and down both sides of her swollen lips. As her moans become louder and her body begins to quiver, he focuses on her clitoris with his tongue and pistons two fingers in and out of her slippery vagina. She feels electrical vibrations spreading throughout her entire body. Those sensations turn into electrical jolts as her orgasm breaks free and engulfs her whole body with wonderful convulsive wave after wave. She experiences one last shudder then collapses by his side. He holds her tightly as she slowly recovers.

After she sufficiently recovers, she slowly crawls up and straddles his waist. She reaches between her legs and seizes his hard cock and rubs the head around the wet slippery lips of her pussy. After it is well lubricated she rises up, impales herself and slowly slides down his cock, burying it deeply in her wetness.

She begins a slow rocking motion as he fondles her breast. He rolls her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. She starts rubbing her clit with her right hand and begins rocking faster and faster. She can feel his cock expanding and pulsating as his balls start churning and boiling toward his explosion. She has a mild orgasm followed by a major orgasm just as his balls erupt sending a flood of sperms deep into her womb. She falls forward onto his chest and he pulls her tightly to his bosom as they both ride their orgasmic union. After they both recover, they roll on their backs and savior the afterglow.

Cathy feels everything is warm and wonderful in the world. She would be content spending the rest of the day snuggled in Bill’s arms. Bill feels the same, but he has responsibilities that he must attend to this morning. Bill looks at the clock and realizes it is nearing time for him to attend the sales meeting breakfast with the rest of his team. Bill has neglected to inform Cathy that he is the National Sales Manager and is expected to attend the breakfast and give opening remarks.

They quickly takes a hot shower together; not taking the time they both want to further enjoy each other’s body. Cathy finishes getting dressed as Bill calls room service and orders coffee and Danish rolls for her. They go out into the common area of the penthouse to wait for room service to arrive with his coffee and her continental breakfast. The common area with the open bar is littered with mounds of trash from the company partiers the night before. There are empty beer bottles and dirty drink glasses on the bar and every table.

They sit and chat for a while before it dawns on Cathy to question the whereabouts of her Mother and Sister at that moment. Five seconds later a bedroom door opens and her Mother staggers out. Her hair and dress is disheveled. As she approaches Cathy and Bill, they notice cum running down the inside of her leg. Cathy get a napkins and rushes to clean her up.

Bill looks at Lucy and says, “Wow…what the hell did you do last night?”

Lucy shrugs her shoulders and answers, “I’m not really sure. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness. However; I do remember thinking several times that I was experiencing some of the most astonishing orgasms.”

“Mother!” Cathy screams. “Don’t say another word. It sounds as if you are still intoxicated.”

“Does anyone know where Haley is right now?” Lucy asks looking questioningly first to Cathy then to Bill. “The last time I recall seeing her, she was dirty dancing with several young men.”

“I don’t remember seeing her at all after we arrived in the hospitality room,” Cathy says.

“Well…I think our first order of business should be to locate Haley,” Lucy demands.

Bill suggests they first search throughout the penthouse before panicking and notifying the hotel staff. She is obviously not in the common area and she isn’t in the room that Bill and Cathy joyously shared. Lucy rushes back to double check the room she had occupied the previous night and find she is not there either.

Bill crosses his fingers and says, “The only other place she can reasonably be is the third bedroom. Let me go check.”

Lucy and Cathy push past Bill and rush to the third bedroom. As soon as they enter the room they are over powered by the strong smell of sex. Haley is lying nude in the middle of the king size bed covered from head to toe with dried cum. Her hair is matted with dried cum and sperm is oozing out of every orifice, including her mouth. She opens her eyes and smile at her Mother.

Bill enters the room and sighs, “Thank God you found her safe. Do you want me to call the hotel staff to help you?”

Cathy places her hand in the middle of Bill’s chest and begins gently pushing him out the bedroom door. She smiles and says, “You go attend your National Sales Meeting. We can handle it from here.”

Bill leans in and gives her tender kiss on her lips and says, “Can I call you later?”

“You better,” She tersely answers closing the door.

Lucy and Cathy help Haley into a hot shower; soaping and scrubbing away all the signs of her ecstasy induced night of adventure. She is so sore she can barely walk. They are able to locate her shoes, skirt and blouse. Everything is located except her panties and bra. They were apparently taken as party souvenirs.

As the three exhausted women make their way to their car; Haley turns to her Mother and says, “Mom…I know I started the night complaining about not getting enough sex, but I can safely assure you that last night I indulged in enough wild lustful sex to last me for quite some time.”

Lucy puts her arm around her youngest daughter, hugs her close and says, “I know what you means, sweetheart. I had a very pleasant evening myself.”

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Futa MILFs and Their Hot Daughters Chapter 2: Hot Daughter’s Futa-Mommy

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Futa MILFs and Their Hot Daughters

Chapter Two: Hot Daughter’s Futa-Mommy

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Autumn Holt

I swallowed as I held the syringe full of the pink liquid in my hand. The cum in my pussy slowly leaked out of me, matting my red bush. It wasn’t a man’s cum. That was a woman’s cum dripping out of me. It trickled out of me, this thick flood. It felt so naughty.

The woman who fucked me, the futa as she called herself, was at my eighteen-year-old daughter’s door about to seduce her and fuck her. Given how easily that wonderful, lavender scent Kayleen had wreathing her had relaxed me and lowered my inhibitions, it wouldn’t be hard.

I should stop her, but…

If I injected this liquid into me, I would have a clit that turned into a dick. It seemed impossible, but I had sucked on her girl-cock and fingered her pussy. She had both. Both! A true hermaphrodite. My heart pounded. I didn’t know what to do.

Part of me really, really wanted to inject this, but what would it mean if I had a dick? I was a widowed mother of two college girls. I couldn’t let myself succumb to this lust. Right? I had to stop that woman from seducing my daughter.

Kayleen was so eager for it. So ready to enjoy her barely legal flesh. She wanted to fuck my daughter after being in my pussy. It was a kink for her. She mentioned deflowering her own daughter with a strap-on.

This was so messed up.


Anabella Holt

I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. That must be Mom. She was done watching whatever loud, strange movie. It had sounded like two women killing each other. Or fucking, and that was so not my mom. She was anti-porn. My older sister, Christine, got caught with some and mom went ballistic.

I’d never seen her so mad in my life.

I stared at the math equation when a knock came from my door.

“It’s open, Mom,” I called, staring at the page. The door opened and I complained, “I just can’t get this dumb, stupid equation. Who invited algebra?”

“Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizimi,” a throaty woman said while this lovely scent of lavender, the same one I caught downstairs, filled my nose. “He is the 9th-century Muslim mathematician credited as the father of algebra. It comes from his book. Kitab al-Jabr. Though, of course, there are older examples of it.”

I frowned. “Who are yo…?” My question died on my lips as I stared at the naked woman standing in my room. She was tall and with big boobs that had a flushed quality to them. Little hickeys dotted the insides of their slopes. “Oh, my gosh, where are your clothes?”

“In the hallway and downstairs,” she said with a throaty purr. She stepped forward and I gasped as I saw what the brunette woman had thrusting out from between her thighs.

A cock.

A big, thick, wet dick.

My jaw dropped. I tried to push my chair back, but it hit my desk. She stopped before me, her dick thrusting out at me. My heart raced. I had never seen a cock in real life before. It was so big. And where were her balls? And she had a pussy. That couldn’t be right. This was insane. I should be screaming but… but…

That lavender scent was so relaxing.

I breathed it in, ignoring the other scents, that spicy and tangy musk, and focused on the lavender. My heart pounded faster. This hot itch swelled in my pussy. I wanted to just fall into a daze. A smile spread on my lips.

“Mmm, you smell good, naked lady,” I groaned. “Naked dick-lady. Why do you have a dick? Ladies don’t have a dick.”

“Futanari do,” she purred. “I’m Ms. Harland. I just moved in up the street.”

I nodded, my eyes locked on her cock. It was so wet like she’d thrust it in water, only that didn’t quite look like water. A thicker liquid. Almost like baby oil or something. I bit my lip, her tip twitching and throbbing.

“You like my girl-cock?” she asked.

I nodded again.

“Mmm, I could tell. You keep staring at it with those naughty eyes of yours.” A smile spread on her lips. “Want to touch it?”

I nodded for a third time, unable to speak now. It was so hypnotic. I breathed in that wonderful, lavender scent.

“Want to suck on it?” she cooed again. “Want to give me a blowjob. Just slide those lips over my dick and nurse on it like you did on your mother’s nipple as a babe.”

“Yes,” I croaked. I did want to suck on her cock. It was so… sexy. Like the best part of a boy on a hot lady. A MILF. She was a MILF. She had a daughter. I knew that much. She had a daughter and a cock and a pussy.

A futanari… MILF…

My head leaned forward. My black hair, gathered in pigtails, slipped off my shoulders and dangled before me. My mouth came closer and closer to her cock. She grabbed my pigtails, holding on to them but not pulling on them. Just… playing with them.

“Mmm, you are a sexy thing,” purred Ms. Harland. “I like sexy things like you. Mmm, naughty girls who make me so wet. Who makes my cunt clench. I’m going to do such naughty things to you. Oh, yes, I am.”

I kissed her cock on the tip. I shuddered as I tasted this spicy flavor. It was almost like my own pussy. I had tasted my fingers after I had rubbed myself. It was like this. Then there was this salty flavor, but it was fainter.

That spicy flavor grew as I slid my lips over her cock. The liquid coating her shaft was the source of it, I realized. That was where it came from. I still didn’t know what it was, but I sucked hard on her. I nursed on her with hunger.

She groaned, her head throwing back. Her breasts rose and fell, those heavy tits swaying together. Then she smiled down at me as I nursed on her. I sucked, enjoying the feel of her girl-cock in my mouth. She moaned as I suckled like a hungry babe.

“That tastes good, right?” she asked as I nursed on her futa-dick.

I nodded.

“That’s your mother’s pussy juices,” she purred. “When you came home, your mother was giving me a blowjob. You didn’t even notice, you naughty girl.”

My eyes widened. I should be grossed out or something about learning what I tasted, and yet I kept suckling. I couldn’t help myself. My mother’s pussy had this wonderful flavor to it. And Ms. Harland’s dick felt so good in my mouth.

My pussy clenched as I sucked again. This was like incest or something. But I didn’t care. I felt too relaxed. Too horny. The lavender filled my nose. That heady aroma. I sucked and nursed. I slid my mouth farther down her cock to taste more of my mother’s pussy.

“Mmm, you like that, don’t you?” purred Ms. Harland. “You like tasting your mother on my cock.”

I did. I really, really did.

“You’re just a slut like her,” she said. “Just a naughty whore for my big dick, aren’t you?”

I shrugged, not sure what I was. I just knew that I loved this. My body felt so hot beneath my clothes as I nursed on her. She gripped my pigtails as I sucked on her cock. Her crown rubbed into the roof of my mouth, feeling so soft. My tongue stroked around her.

The flavor of my mom’s pussy faded, but that was okay because the salty flavor swelled. It was this exciting delight. I nursed on it and groaned, loving how it grew stronger and stronger. I wanted to keep tasting it.

What would her cum be like?

Christine was a swallower. She said other girls were prudes who spat it out, but she loved it.

Would I love Ms. Harland’s?

I had to find out.

So I sucked and sucked. I moaned as I nursed on her. Drool ran down my chin as I loved her cock. She gripped my pigtails tight, her large tits swaying above me. They were big and soft. Big mommy boobs that I just wanted to nurse on. I could suckle on them and love them and have so much fun with them.

But I also had to play with her cock. I had to suck her off. I had to gulp down all her girl-cum. I nursed on the MILF’s dick with such hunger. My cheeks hollowed as I made all these naughty sounds that echoed through my room.

“Oh, god, yes!” Ms. Harland moaned.

Then she thrust her hips forward. I gasped as she rammed her clit-dick to the back of my throat. She hit my esophagus and pulled back. I groaned at the wicked feel of her doing that to me. It was such a wicked and naughty delight.

She fucked my mouth and she pumped her hips away at me. I couldn’t believe how naughty this was. More drool ran over my chin as her boobs heaved over my head. She groaned, her face twisting with delight.

She liked fucking my mouth.

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s it, you naughty slut! Mmm, you’re going to make me cum so hard. And you’re going to swallow all my jizz, right?”

I squealed a yes around her cock. Of course, I would. Christine swallowed. Lame girls didn’t. I wanted to be cool like my big sis.

I sucked and sucked, wanting to have all that yummy cum fire into my mouth. I nursed on her cock with such hunger. She thrust that big dick to the back of my mouth again and again. I made as much suction as I could when she pulled back.

“Oh, Anabella, yes!” she gasped. “Ooh, you’re just the perfect delight for a futa-MILF to enjoy!”

I was so happy to hear that. I moaned around her cock. The taste of her salty precum swelled and swelled in my mouth. My tongue danced around the crown of her clit-dick. I stared at her brown bush, her curls dripping with her passion.

The tangy of her pussy swelled in my nose. A heady aroma that rose over the lavender delight. I groaned around her cock. Drool dripped down my chin as I sucked with all my might. She gasped and rammed her cock into my mouth.


Hot cum fired into my mouth. My eyes widened at my first time tasting the salty delight. I groaned, gulping it down. I swallowed that thick and creamy jizz. A lady’s jizz. This was so incredible to enjoy.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” she gasped. “You little whore! Drink it!”

I did.

Her big boobs heaved over me as she fired more and more of that girl-cum into my mouth. There was so much it ran out of the corners of my mouth. I swallowed it all while her aroma swelled in my nose. That hot aroma of MILF pussy.

It was such a delight to enjoy. I savored every moment of gulping down that wonderful şişli bayan escort spunk. It was incredible. I nursed it all out. I swallowed down every last drop of it. It was amazing. My virgin pussy clenched.

“Well, well, well,” she purred as she pulled her cock out of my mouth. “Let me have a look at you. I want to see you naked.”

“Yes, Ms. Harland,” I groaned, drool and cum running down my chin. This was so amazing. Christine would be so jealous that I sucked a lady-dick and swallowed all that cum.

Just like a cool girl would.


Autumn Holt

I listened to Kayleen crying out in orgasmic bliss. The muffled sounds bled through the floor. She was molesting my eighteen-year-old daughter and what was I doing? I was sitting here on my couch debating injecting myself with this pink liquid.

Indiscretion had me frozen. The heady scent of lavender lingered in the air, but it wasn’t as strong—wasn’t as relaxing!—as it had been before. All I could think about was her doing things with my daughter.

With her girl-cock.

I glanced down at my fiery bush. My clit, hidden by my curls, throbbed. Ached. All I had to do was inject myself, and I could join the fun. Molest my daughter, too. Anabella’s cute, petite body filled my mind. Her slender figure. Her modest breasts. She bounced between childish joy and womanly desires, hovering on that line. Christine, her older sister, was far over it.

After today, Anabella would be, too.

If I just sat here and did nothing, that was wrong. So I should just inject myself and join the fun. The bedsprings creaked. I swallowed. The action must be getting more and more serious. My hand shook.

“I’m such a bad mother,” I whispered.


Anabella Holt

Clothes flew off of me.

I didn’t hold back. I tore them off. The top fluttered to the ground and my bra followed. I freed my little titties to Ms. Harland’s hungry gaze. She licked her lips, her hand stroking her futa-dick wet with my saliva.

I squirmed and then ripped off my skirt. I stepped out of it so fast, and then I was down to my panties. She whimpered, stroking her girl-cock faster. She wanted to see my pussy. she craved it. She was such a naughty, naughty MILF.

I shoved down my panties and exposed my sparse, black bush. My virgin twat quivered as I rolled the panties down my thighs. They slid over my knees and dropped to the floor. I stepped out of them, my ankle socks rubbing against them.

Should I take those off?

Before I could decide, the MILF growled and pushed me back. My legs hit the bed. I gasped as I sank down with a squeak. The mattress groaned. I quivered here, my toes curling. My heart beat so fast. This heady rush washed through me. This was all happening so fast. I couldn’t believe it. I bit my lip, whimpering.

She parted my thighs.

“That succulent pussy,” she groaned. She inhaled, this spicy musk filling the air. My pussy’s scent was so similar to Mom’s. “Are you a virgin?”

“Yes,” I gasped. “Is that bad.”

“No!” she groaned and then buried her face into my pussy.

I gasped, my mattress springs creaking as I shuddered. Her lips kissed at my pussy. She didn’t hesitate to nuzzle into my virgin twat. She licked at me. Lapped at me. Her tongue swept through my pussy folds. This wonderful ache surged through my body. I groaned, my cunt clenching. The heat rushed through my body.

“Oh, Ms. Harland,” I groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, Ms. Harland!”

She fluttered her tongue up and down my pussy slit. I gasped at every spot she touched. I squirmed on my bed, whimpering. It was incredible. Better than rubbing at myself. She parted my folds and ran over my hymen.

“You even have a cherry,” she groaned.

She wrapped her arms around my thighs and pulled my pussy even tighter against her lips. She flicked her tongue up and down my pussy lips. I groaned, my toes curling. This wonderful delight rushed through me.

Her tongue licked and lapped at me everywhere. The pleasure rippled through my body. I squeaked out my delight. My hands grabbed my little titties. I kneaded my breasts. They felt so good. But not as good as my pussy.

She slid her tongue up to my clit. She swirled around that little bud I had. It wasn’t a big dick like hers. How did she get it? I wanted to ask, but her tonguing felt so good I just moaned out my pleasure. My back arched into the sheets. I stared up at the ceiling.

It spun.

“Oh, my, yes!” I moaned, my toes curling. “Ms. Harland, you’re eating my pussy!”

“Such a sweet cunt,” she moaned. “Like eating my own daughter’s.”

Her own daughter. “That’s so naughty!”

“Mmm, it is.”

She slid her tongue up my slit again and caressed over my clit. My bud burst with more pleasure. I squirmed towards my orgasm. I would have a nice one. A big burst of pleasure. I groaned, trembling towards it. My toes curled. I whimpered, my heart pounding in my chest.

Blood rushed hot through my veins. The pleasure built and built with her every lick and lap. I would cum so hard. I wanted to. I licked my lips, the taste of her salty cum swelling again through my mouth.

Such a yummy delight.

Her tongue caressed my clit again and again. She ran over my bud. She devoured me with such intensity. I humped my pussy against her as I gasped and moaned. My finger kneading my tits found my small nipples.

I gripped them.

Twisted them.

“Ms. Harland!” I gasped. “I’m going to cum.”

“Good,” she purred. Her tongue fluttered up and over my clit. “Do it. Shower me in your virgin cream.”

“Yes, Ms. Harland!”

Her lips sucked on my clit. I didn’t know you could do that. But it felt incredible. I whimpered and groaned, my body trembling as she nursed on me with this wicked and wanton hunger. She hurtled me towards my orgasm as she nursed on it.

My cunt clenched deep inside of me. Her fingers kneaded my rump as she kept suckling. I trembled. My eyes squeezed shut. Every muscle in my body tensed, eager for that burst of rapturous delight my orgasm would deliver.

She suckled hard.

“Ms. Harland!”

I came.

My pussy convulsed. My cunt gushed juices as the most intense delight in my life rushed through me. Waves of ecstasy washed out of my cunt. I gasped, stars bursting across my vision. I trembled against her, humping my pussy against her hungry mouth.

“Yes!” I squealed as the pleasure rushed through my body.

I bucked and squirmed from the orgasmic delight that Ms. Harland gave me. This amazing heat shot through me. My toes curled as she drank down the cream. It was so much better than masturbating. Ms. Harland was amazing.

“Mmm, I think you’re ready,” she purred, lifting her face from my cumming pussy.

Through the stars dancing across my vision, I saw her lips and chin dripping in my cream. She looked so sexy there. I smiled in delight, my body squirming on the bed. The sheets clung to my back. I bit my lower lip, my eyes traveling down her body, past those big boobies, to her throbbing cock.

It thrust out so beautifully from the folds of her pussy. She looked so sexy. I groaned, my mouth watering so much for the shaft. I would have such a wild time cumming on her girl-dick. I just knew it would be amazing.

“Take me!” I moaned.

My bedroom door opened. “No!”

Mom stood in the doorway and she sounded so mad. I squeaked and sat up. I scrambled to grab something to cover myself. My breasts jiggled. This wicked whimper burst from my lips. I opened my mouth to explain.

“You do not get to pop my daughter’s cherry.” Mom strode forward and she was naked, too.

And then my jaw really dropped.


Autumn Holt

“No side effects?” Kayleen asked calmly. The futa stared at me, her clit-dick thrusting before her. My daughter relaxed on the bed, her eyes locked on my new futa-cock. “You didn’t have convulsions or anything?”

“No,” I said. “I mean, it stung a little as it grew, but…” My eyes widened. “That’s why the ambulance was out of your house this morning.”

“I knew it only had to be purified more,” she said. “Mmm, well, I was looking forward to popping your little girl’s cherry but, I suppose, a mother does have the right to deflower her daughter.”

“You’re going to deflower me, Mom?” Anabella asked. She licked her lips. “That’s so cool. You got a futa-dick, too. That’s awesome. I sucked on Ms. Harland and drank all her cum and then she licked my pussy and now I need to be fucked!” The word spilled out of her motormouth as she squirmed on the bed.

I swallowed, staring at my daughter’s naked, nubile form. She had small breasts that quivered and pigtails that spilled around her face. She bit her lip, staring up at me with this look of lust and delight. She squirmed on the bed, her legs spread so wide.

She had a black bush around her pussy. Her lips were parted to show off her hymen covering the entrance to her pussy. She was so cute. So adorable. I shouldn’t want this, should have been a better mother than this, but that lavender sent was too much for me. I couldn’t help myself.

“Come fuck me, Mom!” she moaned. “Just slide into me and ram that cock into my pussy. I need it. I need it so bad, Mom!”

I groaned as I moved to the bed like she had a gravity that pulled me in. Her nubile, young body was irresistible. I swallowed, my new girl-cock throbbing. It had this powerful ache at the tip I couldn’t ignore. It pulsed with my heartbeat. My cunt clenched, so juicy with Kayleen’s cum.


My ass stung from Kayleen’s spank as I passed her. “Enjoy that naughty girl.”

I nodded.

“Yes, yes, enjoy me, Mom!” Anabella moaned, her blue eyes sparkling.

She was my own flesh and blood. This was insane. I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be moving to her bed. I groaned as I fell onto my knees between her thighs. Her hands shot out and grabbed my cock. She gripped me with her hands, my dick throbbing. Aching.

“Oh, yes,” she purred. “Such a big Mommy-dick to fuck me.”

This was wrong, but…

That lavender scent filled my nose. It came from my own body now. I şişli escort loved it. Reveled in it. My daughter’s hand on my Mommy-dick pulled me closer and closer to that young twat. My big breasts swayed as I leaned over her.

She stared up at me, beaming in delight. She pressed me into her hot flesh. I gasped at the feel of her. she slid my flesh up and down her slit. My cunt clenched. The heat rushed through me. I groaned, my toes curling.

“That’s it, Mom!” she purred. “Ram that futa-cock right there.” She pushed the tip of my cock against her hymen. I felt the membrane on me. “Just ram it forward.”

“Yes,” I groaned and thrust.

I felt her hymen stretching and stretching. I leaned over her further. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down. I kissed her on the lips. It was so sweet, so wrong, to kiss her.. Kayleen watched from behind as I prepared to take my daughter’s virginity.

Anabella’s eighteen-year-old cherry popped.

I groaned as my cock buried into her forbidden depths. An incestuous wave of delight swept over me. I was in my daughter. I sank deeper and deeper into her. I slid to the hilt in her. I groaned as her cunt squeezed about my cock.

She felt amazing wrapped around my dick. I shuddered, loving the way she clenched down on me. It was amazing. I groaned, her cunt gripping my futa-cock. My breasts pressed into her little mounds. I slid my arms beneath her, holding to me.

“That’s so beautiful,” Kayleen purred behind me. “A mother loving her daughter.”

It was.

My tongue danced with Anabella’s while her pussy squeezed around my clit-dick. Her twat felt heavenly. The wet heat of her soaked about my shaft and melted up to my cunt. I groaned and then I drew back.

I slid out of her snatch. Her flesh clung to me. She gripped me. This wonderful heat rushed down my shaft. I groaned at the feel of her twat wrapped around me. My cunt drank in the bliss. It fed these points in me.

That must be where my cum was stored.

I thrust into my daughter. I buried to the hilt in her. She groaned into our kiss. I moaned. Our tongues danced together. It was so incredible to enjoy her like this. Her fingernails clawed at my back. I pumped away at her. I thrust my cock into her cunt again and again. I buried into her over and over again. She was amazing.

A wonderful treat.

Our tongues danced together. I pumped my cock in and out of her twat. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. It was amazing. Fantastic. This heat rushed through my body. I shuddered, slamming into her pussy with hard strokes.

She clenched about me. She held me tight. It was wonderful. I thrust into her twat with powerful strokes. I buried into her again and again. I humped away at her. This heady thrill ran through me as I kissed her with hunger.

“That’s so beautiful,” Kayleen purred. She was right behind us. “Mmm, you’re fucking your daughter hard.”

Anabella broke our kiss. “She is, Ms. Harland!” Her pussy clenched about my thrusting clit-dick. “Her big boobies are rubbing into my little titties and she’s fucking her cock into me. She burying that wonderful dick into my cunt over and over again.”

“Yes, I am!” I groaned, fucking her hard. I buried to the hilt in her. I loved every second of it.

“Good,” Kayleen purred, and then she climbed on the bed behind us.

As I drew back my hips, her cock pressed into my butt-crack. I gasped and thrust forward into my daughter’s cunt. Her cock followed me. This time, when I pressed back, my asshole pushed on the tip of her futa-cock.

“Oh, no,” I groaned.

“Oh, yes,” she purred and thrust.

My anal ring surrendered to her cock. I had never had anything enter me back there, and yet her dick felt so slick she popped right in. I gasped as she stretched out my bowels. She penetrated into my velvety depths.

“Oh, my god,” I whimpered, clenching down around her.

“What, Mom?” asked Anabella. She grinned up at me. “Is Ms. Harland in your cunt?”

“My asshole!” I gasped.

“Oh, wow. That’s so naughty. Ooh, Ms. Harland, you’re fucking my mommy’s asshole. Pound her while she pounds me.”

“I will,” Kayleen purred. She bottomed out in my bowels, her brown bush rubbing into my butt-cheeks. “How does that sound, Autumn?”

“Wonderful,” I groaned, realizing I liked the feel of her girl-cock in my bowels. She stretched me out.

I groaned as she drew back. The velvety friction melted out of my bowels to my cunt. My pussy drank it in. I groaned, clenching my asshole around her cock, and followed her. I slid my clit-dick out of my daughter’s pussy, savoring that silky delight at the same time.

I shuddered, eyes widening as I realized the dual delights I would get to experience.

Kayleen thrust back into my asshole, driving me into my daughter’s pussy. That hot, tight, juicy snatch squeezed about me. The incestuous thrill of being in her twat mixed with the hot heat of having my asshole penetrated by my fellow MILF’s cock was intoxicating.

My bowels gripped about her dick. I held her tight as she pumped away at me. She drove into me hard. Fast. She buried that big dick into my bowels with such mighty strokes. It was incredible to feel. I whimpered, the heat rushing through me. I wiggled my hips, stirring my cunt around that wonderful cock buried into my bowels.

“Mom, Mom!” my daughter moaned. She lay beneath me, staring up at me with such lust in her eyes. “Oh, that’s it, Mom! That’s it. Just keep ramming that girl-cock into me.”

“You like that?” I asked, leaning down further. I pressed my boobs into her little titties.

“Don’t you like my pussy, Mom?” she asked then grinned at me. “Mmm, Christine’s going to be so jealous. I did something first.”

I smiled, thinking about my eldest daughter and the surprise she would get when she came home. “Yes, you did.”

I kissed my daughter on the lips. She hugged me tight, her pussy gripping my futa-cock. Her fingernails clawed at my back. Kayleen moaned as she slammed her girl-cock to the hilt in my bowels. She drove hard into me. Fast. She buried that amazing dick into my flesh. It felt incredible. I groaned, squeezing my bowels around that naughty shaft.

She slammed to the hilt in me with hard strokes. Her clit-dick stirred me up, melting heat to my pussy. It met the delight that came from my daughter’s cunt. Her wonderful snatch felt so wonderful about me. She squeezed me. Clenched so tight about me. She was amazing. I groaned, pumping away at her with all my might.

I slammed into my daughter’s cunt as our lips worked together. I buried hard into her. Fast. She trembled beneath me. Her pussy massaged about my futa-dick. The silky pleasure met the bliss caused by Kayleen’s cock plunging into my asshole.

I gripped that big dick as I pumped away at my daughter’s pussy. I loved the feel of her squeezing her hot flesh about my futa-dick. I groaned, breaking the kiss. My face scrunched up as the pleasure built and built in me. It was this amazing experience to fuck and be fucked that would heave me exploding with such delight.

“Oh, my god, Mom!” moaned my daughter. “Yes, yes, ram that girl-cock into me, Mom! I love it!”

“I love you,” I purred, rubbing my nose into hers.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mom!” she gasped, her cunt clenching down around my cock.

“You two are so sexy!” Kayleen groaned, her futa-cock burying to the hilt in my asshole. She slammed deep into me. Her crotch smacked my rump. I loved every moment of this wicked menage.

My orgasm swelled faster and faster. All these wonderful delights rushed through my body. I groaned, savoring being fucked and driving my girl-dick into my daughter’s cunt. She gripped me with that silky pussy of hers. She held me tight. I loved the feel of her squeezing about my clit-dick as I buried into her.

She whimpered beneath me. She gripped me with her delicious twat. Her small tits rubbed into mine as I slammed into her cunt. I loved the depravity of this moment. Her face was twisted. I buried into her pussy and she gasped.

Her twat spasmed.


“You’re cumming?” I whimpered, realizing that’s why her pussy felt so good around me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed. “I’m cumming, Mommy!”

“Oh, god, that’s hot!” Kayleen moaned, slamming her cock to the hilt in my bowels.

That drove me all the way into my eighteen-year-old daughter’s spasming twat. Her hot flesh rippled around me. My pussy drank in these naughty sensations. The pressure deep in my cunt hit a breaking point.

I erupted.

“Anabella!” I gasped out as I basted my daughter’s forbidden twat with my mommy-seed.

My bowels writhed around Kayleen’s cock as she drew back. Rapture flooded out of my spasming cunt while ecstasy fired out of my naughty futa-dick. I pumped spurt after spurt of my futa-jizz into my daughter’s pussy.

“Oh, yes, Autumn!” Kayleen moaned and joined us.

Her cock erupted as she buried to the hilt in my spasming asshole. My bowels writhed around her hot flesh as she unloaded spurt after spurt of her cum into me. She fired all that spunk into my flesh. It was amazing. This was such a wonderful delight to experience.

Stars burst across my vision. I moaned, my futa-cock throbbing. I unloaded so much spunk into her depths. It fired out of me. It was an amazing treat. Stars burst across my vision. The heat melted my mind. It blazed across my thoughts.

I loved it.

I trembled on my daughter, her pussy milking me dry while my asshole did the same to that naughty cock in my bowels. It was such a delightful treat to enjoy. I hit the peak of my pleasure and fired the last of my cum into my daughter.

“Oh, my god, yes,” I groaned, trembling on her. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s amazing. That’s just a wonderful delight to be in you, Anabella.”

My daughter smiled up at me. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Because I fuc… fudging loved it!”

“You can swear, honey,” I said, my bowels clenching down on Kayleen’s cock. She had run dry, too. “I just made love to you. I took your cherry. God, I might have knocked you up.”

“Wouldn’t that be hot, Mom?” my daughter asked, her eyes so bright.

“Mmm, it would be,” purred Kayleen as she slid out of me.

“Ooh, mecidiyeköy escort Mom, this was hot, but I bet Ms. Harland wants to try my cunt.” She squirmed beneath me. “And you… Do you want to try my butt? You seemed to like Ms. Harland fucking yours.”

“You are such an impish, little girl,” I said and gave her a quick kiss on the mouth. Her pussy squeezed down around my girl-dick. “You want us in you at the same time? That’s wild.”

“I know, “she grinned. “So?”

“How can I say no to you, you naughty, little girl.”

She beamed at me.


Anabella Holt

My pussy brimmed with so much yummy cum. I squirmed around on the bed to get comfortable, eager to get fucked by my Mom and Ms. Harland. This was so naughty. I bit my lip, the jizz dripping out of me.

“Um, how do we do this?” I asked, staring up at the two women. They were both so busty and had their huge girl-cocks thrusting out before them.

“I… I don’t know,” my mom said. She furrowed her brow, her red hair swaying about her face. “I’ve never had a threesome before.”

“Lay on your side, cutie,” said Ms. Harland. “That’s probably best for this situation, though we have a few other options. This one’s intimate. We’ll be all pressed tight. You’ll be sandwiched between our breasts… How does that sound?”

“Fucking great!” I said, enjoying swearing in front of Mom.

She arched an eyebrow at me but she didn’t say anything. Which made it a-OK.

“Come fuck me with your big mommy-cocks!” I continued. “I want a mommy-dick in my pussy and in my ass.”

“This mommy-cock?” asked Mom, shaking her wet dick at me.

“Big time!”

She smiled as she lay down on her side behind me. She scooted up to me. I gasped as her breasts pressed into my back while her cock nuzzled in between my asscheeks. Her wet dick slid up and down my crack. I shuddered as she pressed down to my butthole.

I groaned as she pushed against me. My pussy clenched, her cum leaking out of me. As she drilled into my asshole, Ms. Harland stretched out before me. Her large breasts pillowed together. They were so big. I grabbed them as he scooted forward, whimpering.

Mom’s cock popped into my bowels. Ms. Harland’s hand guided her cock to my bush. I shuddered. I wasn’t a virgin any longer. She pressed into my pussy. She was so ready to fuck into me. I would have such a hard orgasm on their girl-cocks.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned as Mom’s cock bottomed out in my butt. Her bush rubbed on my rump. “Now you, Ms. Harland. I want you in me!”

I felt so stuffed full already. And then Ms. Harland’s girl-cock pressed into my pussy. My eyes widened at the silky glide of her, a different sort of delight than the velvety friction in my butt. I trembled between the two women, my mom and the sexy MILF.

Ms. Harland groaned as she bottomed out in me. She filled me to the hilt. They both did. I was stuffed full of cock. It was the best feeling in the world. It was just amazing. I loved every second of this fantastic rapture.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped. “Ooh, you’re both so big and thick. I love every second of this. You’re going to make me cum so hard!”

“Yes, we are,” Ms. Harland purred. “Ooh, your pussy is so wonderful. I’ve been wanting to get into a girl’s hot, tight twat.”

“Mmm, and your asshole is so tight and snug around my futa-dick,” Mom moaned. I grinned, loving her girl-cock buried in me.

They both drew back. I gasped at the feel of them sliding out of me. My holes drank in this wicked heat. I trembled, Mom’s hard nipples rubbing into my back while Ms. Harland’s big boobs caressed the front of me. This was so wicked and wild. I loved every second of it.

Then they thrust back into me. They both plunged their girl-dicks to the hilt in my cunt. I groaned, loving every second of it. This amazing heat washed through my body. I groaned, my mind melting beneath this wonderful onslaught of delight.

Their cocks thrust into my holes, but not at the same time. They were moving at different rates. Mom fucked my asshole nice and slow, teasing my bowels. Ms. Harland pumped away fast at my cunt, savoring my juicy, deflowered depths.

I loved them both.

“Oh, yes, yes, you’re both making me feel so good!” I whimpered. “Ooh, you’re going to make me cum so hard. I love it.”

“I bet you do,” Mommy cooed as she thrust that girl-cock into my bowels.

She fucked me with those loving strokes. At the same time, Ms. Harland thrust her cock deep and hard into my cunt. I loved every moment of their futa-dicks pistoning away at me. I groaned, my mind melting from the bliss of their shafts burying into me.

They pumped away at me. They fucked me with passion. They rammed those girl-cocks into my two holes. My pussy gripped Ms. Harland, the silky friction melting such bliss through me. My asshole drank in Mom’s thrusts, the velvety heat setting ablaze in my butt. I groaned.

“Lady-cocks are the best!” I moaned. “Ooh, ooh, I love your mommy-dicks in me.

“I love being in my little girl!” Mom panted.

“Yes!” gasped Ms. Harland. “This is amazing. Your pussy was delicious, Autumn, but your daughter… Exquisite.”

“I know,” whimpered Mom. She thrust away at me with harder strokes, driving into my bowels.

“Christine is going to be so jelly that she missed this!” I squealed.

“Jelly?” Mom groaned.

“Jealous, Mom!” I gasped. “Ooh, ram that mommy-dick into my butt!”

Mom did. She pounded my butthole as Ms. Harland enjoyed my cunt. She fucked that big clit-dick into me. I groaned, loving it. I hugged her tight, her large boobs rubbing into my chest. Their bodies were so warm around me, their boobs so big.

Mom stroked my side. She groaned, pumping away at my asshole. My bowels grew loser and loser around her girl-cock. The friction was hotter and hotter. The two delights swirled in me, a huge orgasm building.

I would have such a huge orgasm.

Just a mighty explosion of bliss. I shuddered, my mind blazing with rapture. I squeezed both my holes down on their cocks. They gasped, slamming into me. That made me feel even better. I hurtled towards that moment of cumming.

My toes curled. My face contorted.

Their cocks stimulated me. Drove me wild. I moaned and squirmed between them. My pussy and asshole melted around their big dicks. They were so sexy. So wonderful. I loved every moment of being fucked by them both.

“This is so awesome!”I gasped. “Cum in me! Fire all your mommy-jizz into my pussy and butt!”

“We will, Anabella!” Mom groaned.

“God, yes!” panted Ms. Harland. She slammed her cock deep into my cunt and then pulled back. My pussy drank in the friction.

I quivered between them. They both plunged into me at nearly the same moment, synced up in their rhythm. The delight of them both plunging into me at the same time swept over me. I gasped, bucked, and then explode.

I burst in delight. The pleasure shot through me. I groaned, my mind melting in the bliss of this wild moment. My cunt writhed and spasmed around Ms. Harland’s girl-dick while my asshole convulsed around my mother’s big cock.

Such wicked delight consumed me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled, my pussy and asshole spasming. “This is amazing!”

“Oh, honey!” Mom groaned, driving her girl-cock into my bowels again and again. “Your ass is sucking at me.”

“So is that young twat,” groaned Ms. Harland. The brunette MILF’s soft boobs rubbed into my little titties. “Yes!”

She slammed to the hilt in my cunt and erupted. Her hot cum pumped into my cunt. Spurt after spurt of her jizz basted my naughty snatch. The spunk joined the cum already swimming in me. Now I had two sexy MILFs’ futa-seed in me.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I gasped as new waves of delight rushed through my body. My body squirmed between the hot MILF and my sexy mom. “This is fucking amazing!”

“It is,” Mom moaned. She slammed her girl-cock into my bowels. She gasped. “Oh, Anabella!”

Her hot cum jetted into my asshole.

I groaned savoring their futa-cocks basting my holes with cum. My body trembled, sandwiched between their big boobs. Stars burst across my vision. I whimpered and moaned, loving every second of this wonderful bliss smothering my mind.

“Anabella,” Mom moaned, my asshole milking her dick. “My sexy, little girl.”

“Mmm, such a cutie,” Ms. Harland moaned.

I quivered there, my pleasure hitting this wild peak. I hung there, my cunt and asshole milking both their cocks dry. I brimmed with their futa-cum. It soaked my holes. I shuddered, trembling between them.

“Oh my god, how did this happen?” I moaned. “How did you both get your mommy-cocks?”

“Why, want one?” asked the sexy MILF.

“Of course I fucking want one!” I exclaimed.


Jolene Harland held more than a little worry as she arrived home after a long day at college. The substance she and her mother had been working on in their basement lab had caused a severe reaction. For a few minutes, Jolene had been scared her mother had died.

“Mom!” she cried out, wanting to reassure herself that her mother was fine. “Mom, you home?”

No answer.

Her mom’s car was parked in the driveway, so where was she? The girl swallowed, this wave of fear washing through her. She slipped her backpack to the floor, full of her college supplies. The brown-haired girl pushed up her glasses.


Then she saw it on the kitchen counter, a folded note propped up like a triangle. On the outside read, “Jolene.”

Brow furrowing, she snatched it up and saw a syringe full of the pink substance that had almost killed her mother. She read the inside of the note. “It worked. I have refined it so my little reaction won’t happen to you. Inject yourself and find a sexy MILF to fuck. I’ll be at Autumn Holt’s house enjoying her and her daughters.”

A shiver ran through Jolene. The twenty-year-old girl picked up the syringe. She hiked up her skirt enough to expose her mid-thigh. She didn’t hesitate to plunge the needle into her muscle and inject herself.

She had no idea the sort of side-effect she was about to experience. All she could think about was Mrs. Morales and her three sexy daughters. That Hispanic MILF would learn the joys that sexy girls provide.

The rapture of lesbian incest.

To be continued…

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Golden Chains in Sherazad Chapter 5

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This one is completely the work of my depraved imagination. (With some inspiration from Jade Dragon and Eucher). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Finally onto the nasty stuff, Kailya’s punishment may be extreme for some, I did try and avoid any blood letting (M/f, nc, inter, oral, anal, rape, humil, bdsm, tort)

Secondly this is an adult story, if you are younger than eighteen DO NOT READ!!!

If you liked it drop me an email saridu@yahoo.co.uk if not, fuck off.

Chapter 5 : In Kalah’s Shadow

Chandra galloped down the dark trade road, a cold sweat covered her brow. She had managed to surprise the guards at the slave camp entrance but knew she only had a narrow lead. The colonel spurred the black Kalashite mare on. She had transferred her night eyes talent to the horse allowing them both to see dimly under the moonless night sky. A few hours had passed and dawn would soon break, then it would be a tense two day ride to the portal and then freedom. A cold wind blew down the valley and the princess thanked her mother’s foresight for the warm makeshift coat. Thinking about her mother just brought the tears back, angrily she shook her head. This was no time for emotion, she was at war, there were casualties of war but a large part of her screamed to return and fight her way out with her mother. Chandra cleared her head, her mother had fought hard for her freedom, she owed it to her to escape and return with an army to liberate her.

She cursed the slow Kalashite horse for the hundredth time. The horses of the east were a more rugged and sturdy bred to survive the continents harsh conditions but they were also much slower than the western horses. The princess also cursed Farouk fuming at how easily she had fallen into his trap, he had planned the whole thing!

She glanced over her shoulder again and fought back a wave of panic, there was a lone rider barely visible through her night eyes but Chandra automatically knew who it was, Farouk was chasing her.

Chandra spurred her horse on breaking into a full gallop, she looked behind, instead of falling back, Farouk was gaining on her! Desperately the adept used all her talents as a cavalry maiden to break away, it worked at first and Chandra laughed triumphantly into the cold wind as the Kalashite began to fall away.

Farouk cursed Shar’s black dice, the general was a warrior not a cavalryman and though he too could transfer night eyes to a horse he had little more talent with a horse. The large adept grinned and reached for the golden amulet around his neck, promising himself to thank his more fore thinking brother. He slowly thought the incantation, holding the medallion tightly.

Something was wrong, Chandra could feel it, she glanced over her shoulder, Farouk was gaining fast! Her horse was slowing down, a strong green glow emanated from a line of small gems the princess in her hurry had failed to notice on the horse’s saddle. Animal control runes, they had enspelled the horse, but how?

Fighting back her panic Chandra looked around, there was a forest just on the other side of the plain, desperately she pulled the horse off the trade path, trying to coax the creature into action. It was a lost battle, almost placidly, no matter how much Chandra tried to spur the horse on the animal simply stopped and started eating some grass.

The Galadrian princess jumped off the stationary horse, her feet landing on the cold wet grass, red rays of sunlight reflected off the morning dew. Chandra sprinted, the forest was still far away but if she could reach it, she might be able to evade the Kalashite. Her bare fleet flew over the ground as fear gripped her legs.

“Come Ryhed you son of a donkey, faster or no mares for you, ride, my lioness still wants to play.” The warrior spurred his stallion on.

Chandra heard the thundering hooves grow louder and louder, she threw herself into a dead sprint but deep down knew it was useless, the forest line loomed before her mockingly when suddenly something landed around her arms, pulling her off her feet.

Farouk laughed as he expertly lassoed his slave, his father would be pleased.

The slave was wriggling around on the wet grass and he had to remind his growing hard on of Kalah’s law.

“Stay away from me you beast! I will never be your slave!”

Chandra screamed at him as she fought, the magical lasso had pinned her hands to her sides, she futilely tried to kick the Kalashite as he bent down.

Farouk growled and slapped the adept hard. Chandra felt like she had been hit by a golem.

“Enough defiance slave, you have already fallen under Kalah’s shadow, do not make you punishment more severe. I have had enough!” the large warrior flipped his stunned prize over he then pulled her hands so they were parallel with her shoulder blades and began wrapping another piece of rope tightly around her pale arms.

Chandra cried out as her forearms were bound tightly and painfully behind her back, she had to push back her shoulders to relieve the uncomfortable bondage.

Her enslaver finished binding her elbows together, he pulled her head back by her brown hair, Chandra cried out and Farouk slipped a large red ball gag into her mouth. The princess struggled as he tied the gag behind her head. As a final touch he pushed a black hood over her head and pull her roughly to her feet.

Farouk suddenly brought his hand down slapping her tight right ass cheek, Chandra muffled cries making his dick twitch. He spanked her ass a few times, enjoying her protests before reaching down and touching her pussy, the slave froze instantly. Farouk groaned as an image of the high priestess preaching the laws of Kalah rudely interrupted his play. He hauled the captive princess to her feet and snapped a leash onto her collar. Helpless Chandra fumed in the darkness as she was led back to the horses.

“Just one feel.”

Farouk pushed her against the horse and slipped a hand up her makeshift coat.

“Nice tits slut.” He sucked on her neck and played with her well sized breasts, the warrior pulled on her nipples making Chandra squeal.

“You are going to scream for me tonight you arrogant bitch and by the morning I will have you begging to fuck your master’s cock.” Farouk bumped his now large erection against Chandra’s leg, the princess shook her head suddenly very afraid. He smiled before lifting her up onto the horse and lashing her hands to the pommel.


Kailya’s head jerked as she woke up, it was dark, she was standing the Galadrian queen panicked and soon realized her hands were tied with rope above her head, her arms spread wide in a star position. A lancing pain shot through her mouth, some kind of rubbery ball was pushed into her mouth, forcing her lips wide open and she could feel a river of her saliva running down her naked breasts. Her calves also ached and she reasoned Khalim had pushed her feet back into her golden high heels. A blind fold of some kind covered her eyes, she could hear sounds of men at work, the Kalashites talking in their desert tounge. The sound of hammering came from the campsite. Kailya tried to move her feet but iron manacles kept her feet wide apart. There was sound, somebody entered the tent. Kailya cried out in protest as a bucket of cold water was thrown over her naked body. A young woman sniggered, another older voice chastised her, Kailya automatically felt her blood attune her ears to their speech,

“Just focus on your task Shalisha” the voice scolded,

“But Miringko did you hear her squeal, Nahid is right these white infidels are so weak.”.

“Begin or I will inform Nahid you are not performing your duties”.

“Yes Miringko.” The young girl whimpered.

Rough hands rubbed sponges over her body, cleaning her with cold soapy water.

“She must be ready for tonight, bring the Bislahkah nectar.”

“Frigid bitch most probably will need a river of nectar to become warm for master, why is he bothering?”

The young voice ran some kind of pottery over Kailya’s shivering breasts.

“Better to cut the traitors hands off and throw her onto Copper Street.”

Kailya gulped but kept her head high.

“Quiet child, master will discipline her tonight, do not worry he will soon tire of her white skin. Now anoint her cunt.”

The Galadrian slave complained in her gag as some thick oily substance was rubbed over her pussy lips, two nimble fingers entered her pussy, Kailya thrashed but there was little she could do.

“Ohhh, she doesn’t like that, do you think master will let us punish her later, I would love to whip those fat pale udders, look at her nipples.”

The young voice flicked Kailya’s cold hardened nipples.

“Leave her be, there is not to be a mark on her. “

“Now slave.” The older voice spoke to Kailya, she had a strange accent, not a westerner, the woman removed the gag from Kailya’s mouth, the Galadrian cough and spluttered as saliva dripped past her aching jaws.

“Lift you head.” The woman ordered.

Kailya ignored her until she felt the woman twist one of her nipples, the Galadrian bit her lip at the sharp pain but lifted her head.

“She a disobedient cow Miringko, lets have some fun.”.

“Only master or Nahid may punish her, but if she’s disobeys again.” The older woman caressed Kailya’s other nipple.

The Galadrian queen fumed as she felt the other slaves prepare her makeup and paint her lips.

“Excellent, is she ready?”

Kailya recognized Khalim’s strong voice, she lifted her head defiantly, the sacrifice would be worth it if Chandra managed to escape.

“Yes master, anointed and awaiting your whip.”,

“Good leave us.”.

“But master, ow!”

“Yes master, thank you master, come child now.”

“Remove her blind fold Ashara, I want to look into her sinful eyes.”.

Kailya blinked as her blind fold was removed, the djinni smirked and shook her head mockingly.

“I am going to make you pay for that mud prison slut, just wait.”.

“Ashara come back.”

Khalim stood in front of her, he was wearing a black and red silk robe and black riding boots. His eyes no longer held any of that gentle softness she had seen when they had played king’s champion, now they were hard brown fires.

“This is how you show me respect?” he started as calmly as possible.

Kailya lifted her chin.

“I am a prisoner of war and expect to be treated like one.”.

Khalim stepped in and slapped her,

“You are a slave, a treacherous infidel slave sorely needing a lesson in respect from her master. You thought you could deceive me? You thought wrong.”

The Galadrian queen looked him in the eyes and said nothing.

Khalim calmed down and walked away,

“I hoped, I prayed that Kalah would show you the wisdom of submitting to me but now I know the truth, your heart is closed to the Goddess.”.

“Your goddess.”.

“The Goddess, I was willing to put you on silken pillows, to let you slowly learn the joys of worshipping Kalah, to learn the joys of worshipping me.”.


“But now I know I was wrong, it is like my brother told me, you infidels need to feel the whip and chain to learn respect, if you wish me to treat you like an animal then so be it.”.

Kailya gulped but said nothing, her defiant eyes staring back at him.

“You most probably expect this having sacrificed your freedom for your daughter’s.”.

Kailya tried to calm her trembles, was it in vain? She prayed that Nustress had heard her hearts pleas.

“You should worry less about your daughter’s safety and more for your own. My brother returns with his slave as we speak. You and your daughter have stepped into Kalah’s shadow and must be punished.”.

“No wait, please don’t hurt my baby, please.” Kailya broke down, Khalim turned and walked out leaving the Queen to cry alone.

Kailya didn’t wait long, the hammering continued and then abruptly stopped, it was about midday when she heard the sound of horses outside. Two large black guards wearing red masks entered the tent, she had heard the other slaves talk about them, Kalah’s temple guard.

Silently they attached a golden chain to her collar, freed her feet from the manacles and untied her hands before retying them behind her back. They pulled on the chain leading her outside.

The entire camp was assembled, the Galadrian slaves were kneeling in a large half circle, at the centre two wooden posts held up a wooden beam, four lengths of rope hung from the beam, Kailya shivered in fear, she held her head high, this was the price she would pay for her failure. She rationalized from Khalim conversation they were not going to execute her, she gulped as her eyes met the red priestesses.

“Bring them forward.” şişli bayan escort The priestess intoned, Kailya felt relief and agony as Farouk rode his horse into the circle, Chandra’s collar was tied to his saddle, her chest heaving, her body covered in sweat, she must have been running for miles. The large warrior untied the rope and tugged her towards the post. It broke Kailya’s heart as she saw fear fill her daughter’s eyes, the Galadrian tried to stuggle, Farouk walked over and grabbed her hair pulling her forcefully towards the posts, he threw her down and the red guards strung her up.

Khalim’s angry eyes were boring into her, Kailya felt the guards pull her chain towards the posts, she calmed herself down, she had to be strong for Chandra.

Her hands were pushed into the rope loops and the Kalashite’s pulled, Kailya’s arms were painfully stretched wide. They then tied rope to her ankles and drove pegs into the ground.

The priestess in her blood red robe stood in front of them, Kailya’s eyes swept over the Galadrian’s the members of her court, some nobles she considered friends, Tessa’s big brown eyes, she managed a reassuring smile.

“These despicable whores have acted apon their sinful thoughts and tried to escape, there is no escape, if you try, Kalah teaches a slave must be punished and severely, woe be the slave who steps into Kalah’s shadow. Read out the charges.”.

Another veiled priestess produced a book,

“Golden slave one, Attempting to escape, twenty lashes, striking a faithful, ten lashes by three, total fifty lashes.”.

“I’m not scared of you, go to hell.” Chandra spat at the priestesses, Farouk laughed at his slave defiance, the red guard were not known for being gentle with the slave whip.

The older priestesses eyes blazed,

“Use Kalah’s Kiss, I want to hear this slave beg for mercy.” There was a mixture of cheers and groans as a group of soldiers surrounded a priestess, Kailya shivered in horror as she realized they were placing bets of some king, a few of the Dutchy slave’s paled and bowed their heads in pray.

“Brother is Kalah’s Kiss necessary.”

Farouk gripped his brother’s shoulder,

“She must learn respect, yes?”

“You are right, but the Kiss.”

“Will teach them a lesson, they must know pain brother to give respect.”

The older priestess walked up to the hanging princess,

“You pathetic infidels have never heard of Kalah’s Kiss?” she laughed coldly,

“The slave whip is enchanted, the leather punishes the body but Kalah’s holy magic will rip your infidel soul to shreds please scream, Kalah enjoys the unfaithful screaming.”.


The young priestess turned to Kailya,

“Attempting to escape twenty lashes, she then struck her master.” There was suddenly a hush, the older priestess walked up to Kailya and slapped her.

“”Ungrateful harlot! You are not worthy of Kalah’s love!” she lifted her veil and spat in the Queen’s face. “Fetch a labour flog.” The crowed cheered,

Chandra remembered the vicious knotted whips the red guard had used on the male soldiers.

“No, please not the flog, she is not an adept, please she will not survive” she pleaded.

“Silence slave or you will join her punishment.”.

Khalim cursed, his struggle this morning had obviously been evident but he had said nothing of her striking him. Her turned on Ashara, his djinni smiled.

“I felt duty bound to tell the priestesses that she hit you, now the cow will scream nicely”. The djinni smiled nastily.

Khalim cursed he wanted Kailya punished but not with the flog.

“Priestess, a humble servant of Kalah would like to speak.”.

The high priestess turned and folded her arms,

“Kalah is listening.”

“It’s true my slave did, full of her sin strike me but she committed this sin so that her daughter could try and escape. Kalah teaches us that a love of a mother for her children is sacred, her master humbly requests leniency.”

A few of the guards booed,

“Whip her cunt!” a kneeling slave called out

“Cut off her hands!” a woman yelled.

The priestess raised her hand, the voices quieted down.

“Very well, I expect you will punish your slave thoroughly tonight for this act of mercy. Now, fifty lashes with Kalah’s Kiss.”.

“Of course priestess, Kalah be praised.” Khalim’s eyes met Kailya’s, she could see the hurt and pain it was swiftly replaced with anger and he turned his back on her walking away.

Kailya fought her emotions, too stubborn to allow herself to beg him further mercy, he had saved her from the flog but she could tell he was deeply hurt by her escape attempt.

The soldiers laughed and jeered, Kailya noticed more money was exchanging hands, she felt sick, they were betting on how many whip strikes before they broke down.

“Very well begin, watch carefully slaves, this is what happens to those who step into Kalah’s shadow.”.


“It’s alright Chandra, I am here, it’s going to be alright.” Kailya tried to reassure her daughter.

The red guard unfurled two blood red slaves whips, the Galandrian queen could see runes tattooed into the leather. The men took positions behind the slaves.

Kailya took a deep breath and held her head high.

“One” the high priestess called out, the queen heard the whip whistle through the air and cried out as her back ignited in agony. The pain was incredible, the leather strips stung, the magic inside them sent jolts of energy through her body.

“Two” Kailya screamed again and again.

It only took five strikes before she broke down,

“Please no, Ahhhhhh!” she screamed as the cruel leather bit into her back, it now felt like somebody was pouring liquid metal all over her body, she writhed in agony wailing again and again.

Her daughter lasted a little longer, after another ten strikes she began to join her mother’s screams.

“Please, have mercy!” Kailya begged, the priestess smiled from behind her see through veil and continued counting.

Her dignity and pride forgotten Kailya pleaded, begged and implored but the Kalahsite’s just laughed.

The torture seemed to last forever, the Galadrian mother lost count, her voice dry from screaming, she hung limply in the bonds, her head down babbling incoherently.

“Praise be to Kalah and let this be a lesson to each and every one of you slaves, there is no escape from Kalah’s law. Get these pieces of filth out of my sight.”


The red guards dragged the half conscious golden slave to her master’s tent, wordlessly they strung Kailya’s hands above her head and spread her legs. The queen was in too much agony to resist as they stuffed the painful red ball gag back into her mouth.

She was still in shock when the priestess healed her wounds, the pain was gone, but the terrible memory still stayed with her, Khalim’s hard eyes boring into her, she stifled her tears, refusing to cry before these fiends.

The young priestess finished and suddenly reached forward her perfectly manicured fingernails running down Kailya’s side.

The Galadrian queen bristled as the young priestess playfully ran her hands along her stomach, standing behind her, Kailya groaned despite herself as the dexterous fingers touched her pussy. She was shocked at how wet she was, it must be that nectar, some kind of aphrodisiac!

“Hmmm, nice and wet fucktoy, nectar of Bislahkah works well on filthy infidel holes. A pity your master has brought you, we red sisters like to break older women.” The young girl nibble Kailya’s ear.

The Galadrian shivered in disgust, these easterners were a debased breed.

“Your master is going to punish your unholy hide tonight slave, please scream loudly and beg, we love to hear infidel’s beg. It will be your first beating of many painslave, I pray to Kalah you last longer than a year.”.

The priestess slapped the slave’s white ass before turning off the light crystals, leaving Kailya alone in the darkness.

Finally alone Kailya felt tears rolling down her cheeks, the rape of her kingdom, the enslaving of her precious daughters and finally her failed escape. She finally stopped her tears falling, she had to survive, whatever happened she had to, Gemma, her beautiful innocent daughter needed her to free her, she had to be strong, no matter what Khalim did to her.

The black mage ate with his brother, his eyes regularly checking the entrance to his tent, his hard cock begging for attention, his fingers tapped on the table.

“Not yet brother, we must wait.”.

Khalim flexed his hands, it was usually his brother who was the impatient one, except when it came to slave discipline, Farouk was a master slave trainer.

“They are alone, bound and gagged in the darkness awaiting our punishment, we must wait until the fear has set in, they will be at their weakness.”.

“Is this…”

“Necessary? Yes my brother, you are soft with your slaves, Kalah has blessed you with a good heart but an escaped slave must be punished.”

“You are of course right my brother, it’s just I wished so much more than a painslave.”.

Farouk put his knife and fork down and cleaned his hands in a bowl the table slave offered him.

“I can always ask the priestess to punish her in your place.”.

Khalim raised a hand,

“No, thank you brother, if she must be beaten, I will take this responsibility on myself.”

Farouk nodded and spread his hands.

“Perhaps she will learn fast, just don’t forgive her too soon, she must learn to respect you. I really don’t care if my slave submits to me, either way I will enjoy my slave, I have been waiting a long time for this.”

Khalim nodded before standing he slowly walked towards his tent.

“Djinni come here.” Farouk ordered.

“My brother is a gentle soul, make sure it is brutal, I want to hear her screams.”

Ashara smiled and bowed,

“Of course master’s brother, I know how to infuriate master.”.

“Good, she must suffer for her lack of respect.”.

“With pleasure.” The djinni purred before trailing her master.

Khalim stopped outside his tent and offered Kalah a short pray. He steeled himself before walking inside.

Kailya’s closed her eyes as the light crystals turned on. She calmed herself down, Khalim looked at her with contempt, she shivered at the anger simmering in his eyes, he wordlessly walked into the next room.

Some time passed before he returned, gone was the silk robes and slippers. He had taken his shirt off and wore a pair of black leather pants. Kailya cursed her weakness as her eyes quickly confirmed he was even more muscular than she had imagined.

“So my slave thinks she can just run away?” he started his eyes hard brown orbs.

He slowly walked forward, “After all I have done for you? I offer to treat you like a honoured slave so that you could slowly learn to love Kalah and how to worship me and this is how you repay me?”.

He was standing very close to her now, he reached forward and removed the ball gag.

Kailya coughed and spluttered before she found her composure, her eyes filled with fire and she stared back defiantly.

“Never, I will never worship you, you monster!” Kailya gave into her rage and spat at him.

Ashara softly laughed from the back, perhaps she wouldn’t have to do anything to enrage her master.

Khalim wiped his face clean before grabbing Kailya by the throat,

“I see slave, very well, I was reluctant to punish you but I see my brother is right, you infidels only learn through pain, if you want me to treat you like a painslave, well then I will grant you your wish.”.

His calm steady words frightened Kailya more than anything she had suffered so far, he was really going to beat her?

The black adept walked over to a table and picked up a cane.

“Very well let us begin, is everything ready djinni?”

“Yes master.” Ashara purred, her pussy was already wet in anticipation.

The mage cast a simple spell and the rope tying Kailya’s wrists to the ceiling and to the floor, fell away, she fell to her knees and rubbed her sore calves.

“Do your worst, you will never break me!” Kailya looked up, her eyes full of rage.

Khalim just smiled and walked behind her.

“Kalah teaches that infidels are full of impurity and their sin must be beaten from their bodies, less it spreads. I will full your holes with my holy cum slave, but I will beat the sin from your body. First you must confess to your sins. Slave, crawl to the mirror.”.

There was a large mirror on the other side of the room, Kailya shivered as she heard Khalim’s words, was this the same man she had fallen in love with? Her stubbornness took hold and she sat back on her knees.

The şişli escort cane switched through the air and Kailya cried out as Khalim caned her lower back.

“I said crawl to the mirror slave!” he screamed, Kailya wailed as the cane came down again.

After four stinging strike her hands quickly began crawling, every second fearing the dreaded cane. Thankfully it never came again and she stopped in front of the mirror.

“Good, very good slave, you learn fast, obey your master, submit to his will, surrender yourself body and soul and I may show mercy.”

Kailya glared up at him in the mirror, Khalim smiled again.

“Hands on the frame and spread your legs wider, that’s it nice and wide.”.

The mirror had two handle holds, Kailya shuddered wondering how many slave Khalim had raped before. The holds made her lean slightly forward on her knees, her ass exposed.

Her master took a second to admire the view, the Galadrian queen had a beautiful white ass, wide and plump, his lips dried as his eyes travelled down to her tight ass hole and her wet pussy, his disliked the use of nectar, preferring to conquer his slaves with his own skills, but Kalah’s laws demanded the aphrodisiac. His cock of course didn’t care how its bitch became wet and was already straining inside the leather pants.

He ran a hand along her alabaster ass cheeks and squeezed the smooth skin.

“Have you ever seen such a perfect ass Ashara? , Kalah be praised, it just begs to be punished.”.

Kailya gulped and prepared herself, she had been caned by Jarzia and whipped by the guards but she was beginning to suspect her suffering had just begun.

“Now slave confession is very simple, I will help you by showing words on the mirror, you will acknowledge you sin and repeat them allowed. Let us begin.”.

“What is your name?”

Small words, in focus appeard on the mirror in front of Kailya, her stubborn pride clasped her mouth firmly closed, never! She was a Galadrian noble and a mother of three, she would never debase herself for this fiend.

The black hand came out of nowhere, Khalim lifed his hand up and spanked her wide right ass cheek with all his might.

Kailya’s eyes shot open and she gasped in pain, he was going to spank her, like she was some diliquent teenage shirking her studies! The pain and humiliation outraged the Galadrian queen, he couldn’t treat her like this, she was a noble not some commoner.

“I asked you a question slave!” Khalim pulled back, spanking her left cheek.

Kailya gasped again, this wasn’t happening to her, this was some terrible nightmare.

The hand came down again and again, Kailya was soon crying, the tears running down her face, the fire in her ass was spreading and finally her body betrayed her.

“Please no more, please don’t spank me, it hurts.”

“I didn’t hear you slave, what is your name?” her ass had turned from pale white to pink and was quickly turning red.

“I have no name master, I am a slave.” Kailya finally said, she hung her head sobbing.

Khalim smiled and stroked her now hot ass, he ran his hand down, good she was a little wet, with some practice he was sure he could make her orgasm, that would teach the stuck up bitch.

“Continue.” He ordered.

“I was a stuck up bitch but now I am master’s slave. His fu, no!” Kailya cried out.

Khalim put his full force behind the blow making Kailya wail in pain, the merciless hand came down again and again until she could take no more.

“His fucktoy, please no more, please master mercy.” She blubbered.


“His slave to do with as he wants, I am worthless, only good for fucking. I live only to serve his cock, please no, please I will do whatever you want!” Kailya wailed as she read the filthy words.

Khalim grabbed her hair, his face close to hers.

“Say that again, why do you live?”

Kailya looked at him , her tears rolling down her face,

“I, I live only to serve your cock.”.

“Don’t you ever forget it. Now continue.” He commanded.

“I am sorry to master for deceiving him and beg, oh please master no please.”. Kailya cried out terrified as the next few words made her shiver with terror.

The hand came down again and again the helpless slave wailed into the mirror, her hands firmly gripping the hand holds as Khalim spanked her ass again and again, alternating between ass cheeks, his wide hand tanning her ass a deep red.

“Please no more, please I beg you!” she wailed.

“I beg master to punish me, please master have mercy, I will be a good slave please.” , she babbled desperate to escape the humiliating punishment.


“I was an arrogant frigid bitch who teased my superiors cock, please punish me, I offer my body use me as you will.” Kailya sobbed as she finished the demeaning words, her tears flowed as she broke down.

“Stop crying now! You cry when I allow it.” The mages voiced snapped.

Kailya stopped crying and looked up at him fearfully.

“Very good, you will read your confession to me every night and pray I am as merciful as tonight.”

The Galadrian Queen heard loud screams from a nearby tent, desperate wails, pleadings.

“Ah my brother is a master, your arrogant bitch daughter is learning her place, like you are, what is your name slave?”

Kailya hung her head,

“I have no name, I am master’s slave.”.

“Excellent, now slave your master is ready to fuck your filthy hide, what do you say?”

Kailya looked into the mirror,

“Please master rape your worthless slave, punish her for daring to escape her master.”.

“Thank Kalah I am merciful slave, an escaping slave’s cunt is usually brutalised by her master, I am no such monster. What do you say?”

“Thank you master for showing this slave mercy.”.

Khalim knelt next to the mirror and pulled down his pants.

Kailya’s eyes widened, the Kalshite was massive, a huge ten inch black dick jutted proudly from his waist, even General Majid wasn’t that large, it had to be at least three fingers wide!

“I, ah, please it’s too big!” Kailya pleaded.

Khalim smiled at his slave’s shock.

“A slave has no opinion, she is always a wanton whore begging to be used. Lets us begin, reach forward and kiss the head then hold the handles again.”.

Kailya saw his eyes harden again,

“I am waiting slave.”

Scared and terrified but at the same very aroused, The Galadrain reached forward and kissed the wide head, she stifled a moan and demanded her body behave itself, it took all her will power to stop her lips sliding around the large python.

Khalim watched the struggle and stroked her hair, he hated having to use nectar but it was useful to bring his slave’s true desires to the surface.

He took his dick and softly slapped her cheeks with it, she looked up at him, humiliated. Khalim walked around and admired her deep red ass, he unceremoniously spread her pussy lips and rammed his hard dick deep inside her pussy.

Kailya gasped as the massive battering ram opened up her cunt, she gasped and then found herself groaning, her nipples were hard, an incredible fire had been lit the moment she had caught sight of his hard cock and her pussy was already melting.

“Kalah be praised, yes, fuck that’s tight and hot! Oh yes slave, you are a keeper!” he praised as he pulled somewhat out, smiling as her juices made his ebony shaft slick before slamming deep inside her.

“You like that? I haven’t even started yet bitch, now be a good little whore and scream you orgasm out.” He grunted as he began to slowly pump his ten inch monster in and out of her tight hole.

Kailya was cooing like a dove, she tried desperately to fight it but knew it was hopeless, the aphrodisiac was going to make her cum and there was nothing she could do about it. She had already debased herself for her hated master, screaming in orgasm was just a small step down a very slippery slope. As she felt the first incredible waves wash over her Kailya wondered what would become of her? Her thoughts disappeared in a maelstrom of ecstasy.

“Fuck yes, oh goddess yes!!! I’m going to cum!!!!” she squealed as Khalim pistoned his cock deep inside her.

“That’s it’s fucking slut, you like that? Take it, all of it you dirty whore!” he grunted between thrusts.

The unbelievable heat between her legs coupled with Khalim’s degrading insults threw Kailya over the edge, her pussy muscles contracted around her hated but blessed invader and her juices squirted as the Galadrian queen surrendered to the earth shattering orgasm.

Khalim savoured every wail, every squeal, he looked down and knew he had finally found his First Slave.

The black adept slowed down waiting for her orgasm to subside, he wanted to bring another out before he filled her womb.

“Very nice slut, umm, you muscles are nice and strong, that’s it grip your master.” He began to build pace again, slowly pistoning the large cock in and out of his slave.

Kailya already in heat from her last orgasm felt her body respond, her hips seeking his large serpent, months of forced celibacy, the pressure of her throne and her sudden enslavement had left her body craving sex from a large strong man ravaging her body.

“Oh yes there we go, you are a hot fucktoy, good I will use you every night, now I am going to fill you up with my cum, do you want my hot black seed? Come on beg for it!” he taunted his slave as he reached down and played with her large breasts.

“Give it to me, please master give it to me, ohhh, I hate you!” she wailed.

Khalim smiled and increased his pace roughly fucking the sex craved slave.

Kailya did not fight her second orgasm, her back arched as she fell into ecstasy’s heady embrace.

Her master roared and gripped her hips slamming his hot member home before exploding deep inside her.

“Ugh hot fucking slut! Take your master cum bitch, ugh all of it.” Khalim panted as he ground his large cock inside her, rubbing his hips against her ass.

Kailya groaned unintelligibly as she felt a warm river of seed fill her up.

The adept continued pumping before slapping her ass and pulling out, he brought his slick dick around to her face.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you master for using this useless slave.” Kailya automatically reached out and licked her juices off the shaft. She couldn’t believe she had acted so wanton, so out of control. Her angry eyes glared at him, it was the aphrodisiac they had given her.

Her anger turned to rage, Kailya considered grabbing his despicable cock and squeezing the arrogant smile off his face but decided for something far simpler, Khalim was content with her service and Ashara had left the room. She slowly wove threads with her hands as she serviced the cock with her mouth. A nearby towel responded and slowly crept up on the relaxing mage. Kailya suddenly raised her hands and the towel leapt into the air wrapping itself around the surprised adepts face.

“Go to hell, I will never be your sex slave!”

Kailya ran for the door, yes she was naked and she doubted she would be able to rescue Chandra but an army of Krovians would make these disgusting Kalashites pay. She made it to the entrance to the large tent when electricity erupted from her collar. The Galadrian screamed, falling to the floor and writhing in agony as the magical collar shocked her again and again.

Khalim sighed but smiled, she still had some fight in her, he would have to completely break her down before he could trust her again, he had been wise to enchant her collar this time. The black adept removed the towel and slowly walked over to the older woman.

“I see slave, I show you mercy during your confession and only apply my hand and this is the thanks I get?”

“Please, it hurts, please make it stop.” Kailya pleaded between shocks.

“I am sorry slave but it appears your screaming has just begun tonight.”.

“Ashara return to me.” He snapped before waving his hand, Kailya coughed and gasped for air.

The djinni appeared in the corner of the room.

“Unfortunately my slave failed my second test.”.

“You must punish her master, she tried to deceive you.”.

“Yes you are right, string her up and lay out my flogs.”.

“Already prepared master.” Ashara rubbed her hands along his chest, she loved it when somebody else was being beaten.

Khalim grabbed the djinni by her brown pony and kissed her red lips forcing his tounge into her mouth. Ashara answered the kiss before he pushed her away,

“Never pretend to understand me djinni now string her up.” Khalim snapped.

Ashara grabbed the stunned slave by the hair dragging her across the floor.

Kailya bitterly fought but could mecidiyeköy escort only bring herself to sob as she realised, there would be no escape. She rolled onto her hands and knees and miserably followed the djinni.

“Now you are going to get it fucking bitch!”

The djinni slapped Kailya before hauling her to her feet. The Galadrian knew it was useless fighting the magical creature, bands of force gripped her wrists lifting them over her head, the rope animated and again Kailya’s hands were tied wide above her head. Rope attached themselves to her ankles pulling tight, Kailya gritted as her strong thighs were pulled apart, her calves stretched as she struggled to balance on her golden high heels. Ashara grabbed her by the hair and forced the queen’s long blonde hair into a tight pony tail, she then looped rope around the hair and tied it tightly to one of the rings in the floor, the end result, Kailya could not bow her head.

“I hoped you would learn from your first lesson slave, but it appears I must completely break you down before you will listen to reason.”.

“Go to hell, I will never worship you, do you worst.” Kailya spat back.

Khalim smiled as he picked up his leather flogs, he found the one he was looking for and turned around.

Kailya gulped and paled, a leather strip, as wide as Khalim’s hand and two feet long was attached to a whip handle. Khalim snapped the leather flog in the air. He didn’t say anything, just simply stepped forward and swung the flog, the leather strip catching Kailya sqaurely on the right breast.

The shocked mother screamed loudly as the incredible pain ripped through her.

“Fucking self righteous bitch! You dare raise spell to me! That’s it scream louder!” Khalim swung the flog again and again, tanning the queen’s large breasts.

The pain was unlike anything Kailya had ever felt before, short of child birth, she wailed and pleaded as the young black man swung the cruel flog again and again.

“Please aaaah, please master please I beg you stop” she wailed and screamed as the rain of blows continued.

Khalim moved on flogging her thighs and calves, her back, he slowly worked her pale skin over striping her beautiful body., his ears deaf to her screams. He returned to face her, tears were again streaming down her face.

“Please!” she begged.

“Does it hurt slave?”

“Yes master, please it hurts.”

Khalim stepped up to her and spat in her face,

“You think that hurts? Try treachery.” He roared before swinging the flog against her tender breasts again and again.

Kailya thought she would die from the blinding pain, eventually she passed out.

Khalim stopped, his chest was heaving, small beads of sweat lined his forehead. His slave was hanging limply in her bonds, her eyes rolled in their sockets. He picked up a bucket of cold water and threw it at her.

The Galadrian gasped and spluttered as the freezing cold water roused her.

“Did I give you permission to faint slave?” he grabbed her head.

“Please, please no more, I’ll do anything, I’ll be a good slave, please don’t beat me again master.” Kailya babbled, her body on fire.

“Slave if you ever cast a spell without my permission I will follow Kalah’s law and cut off your hands. Do I make myself clear?”, he pronounced the words slowly.

His older slave gulped and shook her head the little her tied pony allowed her.

“Who are you?”

“I am master’s slave, I only live to serve his cock.” She answered quickly.

Khalim waved his hands and the queen fell to the floor. Her master admired his work, wide bands of red welts covered her back and her large breasts, her nipples swollen from the abuse.

He extended his foot and Kailya automatically kissed it, pleading repeatedly for mercy.

The mage was hard again, not surprising he thought, such a beautiful woman worshipping his feet.

“Now crawl to the bench.” He snapped a leash onto her collar and tugged.

Kailya quickly scanned the room and located the bench, it was a low wooden bench with leather straps hanging off it. With growing dread she crawled across the carpeted floor wondering what he would do next.

“Up on the bench, yes kneel like the animal you are and look into the mirror.”

At the top of the bench was a small mirror attached to a vertical wooden board.

Kailya climbed onto the wooden bench, she noticed it was padded.

Khalim checked on his slave, her ass was at the correct height, parallel with his waist. He began strapping her calves down to the bench, he then wrapped two straps around her knees, one forward, one back, preventing any movement. He locked her wrists into leather restraints chained to the table. He then pulled a wide leather girdle down from its waiting chain and wrapped it around her waist before pulling it tight. Confident she would be unable to move her waist he walked around to the front and tightly wrapped her golden chain to a ring on the bench beneath her. A final chain ran from the back of her collar to the chain securing her waist girdle preventing her moving her head in any way.

“What are you going to do to me?” Kailya asked fearfully.

Khalim snarled and viciously spanked her red ass causing the Galadrian to cry out.

“Firstly a pain slave never speaks unless spoken to, secondly,” he raised his hand and spanked her other red ass cheek, “You will call me master at all times.” He raised his hand again, Kailya shook her head fighting the tears back.

“Now read your words in the mirror.”

“Master your humble slave seeks your forgiveness for allowing her sinful thoughts to speak. She begs for her master to punish her.” The slave broke down as she read the last line.

Khalim grabbed her jaw and stuffed the large red gag into her mouth, Kailya wailed in fear.

Her master turned around and walked over to his desk, still naked, he sat down and picked up a book and started reading.

The Galadrian slave wept as she was left in the painful position, after some time an agonizing scream erupted from one of the nearby tents, like a woman was being killed or worse. Kailya gulped she knew that voice, the tears began streaming again, it was Chandra, Farouk was killing her little baby.

Khalim looked up and smiled, he walked over to Kailya and stroked her back.

“Again you should be more worried about your own fate than your daughters. Do not be concerned, my brother is a master slave trainer, his fucking slut will wish she was dead but she will survive. Do you want to know what he is doing to her?”

The blonde woman paused unsure if she really wanted to know, the cries died down to pathetic grunts, she heard the occasional whip crack followed by a scream.

Khalim leaned in and licked his slaves ear, he could see her shivering in fear.

“He’s fucking her ass, like I am going to do know. Jarzia informs me you are a virgin? Too proud and haughty to let a man up your asshole?”.

Kailya paled and shook her head the little she could, Khalim soaked in her terror, he had to do this, he had to teach her he was the master, she had to learn respect he told himself.

Her silent pleadings became wilder as he ran a hand down, stopping to fondle her hanging breast before stroking her spanked buttocks. Unhurried Khalim walked around, Kailya’s big blue eyes following him in the mirror pleading. He reached down and spread her wide ass cheeks sighing at her tight pink asshole.

Ashara smiled at Kailya’s fearful face

“Welcome to a world of pain, master loves fucking a bitch’s tight ass, you are going to be sore for weeks, pity he chose to gag you, I would love to her your stuck up ass beg for mercy.” She licked her neck before sucking hard.

“Now slave, I suggest you relax your asshole, it will hurt less but do not worry, soon I will have you begging for ass fucks and cumming like a cheap whore.” He smiled at her angry face.

Ashara smeared thick oil over Khalim’s hard cock before pouring some so it ran down Kailya’s ass crack. Khalim reached forward and used his thumb to rub her asshole.

He let the slaves fear set in before pressing his head against the tight hole, she was clenching tightly so he opened his hand and Ashara brought over his leather flog.

The leather snapped through the air, catching Kailya on her side and wrapping around to strike her left breast, she screamed in the gag and then screamed louder as Khalim too the opportunity to push his wide black dick into her ass.

“A slave always is ready to welcome her master up her ass, I expect you to learn quickly fucktoy or you will suffer.” He pushed another inch into the tight hole.

Kailya was consumed with incredible pain, it felt like Khalim was ramming a firewood log up her asshole, she screamed again and again as he pushed inch after torturous inch into her anus.

“Kalah be praised, tighter than a temple slave, um, goddess, I am going to fuck you ass every night slave, perfect, fight me as much as you want bitch, it’s going in, all of it.”.

Kailya looked up into the mirror, tears streaming down her face as the Kalashite slowly penetrated her, eventually she had no choice, he was right there was nothing she could do to stop him, the belt around her waist prevented her dropping her ass and the chains prevented her moving her legs in anyway. Defeated, she forced her muscles to relax.

“That’s better whore.” Khalim leant forward and cupped her breasts as he ass muscles pulled him deeper inside.

“Can you feel that? I am completely up your ass slave, Goddess that’s a perfect ass. Soon slave you will be the perfect fucktoy.”.

Kailya could only cry as he began to pull out and then push forward, stretching her muscles, slowly building up pace.

Ashara stroked Khalim’s hard ass, her nipples hard, desperately wishing she could play with herself.

“Please master.” She finally whimpered.

Khalim pulled her over and kissed her again,

“Djinni whore! You may play with yourself.”

He pushed her away and began really fucking his white slave’s ass.

Ashara no longer cared, she dropped her silk wrap around dress and quickly rubbed her brown pussy, moaning loudly as her master broke his new slave in.

“Can you feel that! Take it slut, whore, bitch.” He swore at Kailya spanking her sore ass as he plouged in and out of the tight hole.

After what seemed like eternity Khalim could take no more of the incredibly tight and hot hole. He noticed Kailya’s hip begin to rock back, her eyes were closed and her nipples hard, she was softly moaning in the gag. Excellent, he had hoped she was sensitive, the thought of his slave forced to orgasm took him over, he panted a prayer of thanks to Kalah before gripping her ass firmly roughly pistoning the ravaged hole. Khalim groaned loudly and hilted his black serpent firing hot streams of cum deep inside his slave.

Kailya cried as she felt Khalim’s hot seed spurt up her asshole, how could he do such a thing? It was disgusting, perverted but what worried the Queen the most, she had started to enjoy it.

The black adept reached down and played with her large tits as he finished delivering his load.

“Great fuck slave but I expect better from you tomorrow.” He stared into her pained eyes before pulling out.

Kailya gritted her teeth as her asshole spasmed before closing the hole tight.

“Open you ass slave, I want to watch my cum leak out.”

Kailya looked up at him shocked, he was debased, a depraved monster!

“Slave your master gave you an order.” His brown eyes bored into her, demanding her obedience.

A quick war of wills was easily won by the black mage, Kailya knew already that fighting her new master only brought pain, she sobbed but relaxed her ass muscles, feeling the river of cum ooze out of her abused asshole.

Khalim reached down and scooped some onto his hand, he walked over and rubbed it all over the shocked queen’s face.

“This is the only thing you are good for, you live to serve my cock now slave.”.

He pulled the ball gag out.

“Say it!” he demanded.

“I, I, this is the only thing I am good for, I live to serve your cock.” She whimpered and burst into fresh tears.”.

“And what do you say?”

“Thank you master for using your worthless slave.” She said broken.

“Excellent, Djinni inform the priestess I will keep this slave and then lay out my evening work.”

Khalim slapped her face with his flaccid cock and put on a black silk dressing gown before sitting down at his table and began studying.

Ashara pulled a cum covered finger from her spent pussy and rubbed it on the matriarchs ass,

“You should anger master more often, hmm he hasn’t let me cum in months.”

The Djinni laughed before sauntering off.

Kailya wept as she was discarded like a boring toy, the sounds of her daughter screams brought fresh tears as she waited for her master’s return.

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Gertie’s Cream Pie Christmas

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One Christmas morn, Gertie Groinshlapper was getting ready for church. She pulled on her imported one size fits most sexy simple and comfortable ruffle turquoise nylon/spandex thong with cotton lined crotch. Gertie felt the cotton lined crotch press snuggly against her pussy lips. The back of the imported one size fits most sexy simple and comfortable ruffle turquoise nylon/spandex thong with cotton lined crotch was buried tightly between her buns and rested snuggly on her puckered bung hole and her perineum (the space between the anus and the vagina).

Gertie reached for her brassiere.

“It’s Christmas and I have huge nipples.” thought Gertie. “This is the only bra I can wear that I like that covers my nipples well.” Gertie knew she looked good in her light blue gingham patterned form fitting big nipple brassiere. The form fitting contoured lightly lined stretch foam cups and scalloped trim were as comfortable as sexy could be. Gertie thought about Jesus, pulled on her little red skirt, ate a breakfast bean burrito and went to church.

At church, several men saw Gertie in her little red skirt and got boners. This was because the corpora cavernosa of the affected men became engorged with venous blood.

After the church service, a guy named Sammy came up and engaged Gertie in dialog.

“I’m telling you the truth, Gertie,” said Sammy, “I know my wang is one rigid wiener right now. It’s Christmas and you gave me and a bunch of other guys huge hard ons in church right in front of şişli bayan escort God and everyone! Call me a romantic, but I’m just dying to see what’s under your skirt on this Christmas morn.”

Gertie understood that these men now desired stimulation of the penis in such a way as to cause semen to be ejected through the urethra by the rhythmic contractions of the bulbospongiosus muscle.

“Oh my gosh golly goodness!” replied Gertie, “Praise Jesus! I’m so sorry my little red skirt acted as a sexual stimuli and caused the corpora cavernosa of several of the men in church to become engorged with venous blood so they got boners on Christmas. What can I do to help the men with boners on this Christmas morn?”

“Well Gertie, ” began Sammy, “It’s Christmas, and as a consideration to your future, we would like you to retain your virginal vaginal integrity so you are still pure for marriage. What we propose is to lube up your anus so each of us in turn can insert our erect penises in it and in that way the penis of the inserter can be stimulated by the need for your sphincter muscle to contract while the erect penis slides in and out of your well lubed bunger. There is a good chance that this will cause semen to be ejected through the urethra by the rhythmic contractions of the bulbospongiosus muscle. The semen will begin to squirt out of the penis with the first or second contraction. With me, it’s usually the second contraction. Scientists have actually studied this easily and conveniently by the anal probe method.”

“The şişli escort anal probe method?” inquired Gertie

“Yes. The anal probe method” answered Sammy. “Basically in a scientific study, a probe was inserted into the anuses of eleven young adult males by scientists. Electrical signals from the anal probe were recorded for each of the eleven young males during three sessions of masturbation to orgasm. A computer automatically digitized the results. Each man’s pattern of contractions was very similar from one session to the next and distinguished his records from others. It was like a masturbatory fingerprint.”

“That’s so interesting.” Said Gertie. “I had the google installed on my computer for Christmas. Is that information on the google?”

“Yes” replied Sammy. “It’s on the internets. If you have the google installed on your computer, you can google ‘The male orgasm: pelvic contractions measured by anal probe’ and you will see the report.”

“Oh cool!” said Gertie, “I got google installed on my computer for christmas, I can check it out.”

Gertie got down on all fours and stuck ger ass up in the air. Sammy pulled up her little red skirt, pulled the thong away from Gertie’s puckered sheriff’s badge and lubed her poop shoot up with some lube. The guys took turns mounting her and pumping her brown eye. After each guy shot a hot salty sticky baby batter wad of spunk up her anus, she promptly farted it out into a martini glass. The breakfast bean burrito helped her fart out the splooge.

After farting out mecidiyeköy escort the man goo of the fourteenth guy into the martini glass, Gertie drank down the poopie spunk.

“That was delish yummers!” exclaimed Gertie

After drinking the man seed, Gertie went to the Christmas prayer brunch and had a spinach omelet with basil, onion, garlic, and red peppers in it. She also had some bacon, and a bit of Marcy’s melon medley. Then she went home and started playing Christmas songs on her Keytar.

Suddenly Gertie felt flush. She suddenly had rectal discomfort, anal itching, severe nasal stuffiness postnasal drip and psoriasis. Gertie felt nauseous and a sudden dizziness which could have resulted in fainting. She felt abdominal discomfort, agitation, anxiety, constipation, decreased sex drive, diarrhea and loose stools, bloating, fatigue, gas, dry eyes and mouth, decreased appetite, chills, inability to sleep, and hives. Gertie forcefully expulsed the contents of her stomach through her mouth and nose; vomiting gelatinous chunks of bile on herself, her keytar, and her floor.

Gertie looked at the retch she ralphed. She expected to see a mix of sperm, breakfast bean burrito, spinach omelet with basil, onion, garlic, and red peppers, bacon, and Marcy’s melon medley. Gertie pondered the gelatinous chunks of bile and came to a sudden realization. The enlightened truth came in a flash of profound insight and comprehension.

“No wonder I threw up!” exclaimed Gertie, “My stomach was full of puke!”

After further contemplation, Gertie furrowed her brow and frowned. “I must have gotten a virus when I had the google installed on my computer!”


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Fucked and photographed by my Uncle Bill

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It’s always been like this. I never had a lot of pocket money as a child, and the student loan system brought in by a LABOUR government just made matters worse. Money has been a problem for me since I was little, and it’s always been a question of finding ways to earn enough to fill the gap between what I got legitimately, and what I needed for a comfortable life.

Since I started at Uni last September there’s never been enough to live a nice life, but it didn’t take me long to find other ways of earning money here. I’ve been finding little ways of doing that for a long time now, and they just seem to get that bit worse every time in order to keep the cash coming in.

I suppose the earliest things I did were innocent enough. Like helping my Mum or my Dad round the house or in the garden. I had to earn all my pocket money, so the more I did the more I got. I used to do the washing up for 10p or maybe some ironing for £1, but it always seemed a lot of work for a very little money.

That was until I went to see Uncle Bill at work. He had a photographic shop in Blackburn, and sold cameras and stuff like that. He also did wedding photography, school photos and what he used to call ‘glamour’. The studio was at the back of the shop, and he had loads of complicated machines and stuff in there as well to turn the film into photos for wedding albums and things. He was going to take me out for the day to the zoo, and because he had to go into his shop first to finish off some urgent photos I met him there on a Sunday morning. My Dad dropped me off in the car about eight, and Uncle Bill let me in round the back of the shop.

There was the usual overpowering smell of chemicals which seemed to permeate even his clothes. There were photos all over the workbench, and I noticed Uncle Bill shuffling some underneath a folder as if he didn’t want me to see them. From the quick glance I’d had they looked like the individual school photos we had done at our school – in fact I thought I recognised one of the girls – but why was he hiding them?

The phone rang in the shop. Uncle Bill had no idea that I’d seen him hiding the photos so he went through to the shop leaving me on my own. I had to look of course. I moved the folder and couldn’t believe what I saw. They were photos of girls at our school, but amongst the ordinary ones were three or four very different ones. Very different ones indeed. One in particular caught my eye. It was of a very pretty girl with blue eyes and blonde hair, smiling in a knowing sort of way. I didn’t actually know her, but I had seen her about. She was sat at her desk, posing in much the same way as all the other girls, except that her blouse was open and she was cupping her breasts together and fingering her nipples. There was another much ruder one of a dark haired girl I didn’t recognise with her legs apart and her dress pulled up. The lips and outline of her cunt was clearly visible through her thin cotton panties. She too was smiling.

Uncle Bill finished his phone call, and I quickly pushed the photos back under the folder. But not quickly enough. He saw what I was doing and went bright red.

“Oh, Suzi – you found those. I didn’t mean you to see them. It’s just a little sideline I do from time to time for extra cash. It doesn’t do any harm. And the girls only do it because I pay them.”

I must have looked shocked. I suppose I was, really, but the idea of girls earning a bit of extra cash just for letting someone take dirty photos of them sounded a good one – specially as I never had any money myself.

“Uncle Bill – you dirty man. Those are just girls at my school, and they’re only my age too – you’ll be in big trouble if anyone finds out.”

“But who’s going to find out Suzi? The girls won’t tell because they’d be in trouble too, and that just leaves you.”

He pulled a bulging wallet out of his back pocket and opened it.

“£5 for Suzi, and it stays our little secret?”

I hesitated. I didn’t want to get him into trouble, but I was a bit uneasy at the thought of taking money off him. Even at that age it didn’t seem right to me.

“£5 not enough then?”

He looked worried. Was I going to tell on him and get him into trouble?

“Tell you what I’ll do, then. I’ll make it £10 but maybe you could let me take one or two ‘special’ photos of yourself – just for the album?”

£10 was an awful lot of money to me then, and it didn’t take me more than a second or two to make my mind up. I didn’t know quite what he had in mind, but the stuff the girls at school were doing for him didn’t seem that bad – and £10 was £10.

“OK then. I promise I won’t say anything to anyone about the photos, and I’ll let you take some of me as well. Do you want to do them now?”

He did. Very badly. I could see that from the bulge in his trousers which I was old enough to recognise as a hard-on. He said he’d get a camera and some film (he said digital cameras were no more than toys) and told me to relax. I must have seemed a bit tense, which maybe wasn’t surprising!

I still remember what I was wearing that day. It was sunny and warm, and I didn’t want to be too hot at the zoo, so all I had on was a light blue gingham dress in thin cotton. I loved that dress. It had very short sleeves and was lovely and cool on hot days like today. There were buttons all the way down it from top to bottom, though şişli bayan escort that wasn’t very far – it was a very short dress. I had my bra and panties on as well of course, and I even remember those, so well is that day fixed in my mind after what happened. They were in matching pink cotton, with little yellow flowers on, and very very pretty. Looking back on that day, I’m not surprised Uncle Bill was attracted to me sexually. I must have looked very innocent, very pretty (though I say it myself) and very girly. Just the look for an older man.

I sat on a chair by the photographic screens, trying very hard to relax. Uncle Bill came back with the loaded camera, and switched on the floodlights. He put on some music – I remember that too. ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’ by the Rolling Stones. How funny that seems now, though it didn’t register at the time. He told me to dance on the small stage raised a few feet from the floor, while he started to snap away with his camera. I remember how easy it started to seem. He gave me a drink of something. I still don’t know what it was, but it did relax me a lot. The music played and I danced to it. I felt good with him watching me, photographing me. I felt important.

I was vaguely aware that as I danced on the stage, Uncle Bill and his camera seemed to be getting lower and lower down. He was crouched on the floor, and I realised that what he was actually doing was getting shots up my dress – panty shots in fact. I could also see that his hard-on was even bigger than it had been before. I was so proud of what I had done. An older man, and I had made him stiff – me, just me! And I had him in my power as I danced, or at least it felt that way.

I danced as provocatively as I knew how to at that age, wriggling down to the floor as my dress rode up my body. I somehow knew instinctively what would get my uncle really going and squatted down on the floor, opening my knees to let him get a clear view up my gingham summer dress. I paused there with my knees wide apart, trying to gauge his reaction.

“Oh God Suzi. Don’t do this to me. You’ll give me a heart attack. Watching you dance around in that little tiny dress is bad enough, but when you do that I just want to fuck you.”

He looked genuinely shocked at what he’d just said.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God. I didn’t mean it Suzi – I must be sick in the head even to think it. You’re my little niece. I should never have said anything about photos – I’m a sick pathetic filthy old pervert. Just put your knees together, cover yourself up, get down from there, and we’ll go out to the zoo. Just forget all this bad stuff happened, and I’ll still give you the money anyway.”

I was shaken. Could I really have had this incredible effect on my uncle? This was all happening so quickly, the thoughts in my head, but even then I was aware of the power I had over this man. And it felt good too. I had him absolutely in my power now – it was bad enough him wanting to take dirty photos of me, but now he had actually told me he wanted to have sex with me.

I wasn’t quite sure how to play this one, and although I must have made the decision inside a few short seconds, the process seemed to last for minutes. There was my uncle, more or less literally kneeling at my feet, still peering up my dress, and me really in control of him, which was not something I was used to then. Suddenly I knew exactly what to do.

I pulled my dress even further up than it was already and let my knees splay even wider apart. He just gasped. I fingered my pink cotton panties in what I hoped would be an appealing way.

“Uncle Bill! You’ve quite shocked me now. I was only dancing for you to give you some nice photos of me and now you say you want to fuck me! And me only wearing my little gingham summer dress and my tiny little pink panties too. Is it what’s hidden under here you want Uncle?”

I fingered my panties some more. I wanted to really get him going, just to see how much power I really had over him. I could feel myself becoming wet inside, and I was aware that my juices were starting to produce a dark pink stain in the crotch of my panties. I started to rub myself through my panties, reckoning that would really get him going. I was right – he just stood there, mesmerised. With my other hand free I slipped my middle finger under my panties and into my cunt hole. It felt good, and my finger slipped easily into my vagina. I moved my pink panties to one side so that Uncle could see properly what I was doing.

He groaned.

“Suzi, why are you doing this to me? It’s bad and I said you could stop it.”

“Oh Uncle, I can see you’re enjoying watching me. Your cock’s gone all hard hasn’t it? Do you like watching your little niece masturbating herself then? Is that what you really wanted in your photos? Go on then – take some nice photos of me. Were you going to keep them by your bed and masturbate with them yourself Uncle? I bet you were. Fancy wanting to rub your old cock looking at pictures of me with my finger in my cunt!”

He groaned again.

“You still want to fuck me don’t you? Specially seeing me like this with my dress up around my middle and my panties pulled to one side. Shall I get my titties out as well for you?”

I undid some buttons at the top of my dress, letting it open so that my bra was visible. I slipped my bra off quickly, allowing şişli escort my breasts to pop out. They were small and pert – well they still are really, but not as much as they were then. Picture me – breasts peeping out of my dress, panties pulled aside, and my middle finger slipping gently in and out of my cunt. If that didn’t do the trick nothing would!

“Get your cock out Uncle – you know you want to don’t you?”

He needed no persuasion. He was like a man possessed by now.

“It’s OK Uncle. I don’t mind – really I don’t. Do you want to fuck me?”

He nodded.

“I can’t hold myself back now Suzi. It’s too late. I need to fuck you but I know it’s wrong. Maybe you could wank me off. Maybe that would do it.”

I stopped fingering my pussy and held my cunt open, gesturing towards his now enormous cock.

“I don’t think that will be enough for you Uncle! Let me come down there with you and see what we can do. I think you need to stick that fat cock in my tight little cunt!”

He pointed to a mattress in the corner. This clearly wasn’t the first time he had done this. I got down from the platform and lay down on the mattress. My tits were still out and I pulled my dress up to my waist ready for him to enter me.

“Leave your panties on – I like that best. They’re so pretty.”

I did as I was told, pulling my panties to one side again to entice him into my cunt. Not that he needed any enticing!

“Fuck my smooth hairless little cunt Uncle. Let me rub your cock with the juices from my cunt and make it even harder. I want you to fuck me, really fuck me hard, and cum inside me so I have your babies.”

I was really really sexed up by now and getting pretty horny.

He stood there for a few seconds staring at my pussy. I didn’t know whether it was a sight he often saw, bearing in mind the photos I’d seen, but I was going to make sure he got his moneys worth.

“God you’re so sexy Suzi. I fucking need you now. I had no idea you’d do this for me. I love your pretty pink flowery panties, I love your pretty blue eyes, I love your long blonde hair, your sweet titties, and most of all your smooth hairless cunt. Uncle’s going to lick you now, between your legs, and smell those lovely wet panties.”

This was slightly scary. Smell my panties? Why would he want to do that? I had no idea back then of the desires of older men to get their hands on girls panties and smell them. I was afraid they might not smell fresh, though they were clean on that morning as always. He got down on the mattress with me and burrowed his face into my panties, breathing my smell in deeply and moaning.

“Cunt, panties, cunt, panties, lovely, lovely.”

I rubbed his cock as he smelt first my panties and then my cunt. He started to lick me, first my cunny lips and then inside my cunt properly, right down into my vagina as far as his tongue would go. I worried because I knew the juices were flowing freely, but he was obviously loving the wetness of it and trying to swallow the fluids. His cock was wet with what I now know to be precum but then I thought he had already cum in my hand. I had no idea! I thought there wasn’t much of it and was afraid I’d let him down and he didn’t really fancy me – I knew that cum should be more plentiful than this.

“What’s wrong Uncle? Why haven’t you cum properly? Don’t you fancy me?”

He looked up – shocked I think.

“Don’t be silly, girl! That’s not real cum yet – only precum. That shows I love you but the real big cum only happens when my cock goes inside your pretty little cunt.”

“But I won’t get to see it then!”

I had never seen a man cum at that time, and I remember so wanting to see it.

“Oh yes you will my pretty. Because I’m going to start off in your cunt and then pull my cock out and squirt it all over your pretty little face. Uncle does very very big cums and there’s plenty to go round.”

I knew from the way he was breathing that I wouldn’t have to wait long for my first taste of real sex. He pulled his face away from my cunt and leaned over me, breathing heavily, his penis erect and ready. Suddenly, he was pushing at my slit with his cock, trying to force it into me. It hurt, and I was frightened it was going to hurt me more – it was my first time, and although I’d been masturbating for a long time I’d never had anything bigger than a smallish carrot inside my cunt before.

“Uncle, it’s hurting me a bit. I’ve never been fucked properly before and my cunt isn’t very big yet. Maybe your cock’s too big to fit in me – I don’t want it to hurt me any more.”

“Don’t worry Suzi – Uncle won’t hurt you. You’re just a bit tight at the moment and you just need a bit more lubrication to help Uncle’s big cock fit in properly.”

He reached over to the corner of the room and picked up a tube of jelly, telling me it would help a lot. I drew my legs toward me and opened them wide to expose my pink genitals to his lustful gaze. He opened the tube and rubbed some of the jelly inside my cunt, wiping it liberally over my outer and inner labia and right inside too. I supposed that was the really important bit. It felt very cold, and I enjoyed the feeling of it. His fingers pushed and probed inside me, pushing the cold jelly deep into my cunt.

“Now Suzi, this next bit might feel a bit funny, but sometimes when older men have sex with girls your mecidiyeköy escort age it’s possible for the penis to slip into the girl’s bottom by mistake. If that happens it can hurt a bit, so I’m going to put some of the special cream up your bottom as well, just to be on the safe side.”

I do remember thinking this was a bit odd, but I let him do it, and he slipped a well lubricated finger gently into my bum hole. Oh god!!! I’d never felt anything as exquisite as that before. As his finger went in I felt the most amazing feeling inside, and I almost came there and then. I almost begged him to do it some more, and he finger fucked me with more jelly until it was oozing out of my bum hole. As his finger slid in and out I felt more and more orgasmy until eventually I started to have one of the biggest orgasms I’d ever had in my life.

By this point he had two fingers in my cunt and the middle finger from his other hand up my bottom. I was on the very point of climax, but I knew I had to have Uncle’s sticky seed inside me to make it really count.

I turned over on the mattress and kneeled on all fours for him.

“Fuck me Uncle Bill, fuck me quick! Fuck me now, right now! Fuck me like a doggy! I need you to stick your cock in my cunt quickly before I cum!”

He dropped the tube of gel on the floor and mounted me, slipping his cock inside me effortlessly. It hurt a bit, I suppose it was bound to the first time, but the jelly helped a lot. His cock went deep inside me, plunging harder and harder into my soft pink vagina. This was so good, but I knew there was still something missing.

He must have sensed the turmoil that was going on in my head. Suddenly, his cock still rock hard and dripping with a mixture of my juices and his precum, he pulled out.

“Christ – don’t do that Uncle. I’m not quite ready yet!”

“Don’t worry Suzi. I’m not done yet by a long way. Just relax a bit more – relax all your muscles as much as you can.”

I tried to do as he said. I knew somehow what was going to happen next and it excited me and scared me all at the same time. I relaxed the muscles in my cunt, and I tried to relax my bum hole as far as I could. Then it came.

I was still kneeling on the mattress, yowling like a bitch on heat. I felt his rough fingers opening me up, and more lube going into my bottom. There was a searing pain as he started to enter my special back hole, followed quickly by the most exquisite pleasure I had ever felt. My orgasm was reaching even newer and greater heights, as he pushed his hard gland in and out, in and out, in and out of me like the piston of some well oiled machine.

I knew I was seconds from my absolute peak and screamed at him to ejaculate inside my bottom hole. He was almost at his own climax. He was fucking me so very hard, whispering in a hoarse sexy voice to me all the time that he loved me, that he wanted me, that he wanted to fuck my bum, my cunt, my titties. He wanted to make me pregnant with his seed, to suck my nipples – everything.

He groaned with pleasure and the cum gushed out of his cock, filling my brown hole with his love juice. He pulled out, rubbing his cock as he did so. It was all happening so quickly. I started to reach my peak and began to scream and writhe and shout as the waves of climax washed over me. I turned over on the mattress again as he rubbed his cock, using my cunt juices as a lubricant. He squirted another thick jet of spunk, and it splattered over my smooth hairless cunt. I was still rubbing it in as Uncle aimed his still squirting penis at my face and spattered my eyes with his hot cum. Two jets of his cum burned my eyes as they dripped down my face, leaving him with one final jet of splooge.

“Open up Suzi quick! Uncle’s gonna cum in your pretty little mouth!”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could to allow him to spurt his final jet of cum into it. it shot out of his cock with some force, hitting the back of my throat nearly choking me.

“Swallow it girl, swallow it for Uncle. Drink my cum and show you really love me.”

I swallowed his sticky salty spunk. I had no option really – it was already sliding down my throat. This wasn’t the first time I had tasted cum, though it was my first full sex. I remembered the characteristic stickiness, the saltiness and the way it coated your tongue and throat. My orgasm had been intense and this was the icing on the cake – literally, I suppose.

Uncle Bill sat back, recovering from his exercise. He took a camera from near the mattress and started to continue the photo session we seemed to have started an age ago. Except that these weren’t the kind of photos I’d quite expected!

“Sit back and show me your cunt wide open Suzi, and that sweet little arsehole. Uncle needs to photo it for his friends.”

I wasn’t too sure about having Uncle Bill and his friends sitting around masturbating over pictures of my cunt, but by that point I was almost past caring. I sat back and raised my lower body with my hands to give him a good view. The sperm was dribbling out of my cunt and trickling into my bum hole, and from there onto the mattress, making a very sticky mess as it mixed with my own cunt juices. It must have made for a pretty horny photo I suppose – the sight got Uncle Bill hard again and he started licking his own sperm from out of my cunt and my bum hole! Have you ever had your bum hole licked out? It’s very, very nice, and in a way even nicer than someone licking your cunt out.

We did eventually get to the zoo that day – but a little later than planned.

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Fourth Draft of an Autobiography

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Big Tits

Fourth Draft of an Autobiography

I suddenly noticed how cold it was in the car.
We’d been in the parking lot for at least an hour, occupied by each other’s bodies. I reached into the back seat for the rag I kept for wiping the dew off my car in the morning, and cleaned the thick cum from my chest first, and then from Ryan’s.

Even right after we’d had sex, he was bugging me to go again.
I laughed, pulling my body away from his greedy embrace.

“You should be at home by now.”
“I’d rather be here!”
“Don’t be a delinquent.”
“Are you gonna turn me into one?”
I averted my eyes, subduing a grin. “Don’t embarrass me.”

I slid on my basketball shorts. (My boxers had been lost somewhere) Then, climbing into the driver’s seat, I pulled out from the parking lot and onto the road, my still-naked lover in the passenger seat beside me.
That’s where he belongs. Beside me.

“Why am I naked?”

The euphoria from sex had seemed to have worn off, and Ryan squirmed awkwardly, nakedly, in his seat.
He leaned over and lightly kissed my cheek.

“You’re taking me home?”
“Yeah. Your dad’s gonna slaughter us for being late.”
He chuckled. “You’re so sexy. You should stay up all night with me, instead.”
I rolled my eyes, giving him a ‘heh’ in reply.
“I’m telling you, you’re dad is gonna freak.”
“Yes! Yes! You’ve said that a million times!”

He retreated to stare out the window at the white streaks of headlights on the other side of the road……
“Hey, Ben.”
“What kind of people do you think are in those cars, always heading the opposite direction we are?”


He sighed. “Give me a real answer, Ben.” he said, “you think any of them are like us?”

“What? Naked?”
Laughter bubbled up between us.

“No, like…” Ryan sighed again, turning back towards the window.
“I mean…”


“I love you!” He blurted out.
I stared. Even though we’d said it a million times to each other,
this time, he blushed and curled his naked body up against the window.

My heart sank.

“But sometimes, I’m really uncomfortable with thinking that I’m…”
I nodded. “Yeah. I know.”

The conversation ended there. I put in a CD, and we sat in silence, listening to The Strokes all the way to Ryan’s house.


“There aren’t any lights on.”
“Yeah, we can probably sneak in if your parent’s room isn’t open.”
We slid into the garage after a panicked episode in the car where we couldn’t find Ryan’s pants, but we were both fully clothed, now.

“Hey.” I whispered through the dry darkness.
“Wait a second.” I caught his arm in the action of opening the door from the garage to his house, and pulled his body back into mine. I had no idea where I’d suddenly got this urge…

“I’m hungry.”
“For what?”

He chuckled and leaned into me, letting my kiss him.
“We can do this in my room…” He sighed patiently.
“It can’t wait.”

I held his face in my hands as I kissed him and he wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing his chest and crotch onto me.
Our tongues danced as experienced partners, already knowing where the other was headed, conforming gracefully together. He moaned into my mouth as we embraced; our groping and grinding becoming increasingly urgent.
The clothes Ryan had only şişli bayan escort just recovered were soon being removed as I worked my way across his body.

Beneath me, Ryan had slid his warm hands down the front of my shorts, and my stomach did a flip as his fingertips brushed over my stomach and down to my sensitive cockhead. An electric thrill ran through my muscles and we fell to the ground in a sweating heap.

At last, I had exposed him! His slim, muscular body sprawled helplessly beneath me, and my eyes consumed him greedily.
I grinned evilly.

“It’s your turn. Legs up.”

He rested his feet on my shoulders, presenting me with his bare ass. Reaching down his body, Ryan took hold of my cock again, pumping it into rigidness.

“We haven’t had any foreplay. You’re not even wet yet.”
“You wanna wait?” I asked him, backing off a bit.
He chuckled again and flashed me a wicked grin. “You look really sexy, holding me like this.”

I spat into my hand and massaged the saliva tenderly into his asshole until he’d relaxed and my fingers slid wetly, hotly into his body. While I used both my hands to support his legs on my shoulders, Ryan reached down again and guided my thick cock to his hole. I pressed lightly, and my head entered without friction, but that was where it stopped.
Slowly, inch by meaty inch, I drove my dick into his asshole with my eyes wide open to witness Ryan, taking my entire length unflinchingly inside of himself.

“Fuck, Ryan. Loosen up.” My eyebrows came together as if in concentration, my face screwed up in pleasure. I felt like I was apart of him.

I fucked him patiently, easing my cock in and out of his body, creating a leisurely pulse. A hand came up to my face, stroking my cheek softly.
I looked down and saw a beautiful boy laying there, under my sweating body, his muscles straining and sweating and stretching as I fucked him. His eyes were clamped tightly, and his damp, disheveled hair covering his red face.

I felt so good. I couldn’t even describe it.
I was as close as I could ever be to him. I wanted to brush the hair away from his face and lean down to kiss him, but he’d probably swat me away. He could barely take it, whenever I fucked him. I could barely concentrate on breathing and thrusting my thick cock in and out of Ryan’s burning ass.

I increased our tempo, pumping myself readily into him, wanting those uncontrollable squeaks and moans that escaped him to grow into groans of pleasure. I fucked him so he would feel good too.

“Hmmm… fuck, Ben.”
“You close?”
Still inside him, I bent down and took the head of his dick into my mouth, mixing his precum and my spit with my tongue. Ryan’s eyes screwed shut, and he had to cover his mouth with a sweaty hand to keep from crying out.

Suddenly, I felt an electric shudder run down his entire body and he impaled himself deeply onto my cock, my balls slapping painfully against him. Ryan came ferociously up, into my mouth, the liquid spilling out over my cheeks, back down over his dick and balls and clenched abs.
As he came, Ryan’s insides spasmed and milked my cock as if trying to pull me deeper into him.
My sensors shut down, and I broke out in a cold sweat; pushing and pushing, harder, deeper into him until I climaxed as well; cum spewing out of my balls and into his gaping ass.

“Holy fuck, Ben.” He panted five minutes later, after our hearts had restarted.
“We’re so fried if your dad has been waiting for us this whole şişli escort time…”

We had the house from the garage, and were slipping quietly down the hall to the base of the stairs, when, as if from some ill-humored gag, one of the dim lamps clicked on in the living room.

Our hearts fell. I wanted to die right then.

“Come in, boys.”


“We apologize, sir, for being so late getting home. We just completely lost track of…”
“Do you have any idea what was going through our heads, wondering where the two of you were?”
We stood in front of Ryan’s father, eyes at our fixed on our feet beneath his withering glare. “Why didn’t you at least tell us you’d be late?”
We opened our mouths to answer, but he shut us up with a wave of his hand.

“Ryan, go get Ben’s bag of clothes from the other day. He can’t sleep over tonight.” He commanded.
I sighed, closing my eyes in defeat. Ryan shared my expression, biting back an argument and stomping up the stairs to his room, leaving his father and I to wait in silence in the living room.

“You two get along well.” He said, not looking at me. I was nervous. I could never tell when he was angry or not.

“Yes sir, we’re good friends.”

“Just friends?”

That had caught me off guard.

“Uh, wh-what…”
“Do you like each other?”
My stomach flipped and rolled like a lost boat in the sea.
“Y-yeah… Yes sir.”
“Meaning?…” He still was staring at the wall.

I ground my teeth. He must have some idea about us, if he was probing this far…

“We… Ryan and I are g-ga…”
He sighed and moved to sit on the back of the couch. “Yeah. I know.”

The man’s voice suddenly seemed a thousand miles away.
Those three insignificant words had swatted me to the floor as if they were silver bullets.
He had already known!!! What did he think of us, now??

I was cheating him!
Cheating him out of a daughter-in-law! Out of grandkids! Family reunions and birthday parties and ballgames and uncles and cousins! A whole branch of the family tree would never exist if Ryan and I were together.
Ryan will never be able to truly continue this generation without a wife.
I’d cheated him out of a son! A real son of his own flesh and blood to raise from birth and to teach sports and cheesy pickup lines and wrestle with.
Out of a real daughter who would be his little girl to protect from the world and to love and to hold…


It was me who wanted these things. These people. This family.
I was losing these things.

We sat to each other silently; me with horror painted on my face, and him, looking into the air and thinking God-knows-what about me….


“Y-yes sir?”

“It’s alright.”

His voice was still far-off, and he was looking into space as if something beautiful was there in the distance.
I looked too, and for a moment, I thought I saw it.

We were looking at the future.

It was unspeakably radiant and beautiful, like a warm rain on a sunny day, scattering diamonds across the planet.
It moved slowly and gracefully like a comet tracing pleasing arcs across the sky.


As that light reflected back to us,
I saw my future.

“A man should follow his heart. That’s what separates us humans from pigs and dogs. We can’t help but to love our own kind, whether it’s a mecidiyeköy escort man or woman or a mystery.”
He smiled a little at his own joke, and then turned to look at me.
I jumped, startled to be suddenly under his gaze.

“I’d rather you boys be content than feel you need to conform.”

“T—thank you, s—”
“BUT…” He cut me off. He seemed to struggle with himself.
“But, I don’t think it’s healthy to keep that sort of a secret. If you’re gay, I think you should come out.”

Another moment of horror:
As the words left his father’s lips, Ryan plodded back down the stairs, and had overheard us talking at the table.

The momentum was too great.
The words hung in the air like a threat.
Like Death, slinking into a room.
Like the moment you finally lean over the edge and you can never recover.
He’d heard everything he needed to.

Ryan stared at us, speechless.

With each passing moment, the room became more drenched with the silence until it was so saturated, I could barely breathe.


“Ryan…. Ryan! Let me in!”
When I tried the handle, I found the door was unlocked and I let myself into his bedroom. I found him sitting rigidly at his desk, staring at a blank computer screen.

“Ryan, what’s—“
He suddenly turned to me,
“What the fuck is your problem, Ben? Why the hell would you be calling me gay in front of my dad?”

My face screwed up in anger, “What are you talking about? You’re not exactly the straightest arrow in the bunch! Who was the one that was just moaning from being fucked in the ass just a moment ago? Hmm?”

“Me? You’re the cocksucker! Fag! You don’t have any right to talk about me without my permission!”

“I was the one who didn’t want to say anything! You must’ve been acting like a queer at home, ‘cuz your dad was the one who brought it up!”

“Don’t bring him into this! This is about you being a douche bag, telling everyone our secrets, and for turning me into a fag!”

“ME turning you into a fag?? Bastard! You were drunk and horny and you did it yourself!”

“You’re the fucking bastard! Get out!” He rose from the chair, coming towards me, stretching up to his full height. “GET OUT!!!”

“Fuck you, Ryan!”
“Shut the hell up! Get out!”

Before I knew what was happening, a fist came rocketing out of nowhere, smashing squarely into my face, knocking me backwards to the ground.
I landed heavily and stayed there, flat on my back, completely in shock.
He’d punched me!

I tried to look up at him, but I could only open one eye.
He was staring down at me in horror, fists still clenched, face still flushed with anger.

“You’d better go.” He said in barely more than a whisper. “You’d better go.”


I lay in my worn-out bed, in my broken down house.

It was the first time I’d slept by my self in two weeks.
It was really cold.
It was really quiet.
The pain in my eye was blinding, but I didn’t have the energy to put ice on it.
Ryan’s dad had driven me home.
He’d bring my car in the morning.

I buried my face in my pillow.

I had only one good eye, but the tears came just the same.



Only one more chapter to go. I hope you have enjoyed reading the ‘Autobiography’ series, and will look forward to my other writings! Please feel free to contact me through PM or a comment, and remember to keep supporting me!!

Your friend,
The Young Author

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First Time Internet Hookup, Ch. 1

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It had been a long time since I had the house to myself on a Saturday without the possibility of someone coming home soon. My wife had left the night before for a “girl’s weekend” out of town and she wouldn’t be back until later in the day on Sunday.

I woke up on Saturday morning and made my coffee and breakfast. I turned on the computer and fooled around on Facebook for awhile, checked out some sports scores, and read a few articles of interest, but eventually my mind turned to something the internet does so well – porn!

I went to a few of my favorite sites – one with videos, one with pictures and one with stories – and opened them all in different tabs of my browser. I totally immersed myself in porn and flipped between the sites. Most of the times that I jerked off anymore were quickies in the shower just to get it done before my wife asked what was taking so long in the bathroom. But today was going to be different. I went and got some lube and was going to jerk gently and take my time really enjoying myself.

I had been jerking off for quite some time and lust was definitely taking over me. I had watched clip after clip and picture after picture of sexy women giving guys blowjobs. My wife refused to suck my dick claiming she had a horrible gag reflex. I loved my wife, but a blowjob was one of the things I missed most.

I remembered that long ago I had signed up for one of those web sites that claim you can find sex partners living in the area. I found the site and logged on; my profile was still there! I began sifting through the profiles of women who were “online.” I knew it was wrong, but lust had consumed me and I wanted a blowjob! I sent out several messages to the women who were online and that I found attractive, but of course none of them responded. I remembered why I had stopped visiting the site in the first place – the women did not seem to be real.

I was just about to give up and sign off the site and go finish jerking off when suddenly an icon popped up. I had a message! Finally, one of these women was responding to my request and I was going to get blown!

I clicked on the icon and waited for the message to load. Once it did, I was surprised and disappointed. The message was from a man.

“Hello,” the message began. “My name is Tom. I know I’m probably not who you were hoping to hear from, but if you would like to get off by something other than your hand, I’d be willing to help. I know the women on here don’t respond often. Anyway, I promise you will enjoy yourself if you just give me a chance. We will only do what you want to do. Hope to hear from you soon.”

Normally I would have simply deleted any such request, but I was beyond horny. I desperately wanted a blowjob. Obviously, I thought to myself, I would prefer that blowjob be from a woman, but no woman has accepted my request and here is this person willing to do it. A mouth is a mouth, right? I was trying to talk myself into this.

I decided to reply simply and see if he was serious.

“I have never been with a man,” I wrote. “What do you want to do?”

A few minutes later I got a reply.

“I am up for anything. I’m new to this, too, but willing to do whatever you want. Jerk, suck, whatever.”

It’s now the moment of truth. Do I end this chat and go finish my business, or do I get some help? I am so horny that my cock answers for my brain. I reply to the email, give the man my address, tell him to pull into the garage, close the door and come into the house.

I then went upstairs and put on some loose clothes, went back to the living room and waited nervously for my guest to arrive. About 20 minutes later and still no one had come to my house. Partly relieved, I wondered if maybe he had chickened out. Then, I heard a car door close from inside my garage, the garage door close and the door to my house open and close. I heard the footsteps come up the stairs and then a man appeared in my living room.

“Hi, I’m Tom,” he introduced himself. “Do you still want to do this?”

“Um, yeah, I think so,” I replied meekly.

“Good, I brought a bi video for us to watch. I thought seeing men fool around while still being able to see a woman might help. Wanna put it in the player?”

Without saying a word I got up, took the movie and bent down to start the movie. When I stood up and turned around, he was already naked, sitting on the couch şişli bayan escort stroking himself. I took off my clothes and sat down, too.

We sat next to each other watching the movie and rubbing our own cocks. The movie was pretty good. A blonde with nice tits was sucking one guy while another guy sat in a chair in the corner and watched. As I looked at the TV in front of me, I could feel Tom watching me run my hand up and down my cock. Finally, I looked over and watched him stroke, too. His cock was pretty much the same size as my own. We’re both around 6″ cut and about 2″ thick.

Finally, Tom broke the silence. “Want me to rub that for you?”

I didn’t reply verbally, I just removed my hand from my member. He reached over and wrapped his hand around my shaft while still rubbing his own. He stroked up and down my shaft. He would use his thumb to rub my head, rubbing the pre-cum around. My eyes moved back and forth between each of our crotches. I finally stopped watching my own cock getting stroked and watched Tom jerk himself off.

“You can touch it if you want.”

I hesitated for just a second before I slowly extended my arm and grabbed his cock. For the first time ever I was touching a cock other than my own.

“You ok?” he asked. This guy sure was being understanding about my nervousness.

“Yes, I like the way it feels,” I responded. “Does it feel good for you?”

“Oh, yes it does.”

We jerked each other for a few minutes. Since I had been jerking earlier, I was quickly approaching my climax.

“Oh, god, that feels so good. I’m going to blow soon if you keep that up.”

“We have plenty of time, right?” he asked. “I mean, we can play longer than one cum, right?”

“Uh huh. I don’t have any other plans today.”

“Then cum. I want to see it shoot.”

He gripped my dick a little tighter and stroked me for all I was worth. He was pumping me fast, using my pre-cum as lube, until I hit the point of no return. I shot my load straight in the air with most of it landing back on my dick and Tom’s hand; the rest on the couch and carpet. He kept stroking me, coaxing more cum out of my cock and onto the back of his hand. Even when I finished cumming he didn’t take his hand off my cock.

“That was great,” I said. “Want me to finish you off now?” I started stroking him faster.

“I do,” he answered, “but I want to get off that way.”

He nodded toward the TV. I had gotten so caught up that I forgot there was porn on. I looked over and saw one guy kneeling in front of the other sucking him off.

“I don’t know if I can do that,” I responded.

“Oh, sure you can,” he said. “I bet you’ll love it!”

He stood up from the couch and took a step back.

“Come on now, on your knees.”

Reluctantly, I slid off the couch and knelt before him. I looked up at him and his eyes were filled with lust.

“Suck it,” he commanded. “You know you want to suck my cock.”

I licked my lips, leaned forward and took his head in my mouth. As I moved my head forward and took Tom into my mouth, I was struck by just how soft a hard on could be. I felt his shaft manipulate in my mouth as I continued to pull back and push forward, taking a little more of his cock in my mouth with each pass.

Tom reached one hand behind my head and grabbed a little bit of my short hair. He started moving his hips forward to meet my strokes.

“That’s it you cocksucker. Take my cock in your mouth. Fuck yeah, you’re pretty good for a first time cocksucker. Yeah, you’re gonna deep throat this cock nicely.”

As I moved forward to take the next stroke of his cock in my mouth, he pushed forward with his hips. His dick pushed into my throat, nearly choking me. He held me down, his dick in my throat, until I nearly couldn’t breathe. He finally let me pull off and I took my mouth off his cock, though his hand was still on the back of my head.

“I told you that you’d be able to deep throat me. That was nice! Hey, have you ever tasted your own cum?”

I said that I had not. He moved his hand that had jerked me off, the hand I came all over, in front of my face. My load was still there.

“Taste it,” he demanded. “Clean your cum off my hand.”

I leaned in a bit and licked the entire thick load off his hand and swallowed. As soon as I finished swallowing, he pushed his dick back in my mouth. He put his şişli escort other hand around the back of my head and started fucking my face. Tom was pushing his cock into my throat with each thrust, gagging me.

“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed. “Take my load you little cocksucker. Uuuhhh. There you go. Uh. Take it. Uh. Swallow it all.”

His cock spurt load after load of cum into my mouth. It was thick, creamy, salty and I swallowed it all.

“You like that cock sucker?”

I couldn’t lie. “I loved it Tom. I want more.”

“Yeah you loved it. Look, you’re hard again.”

I was. My cock was pointing straight out.

“Can we move this upstairs?”

We went to the bedroom, leaving the porn playing downstairs. Tom told me to get on my back and pull my knees to my chest. I hesitated and gave him a puzzled look.

“Relax,” he said, “I’m not going to fuck your ass.”

He got onto the bed and slithered up me like I would do if I were going to eat out my wife. I felt his tongue flick out against my ass. He flicked my whole with the tip a few more times and then moved up to get his full tongue pressed on my ass. He was rimming me and it felt fantastic!

I hadn’t been rimmed in ages, not since my first serious girlfriend in college. I had rimmed nearly all of my girlfriends since – I loved eating their asses, in fact – but they wouldn’t return the favor.

Tom, however, was a master at it. He was so sloppy, getting my whole soaked. I opened up to him and he was able to slide the tip of his tongue into my whole. He stroked my cock while he did so. After about five minutes, he stopped.

“That felt great!” I complimented him. “Want me to return the favor?”

“Actually, there was something else I wanted to do. Could I rub my cock through your ass crack and shoot on your back? I’ve always wanted to do that and no one will let me.”

“I’m not sure if I’m ready for something like that,” I said.

“I’ll just rub in the crack. I promise I won’t penetrate you.”

“OK,” I said. “As long as that’s it.”

I got onto my hands and knees and lowered my head to the bed to expose my ass a little more. I felt Tom pour some lube into my crack and then I felt his hands on my hips and his hard cock in my crack. It felt great as his cock sawed through my crack. He would pull back until the tip of his cock was at my whole, then would push forward and up so that he wouldn’t penetrate me.

“That feels good. Thanks for letting me do this,” he said. “Can you lay on your stomach? I think your cheeks will get around my cock better that way.”

I laid down and Tom pushed my legs together. He began stroking through my crack again and he was right, my butt held his dick better and tighter in this position.

“Oh, that’s it! That’s how it feels really good!”

I think Tom was enjoying this position both because my crack swallowed his cock a little better, but also because he felt more dominant. I could feel him resting his weight on my body as he humped me. A few thrusts later and I felt him stop on his pull back with his cock head touching my hole.

Tom leaned forward and licked my ear and then whispered in it.

“Don’t ever believe a man with a cock wants to just slide it through your crack and not fuck you. How dumb are you?”

Before I could comprehend what he had said, I felt a searing pain as Tom’s cock penetrated my virgin ass. I tried to squirm, but it was no use with all of Tom’s weight holding me down.

“Oww, fuck!” I yelled. “You promised!”

“Don’t you worry, I have a feeling about you. You’re going to love this in a minute!”

Tom reached under my body and found my cock as he kept working his way into me.

“Look at that,” he said, “you’re still hard. I told you that you’d like this!”

With that, he pushed the rest of his length into me and I could feel his pubes on my cheeks.

The burning sensation in my ass was more than I could have imagined. My asshole was on fire! Tom at least seemed conscious of how this felt. He left the full length inside me and slowly rocked his hips into me, only moving a little bit of his cock in and out of me. As he did this for a few minutes, the burning thankfully subsided.

Tom again whispered in my ear. “I left it in deep to open you up more than if it was shallow. In about a minute you should be used to the size and we’ll really get going.” mecidiyeköy escort

About a minute later I felt his hand move off of cock and felt his dick slowly slide out of my ass. He pulled out until just the tip was left. I then heard the snap of a bottle top and felt the cool of more lube being dripped onto my ass. Thank God he was using more lube!

I heard the bottle close and then heard Tom’s voice again. “Now the fun begins!”

Tom placed his hands on the sides of my arms as if he was getting into a push up position and then he pushed half his length into me. He started moving faster than he had before; not “slamming” into me, mind you, but faster nonetheless.

“Oh you’re so tight! Your ass is making me feel so good. Does my cock feel good in your ass? I bet you’re starting to like it by now”

I hated to admit it, but he was right. Once the burning had stopped I did enjoy it. I could feel the veins on his cock sliding across my hole. I could feel the tip of his cock push against my prostate. And my cock sliding against my sheets felt good, too.

“Uh huh,” I muttered. His cock pulled out until just the head was left inside.

“What was that?” he asked. “What did you say?” He pushed the full length back into me.

“I like it. It feels good now,” I admitted.

“You like what? What feels good?” He kept sliding in and out of my ass.

“I like you fucking me! You’re cock feels good in my ass!”

“Then I think you should watch it now.”

Tom pulled out of my ass and told me to turn onto my back. This was my chance. I could fight back now. I could end this!

Instead, I rolled onto my back. I wanted to feel more.

Tom picked up my legs and I helped him turn them up to my chest. My legs spread open and my hips lifted my ass up for easier access. I have had my wife in this very position in this very bed many times before as I prepared to push my own cock into her; now I waited to feel a dick slide into my body.

I stared down my body, past my own dick and watched Tom line his shaft up, felt his spongy head press against my loosened hole and push easily into my ass.

I gasped, “Oh God!”

It felt so good. I looked up at Tom and saw him smile. I then returned my eyes to watching this man fuck my ass.

He was on his shins in front of me and grabbed my ankles for leverage. Tom began sawing in and out of my body. He was now fucking me even harder than before. He moved his shaft almost fully in and out of me with each stroke. My cock was bouncing up and down and slapping against my stomach.

Tom’s cock felt huge inside of my virgin ass and I felt so full. It felt so good!

“Look at you. You’re enjoying this, you little slut!” Tom mocked. “I knew you’d love this.”

“I do! I love this! Your cock feels so good inside of me!”

“So, are we going to do this again?” he asked.

“Fuck yes!” I screamed. “I need you to fuck me more than this!”

“Good. I can’t wait. I’m going to cum soon. I’m going to cum deep inside your ass.”

“No!” I begged. “Don’t cum inside me. You can shoot it on my face and in my mouth.”

“It wasn’t a request,” Tom informed me. “I’m going to breed your virgin ass.”

Tom moved his right hand from my ankle and reached down to jerk me off while he kept fucking me. The feel of his cock in my ass and hand on my dick was so good. I felt my orgasm building fast.

“I’m going to cum,” I told him.

And I did! He stroked me a couple more times and my cock exploded. Tom kept fucking me – hard – and kept stroking me and I kept cumming all over my stomach and chest. Some even landed on my face.

My ass clamping down on his cock much have been too much for Tom as I felt his warm cum fill my hole.

“Fuck yeah,” he said. “I’m cumming in your fucking ass! Take my load you little bitch!”

As much as I hadn’t wanted him to cum inside me, like everything else, it felt so good. Tom stayed there a few minutes as hid cock deflated before taking it out.

“I didn’t want to pull the cum out with me,” he explained. “I want to still feel it inside you when I fuck you again.”

“What? I thought you meant let’s do this again another time?”

“Fuck no!” he said. “I’m fucking you again as soon as I can get hard again.”

“But my wife could be home soon.”

“Then you had better get me hard quickly because I’m not leaving until I shoot another load in your ass.”

Tom moved up my body and put his flaccid cock in my face. I opened up and took him in my mouth trying to get him hard again…

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Father’s Seduction

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— — —– — —
“Ohhh! Faster,” my mother screamed. I’d been listening to her moan for ten minutes, as I peered in at her and my dad through a crack in the door. She was on the bed on all fours and he was behind her, thrusting his cock into her butt hole. I knew it was wrong that this intrigued me so much, but I couldn’t help it. I loved watching my parents have sex. His long, rock-hard dick, moving in and out, I couldn’t help but wish every time that it was my butt he was pounding, but for a year that’s all I did- wish.
Then, late February, my mom finally went away for a long business retreat. I was so excited and spent the whole Friday at school fantasizing about what I was going to do the next night. I was so nervous, but refused to allow myself to back down. I knew my dad would be horny, as hell considering he usually screwed my mom twice a day and it’d been two days already that she’d been gone, and I hoped I could convince him my twelve-year-old-butt would be tight enough to meet his needs.
I spent all day Saturday on the computer, downloading videos of guys sucking other guys dicks and then some of girls doing the same, trying to see exactly what made a guy feel the best. One thing was very obvious- Every guy liked the person doing the sucking to swallow it all and that’s exactly what I was determined to do.
That night I stayed up until long after my dad had gone to bed. Once I was sure he was sleeping, I tip-toed into the bedroom and crawled carefully up on the bed. I slowly, pulled the covers down and stared at his boxers for a second. They were way too tiny and his dick hung out the bottom a good ways. I licked my lips, getting myself ready to wrap them around his head. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. My heart was pounding and sweat poured from my forehead. What if he said ‘No’? What şişli bayan escort if I didn’t like the way his cum tasted?
I pushed the horrible thoughts out of my head and knelt down and opened my mouth by the tip of his dick. I cautiously picked it up a little and slid my head forward letting it go in my mouth. It started to grow! I started licking it a little and then it began rising into the air! Suddenly, my dad woke up and sat straight in the air. I froze, afraid to do anything.
“Son, what are you doing down there!?” he asked, slapping himself on the forehead. I couldn’t help but notice that even though he was angry his dick kept getting bigger and pointed straight in the air and I did the only thing I could think of. I lowered my head on it ‘til it touched the back of my throat. I felt my dad’s hands on my shoulders as he pulled me off, but I tightened my lips and knew he got a good amount of pleasure as I slid off.
“Son, why did you do that!?” He sounded angry and I looked up at him.
“Daddy,” I started. “Will, you listen to me a minute?”
“Answer my question,” he said.
“I will. I just thought that you like it so much when she does that to you and you like it when you get to put your dick in her butt and you like hitting her butt that you’d miss her and want someone else to do that with.” I carefully moved my hand around his dick and started sliding up and down. “I think it’ll be just as much fun, daddy…”
My dad stared off, as if considering it for a minute, while I tightened my grip and started sliding a little faster.
“Son, we can’t…” he began to say, but I interrupted him.
“Just give me a minute then, daddy,” I said and put my soft lips back around his dick and started moving up and down. I kept going for another minute or two and then he pulled me back off.
“It’ll be our secret, şişli escort ok?” he said.
I nodded smiling. And went to finish his blowjob, but he stopped me.
“If we’re gonna do this, I wanna remember it,” he said. “I’ll make a video tape.” He spent about ten minutes setting up the video-recorder with a tripod and everything then said, “Alright, get naked for me.”
I was really nervous about the camera for some reason, but got naked and stuck out my short, little penis. It was really hard, but nothing compared to my dad’s.
“Son…are you sure…” He started saying, looking at the ground as if he felt guilty for what he were about to do. I jumped on the bed and got on my hands and knees, pointing my butt at the camera. I slapped it and turned around to smile at him. He got an evil, sexy smirk on his face and jumped on behind me with some Vaseline in his hand. He smeared it into my butt and then poked his big dick head into my butt hole.
“Sorry, if it’s too tight, daddy.”
“Don’t be sorry to me,” he said. “Be sorry for yourself…” And with that he shoved his dick into my butt and started moving me back and forth. I felt my butt seem to tear and it hurt something awful, but I bit my tongue. I wanted to make my dad happy and started moaning like I’d heard my mom doing.
“Ohhh! Faster, Daddy!” I cried out. “Teach me a lesson!”
My dad started slapping my butt, making me smile and feel naughty and bad , but then he started hitting really hard and it hurt so bad, I was sure I wouldn’t walk for a week. I couldn’t believe I’d gotten him to do this!
He kept rocking me for another minute, going faster and faster. Then, to my total surprise pulled out of me and yelled, “Turn Around!” really loud. I knew what was happening and tried to whip around, but wasn’t fast enough and got my face by his dick right as it shot out mecidiyeköy escort it’s first stream. The hot cum splattered all over my face and some got in my eye. I quickly put it in my mouth and started giving him head. It filled my mouth and I swallowed once, but right after I did he slapped my butt hard and told me to save some for the camera. I kept the next bunch in my mouth and then, when he finally pulled his dick out I opened my mouth by the camera, gargled it, swallowed it all and then stuck my tongue back out. My dad came over and started sensually feeling me all over my body. He squeezed my butt, fondled my balls and ran his hand down my cock. He threw me back on the bed, then turned the camera off and came over and laid on top of me. I could feel his dick pressing on top of mine and that’s how we both fell asleep that night.

— — —– — —

The next morning, my dad woke me up by slapping my butt cheeks twice. I rolled over and he yelled, “Get up, son! Do you wanna make me happy again?”
I nodded and smiled sheepishly. He pulled the covers off and I looked down at his big, limp cock.
“Does it miss my lips around it?” I asked, trying to sound sexy.
“I dunno…” he said, shrugging, but I saw his cock twitch a little when I suggested it and I bent down to lick it ‘til it tenderly. It started getting hard and I took it into my mouth, savoring every moment I was sucking on my dad’s cock. It didn’t take him long to get a full erection and a moment later his hand was on my head, moving it for me. I choked several times, but eventually he pulled my head off his dick and screamed, loading my face with all his jizz. He took lots of pictures of me like that it all different poses and wouldn’t let me take a shower until he’d cum on me three more time that day. Since then we’ve had lots of adventures together. I’ve sucked him, fucked him, worn thongs and girls clothes for him and done the same for lots of his friends, but I’ll never forget our first night together.

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Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 5 Re-Issued

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Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 5. Re-Issued by xnxx gregorthegrant
True Story, Cheating
Author’s infos
Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A
Continuation of Family Beach Party Turned X Rated
Now Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 5.Re-Issued

I had showered and shaved before I went back to Sandra and my bedroom to get dressed for the day. It was going to be another hot, dry day so I decided to wear jockey underwear, jean shorts, white T-shirt, and sandals. As I walked out of our bedroom and walked down the hall to the kitchen. I smelt the aroma of perked coffee, bacon and eggs as I entered the kitchen.

Sandra was in front of the stove wearing a bikini like top, tight white short shorts and sandals. Sitting at the table was my sons Matt and Chuck wearing gym shorts, tight white t-shirts and sandals. Len and Steve wore jean shorts, white shirts and sandals.

Breakfast was great. I ate everything on my plate. For some reason I had been really hungry. The boys ate everything on their plates also. When we had finished eating I helped Sandra with the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. I lined the back sack with plastic and put some cold ice packs inside. Sandra had made some sandwiches and potato salad. I packed the sandwiches, potato salad and cold drinks in the back sack put one over my shoulder and on my back ready to set out on our hike.

The six of us, Sandra, myself, Matt, Chuck, Steve and Len walked out into the bright sun closing the door behind us. I led the way, choosing to go in the same direction I had walked the day before. We walked for a good hour before deciding to sit down and eat lunch. It was hot so I suggested we sit under one of the big trees for shade. “This is beautiful.” I said. “Nice landscape, nice cool shade.”
I knew my two sons Matt and Chuck previously had hard core sex with their mother, my wife after the soccer game. It had started with a number of accidents and ended up with Chuck’s seven inch cock in my wife, his mother’s mouth and Matt’s cock head in his mother’s pussy. I know it all had started with a number of accidents but they didn’t stop once they got started. Chuck had pushed his entire seven inch cock down his mother’s throat over and over again until he shot his load. His brother Matt had ended up fucking his mother’s pussy and asshole until he also came.

Sandra hadn’t backed away or tried to escape. Instead Sandra had forgotten all about me and moaned like a two bit whore. Matt and Chuck both had called her a whore, slut, bitch in heat and she moaned even more. She had sounded like she was in lust, yelling for my son’s to fuck her harder. I had gotten so hot watching I had actually pulled my own shorts down, jacked off and had the biggest orgasm I had for quite şişli bayan escort a long time. Sandra and the boys had changed, gone to town. I had gone for a walk ending up lying down and falling asleep. I had remembered the strangest dream of Sandra being in a gym getting gang banged by a large group of tall muscular, extremely well hung black men.

That wasn’t the half of it. Last night I could swear I hadn’t dreamed Steve and Len fucking my wife and swore Matt had pushed his thick seven inch cock down my throat the same time his brother Chuck had fucked my ass. It had to be a dream though. It just had to have been a dream, but it had been so vivid. This morning when I woke up I had that funny taste as well my ass hole was sore. Waking up in the morning with a salty, musky taste in my mouth and my ass hole feeling sore wasn’t unusual. I had I had been waking up each morning for years and years with the taste in my mouth and sore ass and having a big shit. I remember the first morning I had woke up with the taste in my mouth and sore asshole pooping the thick white shit. It had been the morning after Sandra gave me the hot chocolate to help me sleep. I had had a lot of trouble falling asleep all my life. On our wedding night Sandra had made the hot chocolate after we had our first sex and I fell sound asleep. Nine months later our Sandra gave birth to our first son, Matt. I don’t know why all those thoughts ran through my head as I sat looking out over the lake while Sandra unpacked the back sack.

Sandra unpacked the sandwiches and the drinks. Sandra the boys and I ate the sandwiches, potato chips and drank our drinks washed up in the lake and headed back to the cabin. The six of us, Sandra, my son’s Matt and Chuck as well as their two new friends Steve and Len walked back to the cabin.

Once we got back to the cabin I started the barbecue and cooked, steak and potatoes cooked in the coals. Matt, Chuck, Len, Steve and I cleaned everything up and did the dishes. Sandra had already gone in the cabin. It was getting late by the time the boys and I had washed the barbecue and cleaned everything up. The boys and I went in the cabin after everything had been washed and put away. I had thought about not drinking the chocolate, but when Sandra asked if I wanted my hot chocolate I didn’t think twice of saying yes.

Sandra had changed her clothes and was wearing a short, low cut summer dress. I was surprised how low cut her dress was. Most of her large breasts were out and the part of her breasts inside her dress was pressed hard against the tight transparent material. Sandra handed me the cup of hot chocolate and walked into the living room. Sandra, Chuck, Matt, Steve and Len followed me into the living room. I sat down in the big comfortable chair. Sandra sat in the şişli escort center of the couch in front of me. Matt walked over the couch sitting on her left and Chuck sat down on her right. I was surprised when Matt and Chuck’s new friends Steve and Len didn’t sit on the other two chairs in the living room. The six of us talked about the lovely day we had hiking and I sipped my hot chocolate. I put the empty cup on the table beside my chair and sat back.

I started to feel sleepy and began to yawn. I felt my eye lids slowly close and opened them again. I was a bit surprised what I saw when I opened my eyes. Matt had his hand down holding the bottom of his mother’s dress in his hand. On the other side Chuck was holding the bottom of the other side of her short dress. At the same time Matt and Chuck were holding the bottom of their mother’s short dress, Steve hand his hand firmly on Sandra’s right knee and pulling it toward him while on the other side Len was pulling her other knee toward him. Just then Matt and Chuck tugged the bottom of her short skirt and it rose to her waist. At the same time Steve and Matt had pulled her legs apart spreading her legs open. What really surprised me she wasn’t wearing any panties and her clit was hard and dripping wet.
I know I should have jumped up and did something, but what would I do or say. Also I felt glued to the chair and couldn’t move. I felt my eye lids closing again and forced myself to open them. I looked up and saw Sandra undoing the buttons of her dress. Sandra’s large breasts burst out. Matt sat facing his mother and put both hands on one of her large breasts and began massaging one of her large hard nipples. At the same time Chuck turned facing his mother, took her other large breast in his hands and began massaging that nipple. Chuck looked over at me and pulled his tight T-shirt up his muscular, smooth hairless stomach, his muscular chest came into view then he pulled it over his head and tossed it on the floor. On the other side Matt was tossing his T-shirt on the floor. In front of Sandra still sitting on the floor both Steve and Len had taken their T-shirts off, had the front of their jean shorts open and pulling them down their muscular legs. Once more I felt my eyes closing again and I must have again fallen asleep.

I don’t know how long I slept but when I was being carried. I opened my eyes and in a blur I could see the floor and knew I was over a strong pair of shoulders. I was being carried down the hall into Sandra’s and my bedroom. I managed to open my eyes and felt myself being pulled from the strong shoulders and dropped to my bed.

No sooner than I felt the bed below me when my eyelids closing and fell asleep. The next thing I opened my eyes again and felt like my legs being stretched and pushed up and over mecidiyeköy escort my head until my feet were dangling on each side of my body. Someone was behind my head pulling my head back and forcing my mouth open. Some thing was pushing my mouth wide open over my tongue and down my throat. That’s when I realized I had a cock in my mouth, his huge balls slapped my nose as he drove his entire cock down my throat. I looked up and suddenly felt this rush of lust filling my entire body and I heard Chuck. “Fuck I love this looser swallowing my cock mom. The fucking looser doesn’t even know I’m not even his son. Damn he’s stupid.” Chuck moaned ramming his thick long dark cock down my throat. I felt the guy that had pushed my spread legs back on top of me with his big cock head pushing into my ass hole. Suddenly his cock popped into my ass hole. I heard myself groan around Chuck’s thick cock. I looked up and saw it was my son Matt pushing his big cock deeper and deeper into my ass. I wanted to yell. “Fuck me son. Push that big cock in my ass hard. It was unbelievable that my sons were ramming their big cocks into me from both ends, my mouth and ass.

“Take my cock down your throat bitch.” I heard Steve moaning beside me. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw my wife’s mouth wide open as she swallowed Steve’s entire cock his balls resting on her bottom lip. The guy is stupid thinking he’s your dad Chuck. The first time I saw you beside his best friend I knew Antonio was your dad.”

I also heard Len groaning. “Fuck your pussy is hot as ever slut. What’s even dumber is the guy thinking he’s Matt’s dad. Anyone can see Matt’s part black and neither your dad nor mom are black.

“I’m Cumming bitch. Swallow my, cum slut.” I heard Steve moaning. I looked over and saw my wife’s throat expand even more. I watched Steve pulling his cock out of her mouth and saw a stream of thick, white cum, splash over her face.

I saw Len’s muscular ass cheeks pumping up and down and knew he was fucking my wife’s pussy hard. “Fuck me stud, fuck my pussy. Oh yes stud.”

I felt as Steve pushed his big cock down my throat and not pull it out. I couldn’t breathe and tried to struggle to push Steve so he would pull his big cock out enough for me to take a breath. I felt myself blacking out.

The next thing I saw when I opened my eyes I felt a sheet pulled up to my neck and looked around. The sun was shining through the window and I was alone in bed. I had a salty, musky taste in my mouth that felt stretched out of shape. My ass hole was sore and I realized just how sore I was. I pushed the sheet back ready to pull the sheets off me put on my house coat and walked to the washroom.

I took a shower after taking my usual shit and walked out to the kitchen. Sandy was sitting at the kitchen table along with Matt, Chuck, Steve and Len. They were sitting talking about what to do today. “Good morning everyone.” I greeted.

End of Part 5.

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Coach Morris, The Southern gym teacher

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my 7th grade gym teacher coach morris told me i needed to get in shape. he invited me to go jogging with him around the middle school. he was one of the sexiest guys i knewhe is a huge miami fan so he wheres a lot of orange he was like 6’4 hishair was really short he always wore tight athletic cloathes. he looked like he was on steroids because he was so built there were roomers about it,i was always fatasising about having sex with him and how would it feel and how big his dick was and what his ass looked like because he has a giant ass that i think he gets it from what he eats .everytime i see him it’s really hard to fight the hardon i get i’m like 6’1 so he’s not that much taller. i met him on saterday afternoon t go jogging. “let’s get started”, he said and he slapped me on the ass and we started to jog. when he grabbed my ass it felt so good i wanted him to do it again. we jogged pretty fast for like an hour, and he asked me about school and girls and stuff like that. then after the hour i was exhausted and he told me it was time to go change and hit the showers, so we jogged into the school. no one was there because it was saterday. we started to change. he took off his shirt to reveal his amazing abs and pecks and my dick stood straight up. i was trying to hide it. then he pulled off the rest of his cloathes his dick was huge, and his ass was beefy and sexy, which made me rock solid. i was sitting down on the benches in the locker room trying to hide my boner. “Why aren’t you changing “,he asked. i told him i would in a minute and he told me that one of the 2 showers were broken. he asked me if i wanted to take turns or just share. the showers are Ankara bayan escort individual because not that many people use them , because the gym teachers only tell us to change out, no one takes showers basically unless you get dirty. i told him i would be fine sharing. he told me he’d meet me in the shower and i was in shock, i got naked and walked to the shower slowly. the showers are small so i knew we would be pressed against eachother in there, but i didn’t want him to see my boner, i walked in my ass facing his face walikng backwards into the individual shower. when i was washing he told me good practice and he smacked my ass but since we were naked his hand went in beetween my cheeks i moaned a little . he asked me if i said some thing and i sed no. i felt his dick touching my ass and lower back rubbing agains it i was trying to back further into me.” why are you standing like that, turn around you will have more room”,he said, i told him i was fine and he said just turn around and he picked me up and turned me around unexcpectedly. my face turned red and he looked turn and gave me a questiononing loook,and i told him that always happens after i run, he told me he knew i was lying and i argued in protest . he told me he knew just what i needed he started grabbing my ass and rubbing my cock, i told him to get off of me and he pinned me to the wall of the shower and was still feeling me up and necking me, and i was squwirming to try and get out and i told him to stop and tryied to push him off, but it felt so good so i had to give in and i started to say yes and he told me yea that’s what i thought and we went at eachother like wild animals, making Escort bayan Ankara out and him feeling every curve and crevis of my body, and i was touching every thing on him and i grabbed his cock it was think and swollen and he was like 10 and a half inches long. i was stroking him and he told me how good it felt i never felt happier his hands were just going up and down my body and i jacked him for 5 minuted then i started to like and suck his whole body and i ate his ass and he was moaning at how good it was and it tasted so good it was so big and hairy it was such a turn on. i sucked his cock then he layed on top of me and fucked my mouth while he grunted pleasurabley. hge told me to swallow his dick and it would be easier that way. parts of our bodies were sticking out of the shower when we were laying down. he told me lets try something, he asked me if i had ever been fingered, eatan out, or fucked while he was pinching and sucking on my nipples, i was being very sarisfied and i told him no with a questioning look and told me he wanted to eat me, i told him iwould love to feel that, and he turned off the shower and picked me up while we were still wet and through me on the pull out couch in his office he told me to bend over, and he stuck his tongue in , it felt amazing he slowly put his tongue on my as and licked and ate, i was screaming so loud and pleasure, and then i felt sommething different start at my ass , it was the tip of his finger it hurt i meaned in painful pleasure . he ran it in and out of me for a while, “damm that tight,he said, my face was red with pain, and he stopped and asked me if i wante to fuck him and then maybe switch Bayan escort Ankara i told him i want to fuck him and maybe switch, he got on all 4s my 13 year old dick was 7 in.and uncut i was taller and bigger than all the other boys in 7th, he got on all fors and i pushed and my forskin went back it hurt for 2 min. and then his ass on my dick felt so good i pushed and pushed for a while and then got off of him, i told him to take me and told me i was really speacial, i layed on my stomache and he put some lub eon his dick and on my ass, and he got on top of me and pished the tip in i screamed extremely loud and he said ,” oh baby thats tight, i love that young fresh ass, i looked back into his steel blue eyes with a painful expression, and he said , “it’ll just hurt for a few minutes baby, and he proceeded to go in , slowly until the 10 and a half inches were in, i was in so much pain, he went in and out slowly , it hurt so bad but at the same time i was really sexually aroused, he started goin a lot faster and i could hear my ass hitting his dick in balls, “yoiu just don’t find asses like this, he said with his adorable sounthertn accent and then lost control and went ass fast as he can and he grunted in pleasure, it still hurt but i loved it i screamed YES! YES! HARDER DEEPER FASTER!!!,,i encouraged him, “oh i’ll give it to u good , and then put me on all fors and went double ass fast, iscreamed oh shit oh shit , and he screamed i’m gunna cum good in hear YES!YES! i felt something warm start to drip and flow in my ass it felt so erotic and he pulled out and he sucked the cum out of my ass , and he told me to cum on his face so he got on his knees i was just about ready to cum and i blasted his mouth, and he swallowed everytime. “lets make this a tradition , lets do this every saterday, he said , “yea i cant wait for our next workout,i said ;)2010

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